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File: 45254e4ca09c1c2⋯.jpg (26.29 KB, 500x282, 250:141, this will trigger that fuc….jpg)


OLD: >>121943

I have never seen one person get so angry at such a small thing. Perhaps they need to learn that memes exist for a reason, and they are the will of the community. Restricting the community and memes is counter-intuitive to discussion and culture propagation. "Lacking independent thought" - is just a idiots superficial observation, as the memes fit the individuals feelings perfectly, and it manifests itself as the product and choice of independent thought.

Enough about that autist though, tomorrow I am buying a kebab.


File: f18b3a9c72d4a13⋯.jpg (364.91 KB, 750x725, 30:29, pepe in rug2.jpg)

Just slipped under the cover boys



Time for comfy bed wank



Its a great feel - even better when its the first time since putting fresh sheets on.


I don't really have anything to say, just wanted to post in the new thread



>1 good boy point has been deposited in your account



New thread always makes me feel accomplished I made something.


Feeling tired NEETs


Anyone still up?



Me, gotta go to wfd at 9am



When are you getting a cert and ending your suffering?


I am no longer NEET. I'm still on autism (re: depression and anxiety) bux but I'm at TAFE now so I can get some casual work in an office doing business admin shit before AI takes over and takes even that small possibility away from me.

I can never, ever go back to retail.

Wish me luck.



When I have the balls to lie to a pjaeet doctor, not really. There's chicks there and some guys I knew from back in the day so why not waste my time there



Good luck neet, do you get working credit?



you're gonna make it brah



What kind of kebab? I like lamb with garlic sauce and all the trimmings



Good luck m8, hope it works out good for ya


File: cb5b9caccb9bec6⋯.gif (2.11 MB, 380x285, 4:3, 1438146472519.gif)

Good morning neets


One day I was really stoned, wanking in my bed late at night in my parents house at 24 years of age, unemployed, probably on a Tuesday, and I realized that I don't even put effort into fapping anymore. I lay down on my back, rest my upper arm on the mattress and my forearm on my torso, and jiggle my hand up and down for five minutes. It's not a very passionate experience.

Fuck man. I've felt so bad since then and I want to improve my situation but I can't do anything without money and it's a fucking fact that I can't get a job. I can honestly say that I've given it my best effort.

Maybe I just need to stop stressing about something I can't change, do something that I can change (finish my degree) and take this as a life lesson: sometimes shit just doesn't go the way you want it to go.



>Police reports of what? And have you checked if there are any salacious vids or pics on the phone? If so please share

Burglary, her kid doing damage to prive property, etc all boring shit tbh.

No videos or anything worth posting.





File: 38697a7fe7aa00c⋯.jpg (8.09 KB, 249x249, 1:1, 1440704549077s.jpg)

Just reported and completed my job search.



That must feel good, if I got the dole I'd be celebrating in your position. What's the plan for the day?


File: e18748f65214341⋯.jpg (437.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170420104253_1.jpg)

Pretty comfy truck to drive


File: d615b2668ccc48b⋯.jpg (712.42 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Blood_gulch.jpg)


Not a whole lot today. Just going to finish reading the rape of nanking and browse the web, might go for a walk later considering how nice the weather is. Get paid tommorow so going to get a haircut and treat myself to a burger or maybe some sushi.

Whats on your agenda today?


Wish truck driving was as comfy as in sims. In reality its extreme loneliness, sleep deprivation and pissing in bottles.

Bit like neet life I suppose.



>Just reported and completed my job search.

I do mine late then blame the medication on forgetfulness.



It really is nice mild yet sunny weather lately and seemingly for the next few days, perfect NEET walk weather.

Nothing much for me, I need a NEETcut soon too though so might get that knocked over this afternoon. Where do you guys go to find someone who doesn't speak to you 24/7 during it?


File: 0c4b1e98c2c8ea5⋯.webm (2.72 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, clarence_kennedy.webm)


>Where do you guys go to find someone who doesn't speak to you 24/7 during it

I go to this chink joint called salon express. You put 10 dollars in a machine then get a ticket and wait until your numbers called. None of the chinks who have cut my hair tried to make any conversation besides what kind of cut I wanted.


>had to install chinky freeware proprietary software to get my ipod working




Yes, when I start working I will get to keep my pension until I've proven I can work full time and support myself. In the meantime any money I earn after a certain point gets deducted from my centrelink.



Thanks for the encouragement guys. I might even find some delicious office lady christmas cake if I get some work!



I pay 28 bucks for a haircut, getting ripped off



Morning m8

I know that feel when it all gets a bit pointless.

I try and make myself do stuff then, chores and shit.

Sometimes it actually works, makes me feel I've done something and I feel a bit better.


File: 9dd73fccaa787bc⋯.png (6.53 KB, 249x144, 83:48, 1.png)


he pins

>big fuck


File: 1c594226aaa3d66⋯.png (81.09 KB, 620x992, 5:8, O83kTzf.png)






>not calling it the weed number day edition


File: 2ef14589190694f⋯.png (20.86 KB, 497x386, 497:386, CaptchaWantsMyCock.png)

File: a85d56bd980472a⋯.png (5.78 KB, 271x153, 271:153, rude.png)



These are the best ones I've got


File: 7f21ebc6716d1ca⋯.webm (1.05 MB, 720x720, 1:1, Ilya Ilyin 246kg C&J Worl….webm)


Excuse me?

He is a vegan so maybe he pins b12 but that is it.

He is definitely natty.



Just cut your own hair its cheaper and and easier.



Get mummy to do it



Just let it grow into a glorious neet mane



This, just get some electric clippers and shave your head.


They're moving the wfd place today, get next week off




>not loving the feeling of getting your hair cut


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


My last haircut was p bad, there was foreign music playing(embed related).

The entire store you could hear everyone speaking Arabic, it was like I was in a live leak video.

I paid 20 dollars, got an uneven spot on the front that I ended up having to trim myself.


Cheesecake is that you? How'd the meal with Mummybot go?

I got a bit of reading done too, although it was light, some manga that I had bought a while ago and never read and I was reading a bit more of Guerilla Mindset, glad I didn't pay for it cause tbh the book's kinda basic normie advice.

I was going out a bit more, in the morning I walked around for 20-30 mins and listened to Aphex Twin.

Otherwise I've been practicing Mario 64 runs, I'm starting off with 16 star runs. It's kind of amazing how much autism power is used for finding glitches for speedruns.


File: ae24cc52dc3dc4e⋯.jpg (205.63 KB, 585x393, 195:131, 6PR5at9kRPBVjGbO3PV33SZ5ni….jpg)


>not knowing the feeling of a cleanly shaven head

>not knowing the feeling of lots of blood dripping from your head

Also, someone just showed me this.

It's a Hitler painting, he was pretty good.



>Cheesecake is that you? How'd the meal with Mummybot go?

No. I never got around to having it due to a few arguments. I thought things got better with her but they didn't.


>>122840 This is

>>122802 - that post isn't me

Fuck we need ID's



id's are cancer


File: 6cf8438cea90aa9⋯.jpg (94.16 KB, 592x332, 148:83, KFC.jpg)


How was the kebab? I ended up with KFC's new tobasco sauce-marinated chicken. The meal was only $5 too, the tobasco chicken was kinda spicy but not any more or less than their wicked wings.



This tbh, i don't want to have any level of responsibility for the dumb shit i post


Wanted to eat some chocolate but there's 80 grams of sugar in it


You neets should feel shame for taking that bait from last thread


File: da8507d908210ad⋯.webm (2.87 MB, 1814x1020, 907:510, cocky nigger.webm)


sugar is a metabolic bully. Its hard to avoid since they sneak into just about anything packaged or processed.



If he comes back I'm telling my mum



Ah, right.

You were only pretending to be retarded ?


It's so hard to make friends as a neet

>all the ausneets from perth I got to know on discord are too paranoid to meet up

>no meetup groups for my interests

>no one responded to my craigslist ad

>BTFO on okcupid

>BTFO on tinder



Your bait was shit mate



That's because there is a 75% chance you're a cop, a degenerate, or an undercover mummybot



Chances are we've all seen each other a MAX before


File: f2d370c37bd07db⋯.webm (5.22 MB, 640x360, 16:9, GnP.webm)

It's 4/20 and it's nearly 4:20.


File: bc3d6e41be10665⋯.jpg (67.13 KB, 434x700, 31:50, hero.jpg)


Happy birthday, Hitler


Had to do a really big poo when I got home today, had to wipe my ass a hundred times it was so messy



So all he needs to do is ask all the awkward looking white males if they post on 8chan and then try to befriend the ones who get sweaty and try to avoid you


File: 34766864dcc688a⋯.gif (180.27 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 34766864dcc688aba7b35a56d8….gif)


I'm p sure most normal people don't want to be attached to porn, /pol/ and the drug use that these generals have had, also the pedo poster we have in this thread.

Even under a pseudonym, I'm sure one of you guys could have a hidden button camera and record this supposed meetup that were to occur. What would we even talk about? It would be depressing and quite frankly boring.

I remember one of you guys taking creep shots, at a bakery and inside a supermarket.



We could play roshambo or piss on eachother and the neet most covered in piss has to buy the goonbag



Yeah i wouldn't even want anybody knowing that ive posted on 4chan, let alone the chan that is basically 4chan with more pedos


Jesus fuck, it's almost been a year since I accidentally got a job.



Wagecucking just drains the life away



The money's nice. Shame I need to trade a third of my life to enjoy the other third though.




Aren't you guys NEET losers?

What non existent irl social circle are you so worried about meeting someone from an imageboard tainting?

It would be easier to admit you don't have the self confidence or social skills to talk to a stranger rather than these mental gymnastics.



On the internet I'm a god


File: fb6a6b39e814b90⋯.jpg (1.99 MB, 4864x2736, 16:9, IMG_20170420_171537.jpg)

File: ae3bdb5278b64dc⋯.jpg (2.14 MB, 4864x2736, 16:9, IMG_20170420_171553.jpg)

File: 420d8daec4a922d⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1337x629, 1337:629, 111.png)

File: f966d9ac41875b0⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1340x752, 335:188, 222.png)

File: 4909a1227513cca⋯.png (2 MB, 1340x754, 670:377, 333.png)



Instead I got a snack box from my local kebab shop. Hot, seasoned doner meat, on a bed of seasoned chips, topped off with chili and garlic sauce, with a egg. Also got a "Lime spider" drink, all for $14.50.

Tasted brilliant and I enjoyed the drink, even though I don't like soft drinks much. Lime and vanilla flavor.



Abdul probably had a wank in it


File: 7e5c0f34daffe79⋯.png (1.39 MB, 773x976, 773:976, Toyosatomimi no Miko, Mono….png)

Greetings, it is I, the magnificent beacon of enlightenment and enemy of fr*gposters and all other degenerates! I have returned!



Are you on the WA channel of that discord?



I would be open to meeting up with people provided we don't use our real names, and no one brings cameras. Perth NEET here.


File: a02156163e36ea6⋯.png (66.61 KB, 616x596, 154:149, pepfuck you.png)



Avatar fagging with anigays is far worse than frog posting.


My head-phones are broken and now I cannot listen to music or watch anything. I have had enough and will buy some tomorrow.


File: cb3d5f90dc14bec⋯.jpg (45.49 KB, 600x580, 30:29, 009az3_31.jpg)


You know they slit the throat and bleed the cow to death without electrocuting them for that meat right? Inhumane treatment.


There isn't a WA channel.

Me & CheesecakeNEET have no intention to meetup. You might get NEET King but even then I doubt he would do that.


File: f328a6d3973f912⋯.png (354.98 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Sakuya 004.png)


The anime universe is as vast, deep and full of life as the sea of Japan, that of the frog poster is as small, lifeless and salty as Garabogazköl.



>Are you on the WA channel of that discord?

