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Old thread hit bump limit, here's a new one.



old thread


File: a5c67b4f6e75f01⋯.jpg (38.12 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 17-05-20 Mermaid.jpg)


You really should've used a picture. She'll only end up taking this video down at some point and you'll be left with a dead image on the catalogue. It'll look so untidy and you'll feel really embarrassed for making such an obvious error.



fuck, you're right…

you do it then…



I don't think that would be the kind of video she'd take down urgently. I'd bet that she'll take down her holiday video before this one.


I don't like midgets.



I don't think she gonna take down any videos in future. Infact she reuploaded her bitchy videos



And she don't like men


I bet she thinks about taking down that first witch video where she's showing some nice cleavage all the time.



She disabled the comment section fir that video for the same reason. I think she should show some skin like that. There is nothing wrong in that. Infact it makes the video more immersive.



In the next witch video she showed some nice knee. Waiting for the next willow witch to see what she gonna show us in that.



Maybe you'll get lucky and see some ankle.



New video with some uggos based off Hamilton or some gay shit. She's barely in it.



why only 720p



>can't embed

>doesn't know angie

newfriends OUT


Is she a lesbian?



i have researched(stalked) a lot and came to conclusion that she is either dyke or bisexual. I've a lot of proofs


File: 4bb3dc85b4202be⋯.png (22.83 KB, 471x127, 471:127, Untitled.png)


here is the proof



that's some terrible fucking proof



will you say the same thing if i tell you, that girl(maddie) is followed by both Erin and her girlfriend Isabelle on instagram?



File: f37fcfba0567938⋯.png (26.13 KB, 681x105, 227:35, Untitled1.png)


how about this then. this comment is before she had an ASMR channel.



that's not proof, that's just another person that thinks the same that you do



one can only speculate. she is not going to say it herself. especially not an asmrtist. BTW i have more proofs>>61898



since the day she had made her instagram account private, she only accepts girls following request. you can verify that. does she only get girls request?

she has been following many les and bi youtubers on instagram. and too many transgender also.



like who?



melanie murphy, harmony nice, casey buelken, maphix, jolie, velvita, sam andstuff, Tashi Honnery to name a few

there are many transgenders too.


File: 7a00a41fc67aa93⋯.jpg (87.17 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 360158_bcccddc856eb4516a51….jpg)


Tashi who? I spotted the girls lurking. Had to google it because I know none of these people. Oh look. They're all a bunch of MUA faggots. Western civilization is doomed. You girls need to unfuck yourselves.



she has been following more than 25 faggots on instagram



I'm sure she does it to gain social justice street cred.



she even mentioned that her favorite show is rupaul drag race


File: e1d4fe690f95c6e⋯.png (947.74 KB, 720x588, 60:49, Untitled2.png)


i have more proofs. like this photo. she had posted this photo on instagram. what do you have to say about this?.


File: ba76acb6b67de6c⋯.webm (10.31 MB, 1072x600, 134:75, wer.webm)


and this




>a shitskin mutt with a nose ring



pretty sure she has a boyfriend (unless you really think it's plausible they're in a polyamorous long distance relationship). I think you can attribute this picture to the fact that they're white female best friends.


>makeup artist calls a female pretty

>she must be gay



On her makeup channel she did makeup tutorial for many les or bi character. For example-

Undertale undyne

Kim possible


Poison ivy

Harley quinn


Bride of Frankenstein

Don't forget the lgbt pride makeup

What do you have to say about this?



I guess that picture is a screenshot from a video. The video is in her makeup channel. It could be that she has a one-way crush on her friend.

>makeup artist calls a female pretty

There are like 9 girls in the full video but she chose only this girl to compliment the look saying 'is she an angel', and pretty. But for other girls she complimented their voice or their accent. Why so selective.

And yes, she is makeup artist but it's not that she did or does makeup on other person. She mostly does it in herself. So i think she is gay.



Nigga either reupload or tell us what time in the video



What? Be clear



>makeup artist makes makeup tutorial videos of famous fictional characters

>some of them are gay or probably gay, therefore the makeup artist is also gay


perhaps she's selective because that girl was the only pretty one out of all of them, or if you don't think so, you should at least admit that compared to all the others she is. and you don't have to be gay to recognise that some people of your sex are better looking than others.

and complimenting her on her looks does not make her gay either because it's incredibly common for girls to do that.



Isn't it weird though that shes dodging all questions asking about her sexuality in both livestreams? That must be a hint of some kind


File: 37d8840ccb2dd36⋯.png (680.44 KB, 719x1016, 719:1016, 20170903_133019.png)


I have provided many proofs. And combining all those i have come to conclusion that she is gay. But you can wait for her to clarify that herself.

