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File: 1467210570902-0.png (531.54 KB, 782x670, 391:335, awm jew 05.png)

File: 1467210570903-1.png (537.74 KB, 782x670, 391:335, awm jew 01.png)

File: 1467210570903-2.png (530.66 KB, 782x670, 391:335, awm jew 02.png)

File: 1467210570903-3.png (531.88 KB, 782x670, 391:335, awm jew 03.png)

File: 1467210570903-4.png (530.97 KB, 782x670, 391:335, awm jew 04.png)


Post them here. I fixed transparency of the next thirteen images I'll post.

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File: a38d791c8ad84b9⋯.jpeg (221.32 KB, 768x997, 768:997, F6775944-8D2B-4AC4-8932-0….jpeg)

File: cea29fae8376ff2⋯.jpeg (225.08 KB, 997x768, 997:768, DC886A96-BDD8-4EF6-AC4D-C….jpeg)

File: c3001a27ab5bddc⋯.jpeg (196.12 KB, 997x768, 997:768, 473FB2C7-5E5F-4961-B9FF-D….jpeg)

File: e34302ce1df2307⋯.jpeg (238.34 KB, 997x768, 997:768, 85F26394-FE61-48FA-AED5-E….jpeg)


File: f662463c8e95e3b⋯.jpeg (152.52 KB, 997x768, 997:768, 3A6D9406-AB6A-4E2A-AFDD-2….jpeg)

File: 6639182e2567bc4⋯.jpeg (163.26 KB, 997x768, 997:768, 1DA6BD74-D87B-44F1-A668-C….jpeg)

File: 41158f410074296⋯.jpeg (234.38 KB, 900x1124, 225:281, FD15BC8D-BE2E-4F48-A931-5….jpeg)

Gritty memes



Thanks Nick

I love your work


>fresh with GUIDs to figure out where the wrong think comes from


File: 481329c201088e7⋯.jpg (264.5 KB, 822x498, 137:83, 6330308316_b3722b67a0_o.jpg)

File: 2ef6071e196ebbe⋯.mp4 (3.69 MB, 320x384, 5:6, jew_roach.mp4)

Feel free to use/modify them as you see fit. Enjoy.

File: 1469450436752-0.jpg (217.37 KB, 480x600, 4:5, Make Em Leave A. Wyatt Man….jpg)

File: 1469450436752-1.jpg (268.97 KB, 431x600, 431:600, That's Entertainment by A.….jpg)

File: 1469450436753-2.jpg (651.77 KB, 789x1000, 789:1000, The Dreaded Sting A. Wyatt….jpg)

File: 1469450436753-3.jpg (66.25 KB, 311x371, 311:371, Hate Crime by A. Wyatt Man….jpg)

File: 1469450436753-4.jpg (258.76 KB, 500x593, 500:593, The Electric Jew by A. Wya….jpg)


Colorized versions only

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File: eaa8004f26c5e9d⋯.png (735.6 KB, 776x1008, 97:126, well.png)

File: 69578c8fe650bc0⋯.png (627.14 KB, 776x1008, 97:126, well2.png)


I'm getting good at this



Any pointers or (video) resources you could share?




What I found helpful is to make every color area it's own layer (with layer mask). For example >>614 has 8 different layers. This lets me add an hue/saturation adjustment layer where I can change and finetune the color of that layer. When I started >>614 the floor was grey, the sweatshirt brownish, the liquid more swamp green and the background more red. Getting the colors right and harmonius as you color is tricky and requires experience that I don't have. So now I just pick a general color and focus on shading and highlighting and adjust the color when it's done. Another benefit is that you can easily change the color afterwards if you want a different look.



Another tip: remove the white background before coloring. Otherwise you will always get some white/light pixels when making the selections for the masks, which later requires cleanup.




Very good, thanks

File: bcc49ba545849e5⋯.jpg (76.66 KB, 788x331, 788:331, Ask_Me_Anything.jpg)


Would you at all be interested in participating in an AMA thread?

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Someone actually posted the rundown on half/tv/ some time ago.

The plot:

- The entire community is made up of liberals who are obsessed with black people (just like real life libtards)

- The movie is "horrifying" because all the white people in the movie suck up to the black guy when he arrives. The "scariest" scene in the film is when they surround him and they act like he is the best person in the world like that A. Wyatt Mann cartoon.

- There are 3 blacks living in this white community but they are not actually whole. They are blacks who have been implanted with the brains of their sick and elderly who wanted to become "better" but of course the procedure has side effects you can see in the trailer. The groundskeeper and maid are the daughter's grandparents. The one at the party is triggered by the flash so the remaining black brain matter warns his fellow black to GET OUT.

- The father of the gf is a brain surgeon who is running a business to indulge this community's obsession with blacks and to turn them all black because they realize being white isn't hip anymore and they want to change their race for the current zeitgeist.

- They also realize that "unfortunately" most people still don't care if blacks go missing so it's easy to lure several of them.

- They all want the procedure so badly that they decide who gets to be the new black guy via bingo contest and they pay the brain surgeon father for this procedure.

- The daughter has been luring black men to this community for years and the main black guy finds documentation of her past boyfriends in her old room and finally tries to get out!

