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File: 53e680ad4e48e43⋯.jpg (192.04 KB, 1276x664, 319:166, creativescottish.jpg)

50c715  No.159848

Lucy (CreativeCalm) gives an 8chan shoutout in her latest video. I'm guessing everyone finished milking and fell asleep before they got to the credits.


50c715  No.159850


My bad, already posted in the scottish whispers thread. Still worth giving Lucy a thread. Almost at 200k.

21a442  No.159851



please end your life

50c715  No.159859

File: c55ff91fe04efef⋯.webm (3.46 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, milkygoodness.webm)

60244b  No.159932

she used to be cute but nowadays looks like a typical basic mother with that nasty weight gain. you know how they all start looking like crap when they've had a kid. people say 'you look Jew Pig Sharon Duboising' but lets tell it how it is - you've put on weight and you're going to never look as good as you used to. i dont think she has a kid but she looks just like all my female friends who ended up with those extra baby pounds after shitting out spawn

fbb0b4  No.159940


Nothing wrong with having babies you kike.

But yeah I guess she has been on the American diet for too long.

6951f9  No.159944

lucy fuck off you slaaaaaaag

8ea343  No.159954


… But she didn't had a baby! :o

She just got fat

669232  No.159960


it took her a while but Lucy's got a sense of humor about herself and what she does now, which makes her OK in my book. the whole ASMR scene could do with less insufferable bores who take themselves way too seriously.

a4d36f  No.159961


>he hasn't seen the christmas video

08f356  No.160179

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this had better turn into a POV porn, "Miss Goodnready".

b613e1  No.160199


By Goodnready, I hope she means "good" in bed and "ready" to save the white race. We're going to become a majority in London again, Lucy! We need your help! Let's make some white babies and save England.

823233  No.160201

> steals other asmr content and recreates it terribly

> looks wont get her far for long

> waiting on her to show her pussy for money

> does she have a patreon yet

> turns out she is a man

> doesn’t show below her waist meaning shes more than likely 100% fat as fuck

> worthless, someone doxx her pls

3bd29a  No.160202


She looks fucking old in this video.

b613e1  No.160204



Butt hurt niggers and haters. Stay mad. Go back to your fat ass, nigger loving, Lisa thread.

b613e1  No.160205

File: 90a935a3a527f7c⋯.jpg (21.36 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Fuck off, Tyrone. London is full.

Me and Lucy are going to save the Empire.

81e050  No.160207


By pumping out fat-assed spongers like their mama?

21a442  No.160210


you're deluded if you think she doesn't burn coal

4adcbb  No.160233


lmao go watch the vid were she brags about being full european, lucy is /ourgirl/ as fuck. Only insecure fatties fuck nogs

ab819a  No.160241

File: 956b06a742c4bd9⋯.png (18.23 KB, 614x224, 307:112, chinky.PNG)


But she bangs chinks. It's only a matter of time before she bangs nogs. With that ass she's no longer fit for decent white men.

a21a4c  No.160260

File: 703dd68f25552e8⋯.mp4 (234.64 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Jewish laugh.mp4)


>She has yellow fever because I found this tweet! She might as well be fucking niggers.

Except you're off by about 40 IQ points.

>Her ass is fat. Only niggers want a girl like her. She's not fit for white men. Don't you goys dare try to breed with this thick hip blue eyed Brit! Give up and let the niggers have her.

This is why every last jew has to go into the oven. It'll never end until all of you are dead.

21a442  No.160286


>She has yellow fever because I found this tweet! She might as well be fucking niggers.

this but unironically

23d53d  No.160298


Not sexual, by the way.

e51f6a  No.160312


Given that most chinks hate niggers I don't see how you could make that jump. If she gets a chink bf he'll constantly talk about how much he hates niggers to her, then she will hate them too.