Nah I'm not in the discord for this general. I'm in several r9k aus discords which have almost 10 WA neets between them. I should have clarified.

What are you doing this weekend? I would be keen to meet where ever, I got paid last night so I can shout ya if you are broke.



I may be a loser but I'm also a paranoid loser


Doing some stinky mean farts right now



Quality use of a post there neet



>You know they slit the throat and bleed the cow to death without electrocuting them for that meat right?

it's just how they do things in the middle east

>catch a cow, slit its throat

>catch an enemy, slit its throat

>catch your wife with another man, slit its throat

>catch a fag, throw it off a roof



>catch a goat, fuck it to death and sell the meat to the next village


Mummies away till monday, gonna be a bad boy



Wank with the door open


File: ca525059053e2ae⋯.png (383.45 KB, 704x1070, 352:535, 1444982274407.png)



Oh shit, we've got a goon in our midst.



question is, does whatever that gets left inside count as stuffing or a brine?



I think it's called cum



this is a neet general m8

i'm sure there is a lot of goon around



Just never buy goat with mayonnaise from an arab m8



Isn't that what the natives drink?


Tonights dinner

Beef Ravioli, with tomato and garlic sauce, mixed herbs added and melted tasty cheese.

Pepsi Max with Vanilla

It's been a while since I've had the ravioli its a perfect NEET food. Gonna be even better eating it in Winter.



I already did that 4 times today, walking around the house drinking milk out of the carton in my underpants



I'm eating a mouldy sandwich I found in a bin



nah they drink petrol which looks a bit like red goon

difference is one is made with grapes and the other made by arabs


File: 9fa474a68a8e33b⋯.jpg (259.64 KB, 480x800, 3:5, 1492690866811.jpg)



Don't alert either 4ch or 8ch /r9k/ to /aus/, seriously I don't want that crowd ruining the NEET threads. It's bad enough when Reddit came into /aus/ around the election.



>when Reddit came into /aus/ around the election

God that was fucked.



looks pretty good but that is a lot of ice for a drink


File: ee4aba3bc1b80ca⋯.gif (815.86 KB, 480x320, 3:2, ee4.gif)


What's wrong with 4chan?


File: 4dd5e052982a818⋯.jpg (120.11 KB, 349x500, 349:500, dMiSn00.jpg)


1 hr left

Well doubt anyone here smoked any weed today, if you did good on you but I haven't had any in a while.


File: 069a5a7d958b079⋯.jpg (18.93 KB, 371x396, 371:396, images (2).jpg)

>tfw acid reflux



It's for degenerates.



>You know they slit the throat and bleed the cow to death without electrocuting them for that meat right? Inhumane treatment.

I asked the guy there if it was halal and apparently it wasn't. He didn't look like a Muslim.


What is next to the ravioli? Are they dumplings?



I should've been smoking.

Was meant to get a half oz yesterday but It's not till tomorrow now.

I have failed uncle Adolf.



Nevermind, that ice looks weird though.


Anyone still awake?


Has anyone else noticed that if you need to take a piss, but then lie down, the feeling goes away?



think it's the opposite for me tbh



Is that your way of admitting you piss the bed m8 ?



I lie down and piss in the bed, then yell at mummy to clean it up and give me a bath



just woke up and had brekkie

three pies and two energy drinks


it's like a goon sack m8, liquids and even distribution make it easy work to hold in


File: e1c46a370e147e5⋯.jpg (21.16 KB, 640x360, 16:9, brendan in space.jpg)

Another day on planet earth



Should I treat myself and get drunk tonight?





why not?



trying to figure out if the place i want to jump from is high enough



It's probably not, stay inside and shitpost instead



If you are thinking that then it's not. I wouldn't want to risk surviving and becoming a paraplegic.



but being a vegetable means you don't have to do wfd



but that means tracey grimshaw wins


File: 262f0280b497c38⋯.jpg (35.95 KB, 400x400, 1:1, pepe aqua fresh.jpg)


Gonna send mummy a birthday card today.



I know it's probably not the case but I can't help picturing you "sending" it by sliding it under your bedroom door


File: d7652fc78306209⋯.jpg (72.11 KB, 811x608, 811:608, 1450970211427.jpg)

Always feel the most depressed in the half an hour or so after I have my strong morning coffee.




chans are fucking dead

last time i had fun was the 2014 world cup on halfchan /sp/


File: 59815b8663f5445⋯.png (152.16 KB, 320x294, 160:147, just its over.png)


>mfw THAT spammer during the worldcup



To be honest no matter how you view it in retrospect the last few months of pol before trump got elected were very fun.



>tfw the fatcunt mods banned me for the 7-1 game



Coffee always makes me happier.



Probably becase the daily routine reminds you how repetitve your life is


File: 7b0d8801c2a7d0e⋯.jpg (136.35 KB, 746x982, 373:491, born to feel.jpg)


No, because after drinking it you feel productive and wonder why you haven't been doing anything in life only to remember how you're a failure and you have nothing going for you.


>have a dream that i have a goon bag

>wake up and realize i don't

Another day another disappointment


File: 6fa4e8ac3294d4d⋯.jpg (88.03 KB, 1648x926, 824:463, hikage opens can.jpg)

Did a neet shop and got a haircut. Inghams tendies are on special at coles btw boys.

Get this job services appointment out of the way this afternoon and then I can relax. Always feel unreasonably anxious prior.



IKTF. When I had to slog it out there it made my anxiety levels skyrocket.



A date with the Dan can fix that m80.



Would get dspbux then m8



I like the dreams where your married to the goon bag and have goon bag children



Are baby goon bags just bottles of wine?


File: d36384c6487fb59⋯.jpg (38.96 KB, 550x412, 275:206, wine-in-a-juice-box-with.jpg)




They'e 2 litre casks


I woke up and my blanket feels sweaty. Need winter pls



Need AC



Fella's just got a fat baby, baby didn't choose that life



Yeah that would be good, but you might get too cold then.


File: 9bab46df6a99307⋯.png (677.92 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1492650601763.png)

why are australians so dumb



Drug use and underage drinking.



Because of big benis of course



File: 27174fa0779e1c0⋯.jpg (71.67 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 1485776280183.jpg)

Pepime is the future of neet memes



Looks nasty tbqh. Do you literally have to ask for a 'halal snack pack'?


Another can of Heinz?


What sort of messed-up excuse for a breakfast is that?


You're simply experiencing the withdrawal symptoms of caffeine addiction



>withdrawal symptoms of caffeine addiction

Right after drinking coffee?


File: 8027a095a0d4c4d⋯.jpg (14.38 KB, 268x188, 67:47, who.jpg)

Had a zinger box upgraded to large, vomited as soon as I got home. Maybe the chicken was undercooked?

Drinking now.



Explain this meme this instant!



I remember back in high school when I did landscaping we mowed the lawns and trimmed trees at a WA salvage, then it burned down. I always wondered if Luigi was Tony from spudsheds brother


File: b36f54a60e8e60c⋯.png (7.36 KB, 420x420, 1:1, easter.png)

File: 3da7c5e191b0392⋯.jpg (32.03 KB, 480x480, 1:1, nico.jpg)


it's 'easter?' pepe as nico from love live


File: 43e490d6ed52d7c⋯.jpg (185.19 KB, 1125x1084, 1125:1084, 1490178864359.jpg)




A combination of two of the worst things in the world, frogposting and id*l anime, truly this is as disgusting as it can get.



Best to line your stomach with alcohol before eating any fast-food



idolshit is best genre mate



You can't even start your sentences with capitals, you are clearly too stupid to know any better I suppose.



second best

cgdct SOL is the GOAT



>using proper capitals on a chan



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

See any of your parents here?



I hate anime but I love frogs sexually



my mummybot was already in her 20s then


File: 2e4e4b122252642⋯.jpg (45.21 KB, 570x402, 95:67, de6ca1e9eacaf487e1a360c7aa….jpg)


>What sort of messed-up excuse for a breakfast is that?

cheat day, normally it's an avocado and some twiggies

trying to eat my way through 3 potato and gravies frrom kfc and 250g doritos but i think i underestimated how much food that is


File: d050cf81a512f41⋯.jpg (49.07 KB, 500x375, 4:3, essemmyougee.jpg)



My parents were young professionals and owned their own home in 86. Only got myself to blame for being a dole mole loser.

Perth CBD hasn't changed a bit. Beacon attracting the most dero and destitute.



Because we work so hard at it cuntface



I thought you fucked off and weren't coming back Mr Nofun interleckshul better than the rest of us neet


File: 25997f2b8aee247⋯.jpg (40.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, just fly.jpg)

bit over two months until I will be obligated to do wftd.

It's either get a med cert or suicide.



Only thing that's changed since then is more brown people



you could always go to jail



You'll be hanging out with me, I get next week off wfd because the rent for the building was too high and they wanna move somewhere cheaper


File: 474c0c9033435e1⋯.gif (143.62 KB, 193x193, 1:1, 1455241556391.gif)


I did leave, and then I returned but then this is a new thread so I did leave the other thread and never went back.


Of course an id*l anime fan would also be a fr*gposter, why am I even surprised….


File: eb138f6f96c9f8e⋯.jpg (95.43 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, brendan at subway.jpg)


I'm south of the river so i doubt it. I don't know anything about how it works. Asked my case manager about it today and she picked up her phone mid conversation before telling me I could go.


File: 1c6feb304ce17b3⋯.jpg (123.88 KB, 580x370, 58:37, sevenseasarisu.jpg)

Should I buy it lads?



Also, I came back yesterday. >>122889



Just read it online. Don't know how you could justify buying physical media on the dole.



Most people here buy alcohol, some even drugs



Booze and drugs are mandatory for true NeetHood



not sure what point I was trying to make

just buying mangas going to eat into your budget for food,booze and drugs.

If it worth it to you then thats fine.



I wouldn't but it's up to you really.


Why not? You can end up with a fair amount of expendable income if you are on the dole and living with your mum.


True degeneracy you mean.



I hate to break it to you mate but being a dole bludger means you're a degenerate too, might as well embrace it



South of the river? prepare to be crammed in a room full of the lowest of life that rockingham has to offer



I am in the situation I am in because of poor luck and the way the world and society is in these modern times. There is not really a place for people such as I.

I guess it still could be seen as such but even so, even if I am degenerate I still have the dignity and humanity to prevent myself from falling any further.



I'm not that far south lol. What is the morley wftd crowd like?



lot of gay sex going on. no joke. weird place.



I see, how did you end up with 3 x potato and gravies? Did you just buy them alone or with meals?

I just had toast for dinner, when you're depressed you don't have much of an appetite


Same, just relieved that I'll only have to do 15 hours as I'm over 30, and I'll probably give it a go too (for at least a day as I'm incredibly lonely). I have been leaving the house quite regularly though and have walked past this one boganish chick several times as well as today which prompted her to say "I see you all the time" or something along those lines. I may have an opportunity here for something far greater than could be found on Pornhub.



Morley might as well be rockingham or balga, I only do it near joondalup ways



Don't go near bogan bitches, it will be like having an evil mummy bot you can fuck



Take a chance and approach her next time. I have a mental catalog of missed chances where interest was a lot clearer then that.



implying that sounds like a bad thing



You'd better start making those profits for Mr Goldstein or you'll get the sack m80, don't be believing any of that 'not-for-profit' b.s. either. I guarantee you someone's making money off of those bikes.



bought them by themselves since i was looking for something to go with these chips



No, only people making a profit out of that place are the ones who own the organisation scamming money out of the gov, rumour has it they get $3500 for every bludger sent there



When she first spoke to me a few weeks ago I initially thought she was about 16 but I noticed a tattoo on her the other day so I'm now assuming/hoping that she's at least 18. Don't wanna end up on a certain registry…


Yeah I plan on it. Today I passed her as I was leaving so just smiled. I haven't talked to a grill that wasn't a cashier in about 5 years though. Just imagine 100 cans of Heinz spaghetti being opened at once…



Minors can get tattoos. Trashy bogan ones definitely have parents who would consent too



That is such a weird combination tbqh, I'd have rather 3 bowls of freshly-made qaucomole but you said today's a cheat day so I'm guessing you woke up with a plan of eating anything that comes to mind?


