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File: ab116c716576201⋯.jpg (60.47 KB, 710x473, 710:473, 10-louis-ck-stand-up.w710.….jpg)


so this guy asked someone if they wanted to see his dick, they said yes, and somehow hes a monster?

>its because he abused his power

this just makes women sound like prostitutes. so if he was an ugly hobo the answer to his proposition would have been a categorical "no", but because he had money and fame women felt obliged to say "yes". this implies that they expected to be remunerated for their compliance. if the reason someone agreed to something was to serve their own selfish interests then they are hardly a victim.

the reason why doctors arent allowed to have relationships with their patients or teachers with their students is because one group is considered vulnerable and it is the responsibility of the other group with power, to protect them and also because the vulnerable group are obliged to be there.

women who are saying that they cant simply say no to a professional peer who is propositioning them are admitting for what ever reason - whether it be that they arent mature enough etc - that they arent responsible enough to make those decisions and are therefore admitting that they have the diminished responsibility in the order of that of a child and that presumably powerful men should be effectively babysitting adult professional women.


just create a new subreddit for incels and go there already tbh


i'm not familiar enough with louis CK but if someone could help me out that would be great

isnt he a liberal and liked by leftist types?

i kind of TLDR his apology, i just read enough to get to the detail about their being verbal consent which is at the very beginning but it seems to me that he is being a submissive to liberal cuck in it.

this whole story would therefore have a quality of "if you live by the sword you die by the sword"





"back to reddit" posting is idicative of pedos

hating on men for being virgins is feminist

non argument


incel pls go.




implying a man only has worth if he can get access to a vagina is literal gynocentrism






anti-anti-feminism is feminism



>Describing the negative aspects of something means you hate it


>water makes things wet

astute liberal student:

>stop hating water you water hating compoundist


>describing the tactics something uses to gain an advantage means you hate it


>cuckoos plant their eggs in host nests

astute liberal student:

>stop hating on cukooos you cuckoo hating avianist


>describing the logical fallacies someone is using


>that person is being retarded because their logic is inconsistent

astute liberal:

>stop hating on retards you retard hating intelgienceist


File: ac56235959f5193⋯.webm (7.96 MB, 854x480, 427:240, rodgers2.0.webm)










was in response to this anons deleted post




Have you ever been in a college classroom before? Serious question



Louis CK deserves every bad thing women do to him. This mangina brought it up on himself.



pretty sure he's a mexican kike, anon


>they said yes

it's because they said no first, then he said "are you sure?" and then they said yes. further proving that (((feminism))) is pure cancer

<if women change their mind it's rape


File: dd3a31574ce730a⋯.jpg (726.51 KB, 1002x2289, 334:763, 1448579129390.jpg)


i'm not sure how much changing their mind during the event makes a difference when consent can be retroactively given or taken away

the video i posted here >>7547288 https://youtu.be/I8XegAwuc-8 is definitely worth checking out regarding this

consent / rape in a feminist society seems to have nothing to do with what actually happened, but everything to do with how the woman feels about the event afterward - or more accurately - how she can benefit the most from manipulating peoples feelings / attitudes about what happened




>when consent can be retroactively given or taken away

that was the point i was touching on, tbh



So Louis CK abused his power by asking them to look at his dick?



reading this it just occurred to me

doesnt it logically follow that anyone who has romantic and / or sexual relations with someone who isnt of the same status as themselves is a rapist?

a millionaire could only have sex with another millionaire, if he had sex with someone who only had a 5 figure salary he would be raping them

what sort "two trees short of forest logic" would apply here?

>my bf just got a shiny charizard in his last booster pack, hes now raping me every time he speaks to me

i think it was in the #metoo thread that some anon said that we can expect that alot of hollywood types etc are going to turn mgtow

for all the counter arguments to mgtow, how does one go about telling someone they are foolish for thinking its a better idea to be mgtow than to risk their career being called a rapist


File: 116f24997b2a738⋯.jpg (25.51 KB, 1152x648, 16:9, friendzone.jpg)



it also just occurred to me that isnt the traditional relationship between a man and a woman a show of power by the man on his part. whether hes got a stable job and can provide for the woman and his family, whether he is fit and healthy and can perform sexually to consummate the relationship and bare fit and healthy offspring being desirable characteristics of a suitable male? this having a basis in survival of the fittest.

and even on a more perhaps spiritual / emotional level. isnt all relationship in some sense an exchange of power between two peoples. whether it be reciprocal, codependent or dominating / submissive. even in a perfectly theoretically balanced and reciprocal relationship, where the energy exchange is duly balanced and could even be non zero sum. wouldnt both parties still be exerting some power over the other? wouldnt each party both have to make concessions in order to appease the other? isnt that essentially what a relationship is? being embroiled in the needs and wants of another human being, them having an effect on that person, exerting a force, a power?

that being true then its easy to understand the hardcore feminist stance that all relationships between a man and a woman are rape

then perhaps this could be used as an argument against why mgtow isnt a male form of feminism at the most fundamental idelogical level

feminists believe that all relationships are rape because men are exerting a power over women even in a perfectly balanced non zero sum reciprocal relationship, a relationship that a woman would even get more out of than what she puts in, given that its non zero sum. regardless of whether she puts in the same as a man and still extracts more than she put in, she is being raped by the man because he is exercising some power over that woman. the impetus therefore from a feminist standpoint would be to make men submissive cucks so that women can extract benefit from relationships that see women exerting power over men with men exerting no power over women in return

mgtow on the other hand says that contemporary relationships are too skewed toward the men being cucks end of the spectrum because of the influence of feminism and arent prepared to enter into a relationship until the balance has been restored.

feminism believes that all men are hurting women just by virtue of being in a relationship (rapists) or if they have to be in a relationship, men have to be submissive cucks so that women can receive all the benefits of being a in a relationship without having to undergo a balanced exchange of power at the detriment to men. mgtow wants the balance to be restored and for both men and women to be able to thrive from relationships without one particular side being unduly remunerated



>then perhaps this could be used as an argument against why mgtow isnt a male form of feminism at the most fundamental idelogical level

then perhaps this could be used as an argument why mgtow isnt a male form of feminism at the most fundamental ideological level


just realised OP subject is more accurate as: -

retroactive revocation of consent for Louis CK



whoa anon you sound like some kinda expert. can u tutor me on this subject


File: f06ce737c6de6d6⋯.jpg (79.81 KB, 640x693, 640:693, 1505964691505.jpg)

File: a95f9a94943602d⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 1505992421632.png)


t. incel


loui ck is a cuck, regardless of today or yesterday




hm i thought this would be okay added to this thread rather than starting a new thread


two things strike as me as interesting about this: -

that the women arent called "victims" or something similar, they are called "accusers" implying that all they have are accusations with no other status that relates to real world events.

the other things is that "omg women of colour so hard to accuse than it is for white women". maybe - just maybe - its actually because niggers arent being "raped" because they are ugly?

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