345df9  No.160408


She probably already hates niggers. When she was in her prime she probably never imagined a day when she'd be reduced to fucking chinks but then she let herself go and here we are. In her prime she could have pulled a white Chad no problem but now the best she can get with that ass is a chink Chad. Once a woman goes slumming outside the white race it's just a slippery slope: from white to gook to Paki to nigger, it's all just a matter of degrees.

e51194  No.160729

File: 39ab706f2d053f5⋯.jpg (169.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault-9-1.jpg)

Why did she photoshop her cleavage guys?

177fc0  No.160736



473605  No.160928

does anyone has the link to lucy's photos folder? someone posted it in the previous thread

08f356  No.160997


>from white to gook to Paki to nigger, it's all just a matter of degrees.

blacks are a step up from pakis

87e02c  No.161058


Also want

659099  No.161069

473605  No.161093


god bless you anon

e9acf9  No.161100


When she keeps the weight off, those hips are fucking magnificent.

008fa9  No.161856

do you guys remember the video/livestream/tweet(?) where lucy told she lives in dorset? can't find it

d54743  No.163001

Creative Calm ASMR

8 órája

RE: Margot Video & ‘Acting’

Hello guys,

So I had to remove Margot mainly actually due to an influx of negative comments saying how it’s just acting and not ASMR and I had a major moment of self doubt!

I have over 280 videos on my channel, lots involving original characters and for me I get triggered by ASMR character roleplays the most (maybe because they’re more immersive and I feel less forced to get triggered?). I also see no difference between character roleplays and ‘cosplay’ - which literally means costume play!

Anyway, with any of my ‘character’ roleplays the first and foremost thing on my mind is ASMR. Nothing else comes into it. I get an idea, first thought - okay so what about this video is going to trigger ASMR? Is it the way I speak? Is it ear to ear? Am I subtly making sounds with objects I’m holding, am I giving enough personal attention?

I’m not an acting student, I’ve never been to drama school (in fact it was my worst and most feared subject in school - literally lol) and my ASMR channel is literally for ASMR, it’s not an acting CV. BUT through video developments, I’ve found I just genuinely enjoy creating characters you guys can almost follow along with! (Like how you all know how Margot reacts to Jeffry or how annoyed Amy gets about rival salons etc)

So Margot will return, along with Bridget (these are the two main issues), and so will new characters! (Any input for new ones I’d love to hear!) And I just hope that you always understand that ASMR IS my channel it’s not acting, and just because I’m not a pure trigger channel it does NOT mean it’s not ASMR, it’s just a different form and it’s okay to be different

bb73fc  No.163007


What a pitty she never took a nude pic. Her body was magnificent before she turned into a land whale.

0055cf  No.163036


Zero chance she never took one. I’m sure several ex-boyfriends have a titty pic or two saved somewhere. We can just pray they are leaked at some stage.

08f356  No.163094

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

oh my.

fbb0b4  No.163099


Calves too fat

ff4afa  No.163104

you think her pussy looks like roast beef?

08f356  No.163107


shepherd's pie.

a2b892  No.163193

Surprised we haven’t seen her nudes yet

c01726  No.163194


i'm not against it.

OK, not the prettiest woman in the world, obviously, but not bad, much better than nothing

23d53d  No.163197

File: d71c3a2f426c72c⋯.gif (1.45 MB, 320x180, 16:9, d71c3a2f426c72c55c92561a1c….gif)

e6d795  No.163200


oh they'll be leaked soon.

1dadc2  No.163212


Foot whore.

4adcbb  No.163243


fugg her milkers look great in this vid

Lucy is the hottest grill making ASMR rn, if you disagree you like cocks

fcb3b4  No.163378

File: ce5b9de4fcd8b80⋯.png (44.63 KB, 623x325, 623:325, fab.PNG)

Pray for Lucy's grandma. She seems really broken up about it.

c9b347  No.163380


It looks like it's Lauren's granny, but thoughts and prayers to all magical sky daddies. Your granny had a good long life. Make some white babies so that someone is still alive to give a fuck about YOU when you wrap your car around a tree 20 years from now. Not trying to be mean. Just saying.

c9b347  No.163381



Not trolling and being totally serious here. Did you childless women honestly expect your long dead parents, dogs or cats, to make "Medical Power of Attorney" decisions for you or come visit you in your nearest state run nursing homes? You childless millennials are absolutely fucked when your day of reckoning comes. NOBODY is going to show up for you. You're going to die unloved and all alone. That's pretty fucking sad. That's why half of you will an hero in your 40s and 50s. Seriously, fuck the jewish 2% elites that destroyed our people. It'll be too late when most of you finally figure it out.

