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File: da064e80dc92506⋯.jpg (97.84 KB, 750x563, 750:563, pep2.jpg)


What makes a good fish and chips NEETs?

Previous Thread: >>22685








Monk please talk to us.




I have been thinking about starting a small business. I ran my mother's for a few weeks while she was in the nut house. It doesn't look too hard.




I've worked in a kitchen before and the fryer isn't bad, though cleaning its a pain



Fish and chip shop?



Did she run an Escort agency? all that sex drove her mad



Running a pre-established business is a lot easier than starting one.




Massage parlour



Any culinary





Import/export business









I see a weird shop with posters of aeroplanes and such and lots of Chinese writing

The fuck is with that place



Immigration visa scam business?



I did some security contact work for an "Import/Export" business attached to the Russian Consulate premises by the Adelaide wharf. I'm sure it was above board, but it felt a bit James Bond.



Looking at this I seriously thought we had more Perth neets but all and all SA and NSW are toe to toe


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Was it legit


How can someone that's going to be alone forever actually want to do anything with their life?



I wrestle with this issue. I also can not dedicate myself to the broader community because I am so at odds with the direction things are going.



You imply that our only reason to live isn't that our presence annoys others


File: 318692087a34e6e⋯.jpg (37.6 KB, 800x450, 16:9, oogaboogaaa.jpg)








It was always deserted when I went there, except for one minder. Usually set up in the boardroom, which was pretty fancy. Massive long table, with high backed leather chairs. Heavy crystal shot glass and scotch tumbler in each place.

I set up a reverse proxy for them and did some firewall work.

It used to make me laugh, because in the James Bond books, his cover business was Universal Exports.



So you didn't go on the boats


File: 50bc5a549ec2abc⋯.png (16.13 KB, 500x450, 10:9, couchsqualorpepe.png)

I get paid my NEETbux tomorrow. I am trying to fight the urge to go to the shops and buy fattening treats.



It's truly horrible, like modern life as a whole is geared towards humans being a unit of two and if someone is unfortunate enough to not be in a pair, their whole life becomes harder. Not just >tfw no gf, but everything.



No. I'm not entirely retarded. Do what's asked. Don't look too much at anything. Don't ask questions.



Have a goon



Make some toast.



Go full miser and start saving for something. New computer, a car, an overseas trip, whatever.

I got like $600 in the bank this year.


File: 247b0d25cff6de5⋯.jpg (15.14 KB, 384x384, 1:1, 1459210878502.jpg)


"To the NEETs"



I got 8K in the bank already.



What're you saving for, your own NEET compound?



Have an upper class prostitute



I wish I could save that much.



I am guessing the more expensive ones are more matching their profile or just request a refund, product not as described



Are you the NEET wot smashed his TV and didn't want to talk about it?



Well played, Sir.



I didn't fill out your poll.



Yes. I had over $20K saved but spent it on all this shit because I was living like a nigger sleeping on a shitty mattress on the floor. So I bought all this furniture and electronics but it hasn't improved my life. I should have just kept saving.



What have you done about the TV issue?

I suggested getting it repaired, but the same money would probably buy you a 4K Kogan or something.



very good



A good mattress is essential to a quality NEET sleep. If you are depressed it's even more important when posting >tfw depressed looking at the roof



I don't even want a TV any more. It is in the shed and I am never thinking of it again.



Tomorrow is the start of lent.

40 days without your favourite treat wont kill you maybe



That took me a long time to work out.



Not having a wank/goon will never not happen soz



Medical professionals actually recommend AGAINST going cold turkey with booze. It has been known to kill alcoholics.






Dan's fucked you guys, I meant don't buy kfc or timtams.


File: 6928aa4f531a292⋯.png (44.68 KB, 485x443, 485:443, t3_7wzaem.png)

Grug eat birdy sticks from flame, need mate for ugga ugga for tribe. Dark tribe whack our tribe with stick. Me bump dark tribe at big lizard. Agroo?



Kek it's because they are not man enough. Drinking less goon is the solution to stop drinking too much goon



40 days without a Zinger Stacker and 24 nuggets? Impossibru!



It's alive



I am not sure whether to pity you or admire you.


File: b0e8085cb19642f⋯.gif (1.62 MB, 680x380, 34:19, Frankenstein-its-alive.gif)



This is why we need the neet takeaway shop



File: 3f847b978fca8c9⋯.jpg (36.43 KB, 600x303, 200:101, cozy.jpg)

I made the mistake of going through mummybot's photo albums and it's really got me fucked up fam. Even though I am only in my 20s I feel my memory fading, I spent a good hour today just writing down each year, how old I was and what I remember. It is interesting as once some thoughts and memories come back a lot of other things do as well.

In many ways I am dissatisfied with the lack of progress in my life, however at the same time the positive of not having had an incredible existence is that at least personally my life has been remarkably pleasant or even comfy if you will. Larely I just feel like a teenager stuck in a man's body, over the next few years I really have to grow the fuck up and make some big boy decisions which either way will involve leaving many relics of my past behind, it gets my nostalgia going and longing to relive many of my teen and early 20s years again but at the end of the day I know unless I want to end up like ChrisChan or someone from Struggle Street. If you guys have watched StruggleStreet I feel almost identical to Michael minus the whole druggie alcoholic aspect, a lot of his situation and the things he said really hit home, especially with his mannerisms and language so similar to my own. I need to continue to take action and move forward as an adult as I have been, even if doing so makes me feel like I am abandoning who I have been for many years.

I guess it is rose rinted goggles but I don't even want money or a big house, just to relive my youth. Youth really is the most important thing that you have, what good is being rich or good looking for when you're in your 50s and 60s? I wish I could reset to 12 years old again and experience gaming in it's peak too as well, I wish I had a group of good friends who I got to go through high school, parties, sporting events, driving for the first time, tertiary education/work etc., I went through a lot of those milestones very alone and I wish it wasn't like that. I worry a bit about my family as well, as flawed as they are I'm going to be JUSTed once my parents die. It really is quite crazy to just contemplate how much time has gone by and how fast time is going right now, we've already over 15% of the way through 2018.



Have you had a wank recently?



TV's shit, I haven't watched it in like 5 years



I know what you mean

Ive made many choices in my life

Some good, many bad

Personally I feel I could never get gf



I do not think like you do and do not think it is a good way to think. I did not like all that stuff about youth being valuable. There is no advantage to desiring something you cannot ever have again.



Man I don't remember a fucking thing from high school or earlier. It's just all blank. Live in the moment, I guess.



You have probably repressed these memories for a reason.



I felt like I squandered it

Could of been the cool kid but decided alcohol is bad man

What a lie


Too many NEETs are surpressing their desire to have a wank


Now the question of where the non capital big city neet lives begins

First guess is Newcastle followed by Geelong



Have a goon






Goon pairs perfectly with having a wank



>we've already over 15% of the way through 2018.

Don't scare me like that.



Oh, I'm not falling for that one again. The last time I had a wanky goon I was pissing fermented grapes for a week.



Sounds like a solution that requires another cup of goon



Don't waste the goon by pissing it away. Bubble it



I haven't been there in 19 years

How is it these days



Proper fucked and featuring something of a mass exodus, with 60% of the shops closed, along with the nickel refinery down the drain and constant drought.

Upside is that it's perfect for a NEET because you can get great accommodation dirt cheap and MAX has completely given up.



So the pollies dont give a fuck then



>MAX has completely given up.

Sounds like a paradise, how's your local Dan?


File: 6825de654c7f483⋯.png (3.61 MB, 1703x942, 1703:942, ClipboardImage.png)



They care, but they banked the main street development and nickle expansion on one Clive Palmer, who royally fucked it all up and pissed off, leaving them high and dry. Complete comical trainwreck.


Beautiful. Just a stone's throw away, giant selection and dirt cheap. If I don't feel like walking that far, there is a BWS right opposite me in the street.

My last Max handler didn't even ask for the jobsearch sheets back. I just walked in, waved, then walked out. Amazing.







Too hot



Yeah but we could fit like 40 NEET's on that property. We could even take in a few Americlap NEETs thanks to gay marriage and force them into slave labour.



>My last Max handler didn't even ask for the jobsearch sheets back. I just walked in, waved, then walked out. Amazing.

That really brings a tear to my eye, they feel so defeated that you can collect the bux without restrictions



Why did they trust Palmer

I'd rather sleep with Gina then have a deal with him


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

that feel when not an international hitman



I'd sleep with Gina for the money and the life style.


File: 0efd3accc35d377⋯.jpg (192.57 KB, 1594x700, 797:350, 93fe2e83b92a19895b281b7593….jpg)

>tfw no troll gf

What's your choice NEETs?



Too tropical.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

that feel when not a baby giraffe



We'd get too sweaty after a wank



either lesser cyclops or giant troll, preferably both



Oh man that mountain troll



>TFW Gina won't be your gf



One day we will all join in NEET Paradise, brother.


Because even if the pollies care, they're still clinically retarded and regularly get conned into spending on 30 mill+ projects that bring in 40K a year.



I still don't get why roadworks cost so much



Because they need to pay 1 guy to build the road and 20 guys to stand around giving emotional support.



