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File: 26812fa4fbe49fb⋯.jpg (331.96 KB, 1010x1500, 101:150, 26812fa4fbe49fb3d495702c81….jpg)


Don't you hate it when you have a nice rhythm and it's all moving at a good pace but then you realise its over before you even climaxed?

OLD >>85337
















Images containing the contents of a toilet bowl must be spoilered and must be accompanied by text clearly explaining they are an image of the contents of a toilet bowl.


File: f51a60decd74fa7⋯.jpg (53.17 KB, 398x427, 398:427, 1528606842986.jpg)

What the fuck are we going to do boys


File: 36813193cf4be1d⋯.jpg (73.33 KB, 788x525, 788:525, CAC40HOC011A121001.jpg)


Non NEET General Threads may only be created after being suggested, considered and approved in the NEET General Thread.

I hope we never have any of those.


File: 5c259b8e19d1507⋯.jpg (28 KB, 430x323, 430:323, sensual beast.JPG)


Can I start a >tfw no gf thread?



We've already had 114.



gfs are over rated


File: cfa9032e7570009⋯.jpg (72.1 KB, 900x612, 25:17, robots in disguise.jpg)

File: c893ff860cce384⋯.jpg (7.41 KB, 226x223, 226:223, images.jpg)

File: ee74883c92cf0f4⋯.jpg (38.26 KB, 728x410, 364:205, 2016-toyota-hilux-review-0….jpg)

File: ab948c18aa3b7c6⋯.jpg (10.75 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images (1).jpg)



How often do you guys get new tires?



It depends on the type of tyre, I guess your normal tyre will last 30,000km or so, I need new tyres for my bike every 8000km.



I've had mine for less than 20,000 k's but they are getting pretty low. I go bush a bit and drive like a rally driver often though so maybe that's why.

How often are you supposed to change your bike tires?


File: d89d1ccb558beaf⋯.jpg (309.24 KB, 800x1064, 100:133, the big cock.jpg)

I'm getting sleepy, good night friends.



nite dream of goon and dont forget to wank before sleeping



Yeah spirited driving will wear them down quick and for bikes it depends on the type of tyre you get, some soft sport/track tyres will only last 2000km, I opt for a more sportier sports touring tyre that are usually good for 8000km - 10000km, biggest problem with bikes though is the tyres become squared well before they are worn out.





Just did a poo so big I blocked my toilet lads, unblocked it now so is good


Night NEETs, the big poo really did a number on me



"Black lives matter here" repeated 22 times. Which was also my application letter for getting into Stanford.



It was almost heaven


Pacific Ocean

Sacramento River


File: f6c4e2f80bc6479⋯.jpg (56.47 KB, 1000x550, 20:11, USS_Enterprise-A_quarter.jpg)

Morning neets. What enterprises do you have planned for today?



Morning m8

Just the usual fuck all with a bit of shopping for variation


Someone linked me this recently


Every fuckin' time …


>•On December 6, 1938, several weeks after Kristallnacht in Germany, Aboriginal leader William Cooper led a delegation of the Australian Aboriginal League to the German Consulate in Melbourne to deliver a petition which condemned the “cruel persecution of the Jewish people by the Nazi government of Germany."



I gotta wagecuck all day. :(


File: 7edea44c90cf71f⋯.jpg (280.61 KB, 2048x1447, 2048:1447, wagie.jpg)


Gonna get drunk by 8 am, and then have some nachos for breakfast. My preparations are almost complete. Say hi to Mr Shekelstein for me wagies.



Oy vey!


File: b3fde1f8bdcadb5⋯.jpg (108.34 KB, 655x650, 131:130, jewPepe.jpg)


Oy vey !!

You are not doing it the right way there my son !

Would you like a job shovelling pajeet poo for $2 an hour ?



is that one on the left the neet camper? how much do you think it costs?



first i have to decide if i want to sleep or drink then sleep. my kidney kinda hurts so i think ill drink a few bottles of water first.

i cant wait to move out


if i get a NEET van do you think it would be practical to make my own petrol?




Nah, you'd get kidnapped by boongs then



That sounds suspiciously like work. The reason we wanted a solar powered van was to mooch off the sun.


A bought something small from a Seppo on eBay back on May 28 and tracking shows it still hasn't left the US yet, despite entering the postal system the same day. Looks like the retards are taking it on a tour of mainland USA and Hawaii.




Gonna fuck Karen.



Did you break it up with your hands?


File: 224bcd17811d82f⋯.jpg (92.38 KB, 449x401, 449:401, l.jpg)


>his penis isn't long enough to stick down the toilet and unclog the pipes


Good Morning NEETs


i do not. What about you?


File: 91749468a130460⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


File: cb6ad2d3d6003a0⋯.jpg (169.92 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, g.jpg)

>tfw gf



Ukraine stronk!


Morning NEEToes.




I had a slav gf till earlier this year.

They're ok I guess.


File: fae66b8fce8696c⋯.jpg (47.24 KB, 940x627, 940:627, Nice.jpg)



Cheeky buggers


File: c6bb2b7301b3954⋯.jpg (157.59 KB, 620x620, 1:1, nazipepe[1].jpg)




second chance to enter the cup >>>/v/14992630



The ABC is doing everything it can this week to try and bring the SAS down. Summary executions, war crimes, Nazi flags, wah wah wah



The day is fast coming when they won't be able to fly the australian flag



Was it the girl pictured? Do you have her nudes?



That's what they're angling for. Only permitted flags will be the boong and faggot ones.



Fuck the ABC.



We could just pretend she is Swedish.



Lol, no, I wish.

She was a chubby single mum.

And she may have been 17 years younger than me.

And no, I'm not a pedo, I'm the old cunt



Lol why?



Same flag colours?


Good morning NEETs. Doggo has been walked. Another tough one. Cold and windy and my legs were stiff and sore for reasons unknown. I am being challenged by the Gods.



Yes but what I meant was why would you want to pretend this Slavic goddess is a Swedecuck who got HIV from some Somalis running a train on her?



If she was Swedish she would've been raped by niggers 23 times though


Morning dogNEET



I thought the other guy was implying he didn't like slavs.



Damnit, you beat me on the nigger rape comment by 19 seconds

If only I hadn't said g'morning to doggo


>>86188 (Hitlerdubs suggest another person who didn't like slavs)



Great minds think alike, NEET.



>Morning dogNEET

There is already a dogNEET and he isn't me. He is a very nice fellow though.



You're RheumatismNEET.



Ah, fair enough,that's what I get for trying to be NEETspotterNEET


File: cb5fe42df647dfc⋯.jpg (20.52 KB, 331x500, 331:500, Lazarus_and_Joannes_Baptis….jpg)



Morning m8

Bloody chilly here today, 7c

Hows it where you are ?



21 degrees.



Good morning mate.



K-karen really looks different without her makeup



Apparently it's custom made and not for sale.

>theres a comment that says that in this link

It'd be expensive to make though, it has a bathtub although I couldn't work out where that was positioned




I'd just get a regular-sized canopy on one of those dual-cabs. Like the tradies have but I'm sure if I lay down diagonally on the tray I can be fully stretched out and sleep comfortably.


Good morning Laz



A fantastic picture, although I find that P plate unsightly for some reason. It ruins the aesthetics of the bike I think.


I'm going to tower post because my internet is acting up. I have another technician coming today and I am planning on booking a time for them to put new cable in to the house.

I also have my first "meet and greet" this arvo with a customer, (not sure if I told you all that - there's also another guy who said he'll get back to me, I guess he's looking into his current staff's rosters) so I hope that goes well.


I'll check that out later, that sounds cool. There used to be a guy who worked out at Virginia (Adelaide) who went to the fish and chip shops in the city and got their used cooking oil (pretty sure the companies just gave him it as it saved them money to get rid of it) and he ran tractors off of it. This was in the 70's iirc.

>not really related but


We all are, she'll be the commune hussy


That's very strange looking


>was taken in August 2007.

I think what >>86176 is saying is right, why bring up a 10 year old photo?


>He is a very nice fellow though.

