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File: 351df3888330e86⋯.jpg (312.38 KB, 828x1403, 36:61, 351df3888330e86f46b5dfc3ce….jpg)




Let's keep the thread comfy







>Depending on the job, jeans might be a little too casual. It all depends what and where.

For me, it depends on the type of jeans. They need to be pretty new looking not old and raggy. They should be ironed to look neat. For an entry level position, they should be fine. If you are going into management and leadership position, the suit and tie would be attire.


It depends on the industry, in private enterprise industry with banking, law and economics that would be expected as a standard


Have you consider Toast Masters or another public speaking event? You seem to be popular to get job interviews. If you can enhance how you present yourself through your voice it can help. Some people speak too low, not at the right tone or do not project their voice properly. These aspects can be deal breakers because you can talk loudly without yelling, which might be required in the workplace when yelling could be seen as anger in not being heard.

Also investigate the company before hand. When did they start, why and what is their future direction. Drop this information during interviews as your values. You can also connect these aspects into your interview. "My management style is not to correct their mistakes using my authority, it is to teach people to identify their mistakes and identify solutions to resolve them." For a more open workplace where independence is fostered over an authoritative management style in a new age start up. While traditional workplace may want the opposite of this. Understanding the companies ethos is important



>grad role

>managing people


Board Owner here. We have not settled on the final settings for the board yet and I would appreciate people’s input.

Things I am considering doing:

Activating country flags?

Changing poster name from anonymous to the traditional “cunt”?

Should we hide the board from search engines?

Should posters be allowed to delete their own posts?

What do you guys think?



>reddit spacing

New board off to a great start




File: ce1a14cac0e528d⋯.jpg (35.16 KB, 444x444, 1:1, 1462504632160.jpg)


Onto thread number two. we are going great.



1. yes

2. yes

3. yes

4. yes




I know you will not be managing people in Grad position I never said to the same post, but you need to follow the company attire or unstated policy. Beyond those fields, a good pair of jeans would be what I am wearing. I do not want to be seen as better than other people, I want to be approachable and ready to learn: relaxed and friendly. A suit as attire when talking to people in the public sector to me is like being in control and powerful, which can be threatening to some people.


>Activating country flags?


>Changing poster name from anonymous to the traditional “cunt”?

I am in the may be field at the moment tbh

>Should we hide the board from search engines?

From Google yes, not from the archive board. Unless we are open to talking about previous events, not read up on it

>Should we hide the board from search engines?


Make a straw poll if you need to make a final choice


Good morning friends.


>Activating country flags?


>Changing poster name

I dont know, maybe change it to NEET, we're not really a clone of /aus/

> hide the board

dont care

> delete their own posts?

I dont get why that's necessary but up to you



Good morning.



>Are you a ChadNEET

Judging from your legs, you are the chadNEET


Board Owner here. I just wanted to make a few remarks about my moderation philosophy since people may be concerned.

My basic philosophy is that moderation should be an extremely light touch. We do not want the BO to dominate the board and have people jumping through hoops to cooperate with his personal whims. We do not want factions to develop with one group of people sucking the BO dick and the other faction being rebellious.

A good day on the board will be when I don’t have to make a single post as the BO. I want this to be most days. I desire to keep the role of BO entirely separate from my regular NEET posts. I intend for people to not be able to identify me when I am not posting with my BO red capcode. Once the board is up and running I will stop making meta posts like this one unless absolutely necessary.

I have put in place a set of rules which can be seen here: >>265

I think having a set of rules is good because it gives people certainty and a clear idea of what is and isn’t allowed. I think this was lacking at the old board and ended up causing some trouble. People are also more likely to accept censure if they can be pointed to a clearly stated rule they have breached, rather than it appearing like they have just transgressed against someone’s personal whim.

The rules are in place and must be followed, but that does not mean anyone will be permabanned just for breaking one (unless it is CP or something like that). If you post porn without spoilering it (rule 4) I will just make a post saying “please see rule 4 and spoiler any porn in future”. And that will be that. There will be no bans. Bans will be reserved for people who wilfully and maliciously flout the rules on purpose and shit the place up.

We want a nice comfy low drama community here.



>$18 for 250 grams.

Fuck, that's a bit too steep for me, looked good though.

Does it taste any different than jerky?


File: 7f930885cc5fdb6⋯.jpg (83.24 KB, 525x326, 525:326, 7f930885cc5fdb683c507b2e9b….jpg)


>We want a nice comfy low drama community here.



Just finished showering after another hard morning in the garden. Got rid of most of the remaining ivy but Jesus it was hard work. Had to shimmy in the tiny space between the back of the shed and the fence. There was some plant growing there with nasty thorns too. I am covered in scratches.

Most of the ivy is gone but now I have to remove a couple of trees which somehow managed to start growing in the most awkward spots. A couple more sessions should do it.


File: 16af4dd1e5a6c2f⋯.png (21.45 KB, 200x245, 40:49, heaps good.png)




Didn't know there was so many of us.

We're almost matching WA's power levels.



when is the SA NEET barbecue and fishing trip?



Good luck man, don't put yourself down though.

Those HR bitches are like that to everyone I think.


File: 1fde98cb57d4f01⋯.jpg (594.91 KB, 1513x1927, 1513:1927, ZZC 0025.jpg)


I'm from SA too.


File: 3bed78c1cde06f1⋯.png (16.38 KB, 432x216, 2:1, AU s SOUTH AUSTRALIA proj.png)


This is a strange new era for the NEET.


>753 replies in the old thread

What is the post limit? Can that be changed by the BO or was that because two posts were deleted?



Good work, keep at it and it should be more management in the future



You're possumNEET? Any luck with the tradie or the lightbulb trick?



751 is the maximum. Since the thread filled up without anyone linking a new thread I went back and deleted one old post so I could post a link to the new thread.

It says there are 751 for me. It should say 752 if you didn't refresh the thread. I don't know why it would say 753.



That makes 4 of us by my count. Pretty good.



The tradie hasn't contacted me yet. I didn't do the lightbulb thing since it won't actually solve my problem. I need the shed sealed up.



Did you get it done in between the showers? It was raining just before.



Yeah the rain had mostly stopped. There was a bit of drizzle but I didn't mind. It was pretty humid which wasn't nice. But I have to get it done, I can't afford to be soft.


File: 739913ce827648e⋯.png (1.2 KB, 201x53, 201:53, 753.png)


Me neither then.



It'll do your potatoes good anyhow.



spooky ghosts



Ghost in the gen



Yeah I watered them with the hose for a bit too. Wanted them to get a really good soak. There hadn't been that much rain.

Water isn't their problem though it is insects and disease that is killing them. As I was watering them I saw little moths flying off them. I think they are potato moth. I have sprayed them three times but the spray I buy is expensive and I don't know if I should buy another bottle of it since the three sprayings I already did haven't worked that well.


File: d3fac74924eb1b4⋯.png (2.31 MB, 3072x3118, 1536:1559, 1482364607853.png)


What a mystery.


I have noticed a real inconsistency in quality with frozen veg. I buy the same brand and variety but sometimes they are crispy, fresh-tasting and delicious but other times you will open a new bag and they taste awful.



the NEET is a good idea



This idea intrigues me.



When I grew potatoes I had a bit of leaf damage, tbh I didnt care about what caused it because the potatoes are underground and they came out alright.

There's probably some old wives take tier remedy

I just looked around for this old Yates book I have for gardening, It's a great little encyclopedia on helpful tips but I couldn't find it. It must be pretty old because it has a bunch of stuff in it that says stuff like "You can buy a x type chem or put some of x on it as a cheaper alternative and that works just as well". A newer version of that book would say "buy Yates brand x chemical and not give any alternatives".

If i find it i'll post the page relating to potato's and keeping bugs off, theres a fairly extensive section just on potatoes.

While looking for it I found my old secateurs (they're pretty much new) that I was looking for a week or so ago so thanks for making me go through shit, no wonder I couldn't find them, they were in with my books.



I've noticed that too, I've begun predominantly just getting the steam ones as they are less wasteful for a meal even though they are a bit more expensive.

Plus it's way easier to just put them in the microwave.



I have been going through secateurs like crazy. They seem to only last a few cuts before they become dull and useless. That is what I get for buying the cheapo Chinese one from woolies I guess.



I now have two fairly good pairs, they're both "Horton" brand ones that I got from bunnings.

I think they were about $10-15 each but they've been good.

I had a pair before them and the blade itself chipped and my neighbour is an old guy who used to work in some rose garden and I looked at his secateurs and got some that were similar.

His probably cost $50 though and will last forever.



Yeah I might invest in some good stuff. The problem is I have been limited to just buying from Woolies or Big W lately because I lost my confidence in driving and don't have the courage to drive out to the hardware store.

I am such a baby. I really need to man up and do it one of these days.


File: 484f7bcd2d0db0b⋯.jpg (319.27 KB, 936x624, 3:2, 1469864269434.jpg)

Have any NEETs got big plans for the weekend?

For me it is just another day.



I was pretty scared to begin with but Bunnings is always full of spergs and autists, you'd be surprised at the amount of tradie types that are so high functioning cunts.

Now when I go there it's like walking around a toy shop, I sometimes go there and just walk around.



If you can get some that let you take them apart easily, it should be fairly simple to stone the blades periodically and keep them sharp.



I'm helping my "boss" move on Saturday, then I'm working with her on Sunday. It's going to be a long weekend.



Try and slip her your tubesteak



>I am such a baby. I really need to man up and do it one of these days.

Get a dash cam if you can afford it. It helps boost my confidence, as I know I am following the laws. If some cunt wants to merge suddenly then abuse me, I point to the camera and smile pointing to it with one hand: normally stops them but be careful with those agro cunts.

You must accept that some accidents are not preventable because of the fault of others. I also had a head on last year because some cunt tried overtaking on double lines on a single lane highway road. Scared the shit out of me, I pulled, breathed while sipping on water and then drove the rest of my one hour and half journey home



>I also had a

*I almost had a head on, I meant to say



Yeah. the problem is I am a bad driver myself and I am the cause of a lot of problems out there. I do some stupid things. My brain just doesn't make good judgements when driving.



My dad already did so that's a bit of a turn off.


How much is one of them and do you need some sort of device/HardDrive to store the videos to?


