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Just /b/ yourself.

File: ae77fdf08bb6af3⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 372x323, 372:323, 1513455541597.gif)


>me, nordcuck wizard

>bought hooker tonight

>300 dollars

>awkward as fuck, but nice company at least, at my place

>she's thai, ask if she wants drink, and I had some rum

>I drank a little bit too

>she comments on my huge tv, asks if its for porn, which it is not, but the comment stings this pathetic heart

>I don't even have a couch so we sit on the bed in my living room (dont ask)

>we talk about shit, she knows about cryptocurreny and shit, weirdly enough

>time is running out

>I'm trying to go for it, we are both naked, I can't get hard

>this is even worse than my non-hooker attempt as a 20yold, where I at least had a semi

>I take the hit to my pride, as I am used to life serving me shit sandwiches

>she is nice about it, probably helped that I joked about it and other stuff

>drove her back

>now I am back here, in the den of despair

>I think I am a bit more suicidal now

tl;dr: I spent 300 dollars on embarrasing myself, destroying my self-esteem even more and bolstering my urge for suicide


Why didn't you request a bj?

Coulda got you going, nigga.



It's because you want to be in love for your first time Anon… JK next time take Viagra



I did, but she was bitchy about it and said she doesn't do that without a condom


next time I will open my veins


eat more onions, they raise your t-levels


Meh … you spent 300 bucks and had a nice time with a girl who you don't have to worry about getting clingy or demanding more time/money.


On a 1 to 10 scale, what was she?



I don't like this at all

I'm expecting you all to laugh at me and make fun of me, not to show indifference or give me positive viewpoints


7-8/10, not gorgeous, but really slim and nice tits, pretty face



>300 dollars







so, maybe you would have gotten hard if you pretended she was your gf and had someone else fuck her? at least that is how this post makes it sound.



I would pay you 300 dollars to put a bullet in my head


File: 0bd3d4a9206ee80⋯.jpeg (42.1 KB, 500x355, 100:71, 343.jpeg)


>7-8/10, not gorgeous, but really slim and nice tits, pretty face

I think I know what your problem is.

How does pic related make your feel?



I'm not gonna laugh at you. I did the fucking stupid thing. I got married. It's costing me thousands and I have to treat her well and shit.


File: aaf4a70863edf4c⋯.jpg (59.67 KB, 480x435, 32:29, aaf.jpg)



>It's costing me thousands

? on what, nigga? Surely tablets don't run pockets dry at this rate



not turned on, that's for sure


but you still have respect from your peers and your dignity, right?

Thanks god I keep this wizard thing and all this shit under wraps. If people knew anything about this, and if actually saw those people at regular intervals, I'd open my veins in the shower right about now



this. Spending $300 on a whore and then not being able to fuck her is nothing. Nothing! compared to the expense of getting married and (and this is probable) then getting a divorce.


File: 1b2e136703b41d4⋯.jpg (429.27 KB, 1200x1729, 1200:1729, 1200px-St._Uriel-_St_John%….jpg)

Neck yourself for wanting to throw away your powers.



>If people knew anything about this…

You're assuming they care that much.

And if they do then it's because their life is pathetic (even with all the pussy they are getting).



No one worth knowing really would care if they knew you're a virgin.



Her care and upkeep. Birthday shit, Christmas shit, anniversary shit. Clothes, food, and amenities. Trouble is that divorce would be even more expensive.

Learn from my mistake.




my powers probably supercharged and doubled in growth rate due to this unfortunate encounter


you are saying if they cared, they are not worth knowing or worth knowing if it doesn't matter to them? if it doesn't matter to them, then do they really care about me?


y, but you don't have a deep-rooted darkness rotting away at the inside of you because of it, do you?


You got cold feet because you don't have the practice. Hookers are not exactly good practice. Also >race mixing



>you are saying if they cared, they are not worth knowing or worth knowing if it doesn't matter to them? if it doesn't matter to them, then do they really care about me?

OP, i think I know why your liaison went down in a flame of infernal fire.

Hint: the above quoted greentext.


You know what, just post an anonymous message on some Snow Nigger board and ask for sex. There might be women out there who are "into" teaching guys how to sex.



Not to mention, at least here, most gas stations sell pills that are made of god knows what poisons mixed in industrial pain thinner tubs that will fuck you up and give you a massive boner whether you want it or not. look into that next time. hell if you already spent 300, whats another 10?



2 kids


>a deep-rooted darkness rotting away at the inside of you

More than you can possibly imagine.



I got literal cold-feet a lot of the time, it's a problem for me, is it related?


