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File: 6ad0834f2949824⋯.jpg (38.52 KB, 508x960, 127:240, 1476066870582.jpg)


Stay strong. Stay strong. The feels. The Feels. They come, they threaten, they menace. Stand tall. Stand tall.

Old Thread: >>52875












File: e1c89442e3e7b6e⋯.jpeg (10.59 KB, 183x275, 183:275, download.jpeg)


Just say that you had poor reception and was confused about what she was saying.


Southern Hemisphere







It's like the start of that "Let's Dance" Bowie song.


File: 242bb3b07286c02⋯.png (36.74 KB, 843x1102, 843:1102, 1523143300566.png)

So I got a 3DS and hacked it. I have played through most of the story of Pokemon Sun version but I have rapidly lost interest. I'm also not that into the new Zelda game. Any suggestions for games to play on the 3DS?

Right now I've been smoking weed and playing a shit tonne of tower defense games on pc when I'm not at work. Listening to podcasts and tower defense and my standing desk totally chills me out.



It probably is, I just over think and stress for no reason. Lets leave this in this thread and start fresh

..guess not


I'm sure you're right. She seemed really nice and I doubt she's thinking I'm a dick who can't talk like a regular person.

Anyway, thanks for advice and letting me be frustrated and whatnot.

I'll let you guys know how it goes when I get there.



Well any endevour is always tough especially creative ones

Mind if you post a link to your youtube, you sound commited so I want to watch your stuff



You mean Dancing in the Streets by Bowie and Iggie Pop

Let's Dance starts with the "Aaaaaaaaaaah"


Is there an /ausneet/ discord? I wouldn't mind making a place where we can commiserate and chill


I am getting precisely 8.169 l/100km



How do you measure that?

I just guess it's about $10 for 100km.



Good luck mate.


File: 4351012072f2bcc⋯.jpg (93.19 KB, 469x629, 469:629, 1512113273707.jpg)


MONGOLIA…n inundation


Does anyone have any programming skills? Can you help me get started? Point me in the right direction?



Yeah sun and moon are shit

Also by New Zelda game do you mean link between worlds

I really liked that one

Either way I suppose I can suggest a few;

Animal Crossing

Super Mystery Dungeon


Actually fuck it's been a few years can't remember them and questioning my taste



There is an existing 8chan ausneets discord, it has been around for a while.




No no no no.


File: 96c8016d8f6c61f⋯.jpg (93.73 KB, 700x400, 7:4, Nazi-symbols.jpg)



There is but it's pretty dead most of the time



Sick of Finish people shitting up things tbh



Bowie and Jagger.


File: 27f97fda217e8e8⋯.gif (2 MB, 356x400, 89:100, absolutely.gif)


>ausneets discord




What's with the Ivan shit though






I have posted it here before so apologies, but if it's for critical purposes I guess that's alright. If you've got any feedback about what I could do to make my narration less terrible, please drop it to me. Even if it's just "be more enthusiastic" or "the tone is fine but the pacing is off".


File: 3aaa1aff6442d51⋯.jpg (45.74 KB, 598x563, 598:563, 3ebe9bf25bf22db29036995dcf….jpg)

I kind of want to buy a couch like this. It just looks so comfy.



I hope that NEET manages to load the couch onto the trailer without the knives slipping off and stabbing him in the leg




Trip computer kilometers traveled / Litres used = x

Then 100 / x

The answer is the L /100km

(A good way to do this is finding out your cars fuel tank size and dividing it by half, and then setting the trip computer on a full tank and then counting the kms when it is halfway full)



>Finish people

Is that what he is? He's not the animus guy is he?




Your voice is fine. There are plenty of people with LOTS more autistic voices than yours. You just sound like a normal dude.



It was made before this board existed, funnily enough


File: fd5c40bd4ec1683⋯.jpeg (4.75 KB, 225x224, 225:224, reeee.jpeg)





Fuck you're right I guess I said Iggy as Bowie collabed with him fuck tonnes



The link is here >>53654



I've worked with GDscript and other non-entities, but I would just say to go learn basic syntax and "good practices" for the language basically anywhere, pick up some small projects (just stuff like making a calculator with inputs, or organizing databases, or other silly stuff) and googling when you get stuck. Eventually you just start writing off the top of your head.

Good luck, brother.


File: 3fc22cac25e1984⋯.jpeg (10.04 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images.jpeg)

I want a couch like this also.

I just want to move to the country and live in a comfy lair.



I'll give this a go next time I fill up, I filled up this morning but have gone about 60km since then


File: bedadfce7ae721b⋯.png (18.41 KB, 651x145, 651:145, Screenshot from 2018-04-08….png)



I just like paying out discord and reddit because it's the hip thing to do on chans. I don't know how to use either of them though.


File: 71ce5e0a3337cda⋯.jpg (10.6 KB, 238x211, 238:211, good job dude.jpg)


Okay, cool, I'm just being a self-concious bitch and it's all in my head. That happens sometimes. A fair amount of time. A lot.

Script, practice and output is what needs working, then.

I've got like, completed scripts for three more games, but like to sit on them to get them up to my standards through passes.


File: e7bd339357a27b4⋯.jpg (38.93 KB, 500x388, 125:97, nazidog.jpg)


You need a comfy white nationalist dog to curl up on there.



Yeah it is a pretty good method. Newer cars have this automatically done and displayed on a panel on the dash, mine is old as fuck so that wasn't an option. If you don't know your fuel tank size look your car up on redbook, it has the specs there.



Discord is just an updated IRC. Join it.


The thumbnail art is on point. There is a big thirst for indie game reviews and steam is a neverending gold mine. I think what you should do is review/play some bad games and try to make it a bit funny. Just keep making content - you will be successful eventually.



It depends what you want to do.

If you haven't done any programming before, and you have a Windows PC, look at the free version of Visual Studio and borrow a book from the library on some flavour of .NET programming. Visual Basic (VB) or C# would be your best bet.

If you're a Linux nerd, pick up any book on C, Perl, or Python and get stuck in.

The syntax will change from language to language, but the fundamentals are the same for all of them.


I am going to bed NEETs. I will probably read some more of that book but I am turning sour on it. The detective mystery is a bit too predictable.

Good night.



Awesome thanks mate.



it's too early to go to bed anon wtf



night mate



>It's A Cloyster like the one on the fullderp thread

Fuck is that you Karnoss


Might order some dominos, the other NEET who did has enticed me.







We never did see what was ordered


File: 48d3adb311d0993⋯.jpg (53.4 KB, 640x904, 80:113, kiira_korpi.jpg)





No bed time shaming please.



Just get a margerhita



I'm making a Finish People are Mongolians joke


The weirdest thing about being a NEET for so many years before I got a decent job was going into the JSA's and doing all their shit and realising that I'm just as competent as the people who were working there.



Sweet dreams glorious NEET



My designated max wagie once told me it's basically impossible to get sacked there



You hide your flag and I don't get jokes.



Thank you. Good night and God bless you illustrious NEET.



Good night, NEET!

And that's a shame. Pulp fiction is a bit formulaic.


Will take into consideration! I'm a bit hesitant to do reviews about games I don't like - I think the only review I've done that's received negative attention was Blade Kitten, a game I only reviewed for practice that turns out has a pretty longtime following.

Who would have thought. That and a large part of the Minit review's relative popularity was from the devs themselves watching and sharing it. I know, right.

But yeah, will do, and thanks.



I want to pinch her nose in a lighthearted manner.


Hello NEETs, hows the day going? Mine just started, I'll have to find something to do soon.


Good night


>Gone through a thread in one day

Which one of you is smoking meth?



Hi Hans, maybe you can go to Aldi and buy some Beer



Hello Hans.



We used to do that every day.



Days just starting for me too, I've got to walk the dog, then I'm going to do some of an online training course. I've had since January to do it, and it ends on the 24th, I've done absolutely none and its a 40 hour course.

Not looking forward tbh. At least Dad is making pulled pork rolls later.



In the mean time, /aus/ celebrated the second month anniversary of their active general


I'm not looking forward for the may budget 0_0



40 hours is doable in a week if you clutch it.



Just had a look through that and it wasn't there (just had the sedan pecs - maybe I was looking at it wrong) but I found on whirlpool that it's 82L



The what??



>pulled pork rolls

Not very British.



Government May Budget from the Liberals.



Most of it is dick pics.



Have a wank


File: 014a6d091ddebbd⋯.jpg (99.63 KB, 800x900, 8:9, Look.jpg)


I've had to lay-off the goon just to keep up. Had a 5 minute shower and come back to nearly 100 posts. Meth is an incredible drug.





I got excited for a second. I thought it was an Indonesian flag.



Have a goon



Mum is on holiday so me and Dad have to make do unfortunately, most weeks I'd be having a Sunday Lunch.



What meat do you usually roast?



Do you have roast and yorkshire pudding?



Behind seven proxies mate



Usually Beef. Sometimes chicken. Rarely my parents have Lamb and I'll sit out as I don't like lamb, although it's quite expensive so that doesn't happen very often.

I prefer chicken to beef, and it's cheaper, but sadly my parents prefer beef so that's what we have most often.



No roast Pork? I love a nice bit of crackling.



>I don't like lamb

I can't endorse that sentiment.



Yorkshire puddings, Meat, Gravy and Roast Potatos for me. Mum and Dad usually have a bunch of other steamed Veg too, but I don't particularly like Vegetables so I go without.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>is hello not enough to maintain a conversation?

I know that feel



Surprisingly not, I don't think it's particularly traditional for British Sunday dinners, but I might be wrong, I've only had them with my parents at at pubs, but its very rarely I've seen Pork. Other peoples houses might be different though.

Usually the day after chrismas we have Pork for dinner though, but that's pretty much the only time I can think of.


It's just too fatty for me lad, and even if it wasn't i just dont particularly like the taste. Shame because I do like mint sauce, and it doesn't really go with any other meat.



Is that our friend Karen?


