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File: aecbdc4f6bdb2f7⋯.jpg (12.94 KB, 225x225, 1:1, smokepepe.jpg)


This fire in Sydney has caused a lot of smoke and is still burning.

Previous Thread: https://8ch.net/ausneets/res/55896.html






Dan Murphy's


This is the right one




That is not a Pepe.





Real thread


File: 887a4c8f1ff4b1d⋯.jpg (61.62 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 887a4c8f1ff4b1d17017dddb17….jpg)


Yes it is










Where can I buy some weed?



Better thread


Op did not back link properly

This thread is disqualified


These Generals are falling apart.



Nice digits and well bantered.


File: 3b75bc3e1f28442⋯.jpg (20.42 KB, 418x352, 19:16, images (22).jpg)

Penis piss



The council is currently holding an emergency meeting to rectify the issue.



Serious need for moderation


High quality OP, meets the AS/1488 standards for aus neetgen threads. Shame the actual posts here are so shit, but you can't have everything I guess.


File: a1d3e12609b2005⋯.jpeg (22.62 KB, 503x292, 503:292, images (29).jpeg)



Little do you know who is truly behind all this carnage…



Simply our top minds at work.





Poorly bantered.


File: 7994d68108ae501⋯.jpeg (10.87 KB, 361x408, 361:408, images (28).jpeg)

Sexy aboriginal poo


File: 9a7e4002cb90e58⋯.jpg (566.55 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, Keyakizaka.jpg)

Good Night NEETs


Evil aboriginal poo



Good night.


File: 7b19a6386cf203e⋯.jpg (29.31 KB, 800x522, 400:261, flat800x800075f.jpg)

Does anyone have the original version of this image? I thought I had it but it turns out I didn't even save the version with two black pepes linking arms with the qt.



Not as qt as last night's glasses girl. Good night neet.



>black pepes

Wrong. Just wrong.


Cheesy or BO is going to have a hell of a time cleaning up the mess some of you NEETs have made.


Hello NEETs



It's just deleting a few threads and spoilering some images.



We already ban many forms of offensive imagery here. To increase the thread comfiness, I propose we ban negro posting. What say you neets?



A very big job for a NEET.



Aye unless if it's Negro GF NEET, his exploits are strange and worth studying



Go fuck yourself


File: 67bd76ada055b2d⋯.jpg (190.43 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 67bd76ada055b2de389f1643fe….jpg)


You mad, white boi?


Guys stop le racism ;P






Very well bantered.



A very big job for a very big Executive





Are you jahans?



Extremely poor banter. You could have at least made a joke that their logic is as crooked as your British teeth. That's how we know you're not a true Australian.





File: bc78d05313a6fcc⋯.png (21.29 KB, 470x313, 470:313, unnamed.png)


Let teeth joke



le redit joke




>A NEET or neet is a young person who is "Not in Education, Employment, or Training".

>The acronym NEET was first used in the United Kingdom

>Knowledge of the word spread after it was used in a 1999 report by the Social Exclusion Unit (SEU)




No I will not let Teeth Joke, he has had enough Joking for today


Absolutely disgraced myself tonight

Sorry for the mess



Britain is always referred to in the female pronoun

IE Mother Britain, The Motherland, et all


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No a joke original from thr Simpson's. I am guessing it goes back even further in history given that mishaped teeth to the extreme can impact pronunciation through speech.


File: 5ff2acb76f9a585⋯.png (9.47 KB, 368x306, 184:153, 1484723218072.png)


>19th century

>celebrate having the world's largest empire

>21st century

>celebrate inventing a meme word

Your great great grandaddy would be proud



I can't fuck you with a twat dumdum



all of our great great grandadies died in the wars so I could say "Trump is a kike tbh all me"



You'd fuck your son?

You need some help you incestuous homo tbh


This gen and the whole board is in shambles.

Good night friends. Good luck Cheesy cleaning it up.


File: 4533c41e89e29b5⋯.jpg (9.82 KB, 240x180, 4:3, 1.jpg)

File: 4533c41e89e29b5⋯.jpg (9.82 KB, 240x180, 4:3, 2.jpg)

File: 4533c41e89e29b5⋯.jpg (9.82 KB, 240x180, 4:3, 3.jpg)

me and the lass



My great great grandaddy uprooted his family to come to Australia and worked his hands to the bone so I could whine about my life in this general



I always wanted to know what was/is going on in the blokes mind


fucking boomers tbh



She's just too tight. Poor UNNA



>tfw no tight NOONGAR puss


File: 66ce6d6a0d4ab1c⋯.jpg (52 KB, 655x833, 655:833, 66c.jpg)


File: 909a500497c1be2⋯.png (129.2 KB, 500x609, 500:609, BAq3-EElXqd.png)



Thank you Britman for tagging me 3 times


File: 28576ca5514ba9e⋯.png (13.74 KB, 467x283, 467:283, wewww.PNG)

capped from a /b/ thread


>all of these brainlet wojak thread makers

Checked up on the board after three days and immediately broke into laughter



crnčuga tbh





Ended up watching the first two eps of the new Lost in Space on my family's netflix account.

It was alright. I like that Captain Flint was there.

One thing though

>one of the daughters is randomly a black girl and nobody makes any mention of this



Those forums make me feel ill. Being a pathetic NEET is one of the worst things you can do to your mummy.



>(which is something my son said he wanted to try), but became very distressed and refused to go on the morning of each session.

I know this feel.

>I've always wanted to do X, I am so lucky to have this opportunity

>night before filled with anxiety

>morning of on my way there thinking "why don't I just stand infront of the train/bus instead of getting on it, fuck this"

Is this actually your mum talking about your younger brother? He sounds like a good guy, going to the gym regularly.



Australians on imageboards are certainly cynical as fuck, but then who isn't.


Stinky poo


File: b6754444f654dc7⋯.mp4 (260.65 KB, 800x450, 16:9, get.mp4)



My cold heart is untouched by the waifus.


File: b5aa3e0279f9a37⋯.jpeg (50.66 KB, 650x488, 325:244, ultimate_cheeseburger.jpeg)

Anyone feel like some late night hungry jack's?



Would if I could. Nearest fast food place to me is a McDonalds 50min away.



I'll rape your wifu


File: e8e31b6477ff07a⋯.jpeg (15.85 KB, 317x465, 317:465, images (53).jpeg)


Go to hungry jacks and mcdonalds



Have to have a waifu to rape it. You'll just be fucking my right hand, mister. Have fun. Even I don't like it that much.


File: 6d46cd655fc7341⋯.jpg (309.39 KB, 480x700, 24:35, 6-Saiyan.jpg)


We need to go deeper. And bigger.


Does NK still do home deliveries with uber eats or whatever?



No I quit that shit ages ago



Nice get


Big poo



Spoiler pls


File: bc9a02e2b5f1d95⋯.png (418.92 KB, 613x913, 613:913, tfw.png)




Karen, a positive NEET.


It's way past Karen's bedtime, I'm gonna tuck her into bed.



Touch her and I'll drill holes in your fucking teeth with a power tool.


File: 44f9f39d2e776bc⋯.jpeg (32.75 KB, 405x363, 135:121, images (76).jpeg)



Karen has sex with homeless aboriginal men who drink in dried up river beds



On behalf of all 4 posters of /ausneet/, fuck u


(all 4 including me)


File: 861011823e32bc4⋯.jpg (33.07 KB, 470x309, 470:309, aboriginaldisadvantage.jpg)


This photo was taken the morning after an orgy Karen was at, she took 17 big boong loads up her sultry cunt and ass



This is some Hills Have Eyes shit.


nothin' wrong wit' a bit of the in n' out wit' the abbos lads




File: 6c5117a5640aa89⋯.png (17.59 KB, 355x414, 355:414, images (12).png)




Sunday night is abo night



I don't get what Bowie saw in them. Apparently he loved the fuckers. What with Let's Dance just being all about some half abbos dicking around.

An artist's eye, I guess.


Poo molester


>puffed wheat


bit dissatisfied with Cheesy's efforts or lack of tbh.

doesn't he even come here anymore?



i think that's croatian. you're looking for "črnuh"



Dobro jutro.



good morning to you too



If you don't want them, report them.







