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File: 2f24d97d45bacba⋯.png (14.95 KB, 255x254, 255:254, 2f24d97d45bacbacba640b3426….png)

d8bcc4 No.7604203

>be me

>About to fuck my second cousin

>nofap has ruined my stamina

>nofap has raised my test levels to where I get horny extremely easily

>remember all the times I would stick it in then cum within 30 seconds then proceed to keep fucking her till its completely soft. Cry internally and wonder what the fuck is wrong with me


>prior to this break nofap for like a week watching as much incest based porn to desensitize myself to the crazy hawtness that is fucking my kid cousin

>start fucking her, completely relax my dicking muscles

>heart is still beating wayyy too fast

>have an idea

>start biting the fuck out of my arm to distract me mentally from "ahh AHHHH oh god FUCK ME DADDY"

>having recently finished neon genesis and end of evangelion for the first time think of asuka dying after her last stand while biting the shit out of my arm

>actually get sad and continue fucking her

>think of how misato dies, alone thinking shinji is about to support asuka and do the right thing but not knowing Eva 1 is covered in bakelite

>at this point my cousin is screaming and moaning

>she has a full body shaking orgasm that makes her eyes start watering and I have to climb off of her

>"oh… Omg anon that was so amazing I started to cry it felt so good"

>she looks over at me I have slightly watery eyes too

>"aww are you okay?"

>call her a basa under my breath

>"yeah it just felt SOO GOOD my eyes started watering too ha..ha"


>look at all the deep bite marks on my arm

>didn't even cum after like 20 min of nonstop fucking


Don't believe the lies

anyways I got it on video tryna see some screenshots err naww

b28ddd No.7604204


Post screenshots or else youre just larping

cd5b7a No.7604208

"Things that didn't happen"

by OP

21da7d No.7604217


this tbh

a08be3 No.7604218

File: bc6f06eeb642b5f⋯.jpg (76.6 KB, 600x536, 75:67, giggling_girls_01.jpg)

>he fell for the nofap meme

cf1b4f No.7604232

cd5b7a No.7604251


>kid cousin

so is this cp?

50f547 No.7604252

File: 55b53595f354fda⋯.png (3.34 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-06-13-5….png)

File: a0c43397be27c11⋯.png (3.14 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-06-13-5….png)

50f547 No.7604254


No she's actuslly 18 I just say kid cousin because shes younger then me by 5 years

cd5b7a No.7604258


then upload the damn video you nigger

6df25a No.7604259

File: 44c9fb769d1a90f⋯.jpg (47.25 KB, 375x375, 1:1, cptrain.jpg)


Then who cares?

cf1b4f No.7604260


Ah! Jesus fuck she looks horrible! You really went for low standards didn't you op!

cd5b7a No.7604261



don't listen to these low-life pedos OP

50f547 No.7604263


Hey man I had a huge incest fetish before I first got with her when she was 14 and I was 19. It was on a family vacation. It was the hawtest thing imaginable. I didnt see her for 2 and a half years now that I've been reunited with her idrc that she's put on like 15 pounds tbh fam shes my little cockslut and I love her

cf1b4f No.7604265


I'm not a pedo, but you can tell by her face she has a lot of fat on her.

Nice vulva though.


That's a bad excuse.

Get her pregnant with another mans cum then fuck her daughter.

25e70b No.7604270


how did it start?

50f547 No.7604274

File: 275db570d45c6e3⋯.jpg (495.83 KB, 1152x1823, 1152:1823, lol.jpg)


Believe whatever you want man but honestly this is me fucking my second cousin. Her grandma on her moms side is my grandfathers sister.

