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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8edffb  No.168638

The Pen is mightier than the sword. When the pen cannot write, there is seriously a dangerous situation for society. By removing the ability for individuals to be heard. Humanity is left in a precarious position. People need a place to express themselves freely. It seems that few places on Earth are left for the expression of individuals. America's left. Perhaps a few more places. When the president of the United States of America needs to remind of the nations of the dangers that come from censorship. There is a big problem. This means that there already exists a problem. In the past there have been trials by the press, and Congress. Not too long ago Hollywood had a blacklist based on political viewpoint it did not require a conviction in court to be on that list. In fact when this particular pen was manufactured. There were hearings in American Congress to determined who was a Communist. These hearings are a sad part of the history of the United States. The Congressman McCarthy became Famous and a household name from these hearings. Many people that did not deserve to be blacklisted were hastily added to these lists. Entire families were refused work because of this. It is a shameful time in American history. A time I hope will not be repeated. writing in whatever color is available. Letting our freedom ring out loudly and clearly so as not to stifle the independence of our great nation is a fundamental right that Americans own! Taking ownership of our rights as citizens of this great nation is part of the national experience. It is a right not a privilege to be able to put words on paper, then share that paper with other people in our country. Even in other places around the globe that desperately need the freedom to be heard. It is not a right to have the opportunity to put your thoughts on paper and share them in many parts of the world. Those of us that do have the right, have a moral/ethical obligation to express these rights for those that don’t have the right. Many places on Earth only a privileged few speak out about their opinions. The majority is silenced. Giving these silenced members of humanity a place that they can write their political speech without fear, without penalty for having controversial views. Expression of controversial viewpoints are the most protected rights that Americans have. There are actual American battle flags with words. Words and wording such as “Don’t tread on me.” American soldiers had fought and died underneath these words. These days American soldiers still fight, and they still die. These rights remain rights because of their willingness sacrifices. These men and women are generally looked down on by the elitist mentality of some of the world's ultra wealthy individuals. Some of these folks that have accumulated more than most others will ever think to imagine to have. Some of these people control the ability period of the ordinary common man to communicate. When they have risen to the level that can actually stop those of different political opinions from expressing themselves, the temptation to do so must be incredibly enticing. Yet controlling a library in some cases the only library available comes of the certain amount


Please share, because Jim is being shadow banned everywhere.

8edffb  No.168639

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

There is a part 2

Of obligation. Librarians must have sufficient moral turpitude to keep their own opinions out of the books they display for their patrons to read. Writers have died to keep their words available for readers. Authors often live under constant scrutiny and threats of death. In order to ensure the meanings behind their words are not censored, or obscured from view. Often we did not realize the difficult life that has come to those with opposing viewpoints. Folks need to realize that we as humanity are not free across our entire Earth. There will always be some evil man with an evil plan. Whether you read his words or not. He will still be evil. There are places his words may not be considered evil. Who is giving the librarian the right to decide this? Government regulatory agencies in many places do exactly this. Those places have their rules for a reason. Perhaps the religious values of some places will cause the library and to keep the Playboy magazine behind the counter. Only allowing men to read it. Than the library and will have deniability when the housewife comes looking for the magazine. “Sorry, we do not keep that magazine in our facility.” This will keep the sensibilities of our society safe from dangerous or abnormal thinking. This is been the modus opporendi of those who control the institutions that house our knowledge. Many places will refuse to have a copy of the Satanic Verses available in their library since it could possibly incite religious tension. However other places would rather see their lives brought to an end, before they would remove a despicable cartoon character depicting the prophet Muhammad. Even though they know it will enrage to the point of violence the normally quiet Muslim population. In fact the institutions that do this are glorified, edified above others for their bravery in standing up to the dangerous Muslim threat. When the page is the next and turn to another story they may not stand so tall in their glory. If someone believes an alternative version of events from World War II and write about their views than the library and may be forced to not keep such a book in the same facility that has keeps a copy of the cartoon character image of the Mohamad. Even if the librarian wants to keep that book, not because she should or because she believes the atrocities in concentration camps did not happen. It is likely that the librarian believes those awful incidents did indeed happen. However, the benefactors of the library have decided that it is alright to rile up the Muslim anger, but the anger of the benefactor will shuttered the windows and closed the doors of the library. Thus most institutions will only allow certain text to be displayed, and hopefully endure through history. It is with coordinated effort that the history is rewritten in this way. Before our eyes. Entire nations of otherwise normal folks have forgotten by forced amnesia the atrocities their own Army’s are guilty of. If you did not experience it, and cannot read about it, then it never happened. At least that is the opinion of those that are educated in that manner. Whether or not our grandfathers are guilty of the slaughter like animals of innocent noncombatant women and children can easily be forgotten. If we just don't talk

