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File: 806eb187c2c3a23⋯.jpg (132.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

5e49d1  No.157365

Imagine the Anal

d9abb7  No.157366

File: 060b498e7db42bc⋯.jpg (20.68 KB, 410x318, 205:159, how to make honda civic ex….jpg)

That place is probably wider than the muffler on a ricer's Civic.

753200  No.157375


If her asshole is as wide as her face, possibly yeah

313fcc  No.157376

File: 9b0be8181fd05c7⋯.jpg (146.8 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, yi84g.jpg)


Prim is too pure to think about this way. We're all going to hell when we die. We should go to /christian/ right now and ask Jesus to forgive us.

thread theme - in extra sexy sax


313fcc  No.157377

File: 7f152d14e4efbb9⋯.png (296.46 KB, 396x332, 99:83, Capture.PNG)

We haven't had a "her face when you get it in" her ass thread for quite some time. Post Prim penetration pics? Also, general Prim love thread.

578787  No.157453

File: 3ccf4571a273e8f⋯.jpg (87.98 KB, 1038x971, 1038:971, cv6870d579.jpg)

0d9a09  No.157457

File: 8ebdc872d6b9aec⋯.gif (388.58 KB, 301x200, 301:200, 200.gif)

23700c  No.157691




>produces plenty of content

Why hasn't Prim's channel grown?

58faac  No.157712


Personally, I don't like her audio quality. Everyone else probably doesn't like her lack of flirting. A little bit of cleavage goes a long way with viewers.

753200  No.157713


She doesn't show her tits and her ASMR isn't that good.

28981c  No.157714


Not pretty enough to compensate for her below average ASMR. Also gives weird hillbilly vibes.

710ca1  No.157724

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




If you compare her to The Big Three (Guybi, Mad Fox, and Jew Pig) though, she's prettier and they don't show tits (except for Jew Pig who occasionally shows a bit of cleavage). I don't follow her but a spot check of audio quality sounds fine to me.

26cd24  No.157726


>no flirting

>no cleavage


>show tits


>not pretty enough

Everything that this board supposedly hates, you complain about in regards to one of the purest waifus ever. Prim is a good girl and everyone saying that she needs to be a whore, deserves to be thrown in a gas chamber. If she ever did show off her tits, you'd be the same people to grab your torches and pitch forks screaming "She's a whore! Destroy her!" That's why I sincerely hate the rest of you faggots so much.

40446e  No.157730


>Nearly 11 vids in a row dedicated to tapping on LPs.

No wonder her channel is stagnant.

753200  No.157733


Then compare Prim to ASMRMagic and you realize that Prim's ASMR is barely okay-ish.


It's not because I said that she doesn't show her tits that it means that I'm complaining about it. Same thing with the third guy you quoted. You have big comprehension issues my dude.

7f8f32  No.157734

File: 10c11dc9a8fbc6a⋯.jpg (85.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 6358f30729a964739c737bbe0a….jpg)


But there are plenty of channels with worse ASMR and more subs. I'm not arguing with you, just pondering what's the secret ingredient.

67efec  No.157735


Prim has an annoying face (not ugly though, actually kinda cute but annoying). And her vids are too colorful for my taste.

Lots of clashing colors. I don't like her assthetics.

26cd24  No.157736


Well, in Angie's case, she managed to collab with several massive channels. If Prim did a collab with Gibi, GIow, and Erin, Prim would be well past 100k too.

58faac  No.157737


When I say audio quality, I mean there is too much white noise. I don't like hearing a constant hiss in the background.


She should do a collab with another non-whore like Rapunzel.

26cd24  No.157738


Further on this, Angelica has shit audio and potato phone video at best. Seriously low effort stuff. [esc] Reality's Ally does good work, but still hasn't broke 100k because she's an anti-social witch who doesn't play well with others. Networking can be a powerful deciding factor in channel growth.