I know all about MAX



>I'm guessing you woke up with a plan of eating anything that comes to mind?

i try to keep things fresh

thought it would be like stale poutine but all i can taste is regret and nacho cheese



Can always try looking in your local dumpster, might be something tasty that's only a few hours old



>True degeneracy you mean

True NEETs are degenerates.

Moralfag NEETs are filthy casuals.



i did say it came from kfc



16 is legal here m8, you're confusing us with 'Merica


File: 8158bf7fb4d7ee8⋯.png (7.38 KB, 240x210, 8:7, wojak in bed.png)



>tfw no 16 yo gf



Steal that other NEETs potential 16 yo bogan gf

Quick ! before he gets her.



>Looks nasty tbqh. Do you literally have to ask for a 'halal snack pack'?

They called it meat box. I am sure it isn't even halal, remember not all kebab shops are run by muslims.



My local kebab shop is run by christian lebs. Even being christian they don't have any pork options. Even non muslims from that part of the world think pigs are filthy.



>complains about frogposting

>avatarfags with anime pics

>censors his words like a 90 year old who goes on the internet for the first time

And people who post pepes lack independent thought?



You Perth? I am south of the river too.



I am too lazy to drink and do drugs. It requires effort I don't have.




Technically I'm SOR. I dunno what you would call vic park/lathlain, inner suburbs?



>Why not? You can end up with a fair amount of expendable income if you are on the dole and living with your mum.

This is what I do and it's comfy as.



Vic park is south of the river. Has a lot of good restaurants there so I hear. I am more in the hills area though.



16 year olds are literally the worst kind of people. I guess i can understand wanting to fuck them (not my idea of fun though) but gfing them sounds horrible



Yeah a lot of of decent asian restaurants on the albany highway strip. It's weird. I don't why there is such a large korean community. There are 3 small korean grocers in the same complex as my local woolies.



KFC keep their dumpsters unlocked most of the time


>buy some hot cross buns

>get the chocolate ones

>put them in the toaster like I do the fruitless ones I buy

>get them out the packet and the chocolate on them is already starting to melt

>They shrink while toasted so they are hard as fuck to get out

>the chocolate chips on them melted, and is now 100c+

>burn my hand multiple times trying to get them out

>finally spend 5 minutes fucking around and finally get a half mangled, bun out of the toaster

>burnt hand covered in burns and chocolate, melted

>aww yisss

>get the butter out and spread some on the bun

>doesn't even taste good and the chocolate made me feel a bit sick

Fucking shitty meme food. I was very optimistic about the chocolate hot cross bun and it was a complete disaster




I can tell you have no Idea how annoying women can be



Tfw Joondalup master race



Get a small toaster, that way you can tip the nigger upside down and your cooked bread bounty can fall out onto your plate


File: 8d0664eaee0e51c⋯.png (48.18 KB, 400x389, 400:389, 1425181342564.png)



i feel you, chocolate and bread should remain separate

walked by some new fanta jelly drink last week and almost fell for it



Or just use a fork like a normal person

You can even use a plastic one if you're a little pussy who is afraid of a bit of electricity



Or get mummy to do it



But if mummybot breaks then you have to find a way to cook tendies in the toaster yourself


If I can keep saving a bit of my bux I might go see a hooker soon. Last time was a shit show (4 years ago). I will get cialis or viagra this time..



Did she laugh?



I might have to try that Jelly flavor. I had that green spider drink and it tasted alright. More willing to take a risk on a soft drink as I can mix it with vodka if it turns out rubbish.



in engrish *so small* she commented at my flacid penis (genuinely not a joke). She saw my reaction to that comment and eased up.


could only get hard while being sucked off

went flacid when I put it in her cunt

ended up wanking myself off while she gobbled my balls

was only 120 so whatever lol

made me feel very depressed at the time lol



North of the river is better than south I hear. Fuck all south of the river, everyone always goes north, goes into the city, who the fuck goes south?


File: 1384b2a6e2cbdc0⋯.jpg (33.88 KB, 1024x449, 1024:449, patrick-bateman-mirror.jpg)


I remember the first time going to a brothel, the whole time I was drunk and worried if I could get it up. Spent most of the time fucking the chinky poo in front of the mirror checking myself out while I did my exotic neet sex moves.



It makes me depressed just reading it, i probably would have offed myself tbh



Was she ugly?



oh fug you just gave me a brilliant idea

vodka with sarsaparilla



That's just plain sad



> $120 chink hooked

I'd be surprised if she didn't have a beard


She looked like the average south east asia chink. Wouldn't say she was ugly. Has no tits and not much ass either, at least she was not fat.

Her pics on backpage were definitely not her.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Latina brand, the usual choice. Who eats ravioli from a can?


Only hard drugs are degenerate.

The true degeneracy is porn posting and encouraging NEETs to order prostitutes/have casual sex.


Just put hot cross buns in the microwave so they're actually "hot".

The sugar in the chocolate makes the bun heat very fast. Besides, your the only person I've ever heard of toasting hot cross buns.



Maybe that was it, you were just not attracted to her. I know I would not be able to keep it up for a south east asian.



All drugs are degenerate. Porn posting is too and encouraging NEETS to order prostitutes is a bit but then it's mans natural instinct to want that kind of thing, so it's less degenerate than drugs.


yeah that probably contributed it to it. I was a virgin and very uncomfortable being naked in front of a stranger.



>Her pics on backpage were definitely not her.

could be like those camera tricks they use with mcdonalds menus


i've had toasted hot cross buns before but they were toasted because they were stale



>Latina brand, the usual choice. Who eats ravioli from a can?

I do.

And its actually quite nice, the heinz one



Will have to give that a go, it sounds quite nice



So why are drugs degenerate ?

Please explain.



Because they are a substance people abuse and they turn people into mindless zombies.



>why are drugs degenerate

Next you'll be asking why crossdressing is degenerate


File: 922ad5d6a6874eb⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 750x750, 1:1, t3_5mp9a7.gif)

That makes me wonder: what the hell do NEETs without internet do?

I'm not talking about full retards or druggies who degen from day to day, but somewhat regular guys down on their luck. The reason I use the internet so frequently is because I'm too poor to do anything else.

Also it's my birthday so


File: e748b4f0c35afab⋯.jpg (4.72 KB, 130x125, 26:25, ferret.jpg)


When I was in HS my uncle absolutely lost control of his life. After a failed marriage he slowly became extremely obese and lost a very good job he had for almost a decade. He lived in our family for almost a year and was rock bottom on the dole at 46.

Took him a long time to find another job because of how fat he was. He would occupy his time by reading books, going for very long walks and visiting the library. I think being NEET for people not savvy to the internet and already socially isolated would be hell.

btw happy birthday ausneet


File: 51b7667b2d45563⋯.jpg (63.93 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 7c037aa4723a4bf686fad2d436….jpg)


Excuse me, Anon, but you have added an extra full stop after an ellipsis. I recommend giving the reading and writing hotline a call so that they can correct your punctuation: 1300655506.


>exotic neet sex moves.

My sideways NEET spin always gets the girls at MAX convulsing on the floor like heroin addicts.


Mind altering substances are absolutely haram.


Oldies go play bowels and drink piss at the local RSL. I've traveled around aus with little access to the net before as a NEET. It was good fun and i might do it again; see what the rest of the states are up to.

Happy Brithday VPNEET, wherever you are.


I don't understand people who say they can't get it up in certain circumstances. I can't even imagine it. My dick pricks up for anything and everything, when I want it to and when I don't.

Even seeing a girl with pretty hair makes me harder than diamonds within seconds. How could you not get it up around a naked girl in real life?



Happy birthday m8



Lots of reasons

Age,anxiety,health,stress,being too drunk

When you're a teenager it pops up at everything but that doesn't last forever




I'm not a teenager. I've been incredibly drunk before - dick works the same as normal. I've been incredibly stressed before - still got hard easily. Same with anxious.

I don't know why other people seem to have such utterly useless dicks. Fuckin hell. There is literally no situation in which my dick won't get hard if I'm aroused.



jesus christ you are fucking stupid





I know. I'm saying I don't understand it. Why do so many people have useless dicks?

My dick just werks. One of the few parts of my body that does. Funnily enough I'm a virgin, how fucking ironic is that.



Lack of self-control is degenerate. Abusing drugs results lacking control.

Using drugs in non-abusive ways are fine.



>My dick just werks.

reported to cenno


File: 7cdfd999505cfa4⋯.jpg (10.13 KB, 254x255, 254:255, frog-amused.jpg)



Oh yeah, I agree 100% there.

There's a huge diference between having a smoke and being a druggy.

Same as having a drink and being an alco.



> Funnily enough I'm a virgin, how fucking ironic is that

Lol, 10 bucks says you can't get it up your first time after making those posts.



In a way it sounds nicer to not be exposed to the corrupting influence of the internet. I'm too introspective and critical of my own actions/beliefs/desires thanks to growing up on 4chan where nothing was considered too respectable or established to criticize and mock.

Thanks for the beeday wishes

P.S how's your uncle now?


How did you travel as a neetio? Thanks man :)


thanks neet, hope your day was happy too.



Trust me it happens, after 3 months of rooting a gf my dick demands porn instead. Shit is poison



I got it up right now


File: 056c0f3cdfb5078⋯.jpg (350.7 KB, 1100x733, 1100:733, 1477939162436_orig.jpg)


I hitched around lots or caught the bus. Stayed at backpackers or with randoms/on the street/in the bush and ate very little. You meet lots of interesting characters along the way and get to see the best and worst of the country.



Are you the chap that eats from the bins?



We all eat from bins m8





Good morning neets

Another well deserved weekend is upon us



Morning m8y

Got anything on for the yet another 2 days of not work ?



Morning, I'll be cleaning the house. Am staying off the booze all weekend too. Also thinking about reading a "How to talk to grills…" type of book to build up muh confidence with the boganish chick I mentioned.




I have to go outside and buy some food at some point. Not looking forward to it much tbh.

Other than that just knocking off a few more animemes and general lazing about.

Big day.


I need to clean up the house too. Tomorrow, i guess. Or monday.



>How to talk to grills

>ask them how their day was

>smile a bit

>pretend to be interested

>realise how boring they are and understand the only fun people to talk to are the ones that can take the bants



>How to talk to grills

Honestly m8 if she's a young bogan chick let her do the talking (she will anyway,lol) and feed her opinions back to her.

If you're the sort of NEET that can get away with it try and throw in a few tough guy brag type comments because bogan chick.

Good luck there m8.


>no posts for 4 hours

Step it up neets



Which shop are you going to?



I want you cunts to guide me through an earpiece to help me lay the neet meat for the first time ever.

It's beyond a joke at this point. Having no job is understandable in this shit-tier economy but there's no excuse for a 24 year old atheist man to be celibate. I'm not even that retarded.



Everybody is out playing football with the boys.



i've been out for a surf most of the day, really good waves but getting a bit cold so that might be it until spring is back



That sounds like the world's worst idea



I am in bed still



I would love to help you but I really know nothing about women.



There's a qt at the gym and I want to strike up a conversation (implying a long-term NEET has anything to talk about) but I've been alone for so long that I can't gauge age properly. She could be anywhere from fifteen to twenty and I don't want to get run out of the gym for hitting on a child. A NEET's gotta protect his reputation.


Maybe we can figure it out together. I sure as fuck can't talk to anyone IRL about the social difficulties I have.


