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September 2018 - 8chan Transparency Report
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File: d07223f6f34abcc⋯.png (660.07 KB, 743x838, 743:838, Screen-Shot-2017-12-05-at-….png)

50b495 No.7602843

This could happen to you dirty, pedophile

Were coming for you

George Castillo, 36, of Inglewood, Calif., faces federal charges of transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity and production of child pornography, as well as New Jersey charges including first-degree conspiracy to commit child trafficking.

Joseph Donohew, 26, of Brownsburg, Ind., is charged in Indiana with attempted child molestation.

William Esker, 22, of Bayonne, N.J., was charged on Sept. 7 by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office with aggravated criminal sexual contact for allegedly engaging in sexual conduct with a girl, 14, over whom he had direct supervision as a camp counselor. He also is charged with providing obscene material to a child and endangering the welfare of a child.

Donald Beckwith, 34, of Browns Mills, N.J., is charged in Delaware with sexual solicitation of a minor and attempt to commit unlawful sexual contact with a minor. Beckwith is a captain in the Air Force stationed in New Jersey.

Michael DeBlock, 22, of Hopatcong, N.J., a youth minister, was charged by the Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office with possession of child pornography and conveying obscene materials to a child. DeBlock allegedly exchanged sexual photos and texts with a girl, 14, including a photo of his penis.

Brandon Morris, 24, of Hammonton, N.J., was charged by the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office with manufacturing child pornography, endangering the welfare of a child by sexual conduct, conveying obscene materials to a child, and possession of child pornography.

A 17-year-old student from Bergen County, whose name is not being released because he is a juvenile, was charged by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office with manufacturing, distributing and possessing child pornography, as well as invasion of privacy. He allegedly had over 1,000 files of suspected child pornography on his electronic devices.

Craig Kirschner, 39, of Marlboro, N.J., was charged by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office with luring a child, attempted sexual assault of a minor, and conveying obscene material to a minor.

Isaac Toney, 40, of Trenton, N.J., was charged with luring a child, allegedly using a mobile app to do so.

Robert Elmi, 63, of Gillette, N.J., faces one charge of luring a child, allegedly using a Craigslist ad to solicit a relationship with a younger female.

William Camargo, 48, of Millington, N.J., an IT professional, allegedly had more than 138,000 files of suspected child pornography, and possibly more than one million files (determination awaiting full forensic examinations of computer equipment);

Callen Kapschock, 55, of Hamilton, Mercer County, N.J., a mechanic, allegedly had more than 10,000 files of suspected child pornography;

Md F. Uddin, 43, of Elizabeth, N.J., an engineer, allegedly had more than 5,000 files of suspected child pornography;

Kody Knotts, 22, of Millville, N.J., along with his two brothers immediately below, allegedly had a combined total of nearly 5,000 files of suspected child pornography;

Alexander Knotts, 27, of Millville, N.J.;

Kyle Knotts, 23, of Millville, N.J.;

Laurence Duque, 42, of Dayton, N.J., allegedly had over 4,000 files of suspected child pornography;

Gregory Piszczek, 35, of Woodbridge, N.J., an IT professional, allegedly had over 4,000 files of suspected child pornography;

Kevin Groeger, 63, of Cranford, N.J., a postal worker, allegedly had over 2,000 files of suspected child pornography;

Pasquale “Charles” Albano, 75, of Point Pleasant, N.J., allegedly had over 1,000 files of suspected child pornography; and

Juvenile Male, 17, referenced above, allegedly had over 1,000 files of suspected child pornography.

Paul Marinelli, 52, of South Brunswick, N.J., a Trenton police officer, charged with possession of child pornography.

James Cutrone, 54, of Hazlet, N.J., a youth swim coach, charged with distribution of child pornography.

Bryan San Andreas, 37, of Toms River, N.J., a piano teacher, charged with possession of child pornography.

John Parsons, 50, of Vineland, N.J., charged with possession of child pornography.

Donald Williams, 39, of Camden, N.J., charged with distribution of child pornography.

Kevin Wenng, 35, of Cliffwood Beach, N.J., charged with possession of child pornography.

Victor Kurynow, 58, of Bedminster, N.J., charged with attempted possession of child pornography and conveying obscene materials to a minor.

Paul Fuhs, 44, of Laurel Springs, N.J., charged with possession of child pornography.

Ryan Stemetzki, 26, of Maple Shade, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Robert Ruff, 56, of Delran, N.J., charged with possession of child pornography.

Robert King, 63, of North Wildwood, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Jason Locke, 42, of Manchester, N.J., charged with possession of child pornography.

Stephen Slawinski, 60, of Morris Plains, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Herbert Ferreira, 43, of Dover, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Joseph Maruca, 26, of Berkeley Township, N.J., charged with possession of child pornography.

James Gilbertson, 60, of Manchester, N.J., charged with possession of child pornography.

Christopher Todd, 49, of Lyndhurst, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Alexis Gonzalez, 28, of Hackensack, N.J., charged with possession of child pornography.

Raul Rodriguez, 33, of Jersey City, N.J., charged with possession of child pornography.

Dhanendhran Govender, 32, of East Windsor, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Luis Pacheco-Loja, 30, of Belleville, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Robert White, 66, of Morristown, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Jonathan Latiff 40, of Jersey City, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Anthony Gerace, 43, of Egg Harbor Township, N.J., charged with distribution of child pornography.

Antonio Baang, 26, of Galloway Township, N.J., charged with possession of child pornography.

Richard Lake, 65, of Trenton, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Federico Flores, 29, of Rahway, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

James Agin, 69, of Westwood, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Fortino Rosales-Rodriguez, 22, of Oaklyn, N.J., charged with possession of child pornography.

Justin Saavedra, 22, of Clifton, N.J., charged with distribution of child pornography.

Daniel Braz, 39, of South River, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Nelson Cintron, Jr., 54, of Collingswood, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Michael Brown, 28, of Pennsauken, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Erik Baez, 38, of Sicklerville, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Larry Gonzalez, 45, of Elizabeth, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Erik Johnson, 49, charged by Union County Prosecutor’s Office with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Marco Biason, 68, of Dover, N.J., charged with possession of child pornography.

Brian Neilson, 55, of Metuchen, N.J., charged with possession of child pornography.

Thomas Smith, 54, of Woodstown, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Zachary Brawer, 31, of Paramus, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Brian J. Gardner, 74, of Nutley, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

John T. Ruffner, 37, of Lumberton, N.J., charged with possession of child pornography.

John Skubiak, 62, of Deptford, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Nicholas J. Novak, 66, of Ocean Township, Monmouth County, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Eric MacAfee, 41, of Seaside Heights, N.J., charged with possession of child pornography.

Jeison Padilla, 29, of Somerville, N.J., charged with possession of child pornography and conveying obscene materials to a minor.

Justin England, 31, of North Plainfield, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Eric Yourish, 61, of North Plainfield, N.J., charged with possession of child pornography.

Christopher Dunham, 22, of Rockaway, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Justin Piccola, 23, of Randolph, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Nicolas Bencze, 36, of Maywood, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Michael Yosco, 70, of Garfield, N.J., charged with possession of child pornography.

Male Juvenile, age 14, of Bergen County, N.J., charged with possession of child pornography.

Julio Garcia, 29, of Bridgeton, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Joseph Lawitz, 34, of Hamilton, Mercer County, N.J., charged with possession of child pornography.

James Livas, 22, of Hopatcong, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Robert Fuscarino, 27, of Hopatcong, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Donovan Roots, 19, of Pilesgrove, N.J., charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.


fef2c5 No.7602888

>distribution is most of the arrests

never share your ceepee kids, hoarders win after all

b5c6af No.7602896


2 in my area, actually


>"On July 21, 2017, Governor Christie signed a new law which will take effect Feb. 1, 2018 and will further enhance penalties for possession and distribution of child pornography. The new law expanded the definition of child pornography to include child erotica."

I thought "child erotica" was already illegal?