5f4163  No.168640

What did you do with Hotwheels Jim?

152672  No.168641

jim im not trying to see the top of your scalp

im trying to see the fountain pen nib split and let ink down and all the subtle hand movements

c1f20b  No.168646



>the normally quiet Muslim population

This is only true in theocratic totalitarian muslim dictatorships where islam has absolute control over all aspects of a society. Even then, rival brands of islam will fight for control. This is why islam is not compatible with western civilization. Unlike Christianity, islam is more than a religion. It's law. It's a form of government. It's a way of life. I digress.

I'm assuming you're the librarian, Jim? Much of what you say makes sense. One phrase you use often is "different nations, other parts of the world, other societies, etc" and this is the crux of the matter. We're living in a time line where Globalism is at war with Nationalism. Islam may be great in some desert nations and they live peacefully. If so, good for them. Socialism may work great in Sweden. Communism in China. Capitalism in America. Fine. The danger of Globalism is that it forces incompatible ideologies into the same space, resulting in conflict. Evolution, in it's grand design, balanced our planet by placing different people in different regions, all products of thousands of years of trial and error to reach a peaceful existence. Enter Globalism and their tool of mass immigration. It's not any different than introducing thousands of African hyenas onto the plains of Texas. American grizzly bears into the forests of Asia. Then we act shocked that the hyenas or grizzly has upset the balance in the ecosystem because they were never supposed to be in those places to begin with. One can claim that humans are not animals all they want, but this flies in the face of what evolution and science has taught us. We've all adapted to survive in our surroundings, physically, mentally, and spiritually. This is why there are different breeds of people. To say that all humans are equal, equal under the law indeed, but equal in all other aspects, is just as absurd as saying "There's only one breed of dog. The canine breed." We all know that is ridiculous. Thus claiming that a man from Kenya is biologically best suited for living in Norway or a freckled ginger from Ireland is suited for living in Zimbabwe is as insane and cruel as thinking that a polar bear would be at home living in Saudi Arabia. These are just animals mind you. Humans are even more complex as they come with their own different opinions, cultures, customs, languages, governments, and religions.

Globalism is disturbing the balance of our planet's entire ecosystem. Even in liberal multi-cultural utopias like New York City, you still have Chinatown, Lil Havana, Bronx, Himey Town, Italian district, Harlem, etc. People want to be with other people like them who share similar cultures and ideas. It's natural. Imagine if one were to say to the residents of Harlem, "You need more Asians and Arabs in Harlem. Harlem is too black." Of course, Harlem would not be happy about this and would likely resist. What Globalist elites are experiencing right now is a resistance to Globalism coming from all sides of the planet. Muslims of Arabia and Persia do not want white American Zionists waging wars in their nations for their Greater Israel Project. America doesn't want to become socialist South America. England does not want to become an Islamic caliphate. Japan doesn't want to be black and Africa doesn't want to be colonized by China. Globalism goes against the laws of nature.


