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File: d38e0be4219c06f⋯.jpg (66.83 KB, 700x965, 140:193, aGKjXpL6_700w_0.jpg)

File: 4b00af93d69bbb1⋯.png (269.06 KB, 500x371, 500:371, c9e50d5d263edb5176370fb8f9….png)

7ced1f No.7765557

Oh boy, yet another school shooting in the USA.

I only hope all you ameritards will kill yourself someday.

21c160 No.7765565

File: 9d6d8f46640a9fc⋯.jpg (59.42 KB, 900x750, 6:5, carl-benjamin-1.jpg)


don't you like school shootings anon?

7ced1f No.7765569


I do, if it happens to ameritards. I hope someday they will all shoot each other and we're finally rid of them

55e9a4 No.7765572


they'll need guns to kill themselves


171411 No.7765574

File: 1b87a41b3582415⋯.mp4 (2.86 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, LiveLeak-dot-com-9ff_15186….mp4)

File: 30f8c43630393a3⋯.mp4 (141.19 KB, 360x640, 9:16, LiveLeak-dot-com-690_15186….mp4)

File: 547d7c5389cd836⋯.jpg (94.1 KB, 640x906, 320:453, 1518643976630.jpg)

File: d94066f9d481a78⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 1518644328997.png)

Pew pew

847b71 No.7765577

Yeah yeah enough bitching about freedom, what's the score? How many bodies and how many casualties?

171411 No.7765578

0b097f No.7765579

this has false flag written all over it

a73a48 No.7765583

Not being edgy but I'd rather read about a shooting then a grandma having her 95th birthday. Keep it up America.

a7b0c7 No.7765588

File: d6e980249425dc8⋯.jpg (63.71 KB, 900x450, 2:1, back to school.jpg)

21c160 No.7765592

759ae4 No.7765598

>tfw didn't know if this was new news or about the shooting that happened last week

a7b0c7 No.7765599

a2c0dc No.7765605


>live shooting



Fucking ameritards, and their guns, and their snapchat.

f2354f No.7765608


Not looking that great.


Very unlikely


At least 14 transported to hospital 'several' dead.

ad808b No.7765610


How is normalfags dying violent deaths a bad thing?

ad808b No.7765611


The graphics on the new Doom game are fucking great.

f2354f No.7765613



Furthermore they live in Florida.

ad808b No.7765616


So they're clinically retarded normalfags.

bbc4b5 No.7765641


16 deaths confirmed. E&D BTFO

a7b0c7 No.7765646

File: 6b0ff5e605682f8⋯.jpg (180.65 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1509938942557-1765537422.jpg)

fb6566 No.7765648

File: 4b3e01a76dd7955⋯.jpg (27.7 KB, 500x581, 500:581, 1437514525764.jpg)

>I only hope all you ameritards will kill yourself someday

why bother killing myself if I can just walk into a school and have someone else do it for me

5ac646 No.7765658


You're jealous that we actually have guns and aren't pawns in a commie shithole.

0b097f No.7765663


latest count

ee40d8 No.7765667




this wouldn't be happening as often if schools were boys only/girls only

847b71 No.7765669


This wouldnt happen if parents talked to their kids, but then I rather enjoy my monthly bread and circus.

768a03 No.7765671

USA! USA! USA! this is the (((greatest))) nation on earth!

0b097f No.7765673

government provided sex would stop these types of things from happening. it's always an incel

76dae4 No.7765674

f2354f No.7765676

File: 673249f152cdf84⋯.jpg (32.91 KB, 600x600, 1:1, JYZfH.jpg)

What do you guys think rustled his jimmies? I'm going to go with spics.

I find it funny that the last big mass shooter under obama was muslim but the first handfull since trump got elected have all been white.

ee40d8 No.7765678


a) spic

b) allahu snackbar pic on his insta

bc1e4f No.7765683


Is the allahu snackbar pic the one where he's wearing a MAGA hat?

ee40d8 No.7765684

847b71 No.7765687

File: 944c58de8d12e9a⋯.jpg (132.74 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, DWBxrZLWsAE8ocP.jpg)

Shooter identified, kek

735b5e No.7765690

735b5e No.7765692

>At least 17 killed, suspect in custody after shooting in Florida school, sheriff says

6145f0 No.7765700

File: 9a1d8ad2e518010⋯.jpg (32.52 KB, 198x294, 33:49, 1420960999850.jpg)

>mfw homeschooled

1eed89 No.7765704

File: 08aaa4cbbbadc6d⋯.png (319.61 KB, 1914x921, 638:307, AR16.png)

If only those dang-dirty alt-righters would give up their fully-automatic hollowpoint AR-16s.

6eff39 No.7765707


human bean?

376837 No.7765709

School shootings are nice and stuff, but how come I never hear of people shooting up a government institution or assassinating a celebrity for the heck of it?

ee40d8 No.7765710


That's harder to false flag

06df7c No.7765711

this entire situation is this video come to life


e2fe51 No.7765712


The former is easier to plan and execute than the latter

Also >>7765710

06df7c No.7765718

dec0e8 No.7765727



06df7c No.7765728


no proof but it's not too far fetched

461ae2 No.7765731


Wouldn't put it past the shooter. How's pol taking this shooting?