182799  No.163382

File: 3dcdbcbea289988⋯.mp4 (582.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, I am so traumatized.mp4)


>had a fab time

>no pancake wars

>crying emojis

>btw my little granny will probably kick the bucket

>prayer hands

c9b347  No.163383

File: 229e1943d78367b⋯.jpg (589.27 KB, 958x775, 958:775, 12801566102070924102833037….jpg)


forgot to leave my meme

3040b9  No.163406

File: 2fadb628624f0ff⋯.png (643.25 KB, 846x650, 423:325, Capture.PNG)


Oy vey. You filthy goyim better stop having kids. Meanwhile in every third world shithole, they have 10 kids each and AOC wants to invite millions of them into the first world, which surely won't have any negative impact on our carbon footprint. We'll just raise taxes to 80% and that'll fix everything. :^)

0dd023  No.163416

Come to the Norf Lucy, I'll breed you for £10.

fa02de  No.163463

this girl is not fat wtf is wrong with you guys.

ef630d  No.163543

File: 9e4008d42cff7ad⋯.png (761.79 KB, 841x723, 841:723, lucy-before-after.png)

dcb7f9  No.163557


I didn't know working out could have such terrible side effects.

70f971  No.163567


she got fatter just from working out

70f971  No.163568


I wan't her to squat over my face and give me her warm milk.

08f356  No.163668

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

are bongistani goths just bored hippies?

fbb0b4  No.163669


>Starts by whispering

>Starts talking /facepalm

>it's bad and cringy

Plz stfu

08f356  No.163814


attack of the ASMR lesbians from Incest Island

c3aa33  No.163828


imagine the smell

2037f0  No.163830

File: ba3a5368b0f7d65⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1353x716, 1353:716, Screenshot_2019-03-13 ASMR….png)

Lauren has really weird facial features for a Scottish girl.

0f92c1  No.163839


That's just generic Caucasian mutt genes.

df216f  No.163840


The smell of them getting moist for each other? :D

ed3dcc  No.163841


To release tension, they should both be naked, use more oil and rub the right places. I should watch that to get my tingles

c3aa33  No.163853


Yes. The frothing of pussyjuices filling the room with a pungent sexual scent that is unmistakable.

225232  No.163854


Lauren looks like she's fucking comatose halfway through

I'm really jealous

225232  No.163855

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How long until they make a video like this?

20db4d  No.163859

back in 2017

"So not sure if anyone will actually see this, as I literally just made this account to write this (and I'm totally useless at Reddit!) ANYWAY.

Some of you may have seen my channel is down, and this as mentioned is due to constant abuse. I don't mean - the odd 'bitch etc' comments on actual YouTube, but I mean emails, social media messages, sending screenshots mid video and saying how deformed I am, ganging up to dislike videos and abuse on perfectly normal live streams and being sent links to discussion forums where I'm called a 'camwhore/bitch/slut' everyname under the sun you can think of. Sure - it's not life threatening, but it sucks when you just want to create fun content, and you're not even close to any of the things mentioned.

If I do return, I will not be having a Patreon (due to abuse on there as well), or an Amazon Wish List. I only used these to get things for my channel, not for personal gain.

Thank you if you have supported me, I've worked really hard on my channel since around August 2016 (when I properly started to upload), and I would hate to just throw that away.

Thanks guys - lucy x" "

e5341d  No.163873


She literally had a Switch on her Amazon wishlist with the tag “just a nice little treat between filming! ;)” or words to that effect. Does she believe her own bullshit do you think?

