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Of course you will not find out about the realities of life in Australia listening to a kid (not with an imaginary opinion about Australia but also about life). I live in Australia for 38 years. I am a little sad to listen to a young man who, after a few months of living (because he is not living) in Australia as a tourist, makes emotional opinions about this wonderful country. I will mention that this expectation of permanent and always available work for good money is a feature of people raised in socialism. If you think (I do not know what a job to collect a cow's buy) collecting cow's poultry is disgraceful as a paid job, maybe go to London and there are honorary jobs: washing dishes in restaurants. Why am I writing so with a dose of malice? Because the tone of your speech is clearly pretentious - with a grudge against Australia (which is ridiculous), that they do not treat you as someone special, special Pole, who in addition has plans … NB cockroaches - :-) I live here as I have mentioned for almost 40 years . If you do not agree to the constant inhalation of some poisons, spraying every other week with other poisons of the apartment and the kitchen in particular, sprinkle with other poisonous in turn powders that kill cockroaches - you must learn to live with cockroaches. Cockroaches, black widows, poisonous toads, poisonous snakes and aggressive falling 'koala bears' are a normal and integral part of life in Australia. It's good that some real Australian did not hear you because we call it: Drongo. Living in Australia is very good but moderate, Australia is a relatively peaceful country with good health care, with a fair social and most importantly it is far from all the great countries like USA, Canada etc. The government is everywhere today infected with liberal democracy and a little bit It rots but in comparison with Poland Australia is politically and socially a kind of face of the world, and that Australian society did not get a job on the subject of modernity and comfort is just a sign of health and mental balance. What you experience is called market economics. IT is not a man with ready imaginations who decides how to be - about how the market need is to be decisive. How do you have for sale what the market needs is you win and if you do not have it you may not be as intelligent, educated, flexible, experienced and finally as adult as you think. It's a good idea to ask questions from time to time and respond to honest responses



you're a nationalist defending the pride of the Australian way? that's all will and gravy but do you really go as far as to think that something like could be in a degree of uncomfortableness?



is this in english?

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