Her channel name also suggests her to be gay. Just kidding. But still posting it.>>62139



Yes. And i have provided so many proofs over here but some people just don't want accept the fact. They will only believe when she say it by herself. They don't want to apply some sense



Be ready to get an anwser like- ' some people don't want to talk about their sexuality. And that doesn't make the person gay'.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


her life is a fuckin fabrication and this is-she-or-isnt-she-gay bullshit is the latest in a long line of stage managed escapades where she manufactures intrigue. she craves attention but in peculiar ways - she wants people to be interested in her but I bet she's not an interesting person. so she contrives situations where she can present herself as some sort of easygoing freespirit, unaffected, an aesthete waxing poetic, but we already know her sensibilities are far too delicate to handle our brand of brutality… I still stand by my earlier assessment that she is a flake, massively insecure, and I would also say that this degree of escapism comes about because shes frightened that people will work out that shes ultimately a very boring person



She said it herself that she is dealing with social anxiety and insecure, not confident, thin skinned person. What you are saying is nothing new. People that thinks she is cool and fun loving interesing person by watching her outside and fantasy videos are fool. Her unboxing video is the true representation of her personality. I think she has the potential to achieve a lot. She is just too good to be making asmr videos. But the problems she is facing is causing the hindrance. Which is quite common for people suffering with social anxiety.




>dragon vehicle to anime land and become the werewolf warrior

I don't think I actually get ASMR lads.


File: c2fdc611bd29e8f⋯.png (341.39 KB, 448x720, 28:45, My Favorite Outfits.png)


>mongrell skull

At least it accepts what it is



>At least it accepts what it is

a midget



She is not a midget. She is 5'3"



What is mongrell skull?



Is this what the average /asmr/ poster looks like?

That explains a lot.



Trying to figure out if that's real or fake (satire/a dare or some shit). Please for the love of christ tell me he's not being serious



GREAT meme


File: 240bb9e6ad5dd1a⋯.jpg (288.82 KB, 616x893, 616:893, ASMR cucks.jpg)


It's coming soon.



you watch based shaman, bro?

somebody's got taste



Yep. That's us.



We've gotta setup a poll for this at the end of the year and make a thread for it. Vote for Cuck of the Year™ 2017 this December! Who will win?!



Depends on how you define "cuck". AD and AP are also ASMRtists so deserve more respect than Josh, who does nothing but comment.



He is in delusion for the fact that erin is not interested in men. That would break his heart if he finds out this.



hi based shaman



"Isabelle is the luckiest girl in the world" I think he gets it but can't accept it.

>it would break his heart

This is why she should speak up about it (or done so earlier). There is a very lonely side to the Asmr community and manipulative crushes can get nasty



huh? why would it matter? none of these people will ever even meet her. this isn't tinder.



She can't just speak up about it. It is very sensitive topic especially for asmrtists. It would piss a lot of people(90% of her male viewers)who have developed some sort of crush on her.

She has given some hints here and there like the slice of life video and she had aslo mentioned that she imagine female as a subject while making roleplay videos.

I also provided lots of little proofs in this thread to show that she is a dyke or may a bi. I could be wrong tho.



what the fuck is this shit



It's actual autism. Like we make jokes about it and are quick to throw the term around, but he's very likely to be genuinely autistic or at the very least a really aggressive social disorder and also he's fat.



Not just autism, sounds like maladaptive daydreaming there to. And that fucking hat isn't doing him any favours


File: db2ec33237aa2c9⋯.gif (648.97 KB, 263x396, 263:396, tipsfedora.gif)


I bet he has some sick flip tricks and tipping skills.



>This video has been removed by the user.

Anyone got it?



Oh shit, lads. We killed another one. Confirmation that this kid lurks. He probably didn't want to become the next Josher.

I liked fedorawhisperfag tbqh fam. :(



it could also be that she might have removed that comment from her video and that would have made him feel bad and in result deleted the video. she is quite notorious in removing controversial comments. you can try this yourself. you don't have to abuse or hate or anything. you just have to criticize her video or her and your comment will be removed.




the guy who posted it in the thread is the guy in the video – does no one else think it was weird that this obscure video from a channel with no other uploads and 1 subscriber was posted in this thread in the same hour it was posted on youtube?

common sense, people

anyway, this is the link to the channel that uploaded the video



File: d788f33e1320e78⋯.png (441.49 KB, 550x755, 110:151, 698412.png)


Come back to us, Mongrel Skull.

We promise not to bully.

We need friends.

I miss him already, lads. I regret not downloading his video.



Nah man, i posted that link here and i am not the guy who was in that video. I saw that link posted on the comment section of her Hamilton video. He was asking to like the comment so that she could see his comment. And i think she removed that comment instead. That would have prompted him to delete his video out of embarrassment.




Nah man, i posted that link here and i am not the guy who was in that video. I saw that link posted on the comment section of her Hamilton video. He was asking to like the comment so that she could see his comment. And i think she removed that comment instead. That would have prompted him to delete his video out of embarrassment.




Bullshit. You posted the link here right after you uploaded the video.



What did he mean, when he said 'isabelle is the luckiest girl' ?





yes you are right in that regard.but you can call it a coincidence that i found that comment right when i was going through the ' new comments'. It was there for few hours but got removed eventually.



If you were combing the latest comments of your waifu's ASMR video you might actually be as autistic as your character claims to be



If you were combing the latest comments of your waifu's ASMR video you might actually be as autistic as the cringe character you play



Fuck off dude. Believe whatever you want believe. No one is stopping you. I saw the link on the comment and thought to share with you guys over here for some entertainment. Instead of thanking me you are blaming me. Not fare at all


There were 138 views so someone's got to have downloaded it. There were also 2 comments which had been removed, it's possible one of those were Erin.