Good morning NEETs.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Time to go get edumacated.

Have a good day sweet NEETs.


>tfw woke up severely depressed



take a anti-depressant


File: 5c637f44e019608⋯.jpeg (5.14 KB, 150x150, 1:1, cut_rate_dan.jpeg)


I have a 9'o clock appointment free this morning anon. We don't you come on in and we'll see if we can prescribe something for your depression?



Good bye, good luck, I will await you.


>puffed wheat

The meme is still alive. There is hope yet.



Good morning.


I see cops snooping around, my days of freedom are closing. Just wish I had at least one firearm to go out with a literal bang.




buy some party poppers


Denim is back in fashion.


District court prosecutors dress like high class whores.



Await no longer, I'm at my mates having a coffee before going to course.

The puffed wheat was hard to eat this morning.


The magistrates court house in Adelaide has 7 floors and they are all full of Aboriginal artwork.

There is some historical shit too but that's all outside.


Ignorance is bliss when wittiness is missed.


File: 65be8832b158868⋯.jpg (57.56 KB, 500x375, 4:3, MV5BMTEyMDAyMDI2MDFeQTJeQW….jpg)

File: b1e06770d05453e⋯.jpg (12.54 KB, 480x360, 4:3, wpid-hqdefault.jpg)

Turns out the mean one was the smart one. She has degrees in real life. She's a medical doctor. It's weird, at the end of each episode she was always singing the songs like she was the friend when she was the antagonistic bitch who caused problems.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



That song takes me back. We used to think it was very naughty.


File: 7fd4e9a4b1da8de⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, out061210.png)


wanted to go for a neetwalk but it is raining



Get the brolly out NEET.



Good morning Kazza.


Is there aught worse in this life than hearing a mosquito near your ear?



The puffed wheat is meant to be a challenge, not a pleasure. A test of your manhood and the strength of your will.


I am back in from the Strong Lifts this morning.

I am getting stronger. Deadlifted 80kg this time.


File: 0c4b1e98c2c8ea5⋯.webm (2.72 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, clarence_kennedy12.webm)


Good shit mate

how are your other lifts going?


File: 5baa265879aebc9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 401.3 KB, 1034x1240, 517:620, kfc.jpg)

Have a kfc boxed meal



Well bantered.


Morning m8s

What are we up to this week?



Going to try track my caloric intake again



>how are your other lifts going?

Squat 42.5kg

Bench Press 40kg

Barbell Row: 47.5kg

Overhead Press 32.5kg


File: b17e818f8758873⋯.jpg (111.51 KB, 467x599, 467:599, 1510241422238.jpg)

Something to think about.


Been on the loo all morning

Not good boys


Anyone ITT



I'm here, haven't had breakfast yet. Feeling a bit demotivated tbqh.




tfw depressed?



After every weekend binge I aim to self-improve throughout the week


Bunch of abbo cunts raiding the salvation army donation bins on the corner outside my house.

Fucking hell. Not a shred of dignity in their bones.



Call the cops



They've already pissed off.


There are two electricians on a cherry picker, working on the power pole outside my house. My curtains are white and really thin, I think they can see me neeting in my bedroom. I really want to have a wank.


also good morning



I really need a new wardrobe


File: 39a9fe4d8ef2469⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.04 KB, 240x180, 4:3, 566d0c1b49bc05d5cf6a62df60….jpg)


You know what to do.



Have a wank establish your dominance






You are really enjoying



I want to take up animating but I don't have a voice for comedy and I'm too much of a bitch to ask for music.



You don't have to animate for money. You can do it for… the kokoro.



I don't have a heart.

You're right, though, I'll just do some silly action scenes and go from there.



𝔣𝔬𝔩𝔬𝔴 𝔲𝔯 𝔡𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔪𝔰



To be fair if anyone needs to replace their thongs it's those guys



Very true.



An appropriate reply


File: fbb548dd89345a4⋯.png (520.14 KB, 715x510, 143:102, Modular Feels Co.png)

>tfw you don't live in a shipping-container on your own large secluded piece of land



This dream will come true with the establishment of the NEETcommune.



Why even live?



Is that a new >tfw depressed?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

People must have really loved Azumanga Daioh back in the day. All these official and unofficial games involving the characters. I was about 10 years old when my brother and all his otaku friends were watching that show back in the 2000s.






Were you able to make that 9:00 am appointment at Dan's?



Did he browse 4chan?


>drank Saturday night

>didn't eat anything for about 6-7 hours before

>stomach was hurting a fair bit by the time I went to bed

>didn't eat anything until lunchtime yesterday

>also made the mistake of trying to work out while hungover because I'm losing my mind

>tfw stomach is still hurting today and there's a back pain I think is associated with it because it's like my back pangs in pain and it leads around to my stomach

>the stomach feeling is the same feeling as it was on the night I was drinking

Should I go to the doctors? This is the first time I've ever had a pain like this before. It's not like it's unbearable but it pangs once every few minutes and the frequency changes depending on if I'm standing, sitting or laying down.


File: bd38d35885b4b65⋯.png (127.96 KB, 581x443, 581:443, 1497373759001.png)


I remember reading the manga. It was alright.



Could be depression mate



He introduced me to 4chan



Depression can cause something so physical? The pain isn't just sort of like a general throbbing, it feels different in different areas and the pain in the back and stomach are both slightly different types of pain. I guess I shouldn't rule it out after the roller coaster of mental instability I've been on for the last month though.



Are you drinking plenty of fluids? Are you starting to eat now?

Unless blood or unusual discharge is coming out of your mouth/ass there probably isn't much they can do it. You may have strained something or stretched something too hard but there isn't much they can do.

If you need stronger pain relief, like codeine tablets and are taking panadol/nurofen without much effect that's something you can get from your doctor. It may be worth a check up just for your sake of mind.


File: 31c1bc498c98bcf⋯.jpeg (13.53 KB, 316x466, 158:233, images (28).jpeg)



Nothing unusual other than the pain. I'll just give it until Wednesday to see if it goes away before going to the docs. Thanks.


File: ce3d7ff81479239⋯.jpg (171.91 KB, 1456x1941, 1456:1941, BluJwkNr.jpg)

Bought this to resurrect gf2018



You have minutes to live…



Did you check to see if your local library had a copy?



Excess stress is known to cause stomach ulcers. I'd suggest no strenuous physical activity for a few days, some water with a little added salt perhaps (lack of salt can cause cramps iirc?) or an electrolyte drink. I've had many a binge and know how rotten your stomach can get. Probiotics do help imo, either try the liquid variety (Yakult) or buy a tub of yoghurt. We're all going to die some day.



I got banned from the library



Does it have pop-up pictures?



Are you a pedophile?



Go on…



An interesting reply. Are you?



No but you are yank vpn neet

Don't ever reply to me again

You should be drawn and quartered



You will never have a gf



I know



Cuck, you know nothing



I sperged out at the librarian because the library didn't have the book I wanted.



Did you receive written notice about your ban, can you appeal it or have it reduced that you can visit other libraries if they are close enough?


Just Fuck My Shit Up™



He's lying, he's just too embarresed to return after being caught jerking it to anime comics.



When the fucked becomes the fucker



hows England? or are you using a VPN


File: f8ca3110334a3fd⋯.jpg (30.97 KB, 576x284, 144:71, 0.jpg)


>hows England


How did the job interview go, neetking?



I like how another NEET makes this suggestion as something that a NEET may do.



Yes NEETS like to do many things.



Jerking at anime is public libraries was not the first thought in my mind unfortunately.


I'm big and stinky


Where do I find desperate Asian women? Those that want to get into Aus permanently and will fuck anyone to do so but that I can take advantage of, what app/site?



Do you have any money, the decent looking ones in more richer Asian countries want a man with money. If you are going towards Cambodia you could probably meet a woman who isn't as focus on wealth, but the woman in those countries can be quite conservative in their religious views.




*executive sized





Just got back from it, filled out all their forms and they photo copied all my tickets and had a chat with the manager.

