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File: 2312d74e9fc7735⋯.jpg (1.99 KB, 125x70, 25:14, 1546307545288s.jpg)

384f1e  No.161179

Anyone have the source for this? Apparently it's gibi making out with another girl.

0065ca  No.161186

Looks fake af

2dcf90  No.161194

ac1ee0  No.161195

File: eaf6e3c3393bc94⋯.gif (1.58 MB, 600x338, 300:169, gibi-kiss.gif)


Good job ripping and posting a worthless thumbnail. Here you go, OP.

f9b120  No.161197


fuck you nigger

384f1e  No.161243

I meant like a vid or someshit

756d62  No.161474




Gibi is the type of girl that loves attention. I can almost guarantee you that where the gif ends is where it ended in real life. She has most likely never kissed a girl. If asked she would say she was just "joking around", but what she really means is "yes, keep giving me attention".

a8be8b  No.161489


Gibi is addicted to attention. Like all other ASMRtits and youtubers and Streamers. Of course.

She said she is Pansexual tho. That could also be quirky internet girl that wants attention tho.

In her feminist circles being in a monogamous heterosexual relationship is already borderline heresy and on top of that Gibi is with a straight white man. The worst of the worst, you know.

406dc2  No.161519


Pansexual AJA I'm bi but that doesn't sound unique enough AKA I'm straight but that doesn't get enough attention

6a533d  No.161541

I'm the one who posted the op. I'll look for the vid where she actually kisses the girl and his in a bikini shaking her little ass

5ee792  No.161578

File: 30e631530fc1df0⋯.jpg (36.8 KB, 453x604, 3:4, Gibi Bikini.jpg)


Ofc she is looking for attention and being the quirky girl. But Pan also means to be into Trannies and believing there are more than two genders.


Bikini by the way. See attached pic!

406dc2  No.161584


>But Pan also means to be into Trannies and believing there are more than two genders.

and that is incorrect

30404f  No.161599


find her sexually attractive

e341d1  No.161610


I will rip my dick off if I see the full video.

77545a  No.161627


>Gibi is with a straight white man

I'm not sure it's possible to be fully-straight and be attracted to Gibi, but I see your point.



Get some standards, lads.

406dc2  No.161631


I would fuck the jew right out of this cunt

77545a  No.161661


Feeling attraction towards Guybi or wanting to be intimate with him is just gross, but a hate-fuck is acceptable.

f9a8e2  No.161690


Hey, that isn't Ben ! >:(

a77406  No.161835

if you upload those videos i will beat my meat to them for a year! do it…i beg you master!

f129f2  No.161904

File: 80cdc9d1119a687⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ehhhhhssssssgibi.png)


gibi has been trying to get internet famous before asmr, remember that 'harlem shake' craze, she even did one of those (not that harlem shake was pre-asmr but you know what I mean)


df97f2  No.161907


Holy fucking shit.

31f596  No.161911

File: 20fa5540f0d5d00⋯.gif (504.27 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 20fa5540f0d5d003a2217d9074….gif)


Gotta wonder how many of those people are only in that vid because they had loaded parents.

f6db45  No.161912


Or maybe they're just her friends or classmates. Did you wonder this about any of the other hundreds of Harlem Shake videos out there?

31f596  No.161913


Gibi go to bed.

830cd1  No.161924


I'd recognize that lack of a chin anywhere.

406dc2  No.161925



77545a  No.161946


>"loopy productions" as a child

>getting half naked in fad-of-the-month viral videos as a teen

>twitch streams, whispering to betas for cash, and doing cosplay as an adult

The natural progression of the eternal attention whore.

403636  No.161950


Only 5 more years and the wall with hit her hard.

ad9dd4  No.161992

File: ddd41d3d3a7a972⋯.gif (1.62 MB, 400x276, 100:69, tenor (12).gif)



>being this jelly

Get a life you stupid faggots .

ad9dd4  No.161993

File: a8f29d0272f341a⋯.jpg (26.65 KB, 300x299, 300:299, IMG_2713.jpg)

This is her sister jane .

Shes super cute also .

>tfw no jane girlfriend

Fuck this life .

ef85ab  No.162004


>no jane gf to noisily rail out to make gibi jealous

damn brehs

6aa7f7  No.162007


Not cuter than Gibi.

