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Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

File: cfd18aa2d016833⋯.mp4 (2.55 MB, 562x398, 281:199, 02948748.mp4)


Name a flaw with this ass


it's attached to a slut



muh dick isn't embeded in it



seems like a pro tbh fam

sluts have sex with lots of people, so it increases the odds that you'll get to put your cock in her ass



>wanting to stick ur dick into semen filled ass

what a cuck



>going for the low hanging fruit


It's white




It has a 3rd dimension



yep nice dubs, 2D is way better


It's not smothering my face right now.


its way too old.

her holes too at least a couple miles of dick each.



It's 3DPD.



How old do you think she is?



Not 12




attached to garbage, and posted by garbage


Well it's not shitting for starters.



he age is obviously not on the clock anymore.

i'd say she's in her mid 20s



I think beyond, even. I think she's closer to 30.


She isn't black


File: c04c977d588abb4⋯.jpg (66.85 KB, 499x750, 499:750, c04c977d588abb40bc9756dfe4….jpg)


this tbh





File: 927e3168dd1f054⋯.mp4 (941.58 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 663738329.mp4)


Damn. I can't decide which one is better



it has a woman attached to it


File: 9c16fb7ca1f1750⋯.jpg (7.29 KB, 183x276, 61:92, meme68a.jpg)

File: 109aab29e43fa01⋯.jpg (16.31 KB, 460x460, 1:1, meme68b.jpg)

File: d8402db34def1f3⋯.jpg (13.88 KB, 200x229, 200:229, meme68c.jpg)

File: 35846dbe46b9eff⋯.jpg (44.65 KB, 600x600, 1:1, meme-68d.jpg)



<4th pic

Shouldn't it be solid red?



Die pedo scum


Thats not an ass…THIS is a Ass!



File: 8c77a6e56547e10⋯.jpg (28.06 KB, 540x332, 135:83, 8a1.jpg)



>tumblr filename

Tumblr doesn't even allow lewd drawings of people that seem underage, why would it allow that?


File: af86c20dca4f4bc⋯.gif (320.66 KB, 300x222, 50:37, 1492601858755.gif)


Go fuck yourself faggot.



Newfagg thats Eva's ass.


Because its from a Art book.

And who can disagree that this ass is a work of art.



Well in that case I'm so glad tumblr is less rulecucked than 8chan, really says something.



Epic epic ass,but who is Eva?




At least she knows her worth si only on her ass.



I don't know. I'll bet those lips are nice



THAT seems underage? I've seen porn where they seemed more underage than that, faggot



I'll bet you have, bud



Doesn't look underage.




Eva was like THIRTEEN when she posed for this!!! Still…. fucking droolable, huh?!?



… Mods?



She said she had her first sexual experience at 8-yo. She was a German child model in the 70's.



>first sexual experience at 8-yo

She probably turned out horribly. A childs mind is uncapable of holding that much responsibility.(or whatever you call it. Grief?)

Especially german children. They don't have strong enough minds to withstand that kind of experience. They'd be scarred, and forever mentally unable.



Actually, she was interviewed in her 30's, and is just fine. Married happily, kids. Not pissed at her mum at all. Remembers it all with fondness, she said. I can't give you a source, but I did read it c. 10+ years ago.


File: 6c6ecfd48e8a0ed⋯.jpeg (534.7 KB, 1808x2410, 904:1205, 6c6ecfd48e8a0ed7e43a87ac6….jpeg)


It's attached to a Woman.



What ass?

It barely fills those short shorts.


File: 27413d9cbd3d251⋯.jpg (128.63 KB, 500x379, 500:379, tumblr_mnaiaycFYt1rispwzo1….jpg)

File: b0189ea056553c6⋯.jpg (86.53 KB, 594x1024, 297:512, 740full-eva-ionesco.jpg)


She was French,and the youngest person to ever appear nood in Playboy when she was 11.


She is very well adjusted apparently,and directed her first film in 2010 called "My Little Princess" (based VERY strongly on her own life)….but when it flopped she very publicly sued her mother for Royalties from her early years,and with the publicty that the case got in France the film was re-released and did very well..kek.

Her early pics are very wildly available as they are considered art…top kek!