Oh, you.


Looks cold outside, I've got the heater on atm and have trackies on.


In the 1500's (in someplace, I cant remember) women could be convicted of witchcraft for putting on makeup.


>a regular-sized canopy

I have one of those and that was my plan, it's big enough for a swag (just under 6 foot long) but I've just used it so doggo doesn't get wet.

I'll make a tower post like this now and then, this shitty internet is going to fuck with my quota.



And I regret nothing. AMA.



Was >she passing?



>"meet and greet" this arvo with a customer

What is a customer in this context? What is the meet and greet meant to achieve?


I have no idea how my room always gets so dusty, I vacuum it every 2 weeks and even after 1 week it is dusty to the max



dead skin. your dead skin.



My doggo covers everything in a coat of hair and dust. I dust and vacuum one day and the next day you can already see it starting to return.



I don't mind a tower post every now and then, it's rather exciting actually. As if some person really is interested in others lives and must reply to them all. God bless you son, and I hope all goes well with the net and this arvo's meet and greet.



She was a post-op that had nice fake big tits. I didn't see 'her' 'vagina' as it was dark. I saw her twice and would've a third time if I wasn't such an alco.


I posted pics but I don't have a big willy.



Did you get yourself checked afterwards?



My place is the same especially around the corner my computer is in.

Might be because I chain smoke



No, I used a condom but probably should get checked anyway.




This should be a ban offence tbh

fagneet was bad enough, do we really need trannyarsebangerNEET too ?

I will give you credit for the 's on her and vagina though


Got an appointment today with JSA, my case manager told me on Tuesday that it's a non-compulsory session but I'm still worried that they'll suspend muh bux when I don't show up.



Post pics of >her. Also what race was >she?



This is a support group for NEETs, not a recruiting drive for the Antipodean Resistance. You need to learn to tolerate your fellow NEETs' degeneracy.


File: 7534d08156f482a⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, out071392.png)



Drinking coffee and wagecucking and shitposting



> I'm playing modded Terraria.

after you get fucked maybe



>You need to learn to tolerate your fellow NEETs' degeneracy.

What if my degenerate trait is bringing up Cheesey's GF all the time?



Bugger off, there's literally dozens of boards here where he can post about sodomising another bloke if he wants to.

Tranny fucking is NOT a standard topic here.



Trips confirm.


How is that degenerate?



That could be anyone. Studies have shown neets have longer penises on average than wagies.



You mean >>>/fit/ ?






YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You can get diesels to run on old cooking oil but you get less performance and less fuel range, it's also a lot of fucking around, but it's nice to know that if society ever falls apart you can probably still get a diesel to run on all kinds of oils.



Will it make the engine smell delicious?



Wood gas engines are where it's at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wood_gas



Apparently it does have a pleasant deep fryer style smell from the exhaust.



Bringing up Cheesie's gf all the time is a personal offence against another NEET. That is not tolerated. Violating one NEET's nazi moral code is not the same thing. You need to learn to accept that other people see the world differently to you.






>You need to learn to accept that other people see the world differently to you.

That works both ways though.


>>86233 (checked)

>>86223 (lmao edit distance)

Basically you're allowed to do anything as long as it's in the service of the globo-homo-gayplex.



No-one tries to stop you posting your nazi beliefs. You are just gently chided and we try to steer you back onto a sensible path.



Please don't.

For what it's worth, I haven't posted any of that in this thread, other than the Ukraine lady. Any other comments are somebody else.



Are you the yarmulke poster?



Or are you saying that banning trannyfucking is a nazi belief?



Pretty much everything is apparently.



Alright well hail victory!


File: a8cc4e2ab1480be⋯.png (164.21 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, kfc-logo.png)


We'll be using the Colonel's oil at the neet compound, to give the surrounding area a kfc scent.


File: 98ad63280dc4ec5⋯.png (133 KB, 399x629, 399:629, your_uncle.png)



*seig heil's*

*goose steps away*



That would cause me to be erect all day.



Are you saying the Catholic NEETs are Nazis?



It would cause me to be hungry all day.



We would have to institute some sort of measures to prevent the executives drinking the oil.


Trannies gonna tranny, nazis gonna nazi, I don't care about either I just want to be comfy.


File: c7ba6bdc0aef3ee⋯.jpg (33.43 KB, 699x370, 699:370, brendan_fraser_by_david_sh….jpg)

>woke up

>Still no gf



u gotta go where the girls (and trannys) are, mang



The nazi beliefs ARE the sensible path you homo



Nazi beliefs are not at all sensible.


File: 892240734baa5cb⋯.png (115.16 KB, 500x396, 125:99, right.png)



Go back to sleep. I'm sure things will be different tomorrow.



Can you summarise them please?



>the Catholic NEETs

I didn't know we had any strict Catholic non-nazi NEETs.



A "customer" is what the company calls clients.

You meet them to see if they want you and to work out a roster, in a way the customer is the boss.


She was a dark asian iirc, maybe some type of african. The pic he posted was dimly lit.


He posted about it over a year ago.




Yeah, that's my view too. It's easier to just take it in your stride and if it upsets you pretend it's a shitpost and move on.


Hail Thule.



Bump. Post pics, NEET.



Are the customers usually the disabled individual themselves or do they have a guardian who makes decisions for them?



I doubt we have any strict catholics, most likely just lapsed or cultural catholics that haven't been to church in years.



Poll - what scent should we use as an air freshener inside the neet compound?

1) fresh cooked KFC

2) Golden oak goon

3) executive BO, extracted from hard to reach skin areas

4) Karen's panty odour



Why not combine all 4? I believe it would make for a very unique and delicate aroma.



>tfw refreshed



An intelligent post



We can call it Eau de toilette de NEET


Are they still selling 24 McNuggers for $10 at Maccas?



We can call our first wine vintage Chateau ver de Fleur (Shat over the floor)



12th Man?



Very good, boomerNEET.



Yeah mate



I grew up listening to his albums.



>Violating one NEET's nazi moral code

So. objecting to a discussion on a bloke fucking another bloke in the arse makes me a nazi now does it ?

Well, colour me nazi then I guess.

Also, fuck off leftyNEET, no-one likes you.



>a discussion

People were calling for censorship and bans. Not discussion.



And you're calling for my censorship and a ban on my opinion.

As I originally said, if he wants to talk about sodomy theres load of boards where that is normal discussion.



>Also, fuck off leftyNEET, no-one likes you.

This. I'm hoping he commits suicide.



They are usually the individual themselves. Most of the customers dont have any intellectual impairment.

This is just what I've been told though and this is my first time so we'll see but from what I've heard this company works primarily with people with just physical disabilities. There are a few with behavioural and intellectual issues but I doubt I'd put with them straight away and by myself.



>fuck off leftyNEET, no-one likes you




I'm the one he takes issue with usually, but I don't wish that on him.



>no-one likes you.

He's alright.



Tranny fucking never has been a 'normal topic of discussion' here so stop whinging. BTW, I fucked 'her' where there used to be a penis, not in the arsehole. Deal with it.



Fact-check: false.



>I didn't fuck a dude in the ass, I fucked an open wound.

Nice save, NEET.



>where there used to be a penis

>an artificial hole lined with transplanted anal mucus

You fucked his second arsehole.

You are a double homosexual.

Deal with it.



Haha fag



Good summary. Concise.


Anyhow, let's get back on track NEETs.

How about that local sportsball team ay ?

I hear they're doing well.



I think leftyNEET is another Possum alias, and he is alright.



my eagles are doing well

hope we pump swans saturday night



Swans are a protected species. You CANNOT fuck them.



Yarmulke tipper needs to go in the >>>/oven/



Challenge accepted.



The guy with the white power rack?


File: b04b46e04d4cc31⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1104x1200, 23:25, ClipboardImage.png)



It used to be a crime to eat swan in England unless you were royalty.

Dunno about fucking them though




A (sex) attack on the Queen's property is the same as a (sex) attack on the Queen herself.



Apparently in the Weimar Republic you could fuck a duck to death and then get it cooked up so you can eat it. Like at a restaurant.



