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File: f8073ee9f646c87⋯.jpg (337.38 KB, 1000x1337, 1000:1337, 004_1000.jpg)

File: ff057e7739a643c⋯.jpg (318.74 KB, 1024x1536, 2:3, 4eMrH3t.jpg)

File: 2a7a4dc6654c3af⋯.jpg (71.55 KB, 667x1280, 667:1280, 372_1000.jpg)

File: b74f16c0c2dea58⋯.jpg (36.43 KB, 396x600, 33:50, 733_1000.jpg)

File: 1ae4f3f235d1845⋯.jpg (580.57 KB, 1352x2032, 169:254, Sara_nude_in_Garden_01.jpg)


>everything is hot but her face

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>1st, 2ed, 4th, and 5th


Whew, you have some shit taste when it comes to your definition of "hot"

Only passable body is 3rd, but a clear butterface.



I have always thought this was backwards. Shouldn't it be, but her pussy?



Chart is fucked badly. Not a single girl above a 7 on it.



bitch needs to buy a coffin and die. lets be fucking real…



The chart is pointless because it doesnt show their tits.

File: 12b75066b228f98⋯.png (829.83 KB, 1080x903, 360:301, IMG_20190322_184246.png)

File: 70fa67b77913545⋯.png (491.85 KB, 480x600, 4:5, Nikolas-Cruz.png)


Another thot bites the dust

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This. Take the warriors way out, get to Valhallah.


i wonder what her farts smelled like



women don't go to Valhalla



They go to the kitchen in the sky



Flippin' based kek

File: 1dd5a9161b96e91⋯.png (156.04 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 1552951992026-0.png)


>Be me 21 y/o doomer

>Have a crush on my subject lecturer

>Can't realy tell i love her but i defenetly had feelings for her

>Trying to be funny on classes to draw her attention to me,she smiles and maybe she interested in me at some point but i can't realy tell

>Decide to tell her about my feelings to stop thinking about all this crap and just get this over with

>Want it to be 1by1 metting so i tell everyone in my group not to come because there is gonna be hard test next class.(It is actually going to be test but not that hard) No one showing up in my group on regular classes so it may work.

>For some fucking unknown reason one of this fuckers actually want to come


>Trying to tell him that im gonna come for the test prepared and also ask for retake day for everyone who missed it

>NAH DUDE IM FINE I JUST GONA BE THERE YA KNOWxxdddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

>This fucking loser is ruining everythig fo me. I need this day because i dont realy know how and when i going to stay alone with this woman in the future.

>On test day almost everyone from my group came

>Class begins

>Passing test quickly.

>Put headphones on. Want to listen to music waiting to class is over

>If you have nothing to do anon, you can write next subject matter in your notebook- gently lecturer said to me

>Well alright sure

>Time passing by

>One by one students finishing this test and leaving

>Wait a minute. If i wait long enough writing this shit, everyone just going to leave and i finaly can talk privately woman of my heart

>Um anon, im going to teachers room now. When you finish noting, return my subject matterials there ok?

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>whining to a woman

>she says shes got family

>cry more

arent u alpha,, U shouldve NOT given her a sob story. Just said u like her and r interested in her.

<u dont know me that well

as if he wanted marriage, not fuck


>KHV tries to cuck a married guy with kids

What a loser you are OP just get a hooker or fuck one of your college age classmates that will be horny and making stupid choices. You can be one of those stupid choices!


File: 408ab37402c0cee⋯.png (1.35 MB, 912x1180, 228:295, boomer tvstar homer.png)


This is will become one of your regrats later in life, but shit happens, so don't give a fuck. What you need is to stop being a faggot and turn your life around.


Didn't read past the first line, but calling yourself a doomer is a sign of being a sperg.

File: d4bf022a0ca3aa8⋯.jpg (7.51 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


>we don't need feminism


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Did anyone save the video, she always deletes her uploads within 24 hours..


I'm so glad she's alive, and no longer threatened by that fat hairy predator fuck.



He was never a threat to her. She used him and did him the dirtiest way possible.