File: 9986d780ffb7ae7⋯.jpg (79.92 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, alice.jpg)


No, that is Alice



nah im new here


100 in an hour



I'm ~1l/hour of goon


File: 26befb625a14a8e⋯.png (129.17 KB, 269x369, 269:369, karenbunny.png)


Welcome newNEET. You have to kiss Karen before you become a trueNEET.



Karen doesn't mind, she puts out for all the NEETs



Do YOUR part to run a train on Karen, NEETs!


File: b6cbf91e99301d5⋯.jpg (630.04 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 144 faces of techi.jpg)

Goodnight NEETs sweet dreams


File: fbb0b974ff457d4⋯.gif (189.53 KB, 280x280, 1:1, topbottom.gif)

Good night friends, sleep well.




Night, Neetos.

Cool image, I'm stealing it.




Good night boys.


Had a shower, I am now

>tfw refreshed


nah I was drinking last night, I had enough for the next few days. But maybe I'll get some weed today


Hello anonymous NEET



Good night NEETs



Dominos are being real Jewish atm

>10% surcharge on Sundays

>20% surcharge on public holidays


He'd better show pics of this mega-feast




Night lads, I'm still a few cups away yet from sleep.



I just clicked it. The part when it gets to eyes is too freaky for me. They way eyeballs are so big grosses me out, especially hearing of stories where an eye has been accidentally gouged/popped out.


File: e18d0999ec9a0cf⋯.jpg (81.98 KB, 800x900, 8:9, Look again.jpg)


Howdy Hans. Have you had any more trouble with that neighbour's dog?


File: 7eafa0d7ae11c8c⋯.jpg (157.57 KB, 500x500, 1:1, lens2.jpg)


They've gotten more interesting to me. Like the way that eye lenses are actually hard, spherical, nearly crystalline. Or that your pupil is just a hole, and red eyes in camera shots are just reflecting the blood behind them.


mukbang video of my dominos executive feast vid is 26% uploaded to youtube, still has 90mins left. I really need to learn how to compress the file size.

Prepare for 40 minutes of disgust.



not much. Right now there's only one dog, there used to be three. The one dog that always started barking and made the others go along isn't there anymore, because the bf of my neighbour isn't there and two of the three dogs are his. Now I have to listen to my neighbours arguing over their relationship or some other trivial shit, but thats a lot better than listening to three dogs barking all day long.


Beach volleyball on now for all the TV cucks




Is that Legal in Germany



Are the girls any good


The meth-heads have gone to bed it would appear. Now it's just me, Hans, Brit-cuck and $90 Dominos Exec.



Looking forward to it.



It's Aus v Scotland. Scotland nay, Aussies yay. One of the Aussies is a tall lanky bird with abo in her but still looks nice, and the other a shorter bird with some sort of Mexican/South American nationality but is very nice to look at. Tight tanned bodies.



Are the Scotish team all in hajabs or something?



No just not physically attractive, don't have a nice tan and one of them is 47 years old.



consuming it is legal, owning\buying\growing is not. So its basically illegal, because how can you consume weed without owning or buying or growing it first?



Good to hear. Are you a virgin?



By smoking it as soon as you obtain it



I am, why do you ask?


but you still bought and owned it for a short time, that would be a crime.

there's a german youtuber who talks about drugs, he always says the things he consumes were put into his food by some other person. As far as I can tell, it works for him




like, the Perth Suburb?

How many other perth goers in this thread?

what do you guys get up to



Not sure of the exact numbers but the most infamous Perthian is NEET-king, whom I'm sure is parked in an alley somewhere in Perth, awaiting his next victim.




There is a few, at least 3



oh dear


thats cool, this place sucks lol



Fuck off back to wherever you came from, faggot!



I didnt mean this board, I meant the city/locale of perth


File: 677e1e2bd8dfdfa⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 900x621, 100:69, MX07_GIRL_little_caprice-1.jpg)


I had that feeling when I posted, sorry. There isn't much of us per state that are actually willing to identify with. I'm QLD btw, and never stepped foot into WA. Would love to though.



Should a NEET apply to work at a job centre?



idk why you would want to. If I wasnt poor id look at going either down to South west WA or North West WA. Stay out of the city, theres nothing here. Probably less out of it but at least the view would be something nice. Rolling green hills in the southwest. Broome speaks for itself


File: 48f4432e5cb4bbd⋯.jpg (90.6 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, 29090704_214585472454606_5….jpg)


Just for an adventure/trip, not to live. Doubt my fortnightly NEETbux would even cover the cost of fuel to to get there one way.



understandable, if you do ever end up with the money and motivation to go west, absolutely ignore perth and go everywhere else in the state.


I'm a big stinky depressed cunt




The hills regions are pretty comfy though


File: a86cf0efaa2b31e⋯.jpg (141.83 KB, 640x405, 128:81, ARCHI_238792.jpg)


All I think about is what I'll potentially see in between east-coast QLD and WA. I'm yet to experience the 'outback' if you know what I'm saying.



well its not really "outback" unless you go central WA. North and South are basically european rolling hills with some forests and such.

Never really liked the outback myself


Has any NEET tried the fabled Little Fat Lamb Cola?


I feel another ban incoming




What's the base drink of that shit anyway?


File: 33b46d9af5e0959⋯.jpg (24.44 KB, 650x488, 325:244, 33b46d9af5e09592b5f29ac864….jpg)

File: 83d78d810085637⋯.jpg (75.41 KB, 780x520, 3:2, DZF8lLHW4AA9w1G.jpg)

I saw the edited version of this pic first (in /ausneets/ as it turns out) and it amazes me how much the unedited version looks like the edited one.



Where is that pic from?



No, I have the ginger beer one though. I don't think they sell the cola one at Dan's.


Absolutely 56%. I recall she even admitted to bullying that Nicolas Cruz kid, she should have been shot IMO.



She single-handedly made every demonstration and attempt that her cohorts put together be absolutely worthless by opening her dumb fucking mouth and making people sympathize with the shooter.

Arguably a worse fate.



My 'Downloads' folder. But truthfully I either got it from /wai or a random thread on /b.



Was it her that said something along the lines of "I tried to be nice to him once but he still didn't like me" in regards to the shooter?

As if being nice for a day would undo all the shit they'd ever given him?



Something along those lines. Along with insipid teenager attempts at anecdotal endearment over circumstances with that sniveling "Believe me, if you saw this kid, you wouldn't blame us for ostracizing him." or some rot.



Post more, hot as fuck


Watching the f1 now


File: b039e568f88ddee⋯.jpeg (13.05 KB, 268x188, 67:47, B95D8AF5-916A-4F42-862F-D….jpeg)

This isn’t good, lads. My depression, anxiety, and IBS was something I could manage a bit but now I got hemorrhoids, tooth cavities (more recently) + I’m going bald.

Absolutely JUST fuck my health up.



why not shave all your hair off? Its low maintenance and its the most aerodynamically efficient haircut that exists.



How's your diet lad? All those problems (apart from the baldness) together point to it nor being great.



I don’t really have a wide variety of healthy foods I eat, so that’s probably the case. What do you suggest?


File: 785a166efa11455⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, out060934.png)

Good morning NEETs. I woke with a big headache. Hope you guys are catching more fish than I am.



Wheres the video of he $90 dominoes?



I caught something from Karen.


File: ba5617b46360f51⋯.jpg (59.26 KB, 736x672, 23:21, 733c593eb4291ee8754fa10438….jpg)

appointment at job centre tomorrow



Do they make you look for a certain number of jobs each fortnight?



yes, they give me offer in which I need to apply for. Luckily none of them responded



Don't you want to escape NEETdom and see what lies beyond the bucket?


>tfw depressed



>Have Job

>Dream of NEETdom


>Want job

I'll never be content


>tfw impressed



File: cbbed858f0a5164⋯.gif (282.28 KB, 250x250, 1:1, giphy (1).gif)

i'm off to face big wide world. It's shit.

Have a nice day sweet NEETs


Morning neets. My 2XL tshirts seem to be shrinking. What do?



When they have outlived their usefulness, eat them



Embrace your status as CEO and start buying 3XL shirts



You are moving up to executive status.



Good bye, good luck. See you when you get back.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Morning NEETs.

Leaving on a jet plane today.


Good morning NEETs todays going to be a good day.



I share this feel. I hope we weren't just being teased.


File: 3b66b4311916138⋯.webm (259.16 KB, 400x332, 100:83, webm.webm)



Good morning Karen


I hope it was her infectious good humour.



Good morning NEETs.


Good morning mate. Good luck on the plane. Are you flying economy? Is there some concern over whether your executive frame will fit in just one seat?



>Are you flying economy? Is there some concern over whether your executive frame will fit in just one seat?

I am.

Last time I checked in October, I fit the seats just fine and don't need a seatbelt extender.

Looking at the seat selector on my plane I am in an empty row. For now.



That was some race, neeto


File: aca03dc62fcb3ed⋯.jpg (66.52 KB, 467x334, 467:334, 1350553209159.jpg)

Some big crabs in this bucket



The ocean contains some disgusting shit.



Reasonably bantered.


File: 48645a9523f19cd⋯.jpg (86.8 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 1441764361383.jpg)

>walking the doggo this morning

>approaching a hs qt waiting by a bus stop

>realize I'm a balding neet almost a decade older than her, wearing a grubby old singlet and pyjama shorts because I'm too poor to afford any nice walking clothes, plus I'm approaching managerial size

lol. good morning anyway cunts



You realise you're basically out walking in your underwear, right? Probably best to stay away from bus stops with people present.

Good morning.



I sleep nude so the thought didn't cross my mind. I do this most mornings and I always feel fully dressed.



>I sleep nude so the thought didn't cross my mind

Your home must be locked down tight, I would worry about RapeNEET



iirc rapeneet is a skelly (makes fleeing the scene easier I guess). I'd hold him down with one executive hand and go back to sleep.



>I'd hold him down with one executive hand and go back to sleep

You may be playing into his plans.