Finally got my drugs.

t. happy degenerate NEET

>that's been waiting 4 days



post pics m8


File: 166fdf3f90a3f96⋯.jpg (96.45 KB, 793x588, 793:588, Buds.jpg)


>post pics m8

Very stoned now m8



Unless you're AsioNEET in which case that's my mummybots stash


I hate the weekend. Mummybot is home


File: 7098b133e51f96a⋯.jpg (19.48 KB, 262x274, 131:137, aoba.jpg)


>that shitty bikie bud pumped full of PGR


File: a3d9dc7a7c38708⋯.jpg (13.09 KB, 200x320, 5:8, brendan3.jpg)

Tommorow I'm going to go to my old uni's library and probably read all day. Sister and her bf decided to stay here this weekend. Can't tolerate either of them at the moment.



Nice. What are you reading there? I always wanted to go to my library but my anxiety gets the better of me.



Do you ever hear him fucking her stupid at night? The pounding and movement of the bed, her moans, his grunts?



Trying to read Infinite Jest and have to admit i am finding it very challenging. The library is pretty comfy on weekends, not many people about.


I have never heard them fucking. He is a balding numale. I would not be surprised if he was impotent.



Nah, friend of mine grows it


Morning cnuts






>Pedos, dole-cheats, illicit drug buyers and dealers

"This place is a gold mine!"…



File: ed67fe6f546c160⋯.jpg (93.41 KB, 592x332, 148:83, Subpar Egg&Bacon Roll.jpg)


Morning, couldn't be fucked making brekky so went to Subway after deciding not to go to Maccas, bit disappointed tbh as at least Maccas cook the bacon and egg from scratch unlike Subpar that just re-heats the pre-cooked bacon and egg.

I thought about heading to the beach to spy on sunbathing qts but decided against as it would only make me even more bitter and depressed knowing that I'll never get to (legally) touch them.



nah i'm not on narco duty here, just making sure you lads don't go allah ackbaring things



An actually Asio officer would not be so stupid that he would forget to use capitals to start his sentences.



yeah nah this is how i've always been typing and boss doesn't care as long as i get him a report every week

btw asio is an acronym so you gotta capitalise the whole thing




Your role playing is quite stupid.



Going to the beach to get bitter at qts is getting real close to the supreme gentleman line



>a group of white autists who barely leave the house

>allah ackbaring anything



whatever, just don't blow anything up


that's what we were saying but country's run by a bunch of old people who think udp is a party drink for poor people

i don't care since i get paid to shitpost with you guys



Well yes, you have always been typing like that because you are clearly not an ASIO officer but a brain dead fr*gposter masquerading as one, masquerading as one rather poorly.



Good on ya m8, libraries generally are a comfy place to hang out for a few hours.


Was drinking for nearly 24 hours yesterday, feel like shit today


About to get comfy on the couch and watch Landline for those rural-life feels



>getting rural life feels from sitting on your ass in front of tv


I might go down to the shops and look through the dumpsters see if they threw anything good out, if not I'll just ask people for money until I have enough for Domino's.



Please video your bin scavenging and/or begging. I mentioned a Youtube channel of dumpster-diving in the US and the cunts in the chat were willing to donate money to those fuckers. You could make a career out of it too.


Goon King?



Worse than being a tranny tbh



>getting triggered by frogs again



Don't you get welfare of any sort?



Yeh but I save what money I can buy scavenging, surprised I haven't seen nz neet around the dumpster since he's so poor he can't afford a bus ticket



One thing that still feels bizarre about NEETing is that your actions have no effect on anything. You might be hungover as fuck and completely out of commission but it doesn't matter because you can sleep for two days straight and feel fine. It makes me feel like I'm living a groundhog day except I keep getting older.


lol. I'm not opposed to dumpster diving but it would kill my chances of finding a job if anyone recognized me.

I've been applying for odd job postings on Gumtree and I don't understand why I'm not getting any bites. These are all outdoor labor gigs, is it unreasonable to ask for $15/h? am I being underbid by pajeet?



You should stop it then, it's disgusting. What are you so desperate to save for anyway?


It's just that kind of world right now, $15 an hour is less than average too. I was getting $20 an hour when I was briefly doing that kind of thing.



>But the 457 people are just doing the jobs we don't want to do



Refresh my memory on exactly why you're ineligible for welfare… not just >NZ citizen

Why haven't you/how come you can't apply for /aus citizenship. Are you at least classified as a 'permanent resident'? You said you've lived here most of your life right?


I thought it was saturday


File: 7acb1f062a5d832⋯.jpg (72.44 KB, 405x456, 135:152, crazy_old_man_1.jpg)

>decide i want chocolate milk from the supermarket

>fuck it i'm not getting dressed

>go out barefoot in stained trackies and shirt wearing a headband

>everyone tries to avoid eye contact with you

>pay four dollars for the milk

>machine glitches and gives me twenty cents

i should do this more often or if i'm brave enough always


any of you cunts watch a-league?



Homeless people rule the world



You're well on your way to /r9k


I cannot stand soccer. I occasionally watch the start of an NRL match just to see the cheerleaders though.


Did the most painful shit ever, it was stuck half way and I used my hand to try and pull the poo down



You either need more fiber and/or need to quit the goon binges


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


420 blaze it to this song






if you dont want to smoke it, fine, but it doesnt hurt anyone if others do it, so what do you care?



You can't buy drugs with good boy points



Need GBP to AUD converter



Did you use your bare hand? Pretty disgusting tbh



i used your mum's tongue



Still acting like a subhuman pajeetNEET.



I watched a few of the games on SBS during the AFL off season. Probably gonna watch the Glory match tonight if muh stream is stable enough

It's a shit league tbh, but it's not like I have anything better to do



Yeh, i gave them a good wash afterwords



You could get a job, a gf, a house and healthy all in one night!


Fucking weekend go away already.



It hurts society.



Just like alcohol?



Well they both do but drugs more so.


If you smoke weed you become a homosexual


Ugh the logies are on tonight, thank fuck I don't watch tv



It's just celebrities getting drunk and talking about diversity on stage during the speeches.



Alcohol is a drug. What makes it any different when more people die from alcohol related things than weed related things?



So is caffeine, you know what I was referring to, but then being a drug addled fr*gposter you may actually not.

While I know this sounds harsh, deaths do not actually bother me that much. If they are stupid enough to die from drink driving or alcohol poising then they deserve to die. I am more concerned with the mental implications, as I have said before, drugs turn one into a brain dead fool. Not to say alcohol does not negatively effect people in such a manner as well, it does, particularly those under 20 in which it impacts brain development(but so does marijuana).



>but then being a drug addled fr*gposter you may actually not.

Do you ever stop being a cunt? Serious question.


File: 8c8c7b434577235⋯.png (8.79 KB, 655x833, 655:833, 1484714468701.png)


a black homosexual




Some high school drug counsellor trolling the thread



Someone who self censors their own words is probably some 60 year old from facebook.


What are we doing tonight NEETs? I might order some dominos and watch a movie if I can be bothered.



gonna rewatch a movie, maybe pick one of the mission impossibles

which one is recognised as the best? ive seen them all a few times dont remember which one is best



Getting drunk off Coke Zero like a good goy.


File: de40a257d7cd493⋯.jpg (75.4 KB, 598x687, 598:687, fat wojak distressed.jpg)


Hit up the KF drive thru and binged.

Going to be laying in bed feeling disgusted with myself.



Get fat enough and you can be on dsp


File: 7a4058918975f41⋯.jpg (27.95 KB, 500x419, 500:419, 12208774_10153171540393053….jpg)


I managed to spend $500 the last fortnight mainly on shit I didn't want or need. About $300 of it went on giving girls tokens on myfreecams, the other $200 went mainly on food.

I swore off it recently. It's incredible the sheer amount of money you can waste on fast food. $20 a day is very easy for me. That's literally two medium meals, or one big meal with something extra. Fast food sucks your money dry and makes you unhealthy to boot.



Watching the a league match and binging on easter eggs



>spending hooker money on random internet girls



File: 999ac1723d67264⋯.gif (1006.58 KB, 273x429, 7:11, fat kid warps.gif)


> It's incredible the sheer amount of money you can waste on fast food. $20 a day is very easy for me. That's literally two medium meals, or one big meal with something extra. Fast food sucks your money dry and makes you unhealthy to boot.

I came to this realization long ago but I can't stop. I'm like the comfort eating equivalent of a meth head.



Just resist the urge to go outside. I find if I do that the urge to go and have some fast food will pass. It's easier to sit and do nothing than go outside and get fast food.

Use your laziness to your advantage.



This is literally the only reason my bank account keeps rising



>it's 20 fucking 17

>websites still don't load properly all the time

>half the videos i try and play are broken

>pornhub doesn't work on firefox any more

>javascript on websites like facebook is broken 25% of the time

when will this end? why can't retarded web designers make anything that works?


File: 08af57be9774f3d⋯.gif (185.42 KB, 650x350, 13:7, pajeetnigger.gif)


This iswhy, india should be banned from the internet and the whole country fenced off



Did you mix it with alcohol?



i mix it with your mum's ugly face


Just ordered some china food



What is your problem faggot



Cool, what did you get? I stay away from asian food places because they might have cat or dog meat.


File: 5a15d935b553934⋯.jpg (117.69 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, asiaticdraculaturk.jpg)


This unless you can see them cook your food or make your drink, don't trust them.





Apologies. I'm not even the guy you originally replied to.

My behaviour was out of line.



bad neet




curry chicken and fried rice, mostly white chicks work there



I am the anon who brought it. Yes I watched them prepare it and it met my autistic requirements. The serving size was a bit less than usual though which was a disappointment.



My gbp account is in the negative. Might have to take out a loan from mummybot but I'll know she'l check my credit rating


File: d22e5edc7e63527⋯.png (89.69 KB, 232x194, 116:97, 1449978158152.png)

Currently perusing the Facebook profiles of my former classmates. Holy fuck, some real turbo normies here. Look full blown, super charged turbo normies.

It's amazing to see what the average normie gets up to. They have all these pics of them around the world in exotic foreign lands, often with other friends. So many social gatherings. Their life seems to be proceeding apace; they have all completed university and many seem to now be working in quite important positions. Others are doing their Ph.Ds. About half of them seem to be romantically engaged. Each post gets upwards of 50 likes.

They look so incredibly happy, confident, and healthy. The world's in their eyes. They're young and full of potential, and they know it. Some of the luckiest humans to have ever been born.

I truly despise them. I hate them all. I will show them all that I am better than them. I am stronger, smarter and greater than them in all ways. My life is but on a minor detour; but I will be back on track and with a vigour they have never seen before.



You realise it is all just a sham with them right?



Yeah probably. Still really peeves me off.

I am getting more angry at the inequality in our society. I am starting to believe we have to confiscate the wealth of these happy normies and redistribute it among the NEETs.



that's commie talk m8

we take the neet road because we can deal with the suffering



What would be bad about actual socialism though?

I don't mean like supporting NEET bludgers, that was a joke, but genuinely using the state to support everyone to be their best.

We could suffocate the Jews by taking away their sources of revenue. End usury by nationalising the banks. End degeneracy by taking over the media and expelling the Jews from it, etc.



Yeah that sounds pretty nice tbh.



if wfd were the baseline level of employment and the programs being run were staffed well with actual vocational training and real job prospects i'd be on board that

i certainly wouldn't be complaining about making cabinets for meth heads part time for $250 a week




Fucking hell these posts made me laugh, man, as my failures have compounded year after year my mood has become almost permanently angry and my political outlook far left.

I hate SJWs but I'm fully in agreement that it's just unethical to allow some people to virtually drip with excess happiness while others are permanently unhappy through no fault of their own.

Considering you'll starve on the street if you don't have a job or benefits, why the FUCK should we respect the 'right' of a business owner to pay someone less than the value they produce? Sure, the employees might technically sign their agreement but given the circumstances how is that even remotely consensual?