File: 17eebfacf556c9e⋯.jpg (20.57 KB, 292x257, 292:257, 1433680481376.jpg)


>My dad already did




Kek. Why didn't you just say mummybot in the first place?



She sometimes calls me "her adopted son" and I think that's weird, her and dad went out a few years ago.

I have a good relationship with her though.



I got some drinks to mix with my rum and my family is leaving to go on holiday on Sunday.



>How much is one of them and do you need some sort of device/HardDrive to store the videos to?

They often require a Micro SD card. Some higher end cameras require specific cards and models, but it depends on your budget. Some stores have deals where you can the whole package for front end camera (most of the crashes happen) with a small sized Micro SD card. Your budget determines the quality. Low quality cameras are still good for evidence to show what happen, but remember to read out number plates before shutting down if they cannot be seen clearly. Your dash cam is good in example when the person in front put the car in reverse hit the accelerator (happened to a friend), because they will say you ran up the back of them. Video doesn't lie and it shows they made a false claim, which tackles those dodgy insurance cunts who also sustained injuries but could walk out of the car perfectly unaided.

Dash Camera Australia and there two similar named stores who are equally good suppliers.



How long are they going?



Two weeks.



Thanks for the info. Is there a way to put voice over the top of it for NEETcruises or should I just use my phone and talk or something?

Will the vids have the exifdata on them?

I'm really not very tech savvy.



Do you plan to get up to anything naughty while they are away?



They're going to have a hard time cleaning up the NEET residue from that long.



exifdata is a photo thing

just use your phone and talk, the raw production value of NEET videos gives them their charm.



Yeah, I want to make similar type vids to Cheesecake but while driving around/parking in random out of the way spots.

So if I take a vid is there and data on them that could be used maliciously?



No there is nothing like that on video that I am aware of.



Most record the audio on top, but it depends on the device itself for the quality. Sometimes I drive in silence and its good to hear the car drive. It's a manual car but I have talked and it came out quite clear on a ~$100 dash cam from Kaiser. I do not recommend that brand as much, as they work but sometimes they have minor faults. My model was a pain in getting the Micro SD card in and out because the mechanism did not work: our house has three cameras with the same issue.

>Will the vids have the exifdata on them?

Not unless it has a GPS coordinates feature, which I think can be disabled for trips then re-enabled. GPS is good for tracking speed in some models because you can argue it in court. My top of the line one has speed tracker with GPS and the time is synced with the satellite time quite well. Very strong proof when I think I was done for speeding.

>I'm really not very tech savvy.

Look up reviews on YouTube in your budget and make the plunge. I started off with a cheap one and went up to the top of the line because the cunts on the roads are dangerous. My excess was also $2000+ at the time as a driver under 25 at the time and the camera would save my ass when I was not at fault: if it was a he said, she said case.



>tfw when you read rule 9

<9. No threats of violence against other posters or anyone else. No threats made as jokes. The authorities take joke threats seriously, and therefore so must we.



The authorities take joke threats seriously, and therefore so must we.

I am just highlighting the rules plz do not be sad when it happens


Please see rule 9 in the board rules: >>265

>9. No threats of violence against other posters or anyone else. No threats made as jokes. The authorities take joke threats seriously, and therefore so must we.

The offending posts have been removed.



I don't really want one for safety/court etc reasons, I'm a pretty good driver. I just want to make vids for the gen.

I think I might just use my phone as they apparently dont have data on them and I never have my gps on (I dont have data on my phone and I hate google maps and that bitch that tells you directions - if i need to go somewhere I write the directions on paper and i have a map book in my car), how big of an SD card should I get/do you have?

sorry for asking questions that I could really just look up but I think you guys would be in the know and get what I need them for and what I need to make the vids



Also, what do you use as in media player to crop shit etc? and do I have to make a youtube account?



> do I have to make a youtube account?

If you want to post them on YouTube, yes.



>I think I might just use my phone as they apparently dont have data on them and I never have my gps on (I dont have data on my phone and I hate google maps and that bitch that tells you directions - if i need to go somewhere I write the directions on paper and i have a map book in my car), how big of an SD card should I get/do you have?

Depends on the quality of your phones camera. Go for a NEET walk and record a short 30 second video. Double the size of the video. That's one minute file. Then you can see if you need a bigger Micro SD card or not.

Please get a phone holders if you are in a state where touching the device is illegal (NSW) unless it's in car case or with Bluetooth.


I have used Windows Movie Maker. Just for quick editing with fancy special effects for video projects in the past. You could get a fancier product and learn from that, its a useful skill especially for a job.



>get a phone holder

that's a good idea I was planning on just resting it on the dash.

I think i'll get a sd card any way as my phone is pretty much full as it is from music and there isnt that much on it.

>Windows Movie Maker.

I used that a couple times at school years ago, no doubt they've made it better (more complicated).

It'll take me a while to get organised and learn what I'm doing.

Thanks heaps. I'll keep you upto date with what's going on, I'll probably take a while as I'm a lazy cunt.

I'm going for a drive now and I'll just take a couple photos, although it's looking pretty wet so there might not be many as I dont want to get wet too.


Down to 96kg. That's 3kg this week and 3kg last week. Seems to be my average. Didn't get to exercise as much as I wanted to this week and missed weights but my carb intake has been very low, except for wedensday night where I ate a piece of bread and a 3 tablespoons of ice cream because of stress. I'm 188cm so my goal of 90kg should be good for my weight, but I saw myself in the changing mirrors at Target today and I looked horrendous. More weights I think.



It sounds like you're doing really well. I doubt you look anywhere as "horrendous" as you think you do.

Have a look at your better body parts up close in the mirror, get horny and have a wank.



>Thanks heaps. I'll keep you upto date with what's going on, I'll probably take a while as I'm a lazy cunt.

No problem, I am happy to share what I know and look forward to the progress when you are able to post videos.


Congratulations on keeping a routine and sustaining it, even with some change is still a good achievement. Do not focus too heavily on any lost changes, just keep moving forward because life can throw many barriers in your way. The longer you sustain this routine, the better gains you achieved.



Good work!



>That's 3kg this week and 3kg last week.

Absolute fucking champion, great work.



I look forward to these videos. If you make them long they will be comfy as fuck.


Very well done


tfw about to start trying to get neetbux while having 6 digits in crypto


i used to be a tradesman but fuck the government using my labour and money to fund my chinese replacements tbh


Walking around the house for 10 mins looking for my wallet.

It's in my pocket.

Fucking brainlet.


I might make two different types where I speed them up through the "boring bits" then play them normally when they have stuff to look at.

I dont know yet.





Are you going to tell them about the crypto?



>tfw about to start trying to get neetbux while having 6 digits in crypto

I hope that's not an Australian exchange who may receive enquirers from the ATO, like has happened overseas for those who have thousands of estimated dollars in crypto-currency (Coinbase).

Want to drop some advice for us NEETs?



Did you pass?



yes I was testing spoilers



Decisions I made in the past have spoiled my whole life.



What kind of decisions were they?



Just the usual ones. Choosing to isolate myself from friends. Dropping out of uni. Passing up opportunities to get work.



Maybe a drive to the beach or two, I only have $10 to my name until Monday though so there will be no booze or junk-food for me this weekend. Not very exciting


Interview anon here

I'm pretty sure I'm bipolar. 99% sure. One second I'm ready to apply to ASX top 100 company, next I dont think I am suitable for a casual sales role at vodafone.

This has been going on for four years where I swing from one mood to the next, but I dont want to get diagnosed in case it affects my chances of employment. For four years I've been swinging.

So feeling shit I went to my local dominos because that fag who wouldn't stop talking about their shakes. Fucking excellent, it really is. A tad expensive at $6 though.

The thing is though, it took them like 40 minutes to get my order done, because some cunt ordered like 14 pizzas at once. BUT. But, the pajeet felt sorry that I waited so long that I got three pizzas, 1.5L of pepsi, and the shake for free.

So yeah guess I wont kill myself today.



What do you do down at the beach?



I am shocked at Pajeet being that generous.



>I dont want to get diagnosed in case it affects my chances of employment

Your health records are private. It would only ever be an issue if you want to do top secret Government work or something like that.



Yeah, I think it's because everyone else kept giving them shit (I mean, I'd be upset too if my 10 minute order took 40 minutes during lunch time) while I just sat there saying that I understand that they're rushed.

Made me feel so good I didn't have to stop by bunnings.



Is it? Maybe I should have gotten it diagnosed then.

Wow I could have had this treated four years ago, now I feel really shit about myself. Not you fault just my phase.



It is never too late.



Either walk along the beach on the concrete paths or right on the beach if I'm feeling confident enough to walk past the many normies. Or just sit in car and watch the waves. I would like to go for an actual swim, something I haven't done at either a pool or ocean for a few years. Would probably drown tbh


Thanks for the tip on how to scam Pajeet out of free pizzas. Make a fake and very large order ahead of your real one. Gold



A few years ago I went for my first swim since I was 13 years old.

I got in the water and couldn't breathe. I thought I was dying. I didn't understand what was happening. But finally I realised I was just feeling the weight of the water around my chest and everything was fine.


I have to try and have fewer wanks. They always make me depressed after.



Going to visit an escort but other than that no.



Have you been to escorts many times before?


Who else here has been to a prostitute?

I am considering doing it for the first time. Should I?



No this will be my first.



Are you a virgin?

What research have you done about who you are seeing?



No dont fall that low



Wanted to, but I'd have to take a significant break from pulling my pud to rehabilitate my disk first. Either wouldn't be able to get it up to a real woman, or wouldn't be able to bust a nut due to deathgrip syndrome.



I don't know if I could cum or not, but I wouldn't have a problem getting hard. I would be hard all the way to the brothel.



I know it is low but I am sick of being a virgin. I just want it over with.



It's not like virginities have a use by date. Mine's still fresh after 38 years.



normies gonna norm, they're very low time preference.



Doesn't that bother you?



Why have you abused your dick in this manner?



Not at all. It's not like I have a sign that says 'virgin' that will only go away after I have sex.



But maybe having sex changes the way you look at yourself and the wider world? Makes you feel like a proper man finally?



Considering the kids at school who had sex didnt look any different, I highly doubt that



Inevitable really. Social retard + easy access to porn + too much time on my hands.

