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what do you do if you wanna just die horribly but god wont let you

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tis the point




figured it out, im a dumbass




dont tell me what to do



Stop making up stories and just go stand in front of a train.



I don't think I'd have the time to be a moderator


I sniff my sister's used tampons every month



Why are we still here?



To sniff his sister's tampons, every month.




sorry anon, I wanted op to respond


When can we post images again?




Why can't you just convert to judaism like you can convert to islam? i wanna get in that jew groove, i feel like that could really be my kind of thing, you know what i'm saying?


Judaism is a race. Read Mein Kampf



>Why can't you just convert to judaism like you can convert to islam? i wanna get in that jew groove, i feel like that could really be my kind of thing, you know what i'm saying?

Stop making up stories and go stand in front of a train.




>ywn extort shekels from your goy tennants

why live?


all of gods children are jews op


>i wanna get in that jew groove

Snip your foreskin off and you can get that


"In the Middle of the Night" by Billy Joel is honest to goodness the best song ever written.


It's a good song, but not the best.


Never heard it, but since OP is clearly a fag, it sure is not worth my time


Jokes, puns, pick-up lines, etc.

Why didn't the skeleton ask the girl out?

Because he didn't have the guts.

What is the world's biggest oxymorn?

Black people.

Why did the banker quit his job?

Because he lost INTEREST!

How many men does it take to mop a floor?

None. It's a woman's job.

What do you do if a woman comes out of the kitchen complaining?

Make the chain shorter.

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Say what you will about pedophiles, but they do drive slowly past schools and parks.

So this boy walks in on his dad masturbating in front of the computer and asks "Dad, what are you doing?"

The dad replies "I'm masturbating. Don't worry, you will be doing it soon too"

"But why?"

"Because my arm is getting tired"

Whats the difference between a Mexican woman and a hockey player?

A hockey player showers after 3 periods.

How are a woman and a tornado alike?

They moan like hell when they come, and take the house when they leave.


What did one tampon say to the other?

nothing, they're both stuck up bitches

What's the difference between a chickpea and a garbanzo bean?

i never payed $100 to have a garbanzo bean on my face

A man goes up to a woman and asks if he can smell her pussy.she said back "no, you fucking pervert." As she's walking away, the man mumbles under his breath:

must be your feet then


What's the difference between a Mexican and a park bench?

A park bench can support a family.

Why can't niggers play baseball?

They're always stealing bases.

How do you make two jews argue?

Throw a nickel on the ground.

How do you make them fight to the death?

Throw a quarter.

How was the Grand Canyon formed?

A jew dropped a dollar down a gopher hole.


What's the difference between a mosquito and a jew?

One stops sucking your blood when you smack it.

What's the difference between a vampire and a jew?

When the sun shines on the vampire, he dies; when the sun shines on the jew, he gets away.

How many cops does it take to push a nigger down the stairs?

None. He fell.

What is the worst thing you can say to a coal burning mother?

Your daughter is so cute! She looks just like you!

What do queers call an upside-down bar stool?

Table for four.


Why don't niggers like cats?

Cats' cleanliness and intellect make the nigger feel inferior.

What's the difference between a priest and acne?

Acne doesn't come on a boy's face until puberty.

How did Michael Jackson die?

He got food poisoning from a 12-year-old wiener.

What did the black kid get for Christmas?

Your bike.

What has four legs and an arm?

A happy pit bull.


First the red dot.

Then images aren't needed to post threads.

Now images aren't allowed.

And then captchas are added.

Dysnomia you fucking reprobate

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Porn will go the way of the dodo I agree, but the rest of /b/

Well look at Wizchan..



I did it for multiple reasons.


That's part of the plan. A 100% reset. I'm sure it won't be perfect but it will help a bit.



now we actually have to talk

it's gay







you're gay too






>sad anon

le rekt thread begins








2009 calling


I don't think i can handle this much brutality



>/b/e of /l/e /m/e


>type le type le

>"rekkktt it rudalpho"

>ooooooH NOOOO.jif

>le cry le

le cry sad woow


Poetry Thread

I would berry my dick

so far inside you,

whoever could pull it out

would be crowned King Arthur.

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Surprise knife butt secks

Holy shitted, what a thing

Feels great when it cuts


Feels like summer's here

When I rape that sweet pussy

Cause my dick's like a spear

Whenever I'm not bussy


I like poems



You like poems, don't you fag

Well then start writing something

I'm no entertainer at all

I'm just a cloud made of nothing


Since this thread came out

All i do is think in rhymes

All i do is break then spines

Since my weed has run out


>lain threads deleted to fix technical difficulties

this miscarriage of justice against her will not stand


ITT: Curiosities that you saw firsthand

>in many countries you can't just flush toilet paper down the toilet

>in China breakfast, lunch and dinner are called "morning rice", "midday rice" and "night rice"

>Argentina has the same timezone as Brazil, it doesn't get dark until around 11pm and it's plain dark for most of the "morning"


>in my country you can't poo in loo because it is considered unholy.

>In Saudi Arabia stealing gets your hand cut.

>In Singapore you can't chew gum.



Funny that you mention timezones in a post with China without mentioning China's single timezone. But I guess you were in eastern China where it actually makes sense.



That's not funny at all



Your post actually made me lose.


I'm so cute it physically huts when boys look at me, i wish i could post my cute milky small feet and my pink precious pussy for you guys, I'm the cutest








gay and based



>physically huts

Are you a hut hut?



I want fuck. Post ye milks. Me horny as fuck. Me just want get thy wet


Why did the mods delete two threads?

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that would surely boost /b/ in a way or another. I don't know If that would a good thing tho



That's interesting.


i miss butterfly



t. Faggotron 9001



gay tbh


Why is this place a fucking ghost town?

At peak hours there’s only like 4 active users including me

Not to mention that the shitty power tripping mods delete any threads that THEY don’t like

This discourages people from actually posting on this site

Même all you want about 4chan being shit but at least they have a loyal userbase

When was the last time that a quality MEME was born here?

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>When was the last time that a quality MEME was born here?

hex is a pretty good meme tbh



Hex is love! Hex is life!.jpg





Not even a text board can prevent people from bitching


Why do people get triggered by Jordan Peterson? Reddit hates him because muh Derrida and muh gender and /pol/ hates him because something something individualism and jews. What gives? He just wants you to clean your room.

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Being creative isn't a curse, there are plenty of jobs if you are genuinly talented. I have no problem getting interviews, but I always fail them due to severe assburgers. Now that is a curse.



What's your job?


Before judging a man, always take a look at his enemies first.




yea i think that's part of his overall message that goes against "you're the perfect starflower and you're great as you are" cultural brainwashing that's popular in the USA


Anyone who styles their beard is a kike

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