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File: 981bf893603bebe⋯.png (35.83 KB, 480x628, 120:157, NobleSavagePepe.png)


We apologise for the laws and policies of successive parliaments and governments that have inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss on these our fellow Australians. We apologise especially for the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, their communities and their country.

Old Thread: >>49846


Dan Murphy's

Now giving UNNA 2% off




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





red text


this thread is red text only


Puffed Wheat


BO delete this shit and make a new one


Black or white

Doesn't matter when we're all red



You must face your racial fears and insecurities



It made me fart lots today, I'm not used to breaky



It is flushing all the garbage out of your system



What? Like how you dogcunts deleted our people?


File: 7cbd53fc712ee33⋯.jpg (104.15 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1522629738271.jpg)

Someone had to do it.



I still haven't had any fast food or soft drinks

I'm a goodNEET

It's just puffed wheat and juice for me


File: c98d53c7a1552f3⋯.png (88.35 KB, 609x498, 203:166, unna cceptable.png)



Laughs /shota/ is your list of board




the one after it is /zoo/



Be gone skele!



you had one fucking job


File: 29df14130be6b55⋯.gif (1.22 MB, 366x333, 122:111, f6377b3721bcaaed246657c30d….gif)

Angry? Become refreshed!


>tfw enmeshed


>it's a dan poster

one trick ponies



ddd-dan doesn't know how to redpost


File: 246f8e982b07011⋯.webm (8.17 MB, 640x360, 16:9, You've got a friend in me.webm)


There is no need to be upset anymore


File: 42329081de21c7d⋯.jpg (50.94 KB, 854x480, 427:240, executive size.JPG)


Better watch out skeles were on patrol again tonight



you have sodomised a sincere message

gooklady was right


File: 1e8e951f039b5b3⋯.png (26.02 KB, 615x614, 615:614, 1e8e951f039b5b357539afddef….png)


Dan just isn't appreciating this red text

Dan's alter-ego apologies for offering UNNA a discount and starting this mess with >>50614



Dan ruins another childhood


File: 7ba5b9b7677c885⋯.png (12.27 KB, 339x375, 113:125, A Dan prayer a day keeps G….png)








not only had to learn how to redtext but doesn't know you cant spoiler links to posts

Dan is a disappointment



>We apologise for the laws and policies of successive parliaments and governments that have inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss on our fellow Australians. We will be removing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people immediately.


File: 164c6cdc4e8db33⋯.jpg (45.4 KB, 600x341, 600:341, CTT61-9WcAADIzS.jpg)

>We apologise especially for the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, their communities and their country.

>we apologize for the removal of Aboriginal children from their country

What did he mean by this?



>current year

>using windows


File: 95355ab24329457⋯.gif (38.25 KB, 238x251, 238:251, Dan-ed.gif)


We both know it was taken away on that faithful night


>Dan is a disappointment

Dan cannot please all, he's running a business to help support NEETs



We can only dream



To an abo "country" means their traditional tribal lands.


A truly terrible thread


Dan is an abysmal failure

I look at him like mummybot looks at pics of NEETo when it was his first day of school

There was so much potential but now he's all tapped out



We built onto the main message of the thread



I never seemed like I had any potential.



It's off to a rough start, but 40 replies is is recoverable.



I got a gold star for mine.

>it was even signed by the premier



r-red text is is over, now it's it's the time of of the tour-tour-tour click pop woooo touretts



>pics of NEETo when it was his first day of school

I don't have one of those, there aren't many pictures of me growing up beyond school photographs and that's how I like. Dan's all I got and I will continue posting him.



My life is like that. Probably not recoverable at this stage though to be honest.



File: 5bff99a6a209bd9⋯.png (846.53 KB, 997x689, 997:689, The fatal impact.png)


Dan is a bad man.


File: 0790131feac1035⋯.png (81.38 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 0790131feac10355e7c27ade17….png)


Dan is not a man who can not please all people.


File: fd5f8976f2d61f3⋯.png (58.29 KB, 501x585, 167:195, Humble Wine Salesman...png)


Dan just pleases himself.



You mean the tip?


File: 09c4e46ff4161f9⋯.gif (92.18 KB, 270x270, 1:1, Stages of Dan.gif)


Dan does go through mood swings


File: 2bbbb4ea856c94e⋯.png (77.63 KB, 720x652, 180:163, abo land.png)


Reclaim it all.


File: fa5f3925e14612d⋯.jpg (145.49 KB, 600x450, 4:3, facc631ea1b7bb0a17488b98c6….jpg)

Reclaim it all.



We'll at least they have the shit parts of Australia





>the shit parts

I bet you come from sydney



A rather rude implication.


I bought a toiletry bag today.

And a tie (not thai) bar.



Are you traveling some place?



A rather impolite assertion.



I will be in Canberra next week.

Normally I just chuck all my shit in the suitcase, but I would like to be a little more orderly this time.



>(((gold star)))



From perth, so I'm basically swimming in abos right now


File: 465c599fcc5e0fd⋯.jpg (194.56 KB, 900x1600, 9:16, dan.jpg)


Remember to pack goon for the drive



a couple of 15 minute drunken power naps and the journey will just fly by



M8 it's probably highest state award any NEET has recieved. I hope you are only congratulating his achievement.



Did you take this yourself?


File: 1d1e56484a765e0⋯.png (9.58 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 0ba.png)

>tfw fresh sheets and fresh out of the shower



It is the highest award and it was to signal my ascension into the שֶׁבֶט פתיחת דלתות של עושר ועוצמה מעבר לחלומות הפרועים ביותר שלי






File: 6d472728c2e28c5⋯.png (197.15 KB, 675x965, 135:193, drkwoj.png)


>tfw dirty sheets and no shower.


The person whom I called and left a message about their car on gumtree still hasn't called me back. Let me come and view your car REEEEEE



Have a wank



You don't want a crusty old lancer m8



They're dirty enough already.



They should at least scrape the cum off before he gets there.


File: c92b64030475f1a⋯.jpg (112.27 KB, 653x490, 653:490, 1465969543135.jpg)


>tfw dirty sheets and had a shower



Just cover it with tyre shine and put a smelly tree in it. She'll be right.



A car from 2005 is sufficiently modern and affordable enough. I only have $2000 I am willing to spend on a car and everything else for sale is a relic from the 90s.


I feel that you NEETs need to organise a weekly clean sheets day to help motivate each other. mummybot keeps my linen clean



I don't think it's that bad. Pretty sure it's just one NEET who thinks you can do better. The rest of us know the truth You cant.



>t. Used car salesman



Made thousands from doing that. Really.



A lancer is the worst possible choice, you could get Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic around the same year.



My favourate story you shared still had to be off that woman who got scammed because she was as dumb as peanuts



I keep the car well stocked for long trips, there aren't many Dans out in the wastelands



Nah just get a thick exhaust to hide the engine sounds.


That was the first one, that's the only reason I remember it so well.


File: b1b7f52783af9b0⋯.jpg (397.24 KB, 708x1069, 708:1069, brooklyn-neets.jpg)


this. when i was depressed i never cried. couldn't really do it. crying is an emotion and i just didn't really have any. it's more like i was just a vast, empty nothingness and the only thing i could feel was the infinite weight of it.


is that shooped or is it real? it seems too perfect.



Do those pinch or bite or anything? They look like cute little crabber-snappers, scurrying about their business. Thanks for posting pics from your walk by the way.



What car is it and how much did you pay?


File: 84c8317438692c8⋯.jpg (2.27 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 15227478909581202953899.jpg)

>Tfw live in complete filth



>is it real?

It's 100% real; I've had one.



Mines from 2001 and it cost me 4 and a half



In my price range are those rubbish 90s corollas and both them and the civics suffer from the "toyota tax" I like calling it. Also the manual ones carry a premium too.

There is nothing wrong with Lancers generally, they are on part with the other two popular choices but don't suffer from meme overpricing.



I've told you before, but I think it's time to throw away those pillows.



True NEET etiquette, everything you need is in that one picture



How many km had it done?



I liked beatiful blue sky. Work on framing to keep everything centred on Dan logo and nice flat on a horizon lines. Then you'll have perfect Dan pics.


Got any stories of people getting scammed buying cars beyond massive mark ups?



I thought he got a new one. Maybe that just became the body for the onahole.


File: 60b24a87a00b14f⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 152274807772636397515.jpg)


It has an expire date on the pillow



>rubbish 90s corollas

Nah they are pretty good cars. Will keep going forever.



You will be getting something that at least has a RWC/Safety Cert, I hope?



That is for normie use, not NEET use.



>go on carsales.com.au

>search toyota corolla & honda civic

>max price $3k

>min year 2004

>literally thousands of results



damn, i wish i could try it.



I know they are good, but I want something that doesn't feel as dated. Cars built at least 2002 onward feel much more modern.


erm meant for >>50720 >>50709




I think it's time everything gets a wash or preferably get new stuff. It ain't that expensive and coming up in the winter you will feel better.



Yes I know that feel. Cars made after 2000 or so are also a lot safer in a crash.



Just make sure they've had the airbag recalled.



160 and serviced every 10k

I've done about 20 odd thousand, there abouts


>beyond massive mark ups?

The guy I was doing it with was a bit of a loose cannon crackhead and one time he called some guy up from murray bridge iirc and said to bring the car to Adelaide and we'd buy it the guy drove down (and his mate so he could get home) my mate wouldn't answer the phone because.. I don't know, he was nuts and then when he did laughed at the guy and told him to go fuck himself and he had to drive both cars back.