- However he is captured and the staff and father explain the procedure and how he will still be "in there"

- The main black guy is about to get his brain removed but he breaks free and kills the staff and the father.

- The brother of the gf gets his head stomped on and dies and he finally shoots his gf in the gut and she bleeds out and drives out of there and you thinkPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


What do you think of Raul Julia?


File: b03f245756fad06⋯.jpg (94.71 KB, 450x511, 450:511, Frank-Sinatra-Helicopter-D….jpg)

I feel very bad for missing this thread, but I'll take a shot in the dark.

I mostly knew you from Jim Goad's netjerk lounge. I always loved the stories you'd share about your life and bits of Hollywood esoterica. The documentaries and compilations I later found only deepened my appreciation for your keen eye and ability to comb through the past for things most people would choose to forget.

Do I have a question at the end of all that? Not particularly, it's pretty clear there were people who would like to throw shade on your name and work. Giving them personal accounts to distort serves no purpose.

Just know I've learned a lot about the world from the fascinating perspective you've shared and deeply appreciate people like yourself making the world a more interesting place.


File: 4c4ee8efbab1cbf⋯.jpg (212.43 KB, 670x823, 670:823, parfrey015_t670.jpg)

rip adam parfrey



Great little article, thanks for sharing it.

And yes, a hearty RIP to Parfrey.

File: d0bf9d3fa0af0ce⋯.jpg (19.81 KB, 300x184, 75:46, woka8t4.jpg)


The originals, with matching real-life pictures:


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File: 2535b985573ecf5⋯.jpg (170.64 KB, 790x400, 79:40, 1419079710001.jpg)

File: fc773cf7c4efb11⋯.jpg (128.51 KB, 795x560, 159:112, 1419079710002.jpg)

File: 3fe502bff1eeacc⋯.jpg (161.3 KB, 1000x480, 25:12, 1419079710003.jpg)

File: 09531238d0adeee⋯.jpg (71.77 KB, 475x253, 475:253, 1419079710004.jpg)

File: 6ed3fab6245fb5e⋯.jpeg (98.87 KB, 906x540, 151:90, 1425065762001.jpeg)


File: 096b59bdc91332a⋯.jpg (304.33 KB, 1028x588, 257:147, 1449776810001.jpg)

File: 3fd185f2e1cb54c⋯.png (527.06 KB, 640x1081, 640:1081, 1464993764712.png)

File: 3ab6ee724e7d3c8⋯.jpg (132.76 KB, 912x582, 152:97, d6f5f28ef58f0d3b11ddf1e508….jpg)


File: dd60723eb1a0e3d⋯.png (1002.65 KB, 831x1651, 831:1651, choir.png)


File: 3d083e1905873c4⋯.jpg (124.87 KB, 622x334, 311:167, sdhsdfh.jpg)


Good job

File: f6db720a7de7bf5⋯.jpg (279.65 KB, 875x1253, 125:179, Der Stuermer - 1934 Nr. 52….jpg)

File: 9cb4b289bf2d063⋯.jpg (298.46 KB, 875x1253, 125:179, Der Stuermer - 1934 Nr. 47….jpg)

File: bdc191fad7c60d5⋯.jpg (263.38 KB, 875x1253, 125:179, Der Stuermer - 1934 Nr. 38….jpg)

File: 9ac3e4934f75e13⋯.jpg (256.15 KB, 875x1253, 125:179, Der Stuermer - 1936 Nr. 15….jpg)

File: b1ca5ef6a9eb099⋯.jpg (284.34 KB, 875x1253, 125:179, Der Stuermer - 1936 Nr. 44….jpg)


Show your love for the A. Wyatt Mann of the 1930s.

Any/all cartoons and caricatures welcome.

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Interesting, it talks of a Jewish lawyer passing himself off as Spanish.


File: 9628610e7951050⋯.jpg (523.39 KB, 791x800, 791:800, isdfhs23.jpg)


Let's make the goyim believe that we can be Americans, Englishmen, Germans or Frenchmen. But when it's about our cause we'll always be jews and nothing else.


File: f48bf5f6a8c7fe2⋯.jpg (292.63 KB, 606x800, 303:400, fips.jpg)

File: f74d7827b411c3c⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 1374x1481, 1374:1481, fips2.jpg)

File: d0692448947d272⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 1200x1049, 1200:1049, fips3.jpg)

File: c2017504a37f8e0⋯.jpg (87.12 KB, 575x626, 575:626, fips4.jpg)

Some rare Fips


File: 43113b5cf08de40⋯.png (147.89 KB, 536x789, 536:789, Assorted_Fips_01.png)

File: 0101a2d5bafc4bc⋯.png (164.87 KB, 528x789, 176:263, Assorted_Fips_02.png)

File: 69321b4278d7a32⋯.png (210.27 KB, 528x789, 176:263, Assorted_Fips_03.png)

File: c4ec835518a317f⋯.png (173.4 KB, 518x761, 518:761, Assorted_Fips_04.png)

File: 31e99adcfa9dbeb⋯.png (287.17 KB, 583x861, 583:861, Assorted_Fips_05.png)