It's a labour hire place so after 13 weeks I'll most likely go full time, I did a proper induction so if I don't get this job they'll probably find me something else.

Had to pay $5 for parking in the city thou



Just contact your local people smuggler



> I did a proper induction so if I don't get this job they'll probably find me something else

Well that sounds okay.



>Ruining your life for a hole to fuck

Acutally, unironically, have a wank



Just go down to your local rub n' tug



Good luck.



Not even to order in? That's pretty weird

You should've just downloaded it and read it on your computer, but sperging out is necessary sometimes in life.



File: fd12327e916843b⋯.png (228.24 KB, 667x680, 667:680, 1521901567306.png)



It was actually a really influential anime



Moderately bantered.



Hah, so true.

Peterson is a pseudo-intellect, he has some interesting interpretations of Christianity but everything else is a dumpster fire.



How shocking.



Honestly the seemingly positive influence he's having on some people makes it hard to really dislike him. I still like the image though


Why don't we get any pussy?



Sex is against the NEET God's will



the weakest NEETs will offer their bumholes in the NEET ranch in Tasmania in order to give alpha-NEETs the confidence they need to acquire pussy.



What about rape?



NEET God absorbs our rape sins



Ive heard so many positive comments towards him, why do you think he is a pseudo-intellect?



I dont even want a relationship I just want sex



WTF is wrong with Sydney? ITS FUCKING mid April it should be 20 degrees.



Yeah cunt's fucked m8, I'm fucking over it.



It's pretty hot in Perth today too



Isn't Sydney in China?


File: ea475a507851016⋯.jpg (812.6 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 1460747427796.jpg)

mummybot is getting mcdonalds tonight for din dins



Other way around mate



that pepe should be of a larger size



Bowie took fuck tonnes of drugs, trying to find any logic there is futile


It is always sad to see drug users who think they have expanded their minds but all they have really done is turned themselves schizo.



Why is Sydney so much Warmer than Canberra

We're only 300kms away and it's 16 here



Hey ain't that the same thing



Canberra is up in the mountains, Sydney is next to the ocean.



Canberra is inland, that is the relevant issue. It is not really "in the mountains".




I'm not that NEET but I also think he is a bit of a pseudo-intellectual. I've watched a few of his vids and haven't disagreed with anything but the way he presents himself he definitely thinks he is smarter than he is.

Really reminds me of an uncle I had who went nutso and is now in a funhouse.

His attitude says he spends most of his time talking to people less educated than he is, which is just no way to live.



It's still up a lot higher than Sydney, it's 577m above sea level.



We're saving ourselves for sexy pure robot girls



>actual mountains

Pick one and only one.



He is no more pseudo than any other university academic or personality.



You're not wrong. It's pretty much a requirement that any academic who becomes popular delves into pseudo-intellectual trite. Even Hawking dabbled in it often.


>>I get all my intellectuals from /pol/

>>number one is muh Evola

>>number two is le redpill Canadian professor man

Pretty wild that NEETs have such right-wing views. Every right-wing politician in this country, from Abbott to Turnbull to Bernardi and especially Leyonhelm would personally drown you all in a bucket of goon just so they could spend your NEETbux on tax cuts for rich boomers and corporations.

They use your hatred of the brown people that they import by the million to gull you into voting for them time and time again so they can fuck you over time and time again.



The ones that don't become popular aren't much better.



Well bantered.



Absolute reddit tier analysis. Welfare just enables the NEET lifestyle and allows us to destroy ourselves through idleness. We would be better off with a proper right wing government. If we had always had one we would not have turned out the way we have.



It kinda is, it's on the foothills


Can your mumbot buy me maccas too I'm too drunk to drive




I love that you imply /pol/ is right wing and not centrist



Perhaps neets have right wing views on social, cultural and nationalism issues, but left wing views on economics and the welfare state. Like good little national socialists.




What I find weird is how so many people on /pol/ love rap music



Most aren't, some are. I've met some people who are brilliant in their field and recognise that that is the only place where they are brilliant and won't comment on things outside of their field.

Others will talk about things outside of their field that are objectively wrong and anyone who did a first year unit in that field could point out how wrong it was.




I know there is moonman but other than that



Please don't bully our big beautiful mountains



I know the truth sometimes hurts me to



The LDP used to have a reverse income tax policy which I thoroughly supported. It would have done away with the overcomplex welfare system we have now and reduced the massive government wastage caused by all the work hours necessary to get through the red tape.



Well it's more the general 4chan demographic than /pol/ specifically. Hate nonwhites, love anime and black people music.

Not saying that there is anything wrong with it, but I always found it a little weird.


There's too many autistic long posts on /pol/ these days to stay interested



this, I suggest anyone who lives on the east coast to drive on our beautiful mountain roads

The Roads around Healsville, Wollongong and the Omeo Highway are fucking fantastic



>If we had always had one we would not have turned out the way we have.

I don't see how those people are going to change simply because their NSA has stopped. People who have severe social and communication difficulties are not going to walk out of the front to see an offer of employment.



BikeNEET does your number plate have a "50" in it? I saw a man on a motorbike last week and I wanted to believe.



4chan is 4chan though and really that sort of culture influences a surprisingly varied array of politics

Also 90s Anime is the last form of implict white media tbh



Tell them to have a fap



nah I'm a carNEET, my car is a shitbox though it's a 90s Japanese model so I can larp I'm in Initial D



I would say that economically, I am socialist.



I saw this beautiful bike and just wondered if that is our FormanDSP-NEET



A percentage of people on welfare would definitely change if they were pushed to the point of work or die. They'd be absolutely miserable and probably kill themselves because the base problem would still be there, but the unemployment figures would look nicer.



tbh I never have taken drugs but I believe in Saint Terry A Davis' teachings



So are you a NatSoc or a NasBol-Light



sorry to disapoint but maybe one day we will meet


File: b04645813a7644c⋯.jpg (255.16 KB, 900x600, 3:2, Web-045-Copy-1.jpg)


Maybe, I don't ride during the week, only on the weekend, I went to Kangaroo valley yesterday with a friend.

this is me if you see me


File: 10a902a30554d35⋯.png (74.35 KB, 2000x1334, 1000:667, National Bolshevism.png)

File: 2135621210aef9c⋯.png (17.71 KB, 430x213, 430:213, Limonka.png)

It is possible to divide Bolshevism as a historical phenomenon in two parts. On one side, the doctrinal field of various pre-Marxist socialist and communist visions and theories existed as its parallels and continued their existence as intellectual motives after Marxism was forced to the final ideology. This first stage could be called ”the Bolshevism project”. The second stage is the incarnation of this project in concrete historical reality in the form of Russian social-democracy, later the Communist party, and, on the final stage, the history of the Soviet State and the ruling party. The first part is undisputedly wider than the second and, like any plan, supersedes the second. But we cannot understand one without the other. The realization makes no sense, if we do not know the plan, and a plan without a realization is a plain abstraction, and its possible realizations can go for better or worse in various circumstances.

National-Socialism and fascism present a similar scenario. On one side we have a theoretical dogma, philosophy, economic and historical views, all brought together by a common viewpoint (”the Fascist project”) – on the other hand, the practices of historical parties (Nazi and Fascist), as well as the state organism of Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany. However, there is one basic difference: ”The Fascist project” of Germany and Italy was much farther from its incarnation than ”the Bolshevik project” from the Soviet reality.

It is widely known, that the historical Bolshevik and Fascist parties and regimes were against one another, and this resulted in bloody fights, the biggest of which was the second World War, also known as the Great Patriotic War. But this hostility was never absolute and there were some examples of Fascists and Bolsheviks coming together even on the external, purely political, level: The Soviet State gladly recognized the Fascist order in Italy; German nationalists joined forces during the ”Schlageter Course”, announced by Radek; Finally, the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.

Yet these two projects have much more in common. If we look at Bolshevism as an ideology that includes Marxism, but crosses its borders (that’s how it was – after all, Lenin’s idea of ”building Communism in one state only” is against Marx), and apply the same method to fascism and Nazism (especially focusing on the ideologists who laid the base for the Nazi power, but remained in the opposition against the regime they saw as a caricature of their own views), we are bound to notice that the two projects have a lot in common. Actually, they have so much in common that theoretically it would be possible to suggest the existence of a metaideology of sorts that would be common to both projects.