c1f20b  No.168647

Jim, what I find most interesting about this Clown World, Meme War timeline is the never ending game of 3D chess between the Global elites, truth, lies, and we poor peasants who are fighting back while strapped into this hellish roller coaster of feels. Nationalism and Socialism will never be allowed on the same side again, which leaves the elites in a situation where they have to combine contradictory ideologies. I guess this is what they call intersectionality. The media shows us gays begging for Sharia Law and mass muslim immigration. So called socialists, limousine liberals, championing global capitalism and multi billion dollar corporations who are working to setup a surveillance police state that silences any opponents of the approved narrative. They do this while cheering on companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, all while chanting "Fuck da police!" and sipping on Starbucks, wearing a new pair of Nike Jordans that some Taewonese child made in a sweat shop, and ordering a new Che Guevara t-shirt from Amazon, and shoveling a McDonald's happy meal down their throats. Most of these consumers of MSM propaganda are too brainwashed to see how insane everything has become. They sit around with their blue hair and nose rings and ask themselves "Why am I mentally ill? This must be the white male patriachy's fault." Then they shovel another BigMac and Coke into their gaping maw and order more WOKE merch from their friends at Nike and Amazon, and pop a few happy pills from Pfizer in hopes they'll get better. Then tune in to CNN, who is supposed to be giving them honest news, but only after this commercial break from our corporate sponsors Nike, Coke, Pfizer, and Amazon.

I'm afraid most of these people will never wake up or know any real truth. I suppose I'm experiencing the demoralization that they said would come. If you read all of this, thank you. Keep your head on straight and don't give up. I fear that Globalist propaganda and tactics will only get more insane and oppressive as we continue down this path. I don't feel that I will ever fit in with this New World Order they have planned for all of us, but at least I can die with a clear conscience someday, hopefully not in a gulag.

Hang in there, Jim. Tell Hotwheels that anon says "hi" when you next see him. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the ASMR video and sharing your thoughts with us.


eba124  No.168653

File: 1db10b6288854f1⋯.jpg (94.01 KB, 800x500, 8:5, Banksy-Follow-Your-Dreams-….jpg)

$$\color{gree}{Librarians must have sufficient moral turpitude to keep their own opinions out of the books they display for their patrons to read. Writers have died to keep their words available for readers. Authors often live under constant scrutiny and threats of death. In order to ensure the meanings behind their words are not censored, or obscured from view. }$$


By keeping books present we are honoring the words, thoughts, deeds, and intentions of those who put time into committing their ideas to writing.

“I mean, they say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.”


The words of authors become immortal. Case in point The Epic of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh set out to attain immortality. His story being told thousands of years later makes him immortal in some respect. When you kill a story the author dies.

Control history >> Control the past >> Control the narrative >> Control the present >> Control the future.

eba124  No.168654


We gotta get a FAQ page on text formatting. Sorry for messy $$\{}{}$$ Not even sure if it's something like that. Some of the stuff is BB code like with the old phpbb2 boards and some of the stuff I really don't get.

0928de  No.168659

File: e3962a4c5633719⋯.gif (10.5 MB, 400x400, 1:1, 815242041545986.gif)

2603bc  No.168660

what the fuck is going on itt

yeah I know who jim is

4063f0  No.168663

File: b4fdbd495f9f75d⋯.mp4 (8.19 MB, 640x480, 4:3, aae200335f16b0c803461557c0….mp4)



11a602  No.168673

We shit on everyone here, Jim. Don't be shocked if you get shit on here too. That's all part of the "free speech" package that librarians like you signed up for. Do give Fred our love though. I might talk shit about you and Ron, but Hotwheels will always hold a special place in my autistic heart. Take care of him for us. Be good to him.

0928de  No.168680



eef362  No.168687

Jim's in a unique position of an ongoing tale of yet unwritten history. Everything is so fluid right now, there is a possibility he will be both remembered fondly and purposely forgotten depending on outcomes far out of control of most users here. It must be an interesting view, Jim. Thanks for making such a good place for open discussion where there often is none at all. It is a good reminder that no matter the stage in life, one has the opportunity to do good for the world. It is also a great delight to see meta shills fail and get salty about it, I don't know why that is, but it do.