659099  No.163877


>If I do return, I will not be having a Patreon

Never trust a thot!

659099  No.163879

File: 4a46a7859eb6999⋯.jpg (219.42 KB, 630x889, 90:127, Lucy InnocentWhispers is B….jpg)

File: 3859ad5cefc8a57⋯.jpg (127.43 KB, 628x736, 157:184, Lucy InnocentWhispers is B….jpg)

a2ef57  No.163883

File: 7d2ecca68b46f3e⋯.jpg (80.27 KB, 503x768, 503:768, 1Qd_cbW53Ew17p64sGDEdlZdEH….jpg)


>Have you no shame?

823233  No.163884

Lucy is such fucking garbage in the “community”

busted face and crossed eyes. she’ll rot

659099  No.163885


And fat as a walrus.

23e6e4  No.163888



>When you gonna stop begging for a Nintendo Switch?

I guess she's got no shame.

ceb2f0  No.163925


I don't speak waffle.

b192e2  No.164147


With those hips today, she'll be pushing out half breeds easily if she decides yo settle down.

8/10 would still smash

5c0fc0  No.164149


someone should've asked her if she isn't already too old for playing video games lmao

659099  No.164151


Non of those thots actually know how to play video games. Twitch should ban them.

08f356  No.164165


>implying you can tell the difference between Hogwarts houses by facial features alone

other than the Welsh are slightly more likely to be fucking a sheep at any given moment and Scots and Potatoniggers might be gingers. (some potatoes may have black hair)

7420d3  No.164496


English and Scots are probably the most similar (although there's a lot of ethnic Irish in Scotland, especially around Glasgow, which throws people off). Some Welsh have frizzy hair and look swarthy (apparently something to do with Basque ancestry). Irish sometimes have a particular look about them as well.

f0181f  No.164513

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this time it's lucy's tit… i mean tingles

832264  No.164914

>>164513 she sucks at asmr

5b1a7b  No.164952


It seems that Lucy isn't sensitive to ASMR like Lauren, perhaps she prefer other triggers.

If she wants to suck, I know an alternative to ASMR :)

5c0fc0  No.165214

i want to eat her shit

7fcb63  No.165240

Lucy is horny tonight and you've come round at short notice. Won't let me embed, "couldn't make sense of the URL"?


fc6d9a  No.165262


The general M.O. here seems to be "if I can't have her, I don't want anyone else to have her either, so I'll run my mouth about her so nobody else will like her." Shitty way to live, but there you are.

731b9e  No.165295

File: 9932e9eb1fee64f⋯.jpg (107.73 KB, 1000x810, 100:81, 1abfe7d0a6630a6b9d0b30050e….jpg)


shut up, lucy

659099  No.165296


When are you gonna fix your potato nose you toothless midget whore?

08f356  No.165338

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Won't let me embed, "couldn't make sense of the URL"?

get rid of the & at the end

832264  No.165383


maybe you can get creepy jeepy asmr to promote your silly ass

a5ade2  No.166112

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Looks fucking perfect in this one.

08f356  No.166150


>that cleavage

I promise we won't be sleeping for at least 25 minutes Lucy.

08f356  No.166179

File: 25f5b93bde7149a⋯.png (15.04 KB, 347x203, 347:203, what did she mean by this.png)

0de255  No.166191


Why not?

19995c  No.166193


people really jerking to this?

718277  No.166194


>Looks fucking perfect in this one.

makeup does wonders…

08f356  No.166259

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>ywn make GoT ASMR with Lucy where she plays Cersei and you play Jamie and also it's on Pornhub not Youtube

af12a3  No.166261


Fuck i hate game of thrones overrated show

6f00c5  No.166389

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


af12a3  No.166390


Did anyone else fap hard to this????

4a6cd4  No.166391


Holy fuck


yeah i did, challenge, don't skip ahead to the sole reveal 10 minutes in

c3e850  No.166450



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