This one single metaideology that lies not only beyond political concretization of Bolshevism and Fascism, but their political ideologies as well, is National-Bolshevism in its absolute essence. This metaideology has never before been recognized by anyone in its entirety; Only the deepest minds of both camps have intuitively guessed that it exists, trying to express these visions even remotely.

National-Bolshevism does not mean the pragmatic ways of Bolsheviks and European Nationalists, conditioned by Realpolitik. Nor does it mean the identical aspects of both ”projects”. It is something deeper that could appear only after the fall of the historical incarnation of one of the ideologies – the Soviet Union. (The actual incarnation of the Fascist project fell 50 years ago.)


File: 255f449d4193387⋯.jpg (98.72 KB, 604x552, 151:138, A society that worked.jpg)

These are the basic elements of this metaideology:

1. Eschatological awareness, clear understanding of the fact that the civilization is finally nearing its end. This leads us to the idea of eschatological restoration. There is also an effort to perform this Restoration of the Golden Age by political means.

2. The idea of inadequacy of the existing religious institutions of eschatological goals – the hidden anti-radicalism, reincarnations, and pharisaism of the traditional western religions. The spirit of reformation or ”new spirituality” (mysticism, Gnosticism, paganism).

3. Hate for the modern world, the Western civilization, with its roots in the spirit of Enlightenment. Identification of the cosmopolitan imperialist capitalism with the extreme global evil. Anti-bourgeois pathos.

4. Interest for the East and dislike for the West. Geopolitical orientation towards Eurasia.

5. Spartan (Prussian) ascetism. Pathos for Work and the Working Man. The basic idea of the primary spiritual origin among the people, among its lowest levels who have been safe from the depravity of the last few centuries, in comparison with the degenerated elite of the old regimes. The principle of ”new aristocracy”, rising from the masses of the people.

6. Understanding the people and the society as an organic brotherly collective, based on moral and spiritual solidarity. Radical denial of individualism, consumption and exploitation. Effort to bring all peoples to the state of the ”golden age”.

7. Dislike for the cultural, religious and economic traditions of Semitic origin (Judaism, Islam), setting Indo-Europeic traditions against them, since the social class of ”merchants” (with its mentality) did not exist as such.

8. Readiness to sacrifice oneself for this ideal and what it’s worth. Hate for mediocrity and petty-bourgeoisie. Clear revolutionary spirit.

All the elements hereby numbered are to be found in any concrete dogma (Fascist or Bolshevik). They may vary by ideology or author, and may even appear together with other ideas that might contradict other points.

The historical National-Bolsheviks (Nikisch, Ustryalov, Tieriard) have intuitively come close to this complex, but even they have faltered from the path: Nikisch saw positive meaning in technology and process, Ustryalov flirted with NEP and wasn’t aware of Germany’s meaning for Russia, Tieriard denied esoterism and religion, remaining a materialist pragmatic.

National-Bolshevism is by far the most interesting phenomenon of the 20th century. It has adopted everything that fascinates us within Bolshevism or fascism. Whatever brought these ideologies to an end, contradicts with the spirit of this virtual doctrine.

National-Bolshevism helps us understand where the anti-liberal regimes of our century went wrong and why they were bound to fall. This analysis is loyal to the past and graphic, when it comes to our time, when the ”new” right and ”new” left are but parodies of what even in its own time were merely parodies of the virtual National-Bolshevism.

The National-Bolshevik ideology is free from all the crimes of the past. The historical National-Bolsheviks blamed the Nazis and Communists of perverting the theories, and thus became victims of the totalitarian Moloch. As the doctrine is taking form only now, even this argument cannot be the most decisive one.

National-Bolshevism is what has never been. It has never been in practice, nor even in theory. National-Bolshevism is what is to come. To come, as this doctrine will be a metaphysical and ideological sanctuary for those, who deny the modern world, the system of liberal capitalism that has become the sole basis of modern society. the protest will be forever. The old anti-bourgeois ideologies have proven their limits. Theoretical errors have sooner or later resulted in a historical fall. Who doesn’t understand this, has no place in history.

The sole alternative for the modern world, this empire of the ”liberal” antichrist, is NATIONAL-BOLSHEVISM.

Either it, or nothing. No compromise will change anything. If the system has survived the proud Reich and the great Soviet Union (destroying the traditional monarchies and empires before these two), with political parties and armed extremists it should deal without any problem.

The point is that National-Bolshevism has its own spiritual line, speaking of which would yet be untimely. This is an alternative secret that will stand against the opening ”secret of illegality” during the final times. Without this force, the Bolshevik and Fascist experiments were forceless. Only after a certain distortion of the instruments of policy this force has left the above-mentioned movements, leaving them for fate to take care before the face of the ”Master of the Universe”, clearly standing for a liberalist society. There are signs telling that this force has lately taken a new (final) form that will come up to its nature.



>tfw you don't sell junk containers that maersk were going to crush for scrap to hippies who want to be minimalists



how did you take a photo of yourseld and why are you doxing yourself John


Now we've gone and summoned an autist




I would say that I am a socialist-nationalist or a mild strasserist.



Photographer always gets me whenever I go for a ride in the popular locations on the weekend.



>NasBol has never existed

What is Stalinism



So I'm guessing somewhere between Hitler and Stalin



Good luck mate, hope they don't fuck you about. Some of those labour hiring places are run by knobheads.




Which now that I think about it is Jung Un or Xi



Probably, I'm not keen on the atrocities that both committed.



>They'd be absolutely miserable and probably kill themselves

For some that is unfortunately their current station. I understand what you are saying but I just these people feeling more hopeless without having the shitty amount of money they receive.


It was ~7:15 am on a weekday and I was heading to work I saw the bike. The "50" was the last part of the number plate and I won't add anything more about what I said, I pretty sure it can the P plate on it and that's why I remembered the whole thinking hoping and distracting myself before the day started.



I can't wank to this wall of text…



Well I mean ignoring the atrocities I know it's a massive shame that hitler did not kill the jews but you need to let it go

Also Gulags were Lenin not Stalin tbqhwu



Moderately bantered.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You just can't see the truth.



Do you actually wish the jews were full genocided or is it a joking thing? It's hard to tell with some people



Nah it wasn't me.



I do what I can.



He was just joking pun intended jk ?



Think of a cross between a hot Nazi Girl and a hot USSR girl and fap to that


semi joking

I think I'm a very small part jewish so me being killed would be at least good on that part



Mate he was basically every political ideology and sexual orientation at some point in his life, I think I'm right here



You probably would have just not been born, which would mean we would be doomed to exist with only five neets



One day…


Keep at it.


File: af8f04169b16dde⋯.jpg (47.21 KB, 750x534, 125:89, stirner pill.jpg)




The only two Nazis I can respect is Albert Speer and Goering.


Dear friends,

I want to start taking photos of suspected NEETs in public and have you guys vote on whether they're truly unemployed.

I think I've got a pretty strong NEET-dar - obviously I can clock the employment status of the long-haired executive living down my road who goes on long midday walks in sandals to the local Coles, but I often get the feeling that blokes in tradie clothing are a bit less employed than they're letting on. In fact, I think some of them wear their high-vis stuff while shopping at night because they're embarrassed to be NEETs. Then there are the junkie-looking guys who are either on cenno or making 80k in some factory.

This one time I got to know an autist at my gym, we'd see each other at all times including ridiculous shit like 3AM and then at noon the following day. I was absolutely certain he was unemployed but then I saw him pulling into the gym in a decent-ish car one night. When he came in, he was wearing office-cuck clothing and got changed into his regular gym-gear. The whole vibe shifted and he seemed way less autistic than before. It's like when you see an ugly manlet and you think he's also an adult virgin, then he casually mentions his gf and you realize that even this cunt, even this sad sack of shit has a girlfriend and you don't.

Anyway, I'll be taking some of these neet-shots at a shopping centre tomorrow. Do you guys want some photos of executives as well?



