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File: 4087f205856dada⋯.png (65.13 KB, 391x394, 391:394, 4087f205856dadad8f94c00568….png)

File: bee39433dbe0ded⋯.webm (3.98 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, bee39433dbe0dedf850101398….webm)

File: 03596529ff3d6b2⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1270x761, 1270:761, 03596529ff3d6b22f72adff42f….png)

File: 6d68ec1969da042⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1222x753, 1222:753, 6d68ec1969da0420fab8e6023f….png)

da9060 No.7762767


If 90% of jobs in the world are scams, MLM pyramid schemes and indentured servitude, how the fuck are normies not commiting suicide en masse? My normie brother worked in a scammy job unpaid FOR 6 MONTHS and then got told he was not getting a full time offer. And he was like, “the only way now is up for me haha xD”

ea961c No.7762775


I hope so. I can't wait to replace more and more humans with robots.

ebd427 No.7762782

File: 1dfea34ff8cc214⋯.png (431.37 KB, 640x478, 320:239, just like me.png)


Fear not, I'm here to help.

Phase 1: Tell your brother to get 4 gallons of gasoline, an ice pick, a lighter and a pack of Big Babol's.

When he's done getting the stuff, contact me and i will tell you what to do next.

75cb81 No.7762790


What do I do next?

2b09fc No.7762797


create your own crypto currency and live off of a ponzi scheme

da9060 No.7762844


You're right.

ed45d6 No.7764234

MLM scams are as old a jew trick as it gets, near my shop there's an office complex that does short term rent to these fly by night companies. Sometimes it's energy drinks, sometimes it's selling insurance, other times it's making millions in real estate, it's all the same to me.

We see these doe eyed future millionaires all the time. The clever slight of hand is that MLM's are exactly what a "business" looks like to a person who has never actually run a real business. The MLM sucker really thinks that what he or she is doing is the same as what a real business owner does, except the MLM sucker thinks he's smarter than a guy owning something like a plumbing business, because the plumber has overhead and the MLM sucker only has a small initial investment! You see to the MLM Sucker, they really believe all the business owners with decades in industry are stupid idiots and some young college freshman has the industry figured out because they went to a presentation in a crappy office building with 20 other people. Financial statements, incorporation, depreciation, credit rating… none of this matters because they have a special system we wouldn't understand!

Most MLM suckers are jewed out of a few hundred bucks and that's it, those are the lucky ones, but the few that stick around honestly think that success is right around the corner. A bunch of "business owners" with false hope who are conditioned to believe in the power of positive thinking. They never notice the parking lot full of Corollas or the Uber Stickers on every third car. They tell themselves if only they stay upbeat and keep an eye on the prize they will make their millions on residuals! Then they can take care of their family and do everything they ever dreamed of. Except, it doesn't happen. The best the MLM sucker can hope for is that his family and friends let him back into their lives after he burns bridges with everyone he knows.

da9060 No.7765000

77add5 No.7765587


I agree that's messed up. communist shithole countries' immigrants come over because of democrats and liberal ideologies which then turns into economic decline.

your brother go taken advantage of, and now he thinks he is part of a shitty system that has no solution. in reality our current american citizens should ge ttreated better now because of capitalism, instead it goes into perpetual decline because of diversity and leftist politics…

721ee5 No.7765625

File: d11c90ad7285a6b⋯.jpg (43.36 KB, 500x500, 1:1, d11c90ad7285a6bf614fa0eabc….jpg)

>My normie brother worked in a scammy job unpaid FOR 6 MONTHS and then got told he was not getting a full time offer.

Was he a poor employee?

000000 No.7766829

huh. it's interesting that my two posts mentioning how your brother was helping perpetuate this "unpaid" scam got deleted. pisses me off because I explained in detail what the company thinks of these sort of workers and why he's only making it worse for himself and everyone else. so why was it deleted? what the fuck?

000000 No.7766833

ah… I think I know why. 8ch. has volunteer workers. notice all the other posts allowed in this thread don't criticize that point. they don't want their unpaid workers to see anything explaining how they're being taken advantage of and just bringing down the wages of everyone else by agreeing to work for free.

6c4099 No.7770137


I guess you should just not work and get on benefits then since its game over. Nothing you can do to better your life, just sit and wait to die.


6c4099 No.7770139


Wow your brother sounds like a faggot who isnt able to assert himself. I got my first full time job when I was homeless, I even told the interviewer I was homeless. I even had shattered teeth back then and I still got hired. Fuck you.

6c4099 No.7770142

just dont work then and stfu

By the way stay out of politics, you dont have a dog in that fight since you arent even engaging with the society you are trying to dictate.

d560a1 No.7770178


lmao screencaps?

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