There's shorts in the way, I can't properly see it.





Liking anal, degeneracy.


File: 15305935b70e8e0⋯.jpg (94.21 KB, 347x303, 347:303, 0IRnCj9.jpg)


MFW dat ass is 13!



Jizzed in your pants? Nice work, anon!



Except it's fucking digusting. Mods?



That ass and those long tanned legs are a work of ART!!!



MODS. They're trying to seduce me



You can taste that ass in your mouth right now, can't you…?!? It's THAT good…



Too late.



No.. I can't be a pedo.. But I find that attractive? Hey, what the fuck gives?

This is starting to make me sweat x(



Natural urges are overcoming years of indoctrination by the feminists and media.

For the entirety of human existence this was a breeding ready female,and 30-40 years of paranoia doesn't change that.



Is that why I feel weird? I fucking hate the media. This actually pisses me off. They've gotten too sensitive. I knew she was attractive yet I still tried to oppose the idea. How much damage has the media done?

(Also, just curious, why was the user fucking banned? Picture wasn't illegal.)


File: a82fe74294e7ce5⋯.jpg (356.19 KB, 1600x2812, 400:703, femjew.jpg)


>and 30-40 years of paranoia doesn't change that.

…and 30-40 years of jewish feminists doesn't change that.



>missed the cp




>i'm not mentally fucked, it's art!!!!

You pedos, what a laugh riot.



>Was looking at that fine ass

>see face

FBI plz no bully!




>She was French

why I'm I not surprised ?



Sarcasm detected


File: e44e9d5e551650b⋯.png (20.78 KB, 365x363, 365:363, 13139651007.png)



mfw no french lgf


link to full vid please



>Name a flaw with this ass

it's not shitting all over my dick :^)

Flaws Found: 1


It's not dropping a steamer on my back



>hairy pussy

into the trash you go



Hey, it's me. Thanks for the input :) Was nice talking to you. Fuck the brainwashing media.



Pure Art and Beauty

Still makes me dribble uncontrollably, tho





Is it just me or would the first picture make a great music album cover? Reminds me of Billy Squier except badass. So good..



(nice trips faggot)

That ass spread. OMFG!!!! My dick is diamonds!


It does not belong to a teen boy.



Anti-pedos actually continued existing after this hottie? I mean, it's art and it makes me think. Deeply. Really. Just saying, tho.


File: d65a43953f623c1⋯.jpg (161.3 KB, 1184x897, 1184:897, petite-1978-03-g.jpg)

File: 4bc49e68b1c2cac⋯.jpg (219.35 KB, 786x524, 3:2, fat-lkp.jpg)

File: d3ff36f6eac7aba⋯.jpg (93.5 KB, 634x553, 634:553, 551463394bee4945cc523116c1….jpg)


Actually the anti pedo rhetoric only really started after Artistic books by Jacques Bourboulon,David Hamilton,Jock Sturges etc…

They came to realize that they could not compete with the sexuality of budding beauties.

Even many movies of the time rubbed their noses in the fact that the average male was more interested in nymphets than in them…think Pretty Baby,Blue Lagoon,Maladolescenza etc.

And their response was to launch the anti pedo crusade that continues to this day,where any guy who is even remotely interested in ANY female under 18 is labelled a PEDO SCUM..

Sad time we live in.



>any female under 18 is labelled a PEDO SCUM

That's not true in some states



I'm gonna gonna fix that




Stop talking like a fucking retard



pedo or not pedp?




If thats the same girl then it is.

But personally i could live with myself tapping that!



This guy gets it



need bigger pic to decide


File: 1e33f87efcdbe51⋯.jpg (71.12 KB, 646x800, 323:400, tumblr_o1grsco4461ug2sb6o2….jpg)



Damn. Art.


File: 051105812d4d150⋯.jpg (206.07 KB, 1919x1079, 1919:1079, 1432312014123.jpg)


> rosties



Her Arby's sandwhich was that anons saving grace, I'm sure he would have been permabanned for CP otherwise.


File: e9610f611ed42ac⋯.jpg (10.61 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 4309810 _8744f88ea522f8c28….jpg)


You never seen a nekid woman in real life amiright?