She'll always be damaged goods because of it, she was old enough to comprehend what she did. If it wasn't him it would have been somebody else.



Your kinda angry. Take the lift down to your lorry and have a cuppa.



Why so angry, Achmed?

File: 86f742a3aa5d741⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 1200x1800, 2:3, daddy.jpg)


would you, The Rock, Dwayne Johnson?



The Rock can have my boystrudle anytime he wants


File: ac920ce40fcc2cb⋯.jpg (48.47 KB, 638x576, 319:288, Wild-fag-appears.jpg)



I’d smell what he’s cooking and then enjoy a lovely dinner with him. Afterwards we’d hold hands and watch Netflix.

File: 2e40a34c1cbeefa⋯.jpeg (148.74 KB, 672x859, 672:859, E5E741E1-5C42-460C-97E7-C….jpeg)


Greetings ((((don’t really mean to greet you)))), here from reddit to tell you guys that no one likes you. Y’all are racists, fascist and downright shitty people. I hope yall get ran over by some truck and die a painful death. Start screaming and insulting now *sips coffee*

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>website will go in article

>we should be scared

Do it. With our luck, we'll be able to scare away all the "visitors" we've been having on our site. It's getting annoying dealing with MAGAtards and Libtards all the time, now.


File: 6b6855018e54344⋯.png (20.58 KB, 625x790, 125:158, bait6.png)


File: 7997dbeb18b59db⋯.png (153.3 KB, 500x383, 500:383, b.png)



I am tho, are you guys r*tarded or something? This place has it all 😂🤣.



No one cares.

File: 02097f4545b345a⋯.jpg (65.33 KB, 1440x907, 1440:907, 1553225204576.jpg)


Post the most terrifying image on your HD

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Why didn't she eat after the holocaust?



because the holocaust was a sham



Sir I will have you know my grandfather died in it.


File: 83967a49d01cecd⋯.jpg (263.36 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1507419764329.jpg)


File: 1a84ff0645cd328⋯.jpg (52.78 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 1a84ff0645cd328efa7c510dbf….jpg)

File: 25d94ed7f290709⋯.jpg (77.58 KB, 800x450, 16:9, QQQ.jpg)


death to fascists

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Also evern nktice how these fucks talk about accepting trannys but no one in antifa fucks em xD i thought they were all about tolorance an shit xD


File: 896969c5d862d78⋯.png (160.11 KB, 331x10000, 331:10000, frog posting.png)

File: b5593fa602ba651⋯.png (244.66 KB, 546x1080, 91:180, frog.png)





fucking retard fascism isn't inherently a right or left ideology, it focuses more on social issues. in fact one of it's inherent tenets is anti-materialism


commies are the ones who usually embrace fascism


File: ed26b119ca80d9a⋯.jpg (61.8 KB, 493x930, 493:930, fda8864f0f4ccaf2da53f97c77….jpg)


Imagine being such a fucking normie that you think age determines someone's ability to consent.

Seriously, do you fags think that a 17 year old one day away from their birthday is unable to consent and then they wake up the next day fully able to consent?

I honestly couldn't understand how fucking mindless you'd have to be to build your moral beliefs on what the government tell you is right and wrong.

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I highly doubt this happened, but you're pretty fucking lucky if it is true.


File: 15262b9c6b9326a⋯.jpg (141.43 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 15262b9c6b9326a621f68754ce….jpg)


This, people are so hypocritical these days. Everything sexual is a big no-no. See 8chan for example, you can share all kinds of violence and hate, up to the point where people commit terrorist attacks, but don't ever dare posting perfectly legal images of fully clothed children, you'll get perma banned in no time. These "morals" are hypocritical and retarded. Kids are sexual beings and love knows no age, pedos did nothing wrong!


I started loving and fucking 11 to 15 year old girls when I was 15 and that love hasn't changed.


