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21e729  No.160048

Deutsche Amy.

Because some of you should be abducted by giant alien silicon tits.

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5ea7cb  No.160892

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ASMR JOI, those thots are not even hiding it anymore. Well, that why there is no ads on ASMR videos, otherwise cunts like Gibi would be millionaires by now.

e27886  No.160897

File: b3fa32547659006⋯.jpg (92.56 KB, 1280x514, 640:257, Blade-Runner-2049-Joi-purp….jpg)


Gibi was a millionaire before she started ASMR. Also, JOI is the name of the character from Blade Runner 2049. Those who aren't aware of that will believe it's a jack off instruction though.

089c2f  No.160968


> Gibi was a millionaire before she started ASMR

how lol. what did she do before asmr? HIGHLY doubt that. She looks to be making a sweet penny from the asmr schtick but the only chick whose legitimately RICH on the asmr scene is Holly ASMR and that's only because she married the guy who started Postmates (legit billionaire). she covers it up well though so the patreons dont leave

089c2f  No.160969

had to report that amy video for JOI lol. how insane. its no wonder she's Limited Ads permantly

8d15c3  No.160993


Her father is an executive for an insurance company and earns over $4 million a year. She's always been rich, well, from a rich family. They're also connected GOP political donors and illuminati. Gibi has a pic of her with President Bush.

c03ee5  No.161131

21e729  No.161143


Kek that's got to be her. Vomit.

3d86fe  No.161144


The tats match. She's got some fucking awful looking scars under her fake tits.

5ea7cb  No.161145

3d86fe  No.161150


That anal hate fuck video is impressive. She takes it like a champ, hard deep and fast, takes the facial, then goes ass-to-mouth to clean him off. She's a seriously nasty whore.

3d8dad  No.161160


Wow, I immediately knew she was some sort of prostitute. Didn't know she did porn.

5dde59  No.162060

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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