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File: a6f892f04decc84⋯.jpg (117.91 KB, 1281x716, 1281:716, frtg.jpg)


Cute ASMR channel;


Holly ASMR channel;


Is that bitch trying to trick us or what?

>muh first ASMR video

>I'll be taking requests


>alleged YouTube noob

>has a subscribe pillow

Something's suspicious there, I'll grant you. She did rock my ear hairs pretty hard though.


She says it's her third ASMR video.


File: ae87b30f39b133f⋯.jpg (63.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


She blacklisted word "Holly" nuff said.


I do not know what to think of this. Is she just trying to make more risque videos while trying to keep her face hidden? either way it seems scummy to double dip.



BAHAHAHA! I matched up the moles on her neck and her accent. Looks like another anon found her subscribe pillow. One channel to be a good girl? Another channel to hide her face as she shows off her tis and eats ears?! Pretty slick! But, clearly Holly has underestimated our autism. Nice find, OP.



It's just pathetic because it took me literally 3 seconds to figure out who she is. That voice, accent, pale tan etc.


File: d91fd707aa3bfce⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 331x197, 331:197, 1477582429243.gif)

I'm considering baiting her with a "You could be the next Hungry Lips!" comment to see if she likes it or replies.

She already has a Patreon!



File: cf1d01b7598635d⋯.jpg (15.58 KB, 230x299, 10:13, Capture.JPG)

She created everything today.



That's scummy.



good catch m8

Also what is a subscribe pillow?



Oh nevermind, the stupid prop in the background.


File: c8093f5fcb9bb28⋯.jpg (9.55 KB, 206x255, 206:255, c8093f5fcb9bb28f23c4443a51….jpg)








Shis's a ugly horse-face slut.



I agree. I kinda love her.

Uh oh. This is how Patreon cucks are born.


Be nice to Holly! I love her so much!

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK what is happening to me!



That second one should have been >>41560



I guess if we can get her to show tits, this wont be a complete lost cause.


File: 361095a0c2a21de⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.22 KB, 420x465, 28:31, RoBG2kM.jpg)



This 100% is our best bet. Don't expose her, but play along with the rest of the normies. Bait her into being a whore. Some Steph7 nip slips and Hungry Lips wet t-shirt vids for exclusive content. Leak it all. Then flip it and expose Holly. Gotta get this girl to go full whore first and then expose her. It'll be delicious. For teh lulz, as always.


File: 5689a13858c0b3f⋯.jpg (28.27 KB, 612x317, 612:317, Capture.JPG)


Cheers to the brave lad doing recon. Holly says "Hungry Lips is obviously sexual. I'm just having fun." What the fuck is Holly trying to pull here? She knows damn good and well that she's being sexual with her low cut shirt and making out with her 3dio. That's why she's hiding her face. Almost all of the comments are about her tits too. She knows exactly what she's doing.


File: 3829a980d402612⋯.jpg (17.11 KB, 419x143, 419:143, Capture.JPG)

WAIT! Just found this comment. She admitted it. What happens next?


File: 9e456eaac50fc6f⋯.png (12.96 KB, 264x298, 132:149, mainchannel.png)


So are you retarded only on weekdays or is it 24/7?


File: a4ab41835560e15⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.67 KB, 640x640, 1:1, natu 2.jpg)


fuck off pedro



She's updated the channel early this morning. Yesterday, when OP first found it, she had yet to admit that she was Holly or even make mention of a main channel.





File: 3cc0cc8c9028020⋯.png (8.18 KB, 347x237, 347:237, chrome_2017-05-18_08-50-14.png)



I genuinely like her videos and I understand why she's gone full shill for her patreon but her sleep series has been so good to me ;–;

I want hate dungeon to leave her alone and I wished she stayed off it's radar



Just leave 8chan and don't come back.



>that's why she hide her face

>that's why she said it's her first video

>that's why she opened second Patreon

And as someone above mentioned she updated her channel today when she realized that people are not that stupid. (except you)


I'm just waiting for her to go full DeutscheVita and show us her tits at this point. It'd be worth it.

>gets out wallet and penis


What's strange is that she posted this on the reddit page using the same account as her main channel. Does she want people to know its her or is she just incompetent?



She posted this on r/asmr under her content creator account? Top fucking kek. Is she really that retarded or was she trying to be hated by The ASMR Community™?


She posted a comment saying it's her new channel for fun videos


File: 3f6a31850a19fe6⋯.png (90.94 KB, 1188x438, 198:73, Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at ….png)


why dont i see this?


File: db645be5d9a35b5⋯.webm (2.69 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Interesting and stupid.webm)

I like how she edited the video to cut out the parts when she was saying shit like "I'm new to this".


File: eee92ac3dc6077d⋯.jpg (9.32 KB, 409x84, 409:84, 34y13y1y3.jpg)




Double negtive. Ugh.


Are y'all so stupid? She tried incognito and when she realized that people figured out then she linked her channels and admitted.

Just follow fucking chronology of the events.


Why can't you spergs just let her have "fun". Fun means boobs. Don't you like boobs? Are you all homos?



have we been gaslit?


Why can't you just let us have fun? Fun means drama. Don't you like drama?



>I'm just waiting for her to go full DeutscheVita and show us her tits at this point

Do what now?



Youtube has rolled out new version for you



shit. this means google is monitoring me too closely. why have i been singled out?

sage for off topic




Click the 'home' button not the 'channels' button?



>And they'll never figure out it's me!