I was looking at photos of Nazi Germany yesterday and wishing I could travel back to a time when there was a respectable movement that actually put my needs first. Unfortunately the current white Australia movement has the intellectual depth of a fucking teaspoon.

Everything seems so damn pozzed. Do you guys know what I mean?



>why the FUCK should we respect the 'right' of a business owner to pay someone less than the value they produce?

One of the downsides of a free market but you need some incentive for a business owner to stick around and greater profit margins does that.

Used to be that they stuck around out of patriotism and a nationalistic spirit but we all know how nationalism is verboten and racist these days.



Totally agree mate. Australia's first governor wanted to turn Australia into a yeoman farming society where all people got the exact same income (all small family farms would give their produce to the state, who would dole it out equally).

We have drifted so far from that ideal and it's letting vultures and parasites like the Jews exploit us relentlessly. Just go to a big Australian city and you can see the degeneracy and inequality before your eyes. The rich openly flaunt their wealth.

I think we need to get back to what Australia was always supposed to be which was a white only socialist state.



Time to go commit some robberies and maybe a few rapes



What the fuck?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


doing anything to prove to others (who dont even know you're doing it) is a sure recipe for failure

facebook is a filter into all the good moments of someones life, each photo is carefully curated for maximum effect

the reason they anger you is because you are not livin up to whatever expectations you set for yourself, it has nothing to do with them, nor should it, find out what it is you really want out of life and go after it and their feeds will not only not bother you but not interest you in the slightest

btw this is how i spent my weekend



>forcing asioneet to do actual work on a Sunday night

rude tbh



>doing anything to prove to others (who dont even know you're doing it) is a sure recipe for failure

cunt does have a point though

if whites suddenly started robbing everyone and raping everything the world would get more whiter in nine months



awful idea which leads to shit like holodomor

>be killed because you failed to turn in 1 grain of rice and ate it



Whiter in color, not in spirit



>all small family farms would give their produce to the state, who would dole it out equally

Literally 0% chance of that working in any major society ever



That's not how it would work though. Because there would be no cities and no non-whites, but rather solely wholesome family farms, people would love their fellow countryman. They would give up their grain willingly and happily through societal solidarity. It wouldn't even really need to be enforced.


Now? No, you're right. But the basic principles are still possible.

Some basic history for you lads. Australia's first governors, including Governor Arthur Phillip, who arrived with the first fleet, wanted to make Australia an equal, egalitarian yeoman farming society. Phillip envisaged a nation where cities did not exist, and all that was produced by the small family farms of the nation was distributed equally amongst everyone according to their need.

This was literally how our country was founded. Unfortunately, since day one there have been (((elements))) trying to destroy this, and now it's worse than ever. Our society is quickly becoming a capitalist, consumerist, Jewified, Negrified shitheap.

For example, (((John Macarthur))), who you can look up, tried and succeeded to destroy this model, and he brought in alcohol while deliberately trying to destroy Australia's fledgling government farms. He took vast expanses of land for himself and tried to create slave system using the convicts.



>and he brought in alcohol while deliberately trying to destroy Australia's fledgling government farms

The Scottish Achilles' heel.



good idea, but it cant work in australia of 2017 as non-whites in this country are not only here but also now citizens, you cannot remove at this point, nor do you have the political power to do so, nor does it seem possible to gain the political power to do so because those at threat of being removed would vote against it

>muh day of the rope to get it done

highly imporbable of ever happening, people are too busy leading a lifestyle like the one i shared in the video

in order to reset, we need a combination of financial collapse and pandemic that forces people to become tribal again

as for whites living in peace with one another, noone hates other whites more than whites themselves, good example of this is eastern europe, they fucking loathe us westernised whites, we would never be welcomed there, we are nigger tier to them, does not matter one iota that we share similar poltiical beliefs, we are not them, least no longer


Is it possible for a statesman to radically and permanently change a nation?

You look at someone like Mustafa Ataturk, who radically changed Turkey…but it was temporary. Now they're reverting to form.

I feel like each nation has a character that you can only change for short periods of time or evolve slowly, but is course is basically set, and cannot be permanently changed.



I don't think there's any real need for a business owner to sit atop the economic hierarchy of a company and leech all the profit. Why can't the workers collectively manage the business and take their share of the profits minus the investments needed to build or maintain the equipment and whatever?

>we all know how nationalism is verboten and racist these days

I fucking hate people for allowing this to happen. It's probably not even possible for our society to exist for much longer if short-sighted left-wing cunts keep insisting that anyone can be Australian and that our culture is nothing more than a melting pot.


I didn't know that was the intention for the country, what happened?

This whole thing is disheartening. I don't care for white nationalism but it seems that we're the only culture that cares to be anti-racist and literally every other immigrant group takes advantage of our desire for equality.



A guy called John Macarthur who was the head of the UK Marine detachment stationed in Australia basically destroyed everything. After the first governor there was a lag of a few years when the military ran everything, and they basically tried to turn Australia into a Brazil-style slave state. Then he constantly subverted successive good governors, making them retire usually only after a few short years, because they tried to correct his military governorship's excesses and build an actual society not a slave state.

John Macarthur didn't even want white women to come to Australia. He even stopped free settlers from getting good grants of land. He envisaged that the convicts would breed with the native women and him and his mates would have a vast slave empire of brown people, exactly like Brazil.

He's actually venerated as some sort of great Australian pioneer today. If you can next time you hear his name redpill people on what an evil cunt he is, and inform that he is burning in hell as we speak.


Anyone else feel like their memory is getting worse after years as a NEET? Can't remember anyone's name any more.



Of course your brain is going to go to shit after years of not using it.



I still use it because I read wikipedia all day and study shit. Just can't remember anyone's damn name any more.

How do these normies just recall some obscure actor's name just like that? Really weird.



more attuned with general trivia



Too much goon



Mine's always been shit, can't remember anything +6 months ago unless it's specific



Still remember your centrelink reporting days thou



Thanks neet, I'll have to look into this scoundrel.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I wish I had a mate who could come over and listen to neoclassica/symphonic music with me while we discuss politics and philosophy.

I just want to sit inside in the rain with a mate listening (on my absolutely awesome sound system - courtesy of dad liking good sound too) to great music and just sharing some feels.



I used to be that person, but then things happened and our group broke up.



I don't know because I don't meet anyone to learn the name of



sounds pretty shit mate. why wouldn't just listen to beethoven?


I'd go for a run but my thighs are all sore from all that vigorous masturbation I did yesterday



I listen to old classical stuff too. Pachelbel's Canon is my favourite piece.


File: 91e090e07fa2d9b⋯.jpg (6.8 KB, 194x259, 194:259, fedoralad.jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: a0d9eed55699f0d⋯.jpg (801.46 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, a0d9eed55699f0.jpg)


Your posts are embarrassing.


Chopin is my favorite pianist. Nothing can compare to his beautifully emotive pieces.


File: 6bc44f25607660d⋯.png (17.18 KB, 821x191, 821:191, aussie shitposting.png)

Remember lads, don't get so drunk you can't tell your own posts.


File: 83d9e90ff3f17d4⋯.png (19.44 KB, 414x506, 9:11, 83d9e90ff3f17d4eabbe4c297a….png)


"Muh Frogposters" NEET is banned.



It was probably just fagneet


File: d9822dbd52c2015⋯.jpg (120.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, shtr343iox.jpg)


I think the tide will turn in Europe, particularly in UK, Germany,Greece,Eastern Europe there will be racial nationalism. Although it would depend on the country.

In terms of Australia there's no chance of it being "White Australia". The most it would amount to would be White/Asian/Indian/Aboriginal Australia. Islam would be targeted and ethnic groups from Mid East/Africa would be subjugated/physically removed.

In terms of economics, I think the future is universal basic income, distribution and trading goods would return.


>TFW paid today



I kekd at this



don't spend it all on goon



I might buy some of that actually. What is one which tastes nice? I don't buy alcohol that much.




These posts are exactly one hour apart


File: a1d0c8fa575bfd9⋯.jpg (18.2 KB, 246x246, 1:1, 131.jpg)

>tfw need to go out in public today



Well, like 70 minutes apart, but almost.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Are you me?







come join the /aus/ discord

Link > https://discord.gg/WgHzm



nice try asio


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What are you doing today?

Whenever I stop drinking I start getting really fucking bored.


>tfw finally old enough for newstart

A big day in the neet game of life



got max this afternoon and i need to buy a new pair of flip flops



Just wait until you hit 30.



god I hope I'm not still a NEET at that age.



You will be, and you'll be doing wfd



I can't take much more neeting.




I hope I'm not still alive by then, unless I somehow get my shit together



Do you have any motivation to actually change your circumstances?


Just realised this in the news today, I thought they were gonna shut down wfd.

>The Turnbull government will crack down on people who claim welfare payments while refusing to participate in work-for-the-dole schemes.

>Employment Minster Michaelia Cash says there is a cohort of people in Australia that actively say no to suitable work

>"I think all taxpayers would rightly expect that those who can work should work and our welfare system should be there as a genuine safety net, not as something that people can choose to fund their lifestyle," she told reporters in Brisbane on Monday.

>The May 9 budget will aim to close a loophole that allows payments to continue despite people refusing interviews or placements.

>"The problem at the moment is that people are escaping any financial penalty because of the loopholes Labor created," Human Services Minister Alan Tudge says.

>"We are working on fixing this."



>I thought they were gonna shut down wfd.

Why would anything nice ever happen to anyone here?



Who the fuck actually wants to be a NEET, though? The whole argument that neetbux funds any kind of 'lifestyle' is a joke.



I like being a neet I just want more money and not do wfd



Yeah, exactly: under the current circumstances nobody actually wants to be a NEET because the benefits are outweighed so heavily by the cost of having to live in squalor, having to grovel to stuck-up MAX bitches, never having any spending bux and on top of that you get cucked for the dole anyway so you aren't even dodging work.


File: 6b6e4410b41d24f⋯.jpg (28 KB, 262x383, 262:383, brendan 9.jpg)

>tfw sister said I should move back in with our parents when her lease ends

They live in a comfy regional coastal town but my Dad has zero tolerance for 'bludger' behavior. There is no way I could continue to get drunk, play vidya and browse image boards all day without major conflict or getting kicked out. I do get along with my parents generally and would be a lot less lonely living at home.

I can't pay the bond to move in with some randoms of gumtree nor do I particularly want to live with strangers again.


Atleast down their they have no formal WFD program and you just end up volunteering at an op shop or something,



>Atleast down their they have no formal WFD program and you just end up volunteering at an op shop or something,

Wait a minute, is this the reason I always see NEETy characters working at the local salvation army? The delivery drivers, the in-store staff, they stand around angrily smoking cigarettes and working slowly.


How does one acquire the NEETbux?



>Atleast down their




Yeah the rules may have changed but a few years ago my uncle had to work at st vinnies to keep getting dole.

Would rather work with nice old op shop ladies than WFD methed out bogans tbh.



Go away pajeet


File: 7cb3414285a819e⋯.jpg (30.21 KB, 300x350, 6:7, Iqbal2.jpg)


>Mum gets back to my place next week after spending a month in Queensland.

>First time in three bloody months I've been by myself after she "moved" in.

I just want to go back to being by myself. I might have to kick her out if she can't hurry on selling the house. She's sat on it for over a year already. Sigh… more anxiety to come I guess.



Looks like your holiday is over neet



It's worth noting that cenno may cut you off for moving to a place with lower employment opportunities.


File: 7f030e04531fa4b⋯.png (16.73 KB, 1104x154, 552:77, sufficient reason.png)


Looks like if you move in with or near family you don't get cut off.