7f5b22 No.7602899


Notice how it's always possession and distribution and not the sauce.

b5c6af No.7602946

They used the dog-sniffers in the Jared Subway case too. Maybe they should put their stuff higher in the air or on top of something tall where the dog can't smell it?

dc9a8a No.7602955


checking infinite trips of truth tbh

b5c6af No.7602963


they still get 3+ years for possession only, if I read it right

928635 No.7602965

need some tocatchapredator stream up in here. how do the possession&distribution troglodytes get caught even? stacks of printer pictures in their cars and traffic stops?

dc9a8a No.7602972


that's why i don't save anything like that. i just enjoy it while it's passing through

b5c6af No.7602973

File: f9ee732d582652c⋯.jpg (35.09 KB, 600x448, 75:56, 7ac.jpg)

From the article:

“These cases highlight the fact that viewing child pornography is part of a continuum of deviant behavior that often leads to or drives other sex crimes.”

dc9a8a No.7602980


>child porn exists only because people want to watch it

you don't belong here

b5c6af No.7602985


t. CPfag



watching = possession

b6a65e No.7602987


Make literally anything illegal and you can make the same statement about it. Lrn 2 logic

dc9a8a No.7602990


>watching = possession

sauce or gtfo

b5c6af No.7602991

File: 6674945f5872b24⋯.jpg (166.87 KB, 750x750, 1:1, typical-smoker.jpg)

"If you smoke cigarettes, you will eventually use cocaine"


50b495 No.7602998

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Three years

>get beat up

>get harassed

>get murdered(?)


>Registered as a sex offender

>can't get a job

>can't use a computer


16ed71 No.7603005


I thought /b/ felt a bit slow lately.

dc9a8a No.7603011


vigilante piece of shit

b5c6af No.7603013


the victim was an actual molester though, not a CPfag

dc9a8a No.7603026


>actual molester

i don't know the case he was talking about, but the guy being interviewed clearly said that he killed him while he was trying to explain his innocence. the faggot let his fee fees get in the way. the law exists to prevent shit like that. just because a SJW is right wing, doesn't make him not a SJW

b5c6af No.7603046


as you know, child molesters are the bottom of the barrel in prison. everyone hates them

928635 No.7603056



>"protecting children is a "SOCEAL CONSTRUKT" goy

7ef5f6 No.7603089


Pulverize some old HDDs/thumb drives/SD cards and sprinkle the powder around the house.

7ef5f6 No.7603091

Also use fucking encryption.

f7f50b No.7603095






dc9a8a No.7603098


in my area, there's a separate building at the prison for sex offenders, to prevent that sort of thing


>protecting children

i don't know if the guy did it or not, but he was in for 20 something years. justice was already served. it didn't need a side serving of murder to go with it

50b495 No.7603101


That is pathetic.

dc9a8a No.7603105


>t. possessor/distributor

f7f50b No.7603108


a majority of prisons will have there own unit for pedos and they will never interact with the general mass


Why is it pathetic?, because the average normie will never get caught

b5c6af No.7603116


good idea

4f47b9 No.7603265

how many were 8ch regulars?

f6a129 No.7603283

File: 209e90af149359e⋯.gif (109.46 KB, 295x360, 59:72, 209e90af149359e8df9a143e5a….gif)



633da6 No.7603288


All of them

0e1f0a No.7603295

File: a230bb10a6e6a57⋯.png (167.07 KB, 585x578, 585:578, itsWonderful.png)

446be1 No.7603320


>This could happen to you

No it couldn't, I don't live in NJ.

0e1f0a No.7603348


Moors out

60eff9 No.7603349

File: 4163ea543fa52d5⋯.jpg (344.42 KB, 1009x1117, 1009:1117, 29212.jpg)


R.I.P Marabro


a07dfc No.7603386


>This could happen to you dirty, pedophile

>Were coming for you

Learn to spell and use proper grammar, then I might take that threat seriously.

f6a129 No.7603390

File: 5b7a9094f9b600e⋯.gif (159.75 KB, 350x320, 35:32, 5b7a9094f9b600e1dc2ec176b0….gif)

60eff9 No.7603401

File: 1ee86f06e5043ad⋯.gif (1.51 MB, 950x950, 1:1, 34812.gif)

acccb7 No.7603407

eerie if true.

f6a129 No.7603415

File: aa1c2212a18d396⋯.jpg (117.34 KB, 705x585, 47:39, aa1c2212a18d396af414a2480e….jpg)

0e1f0a No.7603417

where is Hex? did they get him?

dc9a8a No.7603420


Hex is kill. I haven't seen him for a week

60eff9 No.7603421

File: fdafcb33aed4884⋯.jpg (688.09 KB, 1368x796, 342:199, 07512.jpg)

0e1f0a No.7603426


same here. he either got v& or got married with mormon wife

f6a129 No.7603436

File: 7e0838a3c61f769⋯.jpg (155.9 KB, 500x620, 25:31, 7e0838a3c61f7694d20af62f92….jpg)

5ed471 No.7603446


how did these ppl get caught?

vigilantes? those videos are funny

371598 No.7603447

If the fuckin' human cancer kept living only according to the jungle law, this would never happen.

60eff9 No.7603449

File: 884de265372c4f9⋯.png (1.4 MB, 960x960, 1:1, 01012.png)

f6a129 No.7603454

File: 2415321a04bc5d8⋯.png (126.14 KB, 301x250, 301:250, Green.png)

60eff9 No.7603460

File: 8e7e7083371d264⋯.jpg (61.27 KB, 544x576, 17:18, 01112.jpg)

f6a129 No.7603463

File: 4a8713aabaf89fb⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1748x932, 437:233, 4a8713aabaf89fbbdebcee4cca….png)

60eff9 No.7603465

File: b0e0a089efad0d0⋯.jpg (141.45 KB, 533x800, 533:800, 01312.jpg)

0e1f0a No.7603466

File: 2a582550cf7f2f9⋯.jpg (313.63 KB, 896x960, 14:15, 1512031390547.jpg)

f6a129 No.7603467

File: aed5faf1142c433⋯.jpg (25.58 KB, 436x462, 218:231, aed5faf1142c4334231e4a82ac….jpg)

60eff9 No.7603468

File: f7e83d54c5f1573⋯.jpg (204.27 KB, 640x741, 640:741, Maisie cheeky smile.jpg)

0e1f0a No.7603469

File: 924619511c6ef1e⋯.mp4 (1.4 MB, 720x720, 1:1, pimenova-kiss.mp4)

60eff9 No.7603470

File: 88b2ba9c6461517⋯.jpg (182.56 KB, 947x761, 947:761, 01612.jpg)

f6a129 No.7603474

File: 2aa1ba53347d394⋯.jpg (252.93 KB, 453x677, 453:677, madtin.jpg)

0e1f0a No.7603476

File: 9d9b59e13db523a⋯.jpg (325.02 KB, 750x938, 375:469, 1511922104015.jpg)


8c4369 No.7603477

File: 50ebade1fdf8a26⋯.jpg (82.95 KB, 796x934, 398:467, 50ebade1fdf8a26598add99295….jpg)

60eff9 No.7603478

File: ab15ad3c4bd3d8e⋯.jpg (37.18 KB, 300x258, 50:43, 04412.jpg)

0e1f0a No.7603479

File: 72beba184e1451e⋯.jpg (132.72 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, 1511431479927-3.jpg)

f6a129 No.7603482

File: b9d96c53dc7460a⋯.jpg (354.38 KB, 1200x798, 200:133, candy_95903.jpg)

60eff9 No.7603483

File: 735871506585736⋯.jpg (36.78 KB, 472x337, 472:337, 04812.jpg)

0e1f0a No.7603484

File: ea68e8e19051977⋯.png (3.08 MB, 1807x1136, 1807:1136, child-little-girl-eating-i….png)

f6a129 No.7603485

File: 26e10c03c9086ec⋯.jpg (82.07 KB, 600x499, 600:499, memelting.jpg)


Chume4ever tbh

60eff9 No.7603486

File: 76100f5182ade5b⋯.jpg (20.51 KB, 436x462, 218:231, 07212.jpg)

8c4369 No.7603487

File: 612aec4968e1fbd⋯.webm (2.67 MB, 480x360, 4:3, RUNNING.webm)

>seeing this thread

f6a129 No.7603488

File: 3cddc24a4a688d3⋯.jpg (168.57 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mara and tin.jpg)

0e1f0a No.7603489

File: cd2ae006e69b0d3⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 1136x1136, 1:1, 1509324258410.jpg)

60eff9 No.7603490

File: 5380e80faa2ae01⋯.png (419.31 KB, 600x702, 100:117, 07312.png)

f6a129 No.7603492

File: 23dec3a008883e1⋯.jpg (198.09 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 23dec3a008883e10d8e0ad9cb4….jpg)

