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File: 406ffb76dd2e8ae⋯.jpg (141.18 KB, 886x500, 443:250, a2a.jpg)

File: 2f101885f8fedbb⋯.png (157.91 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 5db9efb5d5242d2a417c81eae8….png)

1a302c No.7604309

Trump recognized Jerusalem as the Jew capital.

/pol/tards cucked once again.


01077e No.7604314

File: a85b7c6a7955834⋯.jpg (17.5 KB, 280x352, 35:44, Shapiro.jpg)

well well, who could've seen that coming

fedf34 No.7604320

>/pol/ has become dumb as fuck

is anyone surprised at this point?

4d9ea1 No.7604322

File: 12152269bc8efe7⋯.jpg (138.14 KB, 800x522, 400:261, 8wshvbp6u8bz.jpg)

It was the best news I heard all day, tbh

04b7b7 No.7604325

somebody's gonna nuke israel by this time next year either way, they got way too uppity in attacking syria and provoking russia and palestine recently

1b024e No.7604330



c405b3 No.7604336


good goy!!

43690e No.7604337

File: 6e15f466e4d3efb⋯.jpg (164.27 KB, 594x417, 198:139, winnnnnnnn.jpg)


Trump provokes sandniggers into killing kikes…….that's called winning retard.

3e4823 No.7604341

File: b9534de00964140⋯.jpg (72.13 KB, 640x539, 640:539, Israel flag where it belon….jpg)

000000 No.7604360

>Israeli kikes claim their capital is Jerusalem

>Literally no other country recognizes this

>Trump recognizes Jerusalem as their capital


Did /pol/ forget Trump is close pals with Kushner who KOSHERED his daughter?

1a302c No.7604391

File: cd6fa9f50ae20f8⋯.jpg (231.2 KB, 905x1071, 905:1071, a26.jpg)

File: 499bad65f8e8eec⋯.jpg (65.57 KB, 520x520, 1:1, a-2.jpg)

hahaha /pol/cucks have a meltdown.

80ebc3 No.7604396


>thread about /pol/

>asks for source

This is bait, right?

a18679 No.7604406

i think a btfo'd mudslime is better then a (((trans))) literal cock sucker

t.zionist jew

1edec6 No.7604642

File: 591e01c550c08db⋯.jpg (414 KB, 1048x1373, 1048:1373, 591e01c550c08dbc3578e5084e….jpg)


Who the fuck on /pol/ unironically thinks that >Drumpf

Is savior of the muh ((((western civilisation))))

Also, fuck off nigger

606f99 No.7604712

File: 34bf0f0453b099a⋯.jpg (52.26 KB, 600x600, 1:1, who is behind this post.jpg)

b05301 No.7604713

File: 665ea721fd16b01⋯.jpg (86.96 KB, 652x412, 163:103, oXiiauyde.jpg)



bb70de No.7604867

File: de2ef1e19f498b3⋯.png (282.48 KB, 1715x577, 1715:577, state-of-pol.png)

/pol/ has become shit

62d729 No.7604956

File: 0c834dc6171e7cf⋯.jpg (108.93 KB, 630x840, 3:4, 0c834dc6171e7cf8006407141f….jpg)

/pol/ has always been at war with Eastasia

4ea5d6 No.7604958

File: 74fc89938822022⋯.jpg (45.88 KB, 720x462, 120:77, Trump's achievements.jpg)

File: bbaae3dcee20619⋯.png (65.86 KB, 619x600, 619:600, amerimutt 20.png)


95bf07 No.7604960

File: cc619285e96013e⋯.png (184.34 KB, 601x600, 601:600, 1486149152796.png)

62d729 No.7604979

File: c11a3c85b16d73d⋯.jpg (45.26 KB, 399x399, 1:1, c11a3c85b16d73dce532cbc9d8….jpg)


>everybody who disagrees with is a shill: the emotional child's guide to online political discussion

95bf07 No.7604985

File: d51a6e5691c81bc⋯.jpg (39.86 KB, 634x440, 317:220, 487cebc5488afd8bbf87a9705b….jpg)


>everybody who disagrees with is a shill

That's a illogical conclusion.