Holly's hot but not the smartest.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


DeutscheVita creates high quality content like video related.

Tits would be a bonus, like Steph7 / Mia Gunn patron style.



She went back and edited it? Good thing I downloaded the original. Should be on the vola.



Oh I thought you meant she already had. Very disappointing.



Orginal video is 9 minutes long and edited one only 7. I'll upload it on Youtube.



Not yet, but one can hope. It looks like she has very nice tits.



What the fuck this was already removed.





DV confirmed lurker? She deleted that video 10 mins after I made that post?!


Hi, DV. It's a pleasure to have you here with us.



Please don't delete your videos, DeutscheVita. We love your ear licking. Besides, we've already downloaded everything, so deleting your content is pointless.

scrambles to start ripping sexy videos


Camwhore from Germanistan.



Wew. Just finished downloading all of her best sexy licking vids. Don't scare us like that, Vita.



Had it open in another tab ready to watch later but browser wouldn't let me download it. Had to record the whole thing with screencap but I'm a dipshit and it got everything on my mic. You win some, you lose some.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Full version.



What's the difference?



Read the thread and you'll know.



fugg what was this video



She cut out parts where she lied that this is her first ASMR video and shit like that.



Ear licking. She was going at it like it was a pussy hole.




Thank you, lord.



Holly's master plan was defeated and she's scurrying to do damage control.



Hey, could you link the vola and then delete the post after I confirm I've read it? Last one got shutdown before I could get a new url.



Which video do you want?



Not video, I'd like the vola room




got it, ty!



Yeah, unless someone else called themselves "HollyInspires" and decides to post all of her videos onto reddit, she did actually do that.



She just posted a new vid lel

The betabucks she got just by showing some boobs were probably enough to convince her to keep going.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I 100% support the titties channel, haven't watched the other one. John, give her some money.



let see how far she gonna go with this channel.


File: 36457c86b4b9f4b⋯.png (48.89 KB, 298x371, 298:371, chrome_2017-05-19_13-39-02.png)

>6 patrons already after showing tits


She just trying to put food on the table.

It's not her fault the cuckbux only flow to the half naked ear licking foot massage channels

Maybe if you betas would support her original channel she wouldn't be forced to do this


File: 916552d554de558⋯.png (114.89 KB, 887x445, 887:445, RIP.png)

She deleted her Cute ASMR Patreon acc and tomorrow she'll probably delete the channel as well. IQ 65



Well you dumb faggots had to ruin it

Couldn't keep your mouth shut. We would have gotten so many slutty videos


File: 0ad434eec8e70d9⋯.jpg (49.37 KB, 600x649, 600:649, 7d1.jpg)


We'll never get to see those slammin titties ever again. We ruin everything. fml



She might be dumb enough to try another horny ASMR channel. Just keep your eyes peeled!


Not sure if i can watch her stuff anymore, this has made it awkward for me.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Holly, if you're reading this, PLEASE don't delete your channel. This is so fucking hot. We want more.


Fucking no life faggots have to ruin everything



fuck you cuck



Apparently she just wanted to replace her new Patreon with her old one on her jewtube profile since she's done pretending to be an ASMR newbie.

I don't see her running away from easy betabucks that easily.



I mean, she did release a new video after she was found out and even confessed to her scheme (kinda) in her newest video. I think it's actually a smart move on Holly's part. She can be a whore here "just having fun… te he he" and not risk getting her main channel banned for slutting it up. She's about to break 4k subs in 2 days time. That anon in the adpocalypse thread called it. Anon said this would happen and it's happening. More tits and ear licking please. Holly could make a shit ton of money if she goes full whore. Other ASMRtits to follow in her footsteps soon.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Well, she did it, lads. She's bringing those slammin titties and full face to her main channel to start eating some ears. She's not full on making out with her 3dio in this one, but it's a good start. I smashed that mothafuckin like button and then I smashed my fleshlight. Good job, Holly. Keep up the good work.



Prefer it without the face to be completely and utterly honest with you my man.



I just got an increase in my autismbux, but after she straight up lied I wouldn't consider cucking for her. Honesty, or at least a lack of lying, isn't too much to ask.



B-but what if she gives you a nip slip for $5 a month?

Stephanie7, that's for you kiddo ;)



Looks like we did finally something right.


File: 25b4b6254457a94⋯.gif (171.37 KB, 482x348, 241:174, b9a3290b494891778121d626d7….gif)

lol look some people didn't know about the second channel


holly you are fucking SEXY!!!!!

her content isn't really sexual.


she has a new video folks on her Holly ASMR channel



Thank you gentlesir. I shall me wise with my additional autismbux.


i did donate on patron last night



how does it feel to be a cuck?



cuckboi, good lad paying for the rest of us to see some boobies.



Just remember "caring means sharing", so share the wins and you'll be forgiven. :)



what are you meant to get from patreon?


I wonder how far she would have gone if everyone else had just pretended to not know it was her. She's now pretending that she's different from HungryLips, but if she obviously meant for that channel to get more sexual otherwise she would have never made it in the first place.


File: 6431ecf36920773⋯.jpg (48.67 KB, 800x279, 800:279, Untitled.jpg)



Hungrylips is a retard



Yes but Holly is a hypocrite.



im in love. hypocrit or not.