Bullshit bureaucracy, it's the reason why insurance premiums have gone so high because idiots that cause accidents in and sue whenever possible over any minor issue



Those lawyer ads annoy me tbh



Facism, libertarianism or what ever to end this when?



We lost local bond fire burning and fireworks night because of this issue. Too expensive for insurance



Are you kidding me? Then they might expect us to work.





Just had a shower. Feeling refreshed.





Go to Dan's



We would all starve and be forced to work for less money, kind of like work for the dole




we already have WFDT?



>kind of like work for the dole

WFTD is $8/hour.



National socialism?



Isn't the internship scheme even lower at $2 an hour?



Tbh only a neet because there are no jobs



The fuck?



Not national socialism in the german nazi sense, but yes a patriotic, socialist nationalism would be great.



You mean national Bolshevism or just Stalinism in general



I'm not keen on the radical stuff like marxism-leninism, or stalinism and nazbol, I'm more in favor of democratic socialism which is what the labor party used to be.



Path internship program


Sorry for the Huffington post but it links to external resources. The hourly rate for allowance paid is equal to $4 an hour


Struggling to keep my eyes open. Might have to have a very early night. I might be too tired to read LOTR. They are out of Moria now and spending their first night in Lothlorien up some trees.



Disgraceful, I wonder if any of them will even get jobs out of it.



The Labour party used to be basically national socialist in the 50s then Caldwell got murdered, Whitlam fucked up and then fucked us over

Him and Fraiser are the cause of most of Australias ills tbh, Howard also helped a lot, everyone after Howard got left shit and some how made it worse though at least tones slowed it down but Malco made sure to make us continued to be fucked

Our last chance was Latham and nobody at the time knew



Some may and others may not. I was reading on Whirlpool that some employers were just recycled the applicants even after telling them that they will get a job. They can get paid a bonus each time that was an incentive not to hire them and move on to the next applicant. That was under investigation but I do not recall the outcome. I think it was stopped but that would have been soul crushing for some people. I feel sorry for them.



Wew, I just read that bit and the Fellowship has just gotten to Lothlorien. Now I feel like I'm obliged to read ahead of you




Seems American




Never mind

I didn't see the .au



Howard solution to debt recovery was selling public assets that liberal parties at the state level have adopted with the power grid. Massive price increases have been a success for consumers.



Links to union resources and other information supporting their article.



And don't forget the guns



I don't mind some of the restrictions. I find it crazy that burgers sleep with their guns. They should be locked up securely in a safe. I think we should have to access to guns and it's pretty easy to get a gun license when you have a farm.



Outdo me and you will answer for it. Dan is not the only one who is handy with an iron bar.



Americas situation about the guns has nothing to do with guns but rather because of the whole 56%



The iron bar is truely like the samurai sword



>. I find it crazy that burgers sleep with their guns. They should be locked up securely in a safe.

>gang of niggers break in while you are sleeping

>time is cruicial

>they start ransacking your house and trashing the place

>they hear you and start heading towards you quickly

>spend ages fucking around with a safe while they appear behind and you are promptly butchered



The Jew fears the danurai


I don't mind our firearm licencing system, however semi-automatics should be easier to own, should be the same as category A and B, and self defense should be a legitimate reason for owning a firearm.



Even if you get your guns your going to get charged with murder in Australia. We do not have self defence and castle laws to protect your home.

Mummybot told me of a story she knew from someone who had a jewellery store. He got robbed and killed them with a weapon. The police wanted to charge him with murder. Since the attackers put a machete into his head, he claimed to have no recollection of the incident. Otherwise he would have needed to go to court and may be even jail for getting his store robbed by armed attackers.


I've been pissing in the toilet with the toilet seat down lately, no more shaking my dick and getting piss everywhere. I just dab it with toilet paper, it's so much cleaner



I have seen this exact post before several days ago.



The laws here are fucking retarded, I guess the (((police))) would be happy to have you sit there and killed. I wouldn't be surprised if some people in a similar situation just killed them and never told anyone, like a farmer or something.



I posted it in the old general accidentally a few days ago, I got little to no (You)'s from it so I posted it here



I thought they changed it sometime within the last couple of years? Obviously not for murdering someone, but if someone breaks into your house with a weapon and you beat 'em half the death with a club, then it's a-okay.


>tfw have to piss sitting down because it either comes out like a fire hose or trickles out when I try to control it

>tfw you're a virgin stuck with the Chad piss



A few cases exist of people protecting their families and getting charged. A case on a rural property where a junky broke in and he was beaten not sure if he was killed. The husband got charged. We need self defence laws in this country not freedom of speech.

Business owners can get sued by the family if a junky breaks in and tries to burn down the place, but cannot escape and dies. This country is fucked but nah we need freedom of speech laws



Just dab it with tp m8



I am not certain on law changes but it needs to be a right to defend your property when you fear for your life. That should include deadly force when you are in a rural and remote area without access to police. People who steal shit are lowest scum and shouldn't be protected.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




I'm pretty much a socdem or a centre left populist on all those test things.. but I'm not overly keen on democracy so I guess I'm not either of those.




Very comfy little tune.



I just do reconnaissance on the enemy.



It's heaps old, I remember my grandpa singing it.

I had to look up what it was called, all I could remember was the dogs with rubber teeth bit.



Is that what you are doing here?



How are they your enemies exactly?



It is a bit of banter mate.


Got the hot farts tonight, my NEET cave is fast becoming a gas chamber.



I love all the NEETs here. Even you.






Especially me*



That may be true but I don't know which NEET you are. I do have a favourite.



That one is me.


lads should I lose my v-card to a prostie? Been looking through them online and there are some fucking incredible looking ones. I have enough money too. Dunno why I wouldn't tbh. Someone try to convince me otherwise or something.



Several NEETs have done what you are thinking of and they pretty much all had a bad experience and regretted it.



why's that?



They will have to explain. I can't remember the details. One NEET was disgusted by her wide opening and dryness. Another couldn't get his dick hard.



Because they're whores.



Be aware that most of the photos are fake, especially the gooks.



I did it, it's not a big deal at all




did they go to cheapo ones? or are they all like that?


will keep in mind


pls gimme deets brah



I've never been to a prostie, but I imagine the difference is similar to the difference between bungin' out a fap real quick and getting comfy and working your dick like you're painting art to your favourite fetish.



oh ok. I found some really high end ones though. I've saved a fair bit wagecucking. I know it probably sounds really stupid to spend a fair bit but the idea of losing it to a super hot one seems really appealing to me.



Have you exhausted all options finding someone you don't have to pay?



We need both.



It's worth a try tbh, I've had some good ones and some bad just with normal escorts, higher end should be good I would assume.


Drive out to some bumfuck country town on a friday or saturday night, get fucked up at the pub there and pretend you're someone you're not.

The local whore will fuck you just because you're someone new.



I get some of the toilet paper, fold it up and put it in my undies. Even when I wipe it to remove the piss, what usually happened was a few minutes later when I am doing something else, a small amount of piss came out and was annoying.



What was your first prostitute like?



no lol. I'm not even particularly uggo or anything too. Just really autistic. tbh I just really like the idea of it being a certain thing ya know? Like, you pay and sex is guaranteed and shit. I dunno maybe I'm just a perv.


Ok lad. cheers.



She was okay, some type of asian, either chinese or korean, she could barely speak english but was very nice.




I hope my councilor is still here sussing out the gen



Probably about 15 minutes, the rest of the hour was foreplay and a massage.



I'm too beta to fit in



Just the usual stuff, BJ and HJ, played with her tits.


I have been looking at prostitutes as well, but I don't think I'll get one until I have saved more neetbux. A good way to filter out the horde of gooks is search 'aussie'. I don't think I will ever have a gf to lose my virginity to, as I will be 22 this year and I am just getting sick of it. I might need to work up my confidence as well before I see one.


sorry if I spoiled the tone of the thread talking about hoes lads



Did the massage relax you



>as I will be 22 this year

Same. I'm the lad who first asked.



You really won't feel any different after losing your virginity, it's no big deal.


Yes, the massage at the end of the session was excellent, I almost fell asleep.





Nothing else was happening.




Do you think she enjoyed being with you or was she all business?



Sounds kinda gay to say, but I was a little worried that I might have ruined whatever discussion was going on before. I didn't read the thread before I posted and I felt kinda guilty lol



Just pretend you're someone you;re not.

Who cares if you make a fool of yourself because you'll never see them again.

I wish I could listen to my own advice



Do you have any confidence issues that would prevent you seeing one? I don't want to see one yet because of money, but also I want to work out for a bit so I look less like a 12 year old boy.


>You really won't feel any different after losing your virginity, it's no big deal.

It is just bugging me since everyone my age has probably lost it already and I doubt I will ever be able to lose it for 'free' and I guess I will have to pay for it. I'll never have the teenage love meme, or the gf meme, women want men who are successful normies so I doubt they would ever want me.


I wouldn't go to a prostie because it would injure my pride


Hello NEETs

I have a question, how do prosties know when the time is up? Do they have a stop watch? An alarm clock? Or do they always keep the time in mind?