I read some article a while back where prostitutes are saying it's a common problem for them now. Blokes show up and their junk doesn't work.



That's none of your business.

I just did a lot of browsing of the website(backpage) and contacted a few.



How many wanks do you do a day? Why do you grip so hard? I wank heaps but I am always gentle.



It is not uncommon to ask more personal questions when everyone is anonymous. that is one of the advantages of anonymity, that you can be more open than you would with people who know who you are.

What sort of escort have you lined up?



They looked more confident. You could tell when your friend had lost his virginity because the next day he would be acting different. More adult.


File: 68cd4cdf653368e⋯.jpg (76.57 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 5b7afb9b102d1fbfc647103c35….jpg)


This one. I posted about it on /Aus/ but then I found out the board split.



She looks alright. I'm in SA too :)



She looks pretty good. Are you allowed to kiss her? finger her? Do oral on her?



According to the advert she offers 'full GFE' (girlfriend experience) and 'mutual oral'



Time for an /ausneets/ bunga bunga party meetup.


Yes, I'm not going to kiss her or do the other thing. Who knows where she has been?



Pretty sure you're not going to get AIDS or cancer from kissing her. Not wanting to go down on a hooker is understandable though.



I understand where you are coming from. I would do those things myself though because I am a virgin and just want to see what everything feels like. I need to know what pussy tastes like, even if it is a whore's pussy.



>girlfriend experience

What the fuck does that mean?



>You're out of money anon? Goodbye then



top kek



I just don't like the idea of kissing a girl who the night before could have been kissing some 50 year old Indian taxi driver.



>Time for an /ausneets/ bunga bunga party meetup.

Lets do it. We will go after the fishing trip and barbecue.




Fair enough m8. Nobody is judging you.



She looks pretty sexy but sometimes they use old photos. She might be 20kg heavier now.



She sounded her age on the phone, the one I rang before sounded older so I awkwardly tried to exit saying I would do some research, I think she could have been a manager but I am not taking risks.


File: afe5f2f6345c005⋯.jpeg (26.39 KB, 314x468, 157:234, images (49).jpeg)


I'll smash ya dog



How horny are you in anticipation for it? have you wanked to her photos?



Do it the seedy way and get one of those street crack head hookers who will suck your dick in your car, the sleazier the better


File: acb2e1e544b5180⋯.png (354.24 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-12-12-2….png)

Old BO is angry



When I booked it I was quite nervous and my heart was racing for the whole day but now I have calmed down, never did that or even thought of it.



>two butthurt people whining

top kek 90% of posters left.

He is going to get less and less happy when he sees how far his board has sunk down the rankings in a few days. He is an egomaniac and it is important to him.



Are you going to trim your pubes and make sure you are all nice for when you see her?



Some people get off on that even if they can afford better. See Hugh Grant. I think he picked up a tranny.



He'd better put on a fresh pair of cumdies



I think it was a nigger hooker near a toilet store or something


File: 320b1eae56d8b2d⋯.jpg (30.08 KB, 224x423, 224:423, article-1306866-0AEE061000….jpg)


It was a nigger and a tranny I think. But it is hard to find out the truth about the tranny part because the media pretends trannies were always the gender they pretend to be.



We joke, but the truth is the prostitute will be willing to do more with you if you don't gross her out.


File: 08e9f792a4fe635⋯.png (232.36 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-12-12-3….png)



When they start trying to raise kids as "gender neutral" that is when my blood starts boiling and I need to lie down.


File: 485d330d4c505ff⋯.png (472.08 KB, 539x406, 77:58, 1427952702252.png)




Not actually a neet but I'm going to reply anyway

I will be cleaning up a bit around the house and catching up on some sleep. It will also give me a chance to catch up on the neet threads, which I'm sure will be good quality entertainment



>Not actually a neet

NEET is a generic term that should not be taken literally. When I talk to the NEETs here I mean anyone who is reading, even if they aren't technically a NEET.



Good point

My neet pride is still very much inside, even while I'm slaving away



I understand. The NEET mindset persists.


Wank #2 finished, barely got drunk last night. Whenever I smoke cones when I'm drinking I get hungry and horny and lose interest in drinking, probably a good thing since before I used to drink for 18 hours straight



Yeah the cones are probably better for you than the booze if you are drinking like that.


File: 0015324a7ec0da2⋯.png (102.19 KB, 680x583, 680:583, 1467619700236.png)

I want these normie children back to school. I am sick of them wandering the streets at all hours of the day.



I noticed something was off when I was at joondalup yesterday


>tfw losing hope



Your mistake was having hope in the first place.


File: 7a60751970d4aa0⋯.jpeg (11.79 KB, 300x300, 1:1, images (46).jpeg)


Fucking pooneet



It kinda feels good. I'm far more at ease and a lot less anguished now that I don't expect to lose my virginity or ever have a gf.



Yes lowering my expectations from life was a very good move for me.



Have you considered an escort to lose your virginity?



It would be easy to be a Indian fugitive in India, everyone looks and smells like poo



They can tell each other apart somehow though. I do not know how they do it.



Already attempted that. Long story short it was an awful experience, I couldn't maintain an erection. I posted the full story last year and it was even too pathetic and sad for our general.


File: c787502ae7b45bd⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_0326.JPG)

This is hard to down, I think I mixed it too strong.



That is unfortunate. Or maybe not. Who knows.


what are you drinking it with



Some blood orange and citrus drink, I've got some Coke and Coke vanilla too.



transfer it to a bigger glass and add more mixers.



How drunk are you planning to get?



very nice

I miss getting blasted just browsing the web and listening to music.



Why did you stop?



This class is fairly big as it is, just drank part and topped it off with mixer.


There is no plan.



I became obese from daily drinking and junkfood. I had to start losing weight so I gave up the piss as well.



Was it worth it?




I hate myself a little less



How much weight have you lost?


File: 4543ad4cc3359c4⋯.png (59.4 KB, 684x710, 342:355, 1400866975002.png)

>Board rules

>1. The board is for all people of a NEET mindset, even if they are currently employed or studying. Excessive attempts to ostracise people based on their status or to spark divisive discussions about who is and who is not a “real NEET” will not be tolerated.

>13. People of non-standard Race, Gender or Sexuality are welcome but must not use their difference and others’ reaction to it to disrupt threads and attention whore. The onus is on the person who is different to integrate themselves successfully within the community.

Dead board lol



That's part of why I don't drink much, I am trying to get a fit defined abs. The citrus drink says it has less sugar and is naturally sweetened so that might help.



What do you mean by this?



>naturally sweetened

That won't help.



19kg last year. I'm still fat.


File: ec7079df917d401⋯.jpg (107.81 KB, 577x559, 577:559, 2.jpg)


Why dont you call this thread the "loser general" since it has nothing to do with being a neet.



You have done really well. Keep at it. Do you have any other vices?



I'll rape your waifu



I am tired of those arguments. We are what we are. which is what we've always been,


File: be85d1402e43770⋯.jpg (2.14 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_0327.JPG)


She's my least favourite GuP girl, she just happened to come with 5 I like.



natually sweetened usually means it is artificially sweetened


Almost threw up a minute ago, the goon takes its toll



Did you stop drinking?



Just hungover



Are you planning more drinks tonight?


Who /justwokeup/ here? Just brushed my teeth and contemplating what to eat



Is that rum?



>brushed my teeth

How fancy.



I can't believe this, they literally want to remove identifying information from licenses to appease muh feelings. Now that I think about it, I don't think in WA the height is on the licences



get a load of mr hygiene freak over here



Im in NSW and neither gender nor height is on my provisional licence



Spiced rum yeah.



I got one of the fancy electric toothbrushes, it makes it easier for a lazy NEET. I have to keep remembering to charge it though, which is the only downside.


Haven't done it for 2 days so I don't think I'm worthy of that title yet



Just always keep it on the charger, then you dont have to remember ;)



Regular tooth brush not good enough for you?



How much neetbux did that set you back?


When I don't use it I put it on the charging dock next to my bed


I bet this toothbrush cunt uses soap in the shower too.



$45 from Dans.



Nah, only use water, and I only use water for my hair too. Never liked how shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel, it felt too girly and artificial.



Are you a Fat NEET?


Give it to me straight

Why don't I have a gf?



My hair gets too disgusting if I don't use shampoo and conditioner, really greasy and wet feeling.

I've heard that no shampoo is legit though you just have to give it time.



Lack of confidence and self-esteem.



Because you have never actually tried to get one



What do you look like? Do you have good social skills? I think (never had one) for a gf you need a combination of good looks and social skills.



No, rather thin.


If you do it every 2-3 days (wash with warm water) it feels rather nice, you just have to do it more often than with a shampoo, but I think it is worth it since it feels more 'natural' or some bs, it just feels normal and not odd like with shampoo. Sorry for autism



I tries doing no shampoo but I got dandruff and my scalp was all itchy.

You will find that most people who say they don't use shampoo actually use vinegar and baking soda instead which is even more annoying than shampoo.






You actually probably should use soap. How to you wash your arse and crotch without soap?



With olive oil usually

same fatty shit as soap




I use a little bit of soap for that, for everywhere else I don't



I wash every second day with Shampoo and condition and I still feel that may not be enough. The hair is not the problem though.



Yeah that is the only place I use soap. I used to do my armpits too but I like the way they smell so I don't bother any more..






What is?



Not washing your pits because you like the way they smell



I wash them with water and my hand, I just don't use soap or deodorant any more.



He likes musky male odours.



Don't you get body oder?



Yes. I don't care unless I am going out somewhere which is not very often. Then I will shower and use deodorant.



Mums going out tonight so I might have to



In WA they record your penis size and average poo size


You protected this empty, ephemerally world with your own hands.

Now fold your wings and sleep peacefully.

Enveloped in an eternal tranquility and love through all eternity.


File: bf88b46b1016d60⋯.png (238.66 KB, 1372x771, 1372:771, 1425897430072.png)


I score poorly on both.



That is a nice pepe



What is the story behind that Pepe?



He's a pepe stranded at see and down to his last tendie


File: 179495d351ab476⋯.jpg (745.56 KB, 1171x1495, 1171:1495, Cirno 009.jpg)


It's not a dead pepe though?



just going to guess. A not long retired pepe takes a stroll down by the ocean and becomes sullen thinking about how his life has panned out.



thats a nice cirno



Maybe his wife has just passed away.