Me and my mrs watch but there's no way we're donating




Holly didn't lie about anything. She just didn't mention it was her in the video. Big deal? Her channel was never meant to be sexual either, you retards made it that way. She makes it clear in her descriptions it isn't sexual. Do you see her stripping off? Showing her ass? NO.


girls show cleavage in most youtube videos, it not a big deal. she showed some cleavage on a new channel whilst doing ASMR. so fucking what. she uploaded one on her main channel too. who gives a shit. let her live and do what she wants and go harass a real whore



Why she cutted out first 2 minutes of her video where she's saying that this is her first ASMR video? Fuck off Holly!

It's not about cleavage you stupid cunt!


why does that matter? why do you give a shit so fucking much? your the ONLY person who cares. whats wrong with cutting that out? and it was her first asmr video ON THAT CHANNEL so keeping it or deleting it, who gives a shit you cunt


oh and learn to speak 'she cutted out' isn't a real sentence. Are you mentally ill?


even if she didn't mention who she was at the start, it doesn't matter cos she wasn't doing anything wrong anyway. just showing some cleavage


if she really wanted people to think it wasn't her, i'm pretty sure she would have changed her nail varnish or wore a wig etc anyway. she clearly didn't mind if people found out and was just experimenting with a new channel for fun



Hi Holly.


So, here's the quick rundown for what happened:

>Holly ASMR notices that ASMR videos with cleavage showing and more sexual content get more views, possibly after seeing how successful ASMR Is Awesome was with her cleavage

>Decides she needs to get this many views and more cuckbux for herself, but doesn't want to ruin the more wholesome image her current channel has

>Creates a new account where she doesn't show her face and claims this is her first ASMR video

>However, she doesn't realsie that people will instantly recognise her and also decides to post the video on reddit with her main account's channel

>She's instantly regocinsed by people who know her other channel

>Reuploads the video removing the part explaining it was her 'first' video and then pretends that this channel is for 'fun' stuff, despite the fact that the only differences between this new channel and her old one is not showing her eyes and showing a lot of cleavage

>people responded well anyway, so she decides to start showing cleavage on her main channel

>pretends she was always intending to reveal herself and also dislikes the Hungry Lips comparisons


File: 990a8d3cb6e7748⋯.gif (1.49 MB, 499x499, 1:1, 0187 - 2rSup4V.gif)








Hey Holly! Wasn't even paying attention to this but I am now.


how is hungry lips anything like her content? have you seen the shit hungrylips does? she is showing her ass, rubbing her tits, sucking lollipops and showing porn of her in underwear all over her fb page. you cant compare holly to someone like her. holly is just wearing a low cut top but doing asmr. big difference between them both if you ask me. but suckers like u probably think any girl showing some cleavage must be a whore when in reality every youtube video has it. can you blame her for trying it out? she wore a different top and tried a new style. big fucking deal!!! goodluck to her


she started a new channel to experiment for fun, got loads of views. realised it was better to drive them back to her main channel because showing some cleavage actually isnt anything to be ashamed of and she didnt need to do it on another channel after all

thats all there is to it! now get a life and move on


oh and she isnt doing custom sex videos like hungrylips so stop comparing her to someone she who is doing different content entirely



Would you fuck off now please? This is wrong place for your bullshit Holly, go back to Reddit.


noticed you reuploaded hollys content and asmr darlings and other asmrtists videos. do you have nothing better to do with your life?



She seems real smart.


Holly is never going to notice you guy. You are destined to always love her from afar.



I don't know what it is about ear licking videos that relaxes me, maybe I used to be a dog or something in a past life.


File: 2634a67aa979ad7⋯.jpg (192.16 KB, 1350x724, 675:362, the truth.jpg)

She tried to be a good girl. She made nice wholesome ASMR.

And guess what? Nobody watched. As soon as she tried slutting it up views sky rocketed.

Don't blame the girls doing this, blame yourself for not supporting wholesome ASMR producers and forcing girls to become sluts.


Holy shit you faggots are the worst. Watch her titty videos or ignore them. Anything beyond that is fucking pathetic.



When you gonna stop whining you utter cuck?!


File: 70dce1e9e5a05d1⋯.jpg (75.18 KB, 780x613, 780:613, 70dce1e9e5a05d119bd47d3e7d….jpg)



It's less wholesome/slut and more face 4/body10.



To your point, titty-filled thumbnails on youtube videos bating more views is an old meme. Guess some things never change.



When you crybaby virgins stop bumping this fucking thread with your whiny bullshit.



neck yourself


File: 8a1e0f06691cbd4⋯.jpg (31.08 KB, 540x404, 135:101, noose.jpg)


are you cucks jealous shes making bank?


File: 1c6ab2d7ef59b1f⋯.jpg (54.74 KB, 497x640, 497:640, 34b7513df60128a91b664271ef….jpg)


>using tits for bait

>some things never change


"Surely she is the greatest musician in all the kingdom. A woman of ample bosom. I will gift her 5 pieces of silver if for only a smile."

Human subtlety will never devise an invention more beautiful, more simple or more direct than does nature because in her inventions nothing is lacking, and nothing is superfluous. - Da Vinci


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Cute is kill. I repeat. Cute is kill. Does this mean Holly will slut it up on her main channel now, or is the "fun" over? It'll be a sad day if Holly's titties go back into hiding. RIP Cute ASMR scam.



slut up on main channel confirmed

she taste the huge views slutting up gets you, no way can she go back



She did the math. If channel with 4k subs get over 100k views for lewd content then her main channel with 30k subs will get much more.

Another low IQ camwhore confirmed.


File: 613fcdd38a80cb6⋯.png (102.63 KB, 425x189, 425:189, Kx8dHNf.png)

can you blame her?