I felt really bad about it but I don't know how much time you've spent with crackheads but I didn't say much about it as he started wanting to fight to avoid the issue and hide that he was being a cunt.



I never forget an airbag.



nah that was right, civics are filth



With those recalled ones they'll leave a lasting impact on you.


I'm thinking of selling my car, I've hardly driven it in the last 2 years since I got my motorbike.



Of course.


In Perth most of those are stealerships charging 2,500 (when it is worth $1200) for 300,000kms+ corollas. If its a manual add another $750 or so. I wish we had super cheap used cars like the UK. Some of the price gouging here is just stupid.


That is a factor for me, additionally they are much smoother and refined.



If weather's fine most of the time where you're from, then go for it.



Isn't the motorbike unsuitable for riding in the winter?


File: 2768fae287d0352⋯.png (23.69 KB, 252x247, 252:247, 1509874832024.png)

>okay students upload your assignment here

<Cool. So where do you want the site.

>please purchase an account and domain at sitegrounds to


There goes my goon money. Oh well, I've at least been meaning to get a site for a while and it's cheaper than I thought. Managed to grab the domain name I more or less wanted.



>smoother and refined

In some ways they are plasticky and shit.




>tfw dirty sheets that mummybot is yet to make clean, had a shower




That is an awesome looking word





plenty with under 150,000km for $3k


Yeah it's mostly sunny


It's uncomfortable but do-able.


Accidentally hit the 'space bar' and the page scrolled down, is this normal?




same for me, I never use it though



I was talking about ride quality and road noise, handling too. No one really cares about plastic interiors, unless your are buying a Bentley or something.


>plenty with under 150,000km for $3k

Not in perth.





That also describes the smell of NK's hands after he has used the onahole.



Well bantered.



it reminds me of clasky csupo for some reason




In all my years of computing I've never known this.


now i have rugrats song in my head



Then you weren't really computing. You just thought you were.




For reference, the circumference of the planet is 40,075km.




Until she cleans or changes them



My budget was $2000 and below, I think I mentioned it.



No. You have an ASIO BIOS implant. Unplug your computer, take out the hard drives, and start running.



The earth is flat


File: 014a6d091ddebbd⋯.jpg (99.63 KB, 800x900, 8:9, Look.jpg)

>tfw no amount of showering can cleanse my filthy mind



Can you go any higher? $1000 is junker price. I feel you may be better off spending a bit more to get a lower kilometre car.



I wouldn't be surprised if you killed him



I kind of feel more secure knowing it wasn't a random killing but rather just a NEET with an obsession with his face.



150,000km is fine as long as it's been serviced when it's due.



It's a pretty deprecated shortcut since most people keep their hands off the keyboard if they're not on an input field.

But much like using K to pause and play a Youtube video, it still has its uses and isn't a pain to support.


File: 95ec26fb567c2a0⋯.gif (14.98 KB, 743x423, 743:423, 09b3c0ff36fa01b2d2321c1fac….gif)


>K to pause and play a Youtube video

What other secrets can you disclose?



Make sure the timing belt was changed at 100k or whatever it is, or you'll be in for a world of pain when it breaks.



I do to, do you think he desecrated the body?



You can use the < and > keys while a YouTube video is paused to move forward or backwards by a single frame.



He deprecated the body.



Not many people do this well. I think the key should be more on a logbook service but obviously you will pay more for that.



Is that going to be the mask of the new skin coat he is making?




>a single frame.


Get the fuck out. Thanks.


My car is past due for a service. I am trying to work up the courage to get it done. I have never had to do it before since I only started driving last year.


File: fdf13b1cf87e197⋯.jpg (286.87 KB, 1920x963, 640:321, train_guy_crisis_actor.jpg)



Ctrl+K/E brings you to your browser search bar (I use Ctrl+ T, Ctrl+E a lot) and Ctrl+Enter appends www. and .com to any text you're typing in the address field.

Alt + Left Arrow/Alt + Right Arrow to cycle through history pages, unlike Backspace it works even if you're in an input field.



Joke: The earth is flat.

Woke: The earth is hollow.



Just taking it to a mechanic who does a fixed price service and ask to be contacted before any additional work beyond of the service is undertaken



Hit ? and (((youtube))) will pop up a cheatsheet.



How long does it take and how much does it usually cost?



It's like magic








The mechanic we take it to, we drop the car to earlier in the morning when their business opens and it's typically done buy a bit after midday or near the close of business if they've had a few other jobs come in that needed to be rushed.

Just be certain for them to contact you before any work is done so you don't get hit by anything that they needed to fix. A little less you car is in a really bad state of repair I don't think they'll judge. The horror stories typically revolve around cars having major failures that they patch up telling people they need to do major work because the car has serious safety issues and it's back in a few months for some more basic patch work repairs.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




its ya boy


Aboriginal ejaculation



They cut the end off. That's the best bit about pissing on groupies and beating them up with shoes.




Have a goon



Have a meal replacement drink


File: 686964c4b660466⋯.png (6.36 KB, 720x620, 36:31, wrong_pepe.png)

>tfw mildly depressed



hi :3


>tfw mildly impressed


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm having a relatively jolly old time watching shit I haven't seen in years and years.

This movie taught me more about the ritual of getting laid than just about anything.



Reasonably bantered.



Another day spent alone, no words spoken to anyone.



If that displeases you do not forget that you chose for today to be that way. You are free to make a different choice tomorrow.



Did you at least groan while having a wank?


File: 8d045a5b18f0dfb⋯.jpg (1.74 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 15227523617351460011076.jpg)

Meatloaf number 2

Now featuring bacon



True, he could go to Dan's and make small talk with the cashier.



Looks nice



Meatloaf is a real thing?

Well, it's looking. It's looking terrifying, but I'm sure it'll be difference once it's cooked.



A lot of cooking is that way unfortunately.



I thought about telling you to stop spewing that bullshit but you'd likely say the same to me.



I spew the truth. Sometimes to unwilling hearers.



Looks good enough to eat already. How much mince-meat did you put into it?



He's trying to help you, why don't take up wanking on public transport during peak hour. You'll meet a lot of new people that way.



You're becoming quite the chef NK.



lol, just realised you're using the same tray



Nothing wrong with that, they are quite durable and can be used a few times until they really lose their strength.



Do you think he washed it?



The sides the tray look quite clean and that's where you would get a bit of burnt bits



I would guess he rinsed it out.



Upon reflection I'm not certain because it may be the sauce that's burn all the tray that's burned.



I didn't even clean it from the last meatloaf



A kilo



Flavour Town



Building upon the flavours?


Poor hygiene practices in the kitchen is probably not a good idea if it ever results of food poisoning you'll understand the importance of cleaning.



oil leak and a crack in the radiator but otherwise pretty hot

5 speed auto front wheel drive fun car


Good night NEETs. Stay comfy.



Night babe



The more the better


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



You are too pedantic about stuff, we evolved to eat crap half raw and with dirt all over it.



I ate a boongs cunt that had been passed out on the sidewalk for a day



And lived to tell, see what doesn't kill you.



I had food poisoning once, it was not good.


I am going to bed too. I am still reading book two in the Roma Sub Rosa series. Gordianus is still on a boat. He went down to where the slave rowers are and was horrified by their conditions.

Good night NEETs.



Sweet dreams beloved NEET, this book isn't as entertaining as LOTR


A lot of people think they have had food poisoning, but it usually is just a bit of diarrhoea that goes away pretty quick. The real food poisoning is hellish and it feels like you might die. Some people do die.


File: 1079ad5abe860d0⋯.png (97.41 KB, 645x729, 215:243, brainlet.png)


I like picture books



I really should learn how to read.



Thank you for the nightly wishes Puffed Wheat NEET.

These books are actually pretty exciting, this one is just getting started though. When the next gross sex scene happens I will give my commentary of it here.



I want a vocaroo of all the noises.


File: 7b140bb5ac433f1⋯.jpg (316.64 KB, 2048x1363, 2048:1363, Risa Center.jpg)

Goodnight, sleep tight,

Don't let the bed bugs bite NEETs.



night night.





File: f8589e8d3bda3c3⋯.jpg (1.87 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 15227562163851203021738.jpg)

Meatloaf is finished, gonna add some cheese



What type of meat did you put in it? Besides the bacon on the top


File: b976ce95eb9b44b⋯.jpg (1.91 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 15227566427851551988901.jpg)


Just coles 3 star beef mince, its good to use a mince with lots of fat or else it goes dry

>with cheese




Are you going to melt the cheese on the top of it?


File: b2fa4d785a5bb44⋯.jpg (46.9 KB, 500x415, 100:83, tumblr_mv5ahysd1u1sm6f69o1….jpg)

Did anyone else get real fucking angry seeing the footage of the pigs abusing that old bloke?


I fucking hate most cops, videos like this show you that cops are trash. Fucking trash, the best part is that they will all get out of it, or will get a holiday paid by the taxpayer.




It's melted now, it tastes fucking awesome



Yeah it was pretty bad.


File: 62c5e691cd23fdb⋯.png (8.09 KB, 221x228, 221:228, images (11).png)


It's a fucking skele conspiracy against our executive brothers

Revenge will be had…



No skele attacks tonight I see.