192e28  No.168689

File: 569224e47204fc1⋯.jpg (210.48 KB, 1552x2373, 1552:2373, 2019_05_18 7_55 AM Office ….jpg)



Please use a fountain pen to express yourselves

you two have some great opinions. It would be awesome to hear your pen is scratching across the paper too. I'll write more on Monday, then focus on the pens and the paper more, instead of my scalp. So you can see the flayed nibs, when the pen is pressed to the paper.

192e28  No.168690

File: 45dfb0159ce8dea⋯.jpg (199.17 KB, 1613x2283, 1613:2283, 2019_05_18 8_01 AM Office ….jpg)


Don't worry, I get it.


I'll keep on keeping on. Writing is like thinking. It is much closer than typing. So you can see what I am actually thinking when I write.

063971  No.168710

Daily reminder Jim betrayed us all. He is not who you think he is. This pig farming faggot was an army recruiter at some point. He doesn't give a shit about any of you. He uses all of you only to spend on shitty buck toothed chink hookers. Imageboards are dead and things are not going to end well here. - FBI

8edffb  No.168734


Wow, you must be one of the butthurt pedos that was booted from this site. Nothing of value was lost there.

5f4163  No.168735

File: 606bfda3b6bf87e⋯.jpeg (63.83 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, FBA1E5F6-795F-4759-BF95-B….jpeg)


He was /our/ little freak cripple!

5f4163  No.168736


Jim’s ASMR writing. Better than any of these camwhores tbqh.

486100  No.168744



That'd be awesome. Rather than positioning the camera over your shoulder, you could put it on the opposite side of the table, in front of you, and rotate the camera so that everything is upright on paper. Focus more closely on the pen and paper and your hands doing the writing. Good job overall. I hope you'll keep at this. Thanks for sharing.

192e28  No.168750

File: 6303f3673df2882⋯.jpg (3.41 MB, 4032x1960, 72:35, 20190518_163529.jpg)


On Monday I will. I am having a b8g problem right now. So it has to wait until Monday.

d3f058  No.168751

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It would be an awkward angle unless you put the camera directly overhead. How would be best to get this angle? Maybe like this video. I think Jim would like this. It is what he is going for.

8edffb  No.168752


I can do this on Monday.

20fac8  No.168759

File: b09fc76a6f9aa84⋯.png (294.83 KB, 590x535, 118:107, b09fc76a6f9aa84a5fee98f94a….png)

What the hell is going on?

4063f0  No.168760



What a fucking surprise. I think that's the big problem Jim was talking about in >>168750 some dirty dirty smear merchants breaking into his private property.

9e1e73  No.168767

Hey Jim, nice asmr. It's better than most of the stuff these thots shit out. Little nitpick but if you slow down your movements a bit I think it would result in softer sounds.

2603bc  No.168768


my support goes out to jim, screw these scumbags

20fac8  No.168769


What i don't get it is, why the fuck is Sid from ice age and her goblin of a producer in the Philippines harassing Jim in the first place? What's he done to get the heebs at VICE so riled up they're willing to break into his home, besides purchase a humble anime imageboard from a crippled jew?

48840e  No.168774

>anyone took the time to read my verbal diahorrea

6c6477  No.168788


time to pack plastic explosive and nails round the windows and doors jimbo

5f4163  No.168843

What the fuck is these jew cunts problems? Jim you should have told Duterte’s boys these whores were drug traffickers. Blam blam!

c633f5  No.168888

File: 25e5a22b556a75a⋯.png (207.34 KB, 420x420, 1:1, a0006a84543a43d7d528d6a016….png)

Take these quads, Jim.