26cd24  No.157740

File: 46af4811be72024⋯.png (526.63 KB, 754x427, 754:427, Capture.PNG)


That's a good idea. Collabs would help Prim. Doing a collab really only helps smaller channels best. Bigger channels have already reached max exposure. If you're a true fan of ASMR, you would know of Friv and know of SoftlyGaloshes. The two of them just did a collab, but nobody posted it because it wasn't a worthwhile happening. It's nice if you're a fan, but it won't really help either one of them because they're already both so big. Notice Friv's eyes. This isn't a shoop. She has the reptilian eyes. Probably the jew in her blood. Prim needs to collab with someone who has a similar audience, another pure waifu. Avoid the whores. I would suggest… dare I say…

Accidentally Graceful.

578787  No.157746

Does anyone else get this weird feeling her family is like a cult and Prim is maybe only allowed outside under supervision?

67efec  No.157748


Her dad fucks her in their basement. Fucking Hicks.

Imagine the anals…

207539  No.157752


I like her voice, look, and even the audio quality. But there's literally zero chance of me watching her tap on a record again. I don't care about her taste in music, I don't want to hear about it or see it. Ever. It's not relaxing, it's not interesting, it's not even boring in the kind of way that lets you just space out with "white-noise" it.

She's wasting her time with records and such nonsense and needs to actually get on with some ASMR, like her affirmations windscreen mic stroke video which was grrreat.


Ally is really, really good, but she seems so catty I don't think she'll ever get the collab-boost she could use.


Religious, probably. Her dad is a preacher or some such would be my guess. Thus the moving and her near total purity which you won't find in a non-hard-christian household, ever.

716bce  No.157781

File: 4c6298c368ebdfc⋯.jpg (37.15 KB, 604x453, 4:3, 1547083081163.jpg)

I kek at her Orbiter faggot here who said she'll be Le Next Big Thing. Lmao

What a cheeky orbiter cuck ,😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😊🤣😊

716bce  No.157782


*le next big thing/next Darling

0d9a09  No.157798


we didn't know she was gonna be so boring back then

5f394c  No.157801


She definitely had the look. Her content isn't the norm though. She doesn't do cosplays or kissy face videos. She shows you Goodwill hauls and taps on vinyl records.

>posts loli gymnast and cancer pedo .jpg

Life With Mak is the new Darling. I'm sure you're thrilled about that. Lmaoing at kiddie diddlers.

8a65ae  No.157816


Chan boards are full of diddlers who hide among anons like degenerates at a gay pride parade.

677bc4  No.157818


lmfao, degens don't hide at gay pride parades. they ARE the parade. nothing but naked people simulating sex in the streets.

full on weimar type shit. literally kids involved too.

sad state of affairs

e276c9  No.157824

only the fagerinos are interested in entering a manhole

7edc6a  No.157846


I'm not her orbiter cuck but I predicted she'd be the next Darling, which is why I'm wondering how I was so wrong.

58faac  No.157889

Do you guys think she does AtM?

716bce  No.157892


How about DAP?

d4e0c4  No.157931


You're already going to hell now since that you've visited 8chan

d4e0c4  No.158258


acbb00  No.158260


Imagine the anal first

d4e0c4  No.158267

File: a544b0d4009c3e1⋯.jpg (38.79 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hello..jpg)


Just imagine

04ca35  No.158288


This pic just had to be posted on a fucking prim thread!! Again!!! Leave my waifu alone u fucks

119bf0  No.158333

Ghetto ASMR has more subs than Prim. Ouch. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNULVaS5fALMjZ0wUE1xMlg

0cc971  No.158470

File: 15c1c6f55782514⋯.png (174.76 KB, 382x500, 191:250, lennon_dabs.png)

Jew may say I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one

3c7f38  No.158489


She does little actual Asmr stuff. It's just bullshit record nonsense which is a waste of her wholesome cuteness and great voice.

e00e1e  No.158504

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


She's trying to do more regular asmr stuff. I think the album thing was something that was unique to her. There's really only so many albums she can review before she runs out. Besides, there's only so many ways you can tap on objects before it gets old. Roleplaying is really the only way someone can stay creative and there's alot of people who love and alot who hate roleplays. I think she's fine, but the album series is getting old. Maybe she should take a look at her most popular videos. It's ironic that she's a trained beautician who doesn't make beauty videos, not that I would want that either. Beauty and fashion would make for a good second channel though. Both channels would feed off each other, but draw separate crowds.