I do have GAD diagnosis


y, I'm gonna need help with directions, because I can't find good places and sites

how many episodes of k-on or steins;gate do I have to watch to forget about this?

also, I am on zoloft, but I haven't had a big problem getting hard lately, though I have absolutely no drive or urge even now

zoloft helps me forget though, thank god for that


I be nordcuck, so I don't think we have that

also, AND THIS IS SLIGHTLY UNRELATED, why are people so nice and helpful here compared to 4chan? I've been posting on r9k and the place is filled with people that are either massive trolls or just hate-filled normies

im posting here because I got permabanned there by some triggered mod, permaban where I didn't even post illegal pics or any illegal stuff



It's not mixing if you don't make a baby, you idiot.


forgot to ask your age, op.

Maybe you've hit the wall.






So thirty.


File: 31637620520f14d⋯.png (2.36 MB, 812x2700, 203:675, 31637620520f14d62743cc5eb0….png)

reminder to not give a shit about women



Association with nonwhites is a problem in and of itself.


Where can I read more wizard + prostitute stories?


thinking about it, she was a pretty shit hooker, but fuck, the selection out here in hicksville isn't that huge



What did you use to select said whore?



well, maybe some other fellow gollums of mine will crawl out of hiding and share their darkness with us


realescort . e u




I'm from the US.


>she's thai

>didn't bang

She's probably a shemale anyways.


any other wizards in here that wants to tell about their darkness and misery so I can feel better about being a total fuckup?




Most likely performance anxiety.

You need to relax.

1. tell the girl it is your first time and that you are nervous. that will take some pressure off

2. appreciate the moment, give her a massage for a while, explore her body, play with her boobs, rub her vagina slowly, smell your fingers if she isn't too diseased. ask for a BJ like another anon said.

let her give you a massage for a while.

the more contact and time spent naked with a girl, the more comfortable and relaxed you will become.

3. practise, as much as possible.

not just sex, but as I described above, being naked with a girl, playing with her, her playing with you.

the more you do it, the more relaxed you will become.

4. concentrate on the sensations, DO NOT think about your dick. think about her voice, her moans, the feel and the smoothness and the warmth of her skin, the smell of her pussy, the softness and the heat of inside her pussy, how her lips feel brushing your skin, how her breast curves and her nipple sticks out.

Aside from that, don't fap for 2 weeks beforehand, don't edge, don't ejaculate, nothing.

You will be quite horny by then, gives an advantage.

If you cum fast, that's normal, just say that was great, give me a few minutes and we can go again.

don't worry, don't make a big deal, just relax and enjoy and go with the flow.

it is important to follow your instinct, on what you want to do. don't spend much time thinking about what she wants or if it feels good for her. more importantly you do what you want, what comes to mind naturally.

Avoid porn completely, read the website "yourbrainonporn". Porn can desensitise you, and also condition you to be a voyeur, rather than an active participant. This is the first thing you should do, and stick to it.

Read about testosterone boosting foods and lifestyle habits. Can make a big difference.

Sunlight, strength and lower body exercise, dark green vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean meat, eggs, mushrooms. Avoid sugar, avoid fried foods.

Keep trying, you will succeed if you keep trying.

If you can fap and have quick, hard boners when you are alone, then you just need some practise and what I've written above.



>be me

>too chicken shit to even try a hooker

>My emotional aloofness from everyone turns off the women (at work) that do try to flirt with me.

The fucked up thing might be that it doesn't bother me anymore.

I spend most of the day thinking about how I can make more money.

Have a turned to a leprechaun, /b/? A shadow evil figure that only cares for personal gain.



nice image.

first part for the men is a bit too realistic.



This is actually decent advice.



Then who do you suggest pick my cotton?



My dick didn't obey me the first time I was with a naked woman asking me to 'take her' either.

After I left, I panicked for about a week, not knowing why it had happened.

I read about porn induced erectile dysfunction, and thought it might be one of the problems, so I deleted all my porn and stopped watching it. It took a few weeks to fully stop, but I figured i'd rather drop porn than never be able to have real sex. Seemed a straight forward option.

It wasn't only the porn though, it was a lot of anxiety, nerves, over thinking and stress. All of which kills the boner.

When I learned to relaxed and when I was comfortable with a girl, things became a lot better.

One major thing was turning off my upper brain and letting my animal side take control. Takes practice. Focus on the sensation and it even helps to treat her like an object of lust, a bitch in heat that you want to mount like a caveman and fuck purely for your own pleasure.

If you treat her like that, you will enjoy it a lot more, and won't be thinking about much at all.

She incidentally will enjoy it too, girls like it when you enjoy yourself. Best to think only about yourself while you practice, and when you have the hang of it, some weeks/months later, you can incorporate some small thoughts for how you can give her extra pleasure.


Time to sleep, hope you make use of my advice. Save it in a text file and read it through a few times. Figure how to apply it and do so.

Most of all, keep trying. You will become better,

and you'll realise too, that it isn't such a big deal after all.



>why are people so nice and helpful here compared to 4chan?

Because we are far better at trolling you than they are at 4chan. We lull you into a false sense of security, and when you let your guard down we buttfuck you until you cough up jizz and blood.