I think it's all just business.



They usually just keep track of the time, usually glance over at their phone or a clock in the room.


Have any of you found weird pro's looking this stuff up?

Like amputees and dwarves?



The issue isn't my personality but my looks



I wish I could have a blind gf



>Do you have any confidence issues that would prevent you seeing one? I don't want to see one yet because of money, but also I want to work out for a bit so I look less like a 12 year old boy.

Funny that you mentioned that. If you'd asked me a year ago I would have said yes. Around this time last year I made an effort to get fit and shit so right now, not really. I do have some deep insecurities but I manage to keep a lid on them pretty well a lot of the time.

btw definitely work out anyway. If I didn't start lifting weights I might've killed myself or some shit.



It's not as if everyone everywhere is attractive and in the country towns theres nothing else to do but go to the pub. There'll be some bushpigs there that might put out.



I wouldn't worry about your appearance, they deal with all kinds of fucked up people,



But they at least have testosterone I'm a shitty soygoy



But not soygoys though




You'll be right.



that makes sense, better than using an alarm clock


File: 844024552700592⋯.png (34.67 KB, 300x250, 6:5, RYKb6s1sAb-10.png)

Begun reading a lot more throughout the day, 4-5 hours a day topped off with NEETwalks and gym keeps me pretty busy when you're getting 9-10 hours sleep.

I would say that I am a lot more alert and energetic given my massive reduction in computer time (and I'm not even on no porn/no fap right now) but my mind is definitely a lot more active which isn't all positives.

One of the great things about being in that 7 day shut in haze is that you are numb to a lot of things, while that is no way to live with hours passing like seconds this elevated state is going to take some time getting used to.


>If I didn't start lifting weights I might've killed myself or some shit.

same tbh, it's good to have spergouts in the gym and smash sets out


I wouldn't mind joining a gym but they seem pretty expensive.


Goodnight NEETs.


Homemade apple and rhubarb strudel with a subtle tang of lime infused cream delicately balanced with an oak and almond wood grain base




Good night. Sleep tight.



>it's good to have spergouts in the gym and smash sets out

I feel you brah. wage cuckin I managed to accumulate gear and develop a relatively well-equipped homegym. I go in there, put on some heavy ass tunes and crush shit.


this'll sound goofy, but hear me out. If you can, get a kettlebell (or maybe two- one heavier) and a skipping rope. Skipping is fucking top-tier cardio imo and ropes are cheap af. Kettlebells are a bit of a meme but just think of them as being like dumbells. You can do presses, swings, rows, goblet squats with a kettlebell - so they're pretty good if you're starting out. If you add in body-weight stuff you're fucking set for a while. If you can get (or find) something you can hang off of and do pullups.


nn laddie



just buy yourself some cheap weights, you'll only have to pay once and you will be able to lift without leaving the house.


Good night



I've got some dumbbells and a bench but I never really enjoyed lifting and rarely use them, mostly just like doing cardio.


Bought myself clearance watermelon and vodka mishka for $7 4 pack and a Heineken 500ml for $2 at Dan's. Will drink heneiken then 3 mishkas to sleep.



What music do you listen to? I only work out with music on light sets. I have to concentrate when I'm going heavy.



I might start with just doing some basic push ups, since I am mainly insecure about my arms, then I might start going to the gym after a month or two.


I wouldn't feel confident doing it as I currently am. I look really young and they might be able to look past that, but having so much anxiety and insecurity about myself I probably wouldn't be able to get hard. I can't even get hard most of the time watching porn, it would be worse being in a real life situation and feeling the added anxiety and stress over my body I feel depressed when I look in the mirror and I see a really thin guy with a baby face, which makes me look young in addition to my feeble arms, legs etc. I can't even properly grow facial hair either like every other guy my age, it just adds to the insecurity and makes me feel completely inadequate as a male.



>I can't even get hard most of the time watching porn

you need no porn + no fap and to go to a doctor for low test, sort your diet out too

you sound a lot like me a few years ago



oh ok. Do you try and get prs? If you don't you could try and lift a weight you haven't ever lifted before - or you could try and do a number of reps you've never done before. I've found the whole 'achievement' part of it to be the most satisfying.


Yeah nah I do the exact same thing. I only put on the music at the end when I'm doing accessory stuff (and I feel like quitting lol). I've been listening to the same playlist for two years. Mostly rap. The sort of stuff that glorifies making it if that makes sense - like when they rap about coming from nothing or making lots of money. Cringey but whatever.


>tfw ate heaps today

>a large bag of smiths salt and vinegar chips

>a fisherman's basket from the fish and chip shop

>a tub of woolies cheesy vegemite scrolls

>about 2 liters of milk

>4 mint slice chocolate biscuits

This is over the whole day but I've got this weird not really full and kind of still hungry feeling but also full as



for fuck sake eat a piece of fruit or your guts will explode



Eat some vegetables or fibre or you won't be shitting for a while.



Dont listen to those other NEETs, you did good today. One improvement you could've made was having some fizzy drink but otherwise pretty good.



Might go on the nofap, I keep putting it off but maybe its for the best.


File: 71868f0903f620f⋯.jpg (9.47 KB, 300x200, 3:2, kidney stone.jpg)


>One improvement you could've made was having some fizzy drink

*blocks your penis*


File: 6547952fa40a1c3⋯.jpg (45.54 KB, 800x445, 160:89, WANKOFFUKIPVOTERS.jpg)


Is this our Jahans?


Went to click update, this post >>23686 pops up. Now I have a tittyman pic saved to my pc.



I had a ham and salad roll the other day. It doesn't mean anything though because I still ate shit food as well. I'm not adverse to eating healthy at all but I just choose the easy good tasting shit most of the time



Very similar to myself, only ever during accessory work.

I like really hyped up trance/house, edgy rap (suicideboys) and death metal stuff. Pretty sure I deliver more cringe.

I hit 80kg incline bench for 3 reps last week, pretty happy with that. How has your training been going?




You ever had one?

Gravity stopped working when I pushed one out years ago.




Fucking good shit.

>80kg incline bench for 3 reps last week

Great job lad. Really weird how close we are lol - I did an 87kg flat bench for 3 the other week. I guess you're stronger seeing as it's incline though.

Everything's going well but I've had to focus on upper body the last 2 months or so becuase of knee problems. They're getting sorted (slowly) but it'll probs be a while before I can do squats or things like that. I just recently reintroduced deads and RDLs though so its ok.

What sort of routine do you do?



How else can you get them? I rarely drink any soft drinks but they always worry me.



>you did good today

No I didn't. I don't come to the general to be coddlled and lied to anon



>I guess you're stronger seeing as it's incline though.

actually nvm you must be heaps stronger aye


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Gravity has good music.



A rather cynical remark.




Embrace the coddling and the coddling will embrace you back.


I cancelled my gym membership the other day, I only went twice. Apparently they still get to charge me for 30 days the fucks, it's written in the contract I signed







It's warm and fuzzy.

Warm and fuzzy.


Freshly showered and feeling quite refreshed though still a bit sick from whatever hit me this morning (either a bit of food poisoning, too much booze plus the intense heat here in QLD atm or a combo of all three of those things).



Spooky, I've only been doing upper body lately as I seem to gain strength/size on my legs much easier

I pretty much just train what I feel like, one big compound movement 5 or so sets low reps and then 1x accessory exercise for say 10 sets x 10 reps

4 days a week

not optimal, been meaning to change to a proper split with actual programming but cbf logging my lifts every week. it's more something to stop me sperging out and look good/be strong, I don't take it that seriously.



Gay post somewhere else







Gay post somewhere else


Good night friends.






Good night



don't tell me what to do



Man this is spooky

>I seem to gain strength/size on my legs much easier

Same. That's why I wasn't too upset when I had to stop training lower body. I've always had big ass legs. Don't think I've lost anything on the break either.

>not optimal

Sounds alright to me lad. I mean, what you've described is pretty much what most programs have you doing anyway. It's funny, autistically logging my lifts is one of the things about it that I really like. I'm starting to think I might have legit aspergers.


nn lad



You've been holding that one in for while


Don't know how you could sleep with all that sugar in your system


You passed out from the pain?



What training program are you on?

Are you strict with your diet too? Over the years it's just became more of an enjoyment thing for me to keep me sane. If they ever invented steroids with no side effects I'd definitely try to minmax everything though and ensure everything is optimal.



is he wearing pizza?


What happened to VN/VirginNEET? Does anyone know?



>What training program are you on?

a reddit one actually lol. GZCL (a linear progression version). It's just like SS or other things of that nature. The difference is when you can't add weight you don't reset you just swap up the rep / set schemes. So for example you do 5x3 bench and you add weight week. If you can't get 3 reps each set after adding weight, you swap the scheme to 6x2. Later if you can't do that you swap to 10x1 and afterwards you go back to 5x3 (a little higher than when you started). The main accessories are just complementary compounds (e.g. OHP on days when the heavy lift is bench) and follow a similar protocol. I add my own bodybuilding shit at the end of each workout.

I ended up doing it because SS was getting real grindy. For whatever reason this one really appeals to my 'tism.