6145f0 No.7765743


>How's pol taking this shooting?

Here's your guide to shootings on /pol/

>was he white?

<No, he wasn't white

>was he non white?

<Of course it was a nonwhite

1eed89 No.7765745

File: 918220b39a9a336⋯.jpg (149.56 KB, 1052x1190, 526:595, 21f03c95403c9de96582734cf9….jpg)


>deflecting from the fact that he was a commie


461ae2 No.7765747


So… the jews are behind this?

c67bbb No.7765755

6145f0 No.7765761


You are the first one to bring up communism, not me.

1eed89 No.7765764


And? Doesn't change the fact that he was a commie.

How's /leftypol/ taking this shooting?

6145f0 No.7765766


That also doesn't change the fact that he was wearing a hat.

461ae2 No.7765770


Wtf i love pol now

1eed89 No.7765772


>political leaning

>article of clothing

>same thing

Nice false equivalence there /leftypol/.

So tell me now: how is /leftypol/ taking this shooting? I really want to know.

6145f0 No.7765774


You should click on your next tab to find out.

1eed89 No.7765784


No, I want to hear your explanation, /leftypol/.

6145f0 No.7765785


>no u retort

That's the depth of your wit?

1eed89 No.7765790



This from the person that compared a political ideology to a hat.

I just want to know how you're responding to the shooter being a commie.

6145f0 No.7765797


I'm not, because I don't give a shit about his political ideology, you'll notice because I never brought up politics of any kind to begin with.

Good on him for taking out some normalfags.

326c30 No.7765803

000000 No.7765812

>be british

>seeing a psychiatrist is something only mentally disturbed people do

>be american

>cant open a jar

>better go see therapist as i cant deal with the feeling of inadequacy of not being able to complete an everyday task

this mass shooting shit just betrays how america is a culture of special snowflakes

take asian cultures like the japanese

if they fail at life they feel shame and what logically follows is to commit suicide, because by being a failure you bring shame on your family, so you are better off being dead. not to say that suicide is a good thing, but at least it isnt as spineless as murdering innocent people. remember, if hes a white american and uses an ar15, its a mass shooting, if hes muslim and uses an ak74 is an act of terrorism

but americans fail at the most basic recapitulation

being british, if i had a bad day at school id either be told that "well lifes just tough" or that the people bullying me arent worth my time and effort or maybe that i am just a fucking douchebag and i need to sort my life out.

but in america, the land of the narcissistic snowflake where everyone is a winner

your parents tell you that youre awesome regardless if you are ugly or mentally handicapped

if you have a problem, its the white mans fault / you are being oppressed etc etc.

theres no recapitulation, an american doesnt have a bad day and think, "well theres all these shitty things going on in my life, maybe the common denominator is me, maybe theres soemthing wrong with myself, maybe its just how i view the world thats the problem". this is why americans need therapy, every body who belongs to cultures other than american can introspect. americans who are so lazy that they ride mobility scooters rather than lose weight need to pay someone else to do their own basic psychological house keeping.

no wander that hack jordan peterson sounds so profound to the average american when he says "tidy your room". he basically saying take ownership for your own mental health, which is what everyone that isnt american does anyway

no, it cant be your fault because your american, so it must be their fault. if they are making you feel bad then they deserve to die.

>be american

>have a bad day

>better kill everyone who has made impact in my life

>people i should be thanking for shaping my existence

the bullies of life, even though it is reprehensible, are people to be thankful of, they make you a stronger person. they take away your bad karama because they are gathering up other peoples bad karma.

but no, your average american, rather than become stronger, would rather pent up their aggression until they have a massive fatal autistic melt down

1eed89 No.7765813


>because I never brought up politics


>here's your guide to shootings on /pol/

>because I never brought up politics

96d23a No.7765814


Columbine was 12 dead with 2 shooters. This is looking like 16 dead with 1 shooter. Still half as many as Sandy Hook or VA Tech though

6145f0 No.7765815


>in direct response to someone who asked about /pol/, being them who brought it up in the first place

Not too smart huh, /leftypol/?

1eed89 No.7765818


>I-i didn't bring politics into it in the arbitrarily defined manner that I consider to be "bringing up politics"

>therefore it doesn't count!

6145f0 No.7765822


>everything is black and white, if you respond to politics you are this boogeyman or that boogeyman

Really makes you think.

1eed89 No.7765828


>trying to deflect this badly

You're clearly from /leftypol/.

6145f0 No.7765830


I'm here to laugh at jokes making fun of dead normalfags.

4cb190 No.7765837


>Look up twitter account

>Full of satirical tweets

>Faggots taking it seriously because goygle search queries are hard

Like pottery :^)

1eed89 No.7765839


Of course. Sure thing. I believe you 100%.

62a674 No.7765840


it's not over till /leftypol/ starts dumping their nigger porn or cuck porn folders

1eed89 No.7765841


The account is satirical; the pic is real.

Now tell me: how is /leftypol/ taking this shooting?

