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File: 53e680ad4e48e43⋯.jpg (192.04 KB, 1276x664, 319:166, creativescottish.jpg)

50c715  No.159848

Lucy (CreativeCalm) gives an 8chan shoutout in her latest video. I'm guessing everyone finished milking and fell asleep before they got to the credits.


50c715  No.159850


My bad, already posted in the scottish whispers thread. Still worth giving Lucy a thread. Almost at 200k.

21a442  No.159851



please end your life

50c715  No.159859

File: c55ff91fe04efef⋯.webm (3.46 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, milkygoodness.webm)

60244b  No.159932

she used to be cute but nowadays looks like a typical basic mother with that nasty weight gain. you know how they all start looking like crap when they've had a kid. people say 'you look Jew Pig Sharon Duboising' but lets tell it how it is - you've put on weight and you're going to never look as good as you used to. i dont think she has a kid but she looks just like all my female friends who ended up with those extra baby pounds after shitting out spawn

fbb0b4  No.159940


Nothing wrong with having babies you kike.

But yeah I guess she has been on the American diet for too long.

6951f9  No.159944

lucy fuck off you slaaaaaaag

8ea343  No.159954


… But she didn't had a baby! :o

She just got fat

669232  No.159960


it took her a while but Lucy's got a sense of humor about herself and what she does now, which makes her OK in my book. the whole ASMR scene could do with less insufferable bores who take themselves way too seriously.

a4d36f  No.159961


>he hasn't seen the christmas video

08f356  No.160179

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this had better turn into a POV porn, "Miss Goodnready".

b613e1  No.160199


By Goodnready, I hope she means "good" in bed and "ready" to save the white race. We're going to become a majority in London again, Lucy! We need your help! Let's make some white babies and save England.

823233  No.160201

> steals other asmr content and recreates it terribly

> looks wont get her far for long

> waiting on her to show her pussy for money

> does she have a patreon yet

> turns out she is a man

> doesn’t show below her waist meaning shes more than likely 100% fat as fuck

> worthless, someone doxx her pls

3bd29a  No.160202


She looks fucking old in this video.

b613e1  No.160204



Butt hurt niggers and haters. Stay mad. Go back to your fat ass, nigger loving, Lisa thread.

b613e1  No.160205

File: 90a935a3a527f7c⋯.jpg (21.36 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Fuck off, Tyrone. London is full.

Me and Lucy are going to save the Empire.

81e050  No.160207


By pumping out fat-assed spongers like their mama?

21a442  No.160210


you're deluded if you think she doesn't burn coal

4adcbb  No.160233


lmao go watch the vid were she brags about being full european, lucy is /ourgirl/ as fuck. Only insecure fatties fuck nogs

ab819a  No.160241

File: 956b06a742c4bd9⋯.png (18.23 KB, 614x224, 307:112, chinky.PNG)


But she bangs chinks. It's only a matter of time before she bangs nogs. With that ass she's no longer fit for decent white men.

a21a4c  No.160260

File: 703dd68f25552e8⋯.mp4 (234.64 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Jewish laugh.mp4)


>She has yellow fever because I found this tweet! She might as well be fucking niggers.

Except you're off by about 40 IQ points.

>Her ass is fat. Only niggers want a girl like her. She's not fit for white men. Don't you goys dare try to breed with this thick hip blue eyed Brit! Give up and let the niggers have her.

This is why every last jew has to go into the oven. It'll never end until all of you are dead.

21a442  No.160286


>She has yellow fever because I found this tweet! She might as well be fucking niggers.

this but unironically

23d53d  No.160298


Not sexual, by the way.

e51f6a  No.160312


Given that most chinks hate niggers I don't see how you could make that jump. If she gets a chink bf he'll constantly talk about how much he hates niggers to her, then she will hate them too.

345df9  No.160408


She probably already hates niggers. When she was in her prime she probably never imagined a day when she'd be reduced to fucking chinks but then she let herself go and here we are. In her prime she could have pulled a white Chad no problem but now the best she can get with that ass is a chink Chad. Once a woman goes slumming outside the white race it's just a slippery slope: from white to gook to Paki to nigger, it's all just a matter of degrees.

e51194  No.160729

File: 39ab706f2d053f5⋯.jpg (169.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault-9-1.jpg)

Why did she photoshop her cleavage guys?

177fc0  No.160736



473605  No.160928

does anyone has the link to lucy's photos folder? someone posted it in the previous thread

08f356  No.160997


>from white to gook to Paki to nigger, it's all just a matter of degrees.

blacks are a step up from pakis

87e02c  No.161058


Also want

659099  No.161069

473605  No.161093


god bless you anon

e9acf9  No.161100


When she keeps the weight off, those hips are fucking magnificent.

008fa9  No.161856

do you guys remember the video/livestream/tweet(?) where lucy told she lives in dorset? can't find it

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