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if i want to be a hitman, where should i start?

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What's something you wanted all your life (Career wise), worked hard to get it, only to fail and never achieve what you wanted?

For me, it's being a firefighter. Completely over-saturated, and you end up competing against thousands of others with academic records much better than yours.

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Sup bitches

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Virgin Questions

Is it normal to eat a girls pussy in the middle of fucking or is that some closet homo shit?

Ive been watching a lot of amateur porn recently. A lot of amateur porn is between 2-10 minutes and a similarity Ive found in the majority of these videos is that at some point, usually the halfway point, the guy will take his dick out and start eating her pussy before he puts it back in to finish.

Now, I will come right out and say it that I am a virgin. (Big shock I know). I dont really know how real people have sex and I think if I ever have sex I will do it all wrong because of what I plan on doing vs What actual people do. So maybe its a normal thing that regular couples stop in the middle of sex so the guy can eat her out? Maybe thats just an unspoken rule?

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Hello anons. Any idea what the solution to this is? Connect 1 to 1, 2 to 2 without making the lines intersect. Proportions of the boxes can be adjusted. (It's just my shitty attempt of re-making it). One thing for sure, there is a possible answer; I just forgot what it was. Hopeful that anyone of you can solve it!

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>Using NTR porn to promote your shitty mobile game.

Bravo chinks.

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>blocks your path

What would you do?

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Emma Stone should tear off her clothes and run around naked with only her shoes & socks on

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Come and join us and listen to nice music.


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Elsa should walk around completely naked in Frozen ll. No dress, no heels. Just wearing her birthday suit. Just walking around in the buff. Naked as the day she was born. Completely bare. No clothes. Nude.

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Hey /b/ I wanna ask you a question… What's up with girls rubbing their tits onto the back of my arm?

Happened to me twice with different girls some months ago

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Hello together.

I met a hot woman at a seminar.

So we talked a bit, she lought at my bad jokes. All in all it was a good time.

In one of the exercises we got the wish list of another person.

What would you like to achieve in 7 days / weeks / months / years?

As luck would have it I got her note. And all I wrote what good luck.

Came not so good.

The seminar was over and via Whatsapp I said goodbye to everyone again and wrote a little text about how I wish her luck.

Her responds in the private chat:

Why are you suddenly so incredibly cute 😂 First you pretend to be someone who does

not care for others and then you come to me with something in the group.

Means a lot to me, especially because it comes from you!

Will miss you most of all, because somehow you could fool around with it and talk well and casually.

In a way, you so reminded me of a friend of mine because he has his own views. Exciting people, not so mainstream. Was really nice!

So it goes on and on.I ask her what she is doing in her hollidays.

She said she will stay at home.

So i ask her if we shoud do something together.

Her respond was: changed my mind I will go for hollidays.

I am not an idiot so i knew she doesnt wanted to do stuff with me.But than she wrote this:

That was seriously, i dont whant that you think I wanted to get rid of you 🙈

And at this point i have no fucking idear what to do.

Can some one help ?

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ITT: Post OC you made, no matter how shitty.

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>20 Facts Fathers Won't Tell You


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pi netwokr general/discussion

All you need is a phone number or facebook account to sign up. It is available on iOS and Android. Simple enuff ye?

Pi hit 35k members a few days ago, Pi was at 10k only 2 1/2 weeks ago, and 1k 5 weeks ago. This is growing at an astronomical, and i mean ASTRONOMICAL rate, more so than any other crypto project in recent years. And that is all because it's so fucking easy to use No confusing signup, no scary 40 digit wallets that turn normies off.

Literally everyone is getting on board. Stop missing out and get in before the next halving so you have a fat stack of Pi, you're technically still in very early, no doubt that this project will reach 1 million users by the end of the year, especially with normie adoption

You need a code to sign up, so use mine: "noahmcguire575" (help a poor anon out)

Literally this shit is halving soon and soon again so theres no time like the present



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trannies are degenerates who enjoy forcing their fetish onto unsuspecting people. Change My Mind!

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Belle Delphine


X-post from /b2/. The original ahegao whore says that if she gets 1 mil likes on her instagram photo, she will make a pornhub account. Help your /b/rother out here.

Current status: ~1 hour has past, and she is at approx. 360k likes. Not bad, but still a lot more to go.

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People who eat pork tend to behave like pigs - you take on the vibes of the animals you eat. Look at the behaviour of the pig eating countries in the last century.

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>mangarock missing a lot of chapters

>mangadex same

>kissmanga under maintenance


where do I need to go to read my mangos? what sites do you use?

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You guys are pretty cool

Don't log in to 8chan tomorrow morning.

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Dragonchan: a new ViChan-based imageboard awaits ye

I've made a new imageboard called Dragonchan. It's now running on based ViChan software because LynxChan is buggy and sucks hard. The only rule is no CP. Tor users are allowed to post files.