I don't get why Erin would want the vid removed though. Sure it was autistic and extremely cringy, but the guy meant well.



She didn't want the vidoe to be removed. I think she removed the comment that has the link. And erin didn't comment on that video.


ohemgee what is this thread even about anymore? I just want to know if she's done the fucking inevitable hobbittess roleplay yet?



Why would she do Hobbitess video?. BTW For How long have you been away from this thread?


File: 8ad84fa3533e773⋯.mp4 (6.91 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Little Clover Patreon.mp4)



what the hell. don't know if this was supposed to be funny but I haven't laughed so hard in ages.sorry.

BTW why did you say isabelle is a very lucky girl?



That's not me you twat! I just uploaded because you want it.



i didn't want it cunt. this is the first time i watched it.



Not you dickhead, I'm talking about other anons.



God bless ya, anon. I've got it saved now.




samefagging lol what a tool.



Thank you anon, I hope my positive energy asteroids have crashed upon your flesh capsule


File: 95306be9613f795⋯.png (698.19 KB, 719x1108, 719:1108, 20170906_210021.png)

Isn't she the cutest?




I wish she'd do blackface (unironically) on a livestream tbh



I wish she'd do black cum on her face.



All cum is white :^)



no dude,check your facts,a black guy cum is black.



"no".? you must be blind, you son of a rotting pig.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




i really relate with the autistic character in this skit

however any kind of music at all in an asmr video is very unnerving for me


File: acc71e19c0e8f06⋯.jpg (222.34 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, bill-and-ted.jpg)


This is a MOST EXCELLENT roleplay, anon. Bravo, Erin. Costume, character, script, props… all on point.


Agreed. Although, the music fades out to barely audible shortly after the beginning. Hopefully, she'll do a without music version as well.



Why does she look like old lesbian?



She's roleplaying her future.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




i have developed a huge crush on her. could you guys confirm for me that she is straight. because i don't want my crush to be a lesbian. that would heart wrenching. you know what i mean?




Thank you, but that's very old post. She could have changed by now. And she could be lying about the kiss and the boyfriend part just trying to be cool. Because many youtube personalities does not want to reveal their sexuality.

Could you provide some more concrete proof?



I'm going to rule it that she's bisexual. At least she's a lipstick lesbian instead of being a turbodyke. A bi Erin means (you) still have a chance to be loved by her.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Could you provide evidence to support your claim.

Don't get me wrong, i just want to be 100% certain. I don't want to take risk.



What do you mean she could have changed? That's not how sexual orientation works. If she's to have changed then that would just mean she now likes girls as well, not that she went from straight to gay.

also, there is nothing else to show you other than that. And I don't see why you're not satisfied with it. If you're just gonna chalk it up to "either she's lying or just trying to be cool", then that's your problem tbh.



and I mean gay as in homosexual.



Have a look threw the previous board, plenty of proof in the first and last section to support the point that she's either bi or gay (I'm going with bi too, evident from the tumblr page).


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Fresh No Music Version! She delivered!

Is she a confirmed lurker? Who knows?



huge if true



>ware woof wooriar

>ware woof wooriar

>W A R E W O O F W O O R I A R




does anyone noticed, she didn't add 'ASMR' to the title of this video. Why would she do that?



plenty of people commented on her actual video requesting a no music version so probably not



Yeah i noticed. Yesterday, she even removed ASMR from her channel name. Now it's only Goodnight moon. God knows what she is upto.




Probably trying to slow down the incline of her audience. A video doesn't attract as much of an audience when it doesn't have ASMR in the title (or the channel name for that matter).



that doesn't make sense. why would she do that. her channel is doing so well, she is getting such good number of views Doesn't she loves money?.



Because she's a mental trainwreck and she can't handle such a audience.



she made this video unlisted and linked it in her original video's description. she is really a psycho


File: 9d3bd19ac0cb63a⋯.png (162.5 KB, 719x822, 719:822, 20170914_130742.png)

Isn't she the nicest ASMRtist out there?


her comment section is so boring. how does she even care to read those? here are a few sample of the comments you gonna find in her comment section(especially in her latest video)

>you are the best asmrtist.

>this is the best asmr I have ever seen.

>you are such a good actress.

>hollywood must call you.

>you need to get an oscar for this.

her comment section is filled with these( or slight variation) things.



Irony is that her content is mostly not ASMR. Gibi tier roleplay crap.



agree. particularly her latest video. she is just showing off her acting skill and trying to fulfill her dream of acting and putting ASMR in the title for the views.

glad she didn't add asmr in that video title.

personally, her second willow witch video is the best in terms of ASMR. she should focus more on ASMR rather than acting and props.



She states in her first livestream that she prefers a smaller audience, probably why she ditched her Freshblush channel.