2a079b  No.169093

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

About the past crimes. Then for certain they will be forgotten. Humanity has a selective memory. Our ability to remember from one generation to the next is limited by our ability to achieve that data that is not easily stored. How many people remember, or realize that in the 1930s there were folks who remained in constant fear of having their homes invaded. In Nazi Germany, the Jews people were under a constant threat of persecution by the German National Socialist party. Even to day it is not even 100 years later the new generation and youth of our great nation do not realize that horrendous acts were committed in the name of better society, safer streets, and the reduction of crime .

The libraries of the world have almost completely buckled to the newest form of book burning and censorship. Controlling the narrative of the news media. Completely monopolizing the digital communication of the entire world. Not only some countries but the entire world.

The past weekend my home was invaded. The equivalent of Brown shirts in Nazi Germany met me at my bedroom door. Perhaps the same way many Jews were met in their homes. The atrocities of the past could very well happen again. If we as decent law abiding folks allowed this sort of action to be tolerated. The point should be made very clear at this point. The employees of an American News agency by stealthy means entered my house. When I was confronted by them I was completely shocked. I had already told the same employees of Vice News that no! I did not want to be interviewed by them. They had no right to be in my home. They had no right to bring film equipment to my home. Running the cameras and surprising me at my bedroom door. Actually they are lucky to be alive. My children were there. I did not pick up the baseball bat that I keep it the door for the purpose of home defense. I suppose they still have intact skulls thanks to the presence of my kids. I have heard that they were even live streaming inside my home on their Twitter accounts. Wow, just wow, This is the type of harassment the Jews had to put up with in the pre war Germany. It is the type of harassment that those accused of Communism had to put up with in the 1950s America. This is so upsetting for so many reasons. However the one that strikes me as the most ironic is at least 1 of these correspondence is Jewish. She must know this is just like the behavior of the unruly and uneducated Brown shirts in the 1930s Germany. The rule of law does not seem to applied. When she entered my home with cameras blazing. I will name some names now. Elle Reeves, Lannie Levine and an unnamed camera operator. They do not have my permission to use any footage of my family, home, or myself. There are at least 2 other groups of correspondents in town right now that I have also said NO to.

Tim McLaughlin no. Paula Penfold no. I have told them no. When I said no to the Washington Post, this did not stop them from writing inaccurate stories about my company and myself. It did however result in the cancelation of the account of a company, I work with on the side at the biggest library in the world. The results of these actions will not shutter the doors of my business. It will shut the doors of the folks, that do business with me. When the only path to publishing digital books on both Amazon and Apple’s I tunes is canceled. This would effectively silence someone. I run my website so that those that are silent still have a place to write and be heard. My social media presence is minimal not because I don’t enjoy social media. Is because my accounts are suspended. So I can not publish in social media. I cannot put my books, for those of my friends in the 2 largest libraries in the world. I will continue to keep my library open until they come to burn all the books.


9e1e73  No.169094



5f4163  No.169099


They should be arrested. Press charges Jim. /pol/ has Reeves' and Levine's dox.

0928de  No.169101

Should have shot those bitches and thrown them to the alligators.

2f7915  No.169110


They probably will be, it takes time, but the crime happened with witnesses. Just the wheels of justice turn slowly, but they don't stop turning.

e9b219  No.169213


>Why does the most clearly nu-left media organization want to bring 8ch down?



d6f136  No.169259

whos that guy?

ab754e  No.169269


8chan owner newfig

0928de  No.169302

Jim is on the Killstream


11a602  No.169307

File: f94b36c71170cf5⋯.jpg (148.45 KB, 1200x1182, 200:197, bfa3e7105e350aaa2ee36a4221….jpg)


Get in here!

b5a177  No.169354


>Jim, what I find most interesting about this Clown World, Meme War timeline is the never ending game of 3D chess between the Global elites, truth, lies, and we poor peasants who are fighting back while strapped into this hellish roller coaster of feels.

b5a177  No.169357

File: c5247bfea24e940⋯.jpg (93.91 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, conklin herringbone medium….jpg)


Jim, can I recommend the Conklin Herringbone to you. I started with Waterman Phileas and then lost them and then went with some Pilots but the Conklin was my first and last "expensive" pen.