File: d801f62fea3a617⋯.gif (847.91 KB, 665x662, 665:662, d801f62fea3a6170ac29b02454….gif)


Thanks for ruining my mood for the night



They were keeping the old man safe from Islamophobia.


File: be8cc8b41185bc1⋯.jpeg (17.15 KB, 371x397, 371:397, images (37).jpeg)


No, the KFC silos are safe.

Those skele rats will starve



they should be drawn and quartered. What a complete disregard for human dignity. 6 v 1 and they had to pepper spray him, batton his legs and stand on his head.



your room must fucking stink



The Police are corrupt. Utter cunts.



I wonder how often this happens, but without being caught on camera.


File: c03ba6d51d98531⋯.jpg (1.85 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 15227615110261874457024.jpg)

Made an ice coffee with vodka, gonna be good






I take it mummbot is out of town?



I think you should try address your depression in some less destructive manner



Did you eat all the meatloaf?



Only fit for a king


For now


That kind of talk gets the iron bar



How much booze do you have left?



Enough, gotta work tomorrow but fuck it



Nah, when I get stoned I'll eat it



How do you shake off the hangover?


Productive day planned for tomorrow so I best get some sleep, see you tomorrow m8s and wish me luck



Night, NEET, good luck!



Holy shit this video goes off the rails immediately.



>watching MGTOW content

>acknowledging MGTOW individuals

sour-grapes ideologies will get you no where dear NEET, that stuff is mental poison - worse than anywhere like /r9k/



>You made an error by taking this attitude. You should have been more open to them. There is a lot of good in your bogan generally.

No he didn't and no he shouldn't.






You're supposed to clean them that often?



Good to see that aussie cops are going after the really dangerous criminals.

I bet the cops in vid felt really strong after humliating that guy. Cops like this are a very good reason to stop participating in this sick society. The thought of paying taxes that then pay an armed gang that goes around beating up harmless people is unbearable for me.



Funniest thread I've seen in a while.



Just the op made me giggle



The sinister schemes of the International Skelly never stop, and they never sleep. Be on your guard, always.


File: d41582ae0fc9b33⋯.gif (6.16 MB, 620x400, 31:20, orig.gif)


>She has confronted me about it many times but that honestly gets me so horny sometimes I fuck her right there. I know it sounds fucked up but when she looks me deep in the eyes and kind of pleads me my reptilian brain takes over.


File: f87a24ad3d7f124⋯.png (85.72 KB, 320x240, 4:3, f87a24ad3d7f124d71c109e26a….png)

Late night neet edition - inner thoughts that trouble me. Are books and religious/political texts full of secret allegories and messages that some people are smart enough to grasp but us spergs will just never comprehend?



i was gonna comment about how mean it was for them to spray him with water while one guy was taking pictures then i realized they were probably just trying to wash the pepper spray off of his face.



What are the police like in slovenia?



I'm not aware of many police bullying incidents. Mostly they're just incompetent and greedy. They like to hide behind things on otherwise open, empty roads with ridiculous speed limits in order to cash in on people going 10km/h over the limit. Speeding tickets are quite expensive here. They enjoy giving tickets in general. I once got one for crossing an empty road. It was completely meaningless and it taught me nothing else but to check for cops before you do it. Otherwise, just a random money sink. They also tend to take their time getting to the crime scene. When there're actual problems to solve, they're generally not around which doesn't mesh well with our extremely lax laws regarding intruders on property. If you beat up a burglar, for example, he could sue you and have a case against you. You can't do that unless if he attacks first (in which case you're probably incapacitated/dead and he's scott free). From law's perspective, what you can do if you find a burglar in your house is to ask them to wait there while you call the cops and offer them tea and biscuits while you both wait in silence. If you kill them, chances are you'll go to prison for murder.

Our laws were written by a few currently still active lawyers when the country went independent and split from Yugoslavia so they wrote them in a way that's handy for them to exploit. That way they basically can't lose a case which is great for business and terrible for everyone else. They're essentially enabling all of these scumbag politicians to get away with anything. It's great that we managed to get away from the communist regime but some people took advantage of the situation to spur roots of corruption from the newly formed country and they're still the main cause of our problems. It's why we can't prosper. Corrupt tycoons wring us dry while the normal folk just pick up the pace and work harder to pull the country out of the gutter and then (with the help of their expensive lawyers) they do it all over again.

Sorry, I went off on a tangent a bit



I'm not sure how to say this, but the spraying part of a garden hose usually has a part that one can turn to change the 'hardness' of the water jet. Do policemen not understand how garden hoses work?


interesting, I always enjoy hearing about a countries problems from someone who actually lives there.



I'd imagine it had to be set to a more pressurized stream since as far as I know pepper spray isn't easy to wash off.


Jesus, just scrolling through /r9k/ is like a gutwrench of your own insecurity. I don't get why anybody would want to go there regularly.


Oh, good night to any NEETs who have the misfortune of being awake at this miserable hour.



>He's aiming for my nostrils and it's going into my lungs — and that's when I started choking from the water and from the hot mace going into my respiratory [system]," he said.

I'd be glad if the police just tried to wash it off. But according to the man himself, it wasn't helpful. Police really shouldn't try to take care of depressed and anxious individuals if the only solution they can think of is force. I don't think force helped that man, I'd say it probably made his problems worse.


I don't get it either. Recognizing your own insecurities is fine, but basing your whole identity around those insecurities is not. I'm glad I never visited there regularly, it wouldn't have been good for my mental health.

Also hasn't anyone told these people that nobody likes whiny men?



good night NEET

>miserable hour

it will soon get dark here, then the real NEET hours will start


File: 6ae6a1838b85c3c⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.17 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, peterson.webm)

Cleaned my room today, discovered piling trash on your desk doesn't count.



I never read that far. I dunno whether that water part was out of malice, incompetence or both but we can definitely agree on the latter part. Force was not the answer and all of the events leading up to the washing part were definitely out of malice. What struck me the most was when the guy was lying on the ground with 5 cops pinning him down and that one cop just kept hitting his leg with the baton over and over for no reason. He wasn't even kicking or anything.


Well done.



Good thing he got all of it on video.



Very true. I hope he gets an early retirement out of the lawsuit.


Good morning NEETs



good morning NEET




Good morning.

Doggo woke me up at 4am when he suddenly went into a fit of frenzied barking for reasons unknown. When I had calmed down and got my heart rate under control I looked out the window and saw that the possum had been cavorting just outside. It was very active last night. I had heard it doing its creepy purring before I went to bed.

I couldn't get back to sleep so I took doggo on his walk. I quite like going in the dark. I am pleased with how well my body is holding up from my exercise and lifting regime. I no longer feel much soreness at all. I think going for a walk every morning and doing my lifts every second day is going to be very do-able.



More or less the same exercise routine I have, walk everyday, weight exercise every 2nd day.



How serious are you with the lifting?



Not serious at all, I only have some dumbbells and a bench but I always keep up with my routine.



Have you considered getting more serious? What stops you?



I'm not interested in getting "huge", I just use it to keep fit and my strength up.



That sounds pretty sensible.


File: aa988b48158db20⋯.webm (1.79 MB, 640x480, 4:3, makin-bacon.webm)







How do you get it so crispy?



Yeah I always try and go for a middle ground or sensible approach with things.



Looks good.


Time for my morning walk I think, see you NEETies soon.



Good luck. Have fun.




Morning neets!


Probably aliens sneaking around your back yard at 4 in the morning.


File: b08ae0c62ac18cb⋯.webm (3.21 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, cola.webm)



sure is.


I just buy the pre-sliced bacon, heat up some fat and throw it in there. I take it out as soon as it gets dark red (don't wait any longer or you'll burn it though). It dries up and gets crispy on its own after I take it out and let it rest for a short few moments.

more OC


File: ad06946a7cab883⋯.png (94.86 KB, 231x218, 231:218, ClipboardImage.png)

another day



Very kino




Good morning.



thank you

and good morning to everyone waking up. I'm about to go to sleep.



Good night.


File: 4a7e7b5c12281a6⋯.png (322.83 KB, 586x432, 293:216, ClipboardImage.png)

Karen! No!


File: dc1426ffbbee795⋯.jpg (93.78 KB, 677x631, 677:631, 1418041267781.jpg)

Linux has been crashing on me pretty regularly. Every few hours it freezes. I have given up trying to fix whatever is wrong. I am resigned to taking my PC in to the local PC shop next week to get repaired by an expert.



Have you looked at the logs yet?



I am not technically competent enough to do that sort of stuff.



# tail -500 /var/log/messages | less


# tail -500 /var/log/syslog | less

You should see where the system starts up. Just before that might be the reason for the crash.

The -500 is how many lines to go back. You might need to make that number bigger.


File: a80ab7b39bba29d⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, out060705.png)

File: e1e01ab548cef19⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, out060707.png)




Pretty good man, impressed.



Good morning Karen.



I appreciate that you are trying to help but I am not proficient enough to do stuff like that.


File: 3e2418ddae5acd9⋯.jpg (7.41 KB, 225x225, 1:1, cuntstable.jpg)


> the best part is that they will all get out of it, or will get a holiday paid by the taxpayer.

heh, that is pretty good aye



Have you tried running a different distribution of linux? Load it onto a usb stick and see how it goes.