21da7d No.7604278



So how did you convince her to do it? I need to know for science

a08be3 No.7604280


>not 1st cousin

then who gives a shit

cd5b7a No.7604282


>implying you would show your face to us

damn OP I almost believed you

cd5b7a No.7604296

File: 65f2418559bb71c⋯.jpg (100.65 KB, 350x200, 7:4, 009879.jpg)


Stop making fun of me, OPs story seemed legit tbh

50f547 No.7604306


Lol I just like typed like 3 pages of text to post and my browser restarted. FML

999ed1 No.7604313

Nice blogpost.

d235d2 No.7604323

File: 87ff3bde70cb0e4⋯.webm (7.34 MB, 640x360, 16:9, grand dixcovery!.webm)


not very attractive. she musta been pretty fat to start with since thats her +15 lbs

50f547 No.7604369

File: 90a228de10d4e12⋯.jpg (13.71 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 659f5bea5deb470bbb4a11872c….jpg)



It all started 3 years ago when I was 19 she was 14 about to be 15 on the 4th of july. I took a trip to Wisconsin to visit that side of my family for the first time in forever and was chilling in the hotel with my dad when my cousins mom came to visit my dad. I was just chilling there with my headphones in and like I didnt even take them off when she came in because I didnt recognize her. Then her daughter came in. I INSTANTLY took my headphones off and got STRAIGHT out of my chair there was like this immediate attraction to her. I said hi what's your name and she told me. I didn't recognize her but apparetly she recognized me from way back when I made her drink red bull or some shit at a family reunion forever ago. Apparently she thought I was really cute too when she saw me again. I had turned into a man. We all went out for dinner after that and she was being quiet and distant while looking at her phone and halfway through she just got up and left looking sad. I noticed her mom didn't say anything and I was like that's messed up she looked sad. So after 5 min I got up and went outside to look for her. She was in her moms car crying and I got in and asked what was up. She said the boy she liked was with another girl and she just found out, and her life in general was horrible. I told her about my ex cheating on me and showed her my scars from cutting my wrist when I was younger (actual non pussy scars) and then said I had to come out here and find you because you looked sad and nobody else looked like they cared you had left. She said that's when she started falling for me when asked later. We spent the rest of the meal talking and afterwords went swimming in the chippewa flowage and had an amazing time where she taught me how to catch frogs. I'm from San Diego so like I was constantly acting like some pussy city boy and it endlessly entertained her. After that we were inseparable and spent every available second together until we all moved into this cabin by a lake and she insisted on sleeping in the same room as me. That's when the tickle fights began. 2 nights in it started raining really heavy and she asked if I could cuddle her after we stayed up talking all night like we had been because the thunder scared her (ovb lie) I said sureeeee lol and started spooning her. She started another tickle fight and halfway in I said FUCK IT and while tickling her while she was on her stomach I kissed and gently sucked on her neck. She instantly let out the hottest little moan I've ever heard in my entire fucking life. It was like this is what she wanted all along. Was just WAITING for me to fuck her. I turned her over so she was on her back and told her I loved her. She started to cry and said she loved me too. I slid it in gently and what proceeded was the single best sexual experience of my life. And not to brag but I had definitely been around the block up until then. In the morning after we fell asleep holding each other we fucked again and my uncle walked in afterwords while I was still in bed with her and accused me of molesting her to which we both hella denied immediately. The next dsy she had to leave and it was the saddest thing I've ever seen a girl go through. She was distant the entire morning and was intermittently crying. When it was finally time to say goodbye she hugged everyone quickly while we were legit lined up and then got to me and hugged me tight in front of my family shaking and crying for like 5 min straight.

50f547 No.7604370

File: 3f044e94ab7d893⋯.png (26.57 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 0999b6eb89c756eb3b783696e9….png)