Thanks friend.



No looks more like his mannequin fell over board and he's trying to think how he's going to wank later


>tfw you will never be in highschool again



I hated kindergarten, kids would piss themselves during story time it used to disgust me



Thank God.



I haven't measured my dick in ages. Can't remember its size.



I wouldn't mind going back for a month or so, fuck the rest though.



>remembering your time at kindergarten

I can't remember shit at all about kindergarten tbh



iktf, I posted about it yesterday. Tonight I couldn't get to sleep for about 4 hours, I was up until 4am thinking about how things would have been different if I made a few choices.



Good it's boring.



Measure it now and report back please. We will pass the information on to the appropriate authorities.



>tfw some people were fucking in high school

>you'll never get to fuck that legal 16yo pussy

I was still a beta virgin in my highschool days


File: 83d9e90ff3f17d4⋯.png (19.44 KB, 414x506, 9:11, 83d9e90ff3f17d4eabbe4c297a….png)

No shampoo NEET here, just took a shower, put fresh clothes on and took out the garbage. I'm moving up in the world m8s.


File: 8c0895c0c9e4417⋯.png (241.37 KB, 528x446, 264:223, 4LoYLLn.png)


>tfw all the girls at your school were all very unattractive with all the surrounding schools having ridiculously hot girls




You are too good for a place like this mate. "fresh clothes" are just a memory for me.



wojak get out of that pot



Last time I measure my dick I did it with a metal ruler that had sharp edges and cut my dick on it



I mostly remember being pissed off not being home playing Nintendo



>Mitsuo Kure

Nice, I have "Samurai: Arms, Armor, Costume" by him.



That's the book in the picture. I like it.


>tfw depressed


How do you make a youtube account? Do you have to use a google account to sign in/up? and if so do you need to add your phone number?



>Your health records are private.

As long you do NOT mention anything about children. Psychologists are mandatory reporters and any harm against a child or young person will be reported, as they are obligated or they can be held partly responsible for withholding information


>I got in the water and couldn't breathe. I thought I was dying.

That happened to me recently, it is a good way of overcoming your anxiety. If you can just stand there and breath, best while floating around


have less wanks, but have a wank


Your shit got removed, I warned you.


I chuckled that this shit post first begun on the other board


I am amazed no one provided you with

>tfw depressed"

Sorry for the tower post NEETS, was applying for a job past midday and had to get that shit submitted today


>tfw refreshed


>tfw impressed



Yeah you need a google account and will probably need to give your phone number.



Yes it's connected to google but I don't think I nneded phone numbe.



You were already hunted, but not a winner of BOGAN HUNTERS!



You make a google account, and it includes a youtube channel. You don't have to enter a phone number, if you want videos over 15 minutes you have to, but I think there is a way around this.



Good luck getting that job towerpostNEET.



Thanks m8



Sounds ludicrous, monumentally tedious and hopeless and stupid.

Just give up and admit you will eventually be slaughtered in the streets.



Hope it goes well at the interview (if you get one)



I made my account years ago so I think I never gave a number



Thanks, trying to hope for the best



Are you trying to guilt trip me into it?

I already feel guilty from bringing it up.


My dog would fucking smash ya cunt


Cirno is supposed to get gets.


So did you just use your normal email or did you make a new one?


Can anyone find out the email address or the phone number?



How many centimetres?



use your hand to measure, mine is tip of middlefinger to past middle knuckle, that is a kiked cock of course



>Can anyone find out the email address or the phone number?




I us3d my secret weeb stuff buying email account.



>So did you just use your normal email or did you make a new one?

The youtube account is attached to a gmail address, that is how you sign in.



>guilt trip me into it

I will not use guilt. Just gentle pressure because you know you want to do it.


What is the font on 8ch?



I hope you guys are right, the last thing I want as a malicious NEET fucking with me.



I have posted several NEET vids on YouTube and have never had any trouble with malicious NEETs.


I keep drinking olive oil straight from the bottle. I am meant to be on a diet. Nothing is safe around me.



Unless you talk bad about dan



I would never do anything that foolish.


File: b5e2cbc16c28ad0⋯.jpg (641.13 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, cadbad1c4e2adae430a8a3c19d….jpg)





I've got a treat for you(and me)


feel demoralized after fapping



The Dan Mafia will come after the bad neets



Same here.



Also I



I only feel that way if I continue to watch the porn/look at the pic. That is why you close it off straight after, that way you don't keep looking at it and get the feeling of demoralization and the fact of no gf


File: b17b75da2ab3f45⋯.mp4 (3.24 MB, 720x480, 3:2, hungryjacks.mp4)


Just went to the petrol station and filled my car up, it was a 24h one which means you had to pay before, this took me a while to help out, but thankfully a tradie who was at the opposite bowser sensed my autism and helped me.



those chips looked good. Pretty handsome thumb too.



I fear those sort of situations.




Chips there are pretty good, I had a hunger tamers a few days ago



I want the city cunt tourists to fuck off already. School holidays are the worst when you live near a beach



Yeah I know that feel. It is usually safe for me to go to my local Woolies at 7pm - it is virtually deserted usually - but it is full of tourists right now.


File: 797366f252fbf91⋯.jpg (109.12 KB, 901x883, 901:883, 1441226267683.jpg)


>when the high school girls see you at the shops

>when they laugh and give you the look of pure disrespect



>omg did you see how weird that guy was

>omg shhh stacy not so loud


File: b1ac3c5a3b80154⋯.jpg (110.71 KB, 500x500, 1:1, neverbethehappypepepepe.jpg)


Why must they be so cruel?



Post your poo when your finished



All we can do is hope chad pumps and dumps them so they have to raise their own little cumdie neet



I hope Chad beats them to death in a domestic violence incident.



Wew there neet, don't be that harsh



>being a scat neet

Shameful dispray



New petrol stations with card payment have a screen, look at it because it tells you what to do

>Awaiting authorisation

>Begin pumping

After hours, if you do not hear the sound of the motor pumping it after 1 minute go inside it means you need to go inside. It is also good to check if anyone is at the checkout to allow you to pump.


But that's where all the money comes, and they get to jack up the prices a little higher if you only have an independent store


File: 7573f77dd4ef6f1⋯.jpg (56.17 KB, 1022x547, 1022:547, 757.jpg)


>tfw have the aus general and the ausneets general open in separate tabs

The best of both worlds tbqh m8s



You can hear two audible bites at 5 and 6 seconds.



A very unattractive slurping sound in there too.


File: 6792eaa462cf40b⋯.png (289.28 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1513930803302.png)



>not getting a mega frozen beverage

You're missing out m8, it takes me a good 20m to finish one



I feel like shit whenever that happens. They are hard for me to ignore too since they usually look nice.

I have seen some girls in public that weren't like that, that was reassuring.



It was confusing to me since I didn't know how much money to put into the machine then start pumping, for example if I put in $40 and didn't use it all, I doubt I would get a refund. I put in $30 just to be safe and got the tank about 7/8ths full.



It's racially discriminatory against aboriginals, how is old unna supposed to get by?


Ok, I made a channel.

Apparently youtube has deleted their video editor and all the videos i was watching on how to do that are for when youtube had that.

Fuck i'm a brainlet.

I made a couple vids from different places and want to crop and edit them together into one vid.

I'm downloading this


Is there a better one/one that you use for that?



If you want a free, decent video editor use shotcut. That is what I use and it is fairly intuitive.



I didn't slurp I was sucking air into my mouth cause the chips were hot


>handsome thumb

Why are you saying that?




Windows movie maker


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is a good video too comparing 7 free video editors



I got a frozen coke jumbo for a $1 and drank about half of it. Wanted a coffee instead but they don't sell them for $1 anymore.



He's a gayneet obviously



>sucking air into my mouth cause the chips were hot

You need to improve your manners my little piggy.



>I didn't slurp I was sucking air into my mouth cause the chips were hot

I usually eat mine when I get home, now I think I am missing out on the hot chips, mine just are warm.



I torrent sony vegas, works pretty good



>I didn't know how much money to put into the machine

I have not encountered this system as an outer metro NEET thankfully. If it is a card system it takes $100 regardless of the fill up then deposits the remaining amount after 3 business days. After I read that, I said you must jokin'





When I have hot food in my fingers or mouth I just gulp it down without chewing to stop the pain



Yeah that is what I use too. Some people find it a bit too complex when you are just beginning though. I didn't have that problem. just watched a few tutorial vids first and then worked things out on my own.



>this burns the throat


Last call for people to have their say on the board settings. See this post: >>760



It turns out to hide the board from search engines you also have to hide it from appearing on 8chan's boards index.



>Activating country flags?


>Changing poster name from anonymous to the traditional “cunt”?

Up to you really, I don't mind.

>Should we hide the board from search engines?

Some NEETs who haven't posted in months might have a hard time finding it, I'd just leave it for now

>Should posters be allowed to delete their own posts?

Undecided on this.



Only for a few seconds, then I do it again. I don't have the patience to wait till food cools down, unless it's blisteringly hot just out of the fryer or something


Was going to cook up some snags and vegies but I can't be fucked so it's noodles and tuna tonight



What kind of noodles



I'd do the same thing

But all the fast food I've had recently wasn't hot enough for it



Cook an egg with the noodles


Does anyone else not like eggs?




Don't care really


Personally I would just prefer 'neet' or something other than cunt tbh

>hide from search engines

Don't really mind

>delete posts

Yes, when I fuck up spelling on a post not being able to delete is annoying


File: 854c0746e6c5563⋯.jpg (41.71 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 462720.jpg)

File: cd3e2102c7eaa22⋯.jpg (171.69 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 462723.jpg)

Since we're on the topic of noodles I though I'd redpill you neets on these. Maggi fusian, these two flavors are pretty top flavor and got me back into noodles after I stopped having other ones since I got sick of the taste, these two ones never dissapoint



No, you heathen



I feel embarrassed to admit it.



I don't like boiled ones (but I haven't had one in ages so maybe not), fried ones I like.



I will give them a go. I am a bit sceptical but I will give them a chance.



Suimin, I'm all out of the patrician memegoreng noodles


I do every time neeto


I love eggs


Flags have been enabled, as that seemed a pretty unanimous choice.



as long as fags aren't enabled too I'm happy



Fags are allowed. I think Monk created a few new ones.



liking monk bussy is not gay




What flavour. I suck down the braised beef.