So long as she doesn't go heather feather batshit crazy with studios and unnecessary equipment. Her acting is great but she overlooks the ASMR side of things at times.



just look at her channel description, she sounds so confused. basically she is trying to say that if you find ASMR in my videos then good for you and if you don't find it in my videos, watch it for entertainment purpose but don't blame me in any case.



what? sorry to be EIDF, but she doesnt sound nearly as passive aggressive as you make her seem:

>Hello! On my channel you'll find videos intended for winding down and occupying your mind. Whether that happens to be through the tingling sensation of ASMR, or simply through the soothing feeling that can come from being fully immersed in a new environment. If that sounds like your style, welcome! I hope I'll be able to help you relax.



she altered the description. i am 100 % sure there was more than that. i am not able to recall it all but at the end it was something like this - 'I hope i'll be able to help you relax or provide you entertainment through my videos'.

and in the middle it was something like this- 'or simply through the soothing feeling that can come from being fully immersed in a new environment just like the feeling when you are reading an enthralling book'.

man, just after few minutes of my post she altered it.


ooga booga



>she should focus more on ASMR rather than acting and props.

Mate there's hundreds, literally hundreds of channels that focus on triggers. Let her do her thing, it's at least more interesting than yet another 20 minute "ear cleaning asmr" generic shit video.

You guy over analyse and whine too much about everything. Try to relax.



she didn't add anything extra, just deleted the things i mentioned just after few minutes of my post over here.

And the description section was empty two days ago. she wrote those things yesterday only.






eh, even written like that she doesn't sound like she's saying >>64029 at all.



That's not the main point. Point is she changed it right after my this post>>64029. That means she lurks over here.

And i don't remember the exact thing and the tone, but she did sound confused and arrogant to me at least. I bet you had thought the same.



one more line i remember, she wrote- ' my videos are not meant to induce sleep'. Do you see the contradiction and also the arrogance. i mean, tell me one asmrtist who puts asmr in their title and say something like that about her videos. every asmrtist makes videos for relaxation and for sleep.

And on one hand she was stating that her videos are not meant for sleep and on the other hand she's hoping us to get relaxation.

And at the end she was like if no such thing happens watch it for entertainment, which again no asmrtist says something like that.

Don't know why you are not gettin this.i mean, She understood what i meant to say and rightfully removed those lines.


>>64041 Is right, I read the original 5 minutes after it was posted. Would've been no more than 20 minutes after anon posted that the description was changed.


She's definitely confused. Not sure if she was trying to come off as arrogant, but it seemed that way. She's certainly lurking the thread too. It's not going to do her any good, just more self management.



Glad you noticed that too.

Her description sounds better now than before tho. So i think lurking over here is not that bad thing. And people are mostly supportive towards her in this thread. And Constructive criticism is not a bad thing. You will find people only praising her on youtube which is bad in my opinion.



Absolutely, constructive criticism is what she needs. Trying to give constructive criticism to her on YouTube just results in a backlash and your called a hater, lol.

Problem is, even though she may read the majority of either constructive or positive comments here, she'll let something stupid and small (which 95% is in a joking manner anyway) fester inside and boil over in subtle passive aggressive ways. Not healthy for her to do in front of 150k+ subscribers.



could you explain your second paragraph with a little bit more clarity?. i didn't understand what you are pointing to.



and Reddit(asmr subreddit) is the worst place to give any constructive criticism. You will only get downvotes and nothing else. moderators would even ban you for that.



Say for example nearly all of the comments here are either constructive or positive (which they are). She might get one comment on her appearance, or the way she acts ect. One very harshly put and/or painfully true comment.

Shell completely disregard all the other comments and obsessively focus on that one (or them). She'll snap and do things like go to reddit and express herself in third person, subtly give sinister remarks to her audience, delete videos with anything that she obsesses over.

Also, reddits a shithole in general. And your right, good luck leaving any form of feedback that isn't positive.



Yeah you are right. I watch her videos only for entertainment purpose. For sleeping i watch other asmrtist. She should continue making videos the way she wants. There's literally no one making videos like her.

And most (except bitchy ones of course)of her videos are relaxing and filled with triggers as well.

What else one would want. You are getting everthing from her videos.

I just had problem with her latest video. But since she didn't put ASMR in the title, all is well.


So, does anyone have her video of the fire camp? I don't know what was the reason for her deleting this but I found it very relaxing, so if anyone has and can upload it I give my thanks




I can confirm, just got banned there for calling heather a dumb whore



Which thread lol?



She made her instagram account public. And unfollowed all(more than 25 ) transgenders including her favourite sasha and favourite show rupaul. What is her problem with transgenders? She gonna regret that decision. I can bet you.



fuck trannies


File: 5f5b8633fbf9c8b⋯.jpg (24.44 KB, 500x450, 10:9, nigga-wut.jpg)


>unfollowed all the traps

WHAT? That's not progressive at all!

Huge if true. What's her endgame, lads?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


She didn't put ASMR in her video title because that's straight demonetization. Listen this;



She also went on a deleting rampage again. Went from 185 to 118 photos before making the account public



>What is her problem with transgenders?

Who? Goodnight Moon? I love her now!



Maybe she's been spending too much time on 8chan. It's getting to her head. Show yourself Erin!



Do you think she's getting red pilled? You can only lurk here for so long before the bitter truth of this ugly world comes crashing down on you. Even leftypol wants to gas the jews. Maybe we're getting through to her? We can only hope.



>Huge if true

nah, it doesn't matter



Yes. And unfollowed like 200 person before making it public.

