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Just /b/ yourself.

File: 954b0bc602bf464⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 954b0bc602bf46433e34bf9a76….gif)


honestly speaking, i dont think almost any of the "pedos" on this site are actual genuine pedophiles who are exclusively attracted to children.

its more like the pedo community is a fandom similar to furfags or ponyfags. i think most of the "pedos" are only in it for the banter, baiting and loli-shitposting.

how do you see the situation?



Since you've questioned my authenticity, officer, let me just post some CP to prove I'm a pedo.



finally someone got it. i guess the game is up…… >_<



Pedos don't actually exist, tbh.

They're all just trolling the parents.


File: 5ac951a11b4e586⋯.jpg (210.45 KB, 1200x794, 600:397, 5ac951a11b4e5862b9a47e4147….jpg)



That's what it seems like to me, sure there are probably legit "only" pedos, like the ones who post CP, but the ones who just Loli-post and what not, are definitely not an issue compared to the CP posters.


tbh that is exactly me, I am only into pedophilia because it makes people mad, and they have good talking points, and normies can't ague with them, also little girls are simply superior, and make better wives, and have more years of beauty ahead of them, and pedophilia is also the natural state of man, and neoteny is a driving force in evolution, and moree! I fap to adult women too though. I am not an exclusive pedophile.



Posting CP doesn't make you a "legit only pedo" it just makes you a suicidal cyber nihilist outlaw.

t. suicidal cyber nihilist outlaw


File: 80025fc6de49591⋯.jpg (137.88 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, d40eb2fae79de6c5d4b78a8a9a….jpg)

I only like real pedophilia and hebephilia because of the forbidden factor. It gives me thrills and thrills make the fap better. That said 14-16 is best age for girls.



Kids are sexually active. Do you really think 4-12 year old girls aren't curious about cock? Pedophiles fill a void that most people wont out of fear. But no permanent harm is done (assuming the child consents)


What is wrong with you people?


File: d14b50f8abc3b6d⋯.jpg (60.77 KB, 500x486, 250:243, 1515774590147.jpg)


Dont be problematic anon.



Yes, 9 year old girls are curious about cock. But they don't want your sad, belly covered, 40 year old cock.



your daughter liked it just fine tbh


File: 39a1425edbd3ae7⋯.jpg (397.45 KB, 1242x1659, 414:553, 1515774040787.jpg)


Kids can do anything adults can tbh



Pedos don't post CP. The CP community is based on sharing. You never give for free because it could be Feds. Gotta give to get.

The only people who post CP on here are just edgy trolls.



now that is child abuse right there. fuck off



Except get a driver's license, vote, buy beer …



Who here a pedophile that wants it to remail illegal or at least taboo and at least somewhat risky? Pedophilia is all but legalized in my country, it is well accepted, and when I realized all my OpSec was for nothing because other pedos are freely doing whatever the fuck they want without consequences and all my leaders are pedophiles, it was enough that I couldn't fap to lg's for awhile… I had to relearn how to enjoy little girls ultimately because the original drive that made the fap so great (the thrill and danger) was gone.



>how do you see the situation?

I think you are about 6 months behind, OP.

Anymore, it is the vols posting pedo threads when the pph drops below 30 just to generate the controversy and banter you mention. They know that pedo posts will always bring the activity up, and without it this board would be sitting right about 10pph avg. for the day. There are barely enough shitposters left to qualify as a "community", let alone such specific groups as the ones you mention.



That woman unambiguously condemned pedophilia like virtually everybody in the LGBT movement has. Queer Kids Stuff isn't a friend to us anymore than Dan Savage is.



I think 9 (if they are unusually tall or mature for their age) to 15 (if they are unusually immature) is best age range. That period when girls are just going throughpuberty for first time, breasts just starting to appear, etc. is the best. I don't like girls so much that have 0 signs of puberty and I don't like ones are fully mature women, though I do fap to basically everything.



>parents literally took their kids to that




Pedro did nothing wrong



oh boy


File: 6b76523ea9c35a0⋯.jpg (111.68 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, alanabaer_23824407_1404972….jpg)

There's no "pedro" situation, it's all in your heads.


So what pisses off people the most? What is the best way to troll?




>3d loli



3d loli



if by "3d loli" you mean the term, then ya.

lolis can't be 3D FFS



top 3 t b h



>loli can't be 3d

Loli is short for Lolita. The original Lolita was Sue Lyon, a real person.


Gore posting just wasn't edgy enough in CURRENTYEAR so people pretend to be pedos. That said, depression can lead to pedophilia as well and if there's one thing channers are known for…



Great movie tbh



File: 5c0255f777d850d⋯.jpg (692.96 KB, 1500x1053, 500:351, donut loli.jpg)

Are most people who like loli hentai attracted to real life children? I like loli porn but not actual kids.



I've gotten the vibe that "lolicons" and "pedos" hate each other, actually. I can't count the number of threads that eventually devolved to "Lolis can't be 3D you piece of shit!" from pedos referring to little girls as lolis, as well as general meme warfare among the 2 groups, apparently out of spite. I don't know if they all hate each other, but they're definitely not friends, so it's unlikely that they're the same people either.


File: 5ce0dccc6555ce4⋯.jpg (121.4 KB, 428x550, 214:275, lpl003zd.JPG)

File: eb6def3f6b0721d⋯.jpg (87.3 KB, 500x659, 500:659, lpl003ze.jpg)

Pedos? On my /b/?

I highly doubt that!



I've gotten that vibe too. I don't believe it's a tribe v. tribe kinda antagonism, but there are some Pedos who despise the artists and fans the really outlandish and fanciful works that just don't jibe with reality and some LoliLovers who will lose their collective shit when a darker, more violent pedo rears it's head. There are also bajillions of areas of co-operation and overlap, live and let live truces, etc. I see it as two core groups with highly specific tastes and several radial groups with lynch-pin personalities who are just as self polarizing as any other enthusiast group.

I could also just be giving too much credit to all parties because I do enjoy a lot of r34, loli/hebe art and I do enjoy the more irl as well. It's the extremism I despise. I believe artists should be allowed to be proud of their work and I do believe in consent. If I could draw better, I'd use it as a gimmick to pick up girls.


File: 21b262e6f9e3e48⋯.webm (1.71 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 21b262e6f9e3e486727a5911b….webm)

Most of the 'pedos' are just teens who think its the funniest thing to say "tbh" after everything and shitposting lolis like you said, as well some posting a few real, mainly non-nude, pictures of children. Maybe one day they will realize it's pointless to sit on /b/ and do that; but then again there's two sides to a quarter, maybe not.



This is correct tbh. I'm the only genuine pedo here. Always was.

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