884df7  No.158505

File: ef2455327310fc8⋯.gif (1.58 MB, 450x255, 30:17, MakingBacon.gif)

753200  No.159830

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I usually don't like bubble wrap videos but I like this one. I think it's because it sounds louder and crisper than usual.

0c5198  No.159835


Ally is a fucking cunt, she blocked me on Instagram over a joke. She's a horrible bitch with a shit personality, and her videos suck. Plus she's batshit insane.

f5000f  No.160510

File: 5cbff1537843cf1⋯.jpeg (25.35 KB, 317x464, 317:464, images (4).jpeg)

Jew may say I'm a dreamer

3cc0e1  No.160552

I like Prim, but the anon's in the thread who say she's boring are correct. She's really needs to divorce herself from the mundane, maybe try a few new roleplays or something. There's also way too much tapping. Tapping on album covers, tapping on comic books, tapping on blu-ray covers, etc. Seems as though 60+% of her content is tapping and whispering/soft-speaking. Prim is cuter than many of the more well-known girls with ASMR channels currently, she just needs to add a bit more variety to her channel.

5175f9  No.160573


Daily reminder that Prim's brother started the "imagine the anal" meme got get people not to waifu his sister.

c983cf  No.160652

File: edca960cd261f6d⋯.mp4 (4.04 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Primagine.mp4)

8503a1  No.160851

File: 9352bb782f9cffe⋯.png (12.95 KB, 612x91, 612:91, light saber.PNG)

>ywn be Prim's brother

58faac  No.160878

>most recent video was basically a shampoo commerical

this is why she doesn't get more views

ec2e98  No.160880


nah she's just plain ugly

she looks like cloveress without the hair dye and the sluttiness

f95ccc  No.160885


this is another thread started by a jealous female content creator. Trolls would never post this stupid shit about a single girl.

ec2e98  No.160886





cant you say anything else?

stating facts isnt trolling

26cd24  No.160887


Facts? Those are opinions and your opinions are shit. Only a total faggot would find Prim unattractive.

f95ccc  No.160889


makes me wonder if its that christophernotwalken guy or jeepy asmr because she won't do an interview with them she a bitch?

273dda  No.160896

Prim is perfection to look at and listen to. But her content gets stale and she really needs to get into mouth sounds. I'm sure she's terrified of being sexualized which is understandable. Her recent boop stipple black and white video was great. If she posted more of that I'm sure her channel would do better.

78833f  No.160909


Prim doesn't make sexual videos, and thus, she should avoid making mouth sounds videos entirely. The boop stipple black and white video was not one of her best moments. It was a video just like every other ASMR girl makes. When she copies other ASMRtsts with videos like that, it's not Prim. It's just lip service to the typical ASMR fans.

She needs to avoid mouth sounds videos altogether if she wants to keep the creepy sexual fetishists away from her channel, because I think people watch those type of videos for that reason alone.

The other guy is right. Prim has morals which is extremely rare with popular YouTubers. It's rare enough in society in general today.

Prim is a throwback to an earlier time. She's old-fashioned and needs to be on her guard all the time to say away from the creeps. So far, being a popular ASMRtist hasn't tainted her, so let's hope things stay that way.

Anyone who doesn't know how attractive she is may be legally insane.