That's still legal in canada





Technically I fucked the inside of a condom so there's still hope for me yet…



I thought that was only for Beavers?



I eat beavers.



As long as they're imported seppo beavers I believe that's totally legal



Gotta wrap it before you tap it.


Anyone else have mental health problems?



I talk to myself and my cat if that counts



Holy shit, you mean people are multi-faceted complex beings and not cookie cutouts from some social study booklet?



Before you attack 'er wrap your whacker



You're barking up the wrong tree mate, no-one here has any of those.



Don't be silly, wrap your willy.



The yarmulke faggot is a cookie cutout.



Woof woof


File: c7e2ec1ed8d47af⋯.png (304.16 KB, 632x634, 316:317, BrucesAdvice.png)



He's not as clear cut as you might think, if he is who I think he is.


File: fc057000c5d9f05⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, ClipboardImage.png)


Did somebody say white power rack?



Looking good Karen



Lmao is she southern Italian?



NFI. Just grabbed the first big titted broad int he 'Post Your NatSoc Waifu' thread on /pol



Also doubles as the "big fake tits" tranny the other NEET was talking about.



Yeah, would be a bit rough looking I suspect.



I don't care for guessing games about which NEET is which, if someone acts like a sanctimonious little rat then they can just fuck off from here.







NatSoc milkies.


File: a9cc930d2eb1c68⋯.png (423.62 KB, 386x575, 386:575, chrischan.png)


Nah, this was 'her'



Isn't that a Spanish flag behind her?




You had sex with CWC?



Thereby completing his Love Quest.



he's cute


>brush teeth twice a day

>floss once a day

>shampoo hair twice a week

>don't own any soap or even used it in years

I just use shampoo as soap in the shower and I never use soap after washing my hands with anything

I haven't gotten sick in over 2 years now too

what are all of your hygiene practices and routines?



Lol, no, not him.

I was just being a cunt.


good afternoon/morning NEETs



I'm literally the opposite.

I only use soap, I shave my head though so it rarely gets long enough to need washing.



>shampoo twice a week

>conditioner in beard daily (try to soften the pubes)

>soap daily (cleanfreakNEET)

seems to go ok. I work top to bottom, except the face which i do last becomes i heard somewhere sometime that after some hot water the pours (no idea if thats the right spelling) open up or some shit so you get a better face clean and reduce pimple risk.

goes ok, until I binge on the dirty bird.



What's up my NEETga!


>>86333 (checked)

How often do you shave your nuts?


File: 199aae7c794eb0b⋯.png (158.76 KB, 1276x251, 1276:251, jewsquirrel.png)



nothing. doge is happily napping. i might do the same in an hour to two



Brush once or twice a day

Floss irregularly but often after meaty meals

Alternate between no products, baking soda/vinegar, no product, fragrant shampoo, for washing hair

Soap after a gym-shower or when I smell bad

Don't forget: Washing hands after a pee or a poo unless it's late at night and you don't want to wake mummybot so you just pee onto the grass in the backyard and go back to bed



depends if I'm seeing any of my lady friends



>often after meaty meals

yeah same

>grass in the backyard and go back to bed

a good technique but i tend to treat myself to a pitch black sit down wee, like a lady when its deep night


looking like a bit more of a mong than usual today


File: d229889ec0163c0⋯.png (136.71 KB, 311x300, 311:300, 1528598127259.png)

>day is already half over




i used to work night shift, bed at 6am. get up at 3/4pm. that was an awful time. always felt bad.

i think a NEET shouldn't force himself to be awake everyday, but should try to change their internal clock so that they naturally get up at a good hour. it just makes you feel better - to try to rise with the sun as much as possible.

it becomes comfy



I agree, starting your day with a good breakfast and lots of water out in the sun is always great.

Even when I was in primary school I'd always feel like shit if I just ate some cereal in a dark house watching TV.

I think 6:30AM-7AM is a good time to get up at but I always go to sleep at midnight as oppose to 10PM-11PM so it becomes hard to get into that schedule. I feel I need at least 8 hours sleep.



>always go to sleep at midnight as oppose to 10PM-11PM

thats the real challenge. i try to make my screens as 'red' as tolerable with flux to force myself to sleep around the golden time.

>I need at least 8 hours sleep.

everyone does. i never understood when i was waging the concept of sleeping less as a badge of honour. its literally just giving yourself brain damage. every human needs 8 hours.



You weren't going to do anything useful with the day, so what have you lost?



good feels can be had if you dont sleep in



>I don't care for guessing games about which NEET is which

Not a NEETlore enthusiast I see.


File: 30a7be3235db7a8⋯.jpeg (5.68 KB, 225x225, 1:1, d.jpeg)

>my doge is very happy

>he gives me a reason to leave the house

>want to impress him and give him the best life

>sometimes makes me feel that its ok when it isnt

>gives me the most happiness out of everything

>i love my doge

every NEET needs a dog or maybe a cat.



I start at my dick and sometimes don't progress.


File: 2f3eb2b42e17727⋯.jpg (69.48 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, squat.jpg)



Intelligent post. Neets need some pussy.


File: 2d0ec5bb531a153⋯.jpeg (107.65 KB, 735x600, 49:40, frog.jpeg)


tbh fam I just want my own pet frog



tbh fam I just want to be called nazi



Then get a parrot



tbh fam I just want to hold Thalia



>tfw 2007 soldier



Then get a carrot



Or a cockatoo. And play it hitler speeches, so it learns choice quotes.


I get back from a NEET shop and see that I have been defamed as the "LeftyNEET". Outrageous.



Sorry Possum.

(Unless you're misdirecting again.)







if its any consolation im still insignificaNEET



>Saving a png s a jpg



>Unless you're misdirecting again

He is a crafty character



Why did you make this post? You know you are not meant to do that.



You'll see it's a different name if you look closely.


might have a NEETparty tonight.



It is true that I sometimes make posts criticising fedora racism on this board. But that is because I am concerned for the dignity of all NEETs and want them to improve themselves. Fedora racism is like pick up artist stuff in the way in which a retards a NEET's potential to improve their lives. It is a toxic mindset that destroys them.

I am not a lefty or opposed to sensible racism.



A sensible well balanced post.



Trouble is it's all fedora racism to a couple of people on here.


I think I'm more left than right but because I'm a nationalist (what I think that means might differ from others) I get thrown in the right wing basket.



im a real centerist.



(as in, im right in the middle, not 'real' as in 'legit', real as in, 'dead set cunt')



That's what (((their))) mass indoctrination does by design.

Look up the econmic policies of 1933-1939, and you'll find they align with your nationalist views most likely. No foreign ownership. Work for everybody who wants it. etc etc.


Economically left leaning but socially nationalist not full blown 1488 nationalist though, I just want peace



'dead set cuntenterist'



I really wanted a pet green tree frog when I was little

my parents never gave in to my whinging



One of my main issues is (what I see as an obvious d&c) the division of what is known as "right" and "left", they both dont want to be exploited and are exploited by the same powers.

All the other shit like gun rights, sexual liberation etc. are secondary points to that but both "sides" get hung up on all those smaller points.




As long as you agree that all niggers,boongs,pajeets and jews need the oven then we are in agreement.



hang on, add fags and trannys to that list too.



Shit, also chinks and muslims



Add NEETs too.



And executives.


Cruisey what sort of things are these customers going to want you to do for them?


Fuck it, just oven everyone and let God sort them out.



not too wrong


cant agree more. its a shame we vote against our own personal interests. if we had real representations in office we'd have at least one NEET in the house of reps.


well duh. we're neets, not animals.


it would be nice to see foreign ownership curbed. it is fucking up our country. and we can see it fucking up Cuckanada.



This, very much this.



Each customer is different but the main things will be personal care (showering, toileting and dressing), general house hold shit (cooking, cleaning, gardening) and outings (go with them to assist certain stuff and for social inclusion).

Just depends on what they want. The general household stuff is light though, most have cleaners/gardeners etc. as well.



Are you expected to accept any client who wants you or are you allowed to say you do not want to work for them?