And one more thing i noticed just now, her girlfriend account is private, and removed almost all her followers.



When the truth is right in front of your eyes… How could one not be tempted by it?



It does matter. Why she unfollowed them before making her account public? Leave your hate against transgenders aside for a second and answer the question.


She has really made herself limited. First she deleted her facebook account, then her twitter account. Deleted tons of videos from her makeup channel. Deleted most of her photos from instagram. And now unfollowed so many people. And there's only one reason behind all of this.



Let us look at this from a business standpoint. If she comes out as a huge lefty feminazi who only kisses other girls, this could have massive repercussions against her online income. Face it, as much as these girls hate men and the patriarchy and so on, they understand that the only reason they are popular or earning any money is because of orbiting beta males. Erin is doing what's best for business.



That's not true my friend. Every asmritis, big or small, is using ASMR in the title. They would have stopped using it by now, if it was true. But they are still using it in their titles. And as she mentioned, she is not facing any issue.

And the asmrtist she mentioned 'sophie' tried using that method but with no success.



How does it matter? You're literally seeking conspiracies because some bitch unfollowed transgender people on a social media you upload pictures on, it literally has no meaning



It has some amount of meaning. Whether its worth the amount of attention being put into it is debatable, but it certainly says something to unfollow all or most of them at once, something instigated it. I agree though, who cares



Does anyone know if this is Erin's main source of income or if she has another job? Deleting half of her social media accounts and videos isn't a rock solid business venture lmao



Not just half, except instagram she deleted all her social media accounts. Be it facebook, twitter or tumblr.

And yes youtube is the only source of her income. She is only 20 y.o college going student and her parents are pretty rich. So i don't think she needs any other job right now. And beside youtube she has close to 500 patrons on her patreon. What else she needs?



Some anons were discussing about her following transgenders on instagram in this thread. That might have instigated it. Who knows


I really wish she would do another little mermaid video but she's way too well known and connected her accounts and people know her name.

Feels bad man.



If you're going to crush on an unobtainable (to you) woman, it's best if she's a lesbian. She'll never wet your dick but she'll never wet any other dick either. There is comfort in that.



She still loves trannies, she's just hiding the fact. Besides, Blaire White is the only tranny anyone should ever need.



3rd samefag to say you are one smart anon. 100% correct. Almost all of Agatha's income is from straight men.



what you said is absolutely true. you seem one hell of a experience guy in this field. are you?



>She still loves trannies, she's just hiding the fact

did she mention that to you herself? or you have some kind of magical power?


File: 2ab3aadcc3365ea⋯.png (446.13 KB, 759x500, 759:500, cardcaptor-sakura-wallpape….png)


Have you not being reading the thread? Autism is magic, anon-kun.



So she's finally come to her senses and added ASMR in the title of her latest video.

This bitch is an enigma.



>30 years old

>still a cam whore




she's role playing a "Lotte" style character, friend of friends.


File: 69807dc83bceba1⋯.png (849.18 KB, 719x898, 719:898, 20170922_112505.png)

She is no more a redhead, lads.:(



She should stop dyeing her hair all together.


File: ead8fe3a915aaff⋯.png (592.92 KB, 719x846, 719:846, 20170922_112539.png)


basically she does what her girlfriend does.



File: b122e25dce8173f⋯.jpg (49.42 KB, 410x380, 41:38, 1478062988440.jpg)


File: a10021581510179⋯.jpg (24.08 KB, 600x407, 600:407, 130783643800120110725-2204….jpg)


So cute, tfw you will never hug her when she gets upset about what people on /asmr/ say about her


File: 1ad3846e4bc865b⋯.jpg (87.54 KB, 640x496, 40:31, copy.jpg)

Anyone know about the video where she talks about feminism? Can't find it in the deleted folder



it's called Dewy Natural Look (Super Talkative Talk-Through Tutorial) and probably no one has saved it. regarding her opinion on feminism I think she just said that it annoys her when people say they care about gender equality but refuse to call themselves feminists.



i would love to hear her opinion about feminism. she really seems intellectual to me. hope somebody has saved that video and post it over here.



Agreed. I'm really curious as to if she's an oldschool feminist or a man hating maniac. The latter seems to be more applicable, but we will see.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I don't really care that this chick is apparently crazy as fuck. I like her videos.



i thought the traveller was a guy, but guess what it wasn't the case. Throughout the journey it was a female:( why does she do that. I mean, in every video of her the subject is use to be female.



because she's a dyke



- Majority of her Instagram followings are females or trannies

- Will only respond to females or trannies on Instagram (and a leaning side on YT too)

- Only uses female subjects in her videos

What the fuck is going on here?



I think the traveler is meant to be unisex. There's nothing particularly girly about the disguise makeover and you can read the do you want to marry the weird cat dude as the tavern girl fucking with you.



nah man, it wasn't meant to be unisex. If you want to imagine it to be unisex, then good for you. But she was clearly treating the subject as a woman.


File: 746f6049132e48d⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1862x1188, 931:594, Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at ….png)


This. She has even tried luring Angelica to the dyke side.



> There's nothing particularly girly about the disguise makeover

If you think it wasn't a female subject then why she was giving the disguise makeover to the traveller in the first place?