Well, once you lose your purity, you might as well go for it. All in. Girlfriend roleplays and 3dio make out sessions. Go make your money, Holly. :)


how much do you idiots think people make on youtube? have you not heard about the adsense crisis and the fact that people make fuck off from ads now?



We know all about it. We understand what's going on. We enjoy seeing them struggle and come up with innovative new ways to make up for their lost income. It reminds me of that one time that we got cut back to 34 hours per week at work. That's alot of money to lose out on. I had to resort to sucking dicks to make up for my losses. :^)



One question for you;

What you gonna do when you lose your job? Will you open Patreon, Gofundme, Tad or will you start looking for a new fucking job?


File: 5738453d0950b26⋯.jpg (357.55 KB, 2000x1087, 2000:1087, Sluts.jpg)

>For those of you who keep making a big deal out of this second channel, stop caring so much. I did it for fun, as an experiment and was open about it being me the whole time. I wont be uploading to it anymore. It attracted too many creeps who are now abusing me because I refused to make custom videos and sexualise it for them. All I was doing was my usual ASMR in a different top. There is nothing more to it.

Crying foul because she got called out. What a dumb cunt.


File: 1a2989f6c95b8ba⋯.jpg (46.15 KB, 833x375, 833:375, Capture.JPG)


>Don't just subscribe for tits… thats creepy.

Best comment ever.

And she would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids.



It would have been interesting to see how far she went if she wasn't immediately recognized. Now all we'll get is her doubling down on the It wasn't sexual, men are pigs routine.



That's not a double negative, despite looking like one. Take away either not, and she ends up saying she wouldnt wear a bra, but thats the opposite of what she means to say.



>Don't just subscribe for tits… thats creepy.

Wow, hypocritical bitch.


Fair point. Holly's still an ignorant hypocrite though.


what makes you jerks think she would have gone further? thats just your sick minds wishing she would have



Oh, get over it, Holly. Now go make us some sexy vids.



I really don't give a shit about you or your tits tbh fam. Your attempted back-peddling is hilarious though.


File: af5d41b012b4af8⋯.webm (3.45 MB, 426x240, 71:40, my first video.webm)








what a dumb and hypocritical whore lol





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Is it safe to assume we'll see cleavage in every video from now on?



Looks like it's all she's gonna keep from her so called experiment. Now she's just one more ASMRtits showing her tits in every of her video on YT. What a waste.



And that, ladies and gentleman, is why we call them ASMRtits here in ze Hate Dungeon.



That's fuckin' good. Get yourself a cookie. You deserve it.



samefag: I won't because



File: 0dc7e9b2df10b8d⋯.jpg (204.45 KB, 1245x363, 415:121, Untitled.jpg)

Full camwhore mod.



She's already shown her dark side. She might as well embrace it. I want her to go Steph7 so bad. I want to see that look of sorrow and regret in Holly's eyes as she pulls her nipples out for her patreons. I will cum buckets over that shit.



backpage in 6 months holly


File: a4cd2fc34b2ad1f⋯.gif (584.56 KB, 276x252, 23:21, 1352677261870.gif)


>tfw I donated to Holly six months ago








your last 2 vids lack of tits Holly, you better fix that in your next vid.


she probably keeps her tits for her patreon vids now


she doesn't do patreon or custom vids idiots

there are only two options on the patreon page. stop making shit up



Hi Holly.



>she doesn't do patreon

She does Patreon dum dum.

Do you custom video Holly?/batman

>I do not offer custom videos

You will./batman

The way Holly should have handled this:

1. own up to it. Say you wanted to try something new but were afraid it might harm your regular channel. Own the fact that misleading people was wrong, and you are sorry for doing it.

2. don't shame people for liking tits when you are using tits to get views. That little "don't sub for tits" quip was especially scumbaggy coming from a tit-showing attempted-gaslighter.



I want to be holly's little baby tampon boy. i want to turn into a little crying baby and then suck on her breasts. her magic breast milk would turn me into a little baby tampon boy. she would stick me into her hoo-hoo and i would wait with anticipation spouting little baby goo-goo ga-gas waiting for her to bleed all over me. i want to feel her holly blood inside my little goo-goo ga-ga baby tampon body. i want to absorb her hoo-hoo juices inside my little baby tampon boy body and goo-goo ga-ga like a little rolly-polly baby boy. it would be orgasmic to know i am one with her hoo-hoo holly blood and i would giggle and goo-goo ga-ga and yelp with little baby boy excitement as i roll around in her holly hoo-hoo and revel in her red juices, slurping them into my soft little baby tampon boy goo-goo ga-ga body. then i want her to pull me out and squeeze and wring my little baby tampon boy body so that her holly hoo-hoo blood and juices spill all over her holly face. it would hurt and i would scream in pained goo-goo ga-gas as pain envelops my little baby tampon boy body until i reach full climax and turn back into grown human man.