Enjoy some assorted Fips


File: d2ba91ea2bec570⋯.jpg (271.24 KB, 875x1253, 125:179, Der Stuermer - 1936 Nr. 36….jpg)

File: 4956fc7a733a1f5⋯.jpg (260.32 KB, 875x1253, 125:179, Der Stuermer - 1936 Nr. 44….jpg)

File: 94265e0f65a9af0⋯.jpg (255.99 KB, 875x1253, 125:179, Der Stuermer - 1937 Nr. 22….jpg)

File: 35754b4d6de9a10⋯.jpg (249.06 KB, 875x1253, 125:179, Der Stuermer - 1937 Nr. 34….jpg)

File: 422364818931a45⋯.png (515.85 KB, 782x670, 391:335, 1467210570903-1.png)


Would it be possible for AWM or someone else to dump all the images that were in that thread prior to the hack? Perhaps a mega.co.nz folder could be used for backup purposes.


File: 88ddc940dec6118⋯.jpg (36.17 KB, 490x360, 49:36, Trayvon-Martin-case-Poll-s….jpg)


Please do this one, Mr Wyatt.

File: 4f9d3aeb16e5875⋯.jpg (60.44 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner 02.jpg)


Submit your banner works or requests here.

''-Banners must not exceed 500KB (that is, 512000 bytes).

-Only the following filetypes are permissable: jpeg, jpg, png, gif

-Banners must be exactly 300px wide and 100px high.''

It'd be cool if Mr. Mann himself created one (or a dozen)!

- BO


File: b87867eeefd2296⋯.jpg (12.18 KB, 300x100, 3:1, awyattmann banner (2).jpg)

File: 801e41702444a61⋯.jpg (43.29 KB, 300x100, 3:1, awyattmann banner (3).jpg)

File: 25561efe2bf383a⋯.jpg (70.69 KB, 300x100, 3:1, awyattmann banner (1).jpg)


The ones I've created after that one.

Regards, board owner

File: 8194e2b11a4726f⋯.png (722.21 KB, 1020x1042, 510:521, i bet the goyim did this [….png)

File: ffda2b385a3ab91⋯.png (723.47 KB, 1020x1042, 510:521, i bet the goyim did this [….png)

File: b87dc81a9d36c9a⋯.png (718.04 KB, 1020x1042, 510:521, i bet the goyim did this [….png)

File: cb548d66ff20f7a⋯.png (718.5 KB, 1020x1042, 510:521, i bet the goyim did this [….png)


shlomos for hanukkah

4 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 7354477ac5d0fef⋯.png (718.77 KB, 1020x1042, 510:521, i bet the goyim did this [….png)

File: c92de9182c4f9c3⋯.png (718.9 KB, 1020x1042, 510:521, i bet the goyim did this [….png)

File: f337a7fa4dea005⋯.png (721.1 KB, 1020x1042, 510:521, i bet the goyim did this [….png)

File: 4257b670bc8ba5b⋯.png (721.73 KB, 1020x1042, 510:521, i bet the goyim did this [….png)

File: 453c7cc81ce9de1⋯.png (702.5 KB, 1020x1042, 510:521, i bet the goyim did this [….png)


File: d7b2f0225048aeb⋯.png (799.58 KB, 1020x1042, 510:521, i bet the goyim did this [….png)


File: 6b2666b8326f471⋯.png (911.6 KB, 1111x1118, 1111:1118, i bet 12.png)


File: e2405d8db5994d8⋯.png (954.8 KB, 1092x1118, 42:43, i bet 5.png)

File: 64bd0986f0960c8⋯.png (955 KB, 1092x1118, 42:43, i bet 6.png)


File: a784dcaa8239ed6⋯.jpg (147.56 KB, 768x997, 768:997, mace[1].jpg)

File: 1d7662fa97c8985⋯.jpg (146.86 KB, 768x997, 768:997, mace[2].jpg)

File: 1470226316620.png (4.22 MB, 2000x1329, 2000:1329, 1470225871634-3.png)


Edits of A Wyatt Mann's works by other people.


File: e56c6608de7c3bf⋯.jpg (148.79 KB, 900x850, 18:17, CrT6ejQWgAEXqdX.jpg)

by @HeronymusDross


File: bfbebca4349ec1a⋯.png (168.41 KB, 869x718, 869:718, dumb goyim.png)

File: a678f3439a79941⋯.png (113.44 KB, 895x427, 895:427, here idiot.png)

File: 05fc5cc136040d9⋯.png (36.01 KB, 631x568, 631:568, ug vey.png)

File: dbda5742fc6c99f⋯.png (72.53 KB, 535x590, 107:118, dreaming of shekel.png)

File: 8408f16f3b6c092⋯.png (60.83 KB, 545x644, 545:644, this man defends israel.png)

What about works inspired by Wyatt?



Edits only. See the first two posts.

File: 1468414979992.jpg (249.72 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 146722526014df8-3.jpg)


dropping in a new one

File: 1468178585301.png (508.01 KB, 782x670, 391:335, 1468178080961.png)


Puddin Pops Bill Cosby Schlomo

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