0e1f0a No.7603493

File: 4f58ec44860fb28⋯.jpg (44.55 KB, 620x348, 155:87, e1be33f372fdc729a9f20c2f8c….jpg)


60eff9 No.7603494

File: a45e8620f899ed1⋯.jpg (257.87 KB, 752x1007, 752:1007, 07412.jpg)

0e1f0a No.7603495

File: 90fb7701bebb97e⋯.jpg (593.09 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 1503331543189-1.jpg)

f6a129 No.7603496

File: 44de73708da60f0⋯.jpg (74.29 KB, 405x459, 15:17, Marbles.jpg)

0e1f0a No.7603500

File: d4d34bea12ed809⋯.jpg (63.33 KB, 570x671, 570:671, d7f723f241eca19522886d396d….jpg)

8c4369 No.7603501

File: 7240c6ea974bc42⋯.jpg (975.81 KB, 750x1061, 750:1061, 7240c6ea974bc428ee5d39b940….jpg)

60eff9 No.7603503

File: 752b4e43280c526⋯.jpg (12.43 KB, 436x462, 218:231, 07612.jpg)

8c4369 No.7603504

File: bd898e9f2fe6306⋯.jpg (174.96 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 13707205_1789604424605433_….jpg)


0e1f0a No.7603505

File: 08426c5c2d754ef⋯.jpg (216.29 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 1504357755004.jpg)

60eff9 No.7603506

File: 603b7c833382db2⋯.jpg (90.13 KB, 405x492, 135:164, Zhena.jpg)

f6a129 No.7603508

File: 9e5876dd2a4a203⋯.jpg (340.45 KB, 1288x1364, 322:341, Rosetta-combat.jpg)


I lost. I ran out of Tin Dankies if im being quite honest with you right niw family

60eff9 No.7603509

File: eb7e0012576d54a⋯.jpg (18.17 KB, 436x462, 218:231, 07812.jpg)


sucks for you i could bring this thread to bump limit

f6a129 No.7603510


Tna a cute tbh

8c4369 No.7603512

File: 2fffe53c7178172⋯.jpg (161.68 KB, 401x500, 401:500, 131257843742.jpg)

0e1f0a No.7603515

File: cf2890f583d3104⋯.jpg (143.5 KB, 631x739, 631:739, smug.jpg)

f6a129 No.7603516

File: f2a4184ed5b61dc⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1280x1290, 128:129, mcgirls.jpg)


I still have some mc dankies tho

8c4369 No.7603517

File: 5345bae31aa3ed9⋯.jpg (148.89 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 1290546534178.jpg)

cute granny

8c4369 No.7603519

File: 37f03485a4868e8⋯.jpg (370.07 KB, 692x1024, 173:256, 55532401_5.jpg)

any1 got some mc dankes?

60eff9 No.7603520

File: 9c6c24b11996bdc⋯.jpg (262.74 KB, 876x1008, 73:84, 00212.jpg)


new game mode commencing?

8c4369 No.7603524

File: 08a43b70726bfb0⋯.jpg (212.79 KB, 488x600, 61:75, Bump.jpg)


oy vey

f6a129 No.7603525

File: 6c5f40fed331964⋯.jpg (323.88 KB, 982x1804, 491:902, 57886543.jpg)

0e1f0a No.7603527

File: dc5e8a50b7e1ddf⋯.jpg (63.54 KB, 421x516, 421:516, bad-news.jpg)

8c4369 No.7603529

File: 08b8c62a8d41a94⋯.mp4 (8.89 MB, 352x288, 11:9, 2525675394 700.mp4)

60eff9 No.7603532

File: b8d5a0023e50f45⋯.png (5.94 MB, 2732x2048, 683:512, 00812.png)

0e1f0a No.7603534

File: 85a6537e03f35f6⋯.jpg (130.4 KB, 540x540, 1:1, IMG_6750.JPG)

f6a129 No.7603535

File: 6a2c138d5119e72⋯.gif (51.26 KB, 250x221, 250:221, Offbg.gif)


Now that's rare. I left when gadfag rebranded the site tbqh

8c4369 No.7603538

File: 321b9f691e9312b⋯.jpg (99.05 KB, 404x499, 404:499, 1370007929601.jpg)

File: d0cccb8b4268b85⋯.jpg (165.29 KB, 600x472, 75:59, 1380452521267.jpg)

File: 7f876b934d8c966⋯.jpg (393.3 KB, 744x1024, 93:128, 131257827978.jpg)

File: 2dba9ced5dce341⋯.jpg (383.34 KB, 655x1024, 655:1024, 13125784694.jpg)

File: 9bb1cf899218cfa⋯.jpg (175.72 KB, 419x500, 419:500, 131257842955.jpg)


8c4369 No.7603540

File: 8cf191c3e3072cf⋯.jpg (426.66 KB, 1024x746, 512:373, 131257761661.jpg)

File: bbbe8f8b41ff171⋯.jpg (345.93 KB, 952x1024, 119:128, 131257773093.jpg)

File: f0e0573d945fb32⋯.jpg (411.64 KB, 1024x764, 256:191, 131257811915.jpg)

File: 0a6f9d71caa74cb⋯.jpg (423.22 KB, 1024x803, 1024:803, 131257813830.jpg)

File: fe88df0cf7d8ca4⋯.jpg (405.67 KB, 1024x807, 1024:807, 131257815621.jpg)


f6a129 No.7603542


Fuck mara, shes a whore now

e2b96d No.7603544


>v& or married

nah. mormons protect pedos in the church and he'd need a job to get a wife because tithes.

0e1f0a No.7603546

File: 00891a0e44b5936⋯.jpg (287.19 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, BDVHU3ma.jpg)

8c4369 No.7603547

File: 136246a01e81e59⋯.jpg (519.24 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 131257854853.jpg)

File: ce77f38d3c4b1cc⋯.jpg (341.35 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 131257856231.jpg)

File: b58359241c87367⋯.jpg (329.69 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 135709359376.jpg)

File: 9c9423d7a1b25cd⋯.jpg (75.1 KB, 981x649, 981:649, 131257883859.jpg)

File: 09b2e6e856bec01⋯.jpg (411.12 KB, 1599x2048, 1599:2048, 135709410675.jpg)


60eff9 No.7603549

File: 15ab27214abcb21⋯.jpg (922.93 KB, 1376x1916, 344:479, 00912.jpg)


i only go back to make sure /candy/ is doing fine and harass users with my epen post count

8c4369 No.7603550

File: 02546e5a7906eea⋯.jpg (59.65 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 135709515530.jpg)

File: 8db982b8793bb90⋯.jpg (339.21 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 131257873667.jpg)

File: 886bb0295777c87⋯.jpg (717.03 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 135709567662.jpg)

File: 721f76f62bdd78c⋯.jpg (139.47 KB, 375x500, 3:4, 1281128647253.jpg)

File: cc070d219d078ee⋯.jpg (135.06 KB, 375x500, 3:4, 1281133211651.jpg)

0e1f0a No.7603551

File: 8d9416af30b47a3⋯.jpg (490.55 KB, 1024x960, 16:15, mara-meme (2).jpg)

8c4369 No.7603555

File: 5855e20b365312f⋯.jpg (259.03 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 623836819_5.jpg)

File: 9b7cb76842d5cb6⋯.jpg (268.63 KB, 698x1024, 349:512, 749452361_5.jpg)

File: 80c33aa85b18d35⋯.jpg (385.64 KB, 1024x778, 512:389, 866830296_5.jpg)

File: 8a58b5421a408f8⋯.jpg (248.65 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 1281133383516.jpg)

f6a129 No.7603556

File: c9f4340e8470b93⋯.jpg (930.37 KB, 1200x890, 120:89, nigger Nika.jpg)


Lmao, btw has new girls attention whored there after Risetta?

I havent visited that site for months now

0e1f0a No.7603558

File: 6dd6d96c23e9a4e⋯.jpg (1.97 MB, 3072x5120, 3:5, mara-love-is-a-crime.jpg)

File: 87653b57a6dd711⋯.jpg (165.56 KB, 1043x714, 149:102, ALLYOURBASEAREBELONGTOMARA….jpg)

60eff9 No.7603559

File: 2d16d644c45b6b9⋯.jpg (478.17 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, 01712.jpg)


just that ugly woman who posts here

f6a129 No.7603561

File: f0b5797649f097a⋯.jpg (335.18 KB, 1768x872, 221:109, Kmar fag.jpg)


That rozelli girl?