Drugs are a bitch.



holly is already rich she said in one of her old videos


File: 7566da7d0ece49d⋯.jpg (68.62 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 12345.jpg)


I want to bΞ LavrΞn MaybΞrry's littlΞ baby tampon boy. i want to tvrn into a littlΞ crying baby and thΞn svck on hΞr brΞasts. hΞr magic brΞast milk wovld tvrn mΞ into a littlΞ baby tampon boy. shΞ wovld stick mΞ into hΞr hoo-hoo and i wovld wait with anticipation spovting littlΞ baby goo-goo ga-gas waiting for hΞr to blΞΞd all ovΞr mΞ. i want to fΞΞl hΞr LavrΞn MaybΞrry blood insidΞ my littlΞ goo-goo ga-ga baby tampon body. i want to absorb hΞr hoo-hoo jvicΞs insidΞ my littlΞ baby tampon boy body and goo-goo ga-ga likΞ a littlΞ rolly-polly baby boy. it wovld bΞ orgasmic to know i am onΞ with hΞr hoo-hoo LavrΞn MaybΞrry blood and i wovld gigglΞ and goo-goo ga-ga and yΞlp with littlΞ baby boy ΞxcitΞmΞnt as i roll arovnd in hΞr LavrΞn MaybΞrry hoo-hoo and rΞvΞl in hΞr rΞd jvicΞs, slvrping thΞm into my soft littlΞ baby tampon boy goo-goo ga-ga body. thΞn i want hΞr to pvll mΞ ovt and sqvΞΞzΞ and wring my littlΞ baby tampon boy body so that hΞr LavrΞn MaybΞrry hoo-hoo blood and jvicΞs spill all ovΞr hΞr LavrΞn MaybΞrry facΞ. it wovld hvrt and i wovld scrΞam in painΞd goo-goo ga-gas as pain ΞnvΞlops my littlΞ baby tampon boy body vntil i rΞach fvll climax and tvrn back into grown hvman man.



When the revolution comes rich people with patreons will get the guillotine first.



This is the most erotic thing I've ever read


are there any other ASMR girls as good as holly?



Uh, yeah, all of them. Holly is nothing special.



shes getting 2000 subs a day :o



tits are getting 2000 subs a day




didnt see any tits in the last 3 posts


File: 19a08189e87e62f⋯.jpg (45.93 KB, 1268x673, 1268:673, eTzu2PO.jpg)

Stop biting your nails Holly


the banana vid is lame as fuck Holly, at least show some tits so you can be useful for something…


From now on she is Scumbag Holly to me. Because she's a gaslighting sanctimonious scumbag


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I see you killed your Cute channel and took down the vids. Good thing we all downloaded them. I see you're showing some cleavage again, just a lil, but showing. You've got great tits, Holly. Go ahead and pull em out for us while sucking on your 3dio. If you want views and money, that's how it's done. The truth hurts. Now reupload your Cute vids to your main channel and show us more of those slammin titties in your next video.


anyone have downloads for the videos that were on her Cute channel they'd care to share?



that would be nice if someone had em… sure someone will have em tho



Note how she does her damndest to not turn her head away from the camera, because otherwise the world would notice those alien bug eyes.


So now she deleted both her clothing haul and bikini haul videos. Did anyone happen to save those?

Also she made another channel, because there were too many perverts on her Holly ASMR channel. What have you guys done to her?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I was just getting ready to comment on this. Lulz.


Q: How can she recover?

A: She can't.

She spills the beans in this video and admits that she regrets showing off her tits and tongue fucking her 3dio, even though it gained her 30k new subs and hundreds of thousands of views. Now she has buyer's remorse. In hopes to shake off the trolls, she's deleting her old channel and starting fresh again and stressing "OMG! I swear I'm a good girl and I'll never show off my epic tits or ear fuck the orbiting betas for profit ever again!"

She's concerned that we'll follow her to her new channel. She's right. The sharks smell blood in the water now. Her new comments section will be full of "ear licks when?" and "where dem tiddies at?" Disabled likes and comments inb4 the final deletion.

Holly is pretty much finished. Hilarity ensues.


File: 797aa2a5b5d942d⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 320x180, 16:9, plane-crash.gif)


And yes. We have them all saved. They'll be available on xvids and pornhub soon.

related: Holly's channel .gif




Good shit anon. Can you upload the Bikini haul video she uploaded a few weeks back?


I bet she's glad she didn't do anything sexual only soft shit


welp how do I get around a block?? Holly has gone hard with the banhammer on her Channel I only asked if she's gona upload a haul again

Virgins UNITE! We want slutty holly


She's not hones again. Fuck her, I don't like horse-face anyway.



This stupid bitch. Scumbag Holly needs to go. The job isn't done until we remove Holly from ASMR forever. Gaslighting, hypocritical, scumbag Holly. She deserves every harass anons can donate to her sorry ass.



New channel should have been named Bait and Switch ASMR


She got orbiters from showing tits and licking microphone and now that that's gone I hope they'll disappear since they're not getting what they are paying for. That's if they have at least some backbone/brain. If she gets zero bucks from Patreon, she'd have to get back to her roots. Everyone wins.


Bwahaha what a dumb and hypocrite whore…


File: fadf518bbff12e1⋯.png (23.92 KB, 830x253, 830:253, 2017-07-24 20_40_45-My Rea….png)





>I created the content but I didn't want it

Makes sense – female sense.


>creates a secondary channel pretending to be new hoping nobody would recognize her while she tries to slutty up, all together with new patreon and shit

>gets called out immediately, edits her Cute ASMR videos cutting off the parts where she claims to be new and acts like it was all according to her plan

>lmao trying something new

>now that she's been exposed she just "tries something new" on her main channel instead

>hopes to become millionaire by showing off a bit of tits and tongue fucking her mic

>doesn't happen, so she realises it is not worth the pennies to become a whore

>"It was a success but it isn't what I wanted"



>gets tits out

>Oh! These people watching are so inferior to me!

