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Just /b/ yourself.

File: cc5d7c8c3470f98⋯.png (2.59 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, D36A6B89-0A37-47AF-92D9-79….png)


Literally how? Shareblue succeeded in their goal to make Halfchan /pol/ completely unfun to read.

The unintended consequence is that even casual /pol/ readers (like me) have shifted to 8chan /pol/ which IMO is harder right than Halfchan /pol/ ever was. Not even mad about it - Shareblue fucked go. Turning casual/normies like me into Pinochet wanabees.



Yup. And halfchan's been fucked for a while now. But ever since SB got a big bump in sorosbucks, they've been going harder than ever. I think you'll see some overlap between SB and normies while cuckchan finally sees the infinite light. And because infinity is so much further towards racewarnow, you'll get people moving further right and I think it'll be harder to shill the board as well.



I think part of being a Leftist is the inability to see one step beyond the immediate effect of anything they do.



I think that applies to most. Lets be honest, the right isn't filled with well-read supports either. The big difference is that the right hasn't started eating its own yet.


I was ultra-MoonmanxBenGarrisonxHydexAnglin way before 8chan existed or /pol/ existed.

I also left 4cuck long ago, back when 4chon was made.

Also I personally know and have talken to three of those people I just mentioned btw, 2 of them before they were famous.

I took in all the redpills over a decade ago. It's all nothing but cyclicity, redundancy, and preaching to the choir.

Btw archive that knuckles meme thread for me so I can read it without having to visit 4cuck.



I would disagree - I find the /pol/ right able to consider results of a policy or action several steps down the line. Leftists/Democrats either can’t or don’t think that way in my experience. Admittedly biased though.



I’m just starting to get there. I was civic nationalist libertarian for the longest time. Now I realize that the Left does nothing but argue in bad faith: The only reason they “debate” at all is to bide time to replace Americans with third worlders more amicable to their policy goals.

Again, they don’t think far enough ahead. Leftists think they can ride the tiger and not get eaten. “Import the third world and we will get rid of white conservatives…there’s no way the brown and black people will turn on us though - we are the *good* guys.”



>/pol/ is so deluded into thinking it matters because it's so easy to make fun of them over their meme president, that they think every other thread is part of some massive conspiracy

>both /pol/ boards are now even bigger joke boards than /leftypol/

>moot's revenge has finally been realized, and it was the /pol/ boards themselves that made it happen

Good work, dumbasses.



(((They))) got a hold on the new mods (arbitrary and ambiguous bans, banning posters for using "nigger", persecution of posters, etc.) running the site and chinese moot doesn't really care for the site. /pol/ is still alive but not in halfchan, shit everyone knows what taquiya is but no one knows that before that were the hasbara.


show dem de wey





File: 4f64f766a3a3704⋯.jpg (67.81 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 4f64f766a3a370482b4867a9f3….jpg)



Honestly its 4chan has been aids ridden since 2013-2014 with gamergate + moot selling out. The extensive media coverage wasn't of great help either since it allowed for an invasion of normies and edge lord.

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