0e1f0a No.7603563

File: 3dd39f83d9f0056⋯.jpg (143.73 KB, 1080x1440, 3:4, 645090.JPG)

grannies welcome here

5e82a1 No.7603565


haha pathetic little child

why are those threads always mudflags?

hope he ll choke himself in a hamburger one day

60eff9 No.7603567

File: 0165bbf7eb287b2⋯.png (215.01 KB, 968x534, 484:267, 02412.png)


yeah that goblin

8c4369 No.7603572

File: c4eb00613d93641⋯.jpg (114.61 KB, 530x788, 265:394, 0187.jpg)

File: 09ef7dd647af0cc⋯.jpg (134.96 KB, 734x1023, 734:1023, 0188.jpg)

File: ce837524c2d9a0f⋯.jpg (119.96 KB, 818x1024, 409:512, 0189.jpg)

File: 5d79970aa0d68e4⋯.jpg (128.56 KB, 1001x1024, 1001:1024, 0190.jpg)

File: fed5d76b07591f3⋯.jpg (218.31 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, 0191.jpg)

8c4369 No.7603574

File: 6e6cce22764df47⋯.jpg (86.27 KB, 422x801, 422:801, 08.jpg)

File: a8240b38986ffad⋯.jpg (93.3 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 09.jpg)

File: 4facc08f0859e86⋯.jpg (225.38 KB, 711x1024, 711:1024, 010.jpg)

File: 6113764df7f9200⋯.jpg (79.77 KB, 707x1024, 707:1024, 011.jpg)

File: 5af570f399dd2de⋯.jpg (115.05 KB, 1024x730, 512:365, 012.jpg)


f6a129 No.7603575

File: ae01163eba1f654⋯.jpg (154.73 KB, 700x532, 25:19, Mawa.jpg)


Lmao, im looking for that flower king xDd

8c4369 No.7603577

File: cc4aff02ec6b6de⋯.jpg (52.98 KB, 543x720, 181:240, 050.jpg)

File: edf9facc956f516⋯.jpg (30.83 KB, 500x464, 125:116, 039.jpg)

File: 6d17d60e8a19488⋯.jpg (147.4 KB, 1024x690, 512:345, 063.jpg)

File: c850bdda6792041⋯.jpg (138.8 KB, 673x1024, 673:1024, 094.jpg)

File: 9646cd208286a45⋯.jpg (137.72 KB, 763x1024, 763:1024, 0140.jpg)


60eff9 No.7603578

File: 57ff42a8c1991c5⋯.png (187.94 KB, 328x422, 164:211, 02512.png)


there was flowers chum who got caught and that exif guy, which one?

8c4369 No.7603579

8c4369 No.7603581

File: d1c6824f683ad86⋯.jpg (218.68 KB, 955x1024, 955:1024, 0182.jpg)

File: 5d51dabd191c961⋯.jpg (93.52 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, 0183.jpg)

File: 24c9ea81e23aa22⋯.jpg (65.08 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 0185.jpg)

File: 2af6f7cf305f6ec⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 640x519, 640:519, 024.jpg)

File: 8333503a0b9aca1⋯.jpg (156.75 KB, 735x1024, 735:1024, 055.jpg)

7f6b70 No.7603582

File: 88073c862005bb2⋯.jpg (49.61 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1511769400379-0.jpg)

f6a129 No.7603583

File: a51d6787f08ddb9⋯.jpg (118.17 KB, 900x499, 900:499, steph.jpg)


Flower chum's bro, King Lexor xDd


I remember when some fag linked that vid for the first time. Good times tbh

60eff9 No.7603589

File: 969389a417de9ef⋯.jpg (168.83 KB, 1600x1024, 25:16, 02712.jpg)


> xDd


8c4369 No.7603590

File: 3b723e47a406231⋯.jpg (61.42 KB, 332x500, 83:125, 015.jpg)

File: be882110096b844⋯.jpg (147.67 KB, 1024x673, 1024:673, 069.jpg)

File: 722e05fdcca3ccc⋯.jpg (165.78 KB, 767x1024, 767:1024, 060.jpg)

File: 4890345436a1184⋯.jpg (129.9 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 065.jpg)

File: 82d7075f31410b1⋯.jpg (112.1 KB, 599x507, 599:507, 072.jpg)


I can't find her ;-;

8c4369 No.7603592

File: 2bb37d7675562d1⋯.jpg (106.35 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 017.jpg)

File: b712220dd517a25⋯.jpg (85.8 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 021.jpg)

File: cf81ace95ca676e⋯.jpg (92.09 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 024.jpg)

File: 5d82508e7a4de38⋯.jpg (53.31 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 033.jpg)

File: f3996428dd83121⋯.jpg (79.01 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 051.jpg)

rip in peaces

7f6b70 No.7603593



f6a129 No.7603595

File: bdd7ef3d35bc949⋯.jpg (73.13 KB, 715x696, 715:696, Mmmmmm'd.jpg)




Its impossible to miss her

60eff9 No.7603599

File: f50f55bb689ac85⋯.png (529.68 KB, 1600x2048, 25:32, 02812.png)

8c4369 No.7603600

File: df721bbaf357e94⋯.jpg (76.06 KB, 598x960, 299:480, 03.jpg)

File: 5d0d72852f16819⋯.jpg (212.25 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 05.jpg)

File: cd4eed4d0150d84⋯.jpg (290.85 KB, 2048x1366, 1024:683, 08.jpg)

File: 8facea9daa1d257⋯.jpg (388.56 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, 09.jpg)

File: 7435cfade54796b⋯.jpg (295.2 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, 012.jpg)


i dun goofed

f6a129 No.7603604

File: 31403fb65cbc606⋯.png (726.65 KB, 1600x1408, 25:22, rep box.png)

8c4369 No.7603606

File: ef42e9d5a7ed25d⋯.jpg (200.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Marabro.jpg)


tbf i just skipped through the video and the other teens were distracting me

f6a129 No.7603609

File: 78afb3fcc63251d⋯.jpg (95.77 KB, 705x603, 235:201, so masterrace wow.jpg)

f6a129 No.7603611

f6a129 No.7603613

8c4369 No.7603614

File: 4222121cf5d7678⋯.jpg (42.84 KB, 497x365, 497:365, 57063503.jpg)

60eff9 No.7603617

File: 1a3527e869ff21d⋯.png (35.42 KB, 1600x1128, 200:141, 02912.png)

7f6b70 No.7603620

File: 4eac838c324153f⋯.mp4 (546.95 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, goodnight-everyone.mp4)

goodnight, my friend

f6a129 No.7603621

File: c9200f4b072e888⋯.jpg (292.39 KB, 1600x1408, 25:22, rep box.jpg)

8c4369 No.7603623

File: 2652197e344004a⋯.webm (4.24 MB, 450x478, 225:239, lulz - thefinalcut.webm)

60eff9 No.7603625

File: 953408aa8a1806a⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, 03212.png)

f6a129 No.7603627

File: 36bcb840f41e186⋯.jpg (325.63 KB, 600x1024, 75:128, tormented pepe.jpg)


I hope you dont wake up from ur sleep bh

8c4369 No.7603629

File: 6d68a2c934ea1ec⋯.jpg (264.37 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 188123480_5.jpg)

early night for me too


7f6b70 No.7603630

File: 7aa022e86f695d2⋯.jpg (429.93 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 150133379842.jpg)


we can't stay awake forever

f6a129 No.7603631

File: 99f93d78e046fc1⋯.jpg (154.82 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, 804037792.jpg)

7f6b70 No.7603632

File: f60c9fef3596bb9⋯.jpg (129.97 KB, 540x960, 9:16, k2fLeYuxYN8.jpg)

nice night for a walk

8c4369 No.7603633

File: c60f54abfd77501⋯.jpg (784.73 KB, 2775x1850, 3:2, Mara 104.jpg)


