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47a44c  No.161009

I don't agree with gwen beign on this list she ugly

fa8787  No.161012


This is the equivalent of those stupid popularity polls that entertainment magazines do, where they claim that the most popular actresses are the most beautiful people in the world.

Any idiot with taste would know that Prim is by far the most beautiful ASMRtist.

741115  No.161015

File: 0a57d797e80162a⋯.jpg (80.44 KB, 512x768, 2:3, Ellina-18,large.1413755356.jpg)


ELLINA = #1 !

a07215  No.161016

File: 7a5851767c773ee⋯.jpg (79.56 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 8a38225510220b5c2560d72c7b….jpg)


>Pelagea didn't make the list.


07dc39  No.161018


Which one of you incels did that?

2d0b39  No.161019

Toni Bonboni

fa8787  No.161043


Check out her latest unboxing video, from which this picture is taken. In the second half of the video, she shows off some gifts from an anonymous person, and he/she sent her a tiny see-through lace nightie top. She says something about it coming with an undershirt, and then says something like "which is good because it's very, very" and she pauses trying to think of a word. She says "pretty" but she was probably thinking see-through.

fa8787  No.161053


Who would send her a gift like that, and why? Prim isn't one of the slutty cam girl ASMRtists, so it seems like a weird gift to send her. Since she talks about her family all the time, how do they feel about a gift like that?

e00ebe  No.161054

File: 72cc7a039bd4acd⋯.jpg (137.2 KB, 736x1104, 2:3, 9838daf3a4b6c4f08ec00c559e….jpg)



I watched it myself to investigate. It wasn't lingerie, it was a sheer lace top with bell sleeves. See pic related. I do agree though, it doesn't quite seem like Prim's style. Of course she'll have to wear something underneath it. Maybe it's wishful thinking on the guy's part that sent it to her. Maybe he's trying to send her a subtle message. My guess is that it's probably going to be hanging on a rack at her nearest Goodwill store soon. If you want to buy Prim something that she'll wear, watch some 80s tv shows and send her a bluejean jacket.

fa8787  No.161056


I think you're right on all counts (if it was a guy that sent it, it could have been a girl who doesn't know how innocent she is). There's no way that Prim is going to wear that in a video, or in public, unless she wears something extensive underneath to cover herself up.

e00ebe  No.161059

File: 394c105725cdbfa⋯.jpg (64.88 KB, 667x1000, 667:1000, b96df1acbe00021473ab6bb4fc….jpg)


It'll be okay if she pairs it with a sleeveless silk top underneath. It won't be see through, but it'll still feel and look cool for the summer. (I feel like such a fag talking about women's clothing.)

b05c52  No.161061

File: 75a75f095eef003⋯.jpg (35.74 KB, 237x210, 79:70, 1546794856501.jpg)

A big yikes and cringe for me amigos

9cab49  No.161063


trolls giving fashion sense? Goddamn there are some jealous ass women asmrtists out there. what the flying fuck is this?

fa8787  No.161064


That's a good idea. I never thought of that.

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