I hate to break it to you anon, but the vagina you saw was a whore vagina, only whores have meat flaps. I know because I fuck virginis all the time and they all have no flaps, by the time they get 'boyfriends' aka beta faggots, I've used them up with my monster dong and their vagina is loose and flappy

t. Chad


It's attached to a female



>i fuck virgins all the time

pedo filth!


File: 92f74d6ada5205a⋯.jpg (155.78 KB, 964x640, 241:160, 92f.jpg)


you do realize that those "meat flaps" belong to a tween right?(and that tween in question stated in several interviews back in the day that she was never molested and didnt lose her V-plates till she was 15)



Naw anon shes been fucked. Probably by 5-10 men by the looks of those flaps. Like I said, I'm a Chad and I knew these things for fact. I can't post proof because as you know if I post anything traceable to me on a website besides instagram I'll be kicked from my frat, but trust me.



your in a frat and cant hide your tracks?

fuck me you just made me feel ancient.

Mate i'm probably twice your age and was hiding my tracks before you were a glimmer in your dads eye.

So do yourself a favour and do some research on the girl in question and then come back and brag about your extensive experiance in pussy configuration.



You don't understand, they watch me. Frats are serious things, you know they don't just give virgins to anyone right? Like I said, girls don't have meat flaps before being fucked. I know this for a fact. You haven't seen 1/10000th of the pussy I have seen. I basically work in a pussy factory. Meat flaps are from being fucked and nothing else. The girl you posted was molested, because she has meat flaps. I can't post anything that can be traced, but trust me, I've never seen a girl with meatflaps who is also a virgin, and like I said I've hundreds of thousands of virgins.


File: f1c5edca0efdbef⋯.jpg (33.7 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 1m6xn7.jpg)



Now why would an underage girl ever lie about not being molested?

Maybe because she knows that if she admits to it the person she had sex with will have their life ruined?



Stop making an idiot of yourself. You're old enough, you claim, to know better.



Check out the court transcripts from the court case in 2012 when she sued her mother for taking the pics of her when she was a child.(they are public record and available online)

It was a civil case as she was after remuneration's for the $ made.

She was asked about molestation by the defense and admitted that it was never physical.



So because she admits her mother didn't molest her that means nobody could have?




Done arguing


Eva Ionesco (thou she married Simon Liberati in 2013),and her mother was Irina



…art? Hell YES!!!



I think I am in love

… and I'm going to jail…



Cops are on the way. I'm Chris Hansen, Dateline NBC. Yes, that's right. I browse this image-board. Scanning the place for suspecting pedos. You looked at a legal image, and now you're going to jail.

Were you planning on blanking* her? Oh, editors, you're gonna have to cut that one out.



Why are all these cars parking outside my building? Whats going on?



It's a free-for-all, anon. Those mobs are hungry and they want ass ;)


Let's be honest… it would number in the 100,000's the amount of men who have jerked off to her images, over the last 30 years! Imagine the swimming-pool-full amount of splort spent over this girl?



Still adding



millions i am sure



Serious bush for a girl her apparent age.

You she's not like a Tiny Tove like girl?

You know,looks 13 but is actually 20?



File: 9c029b9b7564950⋯.jpg (140.54 KB, 1577x1080, 1577:1080, erecciones-inoportunas-19.jpg)


I like your thought process as it makes my fapping to those pics right now a less guilt ridden experiance



If we say she is will you no longer be ashamed of your boner?



Puberty. My gf at 13 had a good bit of hair too.



whos tiny toove?




honestly this is the average sort of girl i wish i had been having one night stands with in college

nothing really noteworthy about her but it would be a good night of feeling like you're normal. i'd almost rather bang her than someone objectively prettier because at that point you're like "ok you're banging me but you're out of my league, what's your angle"

with this girl you're like "ok shes just horny like me, we're both average. cool"

anyway whats this thread about?




Started out with OP's girl ass wanting trips.

Then topkek anon posting pubescent ass wanting us all to fapp to 13yo ass and gash.

Turns out 13yo has as much bush as amazon…

Not sure how to proceed.