That's what the meet and greet is for, we both can refuse if it doesn't suit either of us.



That sounds like a pretty good system.



>they both dont want to be exploited and are exploited by the same powers

careful, you're on the verge of swallowing a certain red pill..


i dont know if you neets venture outside of the ausneets every now and then but, wow, its a shitshow



Porky is the kike.



Yeah, the company was founded by customers and their board are all customers.

I'm yet to see how well it goes but in theory I think it should be good for everyone.



I think you will be very popular. Nice handsome young man.



I don't leave because of that reason.



Sounds just like venturing outside the house.



Please, stop. You're making me blush.



you might get to wipe some hot retard girl's bottom…


File: beced73836ae269⋯.jpg (93.68 KB, 921x960, 307:320, 1528784739328.jpg)

Good morning, no plans and no life as usual.


So same as always?



There are perks to every profession.


Good morning.

I don't know how to write that n.





gracias señor esqueleto!



yes i dont know why i did it




morning NEET, hope your night was comfy

>So same as always?

yea but sometimes a have a little look. its getting worst out there. its how cuckchan started to look

will we remain comfy?


File: a7ae051772b62aa⋯.jpg (29.91 KB, 650x488, 325:244, 8fefc7b8c766166e6ab1a5d58b….jpg)



lol he fedora-ed up for his surrender

the CCTV showed him in jeans and a hoodie


File: 1913b8680e891c2⋯.png (482.52 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


"Eurydice Dixon"


no great loss



good riddance


File: 5b7487e0caf65f0⋯.png (693.37 KB, 700x450, 14:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Trick of the light. No hat.


CCTV and Dashcams are making getting away with crime (especially crimes that are well publicised and that police put a lot of resources into solving) much harder.

It is Big Brother stuff but ultimately will put a lot of criminals away.



i think it's more the licence plate readers. these are all around the cities. they can map the paths of vehicles


File: 666eaf94d9df4b1⋯.png (373.08 KB, 650x366, 325:183, ClipboardImage.png)


might be that tranny mentioned earlier



>will put a lot of criminals away.

good, but it doesnt help with the rich people crimes, which proportionately would affect more people including NEETs



There is a whole series of technologies that work in tandem and which are increasing in prevalence.



CCTV on every other house in the street (in shitty suburbs) is being requested regularly by the po-po.



No worries, we just let /b/ raid all the boards for a few days and all normies will be gone.


It's great until they make being NEET illegal.



i think they even requested direct feeds via net connected cctv! crazy.


File: 75ddb15d0cacc37⋯.jpg (205.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, duginli.jpg)

File: 07eaa01afe71fa3⋯.png (19.17 KB, 420x420, 1:1, a142339b8c33c88d13170f8403….png)


Alexander DugiNEET


Have you tried just binging on entertainment? I'm going to read and watch the LOTR trilogy after I'm done with Dracula.


Why are there so many cities and towns on the west coast of the U.K. but so few on the east coast? Surely there would be more there to trade with Europe?

U.S. has most of its population on the east coast, same with Australia too.



I drove up and down both sides of the UK without problem. No more than an hour or two between stops.


File: 353b6f34873c11b⋯.png (623.79 KB, 821x522, 821:522, danistheman.png)


My schizo Mother is talking about buying a new business. It was only last year she closed her business after her stay in the mental hospital.




that is troubling. does she have insight into her illness? i alwasy found that insight is the big one with mental illness. if there is some insight there is some hope.

goodluck neet




rightfully so, try and convince her not to do it. I have an uncle that always starts "businesses" and it is just an excuse to run from existing work responsibilities, sink a little cash into it for a socially acceptable 6 month holiday.



I'm certain none of our members would commit rape.



No she has no insight. She still thinks being carted off to the mental hospital was a conspiracy against her.


I tried to convince her not to do it but she doesn't listen.



You must show proof of at least 3 successful rapes to get on the NEET council.



>Alexander DugiNEET

lol, I spent some time looking into that sort of stuff, particularly Strasserism but I don't think that fits right either.



we have trouble leaving the house, let alone some thing as full on as rape


sorry to hear that m(9-1).



This is a ruse, if it's successful there wont b proof.



You are meant to take a souvenir from the victim after each attack. Do you even rape?


File: 9c2ccc95831c80a⋯.jpg (118.63 KB, 1152x864, 4:3, neet_meet.jpg)


Standards have certainly fallen since I earned my purple hood. I had to commit 3 rapes of each sex, and for 3 different species. And I didn't even get to choose the species.


File: 54cac19e2f23068⋯.png (503.11 KB, 600x400, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


Do you know how hard it was to commit one rape, let alone three, in this fucking thing?


A group of otters is called a raft.


why is taking a shit so comfy?


He was handsome, like George Raft.



It prods your prostate and you have hidden, unfulfilled tendencies.



You are projecting again, tendencies NEET.


Will cheesey come back?


>tfw unfulfilled



Did he leave?



>Just got back from Dan's, time to become refreshed.



That question is a can of worms.



I'm not sure


File: 65649f866fee70e⋯.jpg (80.56 KB, 736x552, 4:3, 71cb7bb04505e4bebd80f9fdb5….jpg)


We're all proud of you, wheelchair neet, but it's not fair that you get to disabled toilet all to yourself, while the rest of us have to share one. Have you seen the lines outside the toilets at neetmeets?



I didn't mean to quote this fine gentleman's post >>86443



I'll take the (You) anyway.



I thought you may have enjoyed the (you)



It is one of his unfulfilled tendencies.



Did he really leave?


>tfw you bite and swallow before checking the temperature

shit, that was hot


File: d302716d0f3d483⋯.png (35.39 KB, 517x414, 517:414, Me.png)



lol how perverse.


Any neets not drink coffee or have quit coffee?



I have quit before.



because its the exact opposite of being a fagget



its the reason we're all here


im addicted. 3 or so a day. nespressoNEET - my main life's luxury



Could you repeat that please?



>that one time you drank a hot chocolate in primary school and your mouth was so burned you couldn't taste anything for 2 days



how did it go?

did you feel any better?



I will not enable you.




I quit coffee a couple of weeks ago. Tapered down. don't feel much different. Haven't missed it though.






>tfw you thought reddit couldnt get any gayer and then they change the layout



I can't really remember why I even decided to quit, I think I just didn't bother making coffee, I was quite sick for a few days and after about 2 to 3 weeks I noticed my level of anxiety was had dropped significantly.



You will soon enough. Try not to think of the perverse nature of the people you may or may not be replying to.



Clearly he has a natural fedora halo


I kek'd


Holy shit, you saved my scribble !



>I got him a job as a dishpig through a mate once


great title



read it and was expecting to get triggered like a whirlpool thread but they are overall sympathetic and realistic about how fucked it is



Thats good to hear. I'm going to try quit to see if it helps with anxiety.



It's worth a try, I actually want to quit again but this time I will taper down rather than quitting cold turkey, honestly some of the withdrawal symptoms were worse than quitting smoking, it felt I like I had the flu.



>read it




I think it's more a multiplier.

When I'm not doing well a 3rd cup of coffee can make me stress about non important stuff


I would be surprised if coffee was either the cause of, or the solution to, any of your problems.



I would be surprised if you were surprised at my suprise



This is basically what happened to me about 6 years ago although I did have a sort of stable job that went out of business, eventually I had a mental breakdown from constantly getting knocked back from jobs I applied to.



I quit coffee this morning, but I might have a cheat day in a moment - it'll probably help improve my hangover



the dichotomy between angry neo-lib spoiled boomers and angry whingey redditors is quite special






i drink it becasue at the time, it feels amazing, tastes amazing, and everything just gets bright.

but shortly after i completely agree, a buzzy, edgy hold takes over and you get jittery and uncomfortable.

thats the trade off for the act of drinking it. becasue at the time, it literally arouses me (not sexually). the smell of the beans, the fragrance. it really makes me feel good at the time.

everything has a trade off. everything that goes up comes down. coffee is no different. goon comas exist, as do the coffee jitters.