>she's thai

stopped reading right there

hang yourself race traitor



I don't think anyone's first time is really that amazing. Porn and social expectations paint a false picture of sex in general. My first time wasn't great either, I just humped her for 5 minutes until I came. That's probably how it goes down for 90% of men. After my first time I immediately became more confident and calm around women in general because it was something scratch off the old to-do list.

Now I just wanna find a girl to cuddle with. Going to bed alone can be worse than no sex. Male sexuality can be easily sated by jacking off, male "emotional" sexuality can't.



Why the FUCK would you NOT want a girl to be CLINGY?

I want a clingy GF.



Because clingy girls are a burden. They require YOU do to do EVERYTHING for them. It's not fun to basically deal with an adult child all the time.



I want to be a vile, little gold gnome too


still sounds better than 4chan


I wasn't trying to impregnate her, I was trying to get out of wizardry

lets face it, I am not the hope of the white race here, I am barely getting by living my own life at this point


ye, I want a clingy gf too



Ok. I wasted $4,700 dollars total not including some gifts on women and never even got a kiss and until one day my sister had me hug her friend I was also hugless. I've never had sex, never got anything out of any of it, just got scammed. I tried to commit suicide in a livestream because of the woman I lost $4,100 to as well as many other factors that were happening at the same time. Today however I am happy at work trying to complete the system of German Idealism although every once in awhile enormous pressure is put on me to stop doing that and get a wife and get a job, but I am very sick and I damaged myself a lot in previous suicide attempts, and I'd much rather NOT waste the maybe 10 years I have left to live on anything other than getting as close to god as I possibly can. Disregard women, acquire philosophy.



That doesn't make sense to me.

Also an adult child? That sounds pretty hot to me. If only we could find ways to stop women from maturing after 12 years old so they stay permanent 12 year olds.



You obviously aren't around children very much.




>trying to complete the system of German Idealism

A worthwhile field to dedicate yourself to. Also, it is probably the best female repellant known to man. Not to insult philosophy, more of an insult to women, really.

I'm a Perspectivist, personally.



I give girls my philosophy books. Only one has ever read one of my books heh.



are you, him:


you have books? you've tried to commit suicide on livestream? you only have about 10 years left to live or something? are you quite old? do your books actually sell? I've written one too, but doesn't sell much, prob 100+ copies



Indeed, having a loving girl to cuddle with is nice and walking along holding her hand can mean more than sex.

I had the same thing as you, more confidence and less on my mind after the first time, checklist is right. It wasn't such a big deal afterwards.



Money and gifts isn't the answer, as you know by now. Confidence, decisiveness and being visibly independent is more important and attracts better females really.

Exercising for strength builds inner confidence, conquering your own body and increasing what you are physically able to do. Being able to confidently pull yourself upwards, or lift a heavy box with grace. I recommend doing good quality pushups every day, and perhaps buying some dumbbells after a few months. The idea is not necessarily to look big, it is to feel strong and capable and be the master of your own body.

The greeks thought it vital.

If you have some savings, travel aimlessly for some weeks or longer, you will pick up confidence and interesting stories, and generally meet women.


>she's thai

Gross. Bad decision OP.

>she comments on my huge tv, asks if its for porn, which it is not, but the comment stings this pathetic heart

You misunderstood anon, she was trying to be helpful, suggesting porn to get you in the mood. Some guys need this.

>I'm trying to go for it, we are both naked, I can't get hard

Okay anon, I'm going to help you because while I've never used a hooker this is a common problem a lot of guys have these days. The short version is, you jack off too much. You're used to getting yourself hard and cumming in a specific relaxed setting. Compared to your hand, any part of a prostitute's body is going to feel weird and unarousing. I forget the age, but they say if a guy doesn't have sex by a certain age (19? 23? I forget) he will always have sexual dysfunction, but it's okay, even porn stars get this shit, we're gonna fix you up.

1. Don't jerk off for a week.

2. Learn which fetish or fantasy gets you hard instantly. Whatever it is, you're going to re-enact this with the hooker later, so just latch onto a thought that makes you rock solid.

3. Get viagra. If you can't, order horny goat weed. It works too.

4. Get a hooker for the night so there's no pressure to perform right away.

5. Do watch porn on the screen. Something that turns you on. See how she responds to it, say that's what you want to do.

Of course, if I was you I wouldn't get a hooker. I'd just use tinder or fetlife.



I live with my parents, the lack of independence is what is ensuring my virginity.



>I forget the age, but they say if a guy doesn't have sex by a certain age (19? 23? I forget) he will always have sexual dysfunction

this is scary as fuck



>they say if a guy doesn't have sex by a certain age

who the fuck is they





It's the alcohol. The term "whiskey dick" exists for a reason, and it's not simply because it's whiskey. Alcohol causes impotence and erectile dysfunction.

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