File: d8fdac8bb4a0d3a⋯.png (59.88 KB, 1058x464, 529:232, ClipboardImage.png)

hiding in a bush waiting for mummybot



I am only running Linux because the same underlying problem fucked up Windows so badly I couldn't even re-install it.

I need to get whatever that problem is fixed.



He almost certainly has a hardware issue. Changing distros is unlikely to help.

It might be possible to narrow it down further, but he is unwilling to look at the logs.



The last hardware issue I had was intermittent drive failure because my badly designed pc case was forcing the cables to be bent until the point where they didn't work. I've been forced to leave my case open ever since



Took me a while to work that one out.


File: ce39495f3dd9059⋯.jpg (703.23 KB, 1224x1632, 3:4, IMG_0851.JPG)

File: f1c8ed912df37a9⋯.jpg (797.45 KB, 1632x1224, 4:3, IMG_0852.JPG)

File: e60dd12262d230f⋯.jpg (557.29 KB, 1632x1224, 4:3, IMG_0853.JPG)

I have returned from another enjoyable NEETwalk.


File: 2911426a838ff74⋯.jpg (14.8 KB, 320x240, 4:3, chipchan final pic.jpg)


File: fe4befc9f016a07⋯.jpg (10.12 KB, 224x225, 224:225, super possum.jpg)


>a walk every morning and doing my lifts every second day



I am glad you enjoyed it mate. Personally I avoid built-up areas on my walks and try and stick to where it is quiet.



Good morning mate. You (you)d me twice.

What a creepy image you posted.



I am going to get HUUUGE.



only if your diet and sleep are in check



There really is nowhere quite around where I am, and I actually live in one of the more "quite" suburbs.



quite so



First off you weren't competent enough, now all of a sudden it's that you aren't proficient enough..

Well what is it? Seems to me that you just don't want to do it.



I am not adroit enough.



now now



Quite right.



They are in check mate.





That pic is of this chick whop live streamed basically her whole life and was a hikki. She started losing the plot a year of two ago thinking there were ghosts or something in there with her - this was after she wrote all that shit everywhere.

Anyway the livestream just ended and that was the final scene.

That's how I remember it, it was a think on /b/. They must have their dates backwards, I'm thinking that's 2016



exceptionally bantered



Sounds depressing. I am glad I no longer frequent the places where I would encounter that sort of thing.


File: 6264420e983b56d⋯.png (7.11 KB, 183x275, 183:275, ynsrbtea.png)


I'm not competent or proficient enough to know what that means.



You are not adept enough to understand what is being said.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I remember it making me think about 'if people can watch this chick then maybe people could watch me' and I already have paranoid mental things occasionally so that just triggered a thing where I had to check in all the potentially secret hidey holes where ne'er-do-wellers could have put little cameras and be monitoring my actions.



Yeah I looked it up, I was just.. nevermind.



I went through a phase where I used to wave to the smoke detector and tell it that I knew they were watching, just in case there was a camera there.



We were just bantering mate.



Why do they always. Use short sentences. For maximum effect. With something meant to shock you. As the last sentence.



That song and video bring back memories and feels.




I have put tape over my laptop's webcam.



I did it to the red light on the tv and the motion sensor that hasn't worked in years.



I've done that too.



It works. Rather well.




Even Zuckerberg does that.



I did it to stop Zuck from spying on me while having a wank.



God loves his children..



I did it because of all of you.



Congratulations on the distance, that's a walk and a half.



This is really good news NEET.


You won't get huge from just lifting, that's a stupid thing roasties say for no reason. People get that big from taking steroids and being really obsessive about protein powder and no bread and sweating out water.


Been up for an hour, I'm already over today.



What has happened? You need to fight that sort of negativity. Don't give in to it.


big stinky gape


A man wearing headphones who climbed into the steel cage of the Sydney Harbour Bridge has caused mayhem for motorists with traffic banked back more than 20 kilometres as police close lanes to try to get him down.




What a goober


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I think it was just talking about paranoid tendencies.


File: 6104c91b0728501⋯.png (822.65 KB, 1653x1023, 551:341, slow.png)


I wonder if he is /oneofus/


File: fd940cf696909ba⋯.jpg (37.76 KB, 606x404, 3:2, c10a4142bdef80f8b5679cc7cf….jpg)



looks like it. first thing i thought was it was >>50935 because it was only updated 9 mins ago



it was shit



Traffic is extremely shit in Sydney because people are dashing all over the place trying to find an alternative route. I would not suggest any travel within 30km of the CBD until the cunt is taken off the bridge.


One news report I read that may have been speculative said he had a banner. I feel that it's going to be some leftist shit or a father in desperation of a family court decision. Either way, it's causing Sydney a massive pain in the ass that I wouldn't really contemplate driving anywhere near Sydney.



>i thought was it was >>50935 (You) because it

Hah, good old Tom Ugly's bridge isn't quite the harbour bridge, I actually saw on one of those electronic boards about a police operation on the harbour bridge during my walk.



Anyone who realises their paranoia is not rational is okay. It is when you get fully lost in it and won't listen to reason that it is a problem.



think the cia cares about all the loli futa dicks i looked up? i wonder sometimes



All your eastern bridges look the same to me, I am a bridgeophobe.


File: b89207d93aba42a⋯.png (79.73 KB, 900x900, 1:1, b89207d93aba42a757894e5c2b….png)


This post requires medication


Watching Employable me. Their brains are wired differently according to the introduction:



File: 7535d1e51dba2aa⋯.gif (2.9 MB, 500x540, 25:27, 7535d1e51dba2aa1fd60f2b431….gif)


I keep thinking of this picture


I am starting to think about getting the heater out of the cupboard.



Watching too.



It's making a little depressed now…



Tim is making me feel depressed, poor bastard.




That is why I do not watch things like that.


File: dc4d3bd78eac14f⋯.png (369.44 KB, 509x418, 509:418, tourettes_-_Google_Search_….png)


Same, I keep pausing it and I hope he gets a job.

On the plus side I found this picture to cheer me up.



I honestly think that the tourettes girl and tim will probably never be able to work.



I do not watch Struggle Street for this same reason. I avoid things that I know will depress me. Why punish yourself?



The depression in my day started before watching it and I now hoping for a more positive ending.


Tim has a lot of difficulties that you can see in his coping mechanisms that need to be addressed. I feel that a problem is that they may have never had experience in work force which increases their difficulties not helped by their isolation.


>Tim handing out his CV

Oh god Tim what are you doing, not sure if i can watch this anymore.



Spaghetti just falls out everywhere. I have had those interactions and it's an awkward interaction where you need to sell yourself. That woman was very nice and understanding, having the confidence out to even hand out his CV in person is still a good achievement even if it's with support.

It's unfortunate that no one is questioning the good work of Max and other providers who have supported Tim until he's 28.



Yeah I've had those awkward situations but never dropped the spaghetti that hard, I feel so bad for him.



>dropped the spaghetti that hard, I feel so bad for him.

He's doing pretty well pushing his boundaries even though it seems quite awkward from the outside. Imagine doing everything he doing that's completely new and having thousands of people watching it or at least having that perspective. He's a battler and I wish him well.



I'm starting to get extremely cold in the mornings due to my barely-insulated, north-facing room.



A column heater on low temperature to get rid of the chill and having several layers always helps me.



impotent rage keeps me warm all year round



Here is something to stoke the fire, he probably wont get kicked out because he's really suffering financially at the moment with his BMW

>A Current Affair reported on the Melbourne public housing tenants paying who pay only a small amount in rent, in Melbourne, yet have enough money to spend on items including luxury cars thanks to a system in disarray.




You should see a doctor about your impotence. There are treatments these days.



>pay only a small amount in rent

How do I get in on this? Do I have to have the apex gang as neighbours?



I am beyond mad at this.



He pays $100 a week before utilities. You can get that kind of rental deal fucking easy in any single-bedroom or sharehousing arrangement.




I am guessing he might have shit neighbors. I don't doubt that he was need in when he got the place, but to be able to afford a BMW seems a bit too much for me. I can understand a plasma television some are as cheap as chips and other stuff like a bird cage is fine with me because pets cheer me. I just think he's pushing the boundaries and it's not going to end well I imagine he's going to be investigated, I can imagine there are people who are living on the street who would kill for his place.

He may or may not be able to afford a place into the future but it seems like housing is a permanent agreement once you get it. People expect that's going to be there forever when in some places they should be really grateful, I can imagine his place is probably get rent easily above $500 p/w even more since it seems to come with parking.



You have to remember it's his own place, I am guessing just north of the CBD and it has two bedrooms with a kitchen plus parking or access to easy free parking.



Yes once you get into public housing it's your for 99 years, however if your income increases you have to declare it and they up your rent, generally they take 30% of what you earn for rent.


File: b86261c86ad75b9⋯.png (61.59 KB, 716x440, 179:110, School grills.png)



>You can get that kind of rental deal fucking easy in any single-bedroom or sharehousing arrangement.

Maybe for sharehouse, but there's no way in hell you could find a place in any city for $100 a week.



Until recently the investigations and powers they have to investigate have been pretty lax. I know in NSW it's more rigorous process with people paying back money and or being forced out. Public housing to me should be a stepping stone and not a permanent solution unless you have a disability or are very old without any prospect of working. It just disgusts me we go down so hard on social security payment but public housing seems to be untouchable element until this more recent crackdown. Again I doubt it is going to affect the offenders who are probably a lot worse than this guy, whose probably mild to moderate on an offender scale if you compare those who are cheating the system much more.