60eff9 No.7603634

File: 708f9c95fac62f0⋯.jpg (93.21 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, 03512.jpg)

f6a129 No.7603636

File: 074b646b2982e97⋯.jpg (198.38 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, 804037735.jpg)

f6a129 No.7603637

File: 75cbb6a48fcff5b⋯.jpg (145.18 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, 804037808.jpg)


Ciara a druggie whore

7f6b70 No.7603638

File: 59358d5e7e32ed2⋯.jpg (106.11 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 12716577_1691894891082487_….jpg)

File: 54432471f35bf38⋯.jpg (102.62 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 14719744_204656606624770_6….jpg)

File: f8542d981ee0658⋯.jpg (154.85 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 15538854_1281918255180870_….jpg)

File: 8bc8b1f441b7339⋯.jpg (174.33 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 14726319_1765075617147850_….jpg)

File: 501eab16e8a6a19⋯.jpg (187.88 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 15803662_275650809519803_1….jpg)


back off, john

60eff9 No.7603640

File: 14db9634118c727⋯.jpg (60.85 KB, 473x473, 1:1, 03312.jpg)





8c4369 No.7603643

File: fc7b8dd920d45ff⋯.jpg (558.64 KB, 1024x795, 1024:795, 187155092_5.jpg)


>never experienced neet life

'normie' life isn't that fun tbh.

f6a129 No.7603645

File: cff4267e52584fd⋯.jpg (459.65 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 5725247.jpg)


Whatever happened to that normie molly girl tbh

8c4369 No.7603647

File: 55d626a549c0b21⋯.jpg (506.93 KB, 1024x863, 1024:863, 2609224142_5.jpg)

diaperfag is normally here by now

60eff9 No.7603649

File: 775a7287b8dc3f2⋯.jpg (124.45 KB, 698x1052, 349:526, 03612.jpg)


she got a boyfriend and left

f6a129 No.7603650


Diaper fetish is degenerate

8c4369 No.7603651

File: 87cfcc195a4d2f9⋯.jpg (105.76 KB, 716x800, 179:200, 034.jpg)

7f6b70 No.7603652

File: dff58292a69db1f⋯.jpg (94.46 KB, 750x937, 750:937, 1 (1).jpg)

File: b1962f6c5b09b6e⋯.jpg (75.46 KB, 750x937, 750:937, 1 (2).jpg)

File: 776456d6754fd73⋯.jpg (87.38 KB, 666x1000, 333:500, 1 (3).jpg)

File: d7a9a26879bf4c9⋯.jpg (106.16 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 1 (4).jpg)

File: 3085d016ab7fa56⋯.jpg (96.56 KB, 750x938, 375:469, 1 (5).jpg)

which one you is lg mod

f6a129 No.7603653

File: 2a1ef4814775001⋯.jpg (473.41 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 5725263.jpg)

f6a129 No.7603654


I dont go there desu

60eff9 No.7603656

File: 5200db2e93a71f6⋯.jpg (87.22 KB, 857x1475, 857:1475, 03712.jpg)


shes always online on Facebook but i don't want to pull her into the past

8c4369 No.7603659

File: 45dc67f30d2be80⋯.jpg (360.05 KB, 705x1024, 705:1024, 2129589410_5.jpg)

File: 5a626531a9cc9be⋯.jpg (142.13 KB, 500x388, 125:97, mara.jpg)


not me tbh

where are you diaperfag i actually have to shit to do tomorrow

7f6b70 No.7603660

File: 968b050f834405a⋯.jpg (337.04 KB, 943x1073, 943:1073, shut-it-down.jpg)

7f6b70 No.7603663

File: 88bcc6fc5ca1140⋯.jpg (203.65 KB, 1555x1037, 1555:1037, wew-lad.jpg)


f6a129 No.7603664

File: e99c8e6628681c5⋯.jpg (448.07 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 5725269.jpg)


Lel, i never really orbited her and only got into her streams once or maybe twice, cause shes too old 4 me.

Has the orbiters pulled nudes from that hag tho?

8c4369 No.7603665

File: c3615c52bf842b4⋯.jpg (352.55 KB, 786x1024, 393:512, 2303426624_5.jpg)


>i never really orbited her and only got into her streams once or maybe twice, cause shes too old 4 me.

rose too

k gn

60eff9 No.7603666

File: fb391ceecb73c8d⋯.jpg (388.64 KB, 973x1036, 139:148, 03812.jpg)


>nudes from that hag tho?



Good night

f6a129 No.7603667


>Rose too k gn


7f6b70 No.7603669

File: c68e8437704ee5e⋯.jpg (113.34 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 0000000000000000000.jpg)

8c4369 No.7603670


no u satan

f6a129 No.7603672

File: bf4a112f6cf16b9⋯.jpg (442.91 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 5722036.jpg)


Sad. Months of attentionwhoring and she overstayed her welcome, but no nudes :(

60eff9 No.7603673

File: f706a4576893ee2⋯.jpg (97.91 KB, 915x889, 915:889, 03912.jpg)



af2924 No.7603674

File: fe2b99cdcb9a443⋯.jpg (127.12 KB, 606x640, 303:320, question-the-speed.jpg)

much samefagging has been witnessed here today.

60eff9 No.7603675

File: 49d7c59d4898561⋯.jpg (173.25 KB, 961x567, 961:567, 04012.jpg)


at least it was fun

f6a129 No.7603677


Samefagging? I think you got that term wrong tbh fam

af2924 No.7603679

File: 42728d6900fe61c⋯.jpg (66.61 KB, 960x795, 64:53, 1473733194286.jpg)

af2924 No.7603682

File: e765cfb37573a93⋯.jpg (265.07 KB, 1276x1614, 638:807, sausage (1).jpg)

File: e4ee00fadf536d1⋯.jpg (336.32 KB, 1070x1600, 107:160, sausage (2).jpg)

File: 8015bec10817da8⋯.jpg (364.16 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, sausage (3).jpg)

File: c45c9613357b613⋯.jpg (260.28 KB, 691x1024, 691:1024, sausage (4).jpg)

File: 21e9461940dd0c4⋯.png (798.04 KB, 1080x1428, 90:119, sausage (1).png)

i all love

af2924 No.7603686

File: e0301d4996e3e51⋯.jpg (157.15 KB, 1330x1058, 665:529, tip (1).jpg)

File: 2a2aec634198d43⋯.jpg (267.79 KB, 700x525, 4:3, tip (2).jpg)

File: a31f0854a6f11bc⋯.jpg (106.68 KB, 1130x708, 565:354, tip (3).jpg)

stop fapping guys. go to bed

f6a129 No.7603687

File: 5349db88fbbde94⋯.jpg (174.08 KB, 592x450, 296:225, b_193020.jpg)


Fun? Really?

Well, i mostly ignire her threads desu cause its annoying. Onky attention whores i enjoyed orbiting are rosetta, lucy and a lil bit of ciara. Dropped ciara when we found out she showed ouss to niggers tho, kek, and she's actually from r9k, and hops from chan to chan to scam orbiters

f6a129 No.7603688


*shows pussy and tits to niggers

4d768c No.7603689

File: d9e93a381a061d8⋯.png (104.38 KB, 376x255, 376:255, 04112.png)


I still remember months after that happened people still kept coming asking for them

f6a129 No.7603693

File: 394c8ff69937c28⋯.jpg (445.43 KB, 916x1280, 229:320, 57058645.jpg)


Which girl/habbening desu? Ciara?

1b39e6 No.7603696

File: 5174e133228bf1f⋯.jpg (105.59 KB, 718x1113, 718:1113, 04212.jpg)

File: 7928cdada7fb27e⋯.png (139.61 KB, 830x584, 415:292, 15412.PNG)


Yee and the same thing happened with that 13yo youtuber page the panda

f6a129 No.7603698

File: eb1b208618c9439⋯.jpg (90.09 KB, 846x846, 1:1, slav.jpg)


I dunno that panda desu

>that nigga

Oh shit! Oh shit!