>the emotional child's guide to online political discussion

Attempting to scorn me is childish, Look whos talking

f59a96 No.7604988


4d chess goy

62d729 No.7604991

File: 5d6c6bdc985f467⋯.png (3.15 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 5d6c6bdc985f4673a95f8e394d….png)


>it's illogical, I won't explain how because I have orange cock in my ass

>n-no u

Sad! Very low-energy! A real mess!

95bf07 No.7604997

File: e644eb4829d1ef9⋯.jpg (42.81 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Fucking_Magnets.jpg)


Whats your end goal here?

3a4210 No.7604998


>try to post like you're on cuckchan

>get btfo

3a4210 No.7605000



3a4210 No.7605002


>Whats your end goal here?

it's what happens when you get BTFO on /pol/ so you come here to shit up the board.

95bf07 No.7605006

File: 2e4b164e181a864⋯.jpg (15.53 KB, 552x341, 552:341, Judge Judy Eye roll.jpg)


>it's what happens when you get BTFO on /pol/

but your using a proxy

>so you come here to shit up the board.

/b/ was shit before you got here tbh

why don't you go to /leftypol/

95bf07 No.7605007

File: e515345f7e33f41⋯.jpg (16.27 KB, 300x169, 300:169, strawman-ref-300x169[1].jpg)


yeah, no shit.


62d729 No.7605011

File: 70aeb7c9ec4e817⋯.png (392.99 KB, 728x729, 728:729, 70aeb7c9ec4e8177a0eb43a85f….png)


to be entertained I guess


Now you're just throwing random crap you've heard before in arguments and hoping it'll stick. You fail this time. Try again y/n?


I don't even usually lurk /pol/ and am sick of them shitting up other boards with their faggotry

5c9900 No.7605014


t. /pol/tard, trumpcuck

62d729 No.7605018


oh wow you used a memebase macro so it must be true and you don't need to explain how it's true

95bf07 No.7605022

File: 096bb806839abe6⋯.jpg (117.3 KB, 664x701, 664:701, 096bb806839abe634c4d679d45….jpg)


kill yourself

5c9900 No.7605050


nice VPN asshat

717560 No.7605088

File: 667251ec250ea43⋯.jpg (37.24 KB, 501x368, 501:368, Lord deliver me from this ….jpg)


That's what you get when you ban people for reading fucking books.

49b89d No.7605090


Meanwhile Muslims declared Germany as Saudi Arabias capital

Fuck off Yuropoor, Jews in America are actually trying to keep this place from being flooded with third world goat fuckers

9ae157 No.7605096


t. kike

717560 No.7605104

File: 9ef4857b4b47bf8⋯.jpg (30.02 KB, 560x490, 8:7, 1450722384003-0.jpg)


>Jews in America are actually trying to keep this place from being flooded with third world goat fuckers

You absolute mendicant, do you really expect us to sit here and swallow that load sephardic gypsy horseshit?

Just becasue /pol/ got co-opted by mouthbreathers doesn't mean you get license to swoop in and peddle your hack fucking merchandise like this.

148c93 No.7605123

File: 328e45827434814⋯.jpg (130.7 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 328e458274348148c3ef6d6ad7….jpg)


Think about it my dear amerimutt, the history of america is basically the worst of europe's population killing a bunch of people already living there and capturing their lands. Meanwhile europe owns the world in terms of culture and science etc.

You're no better than the muslims that will eventually swallow europe whole, fuck you and fuck the sandniggers. Hopefully I'll be dead by then.

717560 No.7605130


>the worst of europe's population

Don't change the subject we are not talking about Australia.

9ae157 No.7605137



690100 No.7605143

File: 220fc12f3e73df5⋯.png (119.5 KB, 1343x638, 1343:638, australiaBTFO_byEmus.png)

9ae157 No.7605154


still better than (((America))) tbh

528e8c No.7605482


do you believe this or has being his lapdog apologist become second nature for you?