She absolutely ruined the immersion for me by disclosing the gender of the traveller. I used to dream that i was some tough rugged looking traveller in that world and one day i will purpose the inn keeper. But now i come to realise that i was a girl:(



Even in that sister roleplay video the subject was female.doesn't she know that the majority of her subscribers are male. Probably the ratio will be 80-20



She is either a dyke or a staunch man hater (due to some past experience).



i have noticed one thing on her instagram posts that she just doesn't like any of guys comment no matter how good the comment is, but she likes each and every of the girls comment. why so much of prejudice?




her Catwoman make up vid is pretty nice, hope she'll do Catwoman ASMR some day


Every other asmrtist should take some notes from her. All her fantasy videos have been critically and commercially successful. I know her looks and her acting played a crucial role but still i would suggest them to try their hand in fantasy roleplays. People love these.



the makeover is because you're the other person that the queen is looking for because the traveler is a shady women dealing in dark magic.



I didn't understand. Is the nightshade the traveller/subject in this roleplay? I mean, were we roleplaying as the nightshade?




you are right. man, how did i miss it. i am really stupid. there were two pictures inside that envelope. one was of nightshade's acquaintance. and she didn't disclose the acquaintance's gender.



like the girl I meet last summer


she's trying to spin you out with the dykey stuff because that's this girl's MO - she's probably convinced her buddy its somehow subversive to try run a popular asmr channel and do this but it's the latest in a long line of strange ploys for attention. it's always weird, mundane, small scale bullshit with this girl, hiding or obfuscating stuff that just doesn't matter to stoke the mystery. faking the neighbour's music should be enough to tell you where this girl's head is at and how she regards her audience.



Fresh Blush should change her name to Fresh Bigot.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Livestream time lads. I doubt she'll be saving this one after the last 2.



i gotchu fam, i'm downloading it as she streams


File: 394df1e8a1f6624⋯.jpg (141.02 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, gibi approves.jpg)



What are highlights of this stream?




looks like downloading it was unnecessary, she saved it but it's just unlisted.



she mentioned that she will upload a video every 2-3 weeks. This is what having patreon with more than 500 patrons does to you.


Stream confirmed fantasy series is meant to be unisex and squashes the she hates men meme.



Yeah, i know she said that.

But then again,why did she say that at 11:55(timestamp) in the babblebrook video?. She said-" do you want me to send a letter to mr Bennett on you behalf".

She explained in the live stream that it was meant to be funny. But i highly doubt that. She unintentionally or deliberately revealed the gender and when people started questioning her about that part, she tried to shrug it off by saying it was meant to be funny. You can believe her fake story but i can't. Sorry


File: 3b4359d76e8ab42⋯.webm (795.48 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fdsa.webm)


what are you talking about



She also said in the stream that she imagine her best friend ellie at the time of filming each and every roleplay videos.. But i am not saying that she definitely hate men. I am just saying that she is TOO close to her friend.



Just listen to what she was talking about prior to that statement. She was reading a notice from Bennett where Bennett required a wife to look after his cat.

Being a man are you okay to become Bennett's wife and look after his cat?



its a joke nigga



Yeah, it was a joke but still she meant the subject to be female. Don't be in the denial mode.

And the hair style she gave the subject also prove the fact.

And also you can't deny the fact that she imagine a girl as her subject while filming these roleplay videos because according to her she feel comfortable while doing so. She said this in the stream.



if you go back to her first few roleplays like the first bitchy video or chilling outside the party video, she made those female oriented. but she got a lot of hate so she started keeping it unisex. but in her latest video she revealed it intentionally/unintentionally. she doesn't give shit to us men so stop fantasizing



I don't think that being more comfortable with talking to a female subject (though according to her livestream she at least was making efforts to keep it unisex) means that "she doesn't give shit to us men", if her misandry is what you're implying.

at the end of the day, who gives a shit what gender the subject is. but you seem to be quite upset about this.



I am not upset and i also don't give a shit. I was giving some facts to the anon who said that she confirmed the fantasy videos are unisex and she doesn't hate men.

And i don't know if she hate men or not, but i am pretty sure that she never intended to make her roleplays unisex or men oriented which is evident from her first few videos and her claim of imagining the subject to be female. She is only making an effort to make it unisex because of the fear of hate from men.



I remember, in her camping video one lad asked her about the gender of the subject. She replied " it's unisex but i imagined my friend ellie as the subject while filming it".

My question is what was the need to say that?

She could have only said that it's meant to be unisex.



for fuck's sake man, stop this now. you're embarrassing yourself.



Just stop replying to my posts. Else i will keep giving my opinion. It's as simple as that.



ok then, let's tank the thread. now your turn.



Don't be upset. I was just giving my opinion. I am not forcing my belief onto anyone. You keep on believing in whatever you want.



ok, for what it's worth, I don't think you're wrong about the bennett situation. I also don't mind speculating as to her motivations, but I don't think there's enough out there for anyone to be convinced one way or the other at the moment. this is why I think you're embarrassing yourself, because you're defending an opinion on a very tenuous basis. another anon has said you seem upset, which is basically the same thing - it's unreasonable to put so much emphasis on so little 'proof'. especially this post:


hence why you get called out. my first response to you in this thread, by the way.