File: 512f2db0b8d6d2e⋯.jpg (86.03 KB, 588x440, 147:110, 1393102309676.jpg)

BinNEET here. I would appreciate if a kind NEET could please remind me at 7pm Sydney time to put my bins out tonight. Green waste and regular bin tonight. I am going to have to go into the garden this afternoon to find some stuff to put in the green one.



kek, reminder set




Was in regards to your picture.



I am glad you clarified that. My bin schedule is no laughing matter.



>My bin schedule is no laughing matter.

Very serious business. I laughed because I am tempted to ask the Aboriginal lady on /aus/ if she ever had a bin bath, if she ever responds to my previous questions she wanted me to ask.



Literally and figuratively


File: 27ee16e54c3617f⋯.jpg (18.56 KB, 400x400, 1:1, groyps.jpg)


I took doggo for a walk around the lake yesterday afternoon and jumped into the shallows just as she started shitting. The water went up to her tail and obfuscated her posture so it looked like she was just sitting down in the water. As we were walking away I saw some of the shit wash up on the sand.



Absolutely disgusting conduct.



poignant post



if pajeet can shit on the street, why can't a neet's dog shit in the public waterways?


File: b04645813a7644c⋯.jpg (255.16 KB, 900x600, 3:2, Web-045-Copy-1.jpg)

Got my photo taken yesterday when I was out for a ride, I always end up being in the same location as this guy every time I go out.



Looks like you could do with a bit more kfc in you



Fuck you NEET. I went to the beach once and almost stepped in a dogshit that was floating in the shallow water. Dogs are stupid disgusting beasts.



Nah I'm happy being a foreman.



How did the photographer know how to contact you?



> Dogs are stupid disgusting beasts.

Uncalled for.



I go on his website and sift through the photo's he's taken.



Want me to see if I can gank an unwatermarked image from his server?



Yeah well I never called for shitting in public.



Nah it's cool, I just find it weird that he always shows up on the various areas I go for a ride maybe he's stalking me


File: bb24175525d588b⋯.png (495.01 KB, 650x366, 325:183, Coconut-Crab-Featured.png)


That fucker on the bin is a coconut crab. It lives on land, can open coconuts with its claws and can climp trees to kill and eat birds.



What an arsehole.


how come you fellas dislike crabs so much?


>tfw severely depressed


File: 351cfa3fdb68acf⋯.jpg (409.46 KB, 654x600, 109:100, crabMan_04.jpg)


I'm a big fan of crabs.

The literal kind, anyway. The metaphorical crab bucket is for the birds.



yeah, i think crabs are pretty cool as well but i've noticed that several people seem to really dislike them




It's an old in-joke

A certain historical narky neet called us crabs in a bucket, which eventually became a joke (our "names" like NEET here were Crab for a while on /aus/)


>tfw severely impressed



oh, i see. how long has /aus/ been around anyway? i've probably only visisted the neet threads there for about half a year before we went here.



I think the generals date back to 2014, but they really picked up in early 2016 (which is also when I started posting in them)

Gen 15 or so was made in March 2016 and Gen 100 was made in November 2016, for reference.



i see, thanks


File: dee88d2f184b705⋯.jpeg (49.25 KB, 330x446, 165:223, images (8).jpeg)

Crabs are p cool tbh.



Looks like that would have been a good magazine.



That was when I stopped lurking because it got too fast for me. Now here I am.



What a well timed post.



>Cheesecake Model



File: 56d827961e354fe⋯.png (364.71 KB, 2004x1194, 334:199, 56d827961e354fe2483d5088b2….png)

Become satisfied!



I'm more of a Hungry Jack's guy.



Chicken Treat is the patrician neet feast joint


File: 4338ff27e1db4fc⋯.png (643.4 KB, 360x1024, 45:128, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm going to look at a photo of her boyfriend in an attempt to kill any hope. Wish me luck.


File: a8d47a22816b618⋯.png (586.85 KB, 360x1024, 45:128, ClipboardImage.png)



Don't start comparing yourself to some other bloke. It's not worth it.



I am washing my clothes today. I put some of them through two cycles because they are so filthy one cycle isn't enough. I generally only wash my clothes once every six weeks or so. That is probably a mistake.



That would lead to nasty bacteria growing on your clothes, I suggest washing at least once every 4 days.



He's not even Chad, what the fuck. I assume he's a pretty sociable guy whose personality appeals to some aspect of hers… but even considering that, I'm tentatively claiming that I mog this cunt. This made me feel a little better tbh.



How old are you? Young people tend to hold onto highschool or uni boyfriends for a while. Once they start to develop as people their tastes in people will change.



>I generally only wash my clothes once every six weeks or so

Fragrant NEET



25. They would've been dating for a good few years if that was the case, they don't live together so I think that's unlikely. This is all very interesting to me.



iktf, sometimes when I unfortunately have to go to the local shopping centre and I see all the high school kids I realize that someone from my year will see me

then I realize I haven't been at high school for years now



Kill him and wear his skin.


Feeling a bit down today lads, everything is just so much harder than it seems

Have to go out this afternoon so I might have a bit of a neetwalk and get a post-workout neettreat while I'm out there

anyone got anything exciting on for this week? I just have a shitton of odd things here and there to finish off from last week


File: 21dc53c81f7ee53⋯.jpg (1006.7 KB, 2688x1520, 168:95, IMAG0691.jpg)

Have a patriotic wank


File: cccdce95de89459⋯.jpg (108.81 KB, 640x506, 320:253, 1523238903097.jpg)

>Tfw smoking 75 cigarettes a day

Anyone here managed to quit?



how are you still alive?



wtf is wrong with you



Jesus dude.

I've worked my vices down to a couple of times a week. So 3-4 cigs every 7 days. No need to ditch them completely, just a case of slowly going for less each day.



This is a copy pasta I have seen on 4 /pol/ a lot recently. Exact same image and greentext.



Plan out your days and set goals to achieve. When you have a lot to do a schedule can help and it provides satisfaction that you achieved your goals at the day



Tell each poster to have a wank


It has taken me six hours to notice, but some motherfucker in the office has taken my coffee cup!




ragie wagie



Some poojeet is probably boiling curry in it as I type this.



2 Poojeets, 1 Stolen Coffee Cup


File: 1f732892da85afa⋯.jpg (62.88 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, IMG_20150418_103753.jpg)


When you get a new one tell everyone in the office that you've peed in it and rubbed your sweaty balls all around the rim so then nobody will want it.



what is poojeeta's dog chewing?


File: e8cd29fb3edb269⋯.png (265.8 KB, 490x493, 490:493, fuckadeefuckadoodle.png)

Nothing like a little midday gooned-up arts and crafts to keep you going. Hope my fellow NEETs are keeping themselves entertained.



That's vomit I think



It's coming up



or he could cum in it



Possibly an egg, based on the orange bit.




fuck why isn't she doing anything then?



She's screaming.

Picture was taken mid-vomit, hardly much of a response to be had.



Nothing. He is barfing shit up. Probably mostly bile



A very interesting drawing.



Excellent OC.




I would reply with something interesting but the discount wine has addled my brains and this is not a negative.




Have another cup


Shrink Yourself (2007) is a book on emotional eating by Roger Gould. In Shrink Yourself, Gould suggests that the powerlessness people feel over food cravings is a cover-up for a deeper sense of powerlessness in five other areas of their lives. By recovering one’s power in five key areas, Gould suggests one also recovers power over food cravings.[1]

The five areas he identifies are:

The Self-Doubt Layer: feeling powerless about how to deal with self-doubts.

The Frustration/Reward Layer: feeling powerless about how to get real satisfaction in life.

The Safety Layer: feeling powerless to insure personal safety.

The Rebellion Layer: feeling powerless to appropriately assert personal independence.

The Emptiness Layer: feeling powerless to fill oneself up when feeling empty inside.



>feeling powerless to fill oneself up when feeling empty inside

A large Zinger Stacker Combo and 24 Nuggets will fill you up.





That's no secret. It's called a deferential activity, where you do whatever to distract yourself or cover up for stress or powerlessness in your life.


File: 8d661b1b1420fd3⋯.png (885.8 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-09-12-1….png)


File: 0dd331ed448d5ec⋯.jpg (7.54 KB, 228x350, 114:175, 193481-004-6C0E76F0.jpg)

>yfw this guy's name is literally pronounced "Boomerpool"



He would fit in over at Whirlpool.



Are you building up to CEO size?



Governments tax grip is going to harm some NEETs


New spam mail is interesting from my old university email. If it wasn't an uni email I would tell her to go have a wank:


>If you were more careful while playing with yourself, I wouldn't worry you. I don't think that playing with yourself is very bad, but when all colleagues, relatives and friends receive video of it- it is obviously for u.

>I adjusted virus on a porn web-site which was visited by you. When the victim tap on a play button, device starts recording the screen and all cameras on ur device begins working.

>Moreover, my program makes a remote desktop supplied with keylogger function from the device , so I was able to collect all contacts from ur e-mail, messengers and other social networks. I'm writing on dis e-mail cuz It's your corporate address, so u must read it.

>In my opinion 470 usd is pretty enough for this little misstep. I made a split screen vid(records from screen (interesting category ) and camera ohh… its awful AF)

>So its your choice, if u want me to erase ur disgrace use my bitcoin wаllеt аddrеss- 1JXuMq6sbL95XnrcDEsrZTCvvRjB52RCAD

You have one day after opening my message, I put the special tracking pixel in it, so when you will open it I will see.If ya want me to show u the proofs, reply on this message and I will send my creation to five contacts that I've got from ur contacts.

>P.S… U are able to complain to police, but I don't think that they can help, the inquisition will last for one year- I'm from Ukraine - so I dgf LOL


File: 11009521a0721e7⋯.jpg (3.45 KB, 86x106, 43:53, 193481-004-6C0E76F0_1.jpg)


>He would fit in over at Whirlpool


i try to have fun on here, i try to post something nice, and all of you freaks brutally piss all over me. Im done



What's wrong mate?



What did you post?

Also, have a wank and a goon



Well bantered.