I hate boiled eggs and scrambled eggs. I can eat HARD fried eggs, but only really like the white part not the yolk.



That means they like you stooge

it's a challenge



Make sure you post your thoughts, would be interested to hear them. I had the korean spicy beef last night.






I've had girls like me before when I was in high school, they usually stare at you and smile like an autist, these girls weren't doing that.



I always get a ultra sip and a few ham cheese and tomato pizzas or a bag of red rock deli chips from coles on my break, I just realized I could get some migoreng noodles, I bet I'd stack on the weight even more if I had them though



I ran out of white sips yesterday too, need to do a neet shop soon. And yeah you'll become a massive fat cunt if you add noodles to your diet, they don't fill a big sized neet much but they have a ton of calories



Are you the wagie that smokes cigs on his break?



If they are a bit gooey, they go great with bacon in a sandwich, and Worcestershire sauce




What are these "sips" you are talking about?



Runny yolk makes my stomach turn.



Not him but I think they are energy drinks.


File: 6645f3cbcc6c939⋯.jpg (100 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 489787.jpg)


Basically cancer in a can



no sugar though



They go well with a fedora and katana.



I like the occasional red bull. Haven't brought one in months though

Since I've been buying iced coffee's instead



Yeah I can't handle all the sugar in regular energy drinks, it's plain gross


You need a trenchcoat to enable multi can carrying



No, I only eat.


I bought some sugar free caffeine free Pepsi the other day and it was really helpful as something to distract me from feeling hungry. I might buy more in the future.



I love eggs






>iced coffees

What is your brand?



It's not actually that bad for you, no worse than coke.



I hear meth works well for that too



I bet you've never fertilised any though.



No worse than coke isn't exactly a high bar though



Run through the house naked.



Yes, I hate them.



Are you a Weight-LossNEET or a big big boi?




You are correct



I am trying to become a less big boy.



I meant to reply to the guy above you, sorry my fellow egg loving neeto




Usually get ice break, or the brownes ones. I sometimes get the Oak vanilla protein one too, that is good as well.


Why drink iced coffee when you could just drink milk?



Or make it yourself, best option



I drink plenty of normal milk at home, if I need a drink when I'm outside I get a iced coffee.



I'm low key as fuck trying to lose weight too, like getting a water with kfc or whatever, doesn't stop me from eating pizzas



Do NOT drink neet milk



Try dried fruit and nuts mix without chocolate bits to go to the toilet more often. The laxative in natural and non-processed food works well. Restricting food intake can fail if you later have a big big boi meal that reduces your gains



You're right the MSG content would kill



Can confirm, I've only had the Laksa flavour and they are fucking delicious, it's become part of my NEETdiet.



Do you drain the water or eat them as a soup?



Not him but with those ones you leave the sauce (the water) in, it gives them the flavor.



MSG would be the least of your concerns.



Soup, laksa basically is a noodle soup.


Hey NEETs I started my roadtrip today

How goes 4u




Where are you off to?



Tell us more about this roadtrip mate.


Dad called me up drunk again telling me to do something with my life, really should have not answered the phone


I got through about a quarter of the bottle and now I am at the point where I think I should stop drinking before I vomit, last time I drank the whole bottle so I am not sure what to think of this.



Did you tell him about the wank or poo you had today?




I'm heading to Adelaide tommorow, might Fuck around in SA afterwards for a couple days and then head home

If the NEET BBQ is tomorrow I maybe able to come



You gotta work your way up to the whole goon sack. Progress doesn't come overnight



Didn't know your dad was a pisshead too monk

I guess it's in the family



>tfw not enough NSW NEETs to have a bbq and drink goon in the park.



North, East, West or South Sydney m8?




My alcohol tolerance is declining, I am regressing.



Moderation is the key. Time to stop for the night.






I'm from NSW though



Enjoying the bankstown Lennon gangs



Dan would be sad, but a change is a change >>1181

A-are you a sutho Max NEET?



Yeah but he wasn't impressed, reckons my poos should block the toilet




I meant to say leb gangs but Fuck it there's probably Lennon worshipping hippie gangs too



Not monk


File: afd5cb9f1f4a8f7⋯.jpg (35.44 KB, 1023x576, 341:192, Cum in neet pussy.jpg)



Not near bankstown, my area is basically all white with some chinks.


Yeah I'm suthoNEET don't go to max or any job agency due to dsp



Gotta have more protein and less fibre to achieve that goal



I assume all dad posting is monk even my own

I'm not monk btw



Monk's dad seemed pretty chill.



Lucky, when I was last there I had to fucking stand while talking to the receptionist woman. Why I could not say, it was cruelty on top of enslavement



That doesn't sound like Sydney

He'll not even Canberra as it's fairly white with a sizable chink population



Sutherland Shire is the last white hold out in Sydney, although it's slowly getting gook'd.



If I was monks dad I'd be on the piss alot

Seeing as monk said he's the least derro of his siblings



You'd think that would of been diversified as punishment for Cronulla



Key word, slowly. Not enough space for more units that are too expensive, hell a massive recent development at Kirrawee stalled due to funding issues with not enough properties purchased, I heard. It's the only benefit of living here.



Thanks based Dan, nice dubs.


File: 488a193daa8b160⋯.png (2.68 KB, 626x40, 313:20, Untitled.png)





I ended up using Windows movie maker because I already had it.

I think I'll get sony vegas.

I think I saved it in too high of a quality, it's going to be a while til it's loaded.



I never have much sympathy for parents with crappy kids. Particularly when the parents chose to divorce.



Single mothers are ruining society



Reduce the quality, some of the higher quality shit is 1080p. I would like that if you can continue to upload it



I wonder why monk and his dad are the only normal cunts in his family



Looking forward to it mate.



Yeah it's a wonder, I grew up in Cronulla and the locals are very hostile to anything non-Australian, this exteneds to the entire Sutherland Shire, it has its own distinct culture and even a different accent compared to the rest of Sydney.


Most of those apartments in Kirrawee are going to end up being housing commission mixed with private, a lot of 1 bed room apartments and stuff which people aren't to keen on buying.



Monk is fucked mate. I love him but he's fucked.



Housing commission! Fuck me, right next to industrial sites with edges on residential areas. It's going to become caringbrah



Dunno I still have hope for him but really only if he ironically gets arrested or forced into homelessness, he just needs something to get him on gear because after anything it seems he has the same it'll be right attitude as a lot of us when something needs change




It must be where all the aboriginals from Redfern are being moved to. Bless them



I think what really annoys me is that it's the one thing that doesn't get called out.

We call out kids getting raised in violent environments or raised around alcoholics and drunk addicts yet single mothers are immune from the absolute clusterfuck that they inevitably produce.



I thought you cunts would of been guilty tripped into towing the line after cronulla but good thing it seems I'm wrong



what sort of accent? sounds like a heaven area, you're very lucky anon, are there many good neetcruise activities?

neet sharehouse when?



It's not their fault they chose to have kids they were unprepared mentally and financially for



Oh right abos got kicked out of somewhere to make way for the chinks how could we forget

to be honest I'd prefer Australia just being aboard then another chink, Muslim, or kike vassel state



Change "Anonymous" to NEETs

I think we should have flags.



we already do



I still prefer cunts



But what if a normie posts here?



They are mostly not good people. I heard that they were offered housing in and around La Perouse which is south of Coogee. The aboriginal community did not want the cunts. Their own people did not want them and now they are being shipped to south Sydney. Not all would be bad, but not wanting to be accepted elsewhere by the community is a warning sign



I haven't had any since I had the runs from them a few weeks ago.



I remember. You were really sick.



It's pretty stupid how many couples legit don't use rubbers and just rely on the pill



I didn't know I had it in me, til monk put it in me.



You wish you gay cunt



I wish Monk had put it in me. I still get a bit horny thinking about him.


File: 4edb874d53cd7a6⋯.jpg (16.07 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Coles-Frozen-Pie-Egg-Bacon.jpg)


I cant usually eat breaky but when I do I have a couple of these with worchestershire sauce and pepper.

top shit and only a dollar a pie.



He'll probably get shit dick because you failed to prepare yourself



I don't want to have to look at gay posts like this, BO



Oh of course abos are savages

But these savages were here first and it's funny and a bit weird the left will always support the new invaders over the boongs

A lot of abo genocide has been caused by those claiming to support them from the Irish breeding programs to the stolen generator and it's going stronger than ever today



I have never tried them but I can't believe they could possibly be any good.



Kirrawee isn't so bad but yeah it will be interesting, might apply for a comfy brand new single room NEETapartment, might even be able to jump the queue because of my DSP privilege.


It's hard to explain, it's kind of a boganish-strayacunt accent but a little more formal and middle class and yes, plenty of good neetcruise areas, the royal national park is one of the best driving roads in Australia.



Hard boiled meth is the breakfast of champions



I prefer my meth scrambled



I do this sometimes, make a normal coffee but in a glass, add just a little hot water to mix it up then fill the glass with milk

I have the ratio pretty much perfected, tastes as good as any bought iced coffee



But does it beat the moss Vale to Wollongong road or this road I went on once that I forgot what it's called that takes you from east gippsland to near albury


Do you guys ever get depressed?



Are you taking pics/films?



Yeah I do that. Can be a bit hard to get all the sugar to dissolve sometimes but they taste great.



I think there is one guy here who does,



pretty much always yeah



I made an omelet with bacon and pan fried mushrooms this morning

It was very nice



The national park takes you down to wollongong along the seacliff bridge and stuff, can't compare it to any roads around gippsland and albury but I've heard the alpine road and omeo highway in that area is top tier.



Probably will but you'll have to wait before I post them

On a small data plan right now so I won't be able to upload until I can get to home's wifi



Yeah, I had to refresh


I post here and I'm not a cunt.



That's it, it's omeo highway

I drove one time at night to get up to wagga one time and no cars where along it and holy shit what an intense road



Yeah, it's a fucked situation.


The list is fucking long for a house. It's a few years probably closer to 5 years. If you deny the place they offer, you go straight to the bottom of the pile again.

