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File: 4ff4677fdb5bf33⋯.webm (7.87 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 4ff4677fdb5bf33f33023f146….webm)

1d0f2c  No.160092

Just found this on the other thread, maybe some1 will share with us?

0a8a20  No.160095


9ef243  No.160099

Bump who has it ?

e20edf  No.160104

File: 38814fd5f94285e⋯.webm (7.93 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Mistress Aftyn Demands.webm)

4ec1be  No.160107

bad taste, anon

090b23  No.160108


if she were my daughter I'd….

>what would you do daddy?

090b23  No.160109


She's pretty unattractive, not ugly but nothing special, but she makes up for it with a good body and a horny attitude. Long may she reign (my penis).

690728  No.160122


Demon blowjobs are next level degeneracy. Maybe this would be hot if it was a normal ASMR roleplay and not teal hair with horns.

e20edf  No.160126


You don't understand how this works my friend. The whole point and beauty of cosplay/roleplay is the girls can be like: "Uh I'm not a slut I'm just cosplaying a slutty character!" You know 'acting and' stuff ;)

c8cb1e  No.160129

BO can we outright ban this whore please?

7d5d6f  No.160131


Sup, Aftyn? Drop nudes.

873f27  No.160136

welp. i guess bo is tired of aftyn

82b60f  No.160140


I mean…if anons think this is the only place to find Aftyn lewds….show's over. Everyone has seen her shit. She's a whore and her lewds are as easy to find as CherryCrush's.

37592a  No.160145


Not the only place. but this is usually where they show up first.

69d766  No.160156

1dc550  No.160157


Can someone mega these videos including this one? http://dupose.com/aftynrose-asmr-strawberry-eating/

690728  No.160158


Okay but why do sexual roleplay as a demon or furry? She could do this in human form instead and say it's an anime character.

873f27  No.160164


Just use jdownloader

43180d  No.160168


>BO can we outright ban this whore please?

This is exactly what she wants.

82b60f  No.160203

Stop making new threads about this over-exposed camwhore. Put all her crap here.

447ec6  No.160208

She wants to go to the next step:


c8cb1e  No.160211


good, then we all win

4516bd  No.160280


fuck off faggot, I want my demon blowjobs ya cuck.

7e58a5  No.160341

File: 332757711225e1a⋯.jpg (63.93 KB, 574x605, 574:605, 332757711225e1a831b8580b5a….jpg)




Same! Not wanting to get your dick sucked by a succubus is next level faggotry. Demon girls are hot as hell! (pun intended)

690728  No.160342


You say you want that, but what you really want is simulated oral from big nosed sloot cosplaying with cuck dollars.

690728  No.160343


Aren't succubus from Jewish folklore? You just outed yourself Shlomo lover.

ebb685  No.160508


Can anyone upload these?

651af6  No.160560


There you go, a big pack with some of her asmrs


651af6  No.160561

Still wanting that one with her in that white shirt btw

ad8a6c  No.160719


I suspect it will be lost in time.

Like… tits… in the rain…

49e576  No.160735


Isn't time to die yet!

cd6246  No.160842

File: 4ff494225a64f44⋯.jpg (368.46 KB, 1012x1060, 253:265, custom_Aftyn.jpg)



423718  No.160877


I'd pay for that jellybeannose video, but not this.

d24b43  No.160894


How much?

423718  No.160903


For the jellybeannose white bikini twerk video that never leaked? Idk, maybe $100 if I saw some other good screencaps.

37592a  No.160913


>Expects us to pay for a video where she doesn't even spread her asshole.

Get fucked

a236ab  No.160933


So that was real and someone out there has that video but will never in their life share it?

ad8a6c  No.160995


That looks to be the size of it. Really, she's probably made a dozen customs for people who may never, ever let them see the light of day.

a2111a  No.161095

de41a0  No.161133


Almost there!