File: b26b1cb4b6fc6bb⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 2592x1456, 162:91, McWeightGain.jpg)

What's for lunch? Just had a McChicken, cost $6 and was OK but not really different to the $3 chicken&cheese apart from the addition of lettuce.



Was just trying to decide what I should get, actually.

Any suggestions? Don't really want Maccas their food tastes like dog shit.





Go to centerlink



Do you hide your neetness when you're out shopping? I try to avoid buying groceries in the middle of the day because I feel like everyone thinks I'm a dole bludger. Jokes on them, I don't even qualify for the dole!



I might go out and buy something. Not sure what yet. I will enjoy it though.

Yeah maccas isn't that good value nowadays, however I did like the $3 double beef and bacon, which they don't do anymore.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

know that if you buy and eat mcdonalds, you are supporting this in australia


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

and you support white women removing their white husband to invite a pajeet into their home

enjoy your maccas




>and it met my autistic requirements

You're yet to meet mine


Why don't you pawn some rare Pepes at Cashies?



i try but it gets worse as time goes on



What about a roast chook from Woolies/Coles? And pick up a pack of donuts while you're there for afternoon tea. At least you'll have left-overs for dinner and tomorrow's lunch if you buy the chook. Otherwise if you don't wanna leave your car then what about KFC's new Tobasco-marinated chicken?




Taste shit anyways



It's weird that I usually get paid on a Monday but got it last Friday because of ANZAC Day (apparently) even though that's not until tomorrow.


>Video removed because of nudity or sexual content

Did anyone see what it was?


>Atleast down their they have no formal WFD program and you just end up volunteering at an op shop or something

What did you think WFTD was? It's nothing but working at Op-shops. Or did you just mean that you don't have to do it involuntarily?


thinking of getting this: https://www.redrooster.com.au/menu/amaze-glaze-family-meal/

wonder how much it costs?



About $26 iirc



Yep. It's such a farce. We should be learning actual skills while working with local businesses or tradesmen but instead we're thrown into an environment that has nothing to teach. Maybe it really is just a deterrent to a life on welfare…?


>I try to avoid buying groceries in the middle of the day because I feel like everyone thinks I'm a dole bludger

That must be why the female cashier at IGA didn't bother with a "How're you going?" today yet did so to the old lady next in line. Now I feel depressed



i forget what video it is that i posted, was nothing objectionable, so nfi why it was removed



whaddaya mean?


>12670 kJ

That's almost two days worth of energy. Don't add to your problems by becoming addicted to fast food.


>That must be why the female cashier at IGA didn't bother with a "How're you going?" today yet did so to the old lady next in line

Yeah, I don't mean to shit all over your mood but it's an unfortunate fact that people fucking hate NEETs. I usually think of myself as a regular guy who's a bit behind in achieving life goals but the average person doesn't have nearly such a sympathetic view of my position. They think we've chosen this as a lifestyle and they hate us for it.



>whaddaya mean?

when you stay in your room all day your social skills kinda rot away



most people have no idea you are neet, let alone random girls at cash register, it's more the slouch and depressed look that gives it away than the time of day

if it ever came up, you tell them you run your own business from home and work your own hours because you are in control of their life and dont need goldberg to set your hours and wage per hour like they have done


The colder it gets the stronger the desire to buy and drink scotch. God damn you Dan!


File: 25debc9bdf9ca23⋯.png (94.57 KB, 300x300, 1:1, unnamed.png)


Dan always wins



>I swore off it recently. It's incredible the sheer amount of money you can waste on cam whores. $20 a day is very easy for me. That's literally two medium faps, or one big fap with something extra. Cam whores suck your money dry and make you unhealthy to boot.

Is there any sort of 'Cam Whores Anonymous' that can help to rid you of this heinous addiction? Yes there is; Pornhub, Xhamster, Motherless just to name a few…



Stop doing it, spend the money on a gym membership and maybe you can get a personal free cam where over the Internet. An online gf you can lie about your life to and have cyber sex with.



Lying about your entire life to online friends and gfs sucks though. I had some friends i made online when I was 13-14 but as they grew up and i didn't i just cut contact. Fuck hearing about careers and marriage and shit



I was highlighting the fact that the other anon spent more on cam-whores than fast-food yet went on to say how easy it is to spend huge amounts of money on the latter.



The dick speaks louder than the stomach


File: 5b8c96e472d8cb6⋯.jpg (70.71 KB, 477x685, 477:685, 1448408364002.jpg)

File: f3f7fd09b159ff4⋯.jpg (387 KB, 866x476, 433:238, flags.jpg)

I recommend Battle Brothers for any NEET that wants a comfy game.



Too violent for neets



Did you ever have passable social skills? I was watching vid related where he talks about rehabilitating socially anxious people and as an aside he mentions that some people just don't have the base of social skills that would allow them to make good use of his advice, that they were never taught the fundamentals of human interactions. That describes me and I don't know what to do about it. I wish I could just observe regular people having regular interactions, I don't think it would take me long to figure out how to behave normally.


Yeah, that's true. I'm curious to know how many NEETs I pass each day without knowing. Some dole bludging cunts are pretty obvious but I bet others make a huge effort to hide it.



I wonder if any neets wear tradie shirts in order to blend in



Should get 10 wicked wings n the 2.50 large chips and gravy.



I do that sometimes when I buy goon



I try to wear casual after-work attire or gym clothes. Still, sometimes I have no choice but to buy Coles $2 cheapo chocolate in the middle of the day in my NEET leisure-wear and I can feel a thousand burning eyes on me whenever I do that. Thank god for self-service checkouts.


File: e056f85e2b1ff4b⋯.png (326.96 KB, 672x611, 672:611, af2e3e8cb7865127c9b0a07d65….png)

Someone's been a naughty NEET



>Did you ever have passable social skills?

i would say so since i've done customer service before and got good reviews from customers/managers while i was working

i agree that if you've never had experience socialising it's going to be pretty hard to become socialable (been there) but getting to a reasonable point is all about field experience whenever and however you can get it


i'd say that's a job well done

antifa can go suck more sudo dick



I thought antifa was an amerifat thing



which is why it's in melbourne




Thats in perth though?


What are we doing tonight NEETs?


File: 7635e61fd6f6e62⋯.jpg (29.83 KB, 400x395, 80:79, 763.jpg)



nowhere is safe



Doing a big poo then picking mummybot up from the airport, neet holiday is over



> I can feel a thousand burning eyes on me whenever I do that. Thank god for self-service checkouts.

I am too autistic to look at people in the shops. I still feel the extreme judgement going there in the middle of the day with a hoodie and trackpants on though.



the ninja mums don't since they're not allowed to look at other men



>the ninja mums



Iced coffee with cream is the best.



Like a homemade one or a store bought one?



I got some Nescafe gold today, the nespresso machine pods are shitty.

1 and half teaspoons thickened cream, stir it and add a truckload of milk/ice in a pintglass. Done.


File: 3e50d20b7bdd2d8⋯.jpg (2.51 KB, 90x90, 1:1, vomit chan.jpg)



I think using vanilla ice cream and milk would be better. I put cream in my coffee once and it wasn't nice.



Sounds American


File: fa585b43555ab0e⋯.jpg (57.32 KB, 453x604, 3:4, fa585b43555ab0eab9e64540c3….jpg)

I always make an effort to shave and wear decent clothes when i go outside. I feel no shame in being unemployed. Being employed is shit and i would rather bum it out on the streets than work for the profit of investors. Doing jobs for small businesses can be cool though, and i recommend it for anyone looking for a break from the neet lifestyle.


Should have got a proper single shot machine and some quality beans. Cafe style coffee is piss easy to make mate.


>vomit chan

>that resolution

That's a bad joke.

Is anyone else looking forward to the next trails in the sky game? It comes out the 3rd of may ,and, i might even buy it for a change; if there are no torrents up the same day.



>tfw can't even get proper facial hair so I don't need to shave

It's a shit feel. I want a neckbeard but cannot even get one.


File: b0a099c40c9815c⋯.jpg (53.65 KB, 800x549, 800:549, manlet-crying-from-bad-gen….jpg)


all i can grow is a neckbeard

truly blessed genes



I wish I didn't have to shave. Mummybot whines if I leave it for more than three or four days


File: 8e336e84f04930a⋯.jpg (85.65 KB, 575x1024, 575:1024, 8e336e84f04930ac6d513f4de2….jpg)


Same, i don't grow neck hair but i get plenty around the face. Every time i try to grow a beard it ends up looking like I've super glued pubic hair to my face though.


Sounds like my old manager.


just blew another $300 on myfreecams lol. this is terrible


to be fair this russian chick was utterly delightful and had a very nubile little bum.


File: 2477f679303d955⋯.png (475.32 KB, 847x435, 847:435, tyrewtagdfg.png)



That's almost a dole check


wew lads, I can get my advanced payment today but nothing really that I need $500 for other than a ps4 investment for Destiny 2. Can get everything and a game for under $400 I am torn, and don't want to get that money only to waste it on small stupid shit



buy yourself a really good chair or a nice pillow


File: ceed5a9237e4512⋯.jpg (73.56 KB, 726x707, 726:707, hjc.jpg)


Got a new one a couple of months back, was $270 reduced to $90 with a voucher pretty good. Not worth asking price though, and I have new pillows also



how about a new mattress or computer upgrades?



Vargs a bludger



Why not just spend that money on an actual hooker or get a fat online gf



Use it to outbid the neet that throws money at ewhores



You can waste it on camwhores like the other neets do



Would rather get a console than an i7 which is more expensive, pc needs too much done to it to keep up. All I do is game so it doesn't really matter I suppose just that I get the hours out of it



It's all just a farce honestly anon, I'm fairly well connected to my high school peer group via a normie tradie I give lifts to and from his work sites as he doesn't have his Ps yet (He pays me $20 for a days work which as it's not reported to Cenno isn't bad and it gets me out of the house)

It's all fake, they're all living at home with no savings or financial assets despite working for 2 years out of Uni or 4-5 years out of high school (at least in my cohort/peer group). Half of them failed subjects or swapped degrees two or three times and won't graduate until they're 23/24. All the girls on Instagram are just myspace angles and photoshop to the max with lots of filters, all the girls I went to high school with looked like absolute shit and yet they're 6/10-8/10 on Instagram.

The cars are either their parents or lended, the holidays are usually just piss ups they barely even remember to places that don't inspire any desire to travel to out of how well travelled htey are (Bali, Paris etc.).

I know one guy who went to a good Uni and has a pretty respectable professional job, one guy who got lucky off the property bubble and has his own house fully paid off and one guy who is a dentist but the rest honestly aren't in positions that better than your average NEET.



But that's only cause you were already wearing one from being at WFTD


Was thinking more about this last night, it's probably best that we stick to doing our shopping no earlier than 5PM and while wearing either hi-vis clothing or business attire to give us that 'burnt-out wagie' look


Tonight on ACA, where your tax dollars are really going…


How are you guys planning to spend the public holiday?



Have a good fap



The anzacs died for that fap neet, make it a real good one



And only $29.99USD on Steam which is nearly 3 goon bags or a bottle of cheap whisky or a minutes worth of fapping on MyFreeCams…


>Hailed as one of the largest, longest and most meticulously detailed turn-based JRPG series of all time…

Sounds like too much effort is required to play



Stop drinking and masturbating



waiting for it to be over to do some shopping



Fapping in the trenches


File: 4818a7f1e651425⋯.png (84.38 KB, 400x400, 1:1, dan1.png)


Shut ya hole cunt



This tbh. Anyone know if woolies/coles are open today? I feel kind of selfish for only caring about my needs when we are supposed to be thinking about others. I am sure the anzacs would think it is shit that I cannot(?) buy milk today. I really hope some shops are open.



My coles/woolies are closed but IGA should be open



I wonder how often that happened.