I heard a story about how they paint the places to maintain them in public housing. They do not move your furniture or use drop sheets. If there is a bug on the wall, congrats on your new sticker because they will paint over the mother fucker. They ain't got time to slow down. I would try avoid just housing commission places without private ownership where they would be forced to better maintain it

Kirrawee is a good area now but caringbrah go their reputation from their housing commission. I parked in the train car park and before I left I heard this guy screaming. I drive out of the car park and see a cop car, ah it clicks he's being arrested. If there is just public housing it will go down hill



I am a top cunt.






If I could've walked to my phone you could've got a photo.

It's unreal how much your body can hold. I've only had one decent shit since.



At least we aren't Canada

I don't think they have had anything one tenth of a cronulla let alone a lambings flat



I have them all the time now, they're like a quiche.



I will try them but I am going to send you an invoice to be reimbursed for my costs if they are shit.



Sounds like fun, I'm probably going to move down to that area in a year or two when my parents retire, probably thinking of Albury because rent is super cheap and it has a lot awesome roads up in the mountains to ride.


Yeah there is a lot of fuckery with housing commission, if I can't get into something in a few years time, I'll probably fuck off out of Sydney like I said above.



Your problem was probably that the egg wasn't cooked through. Raw eggs are notorious for food poisoning.



I mix it with a chopstick because I dont have long spoons for a fairly long time and you have to use hot water as to get it to dissolve. Even then theres sometimes shit at the end that didnt mix.



I tried to fry it in the same pot i cooked the noodles in and when i couldn't flip it i just scrambled it and then put it on the noodles with it half uncooked. I think it was off as well, I didnt check the date.



Try and stay away from Lavington and west wodonga If possible in terms of moving there



No, who?



I also get coffee stuck around the sides at the bottom where it hasn't dissolved but rather has formed stubborn clumps.

Still worth it though. A great drink.



Just go south to retirement villages towns where they are generally quite. Gets busy during the holidays but they are very comfy with lower rents. Food is more expensive though.



>pan fried mushrooms

shit yeah, that sounds great


Just found out the gf I had in high school is getting married this month

Might have to take a trip to dans tomorrow neets



Cool, cant wait.



Yeah I'll keep clear of Lavington, looking at some of the places to rent in Albury there is plenty of places I can afford, I've been there a few times and it seems like a comfy semi-rural city.



What is the guy she is marrying like?



They're the best coles brand pie, so they're still a bit shit.

Good with worchestershire though.



He looks way out of her league, bloody Chads



Im probably in the early stages

Had a small episode the other day



I'm not too keen on smaller towns and villages, I really don't want to stand out like a sore thumb, basically anything over 20,000 in population I'd be fine with.






Would you be a much more suitable candidate?



And I made sure to use plenty of butter but I probably should of cut them up thinner



I live in a town of about 15,000 and I reckon it is too small. I can't go to Coles any more because too may people I know work there and I am embarrassed to see them.



Even when I was a not total loser in high school I wasn't a suitable candidate



Do you still have feelings for her?



How far did you get with her?



I live in a "city" of 70k people and that's still the case. Not as bad as my hometown though, where I knew literally everyone I saw walking down the street



Not far enough


na it was a good ten years ago, just feels a bit odd because she's the only girlfriend I've ever had and now she's having a wedding while I shitpost on 8chan



Good idea, what about North like Gosford or south West far away from Sydney like Goulburn are both developing suburbs with relatively cheap rent




NK is too alpha to feel these feels





Ok NEETs I'm back with another tale of one of my spregouts from HS tonight, couldn't post all day today because had to deal with mummybot cleaning through all my shit, thankfully she didn't find all the empty goon sacks I have, planning a few days without booze as I've really been bulling my liver over the past 3 weeks or so



>when it turns out half the thread lives in, has family in or is going to move to albury wodonga

Is albury the new gippsland



NK would've raped them both and then be making plans to be waiting in their shofered cars on the way to the alter.



Yeah this is main problem, don't want people to know I'm the town weirdo who doesn't work and so on, unless I could come up with some cover story that I work from home or something…


Gosford is a shithole, loads of nigger refugees got dumped there, as for Goulburn I'm not sure, I've only ever passed through there and I think rent is actually quite high, some other places I've thought about is Tassie, rent is pretty cheap in Launceston and it's got nice cool weather all year round and lovely scenery and fun roads to tear up.



>tfw wanting that video now



Why would you let her go through your shit?


Wrong side of the country neeto



Watching NEETs sperg out would be high quality viewing.




High School?

I know it's holidays but school fags ain't allowed and we're probably legally obligated to tell you drinking when you're under 18 is bad but once you've 18 go for broke



Ah, the more I know. Tassies the best place for DSP NEETs. I think they should cull some forest to protect endangered NEETs and to provide them with shelter



Obviously the other half is Wa and the other other half is SA

NEETs can't into math



Learn to read a little better neet, he was saying when he was in high school



> had to deal with mummybot cleaning through all my shit

Know the feeling m8, fucking hate that shit



Let's hope the quality of the video is high 1080p+ 4 life



Can't you just tell her to fuck off? I'd flip my shit if mummybot went in my room for no good reason.



Fuck me



You need 144p portrait view for the full neet experience



I've been to Tassie twice, it truly is wonderful, the move down there would be pretty hectic though, would probably have to sell all my shit and buy new stuff once I got down there because it's too expensive to ship everything down there.



2 edgy 4 me m8



I've got a big day tomorrow





I didn't want her to but didn't want to cause too much suspicion that I had some thing to hide so when with it


>school fags

No I've been out of HS for a while now, finished year 12 in a few year back



Get a NEET DSP 4wd and get it on that ship over there. Then sell everything else. Born 2 b dangerous in that 4wd


File: 6e95511d313a852⋯.png (3.1 KB, 236x73, 236:73, fuckingidiot.PNG)


It's alright, at least you managed to do what this guy could only dream of



Do you pay rent and bills? If so there is absolutely no reason she should have any right


File: de7ddcb1737401a⋯.jpg (7.16 KB, 211x239, 211:239, acdacadc.jpg)


My third of the whole is the best half.



Good night.



That doesn't really work, she just spergs out more.



They also have trains on rails through the forest.

That appeases all of my autistic tendencies.



Good night.



Yeah I've thought bout that, maybe even a van but first I need to get a new bike, then maybe save up for a van.



If you had a house below that train, you could exposure your self to the international chinks what greater joy could exist in life?



Nice 24s


See you get it

You're a smart guy



But where is the Warhammer



Be careful with vans. New ones are in high demand for big families and rentals. That's the Hyundai ones that are nice. The old Tradie and the Indian driver ones ones getting really abused. They would be cheap and nasty



Could get a old hiace or something



In my insulated, sound-proofed basement.



I'm not too worried about quality, could get a toyota hiace for $8000 or so with under 300,000km, all it's got to do is move me and some of my stuff and it could double as a garage for my bike if I got place with no garage.



Having a wind turbine.


File: 99d8c61a3c3f18b⋯.png (10.63 KB, 1330x75, 266:15, neetking.PNG)

Joondalup truly is the neet promised land



ey da dardy noongar



300k km that's getting too high. I would want to know about its vehicles history. Those delivery drives go fast and slam on the brakes. With tradies their shit files around with the same driving style. Be careful m8 when getting one



No it's her place and I don't pay for anything, she has this strange and baseless insistence that I'm into drugs or something else dodgy.

Anyway as promised spergout story for tonight

>year 9

>half abo kid that pushed me into the bench is now in my class

>he decides to continue picking on me

>joins forces with this cricket playing semi-chad with the shared goal to fuck with me

>one day in pe playing badmington or some other shit with rackets

>teacher who was a total wanker decides that we need to move to another part of the school

>whole class moves

>for some weird reason I get held up

>am the only one left in the hall we were playing in

>suddenly cricket chad and half abo come into that room and knee me in the stomach and leave

>lie around in pain for a while

>teacher comes back and starts yelling at me to hurry up

>leave the hall and go to the bathroom

>by coincidence the chad and abo are still there

>they ask me if it still hurts

>i get mad at this point and take some cleaning shit that was lying around and throw the bottle of detergent at the chad

>they run off and laugh

This was only the beginning of the chad doing shit to me and believe me, it gets better



This is very poetic.



>creature that can only walk backwards

2 spooky for me, and too close to home m8


File: 3c05ab9fd4c5c19⋯.png (44.41 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 1463555449456.png)

File: fee2a7e3ee4edb3⋯.jpg (231.92 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 4720402966_c8d7657b0a_b.jpg)

Does anyone else feel like there has been a turning point in our national identity? Going on NEETdrives through all these country towns fills me with his vision of how great this nation once was and the vacant and lifeless nature of these towns often draws parallels with the decline of Australia.

I think we all know how hopeless Liberal, Labor and One Nation are - Sustainable Australia/Dick Smith is our last hope and even then I think most of us know the 2 party situation is too hard to overcome.

The Australianisms of these days are often said by inner city bearded nu-males as they appeal to Australia's "fair go" attitude to give the pozzing of everything up a ago. It is inevitable that we will simply be under the informal control of China in 50 years from now. We are a nation united by ultimately nothing, everyone is just working to get their packaged up Colourbond tin, off-the-block bogan house all with no trees in sight, concrete everywhere and orange roof tiles.

To think that gay marriage and politician citizenship was the most talked about issues of 2017 doesn't fill me with much hope, I hate how much ironic I'm-not-being-serious aha-im-SO-not-an-adult culture we have adopted from the Americans especially from people my age.

really feeling it tonight NEETs



hiaces routinely go well over 500,000km with huge amounts of abuse, plus I'm an ex-mechanic so maintenance isn't an issue. The only thing i would use it for is if I did the move down to tassie, then after that I'd probably just use it to go down the shops, or sell it and buy a smaller shitter to drive in the winter months.



I disguise myself as the priest at the weddings, much more challenging than raping people in the confession boxes



A lot of small towns existed only because of industries that are dead in australia now. It is kinda sad, so many of the ones around here are populated by druggos and have only tourism for an industry.



Yeah I truly am terrified for the future of this country, and all of western civilisation, nothing will be recogonisable 20 years from now.



>badmington in PDHPE

why did we always do such gay sports? did anyone do dancing for like an entire semester?



I feel it too, the destruction of greenery and nature is apparent, even in my area, which used to be much more green. Australia used to be a libertarian kind of country but now it is infested with SJWS. China already informally controls us, but it will get worse, it is sad.