It's good to see that you're focusing on the positive aspects in life.


just saw a woman with the surname McRoastie




I'm lovin' it.



They we're uggos tbh



>we are uggo's tbh




I chuckled a little at one particular item:

>Officers seized computers, tablets, mobile phones, child sex dolls, illegal fireworks, a samurai sword and illicit drugs during the raids.

But as you said, everyone should stay away from anything that is even near child abuse material that can be connected back to you not half chan /b/ but rather those groups people make. It's cancer and it will destroy your life if you get caught with anything they deem illegal.



Shoot us the recipe when you get back from work.



>a samurai sword

That stuck out for me too.

Strangely apt though.



If it were a warhammer we would know it was one of us.



A bottle of wine kept me under until 9



Very true, I hope no one gets into the cancer though. I have looked at the groups where picture of 18+ are shared but I feel that those places are honeypots waiting to happen.


Trying to clean the house. I'm just making more of a mess.



Keep going, you can do it and it will look better when you're done.



I feel that way too, all those "barely legal" type places.



you can come and do mine when you're finished



i only jerk it to 60plus just to be on the safe side



Good for you, keeping it safe and hopefully you with be a lucky boi if some mummybot leaves you some money after she passes.



Keep at it mate. It feels good to have a clean house.



I feel like it just makes more but I have a few days free so I'll try to do at least a room a day. I've re-organised my wardrobe and drawers, I still need to wipe them out and vacuum.

It's funny, I clean for wagebux but doing my own house is so much more complicated and tedious.


>when you're finished

I don't know if I will get to that point. By the time I finish, the first room will be dirty again. It's like weeding the yard.


Tim fucking nails it!

>tfw moderately impressed


File: c43cf2c9247aa1a⋯.png (236.8 KB, 479x388, 479:388, Appropriate force.png)

Now this is more like it



That depends.. Is mummybot a 60plus already?




I'm so happy for him.



Keep going at it. A cleaner environment always makes me happier. Open up the windows, it sucks with all the dirty flying around but it makes for a comfier environment when it's done.


I wouldn't be celebrating, he's trying to get a lenient sentence because of excessive force based on the disability pensioners case against the pigs. They have really fucked it up.


There should be some mummybots out of that age.


Me too, it made my day a lot better and he sounds so much more confident in himself when they call him back


Morning big stinky cunts



Very rude! No good morning for you!



A disgusting remark.



An honest observation



Knowing that he can do it and I can't just depresses me more.



An obtuse judgement


File: 0bb6173d6c776ab⋯.png (7.26 KB, 300x300, 1:1, that_feel.png)





An expected reply



Who says you can't do it? I believe in you NEET.



>Who says you can't do it?

Years of effort and literally dozens of attempts.



I am a flying spaghetti monster, the only people who believe in me do it ironically.



Not him, but Tim has inspired me to give things a go.




That is depression talking.



Good luck m8. The key is to be persistent. Don't let setbacks send you scurrying back to your bedroom to hide.



It sounds like you are telling him to become a masochist.



A masochist seeks punishment for its own sake. In NEETo's case the suffering will be for a greater purpose.


File: 4612a366111b70d⋯.jpg (32.85 KB, 722x349, 722:349, 0a8.jpg)


This is what I told mummybot on the way back from the gym yesterday, in regards to being a 24 year old man who has never kissed a woman. She told me that I was just being silly. How annoying.



>talking about experiences with the opposite sex with your mum




>She told me that I was just being silly. How annoying

I'll give you a kiss, if you're the one who posts picture if that'll do



Don't talk to women about women. That's like the chicken asking the fox for advice.



Is it just me or this website slow/not working correctly? The Updating…' icon is still stuck even after a manual refresh and my posting speed has been quite slow.



Yes I have been having some problems.



I do not like small bread dogs, they are often snappy and those pug like things have horrible poor breathing because of poor genetics. You shouldn't have a small dog unless you live on a property with a very, very small backyard more of a patio than a backyard



I consider myself a doggo lover and I try to tell myself that all Doggos have a doggo brain and a doggo's heart but I just can't like those little fag dogs like chihuhuhuashuhas.



I love dogs too but they are just overgrown rats.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>just be yourself

>you're an attractive young man, any woman that doesn't appreciate you for you isn't worth the time

>you'll find a good one, just keep trying


File: c7619dc6bfefc3f⋯.png (1.98 MB, 2892x1316, 723:329, 1358940062393.png)


>a samurai sword

Lol Victoria.

"get onboard: bin that sword."



This, the exact same with women giving you clothing/haircut advice.

Women don't know what they want.

Women extrapolate everything to Chad, if you are not Chad then you are invisible, women will just tell you to wear whatever Chad wears for example even though it might look hideous on you is a great example



Me too. Shit website.



For mischievous NEETs: It says hammers but it doesn't say warhammers.



My memory was a samurai sword is perfectly legal item as long as it's not used a weapon. If you have a samurai sword near your desk and it's unscathed (or whatever the word is for it doesn't have a cover on it) then it could be argued it's a weapon. It's not something you carry around that the Act on that picture indicates the focus on intent. If the cunt was carrying it around the sure, but I can imagine it's in the room and they see it as a weapon to pin more charges on him so he cannot get bail. He's a threat to the community, he had a dangerous item in his room to attack people bullshit

In NSW that bong device that multiple people can smoke for is an illegal item, but since it's a cultural item for Egyptian people it is allowed on that basis. The intent and how it is used is my main point.


File: dec0c29b1fd0f0a⋯.jpg (9.82 KB, 268x188, 67:47, images.jpg)


>mfw I remember a feral kid in year 9 bringing throwing stars to school and as he flung them into the air one missed a girl by less than half a metre


File: a22548379c447f2⋯.jpg (6.71 KB, 108x120, 9:10, 108px-Feel_Eyes_Closed.jpg)


>a person must not possess a pocket knife without lawful excuse

>a laser pointer is a prohibited weapon

I wonder how often these kinds of laws are repealed once they're put in place. I assume as a general rule any government is constantly shrinking the freedoms of its population. It probably takes a total restart of the legal system, some kind of revolution or civil war or a period of such hardship that police resources can't be wasted dealing with such trivial offences. Laser pointers being illegal, for fucks sake.



>If you have a samurai sword near your desk and it's unscathed (or whatever the word is for it doesn't have a cover on it)

The technical term is de-scabbarded



Is that some wrongthink I'm hearing?

VICpol is on it's way, don't resist arrest or their 20 something diversity hire PR girl might make a funny meme post with a few emojis about you on their Facebook page for the normies to comment on!



>Inappropriate for general possession

>perfectly legal

Those are mutually exclusive.





It's all based on intent and how you can justify the tools. Lock picking tools are illegal in NSW when carrying it around, but if you have a work van of tools as part of your locksmith business it's a legal tool. The case would collapse in court.

If you are dressed in a business suit and have an appointment outlined in an email on your phone that you show an officer, you could justify the possession of the laser pointer as part of your profession for use in a presentation. The issue with laser pointers is their strength that above a certain strength I think it's federal law that you need a permit from certain authority. If you are dressed in a hoody with a bunch of mates I don't see how that is a tool you need to carry around because they can blind people by burning their retinas.


File: c64a17cf928f8b2⋯.png (10.91 KB, 321x339, 107:113, 0FnuQL3.png)


>the normies are actually having their opinions changed by those public relations mee-mees 'created' by a chubby sub-Stacey who spends her weekends getting fucked by half the cops in her local station



Thanks for the clarification, I could find the word I was thinking of.


If the person is a weeb (me) and their room is covered in anime posters (me) with anime merchandise around their room (me) including a samurai sword not (me), it could be argued it is cultural artifact stemming from their interests in all things in Japan and not a weapon. I do not understand what you mean by mutually exclusive of the two points crossing over, what I gleam from a Google search. To me having the sword displayed on a shelf and having the sword on a desk de-scabbarded within arms reach are representing two different types of intent.



What I mean is, it doesn't say "illegal unless suitably used as decoration" or illegal unless owned by a weaboo.

Instead it says "illegal for general possession without a governor in council exemption or a chief commissioners approval".

This isn't something like a tradie carrying a screwdriver or a fisherman with a descaling knife, intent and circumstance doesn't come into it.

You are confusing "dangerous weapons" law and "prohibited weapons law".



My point is that nobody should have to justify their possession of a screwdriver or get into a legal debate over a fucking pocketknife. No, there is no legal justification for owning a laser pointer because it's always considered a weapon.


Might have a wank



Their going to take your anime blade NEET



with few exceptions, nobody should ever have to justify their possession of anything to anybody really tbh









I didn't realise that it was three categories on one page.

>This isn't something like a tradie carrying a screwdriver or a fisherman with a descaling knife, intent and circumstance doesn't come into it.

What's a samurai sword then based on that picture it could be a?

>Is it a fantasy knife, if it's a decorative case (controlled weapon)

>Sword, that is de-scabbarded (prohibited weapon)

I am genuinely interested in how it is categorised differently without considering intent and or circumstance? If I am police officer and I encounter a samurai sword in a home, how do I differentiate between these laws?


>No, there is no legal justification for owning a laser pointer because it's always considered a weapon.

So if I accidentally pocket this from work/university, I will charged as carrying a prohibited weapon?