>i drink it becasue at the time, it feels amazing, tastes amazing, and everything just gets bright.

This, coffee is delicious.



>everything has a trade off

That's true, it's all about finding a balance that works.



>angry whingey redditors

they will become the incarnation of the boomer - the future youth will have it harder, and the current kids will talk about how hard they had it. perspective.



>only two exclamation marks

If it had been any more my heart might not have been able to take it.



Eek !!



It does not have that strong of an effect on me. Either while drinking it or after.


Another thing to keep in mind with caffeine addiction is that the cravings and withdrawal symptoms will hit the hardest when ever you regularly have a coffee.



Have you tried the new Meth brand coffee ?

3/5 boganNEETs swear by it



we are all different, even if we have a sweet warm NEETy centre


I only had the last inch of coffee in my mug this morning, too lazy to make another pot. Might be taking a nap soon.


Made from real Methamphetabeans.




I genuinely lol'd at this


File: 0380e55e9165b1a⋯.jpg (62.29 KB, 900x900, 1:1, unnamed.jpg)


Time to become refreshed.



>Might be taking a nap soon.

yeah same.

nap time NEETs. see you m8s later on.



I shall visit you tomorrow my lord.

Please forgive my absence till then.


File: 81a3642badfefd3⋯.jpg (42.54 KB, 1015x571, 1015:571, 7c9137dbfab19b1e212b686b52….jpg)


You are forgiven my son.



Your ears are bigger than in that picture



Fun fact your ears and nose are the only body part that continues grow throughout your life.


File: e33455131ac0bc7⋯.jpeg (354.2 KB, 1220x836, 305:209, e33455131ac0bc7bb80ea052e….jpeg)


I took ear enhancement pills. Some people will tell you that ear size doesn't matter, but if you've ever overheard women talking amongst themselves, you'll know that it does.



That fact is not fun at all. My ears are already too big.



Do they actually grow as such or do they just droop?



They grow and become wrinkly and droopy


File: 324dc121663cb1b⋯.jpg (31.45 KB, 763x244, 763:244, 123123.JPG)

When did gaems become so big?



As if the Staceys could resist you anyway Dan

Dan always helps me get the Staceys



I thought that only happened with tits



One game I played was 60 something gig to download before I could even play it.



It'll happen to your balls too.



Hah ! Too late !!

they're already wrinkly and droopy



How do French women hold their liquor?

By the ears


Big old wrinkly NEETdanglers


File: b5d268b55c125ad⋯.png (472.16 KB, 503x686, 503:686, boomerolboomer.png)

Who here /WorldCup/?

I don't really have anything on so might actually follow it a bit



Ball sports don't interest me at all.


The suspense is killing me.


File: 3da48ba3091e84b⋯.png (140.14 KB, 300x315, 20:21, dJy2Te1.png)



…I thought ernie was jewish?



Ernie appears to be a Nazi if jewgle image search is to be believed.



Which sesame street character was jewish then? It's been a while since I've seen it.


File: e11b09657c185ce⋯.png (145.46 KB, 500x531, 500:531, ClipboardImage.png)



Dunno. I'm a boomer and grew up without Sesame Street characters having an agenda. These days they've got AIDS muppet and Faggot muppet and nigger kids and stuff.



Extremely poor form, but the inevitable result of a cancerous totalitarian Nazi mindset.

LeftyNEET, as you call him, is a solid bloke, and there are more of him than you think, given that you lot frequently confuse me with him.

One day you edgelords will grow up and realise that this 1488 shit is maximum cringe.

Oh, and it's a bit rich complaining that gay shit should go to other boards when 8chan is mostly Nazi boards.



It's probably that Grover cunt though. He screams kike.


File: f9bfa1942cf60e2⋯.jpg (151.71 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, ScoobyJoo.jpg)



Did you really take an entire work day to come up with this retort?


File: 3774ceb348c942e⋯.jpg (36.06 KB, 600x497, 600:497, laden.jpg)


Last I heard Bert had converted to radical islam



The proletariat takes him time to attack.




U r a faggot



He had to recover from masturbating furiously at the thought of how his witty rejoinder would devastate us before he posted it


File: 5ca6b03aabeb3db⋯.jpg (193.17 KB, 799x800, 799:800, pol.jpg)

/pol/'s tentacles extend into orifices around the world - you may as well get used to it


Radical abo


File: df3ad54341ae139⋯.jpg (581.44 KB, 1497x1778, 1497:1778, p22mishima.jpg)

File: 1d5c80bc2ff1fed⋯.png (2.61 MB, 1497x1778, 1497:1778, NOHEROICDEATH.png)

My first time I tried making one of these. How did I do?


File: 5705044b87f7ddf⋯.png (70.93 KB, 800x800, 1:1, pol.png)


You got that right.


File: 0d37fef85fb798c⋯.png (399.86 KB, 448x513, 448:513, 0d37fef85fb798cdace277ce58….png)


File: 600a89ed5cbec79⋯.gif (10.05 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1528947247882.gif)

>tfw depressed



Just catching up with an extremely fast and extremely shitty thread. Shouldn't have bothered tbh


File: e522d54d240594a⋯.png (493 KB, 494x551, 26:29, expressed.png)


>tfw expressed



>Shouldn't have bothered tbh

Here's an idea m8

Next time don't bother



I find it pretty amazing that despite all our progress as a species we haven't invented a way to stop ourselves from shitting.


File: 129a5aa4de687ed⋯.png (348.47 KB, 544x416, 17:13, 1451266860929.png)


It would probably be better with just the filter and the quote.

The censor-bar and glowing orb make it look tacky.



I was thinking the exact same thing this morning. Neets truly are just copies of each other



Not gonna lie I really enjoy a bit of wogball so I will be watching a lot of it. France and their legion of darkies and arabs should win



I dunno, there's a certain left leaning poster here that is so full of shit he must have given up taking one.




he should excrete on a political imageboard like the rest of us do



Literally nothing I've posted or read in all my years here has been worth reading. I keep doing it anyway, I don't know why.



If you call yourself a nihilist the brainlets will all think you're cool for it



I wish I was 10 years younger and could run with British or Russian soccer hooligans smashing cunts willy nilly.



You've never read a book worth reading? This is very sad.



join your local group of lebs



There's no comparison.


Fucking came all over my stomach



Lick it up



You've caught the gay now neeto


File: 579999a89eb9a62⋯.png (382.96 KB, 1412x1918, 706:959, 1522835748134.png)



I have been searching for this pepe for a long time, thank you for posting it.


File: c21b3ce1f2febf7⋯.jpg (120.49 KB, 802x720, 401:360, ghan.jpg)


So just how red-pilled is the australian military?



Dude. Did you not read this morning's posts?



and the answer is very. Most of the current (non-music/non-kitchen) troops loathe the current top brass.


Current head of Army has never seen combat.



Did you not read my post where I said nothing here is worth reading? No? Good, then you learnt something.





File: a7b254c990a623d⋯.png (621.84 KB, 631x473, 631:473, lgkali.png)




a nether-regions neet posting pajeet me-mes…



He comes here for the scintillating discussion on how oppressed poor faggots and boongs are and how it's all our fault.



but he doesn't read?



I think he gets his mummybot to read the posts out for him


Anyone comfy?


File: acfc921ab93a388⋯.jpg (149.57 KB, 761x783, 761:783, PiratePepe.jpg)

Arrrr !

Piratebays back up !



unfortunately not my friend, are you at least?



Pretty comfy at the moment. Got a nice plush hoodie on, ate a pepperoni pizza about 10 minutes ago. Drinking a bottle of cab sauv now. Got sent home from waging early on account of some non-existent storm.



I'm fairly comfy.

The weathers really nice and I'm gonna have take away chink food for dinner in a bit.



Except that PUA helps, which renders your comment wrong and retarded.



I've been feeding my Fanta Grape addiction, so yes.



Oven the Jews to start with, and see how society is holding up afterwards. Pretty well, probably.


File: 6280a07fe1609fc⋯.jpg (693.81 KB, 800x1078, 400:539, 1525280712495.jpg)


ill just leave this here


morning NEETs. did you have a good day sleep while the wagies were in their pens?