I'm not really strict with my diet. I don't really track anything - sometimes I'll enter stuff into a calorie / macro tracker just to check that I'm in the ballpark. I do try and eat enough fibre and get my vitamins in though. I'm probably downplaying it though - I am kinda obsessive about it all. That's only because I don't really have much else going on in my life though.



should proof-read that. dunno why I said 'though' so much


I'm so frustrated. My bank just decided to withdraw DOUBLE DIGITS from me as a service fee all of a sudden with no warning.


I'm so frustrated. My bank just decided to withdraw DOUBLE DIGITS from me as a service fee all of a sudden with no warning.


I'm so frustrated. My bank just decided to withdraw DOUBLE DIGITS from me as a service fee all of a sudden with no warning.





Looks like the board withdrew three replies from you on top of that.



Just about to shit now m8


Anz used to charge me $5 a month just to use my account with them, they also had a $20 overdraft fee if I ever accidentally withdrew more than I had in it. I'm now with ing with no fees



>not using based ING Direct



I think he posted a few weeks ago.


nn lads


Hey NEETs, rationing the stories as I'm through nearly all the good one's and I don't want to have to get down to nothingburger tier shit like me calling some kid a faggot because he didn't stop the bus for me or something else stupid like that, anyway today was good as I went to the gym for the first time in weeks, having some vodka and coke at the moment, it's alright and I think it would be even nicer with some ice and maybe a bit of lemon or lime but I don't have any of that at the moment


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dutch NEET set a job agency on fire. He went into the building and poured gasoline on things while people were working



Is it normal coke? Share the stories at your own pace m88


The people working there will now be NEETs. Master plan.



It's just normal coke, might try it with vanila coke though



Don't forget to have a wank


told mom of my wanking habits today. i was just making small talk when the topic switched to exercise and i realized i've been slacking so i've probably been feeling anxious because i haven't wanked or exercised in a while. i thought about not mentioning the wanking part but curiosity got the best of me so i just said it. the reply was a predictable "don't wanna know, leave me out of it".


What the fuck am I feeling?


>tfw day 5 nofap


sure is lonely on here at this time. none of you neetos on a fucked sleep schedule?



Can't get goon at fucked up hours


Happy valentines day, cunts. xxoo.



Y-you too


File: 3e2572bb7906d48⋯.png (169.45 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 88d8378d8a86afe⋯.png (253.95 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 5eac55ad7b282c2⋯.png (155.28 KB, 448x332, 112:83, ClipboardImage.png)

me at work today



Frosch means frog



Thank you mate. same to you.


Good morning NEETs. I did pretty good today. Got paid my NEETbux this morning and used it to pay off all my bills, buy a couple of necessary (non-food) items online, and then I put what was left over in the bank account that I can't access without giving 31 days notice.

The risk of a massive food binge has been averted for another fortnight. The diet is still on. We are all going to make it.


What was all that autism about not "gayposting" last night? The guy was just making a joke. Some of you are legit autistic.


Morning guys,

Sorry for my autism post >>23511

I get quite emotional and edge in the evenings when I'm tired, nostalgic too.



How much of your NEETbux do you manage to save per month?



It depends. the first three years I was on DSP I saved about $8000 per year. I have been on a spending binge lately so have not really been saving. This fortnight I put about $350 away in savings. That is about average I guess.



Good morning. I think we all get like that sometimes.




Nice, I manage to save around $850 to $1000 per month of my dspbux, just depends on what bills I need to pay or if I need some extra things.



>I don't really have much else going on in my life though

I don't think any of us really do tbh



Yeah it depends how many luxuries you are willing to forego. When there is no end goal in sight with your savings it makes it harder to keep saving. I don't go as hard as I used to because I don't see much point any more. I will never be able to save enough to get a house.



I've been going to sleep at 10:30PM-7AM, has me feeling my best in a long time but last night I cracked and fell asleep at midnight.

Still smalltime but I want to get to waking up early again, I really begin to rot if I wake up late.



Where do you work? Any stories?


File: 25ff1e0992ad5a8⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, out040857.png)

Good morning NEETs.



I agree it is best to get up early. But everyone is different. You just have to find what works for you.



Good morning NEET.



morning catherine



I'm saving for a new bike, and also a few other things I need so it keeps me focused. After that though I'll probably ease up on saving and spend a bit more.



I fear I've said too much already about my work. Lets just leave it as an office on the outskirts of Adelaide.



Buy a TV lol



I don't watch TV, however one of my computer monitors can be used as a TV.



The only "big" purchase that would be feasible for me through saving (given a house is out of reach) would be a new car. But I already have a car that does what I need it to do. I don't see the point of getting a "better" one when the current one works fine.

I think materialism is a trap like that. It can be nice to browse and fantasise about owning something "better" but once you get it you don't really feel much better if you know what I mean.

Maybe with motorbikes it is different and you getting a new one will enhance your life in a meaningful way. Only you would know that. But as a general rule I am sceptical.



>I've said too much already about my work

lol no-one remember anything anyone says. We don't even know which NEET you are.



I wonder if anybody has ever bought a house or some land purely with savings from neetbux?



Well if you save for 20 years you could and I guess some people have done that.



The bike I want to get is nothing special I'll also be buying a used one since Honda no longer sell them in the Australia, it's just a different bike and more comfortable to ride, I plan on having a go at the delivery gig too.


File: e767519e7ad3acb⋯.jpg (295.17 KB, 1112x866, 556:433, p.jpg)


imho there's no "upgrading" with motorbikes. Doing the normie materialist thing of Bigger is Better… just gets you something that goes faster… in a straight line.

Obviously you can get another bike with better utility for your situation, but that's more sidegrading.

Admittedly, I'm someone who gets his daily neethrills fanging a Postie on 50km/h residential streets.



I've thought about getting a postie, would be perfect for deliveroo. What I really want and what I'm saving for is a Honda CB400, should have just bought one in the first place but I fell for the "brand new" meme and got a Yamaha R3.



I wouldn't want it to be me. People asking for money and people being your friends for money is worse than having no friends. Money doesn't buy happiness when your simply a millionaire or have a billion. The new wealthy are billionaires who look down on this kid for who he truely is.



I have no clue what I would do if I came into millions of dollars, and one this is for sure, it wouldn't cure my depression or anxiety.



it would let you choose your own form of misery though


The only way a big heap of money would improve my life would be by letting me buy a big piece of land and live away from people. I think that would reduce my stress a lot. Having all that privacy. I can't imagine how good it would be to be able to walk through nature all on your own and not have to worry about other people seeing you.

All my other problems would remain though no matter how much money I had.



>All my other problems would remain though no matter how much money I had.

this tbh, normies have a very unsophisticated concept of wealth and what money can do - but what do you expect? they're normies.



> passed out

nah but i got really disorientated, and lost balance. I ended up swinging my head in to the toilet wall (I was on the loo) and ending up in the gap between the toilet and the wall.

It wasn't really a kidney stone like those though. I was on heaps of morphine for a long time and a layer of sediment hardened in my bladder and made a shell type thing, then eventually that started dissolving and bits would come out occasionally. The time I'm talking about was the biggest bit and it was just smaller than a 5c piece.


Good morning friends




Good morning, hope I didn't miss anyone.



Good morning mate.



He was saying that he might embrace the wagie life iirc






Don't feel obliged to tell us stories and as if we wont care about what you've got to say, even if it's just mundane shit after you tell us your stories.



>"don't wanna know, leave me out of it".

terrible end to your story, I was envisioning a middle aged Eastern Euro milf talking to NEETo about his fapping habits and working through any issues he has with him.


Going to go out now and do some more work in the garden.


File: 32080bc491f1df7⋯.jpg (615.87 KB, 1000x684, 250:171, 1470120844212.jpg)


naww, thanks man. You too



>The diet is still on.

Good work bud.

I woke up craving fast food but today's the start of lent and We're all going to make it.





File: c425555d4046dc0⋯.jpg (118.41 KB, 903x1000, 903:1000, Before the emu war there w….jpg)



>Before long, Zillan had invested a total of just over $US12,000, the entirety of his savings from teaching tennis lessons along with the tidy nest egg he’d received from gifts and his Bar Mitzvah a few years earlier.

I knew something was wrong. In other words, the rich jew from a rich family is slightly richer. (((etherium))) strikes again.



>people being your friends for money

Is that the trick?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You're a fucking machine.

I tried to find an appropriate memevid to go with that but came across this. It is great, I'd love to get one.

This vid is well worth a watch.



That's always the catch with "millennial who pays off their mortgage by 30" or "millenial with 4 houses by 25"

>interest free loan from parents/grandparents

>assisted with the deposit

and then they just got lucky riding the housing boom wave, doesn't stop the boomers from falling for representativeness though and assuming that everyone can do that JUST LIKE THEY DID


File: fb7850e03034f2f⋯.jpg (96.23 KB, 800x450, 16:9, brendan-fraser-is-all-smil….jpg)




Morning Kunt



You know brendo is un-fucking his shit?