1b39e6 No.7603699

File: cd9eb73a4bffaa0⋯.png (37.01 KB, 428x730, 214:365, 04312.png)

f6a129 No.7603708

File: db8a1de8d7756c5⋯.jpg (36.36 KB, 1280x677, 1280:677, Mara-Sketch.jpg)

1b39e6 No.7603711

File: ab15ad3c4bd3d8e⋯.jpg (37.18 KB, 300x258, 50:43, 04412.jpg)

2ed5b2 No.7603713

>attempted possession of child pornography

how does this even work

f6a129 No.7603715

File: daf7e1de6655c56⋯.jpg (121.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, LBMG.jpg)

1b39e6 No.7603717

File: 5064980f7c5a7ad⋯.png (410.32 KB, 564x570, 94:95, 04512.png)

f6a129 No.7603718


Dunno, maybe when an adult requested a nude pic of a minor thru PMs, text, chat etc. ?

f6a129 No.7603719

File: 1822b198fed0746⋯.jpg (110.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, lgks1.jpg)

1b39e6 No.7603722

File: 3482cc20c4d1045⋯.png (4.38 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 04612.png)

f6a129 No.7603728

File: 4fd589208321c29⋯.png (45.67 KB, 159x255, 53:85, 1414239408512.png)


Im outta postable mc dankies tbh

1b39e6 No.7603732

File: 01dc05568d9a798⋯.jpg (229.98 KB, 1134x713, 1134:713, 05712.jpg)


I'm not even posted 1/3rd of mine yet :(

1b39e6 No.7603733

File: 8ec7e07b344511e⋯.jpg (140.41 KB, 640x1088, 10:17, 04912.jpg)



000000 No.7603739

>watching porn can get you arrested

Am I the only one who thinks something is really backwards with this type of mindset?

d0513b No.7603745


why do all OP's have to be such mental midgets … there is a big difference between viewing legal pictures of girls in regular clothes or bathing suits which 99% of /b/ is and pics/videos of underage girls literally getting fucked which most likely all these NJ guys got busted for …. if you're stupid enough to look for and save real CP on your computer then you deserve to get caught

80d5e9 No.7603786


>being arrested can get you making prison porn


0930fe No.7603818


Why in the world would you put a convicted child molester into a cell with a borderline sociopath with anger management issues? Moreover, what's with this weird hypocritical standard a lot of these convicts have? "Oh, you looked at softcore porn, therefore you're worse than a man whose committed double homicide in cold blood." Like, what? I mean, I don't like child porn either, but that mentality is a little much.

Prison is chalk full of real, honest-to-God psychopaths; predatory men who see people like Ted as weak and expendable, and of course, his murderer is socially sanctioned, so he doesn't have to worry about looking bad for killing a man attempting to explain his situation.

What I don't understand is, if they're going to kill you anyway and make your life a living hell, why don't you gang up together and defend yourselves? Like, you would rather shake in fear until the day one of these wackos feels vindicated enough to wack you than actually get together and say, "Look, they're going to treat us like shit in here until we stand up for ourselves. Why don't we take our chances ganging up together? Yeah, I imagine a few people might be upset they can't prey on us anymore, but it's better than just waiting until we get picked off by Ted Bundy's little brother over here."

You've got serial killers, gangbangers and hardened career criminals looking down on men who're in prison for the equivalent of Playboy magazine. Shit is crazy.

dc9a8a No.7603849


stfu tripfag. your opinion isn't relevant

57cd3a No.7603893


what happened to girltime?? haven't been there in a while

it's gone down before but it always comes back up..

74d9ae No.7603914


Owner pulled the plug

0930fe No.7603915


Don't be so antisocial.

57cd3a No.7603937


I thought Beta was the owner??

5c8079 No.7603938

File: 421802bc3a3cb62⋯.jpg (76.57 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 3a7.jpg)

74d9ae No.7603942


whoever it was didn't see the need in paying 30USD a month to host ig pictures

131ba0 No.7604096

File: b3d52db02f72ca0⋯.jpg (77.83 KB, 1024x676, 256:169, linustechtips.jpg)


>5th row, far right

>Michael Brown

looks like linus tech tips tbh

cccdf9 No.7604103

f83a81 No.7604104

Why&how do women get away with it lol?

0cdb17 No.7604129

wow look at all those white males

aa54f6 No.7604136

File: f210c1fa26a2f9c⋯.jpg (79.02 KB, 649x534, 649:534, virped-community.jpg)

why didn't they listen? all they had to do was be virtuous

e00152 No.7604140


dc9a8a No.7604220


must heil. the aire of /b/ has changed lately. something is off, far worse than usual

2479ec No.7604221


and Hex is missing …

dc9a8a No.7604230


i've noticed that too. something is badly amiss here

e00152 No.7604235


Hex has become a LDS Missionary, and moved to Fiji, apparently

62d454 No.7604237


how many of those made the mistake of adding candy doll torrent?

dc9a8a No.7604238


>moved to fiji

doubt. he wouldn't be able to chase that skinny brunette qt from fiji

2479ec No.7604243

File: eef8a8a52f78eb9⋯.png (947.5 KB, 660x729, 220:243, hex-torah.png)


>moved to Fiji

big if true. any supporting evidence?

5c8079 No.7604244


>William Camargo, 48, of Millington, N.J., an IT professional, allegedly had more than 138,000 files of suspected child pornography, and possibly more than one million files (determination awaiting full forensic examinations of computer equipment);

Holy shit, I wonder what sentence he got

000000 No.7604250


>possible more than one million files

Based hoarder.

3445d1 No.7604253

I wonder when they'll go after the FBI, the biggest CP distributors in America?

Oh wait…

000000 No.7604255


What was the ratio of girls to buys in her school? All I see is qts in their primes.

933691 No.7604262

File: 95237ee89f25155⋯.jpg (365.28 KB, 3620x2820, 181:141, 8ch1.jpg)

933691 No.7604266

It looks like most of these genius attempted to procure real children or CP off of social media.

2479ec No.7604275


sad. all they had to do was come here >>7604262

4f6f33 No.7604321


we hax ur exif

c29216 No.7604326


your mom is a whore t.b.h.

37c353 No.7604345



These are cute.

f6a129 No.7604425


That was supposed to be Mawa and Lera btw :D

91f8c2 No.7604429

File: 8bd81202b12f0ff⋯.jpg (294.49 KB, 1024x711, 1024:711, 387218752_5.jpg)

Happy Birthday Mara ;-;

I think she's 16 now.

5c8079 No.7604436


She's not here you autistic scum

f6a129 No.7604439


Oh fugg, I forgot its her bday today. She a whore now tho. Fuck that dutch bitch.

37c353 No.7604442


Yes I can tell. Pls do more if yours.

f6a129 No.7604443


Does she have to be here just to wish her a happy bday??


f6a129 No.7604445


Nah, i didnt draw those sketches, i just reposted.

37c353 No.7604454


Oh well.

The pedo community needs more drawfags.

5143d5 No.7604484

File: 7ff6239a286b475⋯.png (406.73 KB, 486x442, 243:221, ngunnan.png)





>>7603466 (checked)

Can someone fill me in? I don't get it… Is this just some retard pedo that got busted or something?

f6a129 No.7604491


4chan newfags not welcome

ee3244 No.7604509



I don't understand the point of collecting porn. I tried collecting anime pictures and I found it time consuming to organize them. Then I found it time consuming to watch porn at all.

People who do this stuff must have a perfect work/hobby life balance or their addiction must give them the will to wake up each morning.

Nevertheless, this amount of files is horrific.

5143d5 No.7604511

File: 212a447d2faaf4c⋯.gif (629.47 KB, 550x650, 11:13, NAy1444.gif)


yeah, no. Just because I don't know fuck all about pedo community shit doesn't make me a newfag. Been here since 2011/12

e29432 No.7604520

> A 17-year-old student from Bergen County, whose name is not being released because he is a juvenile, was charged by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office with manufacturing, distributing and possessing child pornography, as well as invasion of privacy. He allegedly had over 1,000 files of suspected child pornography on his electronic devices.

Talk about being a pimp.

62d454 No.7604529


newfag confirmed

27097e No.7604530


>I don't understand the point of collecting porn

so you have it for later? and not have to worry about losing it? so you can fap offline?


27097e No.7604544

File: fa2cb8c2abe9415⋯.jpg (273.33 KB, 640x768, 5:6, queen-zhenya.jpg)

Reminder that the possession, distribution, and production of Zhenya files will never be illegal!