Does she look like a "dark skinned asian" to you, motherfucker?




You're the only person to comment. I suspect most NEETs subscribe to the "don't speak ill of the dead' me-me.



What does that have to do with NatSoc and our friend who identifies as Nationalist? You just found a paragraph mentioning some Jew shit and linked it here.



Gas yourself fgt.



Underrated poast.


Where's cheesey?



>France and their legion of darkies and arabs should win

Nah mate we're gonna take back Jerusalem.



/me tips nazi fedora

Also, checked and heiled



Balls deep, I hope.



That's would be illegal



I'm still here



>nazi fedora

It's called a /stahlhelm/ you degenerate.



I gotta ask m8

Is it easy ?

being Cheesey


File: 32ed06ec7487a78⋯.png (4.62 MB, 1920x1249, 1920:1249, ClipboardImage.png)


Last night was Hobbit talk, not tonight.



Good to hear.



I'm still waiting for TrannyFuckerNEET to poast >her picture.



Nah, m8. They're ok.



Harro, creezie. (I'm asian).



Why did you delete all your vids?



50 jobs?!

this is considered a lot!?

so then why does MAX get to write the law and force us to apply for 20 a month!?

wouldn't it be better if they got funding to actually help us apply for 1 or 2 that suit us?



He posted it ages ago. If memory serves the picture was very dark and grainy.


Watching My Mom Go Super Saiyan



Link pls.



wat she wearin


File: 2f9278b9458a190⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 580.22 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 2f9278b9458a190f7508aa1596….png)

File: 6407c53659e507f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 551.73 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 6407c53659e507fb553425a805….png)



>The young woman found dead in a Carlton North park has been identified as comedian Eurydice Dixon.

Ha-ha, the joke's on her.



Fur slides and a translucent camisole.



Was she anti-white?



Nice. Can't see shit. But nice all the same.



That Canberra prostie I visited had a brightly lit room with mirrors on the walls and ceilings. She wasn't ashamed of her natural vagene and bobs


Any cures for depression?



In no particular order:


Rare Pepes




File: dee4cbaeb3c4376⋯.jpg (865.36 KB, 2544x4000, 159:250, Laughlikeamotherfuckerpepe.jpg)



I know I shouldn't have laughed but I did

Fuckin' kek



>wouldn't it be better if they got funding to actually help us apply for 1 or 2 that suit us?

I brought this up to the Cenno man when cancelling my payment and he said that the jobs I were looking for should have been reflected in my Mutual Obligation Requirement. I spent at least several hours on each job application as you had answer a bunch of questions just to get to the interview stage. He said, It was MAX's responsibility to change this requirement and I believe they should have done so as I told them all about this. People working at Max are dead shits.



Shotgun mouthwash clears away the blues and also gingivitis

j/k that's an awful thing to say.

I got so depressed I stopped eating, and what helped me was hitting the gym. Have you tried exercising, m(14-6)?


Might be a boong and have a hotdog for dinner?



10000 years of tradition says this is illegal.



Voluptuous aboriginal prostitute



I should probably get out of bed. Getting a bit ridiculous at this point.



Was the hotdog going to magick itself into your bed?


File: 8c5832ffa6d9bc6⋯.png (100.07 KB, 592x238, 296:119, BoongQuads.png)


By the power of my boong wizard quads post I authorise you to eat that hotdog


File: 232c8a32276aee8⋯.png (81.04 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 232c8a32276aee8629150611c1….png)


>Getting a bit ridiculous at this point.

See you soon m7+2



I might put them back up when the drama dies down.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This was a good movie



Have you touched her pussy yet?



>Shouldn't have bothered tbh

bit rude tbh, the gen is the pinnacle of high quality posting excellence.



Good question.



Don't be disgusting.



Stop being a cunt m8




Inquiring minds want to know.





The alpha, beta and omega



It should be a rule all BV (Board Volunteers) have to answer all questions put to them by Council members.


Did you see my apology?


File: 56d827961e354fe⋯.png (364.71 KB, 2004x1194, 334:199, 56d827961e354fe2483d5088b2….png)

How have you served in the spirit of the Lords today?



Better than Cheesecake Dances Around The Question at any rate.



How dare you put that filth monger next to our Lord Dan you heretic


Just got back from the "meet and greet", it went well. I like the guy who I'll be working for.

My first shift is on saturday.



fucking lol



I skipped lunch and visited my local (non-chain) bottle shop today.


File: 7f5c21e64dc5005⋯.jpeg (10.41 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 5be4856951a224fc30123eaf4….jpeg)


Some things just pair well together.


File: 2f24234fb723069⋯.png (55.38 KB, 212x246, 106:123, 2f24234fb723069856e2629465….png)


You better be checkin' 'n soon.



Ah, I worked for kfc for 3 months years ago

never eaten that shit since

I used to gather the dead flies from the zapper and throw them in the fryers



As long as he doesn't mention spookman, he's guilty by association with lefty



Well done mate!



The last actual literature I sat down and read was Finnegans wake.

Never again.



Was he semi-normal or a full mong ?



Nah, go back to sleep, try again tomorrow once you're fully rested. Don't want to overdo it.



I thought he was handing me a lollypop.


File: 1d458ad3e6c620c⋯.jpg (20.18 KB, 244x244, 1:1, fe9ee25cd660632aa465a65066….jpg)


Good job, have a refreshing goon to treat yourself


The dirt provides extra nutrience it's customers desperately need.



I'll give you a pass on that particular work.


File: 33b3a9bbdb28199⋯.jpg (105.24 KB, 800x551, 800:551, 33b3a9bbdb281994bc9620939a….jpg)


File: bb89f2647affe0b⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 6.62 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2550818-Kushishekku.webm)


have a wank





Thank you NEETs

He was pretty normal, just had an accident and his body doesn't work in the same way it did.



I did apply for a job running the warehouse for a brewery today my Lord.

If I get that job I'll be dead in a month



Awesome stuff mate. I'm sure you'll do well.



That sounds pretty cool, just making some poor blokes life a bit easier.



add an extra 0 to the end of that for my download time.



Yeah, I've tried reading dozens of literature-tier books and found it mostly boring. Maybe people who like it appreciate it and understand it on a deeper, more allegorical level than me. But I thought it stank.


File: adfbd764e140f08⋯.png (43.54 KB, 747x686, 747:686, 1527717847206.png)


Truly a job you can feel good about yourself for doing.

Proud of you jobNEET >>86656


File: 0790131feac1035⋯.png (81.38 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 0790131feac10355e7c27ade17….png)


>If I get that job I'll be dead in a month

Good luck, I believe in you.



Well memed.



I know that feel.

I suspect people mainly read them so they can say they've read them.


File: dba431142486792⋯.png (81.08 KB, 210x180, 7:6, BoongWizard.png)







That's 2 quads I've scored with boong wizard



I am the same with all of MusicNEET's songs. I just can't appreciate them. I guess I have simpler tastes.



secret aboriginal rape knowledge



Actually the first one was about aboriginal rape I think



everything is about aboriginal rape on some level



Good work, keep at it.


File: 8202c7579d6a5cb⋯.png (32.17 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1200px-Flag_of_India.svg.png)

>over 1,300,000,000 people

>not in the World Cup

>unlike China get BTFO in the olympics as well

what went wrong with pajeets seriously?


Any other meme war veterans here?

I am struggling to return to normal life.






It's hard enough finding enough decent athletes to field a cricket team. The indian bodytype is not ideal



Basically, they're a shit race



apparently Mongolia got the same amount of medals as India and Venezuela actually beat India

what the fuck do they put in the water over there? soon to be the biggest country in the world and you get BTFO by literally everyone



they should just cheat by importing africans like other countries do




for anyone that doesn't believe me, I didn't believe it either

Indians, not even once.



Lol, pajeet btfo by mongs



>what the fuck do they put in the water over there?

Have a guess.


Just told bosslady, I said I'll work with her for another month and then stop.