5 is not 6, and 6 is the number of vile slaanesh, and not the number 7 of wholesome Nurgle



What about Finland



I just want Australia to go back to how it was before Whitlam was elected, minus all the pointless foreign wars.


File: 29df14130be6b55⋯.gif (1.22 MB, 366x333, 122:111, f6377b3721bcaaed246657c30d….gif)

Become refreshed!



6 neets




Don't make names up.



I remember aussie neet had an autistic Goering worship video. You're not him, are you?


This is a horrible idea but please do it



sure, if you take a photo of me you'll guess I'm a NEET when I'm a WAGE



I thought we told you that your application was not going to be refreshed



>I want to start taking photos of suspected NEETs in public and have you guys vote on whether they're truly unemployed.

I vote for this suggestion.

>Do you guys want some photos of executives as well?

I don't want the executive sized members shamed though, if they are on their own. It has to be a creepy shot when they are browsing the isles or walking.



Fuck Whitlam and Fraiser

They were probably the worst PMs we ever had

>tfw Caldwell was killed before we could have a National Socialism PM



BikeNEET is oldNEET

you're just too much a nuNEET to remember him



Only one NEET has a bike doesn't he? I liked the imagery of BikeNEET whizzing passing waggies stuck in traffic, I had to ask.


File: ef23ebdfe6bd163⋯.jpg (147.63 KB, 726x657, 242:219, 1472519338237.jpg)

File: 66dc03144b2d85b⋯.gif (625.41 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 1449081016525.gif)


The horseshoe is a misnomer. It's actually a spiral like a book binder that loops back into itself and is forever altering.

Think these two pics merged.



Which one would the neet general fall under?



>This is a horrible idea but please do it

It could raise our profile for A Current Affairs on this disturbed internet forum who tells everyone to have a wank, continuously posts Aboriginal porn and now unsuspecting members of the public they deem NEETs into their hall of fame.


File: 281f94721049c7f⋯.jpg (18.81 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Nazbol Girl.jpg)



We should all do the same.



Honestly if we were going to get on ACA it would have been when gookneet was talking about his taxpayer funded slanty pussy slaying holidays



Hip, gen's going to be full of junkie and dero pics.



>Libertarian Police State

>Father Knows Best State

>New York Times Democracy

>Tyranny by Majority

I love these names




>I remember aussie neet had an autistic Goering worship video. You're not him, are you?




The gen didn't exist before I was here.



That's the icing on the cake of boomer outrage that these sex tourists are going overseas on government money at the tax payers expense



Benevolent Dictatorship is perfect will never happen


I want to buy some ice cream, but can't find my fucking wallet.



Ask mummybot for a small loan of $10



The Connoisseur is out on special at Woolies. $5 a tub.



That's a hard one, maybe dem soc.



Libertarian Police state


It unironically is the best political theory to exist, but yeah a shame that it won't exist

>tfw Reinhard Leongramm will never be real


>Austrian drag queen Conchita Wurst, the winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, says she is HIV-positive.



File: a44ac3d633647f7⋯.jpg (58.7 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 30th June 1934_ Ernst Rohm….jpg)

File: 9e27a098e8d35cf⋯.jpg (28.17 KB, 305x304, 305:304, 9e27a098e8d35cfcd753c9af54….jpg)

File: e38d75b89a62c60⋯.jpg (58.01 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 1461727159789.jpg)


File: 40de3c0316a90b2⋯.jpg (654.47 KB, 1666x1080, 833:540, ecf1b67bfd27d8289a2cf79adb….jpg)

One destination, one pathway to the feel of enlightenment





>Not Benovolent Police state










Easy, they were subverting the political structure of the party Hitler wanted



>Drag Queen

That means penis


File: 1c973648ba155a0⋯.mp4 (961.2 KB, 480x480, 1:1, two shots.mp4)

Uncle left a 25oz lager in the fridge and forgot it ;^)



Rohm was a poofter and the rest didn't like Hitler and Hitler didn't like them.


File: 255436db5d5ce4c⋯.jpg (88.23 KB, 804x493, 804:493, from little things big thi….jpg)


Hitler was a spy payed for by the gov. that corrupted the party. What a faggot, he's basically part of the ZOG.



Well bantered.


File: a54323920508500⋯.jpg (62.24 KB, 640x640, 1:1, creme_egg.jpg)


Get the creme egg ice cream, shit was awesome. I'd almost be willing to break my diet for it.



They make it in icecream form?!!?



>Hitler was an agent of the jews

So anon, is there literally anyone in all of history who wasn't working for The Jews?



Not his fault that Stalin went against the deal they made and attacked Finland or that Japan was fucking retarded and attacked Pearl Harbour, or that Benito fucked up tbh



Phil Collins



Why not, if I spent 20 minutes doing the shop. Just bring some of those reusable bags and jam it in saying you have paid. Those receipts at the bottom of the bag would have finally paid off.



Well bantered with that file name.




Good ideas both.


Goddamn. I just went down to the local cornershop, would've grabbed that if they had it. Settled for some Blue Ribbon Gaytime.



I don't think they made any deals with regards to Finland, however the winter war convinced Hitler that the Soviet Union was completely incompetent and that it would be easy to invade.


File: d7bdf22a1d88d61⋯.jpg (298.58 KB, 1400x933, 1400:933, 866221c635838bca06bdca4fa0….jpg)

Politician discussions getting you flustered?

Cool down with the NEETs.



Nice meme mate



Early genesis Phil Collins.*



Thank you, but the image is not my OC unfortunately.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's a song about Aborigal land rights and a socdem soft commie pm.



Hitler and Stalin made an agreement not to attack each other, while it wasn't stated to Hitler it was implied that Stalin would not attack Allies of the Reich and then the winter war happened and Stalin fucked up, though honestly in the mid term that loss probably won USSR and the Allies the war


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



Yes, I have seen this particularly meme before, it always pleases me.



Finland was still neutral at the time, they only teamed up with the Germans later on in the war in an attempt to regain territory lost during the winter war.


File: 8214acb58de31ee⋯.jpg (46.75 KB, 460x287, 460:287, Finnish Jewish soldiers ou….jpg)


>attacked Finland

Jews man. Nazi Jews.

>literally, that's what this pic is.




That song is still surprisingly comfy, even though I have heard it several times.



Ah the Mythical Sino jew



Is this like greentexting a youtube vid?


File: 1e8e951f039b5b3⋯.png (26.02 KB, 615x614, 615:614, 1e8e951f039b5b357539afddef….png)

Only one (1) political ideology/history matters, it's the choice you make.



oh this is an actual song Ive just heard it from the old advertisement for one of the super funds.




National Goonailism



>tfw Hitler almost allied with China but bailed out when based nips fuck their shit up.










File: 48d3adb311d0993⋯.jpg (53.4 KB, 640x904, 80:113, kiira_korpi.jpg)


Is there such a thing as a fingol jew? There used to be plenty of jews nearby in the baltics.



Nazgoon gang



I remember that too


File: c6895f00e51184a⋯.gif (8.47 MB, 480x470, 48:47, 0a3407466cd1901e426ba745e9….gif)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's a pretty cool song. Paul Kelly is a great songwriter.



That's what that pic is.



The Danshoe theory


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What song is hippy bullshit?



The guy who made minecraft?



Imagine by John Lennon


People wearing no shoes in public trigger the absolute fuck out of anyone else?



Is he the At her door guy



do it



yes you can cut your feet on glass and the grounds hot



I don't live in a coastal area so yes, also I have never seen such a thing



Yeah it's very off-putting.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There's only two that I can think of that are about black fellas and I've listened to just about everything he's made.

This is a good one.


Yeah, before too long was a big one too.



People going shoeless in public is a comfy Aussie sight. I appreciate it.



I always thought more of thongs that way


Spent all day in a perpetual gooned-up state in a near gooncoma saying stupid shit on Twitter.

Lots of fun, would recommend.