The anzacs couldn't just pop down to woolies and buy milk in Gallipoli mate, I'm not sure they'd care too much



Things were so bad they had to share the same cum rag



they'd probably be spewing if they came back alive

>fight for your country

>watch your mates die around you

>come back and you can't even get a bottle of milk at a decent price on the day you're meant to remember your mates anymore

even then when i was watching the service on tv they were spewing things about being against nationalism and how patriots are misguided


File: 057854d2f52b950⋯.png (1.9 MB, 848x1200, 53:75, ae7c2e5a91554bf76c93c5a102….png)


It starts off really chill and basic but becomes really worth the time that you put into it towards the end and in the sequel. It's length is exaggerated as it has many lines of optional dialogue that took ages to translate. Third is going to be so good.



Did they even have public holidays back then? I think they were a recent thing (since the 70s or something)





I think they were busy fighting a war. If I was stuck in a trench on a beach, dead bodies around me and constant gunfire and shelling, that would be the last thing on my mind tbh.


File: 2914f448fc9faec⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.96 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 1493086428350720320152.jpg)

Look what I liberated from the POW camp




>tfw snoozed through the service this morning in service of a comfy neet sleep

It makes me laugh to think my ancestors were actually so indoctrinated that they tried to lay down their lives for Australia. Maybe they were bored or had no other options.


>Was thinking more about this last night, it's probably best that we stick to doing our shopping no earlier than 5PM and while wearing either hi-vis clothing or business attire to give us that 'burnt-out wagie' look

I swear people didn't even see me when I was a wagie wearing business attire. I'd drift into the supermarket at 6PM and nobody would notice me. Instead of the disparaging customer service that I get as a NEET, I'd be treated like any other wagecuck.



it's funny, i could easily fuck a fairly attractive hooker for the money im spending on these camwhores

but eh, i dont really want to. sex should be special. this is just entertainment.

the problem is i impulsively give these camwhores heaps of tokens. like instead of just giving them 20 or 50 at a time i impulsively give them 1,000 when i like them



>not blowing a load into your enemies' eyes


I was wary of clicking to begin with, and as it slowly-loaded I saw the tell-tale signs of what could only be a literal shit-post (the toilet roll, then the revealing of the toilet seat whereupon I immediately stopped the pic from fully loading). KYS



Don't listen to him, it's a top quality post neets



Violence is a turn on for people. Plenty of armies were well known for dicking the darkie village girls



You give them 1000 at a time because you're a beta-male, and by doing so you believe they'll put you above all others and fall in love with you.



nope, in fact they always want to go private with me but i tell them i prefer public, so deliberately every one in the chat room gets to share the results of my token donations



Fucking commie


some of the girls are nice (albeit still women) but some of the eastern girls, such as the ukrainian ones, are possibly wifeable

i use to enjoy mfc, but i lost interest because i started getting too picky and then i no longer liked any of them as i would pick fault with 99% of them, usually personality wise,

a cam whore using her phone on cam was triggering for me too



You could do camwhoring yourself for lonely mummybots



many of the eastern girls do look wifeable. it blows my mind just how gorgeous russian/ukrainian girls are. makes me sad they are such poor shitheap nations.



yeah, i thought this too but it's actually gays who watch the male camwhores for the most part


they are, but you'd have to move there, dont make the mistake of bringing em here

ukraine is best as they are welcome to english speaking foreigners whereas in poland you will be considered a nigger even if you share the politics and are white



My dad married a woman from ukraine and she's fucking nuts, don't do it



i reckon we should open a path for ukrainians to immigrate to aus easily

i mean it's in a civil war as well as being poor as fuck so realistically they could be refugees. we should take them instead of syrians




Do you ever wonder if they are being forced to work? I always feel a bit bad jacking off to girls from poorfag countries



i know some of the romanian girls are - they're given a room, computer and have to give up a lot of what they earn, but i dont know how widespread it is




i know there's a lot of eastern euro girls who don't actually use it as a chat room but sit there as advertisements and only do stuff in private. i stay away from them, pretty boring.



i think that is just a different tactic, from my time on mfc i came across diff kinds of tactics, women who:

1 - would never show anything in public, and would wait for 1 person to do privates only

2 - women would were naked and chatty and would focus generating random tips by engaging with the audience by way of games and other shit like that, i like them, very social

3 - women who would set a token target which various people would contribute to and once hit she'd get naked and get off in public

4 - same as 3, but it would then become a group private only

5 - some women, usually western ones, would get naked, masturbate, do anything for tokens or not, seemed to just be there for social aspect and exhibitionist who want attention, i liked these ones the least for their personality, ok for jacking it though if you didnt feel like spending $$$



Do you think I can go out today with track pants on?



as long as you keep the little neet in check



? I don't understand. I am too autistic.



Those token targets kind of trigger me a bit because they're often so high compared to what I can realistically tip that they don't motivate me to tip at all. Was watching a girl who had a target of 6,000 tokens to take her pants off. She wasn't even particularly attractive. Why would that motivate anyone at all to tip?

I think the dynamics are interesting. Often you'll have a girl in a chat room who isn't really getting tips even though there's plenty of people in there. That's usually girls who aren't successfully chatting and engaging with the audience.



Utterly delightful yet she whores herself online?


Track pants are the ultimate /neet/ pants. Put on a white t shirt and you pass for a normie, pockets barely show your valuables and they don't constrict your movement.



Yes I agree. It gives you plenty of space and doesn't restrict your movement. Very comfy.



if i wanted a free show, i stuck to the girls with the most viewers because someone else is paying my way most of the time

if i wanted to use tokens, id go find less popular girls who seem like they will get a chatty and engage with you if you tip, i just sit and watch for 5-10m to gauge their personality first doing that

i view camming as different to being a slut tbh, some of these girls seem sweet and naive and probably just as likely a victim of cirumstance (esp the eastern europe ones) than a slut who physically bangs chad than just on the cyber



Yeah I agree, talking with these girls has given me some understanding for their situation. Most of them are nice girls just trying to get ahead and I can support that.

I don't really get any sexual gratification from seeing a random camgirl naked. I can go and see a million different girls naked right now on porn websites. What I like about camgirls is that I can talk with them and when I tip I feel like I'm in part controlling the situation, in that they wouldn't have been naked or done that thing without me. That's what makes it hotter than just watching porn, to me at least.



Don't walk around with an erection



Oh ok, I won't



I jump around with an erection



>not crawling around with an erection



File: 82302ddf7b4872b⋯.jpg (15.31 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 82302ddf7b4872b1c876691516….jpg)


File: a71f2f77bee8b0d⋯.png (299.71 KB, 900x600, 3:2, coles.png)

Moment of the silence for all the NEETs hitting the shops tomorrow




That's what my coles feels like, I just don't feel like a beast when I go there


my cum smells like dough. like flower and water.



flour* lol



you mean it smells yeasty?



no, i'm not talking about dough that has yeast in it

it just smells like the smell of dough made from flour and water



anyone remember this bitch? holy fuck lmao



> MyFreeCams

just search the camwhore's name on vk.com and find a russian that reposts the videos in hd

then, youtube dl (use a GUI if you're dumb like me)



Why can't you just obtain a legal copy of the game?



Who is it? Also stop giving them neet bux



>not knowing about missalice_18



makeup is a art


>hohols are better than turks, therefore let them immigrate

fuck off, native slavs were culturally behind us in the 1950s, and they still are today, even with faggot stuff today


i had a magnet link to heaps of her stuff, ill find it in a moment

gigabytes, and prem vids too, the good stuff


File: 1bb8502c812df06⋯.jpg (272.37 KB, 599x528, 599:528, 4ec001135e56d17235a5759923….jpg)


She's a New Zealand camwhore that posted semi-regularly on 4chan's cancer /soc/ board. Pretty much the definition of camwhoring, since most people that frequent these shitty cam sites knows who missalice is.



Slavs are a great people honestly. We should let millions of Ukrainians immigrate here.

I want a fucking qt slav gf.



I already went to IGA today, got chicken boobs for 6 gbp's a kg



Thought is was NZ neet in drag


File: 6c58dc3928ea603⋯.jpg (79.58 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, ybp1fHU.jpg)

missalice is part maori

her mum burned dat coal


File: 0150fb0df9e4ca2⋯.gif (1015.49 KB, 450x275, 18:11, fy6zWgX.gif)


File: 9e3da18c06f2d6d⋯.jpg (510.46 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 1445587950616.jpg)

Stop the degeneracy



fuck off

like the finnish, slavs still carry mongol genes, so unless they are dispersed, they go crazy and genocidal

adding to the fact that this place is much to hot for hohols, making them angrier, and that the only habitable places for immigrants are the cities, since there aren't low-pay jobs in the bush, any ukrainian immigrants are likely to form gangs like the somalians, the greeks, the lebs, the chinks, the irish and the scouse have (in the past).



Ukrainians would integrate into society nicely. They have in the past. We actually took a lot of Eastern Euro immigrants after WW2, they caused no problems. The problems were caused by the Southern European immigrants.

Also Finns are great. I actually think of Finns as much like Australians in a lot of different ways.



>We actually took a lot of Eastern Euro immigrants after WW2


>finns are great

yes, because they weren't under direct soviet control, and didn't get fucked over by nazi or EU either

same cannot be said for 'the borderland', especially the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s

I don't want to be shot for a can of beans


link to the biggest one, use this if possible

91 Giggle Bytes




if it's too slow, try the older ones

dumb cunts from cuckchan /t/ haven't all moved to the newest one




File: 57f443237eb6915⋯.webm (1.85 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Telstra_Ad_-_The_Great_Wa….webm)

anyone got any tips on how to convert this better?

i'll try putting it into an mpeg container, see if that works



Nice m8

I just woke up after sleeping to pass the time since i cannot go to the shops.


I woke up very hard, (my libido is otherwise dead) and it was rather irritating . I just took a piss and now back to normal.

This may be a shit post, but I had hopes of my libido returning, guess not. Oh well.



even after following varg's advice? next step is to start eating more fats/less carbs (don't full keto unless you hate your liver) and doing the exercise



I always hated that ad



what does it mean to not have a libido? and why would you want it back if you have lost it?

i'm horny 24/7. i fap 10 times a day, i have done so for the past decade since i was 12 years old. sometimes i fap more. i spend money on stupid shit because i'm horny. i do stupid shit because i'm horny.

what's good about being horny? what's good about having a libido?



I guess I will try that next (diet and exercise). I already take anti depressants, and I think I can take them and get my libido back, (by taking your advice) as I already don't watch porn. Stopping the medication is not an option as I descend into a depression so severe I cannot even get out of bed and wish every moment for something to end my suffering.

Its not to say that on them I am completely depression-free, but it reduces it to a level of passive suffering and allows me to function somewhat normally.

Sorry for the essay, but I just had a lot to write.



keto is fine on the liver




>how to convert this better?

that encoding's pretty gud m8 what else did you want from it?



It means not watching porn, and looking at anything attractive just gives you no feeling, when it used to. Even before taking them I was never at a libido you described in your case. Before taking the pills I capped on average once, or twice a day. Now I don't do it at all and I don't even bother watching porn because I feel nothing and even trying to force it feels like flogging a dead horse.

I just wanted to have somewhat of a libido for the one day (once again not likely) I get the confidence to attempt to date women, to lose my virginity. I don't think it will happen but, on the slim chance in a few years I get the opportunity I want 'working equipment' ; without it I don't be able to. And going off the medication is once again, not an option as the depression would come back worse.