Thanks bud


Yeah, he seemed just like a real average guy who had a bit of bad luck. All his other carers are women so I'll take him out and do shit that is more suited to two guy activities.



lol, I am a contradiction



>Indians, not even once.

They were just too fascinated by the toilet facilities tbqh




No, they put that in the street silly


File: 5ff2acb76f9a585⋯.png (9.47 KB, 368x306, 184:153, 1484723218072.png)


>both medals by women

>no gold



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This song came to me when writing that last line.

I used to think it was written about me.



strip clubs? fishing? hooning?




Looking at the rivers there, they put it there too.



just when you think it can't get any worse it does

wtf went wrong seriously



I thought they dumped the dead pajeets in their rivers ?

Then again, a dead pajeet is basically shit anyway




be careful, you could trigger a certain NEET.

Anything he wants really.



and all that shit floats up


A bloke I know named his daughter India, not even joking.

It is so fucking hard not to make evil jokes at him.



That was a hippy dippy name in the 80s and 90s



>naming your daughter after a country with huge rape rates


File: 754932b6c046a5f⋯.jpg (28.57 KB, 550x335, 110:67, pajeet.jpg)


India's what you get if you let social liberalism take over your country for thousands of years. Everyone's special and unique, as a result nothing can ever get done and the entire country is literally shit tier.


File: a2e77c6d8c59f62⋯.png (294.4 KB, 399x585, 133:195, MADE IT.png)


Fuck me.


Good meme


Yeah, it's raining.




yeah it was and it was mostly his arse



He has got hippy parents, prolly got it from them.

He also has a son named Smith, as a first name.



>social liberalism

>had a caste system which is still prevalent today

What are you smoking?



>I'll work with her for another month and then stop

Sounds like a good plan. You should shag her in an abandoned office on your last day.



Gaffa tape her face down to a desk and have at it.



It was never about the fishing.



>I used to think it was written about me

Your narcissism phase I presume.



One of the more ignorant posts ever made here. You have no understanding of India and what makes it shit at all.


File: 90a367de7c8d51e⋯.jpg (42.24 KB, 640x301, 640:301, anne erin.jpg)

File: d24364f7beeb8ef⋯.jpg (136.9 KB, 651x699, 217:233, 1497772082746.jpg)

File: c61ea4495c1ee44⋯.png (72.25 KB, 171x207, 19:23, R.A.S.R.png)


I can hardly even remember it but I feel like when we got home we were sold out by who we fought for.

I cant be fucked going through any more pics trying to find relatable ones


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Does anyone else picture people they know/knew in real life when they think of various NEETs?

Whenever I think of Weber NEET I imagine him as someone I knew in High School. He was an executive who took the main parts in all the musicals. I keep thinking of him in Year Eleven on stage singing Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat.


wtf apparently i had exams today but i didnt realize and stayed home



how JUSTed are you?



Was it a prostate exam ?



It will be now he has missed them



I sat that more than once. I wasn't happy with the result the first time.



I don't really imagine them as real people but I do put faces to posting styles


File: b4329c272cef272⋯.png (65.39 KB, 715x192, 715:192, PAIN.png)

File: bb77f8b43392892⋯.png (3.52 KB, 278x77, 278:77, MORE PAIN.png)





We will go one day.


Yeah but mixed in with one of the crazy phases where I thought God was sending me messages that I had to decipher.



I used to post to friends I had lost along the way when posting to people and reply to certain posts as if they were people I knew.



Some true backstory:

Weber neat was underweight until the Christmas holidays between Year 9 and 10 when he suffered appendicitis. This caused him to give up swimming training 6 mornings a week. Upon his recovery he took up AFL and filled out.

WeberNEET was built like a fit rugby player until half way through a Bachelor of Computer Science, whereupon the social isolation of the last 6.5 years caught up with him, depression set in, and Mummbot's allowance allowed him to eat KFC and drink every single day of the week.

Between the ages of 22 and 38, Weber oscillated between three-to-six months of low-carb dieting combined with weight lifting, and being a slob, repeatedly losing and gaining the same 25-30kg each cycle.

Weber occasionally dispenses random weight lifting tips on boards today, interspersed with homemade Big Mac replicas.


File: 08f2fe4a01d60b7⋯.png (65.12 KB, 500x382, 250:191, 1322796219001[1].png)



What a beatiful and romantic story of your way to your executive status.


File: a7d37cd791fa394⋯.jpeg (159.47 KB, 846x1062, 47:59, c3b2561c07cd9f712988692e2….jpeg)

File: f97032ccb480d6a⋯.png (687.64 KB, 800x1149, 800:1149, 2e274cd6400ace5a80ea228c2f….png)

File: 5ef7a12ebf8a735⋯.jpg (59.86 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, sample_aa611ef91b086951a8e….jpg)


Am I the only one that enjoys Shantae here?


File: e90451675595e46⋯.png (42.67 KB, 666x666, 1:1, 1487119687807.png)


Strong feels.



Fuck off



Further to this, Weber was (and is) chronically shy, and singing in school musicals would never have been a thing. Twice-yearly piano performances at school Soirées were problematic enough. Weber was good enough that he usually had to perform just before or just after intermission to keep people interested.


File: 949e68fdff2093d⋯.png (174.58 KB, 499x280, 499:280, 896ebed8c546c95f9267204b53….png)


>We will go one day.

We will.




Also, fuck off


File: 3fbd0531aff904f⋯.png (8.9 KB, 365x378, 365:378, 3fbd0531aff904f8f140d5f90d….png)




Good lord, that was beautiful. You're a real romantic.



>I thought God was sending me messages

Did you ever think someone on the TV was talking directly to you?



More than likely.

Fuck off.



I was shy but I always liked getting on stage.



Walking too and from the piano was hardest. After the first notes are struck, everybody is tuned out.


File: 7bc3d716838ebc6⋯.jpg (161.04 KB, 850x1203, 850:1203, 7c83e041d61b9c69bea427a904….jpg)

File: 7af6cf890d92870⋯.jpg (243.72 KB, 850x1187, 850:1187, 57cbe14dc536fe7f.jpg)



I quite often think that the universe was created for me and all the peculiar things in existence are just the reflection of the world in front of the world for me to see and hear.



I classify people into "real people" and npc's.

It's mainly based on whether I deal with them by choice or if I have to.

You guys fit in some weird middle ground, because I like some of you but you're all just words on my screen.



> After the first notes are struck, everybody is tuned out.

Noone knows what comes after danananaa danananaa in Beethovens 5th



We are the intercom.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The musical Evita, movie starring Madonna, is one of my guilty pleasures.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Well i do but that's just because of this.



I do.

It's another dannannana



Quite the culture buff aren't we?



Lol, nah, my mum was a Beethoven nut.

I often catch myself whistling it without meaning to


I think we have lost one of our own:

>THE teenager accused of murdering a 22-year-old woman in a Melbourne park yawned as he appeared in court.

>Jaymes Todd, 19, suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder and is socially regressive, his lawyer revealed in court on Thursday.




It is expected that you read the posts you missed before posting.




It was an update on the situation Chaim.



I bet it was self defence!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



An Elliot Rodgers for our generation. Which neets do we know of who live in Melbourne?


You're new here, aren't you?



Damn those evil Staceys going round menacing poor autistic young men !!

When will someone put an end to this !


I am not in the mood for negroid shucking and jiving tonight.



>You're new here, aren't you?

First day.



I feel we don't have many Melbourne NEETs, all WA/SA/Sydney



Have you had your "induction" from rapeNEET yet ?



We have them but they are reluctant to admit to it.



Sperg lives in Melbourne and someone else, I can't remember.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I always liked the choral section in ELO's Mr Blue Sky (around 3:15 mark).


Time for me to go get my chinky food.

Cheers NEETs


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>shucking and jiving



Have a wank


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

shuck it up


>tfw been falling in love with roommate but I keep thinking it will fail even if I get accepted

>tfw she's my only friend but it's hard to do some things with a woman like her

>tfw today I was reminded every person I meet is for my own superficial benefit

>tfw more money than ever but not a single male friend

What to do?



>What to do?