He's turning into chuck norris and wearing a bonanza hat.



kek, I started that then others started saying it as well, I'd created a monster


>tfw went to some torrent trackers to download some shit like I did every week

>realize I don't have broadband anymore, just a 6gig/month kogan mobile account



im going for a neet walk


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 24e84a90c57234d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 703.23 KB, 1185x636, 395:212, (((why jews hate art and e….png)

How are you cunts preparing for the Rope Day?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I don't know what any of that is and i dont wish to learn.



I was about to post this song, by a different artist though.

Gary plays raw as hell.


I am back in from the garden and have had my cleansing shower. I used a broom to get all the dirt and cobwebs off the walls, windows and back verandah ceiling. Then I washed the windows and swept up all the dirt from the verandah floor and the walkways around the back and side of the house. Then to finish off I went and did a little repair job to the back fence which is falling apart. If I'd left it much longer my doggo probably would have found his way out.

So now the backyard is completely done. So is the whole driveway area and around both my sheds. All that is left to do is the front garden and the front of the house. This is not anywhere near as big a job as the back. It will mostly just be trimming shrubs, bushes and small trees.



> the backyard is completely done.

excellent work man, you should be proud of yourself.

I hate doing the front yard, the risk of people is increased.



Yeah I have left the front yard until last because there is an increased risk of seeing people and especially seeing the midnight hammer bogan.



I view gardening and growing food as a natural sort of activity. This is what gives it its comfiness. I would be hesitant to integrate technology into my garden. I do not even use sprinklers.



>midnight hammer bogan

tell us more about her, what does she do? sounds like a freak



I have told all there is to tell in past posts. She is a single mother fat bogan who lives next door and yells at her primary-school-age son all day, and on occasion ventures out in the early hours of the morning to do loud gardening work that wakes me up.



She's a crackhead.


Day one of my lent fast of fastfood and soft drinks and I cant stop thinking about it.

I want a whopper or a zinger stacker ith a mountaindew and a 10 pack of kirks



I believe you, it's just crazy to me to think that people like that exist and they're not just internet memes.



You chose the wrong thing to give up. You should have ditched the mints and pills.


Why would smoking crack make you hammer and bang on shit in the early morning? I don't see the connection.



>tfw breath no longer refreshed



People on amphetamines often use them to "get stuff done" like cleaning their house or doing shit in the garden.



Yeah, they are a bigger issue but I'm not ready to give them up.

I'm thinking I might try to give up porn and jacking off but I sometimes go months without that anyhow. The other thing I might do is 30mins on the home gym each day, I might start with doing 3 10min bits or even 6 5min bits as 30mins at the moment is too much.



I had a mate who used to fix cars but only at like 3 in the morning on gear and he'd use the money from selling that one to buy a new one and get more gear.

Strange life style they have.



Do lifting on the home gym don't waste your time on cardio, it will just make you feel shit. You do not need to lift every day or for even close to 30 minutes. Ten minutes every second day will still give you huge improvements.



>smoke meth

>huge amount of energy

>you don't want to stop moving

>oh you're a junky so you've got nothing to do because the only thing in your life is meth

>do all the shit you should've done like cleaning but couldn't because you were too busy worrying about your next fix

>run out of shit to do inside the house

>start working outside the house

I used to know a few meth heads and this was pretty much how their entire weekend would go. They'd sit around all week doing nothing because they've had no big fix, then on the weekend they'd take their medicine at like 8pm and by midnight they had cleaned the house spotless and would then work on fucking cars without a care in the world for the noise they'd make.



>would then work on fucking cars without a care in the world for the noise they'd make.

Do you mean help take away normies cars and their possessions inside?



No, they'd be out there at 2am cutting the springs on their hektik commie or removing the exhaust and other dumb bogan shit.



>without a care in the world for the noise

There's a guy down the road who does that at like midnight, you hear him fucking around with a sander and welding shit trying to panelbeat old cars.

tbh I prefer those types of crackheads over the ones that get on it and want to rob people and fight though.


File: 92d5382d2099ede⋯.jpg (58.43 KB, 443x332, 443:332, unnamed (2).jpg)


Stop being negative son, you just need a positive attitude




Why don't you keep dropping letters in their mail box to get them really paranoid?

<Making noise at 2am, delet this

When they keep an eye on their letter box, send it as a posted letter.


File: cf5220273c94c4b⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 1518575923295159891635.jpg)

I'm in rich boy Scarborough town, lots of old boomers living in their safety nets away from the mess they created


File: 0790131feac1035⋯.png (81.38 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 0790131feac10355e7c27ade17….png)


Such good advice, refined goon does make everything better

have a goon


File: 6e2ff6bb2168794⋯.jpg (33.34 KB, 637x467, 637:467, 3425.JPG)

Could really do with a beer.



>you just need a positive attitude

<Now get out there and rent one of our houses for $1600 a fortnight you lazy millennial shit

<What do you mean you can't afford it? You're making $12 an hour

<when I was your age 40 years ago I was only making $6 and still managed to buy my own house


File: 213014bfea2d648⋯.jpg (65.78 KB, 720x701, 720:701, 1512694169551.jpg)

Can we please post only positive Valentines day messages today


If I've been on newstart for three and a half months, will the meeting I've been called in to have with the lady at the job agency tomorrow mean I'm likely to be put on WFTD next week?



I don't know mate but you shouldn't fear wftd. I reckon it is one of those things that makes you scared beforehand but once you get there you realise it isn't so bad. It is actually nice to meet some new people and have some company.



>upcoming rain

lucky tbh



I just don't want to be stuck doing shit work that takes me half a day to get to.



If they make you do it try your best to negotiate something that suits you.


>go to set up a paypal account

>check phone banking for their deposit

>see something called "EAHM Investments PTY" charged me $38.50 on Sunday

>don't know what this shit is and googling them linked me to an address near my house

>apparently their ABN is expired too




I sometimes drive around rich people neighbourhood and pick up their hard waste which is stuff that I cant afford.



>EAHM Investments PTY

Sounds like a pre-existing payment agreements or whatever they are called. You may have bought something within the last twelve months and enter unknowningly into an agreement. Until recently PayPal was not very clear on this agreement, even then its a bitch to find them. Here is some information to find out if you are stuck in one, as you need to authorise each payment for the $$$ to be taken out. If the business has gone, then dispute the charge with the reason you provided and you will get your money back




I have literally never had a paypal account until I tried making one 20 minutes ago. This charge from EAHM Investments happened on Sunday. Gonna ring the bank in a minute.



ask if you can do WFTD as a giggolo.



What are some of the coolest stuff you've got?



That bitch on the bottom looks disgusting.

I'd still let her give me a hug though, probably.



Looks like wfd cooked your brains




I would ring the number for contact provided on PayPal.com.au I do not understand how you had a charge without a paypal account. You need to verify payment method to begin on PayPal by them depositing or taking out small amount that you confirm. I even had to confirm my identity at the post office later on Are you sure it's not a scam email?



Happy Valentine's Day, Dan.

I bet your iron bar is the only thing you've fucked.


File: f665c05e0adc796⋯.jpg (45.38 KB, 608x480, 19:15, f66.jpg)



You know it.


File: 29df14130be6b55⋯.gif (1.22 MB, 366x333, 122:111, f6377b3721bcaaed246657c30d….gif)


My gift to you has always been the same

pop in by and we discuss one more thing I have fucked with my iron bar


File: 60a561979487f8e⋯.png (837.41 KB, 563x1077, 563:1077, corner thing.png)

File: 8cf284060b00fd3⋯.png (1.64 MB, 651x1211, 93:173, cupboard.png)


I got these from the side of the road



The wardens really let you go wild these days.

Quite swank, considering.


Those are pretty good finds.



Needs a comfier chair tbh.




no sign of his poopsock either.



The other day I came across one of those racing car looking computer chairs, it was too broken to fix though so I didn't get it.



I would never use a chair someone else had had their arse sitting on for years.


File: e520b4eb3c32225⋯.png (120.01 KB, 645x729, 215:243, ClipboardImage.png)

Office just sent out a safety notice reminding staff to please not drink the coffee machine cleaning chemicals.



How did they taste?



I can't taste anything anymore, but for a second or so they were a bit peppery.


File: 341dbb6e4bb51e2⋯.jpg (62.96 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 51pwz9cy6HL._SL1000_.jpg)

For the fancier, executive sized NEETs.



They can be lowered, or removed, it's fully adjustable.



How many kilos is that chair rated for?



How wide are you? I posted the 55" gut pick the other day, and I'm currently sitting quite comfortably in a chair with arms.






The right question to ask is, who drank the cleaning chemicals to warrant the safety reminder?



Shit, I'm losing the 2018 CEO competition by like an inch.


File: 9a0c6c83449c386⋯.png (203.22 KB, 559x305, 559:305, 1.png)

>tfw $105 + whatever shipping costs to get my PS Vita screen replaced



Is the weight restriction a meme, what would happen if an executive sized NEET uses a chair with that limit?



I am trying to find out. It's hard when I don't know that many people.



How tall are you?



Did you see what happened to Boogie when his chair broke under him? It wasn't pretty.



Can you post the link, I am searching for it now. Is it a video or just picture of the aftermath?