Come on over ye dragons.


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Can anyone hand me that liveleak video where a chinese parent hands a pistol to his son, which proceeds to shoot himself in the head in front of his parents(mom included)?

I can't find it on liveleak.

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F the raptors

Canadian basketball

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How do you feel about this?

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somebody spam this board to death again

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Thoughts on Filthy Frank

What are your thoughts on him?

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Is there somewhat of slave mentality in USA? You work very long hours, have very short or non-existing vacations and you spend way too much time in car. And the best part is, that many Americans are proud of their slavery. Like, I work 37,5 h per week as a mechanical engineer and find even 50 h per week ridiculous.

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"Bought me an expensive ass Lexus... I'm about to go drive drunk!"

Sauce: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bytlg1EB1Cw/

I wonder whether that's even real beer, meaning he filmed himself about to commit what may be up to a third degree felony in the state of Texas, or whether it's non-alcoholic beer and he's the kind of guy who likes to pretend he drives drunk because he believes it makes him look like a badass on Instagram?

He lives in Monahans TX by the way.

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I went to McDonald's and had McChicken for the first time. I took a bite of it and holy fucking shit. Its like every fucking whyte people food meme on the net. the burger literally tasted like fucking nothing and it was full of this nauseating, pretending to be mayo sauce that somehow also smelled of fish. how is this shit even on the menu wtf

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Ask an anon with a huge dick anything

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I hate niggers

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these camsluts are way too active.. its literally impossible to save more than few of them unless you are rich and can buy more disks almost every day

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FBI legal message

Go to jail, racist reactonary motherfuckers !

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15 Mind-Blowing Secrets Your Grandmother Gets Choked Up About


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Deep Throat

What is going on all over the chans with preteen "Deep Throat"? Will this effect us and our love for young girls? Is the age of affection and good will towards each other over? Will it go deeper underground? Theres too much panic in this town. I for one will not permit others to define how I should live my life.

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This board is up to 13pph! I am impressed!

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how do I get a gun if im on suicide watch?

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I wish something interesting was happening with thousands of deaths, injured people 'n shit

life sucks

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Dreaming about fondling an orangutangs tits.

What do you think it means?

asking for a friend.

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At least Dysomnia bans pedos tbh.

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Adolf Hitler general thread

Why did he was wrong ? He just toke media back from jews as well as art and politics

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Sup Dudes.

Ohello /B/, my name is Chips Handon. I always like to lork at 7cham and I also like mudflips too, as you do. DASU DASU LOL. I also like having sex with underage children (HOES DON'T KNOW ABOUT MY DICK), shop the wops, do a battle roll and i just lost the match. Due to the fact that i'm not a noobfag i know that /random/ is in possession of a great variety of "PC", at least those of you that aren't underage B%. in a nutshell, I need Anomalous to deliver to an Astrafaglian /re/tard some of his "PC" (you know what I mean LOL). ROW ROW ROW THE BOAT. PLEASE DONT MAGE THIS THRED IT IS NOT COPYPIZZA, BUT ORIGINAL COMMENT.

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Hey cool cat dont go to school tomorrow

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Oy vey goymin dont go to the local synagogue tomorrow

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Oy vey goymin dont go to the local synagogue tomorrow

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why is she so cute anons ;_;

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FBI thing

Can anyone tell me what was going on with the FBI invasions and stuff?

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is it just me or is there now less boards there

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FBI Honeypot Thread


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I Just Jizzed

One of the biggest jizzloads I've ever jizzed,

and I felt nothing.

I realize now

the only thing keeping me from being completly empty inside was that jizz,

and now that it's gone, I am completely, and utterly alone. Life has no more meaning.

Til next time we jizz /b/.

til next time we jizz.

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Wow the edge

Wow the edge

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Question for drug anons. Will dextromethorphan get me high? How should I ingest it?

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Can someone give me a quick rundown on Orangy? Wtf happened

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All jews should die! Literally scum of the earth!

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What is this?

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I Love Indian/Bengali girls

Their wrinkles give me boner

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Grade A porn snaps

Pic related is my favorite

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scottie wider fan bo 456



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Is it bad to have an insanely low voice in hs?

I'm not bad otherwise but my gut says sounding like

a terminator is a turn off for women my age. To give you

an idea of what I sound like, look up JC Denton prank

calls. I sound like that all the time.

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Question for drug anons. Will diphenhydramine hcl liquid get me high or should I just run to CVS to buy codeine

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8chan Cup 5

Hello anons,

The 8chan cup is happening this summer and we haven't really updated our roster since the first ever cup. The roster is here: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//b/

Lets suggest new memes for players and if there are any drawfags/creative anons out there that may want to make new kits, stadium, banners etc. that would be great too

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Guess I'm invading 8chad until 4chad fixes itself.