528e8c No.7605500


you fucking immigrant

get off our board

1a302c No.7605978

File: 4d88efafeb8172b⋯.png (5.33 KB, 251x272, 251:272, b2b764f363ae226f059f3294eb….png)


>I hate Germany

>Fuck you Europe

>I'm so proud we back stabbed the Germans during WW2

As expected, 56% white Americans hate Germany and the rest of Europe because Europeans aren't mutts, at least they were not mutts until now. Americans who are in control of the EU, deliberately opened the border to flood Europe with Africans and people of the Middle East because they were jealous of the European whiteness.

This is the true face of /pol/

4fd4e9 No.7605994

Are the /pol/tards really this stupid? Trump has been sucking the Israel hard-liners' cocks from day one. Evangelical Christians demand fealty to the hard-line Zionists because of their crazy doomsday-prophecy bullshit, and keeping the Jesus freaks happy is the only way the GOP can win an election. Did /pol/ not get that memo?

f4888f No.7606004



litterally who and why should care?

b662a9 No.7606037

More 4D chess, Trump is playing into Israel's false declaration that Jerusalem was their capital when they would only make such a ludicrous claim because they know no other rational nation would back it, now Trump has called the bluff, and the shit will hit the fan in the Middle East and blow all over Israel and wipe out these pesky Jews once and for all.

ece43f No.7606056

File: e700a99637fe088⋯.png (181.54 KB, 1902x965, 1902:965, meanwhile on pol.png)

Does anyone know where all the triple digit IQ /pol/acks went after they got banned for mentioning Trump is controlled opposition?

799d7e No.7606058

Trump is plainly the final boss.

All these MSM asshats, mudshits, shitlibs, talking heads, and downright pussies going out of their fucking minds over this must mean it's a very good thing indeed.

Tired of winning yet?

553fab No.7606203

Free Palestine and expose the holohoax !

Jerusalem is the capital of the Palestinians !


528e8c No.7606206

File: 5eb206e37ea165b⋯.jpg (93.05 KB, 735x473, 735:473, wroooong.jpg)


>trump is intelligent

528e8c No.7606208


>All these MSM asshats, mudshits, shitlibs, talking heads, and downright pussies going out of their fucking minds over this must mean it's a very good thing indeed.

>the above have never been right and trump has never been wrong

>being this delusional

hey whatever helps maintain your fragile worldview

1a7d06 No.7606219

File: c16936bab85eb65⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1421x1009, 1421:1009, DaleTheTrumpcuckGribble.png)


Who the fuck cares about Jerusalem or Israel? They're not here in the U.S., no one should give a fuck about it. Trump is an utter retard.

b9f97e No.7606261


how many bans have you over the trump topic? when did you first learn about it?

799d7e No.7606296

File: ce7d87a6ecc4986⋯.jpeg (64.18 KB, 600x835, 120:167, nomnom.jpeg)


>>the above have never been right and trump has never been wrong

Seems to me you're the delusional /saltleft/. Cry me a river.

b9f97e No.7606304

File: d99779fe3e11426⋯.jpg (113.64 KB, 987x761, 987:761, 12e161a98130ac6567f84b4d10….jpg)

ece43f No.7606311


My memory is awful but I'll tell you a little about it.

After the first exodus /pol/ had a very cynical, mostly libertarian outlook. People knew better than to trust elections, or so it seemed.

People put thought into their posts, discussions were civil, and you wouldn't get banned for making a joke. It was ten times better than it is now.

When election season came around things got strange. I was hardly visiting /pol/ since the other boards were more fun,

but when I checked in all I saw was Trump memes. They were funny at first, but maybe that's because I thought they were ironic.

Eventually the memes became cringy and overbearing, and I realized the people posting them actually seem to believe them.

By this point /pol/ was clearly becoming a different place, and I got the feeling when I looked at the catalog that someone was pushing an agenda.

Now that I think back it didn't take long for /pol/ to go to shit, shame I didn't archive any good threads from back then.

Election discussion overtook everything else, trump memes became a substitute for well-formed arguments and quality plummeted in general.

When I made that post I hadn't posted in a long time so I didn't know how bad things were. I wanted to see if any oldfags were still on /pol/

and instead I get my thread deleted in 5 minutes and banned for a month. I got my answer at least.

Sorry if this post doesn't tell you much, I spent most of my time back then on /v/ and /ebola/ so I don't how Trump got popular so quickly.