I liked that song but not much else of his work



what's your twatter



Cask of goon a day keeps the depression at bay


File: 246f8e982b07011⋯.webm (8.17 MB, 640x360, 16:9, You've got a friend in me.webm)



Woody's got wood


File: 1d458ad3e6c620c⋯.jpg (20.18 KB, 244x244, 1:1, fe9ee25cd660632aa465a65066….jpg)


He got excited when he saw me.



The NEETgen doesn't need to know my shame.


File: bb38679b24adcaa⋯.jpg (941 B, 35x35, 1:1, 323d9314cd33d623f1b6a6ef4b….jpg)


Tiny Dan syndrome.




Do you know what mum and dad were crying about in it?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I hope it's not just hidden like this to amaze camwhores




>he started up his drinking then they started up fighting

>he took it very badly

>She took all the kids



Wrong song but in the non radio edit it says "so long johnny, I'm walking out your fucking door."



what the fuck


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

He also plays one of my many >tfw songs



Impressive he managed to have his benis get erect that fast



so Johny was his name-o



God I haven't watched efukt in ages. That dude must be part turtle.



who let the tards into the neet den?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't know if it was intended to be but maybe, I'm not up to date with hipster preferences.



That's the power of magic!




It's worth a good laugh and a good look of horror.



The (((government))) makes it hard to just go and get a load of wood these days


File: fdda93171d81453⋯.png (5.5 KB, 211x239, 211:239, 1514075013785.png)


Be kinder towards our DSP brethren




>chick with two vaginas

Jesus. Here I am with none, life isn't fair.


File: df126f340a7cc91⋯.png (80.53 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 06dce5c2bcd16fcfe712ea7c60….png)


I hope you're not trying to score a few cheap (you) to start that debate again.



If they wont they'll get chucked in the nk den when we get to Tassie



Yet another Johnesque post

My suspicions are rising




Getting wood doesn't seem like an activity many neets would want to argue about



Shit, I didn't mean in the trannyfag way.


File: 0805ac21d99e7aa⋯.jpg (7.71 KB, 247x204, 247:204, 1301790359003.jpg)


I'm onto u



Well Pepe'd.



You sound like a bit of a cock. What music do you consider not to be "hipster posturing"?

Is it "fashwave"?


Having a few green tops my big stinky mates



The (((government))) debate has many different points I do not like.



t minus 4 weeks till the next wash?



to be fair, a NEET showed me one of paul kelly's son's songs and maybe that's why that NEET thinks paul's music is hipster stuff.

The song was a bout trump and some other shit.



That doesn't make other people hipsters



That's true, I should be more careful with my meme brackets when the general is recovering from a narky political debate


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This doesn't have many lyrics, you might think it's hipster stuff though


Any gf prospects, neets?



Ah, well yeah, that was shit.



I said two words to a woman cashier at IGA last week, it's all looking up



What were those words?




I too am interested in these two words?



good thanks


Is Canberra Trip NEET back yet?



Next time say, "yourself?" afterwards.

You can do it.


So the woman from my course scheduled a private anatomy thing tomorrow and I told myself to stop gorging my body with food so I don't embarrass myself when I take my shirt off. What the fuck did I do? I ate enormous meals all day and now my stomach is bloated like those african kids.

How am I going to cuck her boyfriend when I look like this? Why do I make these awful decisions? why the fuck did she ask ME to do this when she knows I want the V?



I don't want her to get the idea that I want to have a conversation



Tell her that after you say "yourself?"



I wish I could believe your stories. But you lost me some time ago.



>a private anatomy thing




Just have an erection when you lay down and raise your leg to passively hide it.


Cheesy has seriously dropped the ball.

What the fuck. The catalog looks like shit.



Who gives a shit, mate? The catalog barely matters on a board with literally one active thread.



I'd post the text log but I cant delete it shortly afterward and I dont like the idea of it lingering around the internet forever.



Maybe he is in a goon coma.



Our friendly NEETs do not like change or their one non-Dan haven to be disorganized.




What do you think the whole point of this board was for?

NK and monk could both evade the ban and they would've been unbanned like a month after anyway.



I care about him as a NEET but he decided to take the reins as BO so now he will cop my NEETrage.



Mate you say that but I would of done something the same way I got them banned


File: bb534612e77d571⋯.jpg (54.49 KB, 500x521, 500:521, 1522706173289.jpg)

Cheesey hasn't checked in for a while….

Surely he hasn't …




Never heard of him.


get a job.



I bet he's cruising around NEETheaven in his Lancer. I hope he's ok really



get a haircut



Yeah my heart jumped when she asked, it felt so out of place. At the very least I need to get another oneitis but I don't know how.



Shit how the fuck did you know who I am



He posted in the discord a day or two ago

Although he was posting about getting pissed



Just pop 'em out, that's sure to get his attention.



Just tell them you're bisexual destroy their relationship from the inside of their orifices



Our NEETlore-archivists are powerful.



I just wing it and guess most of the time possum.




Wrong guess Puffed Wheat.



>Puffed Wheat.

Hmm. My ruse-o-mometre is off the charts.



Oh no



Can you tell me more please NEET?



There is no ruse Puffy. I only made the second post, not the first.



It really kicked off the moeshit boom that emerged after the 90s. A lot of the common tropes you see in CGDCT were popularized by that show.



It's was pretty wholesome and non sexually cute compared to pedophile bait Moe shit these days.



Well you did have that one teacher who spent his entire time perving on the kids.


Imagine being a successful male in your mid twenties


>>57190 So is this weberNEET? I wrote this aftegood postr everything else so I expect you to reaYou're supposed to read this spoilered text lastd the rest of this post first.

> >>57191 Stop fucking ith the formt by reading the spoilered text before everything else

reply to me.


Thank you.

I would feIs the orby that I mean the thing I wrote two spoilers agoder starting to mess with youel like a right dI hope you didn't lose track of the orderumb dumb if someone because I have no issue withat's what you can reply to meth you calling me thatelse was calling me puffed wheat this whole time.

Seriously, stop it

Not you possum By that I mean you dont have to stop calling me puffedwheat


File: f56d1fe49488cf0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 516.53 KB, 2274x1283, 2274:1283, JUST .png)




Perhaps instrumentals are more your thing.

I haven't listened to Paul Kelly for a long time, but he was never any hipster. He was an Adelaide boy, was a NEET junky in the '70s, at the turn of the '80s did a super-untrendy but brilliant acoustic album about tfw depressed and all your mates are ODing. Did songs about Bradman and land rights and blokes in prison and trying to root prossies in Hamburg. Was never a trend chaser, always just did his thing and captured truthful little vignettes about Australian life, and Australia is lucky to have had him tbh. Also he's the least hipster Aussie muso this side of AC/DC.



The other side of AC/DC wants to fuck other men.



These games you longterm NEETs play are alien. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really here at all.


File: d64188639bd203b⋯.jpg (39.16 KB, 384x384, 1:1, unnamed.jpg)

>tfw no unconventionally attractive quirky botanist gf

It's over



What a bizarre sperg out



I put too many spoilers in and the unspoilered stuff was supposed to be spoilered spoiler



Tell me more.


Where do you get these things?



The text formatting here is surprisingly adept, but ultimately fickle, so no blame for your post ending up a bit of a mess.



oh my





File: 463790919aa0219⋯.jpeg (16.17 KB, 371x396, 371:396, images (92).jpeg)

>tfw never truly loved a woman beyond base lust



Eurgh, hope your mummybot is exempt from that.


File: dd75f44a2c43025⋯.jpg (21.6 KB, 930x558, 5:3, 4239.jpg)


>tfw never opened the batting for Australia






Of course I love mummybot but it's the same way you would love an intimate partner.



It's not*



Too late.




For a second there, I was really worried that more Queenslanders were on the board.



You got me worried thanks for the clarification




Thank you for not misinterpreting my spoilerspeak.


All queenslanders have yank flags.



A bit too much information there, OedipusNEET.



That's interesting. One day I want to have seen enough anime that I understand all the chains of influence, from one anime to another, on an intuitive level. That's part of the reason I chose to start watching Azumanga in the first place, I remembered it being a big deal when I was a kid and I wanted to understand why. Legend of Galactic Heroes too. I'm not particularly into giant mecha anime but I've seen Evangelion and I'd like to watch some old mecha shows to understand what it was deconstructing, and some newer ones to see how Evangelion changed things. For magical girl shows, I think some of the big touchstones were Miracle Girls, Sailor Moon, and Magical Madoka Lyrical Nanoha Meguca Whateverthefuck.