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Isn't it interesting how most places in the world that have/had non indie vidya studios are places where the brown and browner population is still a minority?

Kinda makes you think

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/b/ is dead, but we all know you will keep coming back.

Remember, you can never leave.

The catalog is more empty than i've ever seen it.

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Are you Aryan like me?

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Is there any NON-GARBAGE vr porn that isnt some dark tanned homo with big muscles fucking some bloated whore with stretchmarks and a clown face of makeup?

Anything that isnt lit like a studio on an ikea bed with some whore drugged out on heroin and FUCKING MOANING AND SCREAMING NONSTOP WITH AN UGLY PORNO FACE?

anything "amatuer"? anything with real fucking pies?? That is ACTUALLY stereo3d not 360 shit.

im sick of this bullshit FUCK.

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Hot teachers ...

That banged their students

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Mlp stories also im attention whore

Cool my little pony stories ive wrote

The sands of fire

Hard days night

The canterlot riots series

*the canterlot riots

*mean streets

*hard hearts

*the coldest sleep

*the crystal mountains project

*mountain of my fears

*manehattan melodrama

Reign of the sisters series

*the year with no color

*i can hear a rainbow

*the minotaur scandal

*the pegasus unicorn war

*tomorrows yesterday

*matter of honor

*a kingdom divided

*world at war

Everyone in a series connects to part1

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send spam here


Fill this email with any spam shit now

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Random 61

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What happend to Brandon Tarrant

Any information bout that? Is he in jail rn? Is he sued already? Did the court apperience got streamed?

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Hey guys I’m back from epic quest to http://boards.4chan.org/b/thread/802335587#p802335725

Boy am I glad I got out of that interracial porn infested hell hole in hurry, am I right guys?

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Dysnomia inhales nigger dicks through his asshole

Dys, I would just like to congradulate you on being, quite literally, a mentally handicapped retard. Never in my life have I seen such shitty moderation, that someone created an alt board of /b/, and actually fucking succeeded. I want you to dwell on this fact for as long as you can, until you realize what must be done, and jump off of the tallest building near you. You, singlehandedly, have killed this board, one of the most popular boards on this website for several years. I am not sure whether to be impressed, or pity you for being such a pathetic sack of shit. It is truly shocking how one person can be this much of a heaping pile of dogshit. If we got some stupid, trashy, hot cheeto munching negress to run this board, it is guaranteed it would be in a better state right now, than with your cock sucking, reddit browsing, morbidly obese, fat fucking ass draining this board of it's lifeforce like some sort of autistic vampire who can't control himself and just destroys everything he touches. Dysnomia, go fuck yourself and run bare ass naked into the Whitehouse and start trying to stab people in the hopes that you get shot, and your miserable existance comes to an end, and the world may be at peace once more.

Go fuck yourself,


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Professor Kafir dump, because I feel like it

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i rear ended someone today

i've been quoted $3600 to repair my 2007 mazda 5

what car could i buy for $3600

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how to fix your country without guns ?

R: 25 / I: 23 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

pretty weapons

let's see those beautiful ballistics

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How do you feel about posting here?

Reminder that it's still dysnomia the one ruling the board

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first five posters decide if i kill myself now or wait 2 years and try to get better

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someone give me a quick rundown on what the fuck happened to this place? too old for this shit.

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I want revenge, I want to murder the world. Of course, there is no way to do this. Every time someone else goes out and takes their vengeance reaps the blood of the sheep, I rejoice in my heart. Every time "tragedy" strikes and "innocent" lives are lost, I am joyful in my heart. I used to think it had something to do with… race… or nation… but I was wrong. My race and my nation is not of this world, and I loathe every wretched human creature. I want revenge. I want to murder the world. I am sad. I am tired. There is no where for me to go. There is nothing for me to do. There is no one for me to know. All is lost, all is lost. I have no weapons. I have no means to take my revenge. Merely killing myself would be a waste, because maybe there is still a chance. Maybe in some distant future, I can have my revenge. At the very least I can sit back and watch as the world burns slowly, and Hell spills out to feast upon the flesh of the damned.

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Elsa should take off her clothes. She should be naked. She should be a nudist.

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where's my za?

board was better yesterday

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spam all you want, but fuck off with all the goddamn cp you fucking degenerates

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Look at you still posting here

Hello my loyal minions. You all still love me right? You haven't left me for that pedopit >>>/b2/ you're still my friends. Yes. Yes. Stay. Stay here with me. Love me.

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i have no where else to go and i dont even care if anyon reads or responds i just have to talk to someone even if its this stupid fucking image board. my girlfriend of about 4 years just broke up with me yesterday and i seriously do not know how to deal with my emotions. i honestly have so much pent up rage and animosity, mostly towards my self. its unbearable. im young still but i never meet girls and i just know all of this is my fault. i smoke weed constantly and today i turned to benzos for some reason to i guess postpone the shock of being alone now