I don't know. You need to stop being yourself.



Hirer a prositute or have another wank



Don't do either of those things.



So true m7+1, he should have a goon instead



You already live with this woman. Unfortunately this probably means no good will come of it.

Without being hurtful, you don't have any female friends either. Each of them is using you for a specific purpose, or purely for validation.

Investigate a sport or hobby that interests you, that other males do. You will make some friends. Depending on what that is, some of these people will be older than you. This is a good thing, and their stories and occasional advice will benefit you.


Vagrant Aboriginal prostitute



Rooting an abo in the long grass and paying her with a half coke bottle of unleaded is one of the comfiest Aus feels.


File: 5762ec1fddb3859⋯.jpg (84.65 KB, 960x628, 240:157, 34848972_405823439904278_1….jpg)



I'll be your friend.





Have not seen NK for a couple of days.


File: 522e9564e8f3db8⋯.jpg (50.16 KB, 400x592, 25:37, 1528518092883.jpg)



A type like her is hard to find and I feel like I need to take a risk at some point.


I don't have any intentions of meeting people from here.



You haven't been looking hard enough



Shouldn't that shirt be Sudos and pride?



>A type like her is hard to find and I feel like I need to take a risk at some point.

This is fine, and a valid life lesson in itself. Just be prepared to move elsewhere sooner rather than late.

There's no shame in expressing an interest in somebody. That's much easier to type than to do in practice.


I am starting to look like Mama Cass.



Avoid ham sandwiches.







Bulking up is the key to winning the Nurgle 2018 fuzed/fuzzed to a chair competition


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Watching videos like these is why I dont play.

There are unbelievable musicians about.



Mama Cass purportedly died choking on a ham sandwich.



I've actually been playing my guitar lately, just mostly improvisation and random riffs.



>just mostly improvisation

cool, that's where you find yourself



How would she be in our current competition. A healthy competitor would you say?



It is an urban myth I think.



I don't know, I've never heard any other story.



I think I shall ask her out tonight instead of waiting



Crack open a refreshing goon to celebrate the achievement tonight



Well there you go.


>"She weighed twice as much as she should have. One of her heart muscles had turned to fat."

not really funny but kind of.



After the asking, of course.



Are you the guy who showed his bulge off to the gym?

You have the same attitude as him.



That was before political correctness. It can be quite shocking to see a person speak frankly.



>ham sandwich

Worst of all, she was jewish. If she'd stayed kosher, she'd still be alive.



She was deadly serious about winning the Nurgle 1974



That's not funny. That's hilarious.




After winning the Nurgle 2018 fuzed/fuzzed to a chair competition how are (You) going spend to spend the prize?



At Dan's



Once I win I will immediately expire. I want to go out at the peak of my life.



So what are you going to spend the gift card on?


I will pour the goon into the ocean and film it.



You NEETs can spend it on drinks for the wake.



What a fantastic suggestion, it's what he would have wanted us to do.


File: 631f354eab729cd⋯.png (13.06 KB, 221x228, 221:228, ClipboardImage.png)






I didn't think of sharkNEET, seems no matter what I do with it it gets to the council.


File: d52cb349e1c2827⋯.png (69.47 KB, 575x419, 575:419, d93d20ffb37db2566f50806d35….png)


The neet council knows all.


File: ae2b79152316109⋯.png (2.3 MB, 1067x1570, 1067:1570, ClipboardImage.png)

One more whisky and it's off to bed with me, Gentlemen.

Baring my soul has been tiring tonight.

May tomorrow's posting be less fraught.


Destructive aboriginal anal sex



Good night Weber NEET. Keep baring your soul it might do you good.



But we haven't even seen tonight's gook girls. How do we know this one aryan goddess will be enough to counter them?



Good point. Can GookPostingNEET move things along please?



Thank you, brother. We probably don't agree on much (if you're who I think you are), but I respect you.


>tfw fallen into utter disrepair



Are you still under warranty?









Should have bought the extended warranty



dont you tell me what to do.


File: 486cbc1f245098c⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1027x1375, 1027:1375, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 66a4afd64e13136⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1280x853, 1280:853, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2c6b0075c82185c⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e03eed890055777⋯.png (2.28 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)




What's the best city to live in escort-wise? Has anyone here been to a brothel?



The best place to live is where there aren't any.



Weber got one to quit.



Goodnight NEET. they are some beautiful aryan girls. 4th pic girl is my favourite.



Sydney is pretty good, brothel in just about every suburb, pretty much any major city has brothels.


File: 48d3adb311d0993⋯.jpg (53.4 KB, 640x904, 80:113, kiira_korpi.jpg)


But do they have brothels with fingol girls for whites who want to racemix?



Fins are white.


File: 38cf10f6c389c67⋯.jpg (14.22 KB, 444x332, 111:83, 38cf10f6c389c6702a4c8d3be1….jpg)

Looks like everyone is having fun out there.



Unfortunately no.


>tfw alone






File: 3d0a563e93f3253⋯.jpg (369.03 KB, 957x1277, 957:1277, Naako2.jpg)

Goodnight NEETs



Good night dead-eyed gook girl.


I was away today for the thread for my driving test, I'm glad I missed out on the political arguing



Did you pass?



considering who i posted that is a very accurate statement. well done.



Who is she?



She's really not in the same class as the white girls. However, we all know we're never going fuck any white girls as cute as those, whereas you could just barely imagine yourself getting a mail order asian.



Nagasawa Nanako her nickname is Naako


I was dreaming of the past

And my heart was beating fast

I began to lose control

I began to lose control



I was not asking her name.



I did, but barely



i'm sorry. then what were you asking?


well done NEET



have you done your first goon run yet?



A pass is a pass mate. Well done.



>what were you asking?

For what reason is she notorious?



Congrats mate, great work.



No, I'm going overseas tommorow so no time for goon






Did you hoon around the car park afterwards in front the driving tester, maybe do a wheelie or burnout to show him how good you were?


File: 40170cd6a47e419⋯.jpg (21.68 KB, 413x310, 413:310, 926075.jpg)

I am going to my cold and empty bed. Goodnight NEETs.

Goodnight Job NEET. And congratulations on your success. You deserve it.



i wouldn't say notorious. she is well like because of her weirdness. her weirdness is more enhanced by the fact that she seemed normal at the start but as time went on her strangeness started to seep out of her like crying at losing a food eating contest and doing a stream where she did say anything for 20 minutes and just played with bubbles. there are many other examples but i cant think of them at the moment.


File: 720e975108d731b⋯.jpg (41.68 KB, 437x501, 437:501, 1513848098167.jpg)

>tfw you say goodnight and the thread dies



Thanks encouragingNEET, without you and the other NEETs giving me good feels I wouldn't've made it this far.

Sleep tight mate, dream of fishing.



Every night it's the same. We're lost without you.


File: cd4c68e0c824410⋯.jpg (465.41 KB, 1297x1359, 1297:1359, b4338ef0caaadd24f629c708d4….jpg)


>dream of fishing

I will try.


4 packs of sushi.. gone.

Going to watch Oceans 11, I haven't seen that in a few years and I recall enjoying it.



>I recall enjoying it

That is not what I recall. Give us your review after please.



Alright, if not in the morning if I am too tired after it ends.

The way I remember it is that all three of them were good.

Maybe I just have nostalgic value, I went to see it in the cinema with my grandpa.


File: ca9ecf179d08b5a⋯.png (23.97 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 1485681661274.png)


>all three of them were good

Oh dear that doesn't sound right at all.



Everyone is going to bed early. I'm not.



So far it's pretty good.



I wish I could enjoy things. I am such a negative person. I just want to shit on everything.



Just so you know /ausneets/ is in the 8chan cup


So feel free to suggest shit and complain as you should these

Also looks like some cunt nominated /unna/ so I suppose feel free to nominate some Abos to him too




How exciting.


>tfw extremely depressed


New Thread: >>86869

New Thread: >>86869

New Thread: >>86869

New Thread: >>86869

New Thread: >>86869

New Thread: >>86869



Have a spoon of peanut butter.

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