You're going to have a field day once you get to sports anime, because that influence field is LARGE.



>All queenslanders have yank flags

One of your earliest NEET lore failures.



Oh fuck

The only one of those I've seen is Ballroom e Youkoso



I have learnt in my twilight years that all yank flags are actually qldNEET, there is only one.


This >>57188 is still got me hung up,

Who is this?



That might be MysteryNEET.



Apparently that guy's the source of the term "waifu" because he says that once when referring to his wife



>That might

>2 spaces

You were going to tell me and then changed your mind cruelNEET



unless there are two


Doggo has walked mud in all over my carpets.






Give him a wipe down and dry him



I was going to post a link to the entire NEET Genealogical repository.



Is that what you call your cum jars?


Trying to report but centrelinks down again, got a max appointment tomorrow as well. If they try asking for my payslips again I'm gonna fucking smash them



Calm down please.




Sorry if that was overtly crude




I don't know, made sense to me.


File: c92197554034ca4⋯.jpeg (24.68 KB, 437x337, 437:337, images (2).jpeg)


Well bantered.



There is no need to apologise NEET. You need to have more confidence in your shitposts.


Hey NEETs going to make some roast



Good luck, don't burn it.



Your reply took too long and I had ruined my anonymity. My shitposts can only feel right when I feel hidden.



What kind?



I always wear camouflage pants when shitposting. They never see me coming.



Who are you roasting?


File: d7bd6e71c320896⋯.jpg (16.12 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 0.jpg)


The only thing that matters is the fact that you made the best cum-jar joke of the night so far.


I am going to bed NEETs. I will try and slog through another chapter of that shitty book I am reading. I don't know why I don't just stop. I guess it is because I don't feel up to reading anything else right now.

Good night to all NEETs, and especially to cum jars NEET.


File: 57d2e839e045ed1⋯.jpeg (6.29 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images (93).jpeg)

>have a few drinks

>Start enjoying life again



Good night, NEET. I hope you find a book you actually like again.


Ain't that the truth.



It's good to hear that your feeling better now. I was worried last time you went straight to bed. Have a good nights sleep.




Don't slog too hard unless you have multiple cum jars. Waste not repository NEET. Sleep tight.



>Pork Jew

kosher as fuch


File: e4290dba388134f⋯.jpg (15 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 015c781ab6736b54157634b568….jpg)





you mean unkosher



If you drink all the time then Dan will be happy all the time.



No I dont meshuggah.




Good to see we are being less crude now. In real life I say sugar now instead of anything saltier.






Oy vey goy don't you jew me



I swear like a sailor, I am trying to stop though. Being at the course so much makes me swear less. I noticed that today when I said fuck I just said what the f.. and just sort of mimed the rest.

Felt weird.



רק תקרא לי מלאך של בוקר, מלאך

רק לגעת בלחי לפני שתעזבי אותי, יקירתי



get out with that Jew language



I feel you. I was a right foulmouth all through highschool until someone called me out for it as trying to seem cool, which wasn't the case, so I made an active effort to stop.



Yes I noticed in your videos that you are very free with bad language.



Thanks for the reminder


How to reconcile being a neet loser?


File: 51e0066fc1fbf22⋯.jpg (130.09 KB, 1136x864, 71:54, DomesticViolence.jpg)

I'm getting angry neets!


File: e04a1d664fc1f48⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 312.53 KB, 596x439, 596:439, paint me like a cunt.png)

Last painting was a complete bust so I didn't post it anywhere. This one has been in the works for a couple of weeks now and has a real chance to turn out decent, I think.

Spent most of the day on it with a short couple of hours break for a gooncoma. So that was my day. Hope all of yours went well.



Reconcile it with what?



That is great mate. I love it.



I didn't swear that much til I left home. I was a model student once upon a time.


tbh I find it weird that all NEETs aren't foul mouthed cunts considering we post swearsies all day.




Swear less.



That is an amazing painting, I like the two figures


big stinky NEET farts



What is wrong?



File: 6e22464278370d2⋯.jpeg (2.01 MB, 5760x3840, 3:2, Domestic-Violence.jpeg)

Just got home from dans, gonna get drunk and beat my family



All your paintings are great. The more of them I see, the more I like the style.



Let edgy neet king



He's holding that warhammer in a very sensual manner. I sometimes use my thumb like that too.



Your cocks name is family?



I'm not sure how Dan would feel about this, although he is prone to violence too.



A staple of a good household is a firm fist and a quiet wife. One creates the other.


File: 8282a5d6b11c5a2⋯.gif (468.16 KB, 540x304, 135:76, 1519265085804.gif)





Thanks, my lads. I think have found the perfect way of sharing some of what I do without seeming like an attention whore, since I'm very boring and don't have anything else to share that isn't passing out in the corner of the room gooned.

I have some very ambitious OC planned for the gen. I hope to start once I get this project out of the way.


A man is entitled to caress his instruments.

Is a bit sensual now that I look at it.



>very ambitious OC

I look forward to it mate.


File: 4032370ff8d9f68⋯.jpg (70.58 KB, 640x482, 320:241, Sugai Glasses1.jpg)

Good Night NEETs



Good night ugly girl posting NEET.



oy vey


File: 664165ddaf173de⋯.jpg (207.18 KB, 600x776, 75:97, 631d818556893.5602bef094df….jpg)


The way to a womans heart is a slap in the face



Nighty night, eastern-beat-meat-NEET.


File: fe1587361664821⋯.webm (11.4 MB, 640x360, 16:9, bigstraya4u.webm)



>a bit sensual now that I look at it.

Ahh, so it was a subconscious artists flair.

We are learning much about you.



Sweet dreams



I did not enjoy this.



אל תפסיק לחשוב על מחר

אל תפסיק, זה יהיה בקרוב

זה יהיה טוב יותר מאשר קודם

אתמול נעלם, אתמול נעלם



Good night



I can smell the meth from here.


What if possum and gookgirl poster are the same NEET?

They always go to bed at the same time. It's a crafty way to get extra (You)'s



Only (you) are hungry enough for (you)s to think of a scheme like that.



The majority of the gen seem to be early birds. My money is just on coincidence.


File: c22ab9b76f83946⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.55 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, bucketwithextracrabs.jpg)

Is someone hungry?


>>57265 (you)

Fuck you cunts are funny sometimes



That got an audible laugh, good work.



how did you do this


>tfw depressed





>tfw undressed and depressed






It is a great scheme.


Good night NEETs.



WA NEETs get a rough deal these days. It's only just got dark for them.






Good night m8.



How to reconcile tfw depressed with tfw impressed?



Get >tfw undressed to become >tfw blessed




tfw detest


File: b41c0665d06f271⋯.jpg (68.64 KB, 336x413, 48:59, ChadMorgan.jpg)

>tfw Chad


File: 5e7612fbecc9dcb⋯.png (132.25 KB, 1148x1137, 1148:1137, 1523682652046.png)

What do you do when someone younger than you calls you buddy?



sometimes my cousin says that, I dont say anything



Rape them



amazing, we will proudly display your works about the NEETcommune



Well said.


I hope Cheesy is alright


Why did I end up this way reduced to drinking a whole passion pop and crying. The neighbour girl I can't muster any words for. She's so beautful and delightful, a true cherry blossom of the Japanese sense and I'm some fucking NEET who has no chance. Everyone else around me particpates and I'm crying in my pillow at the years I've wasted and how stacked everything is against me. The people work in the heat whilst I'm maladjusted at everything around me. I can say I'm improving but not really it feels like an enternity.



