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File: 8455d0dba70d0e9⋯.jpg (592.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maple.jpg)

8be9e6  No.159764

Anyone else download whole youtube channels and re upload them to their channel unlisted? Just in case they delete their channel. I download all videos then add them to a playlist that is also hidden.

55a9da  No.159768

I download entire channels to make mad coin off the phonetards who can't download videos for safekeeping.

30a40b  No.159771

File: fc80024373e193f⋯.jpg (41.27 KB, 413x479, 413:479, images.jpg)


Fonetard here I can download yt vids fine.

You mean there are fags who can't fucking rip it vids with their phone?


30a40b  No.159772


>it vids

*YT vids

995e59  No.159778


looks like Holly asmr's pair

e74a93  No.159789

incel its maple

5f6f2d  No.159790

Is there a way to download an entire YouTube channel at once?

9daed5  No.159791

jdownloader fag

93842f  No.159805


You can use youtube-dl

93aff2  No.159808

File: c4f691b3ed635fb⋯.webm (1.39 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Lewd for Canada.webm)


Why waste the bandwidth? Youtube may decide to scrub your unlisted videos at any time for any number of reasons. Just keep them on a HDD and backed up.

0139c0  No.159865



Kek your solutions are both ass, I keep my channels on a student google drive account with unlimited space.

4710d7  No.159883


>thinks trusting jewgle is more reliable than keeping copies on your own hard-drive

O boy I am laffin

c72723  No.159985


I'm not gonna use valuable space for these thots

82fae5  No.159998


Your loss.

3be80c  No.160015

>Youtube may decide to scrub your unlisted videos.

I doubt they will do that to him because unlisted videos have different guidelines

4c6973  No.160053

>not downloading the vids you like only

>not downloading everything not just asmr

>not keeping in your hdd

>not having 4 hdds all with the same stuff

Stay pleb cumskin

Btw how tall is she?

c72723  No.160064


Not losing anything, spending less money and milking google's servers for my personal entertainment for free.

b37ccf  No.160303

File: 4020b2e719d061f⋯.webm (1.2 MB, 900x506, 450:253, Alexa ASMR Makeup Prod….webm)

File: 8b4d3b87784b219⋯.webm (3.24 MB, 900x506, 450:253, fLryCoBYOWM.webm)

File: 1bf39932f894fb3⋯.webm (3.86 MB, 600x336, 25:14, ParanYeowoobyul 이어클리닝RP [….webm)

File: 42b782edc05b086⋯.webm (3.71 MB, 400x224, 25:14, Peachy Panda Green Tea Ca….webm)

File: 3c1a4ce7742daec⋯.webm (1002.67 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, Brown girl with a lot of ….webm)

cbc3e1  No.160449

Any Yumi Jimmi vids since her old channel got nuked?

b5a865  No.160489


So can you share this vid?

c050e1  No.160498


you really trust google? underage cutesy girls whispering into a mic saved by the many dozens? i dunno . . . FUCK FBI . i considered storing all my asmr on the cloud but the cloud is way too open. especially something like google.

having your own copy is much safer. ideally have copies somewhere else and at home just in case of a disaster or robbery or hardware failure

219fa3  No.160509


you can password zip them, then save on the cloud if you're that worried

78559e  No.160513

File: 0e326231a493a95⋯.jpg (72.16 KB, 1031x584, 1031:584, Law & order SVU.jpg)

737128  No.160515

Wasn't there a lot more posts itt? I remember a secon vid about marple.


>brown girl

>not calling it a nigger

>saving this shit

>loving asians

top cuck

010202  No.160530


>underage cutesy girls whispering into a mic saved by the many dozens? i dunno . . . FUCK FBI


67dd51  No.160532


God I love Maple

1bc4aa  No.160625


upload the good shit then bub, we're waiting,

eec998  No.160924


Faaaark I’ve been trying to get a hold of this video for a while. Any links¿

167122  No.161000

67dd51  No.161291

f9e1d3  No.161604


sounds like a massive waste of time and storage

have you tried a real hobby?

6a4c92  No.161614


Stalking ASMR girls IS a real hobby.

67dd51  No.161615


you know if there were real asmr stalkers out there we would've seen maple's face already

6a4c92  No.161624

File: 1774251d97a34e1⋯.jpg (103.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ASMR Make Up Artist_ Face ….jpg)


No one wants to see Mapes face.

782ee8  No.161632



We already did months ago.

125b7f  No.161662



35e4f0  No.161664

File: 9a74234f7f2178f⋯.jpg (28.05 KB, 340x300, 17:15, 360_shrek_0517.jpg)

35e4f0  No.161665


And non of you fags took a screenshot?

6a4c92  No.161711

File: e32df29db02f6a1⋯.jpg (134.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ☁ASMR☁ Shaving Cream on Fa….jpg)



We didn't. Face-blind autist thought he found her. Not even close.

125b7f  No.161742


we should double our efforts

440ee9  No.161822


Second. Anyone got yumi jimmi vids?

a28ad1  No.161867


>Not even close.

It was extremely close, in fact. Her jaw, her mouth, her nose, her hair, her hands, her body, etc. I could open up any catalog, look through tons of models, and wouldn't be able to find one that matches Maple like that. Not to mention that she posted the picture herself. Yeah, imagine the odds of that. The only thing that didn't match was a simple mole on her back that could've been easily airbrushed, especially since these were catalog pictures, which are always edited.

67dd51  No.161894



we should find her!

6a4c92  No.161937


Yeah imagine the odds of a woman choosing a dress online worn by a model that matches her body-type. It just doesn't happen!

01f329  No.166325


can you post a maple mega, db, or whatever?

a6c13a  No.166333

hey folks. a small channel i've listened to for awhile recently nuked their whole shit pretty much as i was beginning to try to download some videos from it. i got one and then jdownloader (if there's something better let me know, i am noob) wouldn't let me process any other despite them still being up on the website. when i tried again the next day, it still failed. i tried watching the video again on the website for a nap and it finally said removed by user. if anyone knows where to find a reupload, i'd appreciate it if anyone could share, but i understand it's probably futile to ask given the low traffic of the channel.

channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBKxVA15u6nPHkF6KtK8Lyw/feed

the single reup i could find: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7csuzi2jns

4d7d3e  No.166342


Sorry, anon. They're gone. Jdownloader and 4k are 2 of the best. I use DownloadHelper for most quick rips. It'll rip almost any video your browser detects, regardless of website. I've used it for years.


3a4dbf  No.166353


I ain't clicking that shit nigger.

35e4f0  No.166355


BiliBili is safe but they are cracking down on ASMR thots. Based Chinese.

647c58  No.166356

File: c0bc2bd2590da52⋯.gif (57.97 KB, 384x274, 192:137, 5df.gif)

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