6'2", which means what I lack in mighty girth I make up for in the ability to topple a truck.



Oh it was a normal table chair, not an executive sized NEET chair with wheels




He basically ended up with a broken asshole.



I think the other two executives are manlets. You are a much mghtier man.



Thank you for not uploading the image here.



Bit hurtful.



I'm sorry mate.



It doesn't count until you're fuzzed to that chair.



A rather obtuse remark.



300 word apology for the vertically deficit executive NEETs you have emotionally harmed here today.



RIP, I remember buying a 8gig memorystick for my psp few years ago and paying about 100$ Sony has always been this way.


File: 16a159169141b2b⋯.png (501.08 KB, 980x550, 98:55, product-apple-desktop.png)


When the depression comes a knocking, and you're the only one home. It's 'tfw'…



Sorry for not providing a spoiler for it


I agree, we never bullying the executive sized NEET. They are a class above us vertically deficit executive NEET



>Sony has always been this way.

Can't even get it done through Sony because my Vita is on the right firmware with hacks installed and I think they'll deny fixing it or update it if you uninstall it all before sending it.

>memorystick for my psp few years ago and paying about 100$

Yeah fuck that. I lucked out buying this thing, got it from the local Dick Smiths the day before it closed its doors, only ended up paying like $200 for the Vita and a 64GB Sony meme memory card that would have cost $150 alone if I had gotten it anywhere else. It's the perfect emulation machine tbh.


File: 1aab71fa3a7195c⋯.jpg (229.5 KB, 600x330, 20:11, cottees-drink-600w.jpg)


>When the impression comes a knocking, and you're the only one home. It's 'tfw'



>Yeah fuck that. I lucked out buying this thing, got it from the local Dick Smiths the day before it closed its doors, only ended up paying like $200 for the Vita and a 64GB Sony meme memory card that would have cost $150 alone if I had gotten it anywhere else. It's the perfect emulation machine tbh.

They had a warranty line one year after closing down. You could have harassed the lone Pajeet operating it.


File: 966c5c7f667730b⋯.jpg (4.59 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, IMG_20180214_132032.jpg)

File: 65f650e67c1599b⋯.jpg (5.98 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, IMG_20180214_124405.jpg)

Went to the fan murphy's in morely while I was at work, charged $48 for a block of export and there was a boong buying a 2l golden oak and was scrummaging for change.

Shame on Dan for taking advantage of lower socio-economic scum.



The chip appeared maybe two months ago, so I was already past that. The worst part is there isn't even a fucking scratch or anything on it, just this chip that glows bright fucking white when the screen is on.



Just don't become a hoarder



Dear NEETs of Size but not height,

I would like to formally apologise for my hurtful and unnecessary remarks on the /ausneets/ forum earlier today. As a man who stands 6"3 inches tall it is difficult for me to comprehend what life must be like for those lacking such height. It was this ignorance which led to my hurtful remarks. Ignorance and privilege, which I would now like to acknowledge. I sincerely hope that you are able to move on from today's incident and go forward with confidence that there will not be a repeat.

Although I do not wish for my poor behaviour and rude remarks to be excused in any way, I would like to put on the record that I have for many years suffered from mental health problems, including poor self esteem and anxiety. Sometimes these conditions can cause me to lash out with provocative or hurtful remarks on various web forums. When someone is the subject of one of these lashings, it is best for them not to take it personally.

The effects of height prejudice can be seen at all levels of society. Children are bullied mercilessly in the school yard, adults are ostracised and marginalised in the workplace. Given the traumatic life experiences of so many of our shorter citizens, I should have been more aware of and sensitive to your need to have a safe space on the /ausneets/ forum.

As restitution for my wrongdoing, I would like to announce my commitment to a program of community service aimed at boosting the self-esteem of children of shorter stature. I have undertaken to travel from school to school, talking to students in assembly about the hurtful repercussions of height prejudice and height bullying.

Once again, please accept my most sincere and heartfelt apology.


File: afd5cb9f1f4a8f7⋯.jpg (35.44 KB, 1023x576, 341:192, afd5cb9f1f4a8f7ee181316ceb….jpg)


>Shame on Dan for taking advantage of lower socio-economic scum.


File: 32bf5057de3f2cb⋯.jpg (32.46 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 334275.jpg)


>>When the impression comes a knocking, and you're the only one home. It's 'tfw'


I, on behalf of all vertically deficit executive NEETs, hereby accept your apology.



Please don't drink and drive NEET.


File: 5bff99a6a209bd9⋯.png (846.53 KB, 997x689, 997:689, The fatal impact.png)


Dan the destroyer



Can't you just get tape to put it over instead of getting it repaired. When they do repair shit sometimes it is not always perfect and that annoys me than the repair screen repair.






Thank you for your magnanimity.



PasitoNEET are you successfully abstaining from junk still? What have you etten and drank today?



A little bit of rape in every can



Was planning to do something similar to that, but the Vita is honestly a solid handheld if you've got the hackable firmware. I wouldn't mind holding onto it for as long as possible in the best condition because no matter what it'll always have some use.

>When they do repair shit sometimes it is not always perfect

Really worried about this, although I've got no choice about it. I've read a little about repairing it and it just seems like a gigantic pain in the ass which you're much more likely to fuck up if you don't have the tools to fix it. Buying the parts and doing it myself would be $60ish, so I'd rather just pay the $105 and get someone who has at least done these repairs before with the proper tools to do it.



Understandable, if it something that value and something you see yourself using in the foreseeable future then get it repaired.

I would go against repair it yourself, there are a lot of low quality repair parts available. You need to find decent quality parts then need to be skilled in repairing it depending on its complexity. If you fuck it up it can cost more to order additional parts. Getting Sony to repair is the best alternative as any issues you can raise with them for them to fix it again, if it significant enough.


File: 685a36f4ea2c69c⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1500x377, 1500:377, ShortApology.png)


quality post



Good afternoon, as president of the /ausneets/ Shorter Mens Association I would like to thank you for your candor. Your apology may be accepted, condition on the address of the following point:

>When someone is the subject of one of these lashings, it is best for them not to take it personally.

I find this phrasing to be problematic in that it assumes a level of agency not often available to the victims of height prejudice in our modern society. Those repeatedly traumatized men (often suffering PTSD-PMD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Predominantly Manlet Derived)) are often discriminated against to the point they cannot access mental healthcare, and to presume to know these men have the ability to simply brush off your maltreatment - well, how else can I feel but rightfully angered when I read your comment?

I think it reasonable and essential that you apologize in full, without disclaimer, to the men you have doubtless offended and re-victimized. A clear statement for the support of those suffering mental health issues would also be appreciated.

Yours bevictimized



File: 917b12a454b4e67⋯.jpg (16.74 KB, 445x482, 445:482, 024744.jpg)


>PTSD-PMD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Predominantly Manlet Derived


File: c1437229b77fff6⋯.png (225.65 KB, 1265x258, 1265:258, ShortReply.png)


I didn't have a pic of any short NEETs except for guts.


File: 2663cd0a3350e6e⋯.jpg (19.29 KB, 217x320, 217:320, JUST.jpg)


>casually drink driving








Is that Cleanstove?



post your legs


>tfw fat have eaten sensibly today



>tfw one sandwich and dinner with only one glass of coke today




The day is not over yet. Do not give in to hubris.


>tfw big fat stinky neet




Next level shitposting.



Describe your aroma for me.



A general muskiness with a blend of bile,shit,piss and piss


I'm having a cup of coffee whilst listening to ambient music and browsing the web.



sounds comfy. How do you take your coffee?



Hmmm I see, rather exquisite, but I see you are lacking in semen?



like his men teehee






I honestly can't be fucked with french presses and grinders. I just have nescafe gold barista style with a dash of milk and 1 sugar.

What about you?



I don't drink coffee any more. When I did it was Nescafe Gold with one and a half sugars and all milk (no water added I just heated a mug of full cream milk up in the microwave).



Yeah all that fancy stuff is far to time consuming for a NEET, I'm pretty much the same as you but I use Moccona Dark Roast.


Imagine having a girl who loved you.




>Moccona Dark Roast

I used to drink that. I find it goes better if you buy the 200g jars instead of the 400g ones. The big jars tend to go stale before it is finished.



I would just find it stressful and push her away probably.



Imagine having someone that enjoys being your friend.



I know it certainly wouldn't pan out like the movies. Even for just a fleeting moment I would still want to experience love and intimacy.



Quite an insensitive comment to post on such a day.



It is how I feel and I'm sure other neets feel it too. Hide the post and move on.


File: f8bee0c9ea9d4b6⋯.jpeg (14.79 KB, 215x515, 43:103, blg.jpeg)


>>>when the recession comes a knocking, and you're the only one home. It's 'tfw'



Rather flattered by all the (you)s this got me




We used to guzzle that shit when we were kids. My parents were so hopeless. It is pure sugar. I would never buy that for my kids.



>my kids




I like mine white, sweet, strong and really hot



>he doesn't like girthful coffee

Begone twiggy drinker.