799d7e No.7606317

File: cf307b57f5af4b7⋯.jpeg (127.03 KB, 1842x1036, 921:518, the_once_and_future_kings.jpeg)


mmm. delish tbh.

b9f97e No.7606332


I think people split off in many directions, depending on how focused they are on politics or race. Generally, if you look at where imkikey tells you to go, it's someplace dead like endchan or whatever.

I have been averse to electoral politics for many, many years, pre-ron paul, so I was never a trump supporter, but I thought defeating hillary was worth it, as far as plebbit thinking he was dog emberer. But plenty of /pol/ was doing it quasi-ironically, trying to force him to fit our agenda.

Moderation and trumps people did a great job of successfully shutting down word about his jewish connections, besides getting money from adelson. So yeah, outside of other discussions, it was a waste of a year, even before they killed the board after he outted himself as just another faction's puppet

000000 No.7606334


c048b6 No.7606344

File: e32df643b327ab5⋯.jpg (326.79 KB, 1519x651, 7:3, trumpkilledpol.jpg)


I called it way back when he first announced his candidacy. To this day there's no solid attack against Cruz, the closest they ever came was pointing out that his WIFE worked for a BANK.

I remember getting month long bans for pointing out Trump's endless Jewish connections and the mountain of words of support he said for Israel.

I remember /pol/ stickying a thread on the national enquirer claiming Cruz was the zodiac killer, his dad killed Kennedy, etc. I was actually kind of proud when the thread got deleted immediately when I started dumping old National Enquirer stories which called Trump a cuck and had stories of his various wives and girlfriends cheating on him.

First /pol/ chased out all the conservatives declaring them to all be cucks for nebulous, nonsense reasons generally connecting to one progressive RINO and attributing whatever they did to conservatives, so for a short while it was self-identified as alt-right. That lasted like what, a day? The alt-right was then declared an enemy until the only identity allowed on /pol/ was "white nationalist" you're allowed to care only about white issues to the exclusion of everything else.

What the retards didn't get was that the whole thing was exactly what the left wanted, it was all clear and obvious manipulation, they just miscalculated on one point. Honestly, to this extent I'm glad, because who knows maybe Cruz would have lost to Hillary. See, the left was banking on the idea that Trump was unelectable, but Hillary was such an unbelievably shit candidate he won. The rest of it though? For years they've said conservatives were racists and it never stuck. The point was to isolate them and prop up a new artificial sect that they could point to and say "See? Racism is irrevocably tied to the right, and that's all it's about!" Well fuck you, Richard Spencer is a fag and a cowardly piece of shit.

4c0766 No.7606346

File: 077f03f92d8e036⋯.jpg (347.08 KB, 1206x2378, 603:1189, 44.jpg)

b9f97e No.7606352


cruz was still a slimy politician with a strange religion, a poor stance on immigration, no charisma, etc. but yeah, the hitpieces on cruz were garbage. living in a cruz state, besides kids, no one supported trump before he won the primary except boomers and older who aren't really conservatives, who thought trump would be the best ticket to money. the type who make money from subsidy gibs. I knew trump had a good shot at winning and I knew /pol/s basic stance, but whenever I would have these people coming up and talking politics and talking about how great trump would be, they were always fucking retarded.

all the candidates were shit tbh.

>you're allowed to care only about white issues to the exclusion of everything else.

I dunno, if you're white and learn the demographics, that really is about the only issue.

> Cruz would have lost to Hillary

he would have. but from an accelerationist view, I unironically would rather have seen Hillary get elected to actually 'unite the right'.

000000 No.7606359

61ef49 No.7606360


>people talking about how the shitskins are going to push the jews' shit in over this



d30d8b No.7606382

File: b0777428edbbb6c⋯.jpg (11.53 KB, 206x216, 103:108, 23795372_1636658903039010_….jpg)

the real cuck of the story

61ef49 No.7606438



>literally the foundation of every successful society


edd6ce No.7606577

File: 0847b805fa7c81e⋯.jpg (95.1 KB, 960x576, 5:3, 1503271942995.jpg)

000000 No.7606644


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