4ab020  No.162014

File: d9b46ef593025e1⋯.png (493.88 KB, 716x720, 179:180, gibby_burning.png)


Guybi must burn

359677  No.162021


Look at how her ears stick out! I want to eat her ears like an ASMRtits eats a 3dio.

406dc2  No.162027


she's already ugly just hides it well

997b5c  No.162028


i would like to see gibi's pussy

77545a  No.162044



Why do you keep putting spaces before your periods? Are you retarded? Considering you're a Gibi shill, the answer is likely a resounding "yes."


Not well enough.


He doesn't have one.

7ecc0d  No.162056


OK, she maybe a he, but i want to know the truth

46982d  No.162071

How does the new picture on Gibi's Twitter make everyone feel?

c2564e  No.162076


Did it involve her being engaged? Good! Maybe now the beta cucks will stop giving hebe their shekels and we can find a new, more deserving, and actually talented queen.

46982d  No.162077


Nah. It's a group photo with Gibi, Darling, Seafoam, and others.

b53951  No.162078

File: b510ef49c85a4ee⋯.jpg (32.42 KB, 405x552, 135:184, guybi.jpg)

Goddamn, that is an ugly man.

f195eb  No.162081

f195eb  No.162082

File: d7adeecc22c80a6⋯.png (1.01 MB, 992x876, 248:219, Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at ….png)

SeaFoam sold out. BOOOOOO! Welp, drop and unsub her anons. She wants a taste of Gibishekels and Gibi-cock #SeaFoamSoldOut

46982d  No.162083



d226e6  No.162084

File: 75a75f095eef003⋯.jpg (35.74 KB, 237x210, 79:70, 1546794856501.jpg)


Fucking yikes

39c6c7  No.162086


That's fine. I see Fatty Matty there. It goes against the "bullying girls" meme when I bully a man like Matt. I'm pretty sure I can fuck his entire life up and those who are nearest and dearest to him. If I can truly make Matt's life a living hell, that rids us of the girl blames. I hate it when they say "you guys only cyberbully girls!" That makes it that much sweeter for me to destroy the life of someone like FattyMatty. The rest of you cock sucking faggots here always work against me though. "It was cool till you bullied a fat ass brown guy. Fuck you, /asmr/, I'm going to /tingles/ now where we worship dykes and brown boys.

This will most likely be another case of me being the only anon to take a swipe at some dude while the rest of you MGTOW cock sucking faggots do absolutely nothing about it and nothing with what info I hand to you.

I honestly do hate all of you retarded faggots. I'm really just here to make sure you idiots don't do anything dangerous and to keep an eye on people like >>162084 this guy. You fags will never accomplish anything of value, even if I hand it to you, and this is why I hate you all so much. Even if I dox this fat fuck and his entire family, you'll all just bury it. "Why are you picking on Fatty Tingles, anon? He's based af like jewish Jojo. wtf I love jewish card tricks now!" *sigh* I hate you all.

f129f2  No.162087

File: 34f501c060dd719⋯.png (13.5 KB, 128x128, 1:1, monkaomega.png)


get a grip man

f195eb  No.162090


I hate you to anon. Let's dox and bully this gook faggot.

d226e6  No.162092

File: 068be42c1107340⋯.jpg (73.57 KB, 288x288, 1:1, 068be42c110734028045cc2bf2….jpg)


You arr pathetic faggot. Get a grip and reevaluate your life.

Read what you're fucking posting. Look in the mirror.

0fc813  No.162101


Doxxing itself is useless unless someone acts on the info. Nobody cares enough about Fatty to spend time harassing him. Dox Guybi or Mad Fox and then we'll get interested.


Back to /pringles/, cuck.

0810ee  No.162115

File: 108611fdc5387b5⋯.jpg (180.51 KB, 467x700, 467:700, 2hBWfs3SkafUqNBBx4RT.jpg)

46982d  No.162117



Can someone please post the full video of Gibi kissing the girl so I can bust a fucking nut? Thanks.

91b165  No.162126


nice image faggot

473562  No.162127

File: 16c9c36bbc60e34⋯.jpg (171.03 KB, 694x694, 1:1, 4281827577256854237.jpg)


What the hell is going on here? Are they making a giant collab in person? What's the story?