I'm thinking I might go back to instant. I was buying douge egberts and I think I liked that more than these capsules because i could make them to taste rather than having the capsules just as they are and instant is cheaper



Hypothetical kids which will probably never exist.


File: 9e627e93fb9abbd⋯.png (151.58 KB, 665x485, 133:97, fat wojak subwaycide.png)

>its a lose massive amount of weight and no one recognizes me anymore daydream



I occasionally like a short, bitter black, they really get me going



stop it.



Follow your heart CoffeeNEET.



The green one from coles is pretty good, I get that often.



I bet you are the NEET who had the teeth problems.



It's also that I know "actual coffee" will always be sub-par unless I get the beans, then roast and grind them myself.

That's too much work.



Perhaps a bit more work would be good for you.



Did any of you save the pic? I deleted it but I'd like it to see how bad I really look under all the fillings.


Is it even possible to find a qt yandere gf as a NEET?



I'm already working one day a week and my innerNEET is trying to break free.



Which pic is this?



Imagine having someone that wants to spend time around you because they enjoy your company.



I took a pic of my teeth when a filling fell out and then another when I got a new one.



You're taking this way too far


File: 6d8040f04304ce9⋯.png (63.6 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 354.png)

Just how alienated from other Australians do you feel?

I have nothing in common with anyone my age and haven't for years, those really carefree, basic Indian/Brazilian mystery meat visa types you work with in wagie jobs and always see on the train seem to be on another planet entirely. I remember going through a 30 year old pajeet coworker's YouTube and it was just "epic" and "cool video man" under everything he watched despite being fluent in English. I don't really buy into /pol/ IQ memes but what the fuck even goes on upstairs with these people?

The only people I've managed to hit it off was this old boomer couple next door before they moved out, to be replaced by soulless corporate Gen Xers who scream at their fucking dog.

I turned the TV on today and felt almost not even on this planet, I am so out of touch with normie Australia pop culture I may as well be a foreigner.



I know these feels.



I think I have one pic of your teeth. It will be too hard to find probably.



I feel like I'm the only "Australian" I know sometimes, at least in my age group. A lot of the people I've met in my age range have never spent any real time out of a city and if they have ,it's as a tourist and that pisses me off. We have an unadulterated version of freedom where our only borders are natural and people still confine themselves to wherever and would prefer to go see Europe or Asia. Even my mates from where I'm from all wanted to get to a city and acted like a typical tv type, which in my mind is a yank.



I only visit here and play offline singleplayer games.

I don't care enough to be tuned into what other people do. My dream at this point is to isolate myself in Australia or immigrate(legally or illegally) to some country where I can do so easily isolating myself away from society.

I would grow vegetables, raise chickens and pigs. If things got too hard like I got a disease I would just resort to the rope or jump off a cliff.



I made one with the before and after pics next to each other.

It was a fair few months ago.



There are probably 100,000 disaffected young men just like us in aus. Stop thinking you are so special for not identify with mainstream culture.



Imagine having someone who'll ask if you're okay and want to hear the truth from you.



Fuck I was just thinking about this today. I have zilch in common with any of the mystery meat so that's straight off the table. But I should have some commonality with "Australians" but I've concluded I basically detest them. There's a popular idea of Australians home and abroad as being casual, easygoing larrikin types but Australians really are just passive-aggressive pricks. I don't know if that's naturally most people but its definitely the predominant culture and certainly almost everybody acts like it. Also Australian men aren't the macho, stoic types that would've been British men before the world wars, they have a false bravado that reminds me of pajeets and niggers. I can never get over it. Also I'll finish by saying I think it's ironic that people from Melbourne complain about poms being whingers when complaining has almost being a fucking sport in that city.


Had a Four & Twenty pepper pie, a small bag of chips from Chicken Knight, and a longneck of Cooper's Extra Stout for dinner. Got an individual size Nanna's apricot pie and some dollop cream for pudding.



I feel completely detached from society, nothing even feels real to me anymore.




Also I seem to have a natural rapport with people old enough to be my grandparents. I have no fucking idea why.



>for pudding

I like your use of this old-fashioned term.



Do you consider that a good day foodwise? Are you on a diet?



That's not a bad thing necessarily. I consider some of the old timers at my gun club friends. They can be a wealth of knowledge about some things, and will often bend over backwards to help out with something that falls into their area of expertise.



I know it's not healthy, but I didn't have breakfast or lunch today, so as far as a day's calorie intake goes it's not so bad.



you're a boomer at heart



It's because you're polite, withdrawn, and don't cause drama, which they like.

Compared to most younger people, who like people who're charismatic, hyperconfident and drama-llamas.



>other Australians

I feel like I'm not the same breed of human.



Guess what, I really am that special.


File: 01b95963bf167d5⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 1518594091872969846184.jpg)

On beer number 9 and finished all my work, gonna be a long drive home



I hope you are not really drink driving.



do a drift



This sounds correct to me.


Didn't encounter any valentine's day bullshit from other people today. Feels good.



film it film it film it



I took a certain satisfaction in the office today noting that none of the bitches in accounts were their usual noisy selves or waving around flowers and bears and shit.



Has the Valentines meme really gone that far now in Australia that women expect flowers and shit from their bf?



you will go to prison if you get breatho'd on the way home







>RapeNEET becomes the raped.


TFW depressed


>tfw undressed


Has RapeNEET really fallen so far that he has become self-destructive enough to drink drive? Or is it all just a ruse?


>tfw you realise NK's flaunting of drink driving is a desperate cry for help



>tfw I will no longer be the raped neet




I know exactly what you mean

>Also Australian men aren't the macho, stoic types that would've been British men before the world wars, they have a false bravado that reminds me of pajeets and niggers

makes me cringe too tbh, the passive-aggressive culture is definitely real as well as too much adoption of U.S. culture.



It's a ruse. Taken at the same time.



Its nk its a ruse

Unless if he has a job then its him wanting to go back to neetdom



failed normie girls with no chad bfs?



I guess. I thought they might at least look at me today for a quick ego boost or something, but nope..



Prisons where the real rape is



>tfw you're too failed for the failed tracies



That's a bullshit meme. Prison is comfy as fuck for 99%. All the kiddie diddlers and white collar types who couldn't hack it live in their own wing.



What did you get done in for



Not when NK gets there.


So as of today I've been a wagie for a whole year

Kill me



Sort of congrats mate. You've managed to keep it together for a year, and hopefully put some money away.



>kid Diddlers don't get what they deserve

As a victim this enrages me



You have done well mate.



Oh fuck no I'm waiting for pay right now



What do you blow your money on?



silicone bums



I'm fortunate enough not to have experienced anything like that, but it upsets me too. I know if anybody hurt my nieces, it'd be a race between me and the cops to get my hands on those responsible.



Not so much blow but rather never had

Apprentice wages are bullshit tbh



As a kiddy diddler this brings me hope.



How close are you to levelling up from being an apprentice?



Don't be that cunt.



This remark is in poor taste.



Oh certainly

If I ever have kids or even if my brother who I'm not on the best of terns with has kids and anything happens you better fucking believe I will have my wrath manifest on that follower of the semitic way



How much do 1st year apprentices make these days?




It was prime joke material for a gen that's been absolutely dour today and I'll not apologize.



You get paid in beans



magic beans?



>have uni degree


>thinking of starting an apprenticeship

>shit wages, boomer boss and $35k HECS debt

man idk fug this all




*bangs gavel*



HECS debt repayments don't kick in until about $50K. They do index your debt though.


All these silly edgelord posts about how you would revenge yourselves upon paedophiles. Just silly stuff. Don't embarrass yourselves like this please NEETs.



Also a risk doing an apprenticeship now, a lot of trades are going to be completely automated within the next 10 to 15 years.



What bullshit.



I'd happily do jail time for shooting a paedo. They have to find a jury who would convict you first.



What did I just say?



I'm well aware, it's not the debt I'm concerned about but rather just the fact that my current financial situation isn't great to begin with. I'm not a fresh faced 18-19 yr old tradie Chad with a clean slate and I feel I may as well try to make use with what I've got.


True, but same with half the stuff you study at Uni. Tbh I think automation is a bit of a meme though.



Oh OK, other board boss we've never heard from before.



Not bullshit.


Automation really does worry me, it's going to change everything, and I'm not sure if it's going to be positive.



Nk you best be joking or I will go out to the joondalup Dan's and fucking fight ya in the carpark



Automation is a meme you shouldn't have fallen for it.



Woolies self-serve is going great guns, m7.



I'm 97.4% sure he is joking.



I'm on 1st year wages despite being 2nd year, and make 10.50


Two years to go, its only a 3 year program



He better watch it at Dan's though


File: e0c3f168d8d42b6⋯.jpg (65.5 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 8876.jpg)


You won't be calling it a meme when a MAX owned autonomous butt plug shaped google car comes to your home to pick you up and drive you directly to your wftd goolag.



Stick at it mate. If you are being screwed document everything and make a complaint once you are finished and get backpaid what you are owed.