>Chad Morgan

Dude.. I haven't seen that ugly mug in years and years



So do I



T. 19 year old.


fuick off>>57335



Hopefully he lifts his game before he's 30 because that stops being cute at around 24



>on the train today

>gorgeous 10/10 qt with mega milkers

>look at her in the reflection of the train window

>my vision fades out and I see myself

>5cm shorter than her, balding and acne ridden


>scream interally

we're going to make it my Dutch friend, I believe in us both


File: 3ea91124b2878b5⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1484378502963.jpg)

It's my birthday in less than a week and THIS is what's going to happen. Except I'm 25 years old. JUST




He must be in a strong goon coma.



Please don't forget that you have us as well to invite to your NEET party



Only 5 more year until wizardhood I presume?


זו המסיבה שלי, ואני אבכה אם אני רוצה לבכות אם אני רוצה, בוכה אם אני רוצה לבכות גם אם זה קרה לך



Should have had a sneaky wank



I remember when I turned 25



Will your mummybot make you a nice cake at least? One NEET got seafood with his mummybot and seemed comfy.

What would you like to do? Maybe a local NEET will invite you out somewhere, could be alright if you both have the balls for it.

Either way I'll be here to wish you a happy 26th and send some comfy vibes over, you're going to make it too m8



Have a wank




The only advice I can give to you is to stop caring, that way the feels won't hit you that hard.



>tfw 24


So the big question,

Is goon - wank


Is wank - goon

more detrimental to a NEET's well-being?



I might start browsing reddit


>tfw my toilet is fucked and is fucking up the unit below



Depends on whether the NEET is more sexually repressed wank or is stressed goon



I don't.

Really, I don't. That's a bit concerning.




Must be pretty shitty for downstairs.


File: 0c9fef588ffbe93⋯.gif (3.03 MB, 359x202, 359:202, what.gif)


I'm picturing the Chad in your unit below getting sprayed with sewage


File: 525de6030bee581⋯.jpg (55.7 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, 1519272436285.jpg)


Fuck me neither.



Around that point is when people really stop giving a fuck that you have problems like "depression" or what ever. The only problem you have from here on is that you haven't pulled your finger out and hardened the fuck up.



Thousands perhaps millions of wanks over that time…



He's fairly chad

An older Scandanavian I'm assuming Norwegian man



Sand through your fingers.

It's all gone.



What if I am

>tfw severely impressed




File: cdc524647191358⋯.png (6.39 KB, 321x339, 107:113, cdc524647191358371ce9ff02b….png)


tbh, if you get to 25 and are still a depressed NEET, the party is basically over, you might as well just give up.


File: 05073340220cbee⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 866.67 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1523877595816.png)



Don't stop believing, you can become CEO sized if you put your mind to it.



Stiff shit.



> impressed

I read that wrong.


File: d9740012a1b2986⋯.jpg (80.47 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 1446164461245.jpg)


I stopped believing in a lot of things long ago.



Yeah I'll notify you cunts of my just be yourself-day party.



I hope we live to see the promise of the NEETcommune come to fruition.


File: cde19635ca26464⋯.png (142.53 KB, 625x773, 625:773, 1523847001111.png)



what the fuck is this



You tell me



Nah man, what the fuck is it?




wojak's dog?



Maybe, I have never seen this meme before.


File: 13937fe1b49170f⋯.jpg (324.67 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, IMG_20180416_224504.jpg)

I did iit




Looking good!

Very determined of you to drag in your PC to the kitchen so you could use the $5 webcam to snap the shot, too.


Good night friends



I used my $30 phone for that post



Nighty night.


I'm impressed that Nokias don't print out to film.

Jokes aside, nice job.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We all need an air of mystery around everything. Has he used salt? Pepper? Any other ingredients? Who knows as you can't see.

Excellent low-fi here.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>tfw Varg probably won't make any more black metal albums


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

We dead-hours songposting?

I've always loved this one for its perfect representation of that ego-trip to collapse. Famous song but the extended cut is way better.




can I see it



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This reminds me of a time before everyone walked around with internet in their pockets. Where Myspace was still thriving and people were beginning Facebook.

I had an iPod nano and a flip phone that I would carry to school. I was playing World of Warcraft, Team Fortress 2 and had a Wii on a CRT tv.



>tfw it won't be 2009 ever again



It's strange to think of the Wii as belonging to that era. It feels more recent somehow.



It's strange to see people nostalgia for anything after Y2K.



Tbh some of us are young fags


Hello NEETs, some nice music in here


this post made me laugh

t. 19 year old



Heya, Hans. Things are comfortably slow tonight.



no stop don't spread my secrets



>phones in school

Fuck where my old NEETs at.



Got three dead tamagotchis in one pocket, crumbled notepad paper with home numbers in the other. Gotta balance between talking to a friend directly or connecting the dial-up and using MSN Messenger.




Were just getting older, I remember my first console being a snes and going to another kids house and he had a nes. The whole time I was thinking what an ancient piece of crap that thing was and why he didn't have the newer console when they were only 5 years apart.



I wonder how many pedophiles pretending to be teenage girls I met on MSN messenger back then


Licking daddy's cum from mummy's pussy.


File: cad7df96c89abe1⋯.jpg (145.07 KB, 800x572, 200:143, Butch_FI.jpg)




fuck off butch I'm not saving your mum


File: e2b3dfa03036dbc⋯.jpg (160.95 KB, 800x571, 800:571, Butch_GUF.jpg)




Aboriginal penis


Good morning NEETs. Is the weather tolerable where you are?


You can still get revenge on society by bludging off the welfare system for the next half century.



Good morning


for what?


Pepe on my tits


wojak under my scrotum




Good morning NEETs.

Doggo and I are back from our walk. Another very early one. Truly the comfiest walking time. We walk straight down the middle of the road.



Sounds very comfy, I remember when I was in primary school my dad and I went to a restaurant for dinner in a regional town and walked back to our car in the middle of the road.

It was very strange seeing no cars on the road and it being so dark from no light pollution - definitely a very comfy feel.

I didn't post yesterday as I was feeling very flat but I am in a better mood today thankfully.



Sounds like a scene from a 40's movie.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Off to course, enjoy your day NEETs.



Good luck, have fun. See you when you get back.


Good morning NEETs.



Good morning.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ry Cooder has done work far more suitable to the unending bleakness of neetlife


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


My taste has changed since I left. Listened to the album this track is on on the way to my mates place.

Ry Cooder has been on so many albums and soundtracks.


File: a1a693a83771158⋯.png (30.29 KB, 542x602, 271:301, Skele Liberation Front 2.png)

I want a girlfriend




I want physical and emotional affection and someone to get to know and love and spend time with



So why do you want a gf?


File: ef819f9112a457c⋯.jpg (37.71 KB, 467x435, 467:435, uncommon groyper circa 199….jpg)


stop fucking toying with me or I'll take the lives of all my executive hostages



Very cynical.



How do plan on making this a reality?



get my license finally and a job too, then just continue with uni and put myself in situations where there are women to meet. no redpill stuff or PUA, just beeing a more confident version of myself and hoping a woman is interested.



Have a wank



Well, good luck.


>tfw woke up with a boner


SydneyNEET reporting in from Amerikkka.



Confidence is redpilled.



What are you doing in seppoland? or are you just using a proxy?



>tfw no longer a spherecuck



Business trip. Not a proxy although in the past I've used a proxy to get an Australian flag.


File: 490c596090f48e3⋯.png (215.86 KB, 506x538, 253:269, 1509758368910.png)

God doesn`t exist.



>shit-tier booze



There are at least two of us. One is me workposting because 8ch thinks the office is in America.

For bonus confusion I am physically in America now.


Might go to the park and abduct some children while they're parents aren't looking




Autism redacted by CIA.

>tfw you glow in the dark




More like redpill them on the holocaust.



I'm a successful with the ladies man in my mid thirties.



I got in a lot of trouble last time I did that, I play it safe now




>current year

>being this racist against boongs


This is what it looks like when the realization dawns:




You are up early today NEET King.



>suspected NEETs

This is pretty Orwellian. Train an AI to classify NEETs, to make it more so.


Imagine how low a NEET's rating would be on that Chinese social credit system.



10/10 because we're white












We can all dream brother


Truly the mark of a bogan


Goon morning


>t. aspirational neet

Show me the neet who has transcended cynicism. You won't find a contented normie. You can't go from the red pill back to blue.





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