It shattered my heart. I loved this girl more than anything. I had never caught feelings so fast in my life. I wanted to protect her and tell her it was all okay. She left in the car broken and without her love. My family kind of looked at me weird when that goodbye happened because of all the time we spent together and I was visibly upset too. I was supoosed to leave in the morning next morning and my dad asked if I wanted to stay in Winter for the night and drive to Minneapolis first thing in the morning or drive to Minneapolis now and stay there overnight. I was like fuck theres no reason to be here anymore so I left that night. 3 hours later I get to Minneapolis and turn my phone on after getting a charge at the hotel and find my phone has like 40 messages from my cousin saying "IM SO HAPPY I CONVINCED MY MOM TO DRIVE BACK FOR THE NIGHT SO I COULD SEE YOU ONE LAST TIME" and then after that "please answer your phone I miss you so much" etc etc then "OMG YOU DROVE TO MINNEAPOLIS WHY WHY WHY WHY DOES EVERYTHING NEVER WORK OUT FOR ME" and I was just like FUCK MY FUCKING LIFE. I told her what had happened and made up my mind. I was going to steal my dads rental car and drive 7 hours round trip across a state I had never driven in and try to find this cabin in the middle of the woods. My phone barely had signal so I had to mainly guess with hand written instructions. At midnight I took off from the hotel and 4 hours later after almost hitting 3 deer and getting lost I finally found the cabin for what was the most amazing reunion ever. I made her the happiest girl in the world that morning. All we talked about was how even those 8 hours were not together was too much and how we had never fallen in love so quickly before. We fucked again and I finally had to leave at 5 am to catch my flight. That move as well made her feel like the most special girl in the world and she absolutely was to me

50f547 No.7604373


She weighs 150 at 5'6

50f547 No.7604389


Yeah sorry if this is kinda blogposty but I just wanted to post oc of me fucking my cousin because on all of my years on the chans ive never seen a legit incest oc thread

a08be3 No.7604401


>ive never seen a legit incest oc thread

I still haven't tbh

a3a25b No.7604426

File: f4192f15c20737f⋯.gif (1.34 MB, 506x506, 1:1, asfafd.gif)

21331a No.7604453

File: 023788ba87bedd7⋯.jpg (46.22 KB, 406x364, 29:26, 1424244425942.jpg)

>Screenshots of video

>Not the actual video

bd9e6e No.7604469


How am I supoosed to post it then

25e70b No.7604488

File: d7484e2cdce6e79⋯.jpg (62 KB, 500x494, 250:247, 4d281c4bbcf49cf0a52178098e….jpg)



thats super cute, couple months ago I told my sister I loved her, she didn't feel the same, its nice to see it work out for someone.

279c92 No.7604494

>doing nofap wrong

>fucking your relatives

>making all this pasta and giving us pics of shitty cousin

>literally giving fucks about evangelion characters

Even 4chan's average /b/ threads are better than this.

451845 No.7604528


convert it to a webm

8561fb No.7604543

Fucking post pics fegit

a08be3 No.7604546


Don't listen to muh open source faggot >>7604528

Convert it to mp4

451845 No.7604625

File: 7b7f9f9f59f0a26⋯.png (178.5 KB, 558x491, 558:491, b52c18f37510e315f1d02a3d0e….png)


nothing to do with >muh open source, NOT AN ARGUMENT

it compresses better as a webm container, here's your (you)

a08be3 No.7604630


>double the file size vs mp4

>compresses better


cfc2dc No.7604657



So what, do you live together now?

451845 No.7604672

File: fb92205fd01f0a6⋯.jpg (52.31 KB, 469x282, 469:282, IMG_20171007_192311.jpg)


Do you have a single fact to back that up? H265 though it can have a higher quality end result if size is no issue doesn't compress as much as VP9, your bit rate to match the size of a webm will end in a blocky video. File size is determined by the bit rate. -t scene encoder

I don't care too much if it's mp4, webm, or even fla TBH fam.

a08be3 No.7604684


>fact to back it up

Just the webms I made last week. I ripped a couple jewtube videos online into mp4. Downloaded the mp4s and converted to webm. The webms were bigger. One of them was almost double vs mp4

451845 No.7604700


but Anon…. a set it and forget it encoder can actually fuck it up hard, well done vp9 webms are tiny as hell, only thing I loathe about webm is handbrake doesn't support it so you have to do everything with ffmpeg or some botchy converter.

