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c011c1  No.161181

>tfw her most popular video is when she's with her prettier and hotter friend

Hold her fams…

c011c1  No.161182

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Lol, didn't know she made a vid with her sis.

She looks exactly like her. Big Lisa and Smol Lisa. 😂

d5da87  No.161199

File: 311c473740b4194⋯.jpg (104.68 KB, 1346x462, 673:231, whylads.jpg)


Time is a cruel dutchess.

d5da87  No.161200


>dem tanlines

God, you can just imagine her tiny little brown nipples, probably puffies.

8c935c  No.161212

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Not posting her sweetest vid when she was a little girl

d5da87  No.161215


Sad what became of her. If she lost some weight she could reclaim some of this but she's probably too busy getting slammed by Moroccans in the Molenbeek clubs to work on herself.

d5da87  No.161216


Oh shit watch out guys, she's pretty edgy actually. She doesn't give a fuck or a fucking damn. So cool and edgy.

3ecf1f  No.161222


so fucking cool! can't believe she said the f word

>inb4 muh depression video

fca4a8  No.161300

How old is she now?

f3d2fe  No.161302


Shall be 18 this year

52183d  No.161425


but does she give a fucking fuck?

3ecf1f  No.161437


Woah, no need for the foul language mate

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