000000 No.7604548


that's too logical of a reason to have a porn collection please try again anon

no rational reasoning here

c29216 No.7604599

File: 2611c13f32dc38c⋯.jpg (36.2 KB, 539x517, 49:47, 1444491891361.jpg)




your mom.jpg

55f63c No.7604668

File: 59d9ffa4a1c30ed⋯.jpg (86.93 KB, 987x766, 987:766, 21912.jpg)



Lurk more tbh

879293 No.7604693

I'll take all of these guys…bring to me I have a backhoe. Bury them alive…everyone of these filthy bastards!!!

e0175f No.7604703

File: 14d28285f2dbad0⋯.jpg (68.89 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 21433627_497342443970476_8….jpg)


a late 2012 newfag here tbh. Thats why i don't see the appear of older model sets circulated on the chans frequently because those models are old as fuck now.

27097e No.7604710

File: b22103de0cb107f⋯.jpg (200.8 KB, 800x600, 4:3, sadness.jpg)


>late 2012

late 2014 here

tfw late to the party as usual

>missed most of /hebe/

>missed most of libre

e0175f No.7604721

File: cac09123842d23e⋯.jpg (724.64 KB, 1920x2050, 192:205, 1494704793658.jpg)


>tfw only saved 2500 individual both /hebe/ and libre pics instead of getting whole threads

e0175f No.7604738

File: 5fbba29097cfb47⋯.jpg (83.5 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 12543302_790286671116068_1….jpg)


delet this, even though i have it bookmarked im procrastinating saving it, antis are hungry tbh

dc9a8a No.7604740


>red eye

well that's an old picture, innit

5c8079 No.7604741

File: 13f9cab91720700⋯.jpg (117.73 KB, 766x960, 383:480, 44f00ab15693b04418575f550a….jpg)

>late 2012 here

>hasn't heard of archives

1cc1d8 No.7604742


Mnay thanks anon. God bless you

55f63c No.7604746

File: c203d402e58ffd2⋯.jpg (252.09 KB, 1080x1921, 1080:1921, 15087223.jpg)


It triggers me more then it should

27097e No.7604750

File: 4d1f33c3836e10c⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 4d1f33c3836e10cb7814f7035d….jpg)


nice reaction image there


hey maisie-anon

55f63c No.7604751

File: 71c557d1ae8002d⋯.jpg (202.77 KB, 530x616, 265:308, 150696669.jpg)



5c8079 No.7604755

File: 1bab488a837026e⋯.png (269.34 KB, 564x600, 47:50, 509befab7e1210ae8cfb7b3617….png)

Post is gone, no log entry

wtf jim

27097e No.7604757

File: 17749d01b13f9e6⋯.jpg (150.81 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 12224104_1077866425688207_….jpg)


t. annaflag anon?

1cc1d8 No.7604759


probably because what that ano did, legally is called "distribuition of CP"

55f63c No.7604762

File: 6632491b51934cf⋯.jpg (89.99 KB, 312x340, 78:85, 149952.jpg)


I magically deleted it


27097e No.7604766

File: b896ca2e7ff5300⋯.jpg (238.7 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 18514095_349288365485653_3….jpg)


based. so are we avatarfagging now?

55f63c No.7604780

File: e29e941eb41a07f⋯.jpg (1.79 MB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 23279456_154894051911455_5….jpg)


You tell me

27097e No.7604785

File: b4f708eccbc6239⋯.jpg (111.54 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 20633703_108483499833377_5….jpg)


Of course

aa60fd No.7604792


Aaahh hhhaa photographic proof Trump is a pedo.

55f63c No.7604793

File: e9de576da1b656e⋯.jpg (155.31 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 2014 yana&anna.jpg)


sounds good

000000 No.7604796


What did I miss?

55f63c No.7604807

File: ae788b6364eb2ef⋯.jpg (72.75 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1489064836900.jpg)


nothing tbqh

000000 No.7604809

I really fucking hate all of these 'imageboard pedos', you know that they're they, because they post always the same pictures of annA, marA, kristinA and who the fuckever.

000000 No.7604812



BW is kill did you see?

000000 No.7604813


t. pedo

hi fellow torfag

55f63c No.7604815

27097e No.7604818

File: 22f54e369bc08bc⋯.jpg (167.34 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 17265430_1867100813566214_….jpg)


Is that mini-Yana too? nice. She is always with Anna ;)


(You)'re samefagging tbh



who is that?

000000 No.7604819




5c8079 No.7604823


kinda agree I don't like these little slavic brats either




1cc1d8 No.7604834


but now its either IG photos or get b&

5c8079 No.7604837


Look into their eyes. They're all dead inside.

000000 No.7604843

'"'you're not on your period so even if she pees on you you're still not going to get pregnant"''

the innonence of lgs is fucking adorable

55f63c No.7604845

File: bc7e4d247f1401e⋯.jpg (181.55 KB, 750x932, 375:466, 5d5dacd3f469ded219d01fb9e0….jpg)


>Is that mini-Yana too

I think it is i came across it yesterday


thanks for your explanation

27097e No.7604854

File: c5ee1951e17484e⋯.jpg (1021.54 KB, 2560x1918, 1280:959, blocks-path.jpg)


fake news


>I think it is i came across it yesterday

amazing how close they are together. At first I thought that they were sisters

5c8079 No.7604869


>fake news

You fool yourself. You don't realize you are worshipping little, soulless robots that are trained by their even more soulless, materialistic mothers for the sole purpose of generating as much money as possible. These aren't real children.

000000 No.7604870



i'm about 2 and a half weeks late to this revelation but it's sad to see him leave.

000000 No.7604872


meant for you too >>7604845

55f63c No.7604876

File: 551d4e11938e881⋯.jpg (126.01 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1489220808895.jpg)


why would you link me this?

000000 No.7604880


from what i've gathered ur not virped


a22213 No.7604886



Post last edited at

5c8079 No.7604889

File: 5dae5225ac043de⋯.jpeg (50.73 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, a126e893c3c99730f9ce6bb0c….jpeg)


Is that what I think it is?

27097e No.7604892



what's wrong with it?

000000 No.7604895

mailman is a feg tbh

a22213 No.7604896



It was a link to cp

50b495 No.7604897

File: c235e49fab0ae97⋯.jpg (28.92 KB, 600x600, 1:1, c235e49fab0ae9746da85c20a5….jpg)


Next time don't greentext the link your reporting

a22213 No.7604900


sorry, didnt mean to.

50b495 No.7604901

File: 5bbb928d76fb608⋯.jpg (104.8 KB, 302x409, 302:409, deleated 1.jpg)


Haters going to hate

5c8079 No.7604902


Based mods.

a22213 No.7604906


This is what mods are for. Deleting legot cp. Not IG photos

dc9a8a No.7604909


but muh dost

55f63c No.7604910

File: f5da94931f22488⋯.jpg (305.08 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 1500488303666-0.jpg)



000000 No.7604911

take care friends my pizza just arrived and i've been waiting all day for it :)



0651d4 No.7604924


how do you know what site it is from simply from 'viewtopic.php…. ? maybe you're an expert?



b3de9c No.7604934


Who's the one on the far right?

5143d5 No.7604948

File: b81fe9f4c0f01ad⋯.gif (5.93 MB, 480x360, 4:3, kiafF1q.gif)




All this effort to not just tell me. Wow. You're so cool on the internet.

Naw, I'm no newfag. I just tend to ignore pedo degenerate shit but I find myself curious about who that dude is. I assume a pedo.

55f63c No.7604952

File: f5665538b830d2a⋯.jpg (195.92 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 24178121_149739942324710_7….jpg)


>maybe you're an expert

FBI lurking


You want a semi story?

0651d4 No.7604980

File: 8641fe219e48ce1⋯.jpg (320.94 KB, 1500x848, 375:212, FBI-Agent.jpg)


>FBI lurking

tbh ;)

58692b No.7604984


58692b No.7604986

Bloody Hell, my VPN is finally unb&'d kek

58692b No.7604990


I wasn't aware of fullchan existing in 2011 chum..

58692b No.7604993


Reverse image search the images.

Quit asking to be spoon fed nigga

58692b No.7605005

File: c11630b53a63bd6⋯.png (925.39 KB, 987x736, 987:736, exif version.png)


Heh, I remember looking at dat exif yo

>exif included at the top of image

4d768c No.7605017

File: 23f9f803da4e10e⋯.jpg (63.08 KB, 426x500, 213:250, 1413937934834.jpg)

>offers to semi spoon feed him

>no reply

9a4708 No.7605032


>One open spot left in bottom right

Somebody shop in Travis

58692b No.7605033

File: 94622439343f04e⋯.jpg (103.41 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 570130396.jpg)

Rare MC dankie

58692b No.7605039

File: 4e358c731e4e5cf⋯.png (137.24 KB, 1185x478, 1185:478, 1450833802075-0.png)

I know this is wrong thread, but looking tru my 2015 folder, I found this gem..