File: 0388da36c5d66a2⋯.jpg (163.47 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 8d5df26b9631eea14d13d09186….jpg)


File: cb1f19062e51a00⋯.jpg (32.49 KB, 600x354, 100:59, 3b6.jpg)

File: bcb2f3329f84490⋯.jpg (22.56 KB, 660x371, 660:371, robot.jpg)


All anon sites are the same. They create this representation of a singular person who plays bartender into enabling a human being into performing actions. This is legitimately a bartender paradigm. A person comes in on the edge of an action only to be counseled by hypocrites who preach against their own actions. There actions alone can be analyzed and are hilarious. Not because of their topical actions but due to their hidden motivations. It's funny knowing 100 percent of the people here are hypocrites. Even the responses I will get for this post. I can see them already and still they will happen. It's hilarious. I laugh so hard knowing the kneejerk roles and variables that play out from this site. fucking funny. u wuld not belive.

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nice voice. its only fucked by the shit bit rate.


File: 0356f8b4f49ebd9⋯.png (554.65 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, coming for you fren.png)


same here lol




har har har. your using an alternative method to reply! har har

File: 7c8478299557556⋯.jpg (82.3 KB, 728x1097, 728:1097, top_hat_hat_tip_by_smolder….jpg)


Take that, faggot

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hi phil!




And to you my good friend


formerly suck and fuck



and currently

File: 3c7f52d723ef22d⋯.jpg (119.33 KB, 780x1040, 3:4, 170224135754-tara-grinstea….jpg)


Daily reminder that women would rather be with a guy that will beat them or kill them than be with you.

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But the thought of beating womyn makes my peepee bone appear




t. Seething virgin incels


but what if I already beat my girfriend and she tells me she like it


File: 62915a93facd7b9⋯.jpg (76.49 KB, 554x797, 554:797, kek10.jpg)


File: 00a6fb1e603c35b⋯.png (908.89 KB, 971x581, 971:581, cucking.png)

File: 9c0006733eed34f⋯.jpg (320.69 KB, 1866x1620, 311:270, 1553266390889.jpg)


how do i get a gf like the girl on the left?

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Tell her you're going to audit the fed


File: 2f2fb74d3ffc24c⋯.jpg (813.56 KB, 1000x1080, 25:27, 2f2fb74d3ffc24ca020226494c….jpg)


File: f9de26ea56fd995⋯.jpg (413.25 KB, 1842x1760, 921:880, d7c1480e2d2fe49705f27e3a01….jpg)


Look for girls that look like they were ignored in high school, but just recently graduated. You might even find a virgin



how do i figure it out?

File: 2f0262b219eb69f⋯.png (122.9 KB, 720x807, 240:269, THEREAREWMDSINIRAQ.png)



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They're literally Aryans who fell for the Islam meme.



all hadjis are kebabs



Id rather shoot the people enforcing the draft then go along with it. Just go on disability and you can draft dodge anyways. Almost all people suffer from some mental disorder. Boom collect disability while dodging the draft.



Because kikes havent gotten the rope yet.



>Just go on disability

>white man

Good luck with that!

File: fc7e4e76b230658⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1024x680, 128:85, ClipboardImage.png)


Every city with over 10000 people has at least one. Has anyone been?

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File: c04cc56e9d22751⋯.jpg (9.27 KB, 176x176, 1:1, smashgodxxx..jpg)

Who said Asian guys are beta? Be Smashgodxxx i.e handsome as fuck able to

slay girls of all races.

Get banned from Twitch for being too alpha. Proceed to make money streaming

Tinder dates on youtube.

Defying the haters saying asians have small dicks and can't get girls on

the regular.

Why aren't you doing the same?

Pro tip: Cause you can't!


File: 23a7ce5ced66f87⋯.jpg (58.75 KB, 320x192, 5:3, white-men-who-dont-date-fa….jpg)


How right you are anon. I am currently dating a woman who is over 300 lbs, and she is the best lover I ever had.


>Every city with over 10000 people has at least one.

Press F to doubt.


i have no idea how to find hookers



Never been with a hooker unless you count a leeching thot. Even that was bad, its uncomfortable having sex with strangers, or sex.

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