File: c5bc7aaf0ae7c3a⋯.png (2.57 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

mak u think



>tfw 19


File: c8447159e9441a5⋯.webm (7.46 MB, 640x480, 4:3, mario kart.webm)



more like 25



I remember watching figure skating on TV recently its fascinating because of its uniqueness.

that crash at the end lol


Did Domino'sNEET ever post the video of his feast yet? I was excited for it.



He said it would take a while. Have patience.




I have a feeling neither the feast nor the video of it ever existed.

I hope I am wrong.



I to hope you are wrong.


File: 00b2039f826be21⋯.png (21.52 KB, 488x463, 488:463, 2f4040377232647cd8c17fda5f….png)

Woke up at 8, smashed a few cups of goon then went back to sleep until 1pm. A truly tremendous existence…



Slav scams always better than poos scam


I wonder if Cheesy has gone for his driving test yet.



The thought passed through my mind before.



Have a wank


The NZ She-man-weightlifter almost broke her arm and has now withdrawn.



How much was she lifting



The whole kitchen



There were 4 aboriginal children in the bin



Why did you sleep? Should have kept srinking



And it was filled with bin juice.



One drowned at the bottom



Over time he'll float up to the surface.



Hell be what the boongs call a wet root



Too many hours in a day to deal with atm.


It's pickling



Boong culture has many complex secrets we may never know about from their culture


Anyone here watches Legion?


it's so fucking confusing



I just watch the static channel mostly


The depression just kicked back in


I was taking an afternoon nap and was woken by someone knocking very loudly on the door. doggo heard it too and got excited. I checked both doors but there was no-one there. No-one was walking back to the street up the driveway either. I do not understand what happened.


File: 93c7f982c08be8a⋯.jpg (7.91 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images (3).jpg)


Same here. No fun.



They're in the house



A spooky occurance.


File: 35eeb073deddc45⋯.gif (163.28 KB, 500x376, 125:94, Moe.gif)


>tfw too depressed to leave the house to walk



It's always worth walking, even if you have to force yourself to do it.



>I wonder if Cheesy has gone for his driving test yet.

I just got back from it actually. On the way there I was stuck behind a stupid woman going 20 in a 50 zone on her phone, that was annoying. Anyway I got there and started the test, reversed out of the bay and started driving down the road. I was supposed to get the CEO-sized instructor I had last time but apparently he was off sick, I got some other guy. So I was going down the road (which was a 60 zone) and I was instructed to make a left turn into another street, and I went 55 (because I was focusing on the road and signs) rather than the 50 which is allowed on this other street, the test had only been going for 3 minutes. He pointed out I was speeding and there I knew the test was automatically failed, another $80 down the drain and the two months I waited for the test also were wasted.

This made me very angry, it dawned on me how much of pathetic failure I am and my complete incompetence. The fact that without my license my life is going to go nowhere, because I have to have one to get a job and move on with my life and therefore not be as much of a failure as I am currently. Then it dawned on me how everyone else in my peer group and the people I know from high school all have theirs and live otherwise successful lives, while I have never had a job, have no friends, and spend 12 hours a day on the internet - the one thing that was stopping me was that fucking license.

At this point he told me to pull back into the center and my suspicions were confirmed, I had failed and wasted my money and time. I was furious at this point at myself, I pulled into the carpark very quickly and turned into a bay quickly as well and hit the bumper on the kerb. The instructor started saying some bullshit (wasn't listening as I was very close to spergout) and then I started angrily shouting about how pathetic my life was, that I am a unemployed loser and I have no friends, and how much you need a license in Australia to even participate in society. I then started going on about how many retards I see on the road who are on their phone, going slowly, not paying attention, swerving, and how all those shit cunts (I said it nearly like that) have licenses and I don't do any of that but since I accidentally went 5km/h over I can't have one. We went inside and I heard the whining about muh speed and how he "Understands my situation" - when I heard that I got so pissed off I just went and sat down, and my mum went up and talked to him.

Then me and mum went back to the car and I told her how incredibly frustrated I am that I am fucking wasting my life compared to everyone else and I keep trying to fix things and it just ends in failure (I used a lot more words and swearing, but you get the picture) I then talked about how the Department of Transport is a Jewish scheme where they can keep on failing people over and over again and keep getting $100 each time. We drove home after much more angry ranting by me, I took mum to the shops to pay the bills and then I walked into liqourland (to get something to drink), but then realized I am a poor faggot with little money and walked out.

I am now home, and my spirits have been crushed, I feel so angry at myself and depressed I don't want to do anything anymore. If I book another test I have to pay the money again and then wait a few more months, which I hate doing because I am running out of time. What I mean is I hate wasting it, I've wasted nearly 4 years, I just don't want to keep doing it - it's fucking crushing seeing everyone else your age and how much better they have their lives. Why can't I just be (somewhat) normal?



I'm sorry to hear that, all I can say is don't give up, It took me 4 attempts, I even had a spergout like you with on one of my failed attempts, if you do go for another test, and I assume you will, just take it easy, go slow but not too slow.



Have a goon +/ wank

You will get your license I believe in you.



Bad luck about the test Cheesey. I understand your frustration, but it is only a temporary setback. Book another test and get on with it.

I know what you mean about having wasted time, but there is no point getting fixated on the past and on things that you can't change. You are still a young man. You have done really well to get your driving skills up to where they are. You will pass that test eventually (lots of people fail it two or three times).



Fucking hell man, that really was hard to read as I and others here were hoping you'd get it. You can't give up though. Always be thankful you're not an Aboriginal or Chinese.



That sounds tough, I didnt think the waiting periods were that long though, I only waited 2-4 weeks to resit mine.



Is it different in WA?



I know of someone much older who got their license after completing high school and still hasn't got the skills in log book to complete the test.

My advice to Cheesy is to get an instructor who teaches in local area. I went to one in one area and the guy new all the test routes they take you, which he incorporated into lessons. I did my test in another area and failed my first go almost my second, but if you did the test in his area he has 95% success rate. It is more money but if they give you guidance around the area for testing it may help you.



>and I went 55 (because I was focusing on the road and signs) rather than the 50 which is allowed on this other street,

is that really grounds to fail you? pretty sure you're allowed 5km leeway either way legally



Yes they can fail you for going 1km over.


File: bb534612e77d571⋯.jpg (54.49 KB, 500x521, 500:521, 1522706173289.jpg)

>tfw downhearted


>tfw a young warthog






I'll probably book another one, it better not be a a 2 month wait though, I would have passed if not for the speeding.


They are pretty long. The most popular one (considered the best) is Kelmscott which in nearly a 5 month wait, I want my test done before the mid way point of the year so I won't have to do WFD.


Yeah, it is an auto-fail.


File: 44306b56133eb25⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 206.8 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 323423423432.jpg)



What are you getting up to tonight?



Might drink a lot and watch a movie. I don't know, I feel like utter shit and I have to go to the Job centre tomorrow at 10am so I can't even stay up late.



>I'll probably book another one,

That's the spirit, next time just take it easy, they'd rather you go slow than speed, just not too slow, keep it 5km/h - 10km/h under.


File: 0c394078ebd45a8⋯.jpg (285.3 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 0c394078ebd45a8e9c43a32a74….jpg)

The girl I had a massive crush on in high school is married with three kids. I can't even go a full day without napping.



Just wait until she gets divorced


-Delete facebook



I really should, but it's my sole way of contacting sources for now. She's also getting fat and would have a stretched out cunt by now anyway, worse is she's married to a stereotypical miner chad.



Have a wank



Why do you nap so much? If you sleep well at night you wont have to nap



Depression is a hell of a drug man.



Have a goon



>tfw enabled


File: a06af784df5d714⋯.jpg (192.78 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, Baby-Boomers.jpg)

So son how was the job search today? Got any interviews?



Only have a small goon at night to help you sleep



Your pushing the NEETs onto goon, Dan.


File: 7de395de7e065fa⋯.jpeg (25.2 KB, 443x332, 443:332, images (72).jpeg)


We don't like you hanging around that Dan fellow son, you stay away from him





I'm interviewing a guy tomorrow.







That's rough, dude. You gotta hang in there.

>Department of Transport is a Jewish scheme

rp af




Soygoy of Akkad



>silk touch



File: 54073133b339160⋯.jpeg (12.47 KB, 350x420, 5:6, images (35).jpeg)


To join the executive squad?

Gotta be careful some guys load up on carbs before the weigh in


File: 70f0dd3f65d6264⋯.jpg (147.25 KB, 1080x1194, 180:199, durex.jpg)



Not like any of us will need them.



It's 7pm, NEET.



What the fuck why did he fail you

Did you fucking tell him it was a 60 Zone


BinNEET it is time to put them out

I will be away and may not be able to do these reminders anymore, someone please take over



Those are some hard feels, mate. I hope you feel better in time



>One second off


Three seconds off

Not good enough NEETs.



Off by 1



>>54000 (checked)

I blame CloudFlare being slow.


File: 6c6432012272d73⋯.png (717.6 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1514466038170.png)

>tfw made it through another workday without sperging out and chucking it in



Wait I'm fucking Confused


is 19:00:04



is 19:00:03

What Jew magic is this



I blame Cloud Flare for me not getting trips



Well done mate.



The street he turned onto had a speed limit of 50, he was still going 55 when he got on it



I have no answer. Maybe quinkins?



Same always a good feeling when coworkers say Good job rather than saying you did shit



Ah, tbh I don't think I'd pass a driving test if I was to redo, I drive so much faster then I did before



Or Jim the Jew



I've been pretty shit at my job in recent times, felt like my coworker was close to calling me a retard several times today

Being competent does feel really good though. maybe one day.


File: b624b2f4722c2d1⋯.png (303.79 KB, 472x470, 236:235, off_by_one.png)


That makes two of us lol.


I swear this is just Abos shitposting



What's worse is they make people wait 6 months to get their license after the test, I got mine 2 weeks after I passed my test and just forged the 25 hours.

If they let less gooks and Indians on the road things would be easier




the bins are out. thanks for the reminders. No normies were encountered.



