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Fresh meat, boys.


wow, she's really pretty

inb4 anon calls her a nonwhite, jew, roastie etc


choker hoe


File: a1d63a26e6aca24⋯.jpg (821.28 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, p6851_p_v8_aa[1].jpg)


"Choker Hoe" would be a good name for a Burt Reynolds movie.



He was a great actor. RIP



2 months old channel and 51 videos. Like Wtf!.

How is that even possible? Amd I thought Angelica was the most frequent uploader.


You guys finally found her. Every day I came here wondering when she would show up. I'm surprised it took this long. She's the one I was talking about in another thread when I said there is an ASMRtist out there who is more beautiful than all the others and uploads almost daily. I'm the same person who discovered ASMR Clarity. This Prim girl is the best. Uploads almost daily, extremely beautiful, has a great personality, doesn't ask for money, makes real ASMR videos because she loves it. There is literally nothing to dislike about her.



Her face is a litte chubby. She need to lose some weight. And yes, she is more beautiful than all the others except goodnight moon.



I will agree that Goodnight Moon is a beautiful girl, so you have great taste. I still think Prim is the most beautiful though. Also, I like girls with curves and roundish faces, so I definitely don't want her to lose weight. I think she's as perfect as can be.


File: 5d42df217ec499d⋯.png (322.4 KB, 398x327, 398:327, dana.png)


OK calm down buddy she's alright



she's like 12, calm down


File: 75b4be7156c284e⋯.jpg (30.8 KB, 326x346, 163:173, Koko.JPG)



Your autism transcends threads.


File: 93d738156c94356⋯.webm (4.1 MB, 320x240, 4:3, tism.webm)


File: ef0a807cd2f84a7⋯.jpg (121.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, american-psycho-w1280.jpg)

4.5/10+ females giving incels life advice



any nudes?



Prim is pure. She has no nudes. Yet.


In all honesty, lads, I believe that Prim is possibly the prettiest ASMRtits. Prettier than even Pelagea or Darling. How she has so much content, but still under 500 subs… it boggles the mind. Her channel is going to blow up once she gets noticed.


She'll look like Lilium in a few years. Mark my words.



We need to do something for her channel to blow, so that she keeps on posting videos. I'm afraid she gonna stop making videos due to less views and subs. How about posting her videos on reddit?

Btw, Erin is the most beautiful asmrtist in my opinion.



I think she's one heartbreak away from going mad.



Oh, man… geez. I hate to admit that you're probably right. Maybe she'll keep posting, out of love. probably not I almost don't want to see her become popular because I'm afraid it will corrupt her. Those normie faggots from reddit will be begging her to create a patreon so they can throw money at her. Serious moral dilemma. What do?



Don't think too much, man. If she is really pure and nice girl, then I don't think a few bucks gonna corrupt her. Take goodnight moon and latte for an example. They are the top asmrtists earning thousands of bucks, but still maintained their purity and integrity.

And the other thing is some asmrtists starts making sexual videos if they don't get enough views on their normal videos.

So, imo we need to do make her channel blow. Because if you would not do that then she would either stop making videos or start making sexual videos. What do you want?


Has she been JUNKSed yet?


damn her phace is phat



Not yet. Super dangerous. Her room is a fire hazard. She might be on an episode of Hoarders someday.


You make a good point, anon. Let's make her famous. Post her vids on r/asmr and whichever one of you anons run the 8ch/asmr twitter account, put that shit in the #asmr hashtag for all the normies to find. 1000 subs by the end of the month shouldn't be a problem… to get the ball rolling.



its already on twitter


File: 40da8b5c2c555ac⋯.jpg (38.3 KB, 708x422, 354:211, 21040946_161332824420267_4….jpg)


>So, imo we need to do make her channel blow.


>You make a good point, anon. Let's make her famous.

This screams (((samefag))) stop replying to yourself retard also we are no your personal army faggot



what if she doesnt want to be famous?

you guys should leave her alone.


My advice is to not do anything. She loves making ASMR videos and she's definitely not going to stop. She's not doing this to become famous. If it happens, it happens (and it will almost certainly will anyway since it's obvious she's going to become extremely popular gradually). It's actually much better this way, popular channels often lose their charm. I'm not saying this would happen to Prim, but seriously, tampering with this could seriously backfire. Just leave her alone, and enjoy her videos.

I personally do dread the day when idiots start begging her to take their money, and I really hope she never changes.


Oh and by the way, to the idiot who said she's 12, she's mentioned a few times that she went to cosmetology school after she finished high school. She just looks young.


File: ab60abe2cc7e1e4⋯.jpg (53.51 KB, 640x418, 320:209, 1513412173075.jpg)


This tbqh

Something is lost when an asmr girl becomes famous (30k + subs)



I kinda want to slide Prim off this board and keep her safe. She's too good for us. Keep Prim pure. Do not bump.



I agree completely.

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