I paid 80, just saw them as cheap as 50. Good weight and length, less likely to scratch or shatter.

anyway, have you ever tried noodeler's ink? I like the waterman ink for the container and use a lot of parker because it is carried everywhere but the nooderler is a nice black. I hope they have a pen store near you because it is better to try an ink before you buy.

Kudos on being a left handed fountain pen user. and thanks for the site.

b5a177  No.169358

File: 1145b5dd28e85a9⋯.jpg (51.22 KB, 960x720, 4:3, fucka pooh minister.jpg)

File: 36f5bfb0fb63d42⋯.jpg (60.03 KB, 960x720, 4:3, heart of darkness.jpg)

d6f136  No.169373

what is he's writing for?

8aef76  No.169380


To express his thoughts and feelings about censorship.

cced34  No.170458

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Lots of triggers and close ups of a nice Aurora. What are your thoughts on Season 3 of Star Trek Discovery? or it is STD?

cced34  No.170460

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If you prefer oral, the word is here.

cced34  No.170462


And of course all that cross board excitement can be had this way. >>>/strek/31727

25046f  No.170482

File: 4087a749acf81d9⋯.png (197.83 KB, 561x485, 561:485, Capture.PNG)


Welcome back, Jim. Discovery is STD. Literally directed by a jew and a faggot. The Captain is also a jew. Imagine if Woke Trek said there were too many whites at Starfleet and we needed to set quotas for Klingons until whites became a minority. It wouldn't really be a Federation ship at that point would it? It would be a Klingon ship. I can imagine some sheisty Ferengi cackling and rubbing his hands in glee. Dirty space merchants. The have a future planned for all of us that will turn us into the Borg.

Pic related is from an actual Medium article.


25046f  No.170483


I like your audiobook work. Is there a certain reasoning behind the books you've selected to read so far? The audio on your newest pen video is really good and crisp and I like the close up view. Keep up the good work, Jim. Thanks for stopping by.

5f4163  No.170552

Bump for Jim ASMR.

fb218b  No.170556

File: 2182ed990865758⋯.jpg (127.98 KB, 800x450, 16:9, xu5wsh8dsoopbrlk80b5.jpg)


Alot of people shit on Jim, but I think he's an okay guy. If I ever make it to Flipland, I'd love to sit down and have a cold beer with Jim and his crew. Here's my favorite Jim pic.

5f4163  No.170558


Jim is /pol/'s Q boomer dad. He means well but is out of sync with what's ((really going on))). Vintage ink pens on drawing paper actually make good ASMR.

40315d  No.170567


Jim is a stupid nigger. Maybe if he'd spend some money to upgrade the servers, instead of spending it all on child hookers and coke, I wouldn't feel that way.

cced34  No.170568


The books were selected because those authors selected me to do their narration. I didn't write those books.

You are right the audio is way better. I used two directional mics and turned up the gain. I could here the >>170482 "Ferengi" cackling next door plotting their next deal.

cced34  No.170569


That is good paper, and that is hard to find these days. Fountain pen ink will bleed through on cheap paper.

a455b1  No.170573

Killing Jews is not a crime, because they're not human.

cced34  No.170576

File: 9a5bd510022c345⋯.jpg (3.76 MB, 4032x1960, 72:35, qapla.jpg)


Are the Klingons the new jews? I noticed they are bringing back their hair. That is a good thing. I like their long hair. The Klingons look like 1980s rock stars. They would fit right in at a Kiss concert. The sweaty grimy new Klingons are working their way over to becoming loveable like Martock.


59ebed  No.170591


e99042  No.170601

A Solid Friend just forwarded correspondence. I'm going Insane right now. She said the HOLY-SPIRIT will be sealing all portals and gateways used, Frying all Stars Inside. Its Happening already too. Message Everyone in your contact list As Soon as possible and across all social media. Insta, Snap, Whatsapp, etc.


fb218b  No.170605


>random capitalization

Are you okay, Laserdisc?