*fapped on average, not capped



are you on antidepressants VN?



did you reply to the wrong person? that's not VN (I am VN)



ah, he said he was a virgin so assumed it was you, my bad



weird to assume someone with no libido would be VN mate haha, this is me (VN): >>123517



>tfw non-virgin neet master race


>tfw bad day again

The ride never ends neetos



that's racist

get out of my country

i'm also gonna make a webm out of thorpedo's "fully sick", another classic corporate contribution to the land of New Holland, just to spite you


i'd prefer a better source, then i need to learn how to copy a stream without reencoding it

the source i nabbed from youtube is a >2mb 240p .mkv

the video is vp9 (yay) but the audio was encoded as an AAC, which is verboten from webm, thus I can't use it as a container without reencoding the audio.

i might just lurk /webm/ and git gud



yeah thats why i asked if you were on anti-depressants because it would be out of character



but if you don't get horny then why would you want to.

you are free from the roasties' grasp, shouldn't that be a good thing?

i get no joy from my sexuality. its simply misery.



yeah im not on (((them)))



noice, it's jew poison

btw i am that guy from the aus pol thread :P



>then i need to learn how to copy a stream without reencoding it

-c:v copy or -c:a copy with ffmpeg

opus is pretty much the codec for webm audio anyway, better compression

>>>/a/ webm threads have a good guide for dummies if you're using ffmpeg you should



ah okay :)


File: 7fb7994d92b7e02⋯.webm (1.46 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Telstra_Ad_-_The_Great_Wa….webm)


i fixed it

I know, but it was reencoding a shitty 125kbps AAC at 44.1khz into 320kbps opus at 48khz



50% of cheesecakes what?


No, never heard of her. Can you please stop shilling MFC or I'm going to end up losing a lot of bux. Money better spent on more traditional NEET vices like goon and tendies. BTW, is there a way to get their vids full-screen?




I am on anti depressants, cheesecake NEET here. I think there are a few virgins here and I am but one of them. ( >>123522 , >>123518 is me) .


I guess I am free from it. I feel somewhat incomplete without it, like I am missing a part of myself. I would like a sex-drive, just a mild one, just so in the (hopeful) future I can be in a relationship, if I have luck.



I was tired



It says 50% off I think.



how much do you meditate? when's the last time you had your chakras realigned?



I share the feeling. Hopefully today is better for both of us.



well, ditch the jew poison for a start, it clearly isn't helping



I tried getting into meditating a while ago. I couldn't get as far as understanding the definition on google so I gave up.

It sounds like something I want to do however, so I might put energy into attempting to understanding it again.



It helps in some respects, I am very thankful it has somewhat fixed my depression and to a degree helps with my OCD. It comes with the cost of my sex drive though. If only there was a way to get it back while on the anti depressants, I might just give exercising a go, I think it might work.






I stopped taking my anti-depressants months ago and it definitely didn't cure me



try trenbolone



Isn't that a steroid?



>320k opus

yeah you only need a fifth of that bandwidth for decent sounding audio


What are we eating (or already had) for dinner tonight NEETs?

Mummybot has surprised me with a roast Turkey, very nice.



Fried egg and bacon roll.

Annoyed tonight as the neighbours blasting 90's/00's music.

Right now I hear I'M BLUE DA BOO DEE BOO DOO DA.

I might go out for a bit later(maybe) or just call it an early night and go to bed.



mummybot's legendary chicken schnitzel burritoes w/ colby cheese, tomato and Jeb! sauce



Half a pizza with some cold croissants I found at the local dumpster




I was just being a smart arse, I did like the pic. Feels like it's been ages since we've had any decent OC.


Just leftovers. Right now enjoying a hot cup of tea with a biscuit. I only wish the ambient temperature was colder.


Kek, have they played Barbie by Aqua yet?



I'm starting to think you're just lying about the dumpster-diving. Can you take pics next time?



That sounds pretty tasty. Can you take a pic? I haven't had a burrito in years



>Just leftovers. Right now enjoying a hot cup of tea with a biscuit. I only wish the ambient temperature was colder.

Winter is fast approaching and I am very excited. The wagie's will be very un-smug and the comfy NEET will be the opposite. Also what biscuit? A few nights ago I was enjoying some Ritz and dip, those are pretty nice.


>I might go out for a bit later(maybe) or just call it an early night and go to bed.

I might head to bed early as well.Mummybot brought me some milk out at the shops (which apparently were open RREE) while I was asleep thinking they were not. Oh well tomorrow the NEET shop is still on the agenda, just minus the milk.


File: d4a3125a505c0c0⋯.jpeg (355.56 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 1.jpeg)


if you really wanted to stick it to wagies and have no shame, catch a train during peak hour and shit your pants and record the responses


File: 45dc19f56b5c77d⋯.jpg (389.02 KB, 1040x585, 16:9, 1493116425945[1].jpg)

File: a552bef8c12c2fa⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 1170x2080, 9:16, 1493116296984[1].jpg)


here, mummy OH&S / ASIO



Looks nice, needs some sauce though m8


File: 4f4fa3eebea6630⋯.gif (349.08 KB, 300x169, 300:169, 1488421465089.gif)

just spent another $200 on some worthless MFC camgirl



I think you are spending too much money on these things anon, you can get a RL prostitute for that kind of money


File: 5c43532c4957472⋯.jpg (35.9 KB, 600x500, 6:5, 1481715336656.jpg)



File: cb158595a375101⋯.jpg (378.81 KB, 1152x648, 16:9, vulpes.jpg)


This has got to be bait.



Jeb! sauce is a sauce


baka senpai ~desu

mfc is low quality and barely interactive

switch to pixiv/gelbooru or stop paying like a wagecuck



Just a supermarket-brand shortbread. I forgot to buy a pack of ANZAC biscuits on Monday, they're always nice for dipping into tea.


I could go for one of those right now. What's Jeb sauce btw? Never heard of it



Oh now I see it. I thought it was lettuce. Guac merchant has blessed the burrito.



> What's Jeb sauce btw?




>Just a supermarket-brand shortbread. I forgot to buy a pack of ANZAC biscuits on Monday, they're always nice for dipping into tea.

You have reminded me to go out and buy many biscuits tomorrow.



Where's that pakistan?


File: 959a7d7f40c9922⋯.webm (1.17 MB, 640x480, 4:3, THORPIE_FULLY_SICK_6_2MB_….webm)

whoops, forgot to turn quality from best to good, took so long i forgot about it






>telling mummy to make this for me right now as I bang two pans together





I'm guessing you're on the DSP, right?


This, THis, this. You've spent almost $1000 which is what some irl-whores charge for an overnight stay.



how obvious is it now that he is gay as fuck



oh shit

Sorry m7




I know I could easily purchase an actual whore with this money but I don't want to.

MFC is entertainment. A lot of the type I don't even fap. In fact most of the time I don't fap. The cuck in me just enjoys making these girls happy by giving them tokens.



hmm???? is it worth adding to my colection? i hope its not Podesta approved

time to risk it for the biscuit!


make it yourself, and use it as a bargaining chip for mummybot


1 avocado : 3/4 of tablespoon of sour cream : 1 teaspoon of seasoning (buy the proper stuff in the cholo section)


everyone knew beforehand, but it's hard to live down, since the christfags used togo ballistic at that shite



I initially thought it was smashed avo, but close enough.


I might do the same. I'm thinking Arnott's scotch finger and iced vovo plus the ANZACs. Haven't had a decent choc-chip in a while too.




File: 6450dcf5213f97d⋯.png (25.74 KB, 625x262, 625:262, im going in boys, wish me ….PNG)



Looks like he used cum as hair gel


You obviously have little-to-no bills to pay. I might indulge in these cam whores next time mummybot is away. Are there any /aus chicks worth checking out?



yes, and they're all at anonib




>I might do the same. I'm thinking Arnott's scotch finger and iced vovo plus the ANZACs. Haven't had a decent choc-chip in a while too.

I might get some of the coles choc chip, they are nice. Might get a few shortbread too.



i was just with this bitch called katek8 who banned me for literally no reason (i talked about the vids i found of her on the internet). she's aussie. i want my 14 tokens i tipped her back haha

https://www.redtube.com/1065350 that's one of her vids.

just choose the options and tell it to put aussie girls at the top and you'll find a diverse range of them. the most fun i had was with a russian girl called strawberry_N.


File: 24ff51ae1edf7ef⋯.png (21.87 KB, 1021x121, 1021:121, no memes.PNG)


I am sorry to announce this, but…

The internet has run out of memes.

Please refrain from using memes from this point onward, in case your harddrive dies and we lose a meme forever.

We will be sending a camera crew to downtown Brazil to rectify the problem by importing memes directly from the sauce. Thankyou for your support, and may god bless us all. Amen.


File: 3bbe08df19c4159⋯.png (10.67 KB, 366x387, 122:129, muh memes.png)


I have many


File: 16c70bda859f2a2⋯.jpg (48.78 KB, 302x497, 302:497, 1492263355532.jpg)

File: 282eec3d38048eb⋯.png (192.79 KB, 499x478, 499:478, 1484722773096.png)

File: 9c9aebdd8c35fc6⋯.png (302.39 KB, 1724x731, 1724:731, 1480449650101.png)



Thanks, though I should probably stick with the non-aussies so I don't end up stalking them irl.



one day, we should organise using a volafile thread to build an archive of NEETstralian-certified memes without using discord, so make another thread

first, we must decide on a name

how about "A centrelink to the past"



I don't want newfriends having access to my vast memechive



not for the sake of protecting your memes from future hard drive failures?

not for educating future NEETs on the values of past NEEThoodery?

hey, I wonder if i should go to wizardchan and ask them if they have any leftover memes I can steal



The discord is nice :(



Sounds like a good idea



If a meme can't even survive a hard drive failure it's not tough enough to make it through life anyway



discord is nsa



Tomorrow shall be The Day Of The Biscuit.


>A centrelink to the past

Ha, I just remembered the anon that used to buy hordes of Tim-Tams. Think it was clean-stove neet.



How though?



good point, lets throw that idea down the memory hole and ill go back to feeling guilty about eating chocolate


my point exactly, but its not like irc or email or 8chan is much better, so i was thinking posting it on an i2p torrent



>Tomorrow shall be The Day Of The Biscuit.

I like the name. Do you dip your biscuits in your coffee/tea?



>I tried getting into meditating a while ago. I couldn't get as far as understanding the definition on google so I gave up.

Wikipedia is a shit way to introduce yourself to anything technical. Most of the time I can only understand a technical wikipedia page if I already know the material, and even in those instances it's obvious that it won't make sense to someone without background knowledge.

It's better to use a secondary source for technical understanding; get a book that was written to introduce noobs to a topic. It doesn't matter if the book is factually incorrect in some areas, you just need to gain enough information to be able to meaningfully educate yourself with other resources.

On meditation: I downloaded a PDF of a book called Mindfulness in Plain English[1] on the recommendation of a meditation subreddit and it helped me understand what meditation actually is, why it's helpful and how to practice it. It comes with a minimum of spiritual rubbish. I recommend you read one page each day because I know you're a lazy fucking NEET with extremely weak willpower (just like me) and you'll crumble if you try to force yourself to achieve a goal that's outside your current abilities. Set a timer for 10AM and just read one page when it dings.

There's no need to be worried about the speed of your learning because you can use guided meditations to practice in the meantime. Jon Kabat-Zinn has some pretty neat videos[2] that I found by accident and kept watching because they're just as good as self-directed meditation.

One last thing: meditation will be really, really fucking frustrating if nobody has explained how to properly approach it. You can find the technical stuff above but the most important thing to know is that difficulty in meditating means you're doing it right. I would get pretty pissed off when I thought I was failing at meditation because my mind kept wandering and I wasn't able to keep myself from getting distracted. In retrospect my anger doesn't really make sense, it's like trying to beat a lifting PR and getting angry because the weight is too heavy to lift easily. I hope that helps.

[1] http://www.vipassana.com/meditation/mindfulness_in_plain_english.php

[2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8oKWQiEWYs



Thanks , will give it a read.



nyaa.se went down last night, might be related to new britbong/EU laws, so use tokyotoshokan or DHT search engines i.e. skytorrent, btdig, ju8 .me, btdb

anyway, don't forget opennic

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