>Don't sub for tits guys that's creepy!

I hope this dumb cunt gets jellybeaned right out of YouTube.


stupid bitch, stupid fucking bitch






I know her she went to a posh school her family are LOADED

Do not say she's doing this for money it's not true.

I think she is just attention seeking because she's bored. She is actually not very pretty without makeup. Not being mean I'm just saying we used to call her Sid behind her back because of ice age. She's also pretty book smart too and quiet.



>She is actually not very pretty without makeup

She is not very pretty with makeup



She isn't just loaded

I'm talking millions



kek this is like the ASMR equivalent of riding the cock carousel and then settling down to be a "good girl" in your 30s

fuck women are scum of the earth



So what exactly was she hoping to attract by doing bikini hauls and giving blowjobs to 3dios?

I swear women have no concept of self reflection or responsibility. They literally have the mental age of 10 year olds. The older I get the more I believe this. I bet in her mind she truly believes she didn't do anything to incite the "wankers".



i know bro it's hard to control yourself on the internet, heaps easier to blame some random content creator



It looks like everyone here was right (unsurprisingly) about why she made that other channel. She wanted to keep the good girl image but also wanted a lot of subscribers and money. So, the only solution was to make another channel and lie about who you are, except she was so incompetent she posted the video on reddit with her 'real' username. The "these videos aren't sexual" excuse only worked for a while after she got found out and now she wants to pretend she's still a 'wholesome' ASMR channel.



Fuck. It makes me sick to my stomach when I know there are millionaire girls doing this shit and still setting up patreons and what not. Are they just doing it for attention and competition? If you're already rich, I don't see the point in shilling for all this money, unless they just get off on leaching from poor beta cucks. (that might actually be the answer)


File: 475e398e619266f⋯.png (144.44 KB, 450x656, 225:328, 1663075.png)

>this entire thread



y would u put things on xvids and pornhub.

this isnt porn its asmr. wont they just delete the vid for not being sexual



Donating to people who are richer than you is something that's ingrained in Western culture. A cursory look at popular Patreons or Twitch streams shows this very clearly. You'd think there would be a point where people would stop and think "hmm, this person is making $10k+ each month, maybe I need that money more than they do after all or I could give it to someone else", but that rarely happens. If anything, it's the opposite: if everyone else is donating it's easier to follow the trend and join in.

Someone like Pewdiepie gets money and gifts thrown at him all the time from people who are all but guaranteed to be poorer than him, and they know it. Why would you think that some camwhore's beta orbiters have more common sense or dignity? She could record her videos from a private jet and the cucks would up their pledges trying to impress her.



she was on a private jet in her vlog channel (now deleted) about a yer ago


someone tell me why exactly we are all donating to her patreon each month if we don't like her and she's from rich family.

i love her content and voice to go to bed.

why do woman do this?


File: 62135d23ffba4d3⋯.jpg (7.77 KB, 259x194, 259:194, swimwear.jpg)


I need it, now more than ever.



i have it and i reuploaded but it was taken down after a couple of hours for copyright.

how is it possible when the original is gone?

i am going to setup a patreon and sell it for $99



IT makes me sick that holly is getting even richer off this content but now its gone im going to have some money too



Kek that's a good idea. I've only got the clothing haul video saved. It's very good as well, but I would like to have the Swimwear one too.



Do you like fake ugly tits that much or is it just to spite her?



I love fake ugly tits.



I love fake ugly tits.



I would do it so I can have money and use it to impress a girl to have a girlfriend

Chads get all the beauty girls like holly and it's unfair



I love Holly's delicious round beach balls

It's such a shame she's gone legit I would have paid thousands to see her naked




LOL I guess that loser who wanted to sell them is out of luck!



Autistic virgin I want Holly's body


Fuck lads Holly had the best tits in the try on game.

Who am I going to fap to now that she won't show them anymore?


this is a sad day lads

holly was the only asmrtits with proper big lush titties. noone else compares

i cant cum to noone else.

altho i respect her for being decent and successful without doing it - i duno how im gona cum now



i always knew there was something up with her. rich bitch flying in private airoplanes WTF



I kinda like Gwen's floppy bra-less natural tits, but Holly definitely had a great rack. I guess you'll just have to fap to old Holly vids till a new set of epic tits comes along and you fall in love again.

After reading this thread and crying herself to sleep, at least Holly can tell herself "At least I've got great tits. The internet says so." Lulz.


File: fe741fe1fb4b137⋯.jpg (114.49 KB, 640x360, 16:9, awesome.jpg)


Thanks, bro.



I love that pic, anon. It's a throwback to the good ole days. Oldfags will always lurk.



Kill yourself you cancerous piece of shit.



I'm pretty sure she's satisfied with her tits or else she would have put on a different pair.



File: 48b3d4613b0c94a⋯.png (205.68 KB, 538x446, 269:223, AFD.png)


File: 590439e8b52663a⋯.png (906.17 KB, 1241x802, 1241:802, DR8CHAN.png)

I took a picture of her clothing haul video at 0:41

I'm no expert with medical and computer pixel stuffs but there's something wrong with her eyes. Sure you all noticed this. Probably why her CuteASMR vids with less face did well.

I loaded the image into paint and fixed her up. You can see I'm right it's plain to see.

Can she get surgery for this too? We're talking minor adjustment

I love her tits even though they're fake maybe we can do something somehow crowdfunding??