> did some great lesbian scenes with her mom.

good parenting


File: 248fe2b8e6e2f3d⋯.jpg (22.24 KB, 480x910, 48:91, 1498740962781.jpg)


>They came to realize that they could not compete with the sexuality of budding beauties

>the fact that the average male was more interested in nymphets than in them


Not too long ago, book stores and magazine vendors were stocked with print media depicting young girls in beautiful photographs. The irony is that today's young erotica is meant to be nothing but slutty and borderline pornographic, while those photos back then were shot by professional, passionate photographers who spilled the blood of their hearts for just a handful of photos. Those pictorials worked with luscious settings, playful lighting and a lovingly attention to detail which is rarely matched today. Even more impressive considering it was all analog back then. They emphasised on pure erotic aesthetics and on the beauty of the female form.

Also, on a side note, it wasn't too long ago when girls as young as 11 were getting married to men in their mid-20s in the Western world. They had a harmonious marriage, had children of their own who went to universities, and grew old together. Those relationships were based on mutual trust and respect. The men respected their women and lived of their female intuition, which was unstained by societal pressures and conventions. The women trusted in their men to do their best in order to build a healthy nuclear family unit and to work towards a comfortable life.

I've read quite a few studies over the years which again and again proved that men are most drawn towards girls aged 13 to 19, which is also (coincidentally) the biological, sexual prime.

Nobody cared about this media being sold, until Western women revolted, also due to the societal change for women in the higher work force. They couldn't take the fact that they would inevitably have to exercise, eat healthy and build a character in order to stay attractive to men once they reach 20 years of age. So they worked obsessively to establish laws and conventions to demonise and condemn the celebration of youth, beauty and the human nature to seek the most desirable mates.

We now live in a pseudo-puritan time where humans are conditioned to live against their nature and to upkeep artificial social borders which ultimately maintain a hyper-masculine society which emphasises on imposed stereotypes of strength and productivity and less on science and rational evolvement. All of this culminates in the lethargic, depraved state we live in.



Funny how womens rights advocates demanded that women shouldn't have the right to consent until an arbitrary age that they get to decide for all women in the country.



I'll buy that



>right to consent

Exactly. By pre-emptively taking away their rights of self-determination, everything is rendered void in the eyes of the law-abiding hive mind.



I would seriously destroy that Ass!!

fuck me she's adorable!!



... and I'm going to jail...



No…its Legal.



Seriously do girls have this much bush at 13?



This thread got derailed. What does this ass >>7215047 have to do with all of this?



Yes. Females tend to be sexually mature a lot earlier than males.


It turned a lot more enjoyable than what the OP initiated, didn't it?


File: b54007937257be8⋯.webm (1.14 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 8447837.webm)


No, it's boring. It sounds more interesting to fuck that ass in the OP than to listen to the stupid conversations in here.



daddy must be real proud





Was this the pic with the white g-string?



Yep, and the person's opinion who posted it.


File: 8e40873775906b4⋯.jpg (23.85 KB, 341x487, 341:487, 1467008985156-1.jpg)



Post the name of the video already you nerd. I'm hungering for some pr0n.



Only if you post something hot first


This thread has gone to shit due to unnecessary bans.



Why do people talk about google like it's the only search engine?


File: 594cc66ac21d721⋯.jpg (15.13 KB, 261x198, 29:22, 1609784_649410521791521_12….jpg)

>Mods delete the pics

>mfw you can literally find those pics on Jewgle


File: 7c4b539bcaf5049⋯.webm (2.01 MB, 270x480, 9:16, wet kunt.webm)


File: d943c7e3a25ea80⋯.jpg (28.75 KB, 450x320, 45:32, stock-photo-close-up-of-a-….jpg)


File: 165da35e33ec662⋯.jpg (190.38 KB, 1400x934, 700:467, 06.jpg)


I was hoping for something with feet, but whatever. http://www.spankwire.com/chloe-dash/video203828/



Would stick my tongue up that ass and not come up for breath.

Serious serious god tier ass on that child!!






is that the same butt that was in white gstring and high heels in the thread b4 got deleted?


File: c80e7c24052d55f⋯.jpg (48.12 KB, 500x732, 125:183, tumblr_m8mglmFiza1rx4ql0o1….jpg)




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