9ff7a9  No.161294


The video doesn't exist. She took those photos and pretended to be a fan who had the full video. It was for attention and it worked, because you motherfuckers are STILL talking about it

e98d1d  No.161311


You don’t know shit. There was literally clips of the video leaked because someone was trying to make a few bucks with it, the clips was part of a compilation video with a bunch of her other videos that can’t be found anymore. She has been doing this since late 2017 making videos that are pretty much as lewd as the ones we’ve seen recently but at some point she toned the videos down probably cause of the big growth in her views. So there are old school videos that have been lost or deleted.

28ecd7  No.161338


Or maybe with someone who doesn't know there are people after these videos

aeccf5  No.161646

bump I guess

9ff7a9  No.161650


It's anchored, meaning you can't bump it.

ed1ee0  No.161694

File: f2dfec5e11ebdd5⋯.png (106.32 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, C2DF92D2-61E8-4B18-BD16-18….png)

What’s the deal with this video? I haven’t seen or heard anything about it anywhere like it has been completely missed. I’m thinking it has to be good considering it’s uploaded between the ahegao and strawberry videos. I also think it was recorded on the same day as the 100+ minutes video and the ahegao video because in the ahegao video she clams to have recorded for 2 hour and 30 minutes yet 100 minutes equals to 1 hour and 40 minutes meaning there is about 50 minutes missing so this video is likely that missing 50 minutes. So in conclusion this might be good aftyn content that hasn’t been leaked yet.

fba011  No.161802


Jesus christ dude calm the fuck down there detective, i swear 90% of you have self-induced autism. Who gives a fuck?

9c4153  No.161803


Isn't anything you should be worrying about.

The succbus videos are lewdier than that.

ed1ee0  No.161812


May want to learn a bit more about disorders because the one you’re using doesn’t make sense in this case.

9c4153  No.161815


Hi Aftyn, drop some nudes

37592a  No.161862

File: adb5766e6c461d2⋯.webm (7.87 MB, 960x544, 30:17, ear_cleaning.webm)

447ec6  No.161866


Anyone got the full video?

da38f8  No.161918

So where did she fucking go? Took 7 pages to get to any Aftyn post with no new content. What gives? Where the fuck is she?

8af2c0  No.161919

OH WHY IS THIS FUCKING THREAD ANCHORED?! Fucking board owner being biased towards my Aftyn, you little bitch.

a236ab  No.161926


Make a new thread?

6a340d  No.161956


They deleted one new thread of her a while ago

db84bc  No.161965


for the love of god please have a mega for this

447ec6  No.161967


A mega for this one would be appreciated as well

447ec6  No.162227

File: 647c702fbe62266⋯.webm (1.42 MB, 853x480, 853:480, AftynRoseFix.webm)

Come on guys, I need my AftynRose fix!

PS: This video does not exist, its an edit on the Christmas Twins so don't ask

018159  No.162370

anything new?

5bba37  No.162418

Her new video is on the NSFW asmr page on reddit. Just a heads up.

977aa2  No.162421

Any one have her nier 2b earlicking video? can't find it anywhere but on SB but that shtis mono

5bba37  No.162430

0fe6b4  No.162475

So she realizes she isn't doing asmr anymore? This are all literally fetish videos lol

130bd8  No.162559

I can't imagine that someone get ASMR or able to sleep listening to a heartbeat, got no further than a few seconds in the video. One of the rare occasions with an Aftyn video

aad37e  No.162583

6b5f6e  No.162595



this fucking site, re-encoding all of the videos to sub-480p quality REEEEEEEEEEEE

seeing it in blurry potato vision is almost worse than not seeing it at all

aad37e  No.162597


its shit but at least we get the videos pretty much as soon as they come out

plus, im sure eventually someone will upload better versions elsewhere

f1c305  No.162705

0532ff  No.163374

You can use https://8ch.net/youthot/res/53.html

if you wanna post about Aftyn

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