Does she realize how much money she's missing out on by not advertising her patreon and having $5 as the highest tier?



I think she is afraid of being called a camwhore.

but even without advertising she has more than 500 patrons in such a small span of time.but then again she isn't doing anything extraordinary to deserve more.i mean she upload a video per 3 week.i would never become a patron of her to see 1 video in a month.would you?



I would never give money to anybody on patreon. I'm just saying she could be making a killing.



Don't lie anon. I know you are one of her patron otherwise you wouldn't have come here advertising about her patreon.



Are you the same one earlier on in the thread insisting that she's gay?



Yes, thanks for acknowledging that. But don't you ever think that i am a bad guy. I never said anything bad about her.


File: 71a708a11afe9eb⋯.jpg (820.49 KB, 1277x2270, 1277:2270, 20171006_171836.jpg)

Looks like our guy mongrel skull was present in the live stream


File: 0501a0824e5a0d6⋯.jpg (17.72 KB, 246x244, 123:122, 0501a0824e5a.jpg)


>werewolf warrior roleplay

I like this guy.


File: c1536652cf2d656⋯.jpg (113.82 KB, 800x1126, 400:563, 1507220907190.jpg)





how did you get the live chat after the stream has already finished?



i took the screenshots when she was streaming it.




Don't laugh at him guys. He clearly seems very fond of werewolf. i think Erin should fulfill that guy wish.



Positive energy asteroids will now crash upon your flesh capsule.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

We're back from maintenance with some




she is really good at creating cozy environment. i love these videos more than her fantasy videos.



did she wear that long sleeve sweater(or whatever it is called) so that she can create the thumbnail to attract viewers?



no, I think she wore it to make those noises at the beginning of the video. that is such a weird question by the way. of all the pieces of clothing to attract viewers, I don't think a sweater is one of them.



i don't know about others, but she did look a lot more beautiful(attractive) in that long sleeve sweater to me at least.



and she also kept it as the thumbnail. that why i asked.



It's just that it almost seems like you're saying it's clickbait



no, i would never say it's clickbait. She is definitely not that kind of girl and her videos don't need these silly tactics. i just think she kept that thumbnail so that it looks more attractive and that more people watch the video and that her effort is acknowledged. i have no problem with that whatsoever. but my only complain is that shouldn't have removed the sweater just after 2 min into the video. she looked very beautiful in that and it also provided cozy feeling. hope you understand.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

why no one posted this?



Because nobody cares.


File: 13bf4bea8a89793⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1920x1090, 192:109, 111.png)

did anyone of you guys see this new 'Halloween Haberdasher' video of her. it's belong to her babblebrook series. It's on her patreon, but Gyrus uploaded it on vola.



Are those Angelica's glasses? Are they fucking?



She is very attractive. Quite above the average amongst ASMRists. Whatever she wears she looks good.


Am i the only one that thinks she should roleplay as that character from the Wreck It Ralph film? Penelope Von something something?



yeah completely agree. she looked the hottest in this roleplay. But i also think her makeup skills comes quite handy in making herself look more attractive. And she also never shies away from spending money on her splendid costumes. Wonder why didn't she post this on her channel tho.



This is such an awesome role play. how talented is she!!.And the background in this video is just amazing; where did she get that old wooden shelve? such attention to detail. She completely outdid herself in this one.



What an innovative way to do a 'measuring you' rolaplay. 10/10


File: bae2929615445fa⋯.jpg (244.3 KB, 750x750, 1:1, tony vola.jpg)



I've gotta head over there and download that shit right now. Bless Gyrus.

Rare kissing video from her first channel is there too. Look for Little Mermaid. It's at the bottom, ready to fall off, so get it quick.


File: 6cd4c4540ace248⋯.gif (1.69 MB, 383x576, 383:576, maxtip.gif)





I just finished watching this and HOLY SHIT my mind was blown. This is actual theater levels of quality. I know Pelagea (mah waifu) builds her own sets, but Goodnight Moon just took it to a whole new level. I don't even think (((Hollywood))) could have done much better than this. The set design, costume, makeup, props… all top notch! Where'd she get all that stuff?! Even a working vintage measuring tape! I priced the tape measure and ebay has them for +$50! WTF! God only knows how much her costume cost. I know I'm sounding like a shill here, but I can't get over the levels of quality in this video. Does she take theater in college or have access to it? This production is way too much for an amateur. Wow. I will never talk shit about Erin again.



I think she comes from money, but not nest level wealth. In a livestream she mentioned moving to LA and going to movie make-up school out there, neither of which is cheap. She later mentioned wishing she could attend film school, but that would be to expensive. She has obvviously studied it some on her own. I've always got the impression that she was likely a drama geek in school because she is obviously not new to production methods.




She mentioned it several times that she never took any acting course nor was in any drama group in her school days just because of her social anxiety and shyness. And she also said she won't gonna take any course in future also for the same reason. She is a completely a self taught person and make me respect her a lot more.

And i think making youtube videos for past 8-9 years have helped her a lot in being comfortable in front of the camera.


File: 6a2f67c6eea2464⋯.png (77.48 KB, 719x504, 719:504, 20171027_181508.png)


She is one asmrtist who just doesn't care much about money. She uses most of her patreon and youtube earnings into producing quality content as it is her main priority. She really deserve to be called an artist.