5143d5 No.7605051


How about No. Why is it so fucking hard for you autists to share info. It's like asking someone,

"Hey I need to know where to find the nearest gas station?"


"Use your phone."


"I don't have a phone, where is it?"


"Fucking newfag - figure it out"

5143d5 No.7605054


Yeah just gimmie the rundown. I assume -

Guy = Predator

Girl = Victim

5143d5 No.7605055

File: a4737882ac64fff⋯.jpg (322.55 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, alli.jpg)


Yeah just gimmie the rundown. I assume -

Guy = Predator

Girl = Victim >>7604952

aa54f6 No.7605060

any Jerseyfags here? literally worst state in the country after Mexifornia

4d768c No.7605064

File: 354e31557b58e28⋯.jpg (92.09 KB, 998x500, 499:250, 08012.jpg)

File: 4eead24d06152da⋯.png (759.27 KB, 1584x4480, 99:280, 33812.png)

File: d60eaa29f53aba3⋯.jpg (963.83 KB, 1424x1068, 4:3, 1435108615030.jpg)

File: df0adb25dd03f62⋯.jpg (102.33 KB, 1141x856, 1141:856, 1435108570970-2.jpg)

File: 9344f0ede1029f3⋯.png (112.86 KB, 640x1222, 320:611, 191503.png)


>Guy = father


Dear Admin,

For years we knew that our daughter has been followed by a group of men on the internet. We never took mutch action because she was known as Mara Green and it never affected her. Up to last month this was platonic, they watched the photos and that was it. But since September a group of men thought that photos were not longer enough and they started stalking her. The approached her on the street, went in to her school and made clearly plans to go further and further.

The police started an investigation, which meant the temporarily close down of masterchan.org. The investigation is still on, but masterchan could start again, only without the board of Mara. The police has told us that the threads are so serious that our daughter now has to have personal security every time she goes outside, the school has police presence during start and end of the school and this 12 year girl has been instructed not to use social media and internet for the coming years.

Your board also is one of the meeting points of this men. I know you believe in freedom of speech, but when this is to protect democracy or any other human right I fully agree, but when the only freedom that is at stake is the freedom of a twelve year old girl, who has lost it all, I'm wondering if this is what you guts meant when you started this site.

I ask you to take down the board. If it is not for Mara, than it is for the copyright infringement, because all photos posted of Mara were made by me. Also the fact that the board is names Mara Groenstege, will mean a lot of problems for this girl, who, once again, never asked for this attention. It's my mistake that 9 years ago I made the mistake to upload family photos on Flickr, not thinking about the risks, but to put all this burden now on an innocent girl of 12, I really wonder why you would allow this to happen.

Hope you remove http://www.8chan.co/mara/

Thank you

Martin Groenstege

Father of Mara Groenstege

October 21, 2014

St. Petersburg

5143d5 No.7605066

File: a9623a3d568c666⋯.jpg (32.35 KB, 447x434, 447:434, a9623a3d568c6664fc252344bf….jpg)


Clearly, youve never been to Commifornia.

41073d No.7605069

File: 0426352957e326a⋯.jpg (44.25 KB, 613x771, 613:771, max_stirner_chan.jpg)


once the collapse happens we will all be able to freely be able to fap to cp without worrying about prison

4d768c No.7605075

File: 2d117e70d0df5a4⋯.png (141.64 KB, 800x670, 80:67, Bitches_no_matter_how_scar….png)


>never been


5143d5 No.7605081


Thanks for the rundown. Sounds legit. Well, I hope she is able to live a somewhat normal life after she turns 18 (and changes her name)

aa54f6 No.7605086


yeah when we run out of oil and the Ice Age returns right?

41073d No.7605111

50b495 No.7605114

File: 82a14052d35f981⋯.gif (44.83 KB, 602x401, 602:401, 1508987458954.gif)


805, u?

2a9251 No.7605115




aa54f6 No.7605132

File: c24ee047a0b5ba6⋯.gif (3.72 MB, 200x313, 200:313, girl_drink.gif)

all they had to do was go on pornhub or something. sad!

41073d No.7605142


pornhub is boring tbh

000000 No.7605152


you can find pthc on pornhub tbh

41073d No.7605157


wots that?

a1d507 No.7605161



he's still here, just not on /b/. you can find him yourself

000000 No.7605162


preteen hardcore tbh

4d768c No.7605167


preteen hurt core

aa54f6 No.7605169


>pornhub is boring tbh

I don't care much for porn these days




>wots that?

post-tranny hard core

a1d507 No.7605175


actually you probably can't now that fugthelug deleted the trail he left

41073d No.7605177


im more into toddlers so meh tbh

000000 No.7605185



hurtcore != hardcore

hurtcore involves but is not limited to bdsm/bondage, necrophilia, mutilation or all of the above being performed on an infant.

>inb4 3edgy4me


preteen includes toddlers tbh

7f5b22 No.7605191


These people look like they could be my relatives

75bbd7 No.7605201

File: 55bde7525f764c1⋯.png (308.93 KB, 709x444, 709:444, 654r.png)


>NJ Police Arrest 79 for Child Pornography and Sex Trafficking

>This could happen to you dirty, pedophile

>Were coming for you

They expect one of us in the wreckage brother!

4d768c No.7605246


> != hardcore

nice to know

59ca8a No.7605419

File: 9d3e071b882e5ea⋯.png (5.99 KB, 220x92, 55:23, ClipboardImage.png)

000000 No.7605524


000000 No.7605527

wrong thread again lmao

27097e No.7605532



degenerates out

e29432 No.7605561


why the fuck did she drink it just to spit it out? ruined a perfectly good drink. fucking women man.

48fd77 No.7605601


wash the cummies out her throat

e29432 No.7605611


that gif pisses me the fuck off and im going to save it to look at it when i need a good reason to be pissed off. Nothing pisses me off more than wasting drinks by people who think they can drink .

e5401f No.7605651

File: c44e46304ebe473⋯.jpg (790.68 KB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 15126290117331662919820.jpg)


Anyone called meh?

e5401f No.7605659

File: 9de41ba2360cd73⋯.jpg (886.12 KB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 9de41ba2360cd73fd2d6e86a43….jpg)

0651d4 No.7605660


Pay Denbts

15480e No.7605778


no you cant

a0b5bb No.7605792


>distribution is most of the arrests

That's because most arrests for CP come from peer2peer networks, especially state charges.

Another big source is NCMEC reports, usually automated with PhotoDNA (People uploading CP to cloud storage, emailing, posting it on twitter, facebook, tumblr). The rest is trying to trade with undercovers, kik groups, etc.

5c8079 No.7605843


>feeling safe

Yeah, you will never be caught!

your time will come.

ac79c6 No.7605853


maybe hes from belize where possession of cp is not illegal?

000000 No.7605859


>She a whore now tho. Fuck that dutch bitch.

Didn't she get blacked?

000000 No.7605868


>She a whore now tho. Fuck that dutch bitch.

Didn't she get blacked?

a0b5bb No.7605870


It's never safe to download CP, especially since the FBI has been using browser exploits multiple times a year since 2012.

But this is a standard state investigation/bust.

6b3079 No.7606012


>wanting proof

fuck off anti kike

7b62e3 No.7606021

File: 3f32763df96048c⋯.jpg (401.35 KB, 2500x1913, 2500:1913, watermelon costume.jpg)


>Michael Brown

Aw what a shame, he'd kept his nose clean for so long!

89c65d No.7612530


b8319f No.7612555


If they arrested the producers, then they'd lose out on all of their easy arrests for possession.

371598 No.7612568

Lower the age of consent to 12 and you'll see a lot of improvement.

There's no any beyond doubt proof, that the age of consent should be 16 or above.

162263 No.7616159

249c14 No.7616177


>Another big source is

in other words, pedos that get caught are the "low hanging fruits"

775e43 No.7618931


8a8b75 No.7618938


< looking at pixels is illegal because i don't like you

d7e84a No.7619994


e26045 No.7624319

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