Did you throw out any food? I need to find some dinner for tonight



>No normies were encountered.

A fact well worth celebrating


File: b71dc9a6229f279⋯.gif (4.15 MB, 250x444, 125:222, JBnJdDn.gif)

The meth has worn off it would appear.


Don't drink too much, you don't want a repeat of that recent incident. I love you.



>school uniform



This is the first time I have been back to this thread in a good 2 years or so.

Finished uni last year and back to NEETdom.

What have I missed? Why the new board and shit?



>make people wait 6 months to get their license after the test



How many boongs were in the bin?



it should be on foxtel or on blueray.



Also, any of you NEETs in NSW know a way to get a concession opal as a jobseeker? Full price costs me $10.40 each way, fuck that.



We had a bit of inane imageboard drama for a little bit but it's all well and truly smoothed over by now.

You haven't really missed much


every decent board i find goes to shit, even if i don't post. it's like it's the same retards chasing down and ruining things every single time. /biz/ on cuckchan has been total dogshit for days and they have a fucking /soc/ thread up right now.



You're telling me that a thread populated by people who spend their time doing nothing has had nothing interesting happen? Colour me surprised.

I miss the days of free dominos from that pizza mogul gimmick. Gonna order some indian tonight.



I still regret not getting a free pizza



d-does that include us



hope not



Pull your finger out




File: 00b1c8c5c9771f3⋯.gif (2.72 MB, 362x356, 181:178, 00b1c8c5c9771f357bbfce9869….gif)



>Gonna order some indian tonight

What's her name?



How's your 2d3d board going?



If you're the Laneya guy then don't bother.



I think you need to fill in a travel concession pass that expires every 90 days, then apply for your Opal card. When travelling you require both cards. You need to apply for the travel concession pass before the Opal card so the process may take up to 2 weeks or more.



Haven't been there in a while but had a feeling it would be overrun with abhorrent 2d.


File: 7359ce53ac9ee48⋯.jpg (34.81 KB, 500x422, 250:211, Blank _880357cee1af15cbad0….jpg)


lol it's dead. Also, it's called 2D/3D for a reason.



You can't put your penis in 2d. I just don't see the attraction.



You can once you become 2D.



I got like, 10 or more.


>Gonna order some indian tonight.

These fucks removed their family deal which used to give two curries and sides and shit for the min delivery price. Now I have to order it all separately and it ends up costing more because some reason their paneer curries cost more than the meat ones. Also had to cook my own rice and it still ends up costing as much as the previous deal which included rice.




Do you just apply for that in-person at centrelink or is there an online thing? Couldn't see any option for it on the centrelink site.



>had to cook my own rice

I always used to do that back before I became too racist to buy Indian take away. Saves some money and tastes better too. They always have shit rice for some reason.



>not sabotaging binNEET

it's like you don't even understand this crab bucket concept



This is a mutual help board.



These guys do good rice. Maybe you just don't like basmati? Do you prefer rice to be stickier?

I am a bit annoyed because I only have medium grain which isn't what curry goes well with but I am not paying an extra $7 for two servings of rice.



That's nice sweetie.



I don't think my local used basmati. I think they just bought the cheapest white long grain they could and left it sitting around for hours.



I haven't gone through the process but look at the transport NSW website for more information. I think you need a myGov account to apply for the travel concession card, I think you need one because the number that's on that card that you give to transport nsw who confirms that you are eligible for the card. The whole process seems difficult to prevent people from getting the benefit as a NSA recipient. As a student at uni now all you need to do is simply click a few boxes on your University website and then apply for the card with transport NSW.



lol, good post


What happened to pizzaNEET's $90 binge last night? What did he get? Did he die from his attempt to get a promotion to executive?



He's a cruel trickster.



I think he was more aiming for promotion towards CEO sized. That much food even for several meals was impressive. I have to admire his dedication.


Anyone know of any good antidepressants to get high on?



goon imho


I got half of the couch (3/5 of the pieces) that I was talking about last night. The corner piece didn't fit in my ute. I didn't mention the phone call and she didn't seem to hold it against me.

Her, her husband and her two kids were all really nice people. I got some beautiful vibes from them (and not just because they were giving me stuff). I said I'd come back on Saturday to pick up the rest with bosslady. If I cant fit it in her car, I'll hire a trailer.

Meeting them put me in a pretty good mood.




I am glad things went well for you mate. A good reminder for you that you don't need to worry about things as much as you do.



The delusional fantasy that someday your life will change and everything will be ok.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Nice pic, I like your art style.


It's coming out, I had this song stuck in my head today. I haven't heard it in ages. I don't know what made me think of it.



You should learn to make your own curry too




I think the overwhelming shame got to him


File: 8c50feb71113360⋯.gif (243.38 KB, 220x219, 220:219, tenor (2).gif)



Jeez mate, fucking hell that's harsh. I'm really sorry for you. I know how hard you take this sort of stuff and even though relatively, it is just a minor setback, I get that you probably feel like the world hates you and that you are just destined for failure. It's easy for everyone else to say get back in the saddle but then and there some of us would react in a similar way and feel the same.

This course I'm doing has people who have never had a licence and it is going to be much more difficult for them (although not impossible) for them to gain employment, it is necessary in some ways.

Fuck mate, I'm sorry that this bullshit keeps happening to you. I know it's sort of cliche and probably means fuck all at the moment but better luck next time.. because there seriously is a next time. It's not the end of the world even if it feels like it.



I wish I was a stereotypical miner chad with a 300k house owing 200k, a hilux, a boat and a caravan and went to thailand so I could post selfies of myself on facebook




I'd rather visit 'Nam.



>1 sec



File: 31c1bc498c98bcf⋯.jpeg (13.53 KB, 316x466, 158:233, images (73).jpeg)

>rip a thumb packed cone

>Start thinking about death



What the fuck aye?

I don't think I've ever seen that happen before.


There's no other rational explanation.





Why'd you call me 'sweetie'? It was highly offensive.


Not him but a good reply. He should watch 'Employable Me' to see people so much worse off.



I have seen it before once. There was some technical explanation about how servers work I think.



6 month waiting period is common knowledge



Okay sugar cube.



>Canberra or Nganbra means "woman's breasts"

I believe it.


Few big black bastards doing shotput



>You've been visited by the green reaper



Thanks buddy, sorry for slow reply, just caught up.

Yeah, it was no where near as bad as I thought it was going to be.



I was thinking about (You)



You're my cute honeysuckle pumpkin pie.



love is in the air



Glad it all worked out

Remember we love to stress ourselves out but it's always for nought



..and it's there when I look in your eyes



>tfw Monk died in the flood



lots of boob shaped hills there. And you can live nestled in between them



Strange you should mention that, last talk with the councilor I was going on about how the neurotransmitter that triggers excitement and stress are actually the same thing.

Maybe I need something else in my life in the way of excitement to stop myself "wanting" to get stressed.


There is a foul smell outside, source unknown. It smells kind of like raw sausages.



His bulge was the only thing remaining above water.



>something else in my life in the way of excitement

What sort of things would fit in that category?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nothing that I know of.



>supporting muslims

To top it off they have a halal stamp on them.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



That isn't the song I meant to post but it is a good one still in sort of the same line of things.

This song says it better.



No. Are you saying 6 months between failed tests or a 6 month wait after you passed? I'm asking because I'm sure the laws have changed since I got mine (back when no 'log books' or 'P plates')


Would you identify as a hebeophile?



You need to chase life's quiet little satisfactions that come from temperate living. Not thrills.


File: 00e54e946cbfd31⋯.jpg (65.43 KB, 604x423, 604:423, 8am lucky bastard _72e510d….jpg)


>tfw I have an unfortunate face





Can you come back from being a 24 year old virgin?



Yes. Many have done it.


bought this thing that pulls your hair out so you don't have to shave for a month or more but it's the most painful piece of shit ever.



>tfw haven't had weed in 5+years

The only avenue I can think of to get some is from Nimbin. Their 'Mardi Grass' festival is coming up too in May.



Are you a tranny?



This, I think, is the reason I never managed to cuck her boyfriend despite having her to myself for hours and hours at a time. Put Chad in that same situation and she gets tempted to cheat at the very least.

Do you think your face would be less unfortunate if it was at 12% bodyfat?



nah just pathologically lazy





File: b55d2dcbd356b59⋯.jpg (155.11 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, Camille Buscomb.jpg)


There aren't many of 'us' here.




You could come on a prostitutes back as a 24 year old


Post your face already



I wish I wasn't one of "us". I sucks being lumped in with some of the biggest degenerates in society.



After you passed, that rules been around for nearly 10 years now

Now I think they wan't you to wait 6 months before you can even do the test


I am off to bed NEETs. I am almost finished that book. They are just about to get to the big reveal of who murdered Lucius Licinius and why. It turns out he was smuggling weapons to Spartacus and his rebel slave army.

Good night to all NEETs, and a special good night to my big leather couch NEET.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


A special good night to you too my simple pleasure NEET




Is that the guy from Lazy Town



Maybe there's somewhere the two of us can talk more privately? Like an IRC or Discord? Us like-minded males need a place to vent or risk implosion.


Bullshit! I got my licence the day I passed. What have you been smoking?



Good night closet homo



I mean, there's my shit board. There's also the other two actually active boards that you already know about on here.



feeling less tfw depressed tonight

we're all gonna make it, neets probably, maybe



What's your tripcode?



So that's not leading to anything.



For my board?


I hope so brother.



Have a goon to celebrate



No, for the ones you allude to in >>54116



I don't go to those boards anymore. I'm not welcome there.



Where do you go then for your 'special' fix?



I don't really need a "fix". I just collect pictures of waifus and daughterfus on instagram.


File: b0993dd912eef5a⋯.jpg (239.69 KB, 1366x2048, 683:1024, Neru Baseball.jpg)

Goodnight NEETs



>You should learn to make your own curry too

I can, but I forgot I needed to go shopping today so have no ingredients at home. Also can't be fucked to cook today.