So here's something for you, file size is determined by bit rate, not this is webm this is mp4, it's the reason you can have a decent looking gif but it takes up 10MB. Give handbrake a shot if you want to transcode mp4s, you'll get better quality and size and you will learn a bit.

a08be3 No.7604706



thanks anon. i asked one of the former webm threads what was a good tool to use but i never got a reply

451845 No.7604714


doesn't work for webm though. GOD DAMNIT. it'll work good with mp4 though no idea if it does h265 yet might just be h264

but yeah just remember it's not size it's the quality you get for a bit rate, for low bit rate webm is really good with vp9.

51b5fc No.7604728

File: f0c53dad3d44d0c⋯.jpg (275.58 KB, 1280x966, 640:483, eb5985_5076548.jpg)

>kid cousin


a08be3 No.7604731


>implying cp

>he didn't read the thread

22f2b8 No.7604749

Put it on motherless

ad6c82 No.7604827


so what's the ring on her finger for?

b924b9 No.7604949

> Twice removed cousin

> incest

You can even get married with your first cousins.

People who don't have a grandparent in common with you are safe to mate & breed with.


548b5c No.7604951

File: 11159807e1e1a4f⋯.png (2.61 KB, 320x120, 8:3, Splatfest_NA09_WVW69iq9d8U….png)



How did you not get her pregnant?

7c0da0 No.7604953

File: b16bbaedaaf4d15⋯.jpg (44.16 KB, 392x500, 98:125, hold up nigga i ain't read….jpg)

nice blogpost fag

451845 No.7605065


thanks for contributing Canada. only good thing you guys have is Maple syrup and we're starting to make it better than you in Vermont

388c70 No.7605140


Its some ring she wears


She has the birth control thing in her arm

388c70 No.7605163

Just got off work. Heres the video

e39be4 No.7605258


Not sure if troll or incompetent.

388c70 No.7605261


Incompetent. I tried to post the .mp4 but after taking forever to upload it stays at 100% forever after

cfc2dc No.7605537


If its bigger than 16 megs you need to split it up

000000 No.7605570


Or he could just post in on endchan.xyz/b and link to it here. Endchan still allows 350MB attachments.

a34c78 No.7605793

Pic sauce pls

451845 No.7606033


good try, you can always upload it to mega or something.

000000 No.7606042


>extremely small penis

>sexually frustrated

Makes sense tbh.

451845 No.7606055


That's rude tbh post yours to compare meep meep.

4826ff No.7606068

Preety nice bait there friendo.

451845 No.7606071


who the OP? tell us your secrets Spaniard.

f10447 No.7606078


harsh, bro

leave the syrup out of it

e63825 No.7606090



>Both fell in love instantly

>tfw I can't even fug non-family members

6e8c88 No.7606100


are you going to marry this little slut?

50f547 No.7606110


And you all thought I wasnt going to delivar

50f547 No.7606112


Haha I really hope so we are quite the dynamic duo

6e8c88 No.7606115


why do you talk like a faggot?

f01f66 No.7606116


Meh. She's cute, but not my type. And that's not 15lb. Maybe you're secretly European and think that lb=kg.

6e8c88 No.7606121


yeah shes a bit fat could lose it easily

a good cum dumpster though?

50f547 No.7606124


Hahaha bro I was sooo baked and plus it was my accent

50f547 No.7606127


Yeah Idk ive been with WAYYY hotter girls especially for the body but for some reason this is the one that gets me going the most out of all

6e8c88 No.7606128


doesnt matter just dont talk like that again

its really not good

6e8c88 No.7606131


how many guys has she been?

and dont lie any niggers?

if you don't know ask her

50f547 No.7606137


She grew up in a rural part of Wisconsin so like shes had very limited boy access and I'm the most handsome guy she's been with. No niggers. Shes been with 10 guys and that's with the obligatory add 5 to every count a girl gives

6e8c88 No.7606145

File: 1af524a34499d58⋯.png (46.75 KB, 392x451, 392:451, 23472347298374982734987238….png)

6e8c88 No.7606146


how are you going to get her to lose weight?

and are you going behind your parents back and meeting up or do they know?