I just successfully rescued a blue tongue from beneath the slavering jaws of my doggo. It feels good to be the hero this time.

After I had restrained doggo I lifted the blue tongue and the leaves and dirt he was standing on onto my shovel and carried him to the front yard where he should be safer. I hope he is smart enough not to return to the back yard.

He was another young one. There must have been a clutch of eggs that hatched in my backyard somewhere.



Give him a strawberry as compensation for his hardship



I hope bluey is alright, good work for saving him m8.

May Dan bless you.



Good job, I wish him luck.



Theres a very small bluey in my front garden, there was an entire family of them at the start of summer but they seem to have moved elsewhere.


Some NEETs may recall that I sprayed the ivy in my yard with poison a while ago. Well it has been three and a half weeks and the ivy does not seem to be affected at all. It looks like it is immune to the usual poison.



excellent work


Ate three packets of mi goreng last night and took an excruciating shit when I woke up



Did you use your poo stool?



I complain about my virginity to mummybot pretty regularly. I wish she would take the hint.



Don't have one



Buy her some flowers.



Have a wank



Just start licking her poosy and see where it takes you.



probably the mental health unit imho

Didn't some guy do this in burger land and ended up in the same shameful position?



Seriously though I tell her pretty regularly all about my nogf nohug nosex feels and she always dismisses them.



>and she always dismisses them.

Have a wank



While she's driving you somewhere


File: 1514cf5c393b776⋯.jpg (52.29 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1514cf5c393b77605e8f2ac359….jpg)


You don't want her to get distracted when it happens.


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

give it back to the abos

just kidding let them huff the unhuffable gasoline your tax dollars subsidize

I dunno why, maybe because you guys are pretty upfront about shit or because i saw a lot australia themed television when i was younger, but i like reading this board and living vicariously through your collective trials and tribulations.

i wish you guys the best in bringing back the white australia policy.



I don't mind some of my tax dollars going to abbo gas if it keeps them busy and out of sight.



>i saw a lot australia themed television when i was younger

How did that come to be the case?



1. What does the crash look like?

2. Have you run memtest?



I dont know it just seemed to have a pretty big mindshare in the early 90s. i watched a fair amount of motorsports also and you guys had a fair amount of good events (f1, champ car, v8 supercars)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Improved production a best






Great to hear, that is atonement for the whippets sins.



IIRC you used a heavy mix too. Do you know what type of ivy it is? There may be info on how to get hid of it.



You should get one, mi goreng gives me constipation and I hold it responsible for hemorrhoids and getting me sick. Cook pasta instead.



I would like to read source for lols



No I don't know what type it is. I have been googling and apparently repeated poison sprayings might do the trick. Also I will try adding some dish soap to the mix.

Boiling water and salt on the roots are also suggested but I think I will try a couple more poison sprayings first.



>nosex feels

the other feels are ok to talk about but how does she respond to you telling her you need to get laid? Does she tell you to have a wank?



>Cook pasta instead.

Very good suggestion. That's what I do and you can add ricotta and other stuff into to it give it flavour if you aren't happy to have it plain, it still has some salt and olive oil taste from the water a bit. For $3.00 I could took bags of the stuff that would last me at least a week and perhaps half a week in lunches alone.





It's amazing how resilient some stuff is. I cut down a tree with a chainsaw, drilled holes in the stump that was left and filled it with zero and it still came back.



You want to read it for sexual gratification, you grubby little boy.



I think it'd be a lot cheaper, even if you're putting mince and whatnot to make spagbol. It's not as convenient though.



Hush now, I need to hide my milf fetish as the world still isn't accepting of the diversity of preference people have.



When I had a tree cut down by the professionals, after it was cut they used a brush to paint this stuff on the stump which stops it from regrowing.



spagoots and meatballs > spabgol


I started cleaning the bathroom and went to get some more spray, I also needed some for inside the drawers in my room so I went to the shops to get some. I still haven't eaten so I ended up getting kitkats and chips as well. I got doggo some regular treats and a pack of kangaroo ribs, he liked them. I wanted to get him an actual bone but I haven't been to a butcher in a while. I also gave away old clothes to the op shop. Now I'm home I'm feeling lazy. Think I'll give it a break for a bit and watch a movie. There's so much to do. I want to go through the entire house.



>how does she respond to you telling her you need to get laid?

She tells me that sex isn't important and that I'm making a big deal out of nothing. When I try to explain that it's not 'nothing' when I've never been sexually desired in my life, she tells me she pities me for caring about this. Sometimes when I'm in a bad mood I'll deliberately trigger her by saying that I need to know what a vagina feels like and that I'm going to hire a prostitute to find out. She gets furious and demands that I promise to never see a prostitute.



I cannot find it. The man in his 20s and his mummybot was interviewed. She didn't say what exactly transpired but it involved sleeping at night when she called the cops on him. He was arrested and I think he was in a sex offender recovery program living in a residential program. She visited him, but his father was never able to talk to him again. I am thinking it may have been a Louis Theroux documentary but I cannot remember where exactly I saw it. I remember the guy being very remorseful for his actions, which I think where linked to shota/mum fetish material online (again it was quite vague but it was linked to an inferred as link to nasty shit on the internet). He recounts viewing it from a young age and later in life acted on the fetish. Sorry I cannot find the video.



What has spurred this sudden desire to clean?



Record this next time please



>Sometimes when I'm in a bad mood I'll deliberately trigger her by saying that I need to know what a vagina feels like

T-that's a little unhinged.



Sounds like VaporNEET.



I just payed a guy a mate knows to do it and he used to be professional.. sort of. He was pretty unorganised, I had to take him to this place to get his chain sharpened.



>I need to know what a vagina feels like

>to your mum.




We don't live in America where it the meme is true that those cups of pasta when bought in massive scale are close in cost price to cooking plain paste. Still I would rather plain pasta than that nasty noodle shit that has everything in it to make it nice at a low cost.


>Think I'll give it a break for a bit and watch a movie. There's so much to do. I want to go through the entire house.

You need something solid in your stomach like pasta or noodles more than a kitkat, you're energy will fade away after sugar burns off and the task will not be completed. It will make you feel worse if you don't feel like you have completed the task imho


Are you MuscleNEET who posts his selfies?


Could be if he disappeared. I remember it was an American documentary. I went through a phase of watching/reading everything about people who worst in their criminal fields murders, serial killers, pedophiles, drug lords



>Louis Theroux documentary

Some of his stuff is fantastic, that sounds like the shit that would be in one. That's ok that you cant find it, I wouldn't've been able to wank to it if he was remorseful anyway.



Since I've been doing the course it's just got out of hand, I was just going to clean the lounge but I thought I should do it all.



So you're swapping something you should be doing (study) with cleaning?



>You need something solid in your stomach

I'm thinking egg and bacon pies.

I've got tendies but I'm saving those for wraps tonight.



I've already uploaded enough shirtless progress pics to the gen, you won't be getting any more fap material from this neet


>>Sometimes when I'm in a bad mood I'll deliberately trigger her by saying that I need to know what a vagina feels like

>T-that's a little unhinged.

I naturally have a pretty timid personality but the romantic/sexual loneliness has reached peak pain over the past year and I've started losing it mentally. I hold mummy responsible for my virginity so it's only right that she witnesses the fallout from her many, many mistakes.



>Are you MuscleNEET who posts his selfies?

Yes, how did you figure that out?



I've done the majority of my homework already, what's left will take less than an hour.



That's OK then.



>shirtless progress pics



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I found something that may help fill the gap. On trying to find the documentary about the guy who molested his mother, this one of the video appeared on the side of one of the videos. It puts a whole new angle on having a wank

>when you're on your knees near your father casket… then you have nine orgasms… They just keep on coming



>I hold mummy responsible for my virginity so it's only right that she witnesses the fallout from her many, many mistakes.

This really isn't healthy thinking.



I only clean my house twice a year usually. But no-one else ever comes here so I don't feel any pressure for it to look presentable..



Two is more than enough, plus I have contributed more than enough to the general sexual satisfaction of the world. Around a year ago I let some guy fap to me on the r9k omegle tag. I'm not gay in the slightest, I just empathized with his position and decided to help him out. Why can't women do that kind of thing for me? ffs



They look like pretty powerful orgasms.



Insufficient force used.



>Yes, how did you figure that out?

I didn't, you were seemed young in your pictures and you mentioned your age in your posts in this thread. I just had an idea that may be it was you. my offer for the kiss is still on the table


I think the total was more than two. I think uploaded 2 images in 2 separate posts?



Mummy taught me to be a submissive beta male from childhood onwards and she didn't expose me to any male role models. My virginity is entirely her fault and until I fix her mistake she's going to be hearing about it.



>Two is more than enough

How are they progress pics then? They are just general pics with no time scale and development between them. We need to see all the stages from present until you become an exec.

>I'm not gay in the slightest

That is slightly gay though. There's nothing wrong with it in this day and age.

We accept you and your latent self-hating homosexuality.



If she ever acknowledges this and tried to amend her mistake please film/take pics.



Perhaps you would be better as a grill?



You are DirtyMindedNEET and I love it!


The Foods You should Never Eat


Processed Meat

Soft Drinks

Extruded Snacks

Deep-Fried Food

Artificially Sweetened Food

White Bread

Blended Vegetable Oils




He's already got the showing the goodies off bit down pat, there's not much more to I think and he could get payed for it.