Ah, Toyota's I know generally last a long time but 500k is surprisingly high. Good luck with your future endeavours and be careful on the bike in the national park. Too many people have died there, plz be careful



I really feel for the future of this country. I didn't even get to experience the golden years, you feel robbed in a way, it's just disgusting, and the future doesn't look too good either.



ye we did



My family was allotted land in 1840 in a small town out in the middle of nowhere, after a 100 years it was a major destination. Everyone had work, everyone owned land.

The main industry "centralised" so the towns that relied on the work started to die as the people moved to the city to retain employment.

They sold their land, which was losing value due to the industry leaving. Half ended up just renting in the city.

That little town with a rich as fuck history now just has drunks and drug addicts and no work.

It's fucked and not a singular case.



You are right on the money mate.



I have been meaning to ask you how does your dick fit through the wire mesh in the confessional?



Cheers m80 It's always a risk riding a motorbike, but I'm generally careful, I rarely speed, it's just too much fun to stop and it's the only thing I really enjoy.



Pretty much if your town doesn't sit on the coast it has no value. Normies don't want to live inland



Do you enjoy the gasps from little old ladies as you whip out your NEETmeat?



I share this sentiment.



The creature moves back into the dumpster after a rape



>tfw never been to joondalup






Last time I was at lake Joondalup I saw some kangaroo or wallaby in the bushes, tried to follow it to give it a good dicking but it disappeared



I see things as either going two ways, and almost a 50/50 chance of either happening.

1. Technology completely consumes us and we end up like the society from that movie demolition man where everyone is a soft cock poofter being drive naround in butt-plug shaped autonomous shared google cars.

2. WW3 happens and the entire world goes back to medieval times.



Fucking ay.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>you never got to experience the golden years



Nah there are more options than that.



>tfw never had a gf



Which would you prefer? I'd rather the entire planet be wiped clean in a nuclear hellfire than for society to fall to the lowest common denominator, and be a leftist, cucked 'utopia', where excellence and truth is punished. I'd rather humanity die out than fall to such ineptitude.



Drilled a glory hole in there


They don't get a chance to scream or gasp once I shove my neet meat in their gob


File: 15493b39f3b1e29⋯.png (443.56 KB, 786x471, 262:157, tumblr_inline_ola14vc0Ib1s….png)

File: 2790109ab4e959e⋯.png (823.61 KB, 888x559, 888:559, tumblr_inline_ola130PE2G1s….png)


>I feel it too, the destruction of greenery and nature is apparent

don't question the progress



I live in Perth so there should be no excuse really.



You don't need an excuse to stay far away from Joondalup



It's becoming a NEET themepark in a few years



Who would pay for any of these abominations?



Can you imagine the smell?



You're probably right, but I would put these two options at the top before anything else, maybe it's just my black and white thinking but thats what I see happening.


I would rather see WW3 tbh, we need a reset, hopefully I would be killed instantly but if I did survive it truly would be hellish for quite some time, I'd probably try and find an abbey or monastery and become a monk or something.



A whole army of them are going up near me. Kick the roos off their land and build a shitton more houses in a town with no jobs, what could possibly go wrong



I inspect loads of those houses, they're all the same just rooms are placed differently around the house but it's all the same measurements when I do the floor plan



I disagree, I think our future will look like a 3rd option.

3. Demographically Brazil, a brown/mixed underclass and a white/asian/jew tech-overclass

In terms of social setting, essentially a Japan - Heightened tensions between men and women and everyone, everyone consumed by technology.

Big police state, more media control - Essentially just today x100



The hall of piss jugs ride is particularly smelly



My mummybot lives in something similar to that.



I can't imagine spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a house that looks the exact same as every other house down the street. What kind of life is that



There used to be a moderate amount of bushland surrounding my suburb, all gone to be replaced with the same cookie cutter shit houses and units, and a shopping centre. We're just fucking the country to build more rubbish to sustain the retarded immigration levels. I'm past the point of being mad, I don't know what to feel anymore.



This makes me feel physically sick.






Me too anon, me too

I always try to keep positive though, we could die tomorrow - best to just get out, get some sun and have a good time making the most of every day.



The houses cost fuck all to build since they mass produce the materials and appliances for housing estates so people can afford to buy them considering how inflated land prices are right now. In 30 years they'll be judges the same as todays fibro houses once all the shit starts falling apart in disrepair



That is a good attitude to have.



It's a real shame. Now that the older generation is dying off I'm seeing a lot of grandkids inherit their old beachhouses and then just sell them to the highest bidder so they can be torn down and replaced with normiehouses. Won't be long before they're all gone



>best to just get out, get some sun and have a good time making the most of every day.

This is basically what I try and do, just make the most of things while we still have them.


I'm feeling a little funny about the split now.

NK and monk getting permabanned for shitposting was fucked but I don't want to stop posting on either.

I feel like I've picked /ausneets/ when I never pick sides in arguments that don't concern me.

If BO from here or another NEET got a position as a moderator on /aus/ I doubt any of this would've happened.

/aus/ has been my home for over a year and I feel funny leaving it.

Is anyone else getting funny feelings from all of this?



Yeah I feel a little funny about it, I'm still occasionally taking a look at the other board, so far this board and the two threads so far have been rather comfy and I'm enjoying it.



Meant for >>1376



The Board Owner on /aus/ won't let anyone have any power over the board except him. He is a control freak, even though he doesn't even visit the board any more. I used to be a janitor there. I wasn't allowed to do anything except remove CP. Everything else had to be left to him.



I do feel like this is a tad of an over reaction but we'll see



If nothing else it has at freshened the posting up a bit. It was all getting a bit stale and shitposty in recent times



I do see why he does that and usually it's fine but it's just that shit happens

I personally don't have a problem with /aus/s boy but this is the only way



>an over reaction

We tried to get him to see reason and he didn't give a shit. He is still defending giving out a permaban to NEETKing which is just crazy. He has no idea.



Well it's less poojeetaposting while Danposting is at appropriate levels so that's only a good thing


So is using pepes in the OP a requirement

The aus BO used to encourage us to do it so the threads stood out in the catalog, but I'm not sure if this board will even have other threads. It would be nice out of "tradition" though



I'm not keen on danposting but it has been a bit milder lately which is good



Pepe OP images should be strongly encouraged.



I have enjoyed it too and "comfy" is the perfect word for the feels

I think I may end up missing the upset, spergouts and chaos from the nice NEETs and the narkyNEETs clashing


Do you have any idea who the mod is that deletes shit sometimes?


Yeah I guess so.

I feel guilty for as soon as the board splits I start making banners and shit and a fucking NEETvid, that i've been talking about for fucking months.

I'm wondering if I should post it there too, if not first as /aus/ was home for so long and I feel like I'm ditching it for no real reason other than NK isn't there.

I never really cared about moderation and shit.

I dunno..

funny feels.



>Do you have any idea who the mod is that deletes shit sometimes?

No he is a mystery to me. I doubt he is allowed to do much.



This is normal for chan communities



Yes it's not NEET gen without a Pepe op and the occasional newfag Fucking it up


Was it even him or was it the cunts vol

>tfw we'll never know how gookanons trip ended because he's the bo



No you shouldn't post it there too. It is best for everyone now that we only have one board and that everyone uses the same one. That needs to be this one. The other one is permanently fucked.



>gookanons trip

he posted this morning I think.



>funny feels.

You are prone to beta reactions like this. You need to harden up. We have done the right thing by moving here and everything is going well.


File: 7a382a7aeb9933a⋯.jpg (43.35 KB, 594x450, 33:25, gandalf.jpg)


This could lead to NEET civil war



I see videos as a NEET thing

While I don't want /aus/ time die and let's face it /aus/ might not even reach 200000 before this board the scism is a killing wound



The war is already over. We won.



You just want to see the world burn.



Nah that was just the invasion of Poland

Now we wait for /brit/ to try and ruin everything again




Who'll get the 1488 get



A hero.



hardcuntinaute is just a facade, i'm just a soft cock eating mints that wants everyone to be friends.





It can sometimes be hard keeping a balance between maximizing your enjoyment and making the most out of each day and just indulging in mindless hedonism that leaves you crashing and burning and it's something that I'm sure all of us NEETs have struggled with at times.

I think having a positive attitude is the most crucial thing to get down. I have only been to a psychologist once or twice as an edgy teen and the advice that the normie female psychs and old boomers gave me was all complete bullshit, similarly to that NEET who told his psych about his online adventures and she was completely out of her element. But more back on topic, the most important thing is to adopt a positive mindset, it does sound like normie advice but I've genuinely found that if you think optimistic thoughts and filter the negative mindset out then it will eventually begin a self-fulfilling cycle and you'll feel happier. Avoiding negative shit like /r9k/ and SJW/political things also does wonders. A lot of NEETs might laugh but listening to normie upbeat summer house mixes always perks my mood up too.

I think that's why rich people are often so happy or at least often seem to be, as well as just successful people in general. They have one or two good things happen to them and then the happiness essentially becomes a snowball effect as they continue to build momentum. I'm sure we all know the feeling of everything just coming together, once you get into that positive mindset you are unstoppable. I had a great day today just due to such a nice convo with this old lady gardening on my NEETwalk and the beautiful state of the weather and smashed out a chest workout despite not eating much today at all.


File: 07dd2fcfd65281d⋯.png (199.08 KB, 682x998, 341:499, 1468063554315.png)


You only get one shot at it, it shall be mine



Just remember what the other BO did to your friend Monk. Fucked him over when he needed our support most and then refused to listen to our pleas.



rip at my heart strings cunt.

I'm trying to put my cyber-semi-homo phase behind me.



I think you are right, especially about politics, I've became extremely black pilled on the entire political thing a few months back and it's done me wonders, my mood has improved quite a bit as a result, also you are right about mindless hedonism, I need to find something productive, maybe just getting into a daily routine of going out for an hour walk and keeping my room neat and tidy


Smelly aboriginal vagina



>going out for an hour walk and keeping my room neat and tidy

I'm not sure this is enough. It is very difficult to find something that gives you satisfaction in life when everything around you is designed to atomise you.



Well it's a start, I know the other option is to get a job, but with the state of society, and the way things are heading I don't really see the point at all.



Monk deserves to be remembered.