Curried sausages is fucking top tier. Gotta be with Woollies or butchers sausages.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Good night, I'm off to bed too.

Sleep tight NEETies.




Nighty night, sleep tight.



The Dominos Pizza Mogul was a future NEET health crisis, I remember on Ozbargain people were going to 4 Dominos in half an hour with optimized routes and had a semi-commercial freezer in their sheds with literally hundreds of pizzas.

I once got 2x pizzas from my two local Dominos every Monday and Wednesday for two weeks straight before they told me to fuck off and I became quite ill. If it was still around I would have seriously JUSTed myself.



Did they really tell you to stop ordering from them?




There were plenty of posts on ozbargain from people who felt the wrath of an angry dominoes manager



You were meant to not abuse it, there was something in the fine print.

Most people circumvented it through using multiple email addresses/filters, I got on pretty late just as they were cracking down. Presumably as the franchisees were reeeeing to senior management about giving half their pizzas away for free kek


File: 57dad55a4db36a3⋯.png (61.44 KB, 1228x1502, 614:751, TQfmuGu.png)


It was known as the age of executives



Good night



Given the age of executives is in the past, what age are we in now?



It's always hilarious to see meme online campaigns fail


File: 829d8f76492e9d2⋯.jpg (84.59 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Denim.jpg)


Fucking degenerate, rope yourself


Who here /uncomfy/ with their lives?

I honestly wish i had killed myself when i had the chance. Even now that i've got a 9-5 and like a "normal" person i still feel like shit, i don't think it gets better.

On another note anyone here NEET in Europe? would it work out?. I hate the laws in AU and i honestly don't see a future for myself or the country, i'd rather try my chances in Denmark or something. Problem is i have no actual skills or tertiary education and it would take some time for me to get a job or anything in Europe. Is my plan just as half baked as my life?



Do you have a gf?


Haha, whoops. Now that was a solid 6 hour gooncoma.



A cold war between executives and skeles


You should be permabanned and your house raided, you know what happens to people like you in prison right?



>I honestly wish i had killed myself when i had the chance

I know that feel, neeto. It feels like I'm just filling my time with whatever bullshit I can find until it's time.

I have no idea how realistic that plan is but you should research it and try it. Maybe it'll hit that mythical spot.



It's only cold for our blubber deficient brethren



Fuck no, why would you think that?

I can barely keep my current life together, actually doing things during the day threw my entire body off.



I would if I was allowed.


File: 97f238b3bc29314⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1600x1065, 320:213, 97f238b3bc293144f254a2aedd….png)

Cheesy don't get yourself too down about failing.

My driving lesson was an absolute joke, I had a fat boomer that just reached over, turned the radio on and then basically fell asleep and let me drive wherever I want. Granted I did some parks right off the bat and smashed them and also avoided 2 crashes by letting this hoon pass me and this asian walk ahead whereby if I had just done nothing we would have collided. Point is it's probably 25% you and 75% luck, you just got unlucky.

This life is a complete joke when you think how much of people's lives and situations is just luck.

How many professional athletes would there be if their parents didn't produce a genetic anomaly?

You're going to make it m8, I've had an absolute cunter of a time lately but things have turned around in the last few days and I believe things will improve for you (as well as all NEETs reading this).

We all love our shitposts and banter but at least speaking on my behalf I care about every single one of you.



Yeah, it's not a mystery as to why you're depressed as fuck and suicidal. A man needs a gf to be happy, the bachelor life is a meme.



A man needs a purpose, not necessarily a gf. Plenty of people with gfs neck themselves.



>It feels like I'm just filling my time with whatever bullshit I can find

welcome to life kid, that's all anyone ever does. Do shit until they die.



House raided for liking teen models?



If he's a heterosexual male then he needs a gf to be happy. Projects and hobbies and activities cannot substitute for affection and love and close physical contact.

You need meaningful work to be happy as well. A gf can't replace meaningful work and meaningful work can't replace a gf, you need both. Plus friends, probably.


File: 6aba2b31631a447⋯.jpg (74.72 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 6aba2b31631a447f27db47b36c….jpg)


Sounds like normiedom


So I have a Inspection by the real estate tommorow, how through do they tend to be



Run with the halo effect, be well presented and friendly and they'll automatically not assume the worst and be less critical.



In my experience they tend to be real cuntish about it. Clean EVERYTHING and once everything is clean, clean it again. Depending on how bad things are there and what time they'll be arriving in their demon chariot you'll might have to do an all nighter. I fucking hate real estate agents.



Depends. If it's an apartment, then way too thorough, every single nook and fucking cranny. If it's a house, I've had some real estate agents just walk into the living room, say "Yeah that's aight" then walk straight out.


Is 25 too old to try and start an apprenticeship?



Maybe moving to a place where every second person speaks jibberish will help me, idk.

Also i know how you feel, instead of soul crushing sadness these days i feel like a hollowed shell. I have almost no emotion left, sometimes i get a brief (5-10 seconds) burst of sadness, which i try to hold on to as long as possible. Apart from that i feel nothing. The only upside is now i can go outside without feeling like shit. My productivity is back up because of that.



It's a very small unit, so I'm fucked



Not really



Do they ask you to move Furniture



No but good luck finding someone as I'd imagine it mainly goes to 16-18 year old nieces/nephews/friends of family members etc.




I feel I'm too stupid to do it anyway.



Good luck, buddy. Might have to pull an all-nighter.


They'll sometimes look under furniture in an apartment inspection, yeah. They're right Sherlock Holmes motherfuckers.



But will they ask me to move it



I know of 60 something gookesses that do Cooking Aprentichis



No, haven't had any go that far.



Go for it m8, I believe in you (seriously)



Good because I burned my Carpet and am having an Ottoman hide it


Hey neets how do i get bugs out of my car.

Left the sunroof open


File: d6ac2200fe59e20⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1204x1204, 1:1, 1505701785181.png)




File: 4715e90e4d40f4a⋯.png (705.42 KB, 737x619, 737:619, 4715e90e4d40f4ac906e3b0160….png)


>must have a drivers licence

Oh joy, I'm scared shitless of driving and have never gotten around to getting my licence.


File: 1079ad5abe860d0⋯.png (97.41 KB, 645x729, 215:243, brainlet.png)


bug spray



I'm scared I'll lose this place, I fucking love it here even though it's shit, its MY shit




Sorry for late reply, shit broke. Anyway i don't have a girlfriend and i don't plan on getting one. Mostly because no women are interested in me and there is no use in trying anymore, but also because the type of women i'm attracted to are fucking nutcases and we'd BOTH be better off without each other, in every case. I'm sure of it. I can thank my abortion of a childhood for that aspect of my personality at least.



tbh I have no clue on how to get gf



You'll be alright, mate. But do mop and dust the place.



I'm afraid they'll see the burned carpet, this is my first inspection so what if they kick me out without a single warning


chicken tendies and a pizza in the oven and my goon next to my computer

living the life lads, living the life



Don't worry, man, they've never been that draconian.



even though my Carpet was set on fire?



Well you won't be getting your bond back, but unless it's a fucking massive burn chances are they won't even see it.

I've done some stupid shit myself. Melted a portion of the carpet with a frying pan, that was easily hidden and stayed hidden. Flooded the apartment to the point where it leaked down into the apartment downstairs, and although that was an expensive cleanup it didn't get me kicked out. And that was with one of the more thorough landlords.

You'll be fine.



It's about 30cm^2



That's fine. Especially if it's under an Ottoman, they're not moving that.



I'm a NEET in europe, but only because I have very nice parents.

>Problem is i have no actual skills or tertiary education and it would take some time for me to get a job or anything in Europe

I'm not sure if any european country would let you immigrate without having skills. If you find a country that takes in people without education\skills, please tell me about it, I want to leave too.



It's a slightly hollow underneath one and it's a light-ish one



What if I'm brown enough?



In all my years of bludging in apartments, I've never had a landlord do so much as budge a lampshade. You'll be fine. It's forgetting to dust windowsills that's your bigger problem.



neets there are BUGS IN MY CAR

bugs spray is a dumb as fuck idea



ah ok



Fumigating with bug spray and then airing it is all I got.



Bug Spray


going to have a shower



Don't leave your poofter sunroof open next time then.


Going to HJ's before they shut



Good luck, Neet.


Can't find my keys





Australia lets you move in if you're brown enough. Germany seems like an ok place. From what i've looked at the fags in the EU will let you migrate and stay as long as you find housing within 30 days. After that you just do paperwork to say you live there now.


Night all.


I hope I didn't get myself ostracized from the one discord I visit with all the stupid shit I said while gooned.


Night Neeto.


>tfw missed HJs by a minute



>If you find a country that takes in people without education\skills, please tell me about it, I want to leave too.




That sucks, buddy.




I feel for you man, that fucking sucks.



you'll get in then, as long as you talk in broken english and claim you lost your passport


>germany seems like an ok place

kek, maybe if you love sucking government dick. Its not an ok place for me


Night NEET


I think I'm too white to do that


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


it's dare



What do you mean, it can't be worse than here. Merkle is a cuckhold but i think overall germany is doing ok.



germany is doing ok for the moment, I'm just not happy with the size and power of the state. Merkel didn't do that, the mentality of my fellow germans did.

For example, take a look at the german 'basic rights' as they are called here. Those are our rights, like freedom of speech, freedom of movement etc, you get the idea.

Looks good on paper, until you read

>Restrictions may be ordered only pursuant to a law.

so you have your rights, as long as there's no law saying otherwise. Might as well have no rights at all if they can be limited with the stroke of a pen.

Another problem is that you loose some of your rights if you use them 'to combat the free democratic basic order'. Now who decides what an attack on the basic order is? Thats right, the government does, so they often bring down the full force of the law on kids who made jokes about jews or some other trivial shit like this (because they broke some law about joking about a persons heritage) but ignore antifa who's literally using violence to shut the opposition down (because they are good boys who fight the nazis). The law shouldn't be biased, but it is, and nobody can do anything besides writing angry letters that get ignored. If you can manage to shut up and ignore your morals, germany is a nice place to live. Otherwise its really not, especially if you have the wrong opinions and live in leftist western germany.

sorry for writing so much political shit, its just a topic I think about a lot.