That is all the food groups except goon though.



>I let some guy fap to me on the r9k omegle tag

Were you wearing clothes at the time?



>Around a year ago I let some guy fap to me on the r9k omegle tag.

It's happened this year, you'll be surprised

>I'm not gay in the slightest,

Tap into your potential have a prostate orgasm




Only butter for me

>Processed Meat


>Soft Drinks


>Extruded Snacks


>Deep-Fried Food


>Artificially Sweetened Food

I don't know

>White Bread


>Blended Vegetable Oils

Only use olive oil



I consumer all those foods and how does one eat soft drinks?




I deep fry everything in canola

>Processed Meat

Fritz is the best depression food

>Soft Drinks

Kirks soothes the soul

>Extruded Snacks


>Deep-Fried Food

See above

>Artificially Sweetened Food

Everything tastes bad otherwise

>White Bread

Bit healthy, I prefer brioche

>Blended Vegetable Oils

I don't care enough to check



>Kirks soothes the soul

Well bantered.



Has the professional cleaning experience taught you tips, tricks and/or shortcuts for cleaning your own house?



He wants his own place done properly



GayNEET you usually keep your lust more under control than this.



Expensive/name brand products do work heaps better and you should just use heaps of it rather than save money by "using a bit more elbow grease".





But NZ's shoulders are just so robust and he looks like a versatile, dominating NEET.



Do you worry about excess skin contact with chemicals and breathing in fumes?



I apologise, I am sorry. I had a pretty down start today, the video of Tim fucking nailing that job interview made me euphoric and I have been fairly impressed since. I think it's time for another wank



A bit but it's worth it for that glistening sheen.



>my offer for the kiss is still on the table

Are you a fem-neet?



Another wank is fine but try not to be thinking about your fellow NEETs during it please.


File: 23e9dfa802e3be6⋯.jpg (189.48 KB, 1200x1348, 300:337, b4ec7979d91ed252bd01193071….jpg)



No, I was drunkenly fapping to female omegle users



You had your dick out on cam?


File: 6b7900b6c46528a⋯.jpg (73.26 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 4VsIeEpv-s4xM4X3FRg19pXuY1….jpg)


Like DirtyMindedNEET I am getting low on options.


A Monk appreciator creator


I am interested in this question.




My ability to communicate coherently is below my below average ability, I meant to say that a Monk appreciator creator created this image and I did not wank to it.



Some of the time. It feels too impersonal to wank if they can't see my face but it can be difficult to angle the webcam to include both the face and the dick, you know?



Don't you worry that someone has recorded you wanking?



Didn't we all have a live cams account and jack off for messages and emoji's?



I hope not.



Upon reflection, were those stories posted written by him of his experiences in class as our PhysioNEET? I do not understand why the woman got freaked out, he isn't that bad looking from what we can see.


You'll get banned pretty fast with your dick out, I know from experience. That's why you see a lot of people in their underwear before anything happens.


Please go on…



Why would that bother me?



It deeply bothers me that a potential video isn't accessible to me


File: 086ce29477a0142⋯.png (5.23 KB, 348x145, 12:5, 086ce29477a0142bc0e867ee43….png)


File: a885f09a6ab5ac5⋯.jpeg (14.13 KB, 417x352, 417:352, images (80).jpeg)



I quit drinking



Have that wank already so you stop lusting.



Could you at least be a feminine and semi-passable trap if you wore a wig?



I can't help it, if the other NEETs were asking promiscuous questions and

>tfw enabled >>51196


File: 83e4de4f6313e4a⋯.png (197.22 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1d58373269f32215878bdbbb3b….png)


>You'll be back, and in greater numbers.


What's up my nigger?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Listening to counting


Gonna cook some lamb souvlakia for dinner to use up some leftover wraps.



Have lots of vegetables with it please.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


So which NEETs will be appearing on Employable Me?


File: 1cd35c9b2157fee⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 366x333, 122:111, danMurphyLowestPrice.gif)


Finished a VETbux assignment.

Fuck me, that took all day. I'm gonna go get wasted.



A day wasted is a day wasted.


File: afc27e5fe3a83d8⋯.jpg (41.77 KB, 750x406, 375:203, goon life.jpg)


File: 60e08890f8ed87f⋯.png (101.44 KB, 300x300, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Didn't work very well.



You have to take it out of the packaging first.



It's an easy mistake to make, give the guy a break.


File: ee19853662b6e75⋯.jpg (24.25 KB, 387x387, 1:1, mxLudyhs_400x400.jpg)

Had a pretty decent workout, managed to get the rep on my last set that I failed last week

In that euphoric post-workout bliss and living it up for now m8s

What do we have on for tonight?



I have nothing "on" for tonight. I am already thinking about bed.


File: ab3c5a4e2252e9e⋯.jpg (144.66 KB, 1200x667, 1200:667, minit-facebook.jpg)


Bought a game called Minit.

Figured I'd try to review a game that's freshly out, see how that stirs things. Plus I'm reasonably sure I can bash this shit out in an afternoon.



>What do we have on for tonight?

Hoping the Baker's Delight apricot lattice I have put aside for pudding is nicer than my souvlaki. I'll try that when I finish this bottle of cabernet sauvignon.

Later I'm going to cut up some carpet and glue it to a wooden box I made.






>Later I'm going to cut up some carpet and glue it to a wooden box I made.

I feel there's more to this.



Mummybot is going to love the coffin I have built her.



>for pudding

A very English phrase.



It's good to see NEETs putting their NEEThours towards some arts and crafts.



South Australia was founded with the best English people.



I needed a step or riser for something that's a bit shorter than its companions. The compartment they live in is carpet lined, so I'm carpeting the box I made to function as said step or riser. Clear as mud?



Yussuh. Makes a lot of sense. Good luck, eh.



Yes I have been to Elizabeth and seen.



>What do we have on for tonight?

Just finished that wank. Time to get comfy in bed.


You can be upfront with us


>nicer than my souvlaki.

If any NEETs in Sydney want top tier souvlaki sticks that are a little expensive but freeze well I recommend advanced poultry. It's a bitch to get too and park behind the back, but they are yum.




They also have a store at Kogarah.




>If any NEETs in Sydney want top tier souvlaki sticks that are a little expensive but freeze well I recommend advanced poultry. It's a bitch to get too and park behind the back, but they are yum.

>They also have a store at Kogarah.

Will have to check it out some time.



>Will have to check it out some time.

The one at Canterbury, I am guessing is the same as Kogarah but they have a gang of Asians working in the back with Greeks at the front and I am guessing back keeping an eye on everything. You have to walk through the back of the store at Canterbury for parking so you see this. They are expensive but it's not shit cuts of meat. You can also get wraps that all the stores use their wraps, which you heat up on a pan with olive oil to get them slightly crispy and warm. Lamb sticks were about $1.5 each when I was last there but it depends on the price of lamb. If you make home made tzatziki and greek salad (buy one) you can combine everything into a fantastic wrap.



The Kogarah store is pretty close, the asians don't bother me tbh, as long as everything is nice and clean should be tops.



If Asians are there it won't be nice and clean.



In my experience Asians are pretty tidy in comparison to Pajeets.



If you have a BBQ they are delicious, my family gets them. They always have lamb but I know they do pork which isn't too bad either. The family normally gets a box is ~$50+ but you can take a few out cook them and keep the rest frozen. Since its all fresh and not shit meat it lasts long. I wouldn't do the same with anything from the supermarket.



>as long as everything is nice and clean should be tops.

I have them defrosted after two months from a deep freezer and they were still fairly good. I was not sick at all. The Canterbury one is quite popular and known in the greek community, so they have a reputation of providing good food. I will not speak of the Kogarah one which I think I have only had food from their once but it was still fine. I haven't been to that store though so I cannot really comment it but I am guessing it will be as good for their brand.


File: 81eea58645596a4⋯.jpg (99.1 KB, 908x714, 454:357, 1441062439182.jpg)

>text her about an online group assignment item that she needs to submit

>we've already done the IRL work, she just needs to upload an image of the worksheet

>she's still doing the wait-several-hours-between-each-text thing

Are you fucking kidding me?



You might have creeped her out so much she decides to tank your assignment.



This whole saga has been painful to witness. I still don't know if you are for real or not.



For future reference: texting girls is for logistics only, not for chit chat.



For future reference: they are incapable of that and will turn it into something else


Having a coffee from my machine. Haven't had one n a week or so. Now these taste crap too.


No-one should take advice from NEETs about girls.


Fuck 'em right in the pussy.



It sounds like you have begun the phase of not liking what you used to like and embarking on a quest for higher quality, but never finding it.



this may be true, but the discussions are still more enjoyable than the normie tier "Just be yourself goy!" advice.



This is the best advice.



They can't turn it into something else if you don't respond futher.

You: We're meeting at XYZ at 6pm

Her: Tee hee *random women shit*

You: Nothing. You don't respond.



I've heard of stuff like this happening around hormone changes but I'm almost 30, it's a late hormone change if it is that.

I can't remember what happened that made me start the coffee changes, I was pretty happy with douwe egberts.



You're just filling a void elsewhere.

Or you have a brain tumor and your sense of taste and smell is changing.



It is the NEET menopause.


I finally caught up on the thread. What a strange day it has been on here.






In what way has it been strange? I didn't notice anything.