50f547 No.7606154

File: 0cff163d9158481⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20171205_142608.jpg)


That's kind of a shitty photo have another one. Honest opinion?


We are supposed to be going to the gym but shes been lazy so Idk tbh

451845 No.7606160


you don't look bad OP. You're brave to post your face on here though.

7da9cd No.7606184

Incest is degenerate.

000000 No.7606194


>post pics

>on tor

tell jim to fix it


>that tiny pecker

>that obese girl with 100 layers of fat on her stomach

>that half an inch masturbation

>she tries to suck it while stroking it but it's too small so she just smiles at the camera

This is so sad it almost me cry. I pity dicklets. At least you had sex, which is more than 90% of /b/ did.

6e8c88 No.7606201

get off tor and post them

stop making excuses faggot

d235d2 No.7606215

File: 722c4500a706f97⋯.webm (7.99 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, haha.webm)



>150 pounds

451845 No.7606216


post yours outside of tor don't you have a VPN or are you A NEET? meep meep post dick please

451845 No.7606260

OP post your stuff on /in/ we could use the OC.

451845 No.7606708


Still waiting. meep meep

349edc No.7606724

File: 8586c8aea676911⋯.jpg (37.32 KB, 235x325, 47:65, 155b6e9e4d1b8feb9d8a922281….jpg)


Its funny you say that because my dick measures at 6.7 in with like 5 in of girth and every single girl ive been with (18 girls) have all said I have a big dick or my dick didnt disappoint. I cant imagine having a bigger dick I already cant go all the way in like 3/4 of the female population. There was one girl I couldnt physically put it in. That was in a mental hospital tho and we were both standing up godd she was SO TIGHT OMG I wish I still knew her

f01f66 No.7606729

>in a mental hospital

Welp, /b/, I think we have found our new God Emperor.

451845 No.7606733


OP you almost put your dick in crazy. You should put your incest stuff on /in/ so it doesn't disappear

349edc No.7606735

File: 66a3346534a13e2⋯.jpg (156.08 KB, 635x648, 635:648, 66a3346534a13e240bba8d707b….jpg)


Haaaa you think it was cool and all except a nurse walked in on us doing rounds halfway and after seperating us (I snuck into her room) she said that it wasn't consensual and like they hella questioned me but in the morning she retracted her statement after and we couldnt be close to each other after that. Man I sweated that one hard

451845 No.7606846


the girl you were trying to fuck said it wasn't consensual and you still wanna meet her again?! good luck on that one

50f547 No.7606882


Ovb it was in the frame of mind of getting that pussy duh fml fam

cf8787 No.7607018

File: 5a38fc2d641642d⋯.jpg (74.67 KB, 453x604, 3:4, raidcandy.jpg)


>acting like some pussy city boy and it endlessly entertained her.

About 37,400 results (0.67 seconds)

No results found for "acting like some pussy city boy and it endlessly entertained her.".

50f547 No.7607060


It entertained her because SPOLIER she wanted to fuck

1285d2 No.7607096

File: c15e11cfd7534b7⋯.jpg (5.16 KB, 249x249, 1:1, 1508899593171.jpg)


gtfo advertising nigger stop with this faggot shit

d4d98e No.7607104


>BMI above 20


31dcd1 No.7607107

File: 5d83f8818f33b76⋯.jpg (108.58 KB, 512x620, 128:155, Jim_OC_11.jpg)


I conducted raids as recently as May and managed to fill 4 separate threads to completion.

Looks like someone needs a handjob.


cf8787 No.7607114


yea you said it a few times tbh

cf8787 No.7607122

File: 4938846b13188e2⋯.jpg (13.08 KB, 255x191, 255:191, raidds.jpg)


A big fat Galician-Portuguese hadny

31dcd1 No.7607148

File: 9249e8b9682b0e4⋯.jpg (750.12 KB, 800x1073, 800:1073, 14503074516.jpg)

f2020f No.7607366


Feels batman. Had the same issue. Fell for the no fap meme and finally had sex after 2 months of being dry. Came in 5 minutes. WTF. I used to be a machine. At least I came, when before I had issues finishing. Whatever, have to start fapping again.