>just due to such a nice convo with this old lady

It's truly the little things that make it.



Yeah, for sure. He's a good cunt and I'm sure he'll post again when he feels up to it.



There is no point getting a job in the sense that there is no point to anything. But it would probably make you happier.



>when he feels up to it

Or down to it. Giving up the chans for him is like his attempts to give up drinking. He will come back because he failed, not because he is feeling better.



I'm pretty content as it is since I'm on dsp, the only benefit I see to having a job is an extra $200 a week.



I think with the notion of it snowballing, it works both ways.

Sometimes I know that I'll get rejected for a position but still when it happens it cuts deep and makes me feel like a fuckwit for even trying, that makes me more reluctant to try again or at least the next time I'll have even less confidence.



No there is more to it than just the money. You feel a sense of pride and would lose all the shame you have at being on DSP.



Possibly. Whenever I work it makes me feel miserable, I turned down a shift on new years that was offering over $600 even though I was doing nothing, working just makes me feel that bad.



Maybe, I hope not.

I've tried to quit chans a lot of times and he said he's been on them for 10 years which is twice as long as me and I cant quit. The best I can do is change/leave boards.



I remember he tried to quit them numerous times, I feel for the cunt.



I'm on dsp, I try to potentially make the family think I'm less of a no hoper.



It's only shame if you care about the opinions of the normies. I doubt most here do really.


How much did they increase it this year?








Cunt you could have gotten a hooker with that money and all the goon you wanted.


I hope you cunts don't forget to report today

My reporting day is today






I don't think any job would give me a sense of pride, I'm probably permanently damaged in that regard.


I think $50 a fortnight, so all up with rental assistance I get $955 a fortnight, If I lived on my own I would get an extra $130 a fortnight in rental assist.



I cant think of any thing else.

I think that's the extent of the female form.


Vietnam anon is over in the other thread. Someone needs to point him our way.


File: 2f5ac07f0b96a98⋯.jpg (89.73 KB, 615x923, 615:923, PAYDatta-Phuge-wearing-sol….jpg)


Big round bobs


All right NEETs, an early night for me after a long hard day of enduring mummybots accusations and general bitching



I think I'm getting $10 extra overall this year, but I get youth allowance+disablity supp. About $435 last time I checked.



Good night mate.



With mine I still have hours left to go, I'm fucked but good luck to you m8



Good night NEETo.



I could have been set for goon for a month or two even, If I drank goon, If I drank at all. After tonight I think I will stop.

But working is that terrible that I did not deem it to be worth it.


night night neeties

gotta get up nice and not so early tomorrow so I can spend some of my wagiebux on frivolous items that make me feel a bit better


@ and a half hours to upload a 5 min video.

I'm doing something wrong.




Night mate.



How many mb was the file you uploaded?



Good night wagie.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


dunno, here it is though.. finally.


File: 5d6a688ec4572d0⋯.jpg (257.65 KB, 791x778, 791:778, emma.jpg)


IIRC this is the 2nd time you've posted about these pies so I can't say you're a shill but next time I'm in Coles I'll be grabbing a pack along with a bottle of Worcestishire sauce. Bloody shill



Cheesy and Dans are cutting into Coles profits with their cheesecake and goon shilling.



Great first video mate. Top stuff.



The supermarkets know that having their products seen being bought and consumed by NEETs is a surefire way to increase sales. We are the true trendsetters.


REEE what the fuck is wrong with this website I can't post a 5MB mp4?



You need something to work towards, having a good income for hard work is pointless if you have no direction it's worse than being a neet (which is not a bad thing)



Watching it now, kinda reminds me of a weird Fallout 4



You do sound like a hard cunt. But I know you are really a soft cunt.



Coles is a dinosaur that will die with the past, in the near future we will have Dan/Aldi/Centrelink stores where the Neet can do all their shopping in one place



They have limits


File: 651a3562267259d⋯.mp4 (5.04 MB, 478x480, 239:240, questioningmypurpose.mp4)

When you're a wagie, you enter unknown worlds.



That's it. I'm fucking buying them as well.



I have no idea what I just watched, but I enjoyed it.


File: 16af4dd1e5a6c2f⋯.png (21.45 KB, 200x245, 40:49, heaps good.png)


That's South Australia to a t


File: 227468b2e46e9af⋯.jpg (1.7 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 15157619859831790104760.jpg)

Trying some gin tonight, shit tastes bad



I was surprised by what my voice sounds like, I have more of a NEETaccent than I though I did.


We need to bet MAXsluts to deliver our NEETtreats and the world will be just as God planned.


File: be6abd06b97de26⋯.png (122.83 KB, 699x674, 699:674, 1455253689990.png)


You are always watching Star Trek.




Nah you sound like a bush Aussie.



Keep it up, enjoyed it


You have to mix it. Are you drinking it straight?



I'd tell you the reference but it would spoil it for the other people here if you really don't know what it is.



Good stuff.



What the fuck is this?

This is amazing.



You are drinking a granny drink. Are you trying to get into the mindset of the old ladies to find out their daily routines and know when they are most vulnerable?



Need to mix it with tonic water.



Not like I used to, I think.

I've never really taped myself before. i think being an internet aficionado has rubbed off these past few years.






It's the only decent thing on netflix


File: 31c1bc498c98bcf⋯.jpeg (13.53 KB, 316x466, 158:233, images (28).jpeg)


>Gin and star trek



I feel like an old lady



Another SA NEET. I might make vidioes in random parts of SA too.


File: 378c1cb72bb2ccc⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 142.37 KB, 304x400, 19:25, 1472859379975.png)


He gave me a list of all the ones to watch and I could tell he really thought it through.

I still haven't watched any



It is always disappointing when you share something you really like with someone else and they do not make an effort to appreciate it.



You need to get yourself some doilies for your desk.



You're a brave man

>tfw you just want to walk down a public street holding hands with your 2018GF



The more videos the better. You can film the SA NEETs fishing trip and barbecue, Also the bunga bunga party after.



I will get around to it. For you.


File: 10421e70cd75027⋯.jpg (76.48 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1441865755661.jpg)

Okay NEETs I am off to bed. Good night to you all.

Don't forget that someone is going to have to make a new thread pretty soon.



Good night, I don't think I'm far behind you.



I hope you're not rapeneet that close behind me.


Think I will get a fruit cake from Woolies tommorow and have a little slice each night with a cup of tea as dessert.


>tfw too depressed to sleep



I enjoy Woolies light fruit cake. I had to stop buying them though because I could never stop at just one slice and would end up eating the whole cake.



lol, he wouldn't tell you he was there til its too late


That sounds like a nice, not overly unhealthy dessert


File: 150eb485b2e4161⋯.jpg (24.29 KB, 327x327, 1:1, lLUUyuaE.jpg)



File: bc1b85dd6f527e2⋯.jpg (115.51 KB, 560x695, 112:139, bc1b85dd6f527e269cac671dc2….jpg)

I'm always surprised by how many neets have proper sleep schedules.



very clever.



There's nothing to stay up for.



There's nothing to wake up for








I've got to help my boss move tomorrow, she rang me while I was out and I was supposed to ring her when I got home but forgot because I was trying to work out how to do that video shit. She texted me a couple hours ago saying if she sees me, she sees me like I was going to change my mind. It's like she's trying to make me feel guilty for not going, when it isnt even the day to go and I am still going to help her.

The next text was obviously meant for someone else and it said how she might have to do it on "her own", she's still got her two brothers helping and how thats worrying her but isn't going to stress this year.

I better go to bed I think, she wants me at her old house by 9.


Yeah, good night NEETs

Dont forget to make a new thread.


I've decided I am going to go to the forest to record a video soon. Maybe Sunday, I sort of filmed part of one in my room but I think a forest makes a better environment for it even though I know other neets filmed in their rooms.

This could all be the alcohol talking though.


I find it important to have a sleeping schedule, it keeps some kind of normality and structure in an otherwise structureless life.



Sounds like you're planning to off yourself, b-but of course you aren't



She sounds like a bitch



Is he getting paid to move any of this shit? Moving is heavy work and you have to be careful not to scratch anything. You are looking forward, backwards and side to side constantly while carrying heavy shit



I hope he has good reception if he does decide to do the needful. I want that video.


New Thread





ofc not lel


buy a fast-transaction coin like ETH or ETC or XMR in person so theyll show up in your wallet in a few minutes so youre not waiting around the coffee shop with bud until the transaction is confirmed

send them to literally any exchange because you only need to provide identification with them if you plan to deposit or withdraw fiat currencies

then either sell them in person eventually or just buy shit directly with them

also use a vpn or youre a doublenigger

bonus points if you use mullvad or something that lets you pay with bitcoin and doesnt require any information from you




try to use an exchange based in japen because their government regulates them so they dont jew you

also they might insure the coins unlike pretty much every other exchange i'm not sure about this point yet

b i t f i n e x is pretty decent




>b i t f i n e x

>tfw when new account require $10,000 deposit and take up to 6 to 8 weeks to vertify for fiat, but still.

I would be careful with a company wanting that much equity and they want to charge fees for inactive accounts now (on their new sign up disclose)? It reminds me of Mt Gox or whatever it was, those people who paid the priority free to transfer their money got jewed but if it arrived you at least got your shit back before the cunt went bust.

Thanks m80 for the tips will investigate



all exchanges have that fucklong verification period fam; its to do with the surge of new accounts being created in the last few months. unironically dont fucking verify unless you absolutely need to withdraw fiat from the exchange directly or you plan on paying taxes. you can do i think everything else but that with an unverified account

sorry for the homosexuality but redd.it is probably the best resource for researching exchanges i didnt know about the registration stipulations on bitfinex; they must have just introduced that in the last week

sage for ded thred


Seeing spare posts at the end of old threads gets my autism up.

Gotta fill this bad boy up.


File: d9fc21129a01f6b⋯.png (221.99 KB, 417x360, 139:120, our exchange.png)

File: 27fa97a71991108⋯.png (2.58 KB, 153x39, 51:13, omg wtf you shitlord.png)


Use binance it's /ourexchange/

Also buy OmiseGo (OMG), it's /ourcoin/

bigly partners bigly profits, in /myopinion/



Sounds like trap shitcoin



based out of japen, golemfags fear it

also mcdicks partnership for mainstream burgerbux t b h

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