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Shes lonely anons and depressed


File: 6c01cb576525a27⋯.jpg (17.44 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 526425464.jpg)


4/10 would lose virginity



she's seems pretty vapid from the stuff I've watched. very bad. not conductive for good mental health


File: 51a95a6484f1940⋯.jpg (651.79 KB, 2312x1067, 2312:1067, Clipboard.jpg)


This would have been perfect for the "How do we fuck one of these bitches?" thread. This girl is annoying as fuck with her voice and mannerisms. She seems sweet, but too sweet, like she's forcing it. Fake nice. She has no problem telling you that she is single and looking.


We found you a new girlfriend, mate!


her smile is stuff from nightmares



Good thing her personality isn't the thing we want to stick our dicks in.



> She seems sweet, but too sweet, like she's forcing it. Fake nice.

100%. funny I watched a video of hers once and she said she is 'real' unlike asmr darling. not sure how she figured that one


Fairyblossom has always given me the impression that she's desperate for money and attention. She saw other girls doing ASMR, and thought, this is an easy way to make money. That's the way a lot of ASMRtists start, but she's not able to pull it off convincingly. Her acting has never seemed real. It's too obvious that she's making videos just for money and fame. She's trying to imitate the sweet persona of more popular girls, but she can't quite pull it off. I get the feeling she's probably really depressed and unhappy in her life.

I'm surprised that she has succeeded in getting all the subs she has, but it's probably because she isn't afraid to make mouth sounds fetish videos, and others which try to play into male fantasies.


she's depressed because she doesn't have more patreoncucks


File: 6929c9b3d0eaf03⋯.jpg (14.07 KB, 400x90, 40:9, oof.jpg)


>all the subs she has

pic related



She seems clueless and lost. She knows that she wants to be a greedy slut making easy betabux, but she doesn't know how to do it. I don't think she knows what she really wants in life. With a bit of nurturing and approval, I think she could be easily influenced and manipulated. She would have made a great member for the Manson Family. Charlie would have treated her right.




fucking easy mode, just has to whisper into a mic and flirt with the camera and can get thousands. she can't even do that.



LOL I remember this bitch. When she started she was doing roleplays appropriate to her name: fairies in an enchanted forest and shit like that. She made like a dozen and got no views at all, so then overnight she turned into a slut. But apparently she's too ugly to make that work – which is astonishing given Aftyn Nose's success.



Even if I was managing this girl, I don't know how much I could help her. The fans just don't like her. There's nothing you can do about that. She doesn't have an instagram or a twitter though, so that's two big strikes against her. She's not on 2 of the biggest multimedia platforms, so that's not helping her.

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