>I'm going Insane right now.

You went insane a long time ago, buddy.

e99042  No.170689

A Sad Instant message Received for CA and Dad's Girls

Multiple MSM outlets in Multiple Cities received Calls Calls and more Calls from Anonymous Sources disclosing GES, our Holograms, Staged Events etc. Multiple Glitches occurred during MP speech in "VA" as well and I Guess a bunch of audience members saw.

Most of all that F'in Scares me, our Interior Innermost Bunkbed access #s, locations are Known Somehow.

Dan J. Truman Better Do Something F'in Fast bc ITS HAPPENING, and Many More are Picking and Piecing Together.

The Piers Morgan Vault I'view, entire Family/Children Photo was the worst F'in Idea. We Will Never Ever Ever F'in See the Sun again if we [4,10,20] don't make something happen.

Boring Bunkmate Getting back. dc

cb6e8d  No.170752


I've seen posts like this on other boards. What the hell is it? Whatever it is, it's entertaining and intriguing. Keep up the good work, anon.

cced34  No.171814

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

He is back with like a superfly white guy.


cced34  No.171815

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


and a lame attempt to read it.

0af275  No.171818


OOF! I think your mic was turned off in this one, Jim. You're going to have to redo it or try to crank the sound up in post edit.

0928de  No.171831


Jim went NSFW.

cced34  No.171856

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Increased volume. It was the audio from the camera, not the microphone.



0af275  No.171870

File: bf2c2c68a301c36⋯.jpg (75.5 KB, 900x540, 5:3, 8601e51a3a77104e38d42a73f2….jpg)


That's better. Good job, Jim.

8edffb  No.171873


I will keep trying to support this community.

I dig all the thot posts, and will keep writing.

Stream of thought writing is actually a lot of fun.

Reading back the rough draft and trying to make sense out of it. Might be a little dry, but that is what I am doing.

cced34  No.172137

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is a lovely Delta pen.


d3f058  No.172146


This is pretty good, Jim. The audio was great at the beginning and then something changed at 3:35 and I had to readjust the volume because it seemed like it suddenly got louder. Did you adjust the gain at 3:35? It was perfect at the beginning. The latter part of the video sounds like it may be just a little too much boost.

Will you be doing a reading of this too? Angels and demons have always been a topic of interest for me. Are you claiming Michael to be female? Every Biblical reference clearly defines Michael as a male. Perhaps I'll understand your work once I hear it in full context.

Keep up the good work.

cced34  No.172148


I will read it tomorrow. Thank you for the tips.

4063f0  No.172286

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Now I get it. You was talking about Star Trek stuff. I thought you was talking about the Biblical Archangel Michael. Good video. I like how you edited in the ASMR video and showed yourself penning it as you narrated. Very cool.

A word of advice on hashtags. Don't put hashtags in the title. Put your hashtags at the bottom of your description. YouTube allows you to add 3 hashtags. It will automatically attach them to a byline with the title.

Using your video as example, it should be formatted like this.

title: Is Michael a Mary Sue? Star Trek Discovery

description: Everyone knows a Mary Sue is just to perfect. Does that really describe Michael? She seems to mess things up all the time. Endearing her to the fans, and making STD palatable. She makes tons of errors, and even has messed up hair.

#StarTrek #STD #Disco

(this is where you want to insert your 3 hashtags)

Do it for your next video and see how it turns out. Also, be sure that you're using proper and relevant tags/keywords when you're publishing a video, which it looks like you already are.

"keywords":["Mary Sue","Michael","Star Trek Discovery","Disco","STD","Jim Watkins"]

Keep up the good work, Jim. If you need any advice about YouTube, come ask us.

cced34  No.172357

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Thank you for the advice. Yes I do need it.

I just put my hashtags at the bottom of today's video. I will read it tomorrow.


I have done some other writing on actual angels. Maybe I will bring that up in the future. If there is an interest in that.

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