Have you been raped as a child


Fuck you then



Contract says pay only adjusts after June 30 so last year I did get a small post bday increase



Nothing scares me more than automated cars



What did you uni in and why did you fall for the meme



>get to fuck the wagies harder as traffic skyrockets the second government funded WFTD autonomous cars flood the streets every morning and afternoon



If I was you I would've done a backflip and fly kicked him through a window then sped away in my Lamborghini



I look forward to them. I hate driving. Once I have one I can just set it for anywhere and go on a comfy day trip whenever I want.



Finally another sensible NEET. I think you and I are the only intelligent ones here mate.


File: 7d5117a56b50ef7⋯.png (274.18 KB, 480x261, 160:87, 7d5.png)


Accounting and Marketing

Go ahead and laugh if you want, not saying what Uni I went to but it was a group of 8 Uni. I thought that meant something at the time.



They don't scare me, but as a car enthusiast it means the death of driving for pleasure and for that reason I am 100% against them.



gnarly nollie into 420 kickflipped a pedo once he was crying like the dumb idiot pedo he was haha



You're the two that are scared of phone calls and electric drills, right?




You're not scared of them denying you ability to drive because you said a bad word on the internet

There is a reason Google is leading the push



You most likely won't be able to own an autonomous vehicle, you will have to share them with the normies and pay a monthly subscription fee.



I once nosedived off a surfboard through a skyscraper in a rocket. Pedo's better not mess with me.


>tfw pedo



Been fucked?

Thought not.

Get fucked



Don't worry, there's plenty of places you can receive help for you illness like..



Fuck you, you don't know what its like having that abuse on your back your whole life



No one does, except for you.

You're all alone in your struggles and hardship.




Extremely unpleasant and distasteful comments.



You know what that helps

Its my struggle or mein Kampf for our German friend and no one else's and moaning about it won't change me



Your comment is I'll informed tbh



Yeah, that a bit cuntish, sorry. This post >>24056 's phrasing was kind of funny, not the topic.

I'm sorry./






My battle with my psyche is mine and mine alone



Mein Kampf literally translates to my struggle.

However, I think somebody is trolling.


What the fuck am I feeling


the state of the thread



which part of the body?


File: 0a3b2dcd13615d4⋯.jpg (435.98 KB, 659x800, 659:800, xc2009_02_9_135.jpg)


I know what it means, I'm pretty sure we all had a Hitler obsession.



What do you mean 'had'?!



I'm being serious

I was trying to make some dramatic post and it flew above everyone's hea



You actually cheapened your argument, mate.

That said, I'm sorry for what happened to you.


File: 8ba4d8f9e07e2f0⋯.jpg (651.2 KB, 1280x972, 320:243, 24.jpg)

Some low quality posters running wild this evening.



Adolf was a good man who's only fault was trusting those greasy Italians

He should of found a way to ally with Australia and use that to get the us split



I'm shit at words

What else is there to say



What do you mean



He was just trying to help Germany.

Much of what he said has come to pass.

I'll leave that conversation here though, before somebody starts ranting about /pol/ being elsewhere, etc, etc.



Bring up a new topic then, retard.



Well this is Australia, so I'd assume what you are feeling is heat exhaustion.



Hitler is the worst part of everything associated with NatSoc



I know, all sides of the triangle get up in arms all the time



I'd argue the 90s Hollywood "nazis" and the alt-kike are



I wanted to get this printed for my room, I love hyperborea stuff but could only find low res pics and no artists paintings or anything online.



It's okay NEET. Since you explained it I got it and appreciated your post.



Yes I failed to find any of his work in high quality or for sale. Very disappointing.



There are a few other Russian artists who have done similar stuff. Again, absolutely nothing online in terms of high res wallpapers or paintings. Very sad, the style of a lot of those is incredible and unlike anything else.




I still dum dum


File: 99147154b1f8b62⋯.png (1.51 MB, 683x985, 683:985, red pasta.png)

It doesn't say whether or not you're supposed to put sauce with it. The pic on the front has pesto or something, all I have is basic pasta sauce.


File: f7a13829907aefe⋯.jpg (64.62 KB, 680x709, 680:709, vomit1.jpg)


>balsamic beetroot and feta ravioli



Ravioli is pasta pillows. You cover these in sauce (after you've cooked them).



Is that still within its expiry date?



I forgot that bit with my cooking advice.

Fuck knows what sauce you'd pair with that shit.



Try new things they said


Yeah but the pic just has a drizzle of pesto of herd oil or something on it.



San Remo usually sells sauce that fits with it's pasta.


I prefer the tried and tested.



You should have some sort of sauce with it. Failing that some olive oil drizzled over it and some parmesan grated.



>Yeah but the pic just has a drizzle of pesto of herd oil or something on it.

I thought that was the inside of the pillow.


File: 40a0d682ff8c0d2⋯.png (6.32 KB, 257x212, 257:212, brainlet5.png)



Yeah, 25/2 is its best before date



For prime ravioli experience you're going to want to wait until at least mid march to eat it



I think there's just cheese inside, we'll find out soon.



It must be pumped full of preservatives.



File: a56bbb18237f4b8⋯.png (1.33 MB, 941x591, 941:591, bellisimo.png)


Just like a my momma used to make in the old country



I look forward to the pics.


File: cc87815627fe3b8⋯.jpg (100.21 KB, 1200x802, 600:401, vomit.jpg)



Did you simmer or nuke the ravioli first, before adding it to the red sauce?



Good luck



I dare you to drink the purple water.



>red sauce

Pretty sure that's just the ravioli colouring coming off.



…the red sauce hasn't been added yet



absolutely degenerate



Seriously, how drunk were you when you decided to purchase this shit?

Can you read?


File: 988009aa64da2ba⋯.png (25.6 KB, 406x438, 203:219, 988009aa64da2ba3df7d80e134….png)


I don't drink



That's good. You'll be able to drive to KFC after this experiment.


Holy fuck my drunken self is a genius

When I was drunk I put my goon in the freezer and turned the temp down so it wouldn't freeze but be a few c cooler, especially genius seeing as nothing lives in the freezer


File: 1c7282f705b8537⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1121x681, 1121:681, pasta.png)

File: 756c5562d45a53b⋯.png (981.27 KB, 1061x679, 1061:679, sauce.png)

Ah guiseppi, you gone and a ruined momma's pasta wit all of that gravy, you'ze a putzhead



No fast food or soft drinks for Lent.

This is all I could see that was easy



How do you make ice cubes with your freezer wound down, Einstein?



They'd go great with some lighter sauce like a mayo




My freezer is too small for ice cubes



al dente more like hurf durf hey



It needs a very light coating of sauce. Just a few tablespoons for the whole lot.



Have a wank



You can tell he went way past the point



Do you think JC got himself strung up so you could eat balsamic beetroot pasta?



File: fd98a2c41653b79⋯.png (810.39 KB, 740x740, 1:1, 2f7.png)



He died for your sins so Gould argue with the wording he died so you can sin



don't read too much into my banter mate



tip'o de brim to you good laddy


File: 203bbfa66204493⋯.jpg (2.44 MB, 4224x2368, 66:37, IMAG0472.jpg)

NEETcuisine to the




Didn't overdo the basil, I see.



Oh dear. Tell us how it tastes.

way too much sauce



Nurgle is the one true God


File: ba504c2369953f0⋯.jpg (115.19 KB, 720x960, 3:4, xdoqfbc.jpg)




Nice garnish



Pick the pillows out with a fork and put them on a separate plate. This will be how much sauce you should have used.



Fuck, is it al dente though?



Where was that dogger puking



Everywhere m8





He will be at the vet's. They have induced him to vomit so he gets something nasty he ate out of his stomach.


File: eca11bf60add4aa⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1215x643, 1215:643, plump.png)



It's a rose leaf, because I'm classy like that


Not too bad tbh


Have to eat it at the sink because it's spilling everywhere


to perfection



24 nuggers are only $10



What brand was the sauce?



This is my plight, for God.



KFC nuggies taste pretty shitty.






taste better than beetroot balsamic pasta drowned in brown sauce and rose leaf



Middle of the road as far as pasta sauces go.



is that the one that says like a million serves of veggies in every bottle or something?



That is pure speculation.



Helen Keller would have been making noises about that shit




That's the cheapest one coles sells.



Not for me.



I wasn't having a go, just trying to visualise it. The Barilla one with chili in it (arabiata or something) is nice when it's on special.


Chilli and herb infused cheese sat heavily on a beetroot and moist pasta base with subtle hints of rose and water.




I didn't think you were having a go, I just got the cheapest one.

All the sauces are overly sweet imo.



Yeah that is a good one.





>tfw you are always shedding pubes and they keep finding their way onto your desk



When I've low-carbed before, I've made my own using a blender and canned tomatoes. Season to taste with chili, basil, oregano, etc. Put single serves into zip seal bags and freeze them.



How did low carb diet work for you? did you lose weight?



Yeah I lost 20+ kg. Pretty hard not to lose weight if you're strict about it.



That's pretty cool. Sounds cheap too.

Might try that soon.



I'll try and find the recipe I used as a guide.



Did you gain it all back?



Tinned tomatoes taste shit in my opinion.


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New Thread: >>24189

New Thread: >>24189

New Thread: >>24189

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New Thread: >>24189


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