8f33c6 No.7607412

File: bdbbb6e286be5f2⋯.jpg (211.12 KB, 550x550, 1:1, lpl010c.jpg)

NoFap was a disaster for me… my first load afterward was as thick as custard - my kid sister did not enjoy that one little bit!

cfc2dc No.7607636

OP post the videos already you faggot

9f703f No.7607828

File: 9f56953d51a3390⋯.jpg (884.01 KB, 2048x1153, 2048:1153, c99.jpg)

File: 190456e1bc5d94f⋯.jpg (678.03 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, yyvtzjam5sdz.jpg)

I did Nofap November because I thought it would make masturbation exciting again. Turns out the first 3 times I fapped after that I didn't feel anything and on day 4 everything was back to normal. This shit gave me nothing.

Take these nice wallpapers if you like.

451845 No.7607853


op did, either he or a vol deleted it. I'm leaning towards the mods deleting it without reading any of the thread

cd5b7a No.7607854


just check the board log retard

451845 No.7607862


I don't feel like it retard! I grabbed the video before it was deleted.

00ecd4 No.7607890


How do you do that?

185bea No.7607987


can you post it man, i didn't grab it.

2a00cb No.7608011

File: 7f2e58ef800bdcb⋯.mp4 (15.27 MB, 480x848, 30:53, 7f2e58ef800bdcb3f4baac323f….mp4)

185bea No.7608018



5dd43a No.7608026

File: cf796321d3b27db⋯.mp4 (11.73 MB, 512x640, 4:5, VID_20171207_231449_931.mp4)

21da7d No.7608039


Neat. I almost got a boner

185bea No.7608044


ops constant talking kinda ruined it

451845 No.7608212


I don't know if I mind all that much, it's amateur incest stuff and not professional "amateur" or professional "incest". I wouldn't mind seeing more but definitely make sure to get the initial penetration and pull out on video, hate missing that in porn.

000000 No.7608405


if I had a good vpn, would I be using tor?


we have IDs here but even if you'd be OP

>muh dick is really big

>ignore videographic evidence

are you telling me an obese 20 year old girl's hand is 6.7 inches long along 4 knuckles?

451845 No.7608491


You can use tor to visit a proxy and post from there stop making excuses meep meep.

451845 No.7609034


Tor slow or you all talk no dick? Meep meep!

cfc2dc No.7609454


Yeah that faggot sounds like a nu-male retard.

b0751e No.7609515

File: 2969970b17503da⋯.png (693.81 KB, 526x547, 526:547, be.PNG)


>150 pounds

>above 5'0" but less than 5'10"

057073 No.7609991

I'm disappointed OP

451845 No.7610372


I'm disappointed in the torkid meep meep.

000000 No.7610379


>has small penis

>fucks fatties

<I am disappointed in people who criticize me wah wah


451845 No.7610458


where's your penis meep meep

451845 No.7610460


FYI I'm not op meep meep.

4a65dc No.7610813


29194a No.7610863




Degenerate westerners.

451845 No.7611089


go eat a dog you gook meep meep

451845 No.7613174


Portugal NO!

992493 No.7614149


3aa0f6 No.7614220

File: 676093bc32bcbc5⋯.jpg (363.85 KB, 1304x892, 326:223, 676.jpg)

a34c78 No.7614419

>still no sauce on image

6c3743 No.7614442

File: 6147d24a50c285d⋯.jpg (55.11 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 6147d24a50c285de8d102ba38f….jpg)


Lol I'm 6' even. Still feel like a manlet tho. How tall did you think I was?!?! Lol wtf

451845 No.7614464


post dick meep meep! op don't talk so much in your videos, post more it was hot! meep

451845 No.7616832


op more vids, will you post on /in/ the incest board

4bb3e7 No.7616884


that's average size tbh

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