Somebody should request a fish-fag role play.



So this video has confirmed I was right about the fact that the traveler(subject) in these medieval roleplays of her is female. I said this in her previous babblebrook video, but you guys were in a denial mode saying she was joking about that 'Benett marriage notice' part and even said I was embarrassing myself to come up with that conclusion.

Now, I am pretty sure you guys must be feeling embarrassed for not believing me at that time.

But honestly, I don't have any problem with the gender of the subject. Her roleplays are too good to focus on such trivial things. I was just trying to state the fact and nothing else.



I'm not able to find the video anywhere. Can anyone provide me the link to that video?



Unlike reality, you can pretend to be whatever gender you want in a role play. there are two genders



Yes, you are absolutely right, but that can only happen if the character(roleplayer) keeps the subject to be unisex. Then we can pretend it to be whatever gender we want.

But in this roleplay of her she was offering 'us(subject) women clothings and accessories. So this clearly means she didn't want to keep the subject to be unisex. So how can we pretend the gender to be male?



don't be so suburban, men can wear women's clothes if they want



could someone re-up the little mermaid stuff? preferably not on an aids host like vola.



Are you a faggot or what? If yes, then it's fine, but if not, then stop justifying her every move. Not everyone is faggot like you wearing women clothes. What mentally sound, straight man on earth would dress up as a mermaid you faggot. She didn't even ask us what gender cloth we want to buy and straight up started showing women clothings. When was the last time you dressed like a girl for halloween?

And what? Suburban? You are a that kind of person who would be ready to suck a dick in the fear of being called 'suburban'. Right?



holy shit you are so triggered lmao



Yes, triggered as hell. Never call someone a suburban if they don't agree with your opinion.



*your faggotory opinion.


File: 6f961ec3fa00a5b⋯.jpg (70.96 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 1tfb1w.jpg)


This anon always makes the best posts.



Lmao never will understand why people defend social constructs like it's the only way the world could possibly operate.



Thanks for the compliment, but I'm not a faggot. that title should be reserved to the anon i was replying to.



i didn't get you. what made you say that?. Did you watch her haberdasher roleplay? If yes, then do you know what's the whole argument was all about?



Just saw it. It's amazing how much effort and quality she puts in her videos. I love her <3


Vimeo embed. Click thumbnail to play.

They are literal friendship goals! It's like they just can't live without each other. Aren't they look adorable together, anons?



this video has 20 views, where did you find it 🤔



I see what you're saying. If she's roleplaying that the subject is female, you can just pretend to be female. It's roleplaying. That's what you do. Pretend to be someone you are not.


Anybody got a link to the vola?



It's not that difficult to find that, anon. I just had to google Erin Timony and it was there in her vimeo account. That video was filmed when she visited oregon for the first time in 2016. She visited oregon again this year, so don't get confused. They are totally different This video is more than 1 y.o. she didn't post that in her makeup channel tho.



But why did she do that? Prior to that haberdashery video she had been doing so well in keeping her medieval roleplays to be gender neutral. But in that video she completely ruined the immersion by revealing the gender to be female. She didn't reveal it for the past 8 videos that medieval series of her. Can you believe it?

But don't know why she felt important in revealing in this latest one.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8 roleplays in 1. It can't get any better than this, anon.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8 roleplays in 1. It can't get any better than this, anon.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8 roleplays in 1. It can't get any better than this, anon.


Why you guys spamming this thread?



>But don't know why she felt important in revealing in this latest one.

You're assuming it was a conscious choice. More than likely she just slipped up in containing her lesbian autism when writing the script.



yeah, it's completely a conscious decision.In all her roleplay videos the subect is female.Tell me one which isn't female oriented. I thought her medieval videos were gender neutral, but they are also not. She don't even keep it unisex.

It feels like she is making these roleplays not for us (viewers), but only for her girlfriend Isabelle.

I also get the feeling that she sculpted her GF in her sculpture video.


Goodnight Moron


File: 2e2083ce6ee5d35⋯.jpg (94.21 KB, 499x518, 499:518, meme-praise-kek-for-sethwi….jpg)





This is an excellent point. It's an obvious move to remove cock from her audience. Agatha was pursuing a similar strategy and it worked to a degree (went from 80%ish male to 60%ish male).

It's not too difficult. Just do more and more things slowly make males feel more and more uncomfortable to encourage them to leave. The gender reveal was her using a weapon of mass destruction to get men out. Could be a sign she is becoming desperate.


i just don't get, how come i don't find one single lewd comment in any of her videos.

does she moderate her comment section herself or has she appointed some moderator to do that?


File: 5cb3b3d419da5c9⋯.jpg (37 KB, 666x441, 74:49, GNM.JPG)


That's easy Anon! Erin is pure. So no lewdiness of her part means no lewd comments :)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Did anyone save that livestream? She's deleted it I think, I can't download it



I noticed that too. Maybe she deleted it by accident? It didn't even lasted a minute.



This video had 20 views on the day it was posted over here, but now it has 39.7k views.

how is it possible? How did this happen?



She looks more like a chink to me…

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