She has all of the paterons and subscribers and we have the ideas etc


File: 3332c206b5e2b39⋯.png (931.5 KB, 1234x804, 617:402, DR8CHANv2.png)

Sorted out the chin, lips, and nose in this one too.

And made eyes smaller and closer even more.

Eyebrows need doing too, but cba



id give her a few grand if she'd go bigger in the tit dept.



Yes please I'd throw in a few hindred








all she had to do was own up & apologize. instead she gas&shames. dumb. very dumb.



the losers are still adding to her millions :s



already look too fake bro



File: a90a78c0fb017cc⋯.jpg (71.26 KB, 615x484, 615:484, kek.jpg)



kek is that actually real?



Holly, I'll throw you a greasy fiver if you get those tits out again


File: f6e657c03c3f569⋯.jpg (77.56 KB, 533x436, 533:436, hollyshit.jpg)


File: 77ff1b117c7ef79⋯.png (443.42 KB, 655x653, 655:653, 1477710510428.png)


Why does she drop her Gs? I thought she was British?



Every major city in Britain has its own accent.



And I bet they all sound vaguely middle eastern or north african.


File: b3c5223fe8bd6d0⋯.gif (4.08 MB, 365x205, 73:41, bigben.gif)


Bongs btfo.



Holly doesn’t actually live on the UK



I guess you're right. In London it's a Punjabi accent. Why is Britishland so complicated?



English as a second language detected.



she is on san francisco but born at london



She moved to California? I used to just laugh at her misfortunes, but now I genuinely fucking hate her. There's nothing I hate more than a liberal who fucks up their own nation and then flees to another nation to fuck it up. Go back to England, Holly. Fuck you for destroying London with your cancer and then bringing your cancer to the US. Go back to your muslim infested shit hole that you created. You're not welcome in the USA.



california is already gone

californians have now started moving to texas and infecting that place too



whats wrong with california brother?



Am Californian Redditor.

Can confirm.



whats wrong with claifornia?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The tits are back!



Horse face as well.



Mexican detected. You have to go back. To Chiapas



That's a good girl, Holly. Get those tits out for us. That's what you're good for.



kek after all this she brings the tits back

fucking mental


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I guess this is one of her deleted videos.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

And another one.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

And anther.


How many other did she do? I might have them stored in my MEGA account, but it might take me a long of time to find them because I have so many ear licking videos saved.



If you can find her deleted ear eating vids that would be great



File: 31ce9459db2779c⋯.jpg (190.77 KB, 653x477, 653:477, 1477058832460.jpg)




She noticed us! :^)


FUCK, those videos had been deleted! She took them down, it seems. Does anyone else have a copy of them?





Just hit her with counterclaim and she's fucked. I did the same thing several times and Jewtube always put my videos back up. Just use fake infos so she can't dox you.



I'm the same guy who made that post.


I just found one of them from my MEGA, and here it is. 1 Hour Ear Eating.


If that shit gets taken down for whatever reason before the 48 hours are up, I will reupload it in another way.

Get it while it's hot and spread it like wildfire.


Let's teach this slut a lesson. If anyone has more of her deleted videos, post them here. She has to know that once something goes on the internet, it stays there forever. Don't let this slut get away with it!




thanks m8's, glad the videos of her ear eating with those titties out are still on the web



Don't sub for tits though that's creepy but using tits for subs isn't



Be sure to upload them to xvids, pornhub, etc, the usual.


I just uploaded another video I found of hers. Download it. It's an ear licking vid.



This ASMR Holly chick is a fucking SLUT!!!! She thinks we're stupid enough to forget that all her ear licking, mouth sounds videos from the past never happened? We should remind her that once a whore, ALWAYS a whore, I tell you.

She's a fucking loose BITCH!!!! That whore!!!

The only thing she's good for is being the recipient of cum from many different men. That's it.


Anyone got the bikini/swimsuit haul video? Her boobs are 10/10



whoa nigga. calm da fuq down. its just the internet.



ASMR Holly is low, she is scum, a fucking abject sorry whore. You try to clean up your image when the whole world knows the truth, that's when she's asking for it.

I predict that there will be more of her old videos that will be re-released. Believe that. I would love to see the look on her face when she sees herself degrading herself on TV like the cheap slut she is.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Who did this?



Josher in 30 years tbqh.



Damn, her face looks fucking gross.



What an annoying bitch. I couldn't stand to be around her for two minutes IRL. When will ASMRtits learn to keep their true personalities hidden?


File: 3ce3837a5e81588⋯.jpg (121.12 KB, 512x640, 4:5, HorseFace.jpg)



Didn’t u hear she’s married to some millionaire who buys her tons of Apple shit



Some more has been added. I think the new additions are videos already found in her channel, but it's good to download them just in case she decides to delete them. The "Ear Licking Ear Eating part 2", however, will not be found in her YouTube. I want her to lick my ears so that I can jizz all over her mouth afterwards, that whore.



Haha, she looks even more disgusting than usual, fuck her.


File: 2416f438d92af27⋯.gif (12.4 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1426966640849.gif)


I don't know who this is. I've never watched her before but I just want to say that she's depressingly ugly. Like I look at her and I'm sad for her that she's had the misfortune of looking like that, if it makes sense. This is probably due to not knowing her because she's probably a dumb, annoying cunt and that would dissolve the pity I feel for her.



this makes me FUCKING FURIOUS

we've got struggling asmrtists like tony bombini, ASMR darling, Maria and others who are making barely A LIVING through ASMR.

asmr darling flies ECONOMY on international flights for gods sake. its a joke.

and here we have holly who gets every apple product under the sun bought by a disgustingly rich husband and doesnt struggle at all. IT MAKES ME SICK.