473562  No.162129

File: 3ab9d5d5eb41936⋯.jpg (6.7 KB, 225x225, 1:1, shocker.jpg)


Also, is Nora throwing the shocker?

597289  No.162133


holy fuck gibi is tall, I might like her now

also who is that fat guy

6aa7f7  No.162134

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Our girl Gibi confirms she is engaged.

May they be happy forever and ever.

aefe55  No.162135


jeez, if these are the white women i should prefer, then i choose non-white ones, like asians, etc

99550e  No.162136


Don't disrespect my autism waifu

77545a  No.162137

File: 2afca8890339b03⋯.png (4.5 KB, 271x288, 271:288, 31853f78fd8f5ab0a6d11435c5….png)


>300lbs manlet

I almost feel sorry for the guy.


>Our girl Gibi

Fuck off. Only shills pretend to like that lanky, Jew-tier, goblin-faced monstrosity. I would not at all be surprised if her fiance is actually just trying to get her killed for fat insurance payout so he can live life on easy street, or maybe he'll just go behind her back and cheat with some actual women. Either way, it's impossible to actually love that filthy creature.

615e7f  No.162140

File: eacbefea61368ed⋯.jpg (112.26 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, gibiofficial_52136358_8339….jpg)

gibiofficial: I can’t tell you what we’re doing but we are having fun so

They're definitely up to something and I bet Gibi is behind it because she has illuminati connections and enough money to do big timer shit. Are they launching their own company? Anyone recognize this logo?

91b165  No.162143


>quick, everybody duck so quasimodo doesn't look so short!


fa37af  No.162144


>fat asian

Only in America

403636  No.162148


What a disgusting goblina…

a1c7db  No.162150


Why is MY Seafoamkitten posing with this kike bitch? D: I could forgive the dog fucking, I could even get over the black cock tumblr but this is just going too far.

0f5c0d  No.162153


and asmrdarling is the prettiest american asmrtist? LOL

d68678  No.162157

File: e2050b2f6e9e8c8⋯.jpg (283.14 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, so beautiful it hurts.jpg)



On a scale of 1 to Pelagea, Darling might be a 2.5 on her best day.

46982d  No.162163



Be nice to Gibi, anons. She's a cutie.

f195eb  No.162176


She sold out fren. She sold out.

08eb50  No.162178

File: 80b91d3723382db⋯.png (679.17 KB, 1447x741, 1447:741, AD.png)


Bloated Darling is a 1 on Pelagea scale. Not even close to the Belarusian goddess.

d68678  No.162180

File: 493c8dbccfb7ac8⋯.jpg (183.08 KB, 960x960, 1:1, seafoaminati.jpg)


Oh no. Has Foamy-chan joined the illuminati? Was she tempted by Gibi's riches? Has our favorite autistic little sister been lead astray? Did George Bush do this?!

a1c7db  No.162192

File: 335919a2586b7eb⋯.jpg (26.72 KB, 288x325, 288:325, demoralized.jpg)


I am seriously displeased by this development.

7362dd  No.162199

File: 2e78394ef91a4cd⋯.mp4 (7.14 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 41585072_474700376341753_8….mp4)


Have reptile demons raped her frontal lobe? Seriously tired of all these chicks turning out to be succubus with teeth around their vaginas. The Illuminati will eat your children… or make them famous to promote the beast system…

52dc45  No.162202



Big things are happening behind the scenes. Look closer faggots, and you will see the truth >>>/assmr/

de28f9  No.162206

File: 650275ea5b10757⋯.webm (689.14 KB, 400x300, 4:3, laughter.webm)


>"The real h8 dungeon" xDd

That's gonna be a big yikes from me dawg

Are you 12 years old?

cc93a4  No.162208

File: 41f04be831518d7⋯.mp4 (99.27 KB, 320x180, 16:9, I'm 12 years old and what ….mp4)


I'm 12 years old and what is this?

cc93a4  No.162209

File: 9ebe66b228f8ec9⋯.jpg (22.54 KB, 221x397, 221:397, 9ebe66b228f8ec9a5aedc97159….jpg)

11cc11  No.162212


that guy looks like the brick that falls down on your in super mario castles

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