Ah fuck it, post goon-coma or not I've still got some goon here. Would be a shame to waste it but not drinking it right now.



That was a lovely post to wake up to.

>I care about every single one of you.

You're a good cunt.


Good morning dearest NEETs.




Morning neets. Today I have to go and do a short training course



I have to do something similar. I have first aid training today.


Breathing in your farts make you live longer.

I've been doing it all my life and I'm not dead yet.




Morning NEETs.





Morning NEETs. Biggest cunt next door started to blowing leaves at 7:30 in the morning.



now he's at it again. what a dick.



What a prick, I'm currently dealing with the little shits next door running around screaming, fucking school holidays.






Good morning NEETs.

The Doggo has been walked and fed. Got more strong lifts to do today. I might get out their early to beat the heat.





When I was walking doggo the other day I crested a hill and came across a teenager dribbling a basketball in the middle of the street. It was about 6:30am. It was loud as fuck and probably woke the whole street up. He probably never even considered the possibility though. Some people just are incapable of considering other people at all.


File: 490f7b3affbdf06⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1217x691, 1217:691, 1.png)

File: 2ad867ca0008fd1⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1221x685, 1221:685, 2.png)

File: 7904c610003e37a⋯.png (891.44 KB, 1025x681, 1025:681, 3.png)

Called in to see a mate on the way to course, he helped me move the couch yesterday.

I thought you might like the crazy ramblings on his table.

I have told him about the gen many times and he is a NEET but he claims he is too addicted to the internet and social media and doesn't want another platform.


File: 54ca09d5eb27787⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, out060901.png)


Morning NEETs

Inspection happened today

Every went off without a hitch, I'm so happy, they never noticed the burn

How has it been for you



The German Volk are intuitively Authoritarian, sometimes for their better and sometimes (read every other time than NS Germany) for worse

Tbh I'm suprised 4 and 8chan aren't banned there


Something about the questions change so the answers are different.

There's nothing else man. This is how the US collapsed. North Korea. What the fuck is this? This is inspector governor.

I'd like to tell you something governor.

I want the neanderthals out of the department.

Board of the area of woman participation.Yes sir. As you know the reaction to stress in distractions. Allow me to apply force.

C'mon Callahan! Tell us about your misdemeanor. I want to know what. She fails out there she gets her ass blown off. Son of a bitch. A hell of a price to pay for being stylish. Do you have any idea how hard it is to prosecute a cop? To To categorise people. Liberal people were called communists and certain people were called fascists. Troubling things about right and wrong. What you can do and what you must do. Human beings know evil when they see it. It seemed to confront in a very unconventional way. A righteous kill. A political discussion about this rogue cop. He's not squeaky clean. Did I shoot six shots, or was it five? This gun is a neo-fascist icon. In those days everything was political. You're either for or against us.



Welcome, NEET friend of >>54226


He will post.

One day.



Good morning Karen.


Good morning. I'm glad your inspection went well. Must be a real relief.



I belive



It sounds like he is mentally interesting.



Real relief and now they're getting an electrician to cover for the powerpoint damage that's always been here for me


File: bd9f41cd084ce31⋯.webm (7.44 MB, 640x360, 16:9, vastness gondola.webm)


I am browsing the catalogues to do my grocery shopping tomorrow and 80% of the items on special are junk food. Why can't they put some real food on special?



I guess crap food is cheaper and easier to produce.


Hey Execs what is a daily sort of eating schedule for you all

I'm a Skell wanting to upgrade



I usually buy double kfc at night so I can also eat it in the morning


Good morning everyone, I have to say you NEETs have pretty good sleep schedules


>Tbh I'm suprised 4 and 8chan aren't banned there

our authorities don't care about non-german sites. In 2013 our chancellor said the internet is something new for all of us. I think I have some time left before anyone important will care about sites like this


File: c64a17cf928f8b2⋯.png (10.91 KB, 321x339, 107:113, 0FnuQL3.png)

tfw woke up depressed and there are too many mozzies to go on a neetwalk



morning hans, are there too many muzzies for you to go on a neetwalk?



Good morning Karen


Morning, that's good news.



Good morning Hans


If you walk fast enough they won't get you.



A NEET in need of a treat named DEET.



its past 3am here and I'm too tired to go for a walk. There are many arab looking people around here, but they never caused me any trouble, other than being too loud. Many eastern euros live here too, but I generally get along well with them.


Greetings from Canberra, NEETos!

My flight yesterday afternoon was without incident. I went to bed rather early last night.

I was upgraded to a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment for some reason. I presume the second bedroom is for dead hooker storage.


File: f449dfa538c41d2⋯.png (352.73 KB, 989x641, 989:641, ClipboardImage.png)

Amazon knows its customers.



>That apartment sounds suitable to cook up a batch of ice in.

It does have a decent kitchen.

Border Force is just down the road, so if you were that way inclined you would also get a certain smug satisfaction from cooking it right under their noses.



Are you looking to buy a fedora?



According to two posters here (or one poster with two personas), I already have one.

I must confess I saw the image elsewhere and posted it.



Do you already have one? Or something similar?



I do not.

I am not a huge fan of hats. I own one baseball cap and one beanie for particularly sunny or cold times.


I get my NEETbux tomorrow so I can finally take my PC to get fixed.

I think I am going to try one more time to install windows again first. Maybe everything has miraculously fixed itself in the time I have been using Linux.



You know there is a hardware fault. Don't waste your time on another install.



I don't know that. It could be a driver problem.





File: fbdef615dcc9f86⋯.mp4 (11.21 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Parsifal - Finale.mp4)

File: 88b1d2cdc9bbf90⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 1821x1372, 1821:1372, Parsifal_1882_Act3_Joukows….jpg)


big stinky bros, what are we all up to?



NEET things.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

You better not still browse 4 /r9k/.


File: 0998eeec8842c52⋯.jpg (170.63 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, pickup2.jpg)


insulated from mozzies


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bring back Archieposting



Wow that's fucked up, glad I never really browsed r9k.


File: 111cb30aca0c1d0⋯.jpg (20.92 KB, 400x400, 1:1, image1.jpg)


I sprayed this all over myself before the neetwalk and the mozzies weren't phased. For some reason wagies have been avoiding me though.



Is /soc/ meant to be pronounced soesh? I always think of it as sock.


Okay I am going to try and reinstall Windows now. This will probably kill my Linux install. I might be gone for a while. I might end up having to phone post, which I hate.


File: a50aa10d016b5f8⋯.jpg (502.49 KB, 2560x1811, 2560:1811, exec-ution.jpg)

Neets, listen up:

I *WILL* get a girlfriend before the end of 2018.

Fuck making it to twenty-six years old and still being a kissless virgin. I will not lower my standards to achieve this goal, instead I'm going to sexually deprive myself by not masturbating and then use the frustration to ruthlessly hit on women whenever I meet them. I'll wear the nicest clothes my poverty-stricken life permits. I'll put myself in temporarily humiliating situations so that I can stop caring about minor rejections. I will do this.

Now, neets, I need some ideas. The one place I can't do this is my uni, because I'll quickly become known as that creep who's always hitting on women. I can't use tinder because I'm facially unattractive and zero matches is going to destroy my confidence. Meetup groups are a meme, right? I'll just speak to women literally everywhere I go, but I feel like I need a strategy as well. I haven't fapped in twelve hours and I'm already getting frustrated, this is good.



>only 40% NEET



I really can't help you with any ideas, I've completely given up on women.



Getting out of your comfort zone is itself a good idea, and I agree that you shouldn't use uni as a testing ground. But you don't wanna be approaching random women that are simply walking along streets. I'd suggest a supermarket and make small-talk with someone while they're stationary and browsing/selecting items that you need/use so you have a legitimate reason to be next to her. Don't physically stop those walking through aisles or try speaking if they're in the feminine hygiene section. You will get laid my friend.



Heavy duty NEET?

This is probably made from the sweat of executive sized neets hence why it keeps normies away



Imma suck your nipples boy.



Get a wood mallet and go on a rape spree


File: d41582ae0fc9b33⋯.gif (6.16 MB, 620x400, 31:20, d41582ae0fc9b334f51435c661….gif)


>I *WILL* get a girlfriend before the end of 2018.




I think you've missed the boat at this point, go for wizardhood.


Back from an almighty shop. Nabbed some new clothes, some needles to try and sow up some old ones (I'll just pillage some ratty t-shirts for fabric) and 5 x 10 stretched canvases to try some traditional art.


Godspeed, NEET.

My advice would be just to try to work out on your aesthetics, ditch the slogan-printed tees and cargo shorts at least, and double up on those dating sites (after you're through worrying about rejections) and go for places that women don't mind being hit on as much.

Honestly in public or at the pokies or something is a good bet, if it's one of their comfort zones like the gym or such they'll not like it.

Good luck!



Good fortune, NEET.



Personally I think I'm going to take that one neets advice and go see a prostitute when I lose a bit more weight



Whatever you need to do to get that brick off your mind, man.



This is blowing up.

Apparently the guy who offed himself a few weeks ago with a shotgun was being manipulated into taking hormones.

I won't talk about this anymore, I would advise the BO be on alert for any halfcuck rapefugees coming here.




im blk wbu


Back from course/first aid training day.

All went ok. I had a bbq pizza from bakers delight.. that is the only point of interest today.


Is that you?


He is.


I was sure that it would say "over 750" [posts when I posted >>54287

why only 60 posts today?


File: 02b6791024256b0⋯.png (100.62 KB, 502x446, 251:223, d2a.png)


> bakers delight


>Is that you?


>He is.


>He is.



>upgraded to a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment

la di fucking da, but really that's awesome.

How long are you there for? Are you going to go get some dead hookers to store in your spare room?


File: 2c565e939bdc272⋯.png (15.53 KB, 350x420, 5:6, 2c565e939bdc2725874cf17f7a….png)


>la di fucking da



Is that you john wayne? Is this me?