273dda  No.160911

I agree she should avoid the sexual shit but her channel also needs more variety. I'm sure everyone who loves whispers and tapping think her channel is the greatest thing ever. But the boop/stipple triggered my ASMR more. I wish she did more of her beauty salon stuff too. The haircut videos are really good. Comics and albums will only go so far before her channel fizzles.

f8dab1  No.160926


Yeah, because Woodstock was filled to the brim with puritan housewives and sheeeeeit...

78833f  No.160931


What does Woodstock have to do with anything? Prim is like a girl from the '40's or '50's, not from the free love hippie times.

78833f  No.160932


I agree with you about there being too much tapping and whispering.

58faac  No.160934


The roaring 20's had whores too. What I'm saying is "retro" doesn't mean pure. It never has, it never will. Not being a whore is simply a different state of mind which can't be pegged to any particular time period.

78833f  No.160935


"Whores" in the 20's were an exception. There are always exceptions. If you know anything about history, you will know that women were a hell of a lot different before the 1960's, and acted much differently. Today, many of them act like men and many men act like women.

58faac  No.160937


Women only act like men because it has become easier to be one, hence all of the soy going around. The obvious solution is to make it incredibly difficult to be a man.

78833f  No.160939

Prim is a feminine classy lady, and there aren't as many of them around anymore.

58faac  No.160946



f95ccc  No.160949


"Anyone who doesn't know how attractive she is may be legally insane."

Or a jealous old wrinkled ass bitch failed asmrtit. Or a crippled ass cock sucker who knows he can't get her on his shit interview show. Either way a cocksucking fucktard.

58faac  No.160951


Is that all you got?

8cca41  No.160953

File: b4fdbd495f9f75d⋯.mp4 (8.19 MB, 640x480, 4:3, not the stairs.mp4)

94c5eb  No.160981


70s wants their public hair back

4chin wants their 4chins back

58faac  No.161042


Two and a half decades of internet use has jaded me. You're going to have to do better than that.

40121b  No.161048


No that's precisely why the anal would be so amazing, that's half the attraction to it.

31937c  No.161147


Where's his dick?

e2c0e8  No.161238


Fuck you, you’re fucking disgusting to post that.

82489b  No.161266

File: b59091c157e5c3c⋯.jpg (38.74 KB, 600x420, 10:7, 421898.jpg)

eb31c3  No.161269

File: cc22bd60d9e8101⋯.mp4 (3.77 MB, 640x800, 4:5, green screen.mp4)

Prim has a green screen now! Expect big things soon. Hopefully roleplays. That'll get her channel growing.

4d5f5d  No.161272







>even knowing where to find such decadent filth

Ban this degenerate.>>161102



4d5f5d  No.161273


Greenscreen has no place in ASMR

58faac  No.161281

I like how I goaded this guy to shit up the thread on a whim

e2c0e8  No.161330


Well go post that shit somewhere else you sick fuck

e87ac4  No.161334

Looks like it's time to hide the Prim thread.

6bd67e  No.161335


Imagine my shock

e2c0e8  No.161357


Why here? Why? I don’t understand the curiosity of gore and death. Why post it? Why does any person want to see that? It’s inhumane and disgusting. Do you like it? You’re obviously fucked in the head.

157853  No.161379


Probably her brother trying to get her thread deleted/anchored or some such nonsense.

31937c  No.161380


I burst out laughing at the fucking massive slurping sound

31937c  No.161382



>not LemonParty.jpg

Fucking newfags

31937c  No.161383


LMAO is that Laverne Cox?

31937c  No.161384


But where's his balls, then? If that purple bit's supposed to be the head of his dick it looks like it's kind of split in two. Plus it wooks way to big to be the head of his penis. Maybe he chopped his dick off and just kept his balls on?

31937c  No.161387


Because he's a professional, obviously. ED did an interview with him a while ago, he's actually a pretty cool dude.

e2c0e8  No.161407


Fuck off with this shit you sick fuck

e2c0e8  No.161408



58faac  No.161491

>130 post last night

>93 posts now

Well damn

be8b4c  No.161494


160 to 93

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