OMG stace NEETo is such a creep, I mean I texted him about *random women shit* and he didn't even answer. I mean c'mon. When I get to XYZ I'm not even going to talk to him, he made his bed, now he can sleep in it. I'm just going to hang with you and chadwick ;D xx yolo right? Peace bb.






The tumor will keep growing to fill all the voids.



the korean girl thing at the start and then the NEET talking about his virginity with his mummybot which will always be strange to me.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Is this your way of coming out of the closet?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

lets get this party started


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Why would anyone want to come out, all the best dingdangles work in the closet.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>So what if you suck a little cock once in a while? That's terrific.

Strong sentiments.


Festering aboriginal abscess


where have all the NEETs gone?


File: 9a52b00ebda4727⋯.jpg (22.81 KB, 349x321, 349:321, 1510714394300.jpg)

Hello fellow australians, how are we doing today?


File: fa173dfc759bfd4⋯.jpg (69.64 KB, 258x370, 129:185, 10481.jpg)


This ridiculous saga is officially over, I'm emotionally disengaging

I've already organized to meet her in a few days time

I'm going to force myself to stop caring

she's in literally all of my classes so I'll be seeing her every day

I'll just speak to other women and the feelings will naturally go away

I have no way to meet women except through my course and no other women in my classes have any interest in speaking to me



Like newstart? Imagine if wagies who failed to meet their neet-gen shitposting quota for six months had to attend NFTW (neet for the wage) to keep their jobs.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The album is sort of about a government drugging the population to get the people with homo tenancies to become full fags so the mystery disease (I guess AIDS) kills them all off.

There are a lot of funny things in that album, I have never seen or heard of a Zappa fan liking that album much, but I think it's great. These tracks I've been posting are the tracks in between songs that explain shit a further.

The album's not the best musically but conceptually it's pretty cool. Like how the idea intertwines with stuff.



I had 504 for a bit.




I could load the thread but 34 posts were not there but then loaded all together suddenly. I refreshed several times and I still did have those posts load they appeared on board as the last posts in the thread.



why not just call her and tell her to hurry up? this clearly isn't happening, might as well let her know that you're annoyed by the waiting. it doesn't seem like being polite is worth failing the assignment. at least not in this case.


YouTube shooter was a woman and has been identified. She was a vegan and body builder. She was unhappy over how YouTube was paying her:




You need clear schedules for meeting up. Before any meeting even in class ends it should focus in next meeting time, date and place. I always liked booking a meeting room to show that we agreed on time at that place.



You're not the plunger NEET are you? If so, I feel a little bad about telling you to take the plunge back when you were considering buying it



>take the plunge

Well punned.



No, I'm plunger NEET and I'm still happy with my plunger.



Sounds like she's Armenian too.



Is it a woman or a transvestite?



A transvestite is a woman.


I started watching the anime Legend of Galactic Heroes and I'm suspecting that my autism about how space battles would actually work will hurt my enjoyment of the show. (They work too much like naval and aerial battles on Earth, things like space being 3D and having no air resistance seem to be completely ignored.) I'd hate to get halfway through a 110-episode series before my suspension of disbelief finally snaps and I can't watch it anymore. Everything else about the show is pretty great too so it would be a big loss.






A very ugly woman usually.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I've watched 10 episodes a while ago, i lost interest because I'm not good with subtitles, starts to do my head in after a while.



The latest Star Wars pissed me off because of how dumb the battles were.



There might be a version dubbed in English.



There isn't unfortunately, it's a massive series 110 episodes or so.


A lot of the characters in LoGH are blonde and I get a kick out of it every time I hear "kinpatsu" (blonde hair) because it reminds me of Kareno Mosaic.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



That's a pretty good album, all the tracks from it I've heard have been alright.



I felt that movie was cut and chopped together with very little skill. It had great visuals but the story from broken and I just couldn't enjoy it at all. A SJW focus just killed the whole movie that it was about a woman and how great she was beating everyone as a woman.



The visuals weren't bad though. The red dirt and salt thing at the end looked cool.




So she was a muslim?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

John Lennon at his most raw.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>tfw taser taser, taser deploy


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



i meant call on the phone.


wow, didn't know this happened. serves youtube right for being dicks to their content creators but i feel bad for the (most likely) innocent employees that got hurt because of this. they should've known to act more responsibly with a platform that provides work and sustenance for so many people, crazies included. i mean, that's a vegan body builder so god only knows what kind of chemicals were coursing through her veins when her fuse blew.


i wonder.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>i wonder.

Reminded me of this


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



good song


File: 963bead899c6c28⋯.jpg (501.06 KB, 1118x834, 559:417, 1451909858996.jpg)

Nothing lifts your mood like playing some music you like and dancing around the house. I don't do it often enough. I need to remember next time I'm feeling down.



Not bad, I don't think I've heard that before.



Great suggestion much like having a wank +/ goon


File: 0753ed49f559202⋯.jpg (51.01 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, cultureman.jpg)


tfw blasting music from 2006-2010 runescape and call of duty pvp montage videos and eating chocolate bunnies as a post work-out snack

I'm on your level of comfy my friend



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


A good song. I used to love John Lennon. I'm not quite sure why I turned against him the way I did. Maybe it was the whole Yoko thing.



There are a couple of different versions of it. A lot of people think he was singing about Paul McCartney.


Fuck, my arse is very badly chaffed




Are you an executive? If yes then that is how.



There's cream for that.



No I'm a skelleneet








RapeNEET lives in Perth, I'm on the East Coast



rapeNEET transcends time and space, he is everywhere.



But I thought he never leaves Perth because East fags make him feel ill


>David Goodall turns 104 today. But truth be told, he takes no pleasure in getting older.

>If he could be granted one birthday wish, it would be to die.

>"I greatly regret having reached that age," Dr Goodall said.

>"I would much prefer to be 20 or 30 years younger."




I wish I was 20 or 30 years younger too

t. 20 year old


File: 256cd558b8a92df⋯.png (15.27 KB, 489x423, 163:141, 256.png)


I sometimes feel this way.



Are you 104?


Okay NEETs I am off to bed. I am going to read more of Gordianus the Finder and his latest case. It turns out he has been hired to find out who killed a nobleman. The current suspects are two of his slaves, and if he does not find the real killer then the slaves will be judged responsible and Marcus Crassus will kill every slave in the household (over 100 of them) as a warning to all slaves about rising up against their masters. The clock is ticking.

Good Night.



Good night NEET



I have that album.







Someone will need to make a (good!) new thread soon. I can not do it.



Are you occupied having a wank?



Certainly not.



Is there an aboriginal NEET here, someone felt pretty strongly about them near the start of this thread?



There is one member of the AIDF here.





Got the wagyu burger from maccas today. Was tasty and full of flavor unlike other maccas burgers. I'm impressed actually, the only negative was one of the onions covered in sauce fell on my shirt.


Good night NEETs. I wonder if their is a bogan pepe or even Australian pepe to show off more of 'straya culture for the next new thread. Don't forget, most of all and it is of upmost importance that you stay comfy.



tbh if I was the ones who called her fat I would of laughed my ass off when she actually bought all the cupcakes



I disliked it, I was expecting the meat to be decent but was fairly shit, the rest of the burger was good



The Autistic Israeli Defense Force or the Abo Internet Defense Force


File: b94998ed86fc29d⋯.jpg (184.14 KB, 962x641, 962:641, v437gpd77phy.jpg)


I propose this fine artwork



this is peak normie news

fuck the media in this country



Add a Boer on our side



Was surprised the Youtube shooting wasn't the top story here



Also the News spoke nothing about Israel's good fri massacre



Kek weren't there like 13 arabs dead and a dozen injured? fucks sake

Really makes you wonder (((who))) makes sure we don't hear about it



The nation of Israel truly is wicked.



The latter.



The meat wasn't super good but it was an improvement from the other burgers.



17 Dead, 115 Injured




Honestly the meat in a plain cheese burger is better, somehow it's more succulent



I do not agree.


File: 4a5bd3eaf14543a⋯.jpg (418.43 KB, 1024x1600, 16:25, Nishino1.jpg)

Goodnight NEETs


I'm way too fucked up

I can't slow down


>tfw extremely depressed



Goon night


Did you have a goon?


What are you big fragrant neets up to?



>tfw big depressed


How much was this wagyu burger?






It was about $10.


>itchy testicles

>scratch them

>starts hurting

>minute later itchy again

What utter bullshit. Is this some kind of plan my body has made to trick me into hurting my balls?



Was it worth it executive bro



Thanks, though I'd rather 10 wicked wings from KFC tbh. Have you tried any of HJ's premium range?



It was worth it. I shouldn't have got a meal though since the chips at maccas are rubbish.


I have, the Grill Masters are brilliant. Last time I went there I got the Fiery Angus.



Is it the skin that's itching? Pinch some of it and roll it between your fingers, it's safer that way and is really good at relieving the itch too.




What drink did you get?


File: ab1f68144a8f952⋯.png (15.62 KB, 632x148, 158:37, minit stats.png)

Up and marathonned this while all gooned up.

Which isn't saying much. It's basically a Newgrounds-era flash game. It does some alright work, with how collectables are hidden in plain sight and a pretty hefty amount of unlockable secrets and content, but nothing incredible, the premise is underused, the levels weak, the combat one-note sock em bop and the logic puzzles neither.

$10 for something that would feel like a ripoff as a $3 phone game is a pretty hefty ask.

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