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54c188  No.169285

30th birthday, what would you give her?

947ca2  No.169286


that long john silver if you know what I mean

plus, her little sister is hot too. i honestly don't even know who i prefer

3354ee  No.169288


>30th birthday

The bitch looks 40

Would fuck tho

c3763d  No.169289


I'd give her a pregnancy before time runs out on her biological clock. Tick-tock, Isabel. Don't let those premium viking eggs go to waste.

0ab2d7  No.169321


Her prime is long gone, she wasted it on the cock carousel like most thots. The older she gets the higher chance her kid will have autism disorders.

52d233  No.169338

File: d16aad5f10b40b5⋯.jpg (182.83 KB, 1000x690, 100:69, roastie.jpg)

54c188  No.169560

File: c57fb8412f0f881⋯.webm (3.21 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Isabel.webm)

0fae0d  No.169580

f96ee2  No.169583


imagine the gym is out of paper towels again and this is the bitch you gotta talk to

2bbdd7  No.169589


I got a boner.

31954f  No.169670


We shall then be awaiting the arrival of anon.

88dad3  No.169695


When was her prime? I'd fuck her but she's not that attractive.

12a263  No.169697


>When was her prime?

14 years ago

a92a3a  No.169700


Juicy. Absolutely juicy she would've been. Tall, sexy no way 16 but sixteen! Imagine…

7825af  No.169726

I thought it said "Israel Immigration ASMR" from the shekel king thing

2bb211  No.169732


A black eye if she didn't back the fuck up.

Bitch is hideous.

fd3246  No.170302


a child

3354ee  No.170618

Younger Isabel without plastic surgeries and gigantism.


f8a25e  No.170648


I think Claire might rival Gwen Gwiz for biggest forehead in ASMR.

fd4b24  No.170699


>Without plastic surgery

Her nose is suspicious, and anyhow she wears a ton of make up anyway.

Still my fav asmr of the moment

7f29f9  No.170803


which video please?

340fff  No.170878

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's the video.

7f29f9  No.170981


thank you

aba9f8  No.170985


you fricking frick. I wanted to keep her secret

1a7392  No.170995


Well, that was creepy. I'm just watching one of her videos, and when I clicked that link, I first thought my browser is freaking out, because that page was open earlier.

Anyhow, did anyone figure out whether she's Dutch or German? In one of her videos, the text on beauty products is readable, and it's either Dutch, Dutch/German or German/French, which implies she lives near the Dutch and German border (i.e. products from both countries).

4cd45b  No.171003


dutch, newfag

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