Who said that? Who the fuck just said that? Who's the slimy twinkle toed cock sucker that just signed his own death warrant? Was it you? I bet it was you. Sir, no sir. I bet it was you. You look like the kind of faggot that would fuck a guy in the ass and not even have the common courtesy to give him a reach around.

Sir, it was me.

Oh, what do we have here? A fucking comedian. Private Joker. Hell, I like you. You can come around to my place and fuck my sister.


File: 4b929906412e485⋯.webm (2.08 MB, 472x320, 59:40, approach attempt 1 4 2011….webm)

File: 176a1cf4dafcba2⋯.webm (2.6 MB, 472x320, 59:40, approach attempt 12-8-201….webm)



Welcome back. I'm glad things went well for you today. I don't like the pizzas Baker's delight do. I don't mind the things they call twisted delights. I eat the cheese and bacon ones smothered in butter.

I did not post much today. I felt slow and lethargic. I don't know why. I had a tough work out in the heat this morning and had a loose bowel movement after which felt uncomfortable.



ayuh hol up



I showed bosslady /r9k/, I'm not sure why I did it. She said she didn't want to hear it so I kept reading greentexts to her.



This is a post full of mysterious intentions and implicated consequences.


File: 4dcb2313de979f2⋯.png (34.52 KB, 408x450, 68:75, 4dcb2313de979f2d4c8cafcf4d….png)


>Is that you john wayne? Is this me?


>Sir, it was me.


>Sir, it was me.


>This is a post full of mysterious intentions and implicated consequences.



Those twist things looked good but they look a bit too big for a quick lunch. I had to drive there and back and eat it within 30 mins.



What is this flagrant shitposting.





You don't have to eat the whole thing at once mate.



She was talking about her nephew and I said that he's a robot. She said "what?" So I showed her wht that was all about.

He sort of is. Feels like he's entitled to a good life, a gf and a good job and shit and is resentful (I think) because other people have it. He's a nice guy and all but eh..


Remember that one guy said he wanted to use >>54321, so nobody use it.



Your conduct concerns me at times.



It is mine. I am going to shitpost it.


>tfw depressed



Go to the executive brothel



I'm not going to leave it in my car for like 5 hours til i get home. Actually i could use their fridge but that may open the conversation door to "that looks nice" and then to "I bet that tastes good" and then to me just giving it to them.

Which isn't the problem, the problem is the conversation revolving around it. Actually I could strengthen friendships that way. I am getting to know these people pretty well, I still cant remember any of their names though.


File: dc610a538eaf380⋯.png (55.35 KB, 211x239, 211:239, devilishpepe.png)


I'm going to steal it.


File: 1722fdaa321a2f6⋯.png (82.34 KB, 500x500, 1:1, actually.png)


>"Actually" twice in one post.

I am a meme.


File: 6375fa0255a12a4⋯.jpg (242.22 KB, 600x700, 6:7, god is a sock. protip; you….jpg)


I say sock too


File: 62c5e691cd23fdb⋯.png (8.09 KB, 221x228, 221:228, images (11).png)


Don't be a cuck, never share your food…



I'm glad I watched this just to hear the phrase "cabal of deranged homosexuals."



Mischievous NEET.



I'd share it with the normalfolk because I expect them to restrict them self to social etiquette norms, unlike NEETs who would rub their nipples with it and put it in a blender and drink it. You know I'd share with you - by share I'd get each of you your own food and a trough


Cool change blowing in.



You showed your boss r9k and greentexts? That doesn't sound like a good idea


File: fb2006a5ea76103⋯.png (30.14 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1425132403971.png)


Only Chad could pull that off, I won't even bother chasing a woman down and trying to force conversation out of nowhere. I'm often on the computers at uni and a qt next to me will be flicking her pen or playing a little game on her phone, or standing with a bored expression on her face outside the lecture hall waiting to go in. I sometimes talk to them and let the conversation proceed naturally, it's pretty low-pressure kind of scenario because we can just go back to whatever we were doing if the conversation starts to die out.

How do I do that outside of uni? The bookstore meme is stupid, I've tried it before and women react the same way they react when I try to speak to them at the gym.



I even tried to explain the supreme gentleman.



but why?


Stolen digits 54321






Same reason we try to scoop spaghetti back in to our pockets after we spill it.

I started talking about it and kept going trying to fix it.


We're 1/12 of the way to >>654321

Better luck next time.




Hewwo yoo espewience wiv twaiding?

Yoo no need espewience wiv twaiding.

Yoo wahn make mahney?

Yoo make lahts mahney.



File: 8e89de982a29866⋯.gif (291.28 KB, 400x224, 25:14, bdMQY.gif)



time to celebrate with my boy dan.

anyone got any recommendations in spirits?



Wild Turkey American Honey and two bottles of Lift.


i want rape



I've always been a fan of Kentucky Whisky of any brand.



Johnnie Walker Black Label, or if you can afford an extra $20 Johnnie Green.



thinking about the jamerson irish whisky, easy to have on ice



I prefer mustard.


File: a122dd82cb5716b⋯.jpeg (18.2 KB, 400x400, 1:1, n0ugt0fg_400x400.jpeg)

File: 33e3ef3c827a5bc⋯.jpg (82.55 KB, 385x594, 35:54, Joan Rivers FILE Comedienn….jpg)

File: 178b7bb75c7c317⋯.jpg (13.71 KB, 277x319, 277:319, joan-rivers 1.jpg)

File: 056e3d28dd0ace7⋯.jpg (91.49 KB, 718x559, 718:559, 0512-joan-rivers-tmz-4.jpg)

I would, but only the older version. She seemed so fake when she was young.


I hope the NEET who wanted >>54321 hasn't silently left in disgust.



File: 69dab650bfd1183⋯.jpg (517.01 KB, 1537x1702, 1537:1702, cvr9780743581516_978074358….jpg)

File: 605527a83753fb4⋯.jpg (21.08 KB, 234x344, 117:172, DaBszi2WsAIDWgF.jpg)

File: e9265d0fd9cbff5⋯.jpg (77.17 KB, 636x421, 636:421, joan-rivers-birthday-fergi….jpg)

File: dab4ac890e40a96⋯.jpg (36.62 KB, 300x300, 1:1, joan-rivers-gets-attacked-….jpg)

She would've been the dirtiest whore.



my stomach lining says no




r u a trap?



Total MILF.


File: a234ffa351a3519⋯.gif (1016.87 KB, 430x321, 430:321, giphy.gif)

File: 15f344e808c49d3⋯.gif (673.65 KB, 245x245, 1:1, 6i0NgBU.gif)

File: c5be9781e139505⋯.gif (3.38 MB, 336x252, 4:3, joan-rivers-silly-tongue.gif)


Fuck yeah.

I reckon she would be in to anything, slam a few grand worth of coke up her nose and she'd just say yes.



>Feels like he's entitled to a good life, a gf and a good job and shit

Boomer mindset.

In that boomers actually had all of this.



That 100% Bavarian phenotype.



Straight off a boat from Korea. What's her outfit for, StarCraft championships?



>Johnnie Green

wildly overrated



Bacardi and pineapple juice



Perhaps, I think it's one of the best blended whiskies though.



>blended whiskies

Single malt or bust.


File: ba1e25b7d4bc6a1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 256.75 KB, 1478x1582, 739:791, Erol Time.jpg)

File: 7e27c46579668a9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 509.33 KB, 2011x2354, 2011:2354, Erol Time 2.jpg)


I'm sure you're not as ugly as you think you are.


>tfw severely depressed



>Single malts

>impoverished NEET life

pick one




I have the most sensual nape out of all the NEETs, even cleanstove would want to rub his beard on it to gain some of its power. It's like a ferocious mane coming out the back of my neck.



Well bantered



gape at your nape



I like both blended and single malt, some blended whiskies are better than a lot of single malts.


File: eb7b09a62dc5e19⋯.png (246.79 KB, 638x359, 638:359, eb7b09a62dc5e195ee92e1c044….png)

I pray the next neet thread will suck less than this one.



Thanks. What are you up to?



It really has been garbage today



They're all pretty much the same.



Scanlating Kiniro Mosaic volume 8. Someone else had provided a translation a while back and I am typesetting.


File: 02583cc91ee5a56⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, image.jpg)

Tried a patch job on a pair of pants.

Went badly, pretty sure this would get me eliminated from a kindergarten arts and crafts class.



Hey cunt Canberra Neet here, how are you "Enjoying" Canberra



How did that happen

Did you specifically want a benis hole


I'm going to go watch some little britain



My pants just tear through quickly since I walk everywhere and I'm executive sized. But I liked that pair a lot and still wanted to be able to wear them around the house.




File: a49b4bbbe4715ec⋯.jpg (17.66 KB, 140x470, 14:47, Generic_SpiritBottle.jpg)

went with this on the rocks, no hangover



I mean how did you fuck up stiching that much

You didn't even try to bridge the gap



The best drink is Dan's Goon and some Lemonaide



I just fucking got back to my 2 bedroom apartment and see some cunt stole my beloved 54321. I am beyond hurt.



I have no idea what that is but good on you for doing something that sounds productive. I'm on the wine.



for what it's worth i didn't want it



I figured it'd just tear again. I just wanted to try and cover the hole so my ass wasn't hanging out. Next time I'll try to pin the fabric in place or something so I'm not struggling with it the whole time.





Some one needs to make a new thread I can not do it



Oh, have you thought about buying new pants



Have a wank in both bedrooms



I've got new/spare pants, but these are really nice, comfy and hard to find.




Went to McDonalds for breakfast. Some cunt had a joystick plugged into his laptop.

Might go out tomorrow night.



Why bother patching the hole? Let the rest of society enjoy the sight of your penis.


Check catalogue for new thread if link not posted boys



I trust one of the more responsible neets will step up and do this, while I post useless shit for the last few remaining posts.




It's too small, it will only bring shame to myself. I mean slightly more shame than usual.

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