Hi Taylor Smith.



im not her i just feel sorry for taylor

she must hate holly




>barely making a living

i'm not so sure about that one, buddy



you have to be a youtuber to truly know the adsense struggle. asmrtits aren't making more than a living unfortunately.


She rich????? Dam girl



YouTube shouldn't be their main or only source of income.



i agree and it's perfectly fine for people like Darling to have a little part time job in a Starbucks. I support it infact if it means they can pay their rent and do a good job serving the asmr communities



what annoys me is how holly has become such a show off, strutting around multiple apartments she apparently owns. bitch



Exactly. You will have more of my respect if you've got an actual job. Whether its at Starbucks or at a hotel is irrelevant/


tell her to get a job then not living off millionaires



How do you know that?



I’ve seen how she lives in the vlogs

And an anon from the past said she was in first class lounges



Have you seen Maria's house? She may not be rolling in it, but she's not exactly struggling, either.


I suggest we leave (more) dirty comment in the comments section of her youtube videos that have mouth sounds and ear licking. I like how these ASMR girls complain about not appreciating reading dirty comments even though the do videos that leave men with no other choice but to have dirty thoughts.



Post when she uploads and we'll strike her.



problem is i'm blocked from posting already coz i did this. how do I get around a block. do i need to make a new gmail over and over?



does anyone else think Maria is on the verge of getting pregnant and disappearing into irrelevance?

that big house just screams 'place to raise a family' to me.

hope it doesn't happen but unfortunately it's all too common among basic women to go start families and their work suffers up to the point noone cares. sucks



If she blocks you, you have to make a new gmail acc.



Probably. The more dirty comments we leave, the sooner she's going to get sick of it.



How can we dodge the ‘Likely Spam’ filter?


she has said before she is very anti-autism, anti-virgin.

bitch hates our army and i hate her back


File: ec949380380fd9f⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 202x360, 101:180, 1506446058138.gif)


Yes I do think that, and it's a good thing you fucking beta cuck. She should start a family and disregard her "work" for it, it's what all women should do. Unfortunately it's all too common among basic women to not start families and keep working until they've hit the wall and then die alone and unhappy. sucks



I hope she does do it.


I agree 100%. You can always spot the shills and SJW faggot redditard feminists when this topic comes up because they sperg out. See the Christen Noel thread. >>65823

>She threw her life away on marriage and motherhood!

>She married a man! This promotes heteronormativity.

>She had a white baby! This prolongs white supremacy and oppresses niggers.


SJWs get assblasted over this stuff. I hope Maria turns out to be best wife, best mommy ever. Shoutout to Christen Noel and Accidentally Graceful. I hope they all live happily ever after.



everyone knows kids fuck up your life financially and leave you a haggered wreck of your former self.

personally I don't give a shit what happens to Maria (she seems the type to piss any talent she has down the drain wasting time on "family") so who cares.

as a father, I wish I'd focused on myself and my career :/



>everyone knows kids fuck up your life financially and leave you a haggered wreck of your former self

No. That happened to (you), doesn't happen to everyone. It's all on you, don't blame marriage or kids as a whole. 99% of studies and statistics (yes, 99%) show that married couples are happier and lead more successful lives, they also show that women have become increasingly unhappy in general since the 1960's (I wonder why). Also a fun fact, the whole 50% of marriages end in divorce meme is a "lie". When you take out nigger population out of the equation it shoots upwards of 90%.



Literally all this post says is "I'm too much of a beta to do both".



Bless HollyStalker! Karma is a bitch ScumbagHolly!



I’m in the UK on £75K and still somehow Love paycheque to paycheque thanks to kids

I love em and all but if I’m honest it’s not the smartest choice I’ve ever made lol

Plus my wife is getting less and less attractive by the week and we’re both too tired from childcare to pay any attention to each other

Gotta day I love my kids or society will eat me, but some days we wish we could go back to the good life jetting around the world

Oh well



Sounds like you made bad life decisions my man!

Have fun out there in Babies R Us with your dead eyes loser while Us smart ones are getting loaded

Have fun at little Snotleighs 1st birthday party while I’m sitting here with 3 separate incomes lol


File: 94528f591b3ccd1⋯.jpg (45.19 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1474902705749.jpg)


That's a good goy.

>1 shekel has been deposited into your account

Looks like someone is on the fast track to a promotion to shift supervisor at the CTR call center. I see an "Employee of the Month" certificate in your future. Thank you for your service.


File: d697fd3330749b8⋯.jpg (81 KB, 1080x1348, 270:337, 22430064_131682567486789_8….jpg)

Even though Holly has epic titties that I love, but probably aren't real, there's something off about her. She has all the facial features of a praying mantis.


File: e441ecb9c16b999⋯.jpg (357.93 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, praying-mantis-eyes.ngsver….jpg)


Her eyes on the opposite sides of her head. I hate her voice. I hate her uppity bitchy attitude. Praying mantises eat the brains of their mates after duping them into sex. Seems fitting for her.




her peripheral vision must be amazing

full 180 panoramic view



She's British


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


R u blackies blind she’s the hottest asmrtits on the scene



absolutely fucking not, she is attractive enough sure but the ugliness of her personality permeates through her face. Honestly.



As a prey animal having a wide field of vision is to her advantage. She can see HollyStalker coming from any angle.



Have you see her face?

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