6145f0 No.7765842


big if true

b3df7f No.7765847

what country is this guy from?



Puerto rico


efc48d No.7765850

He is communist so was just trying to distribute his ammunition evenly between his peers.

I can't believe the amount of bigotry he's getting just for spreading his political views.

1e2e06 No.7765851


and guess who is screaming, the females.

c2e610 No.7765855

Again not being edgy but this is what I live for. I wanted to be entertained on this lonely Valentine's day and my wish came true. God bless.

dec0e8 No.7765856


Checked anon, enjoy your happening.

36e781 No.7765863


Thanks and I will.

1e2e06 No.7765864


because you wouldnt get too far with the government shit, you'd be gun downed in seconds by psyop black op forces.

f021a3 No.7765868

File: 05fc6d584d77b49⋯.jpg (152.25 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, wholething.jpg)


lots of cubans in florida so that would be my guess but the cuban expats tend to be VERY anti communist - his views would not have sat well in his community if he is cuban

b2a771 No.7765872

File: a68fa4635444d50⋯.mp4 (5.37 MB, 426x240, 71:40, aggies trip to the city.mp4)

File: 5afa73fcb8620eb⋯.mp4 (3.2 MB, 426x240, 71:40, aggie needs to show em.mp4)

maybe if he found >>>/agatha/ it would not of happened

ad808b No.7765881


The NSA headquarters got shot up just yesterday, and the term 'going postal' was coined after a long string of shootings at post offices.

735b5e No.7765883

File: 76eece4221785e7⋯.mp4 (265.61 KB, 202x360, 101:180, shooting1.mp4)

File: e72558e8d47e95a⋯.mp4 (1.05 MB, 202x360, 101:180, shooting2.mp4)

File: cdf2437c9ddb499⋯.mp4 (723.12 KB, 202x360, 101:180, shooting3.mp4)

More videos

62a674 No.7765887


>tfw your school is getting shot up but you still can't get off your cellphone

1e2e06 No.7765888


why post these? they suck ass

4394da No.7765891



are you such a weeb that you are trying to say that committing suicide is more honorable than going out in a blaze of glory? Only thing this fuckup didnt do was die in the process so he could ascend to Valhalla. Fucking weeb niggers falling on their sword like its fucking honorable? thats bitch shit. Take some fuckers with you.

5a7f6d No.7765894


I'M PICKLE RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDI'M PICKLE RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDI'M PICKLE RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDI'M PICKLE RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDI'M PICKLE RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDI'M PICKLE RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDI'M PICKLE RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDI'M PICKLE RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDI'M PICKLE RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDI'M PICKLE RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD Sing get schwifty and polish your pickle rick if you know what I mean xD


Hi I'm 13 and I just started watching Rick and Morty and I can tell you for a fact it's my favorite show!!. Lik the one time Ricky said said there's probably like no good !!!! i was agreeing so much I'am smarter then you're average fidget spinner teen at middle school to even though I have one. I may be young but I'm smarter then every theist on earth basically the show is also really deep when they said like no one was born for a reason I was so blown away as they must have big balls to say that on tv so I told my friends on minecraft and they agree too. LOL once when my mom took me to McDonald's I asked for the Mulan dipping sauce and the dumb bitch didn't even get the reference XD One time in class i evan shouted "I'm PICKLE RIIIICK!" and Mrs.Janice told me to go outside i fucking hate that cunt school is for dumb ppl just like what Rick said, i m too smart for such imbicells. But yeah I love Rick and Morty and I'm actually smart enough to get it to.





is this a le new epic meme? screen kapped for dat sweet karma xD. FUS ROH DAH!!!!!1 i used to be a christmas but then i took an arrow 2 da knee :^(

BAZINGA BAZINGA ZIMBABWE. top kek, toppest of keks. le rick from pawn stars? hahahaha le mayonaise!!!!!!!

6145f0 No.7765897



4394da No.7765902


pussy numbers. idc who this fag is but im not impressed

1e2e06 No.7765905


this, but he shoulda saved ammo for the cops. i wouldnt want to go to Valhalla with just killing normalfag pathetic teens in fetal position crying like pathetic jews.

c27f75 No.7765906

Today I am a proud NRA Member


203dfb No.7765912



Man. That wasn't even clever.

554722 No.7765913

File: a74be054091dc62⋯.gif (1.39 MB, 256x192, 4:3, 1460776893546.gif)


>4th pic

>MAGA hat

So it was a trump-supporting spic kid who shot up the school.

Dis gonna be gud

87a43d No.7765916


17 deaths have already been confirmed by the sherrif. Keep up, bucko

87a43d No.7765918

File: 2da8d34dc24f4dc⋯.jpg (114.98 KB, 1024x796, 256:199, DWCHId6VMAE8Ywv.jpg)

File: da0fdd286bdcbe4⋯.jpg (23.32 KB, 531x531, 1:1, 2015-12-24-08-29-27-114708….jpg)

9a3abe No.7765926

File: 19015e44f316af0⋯.jpg (98.22 KB, 1093x676, 1093:676, e004a835b46aa05357af4c3aad….jpg)


Being this retarded. School shooting. Let me film this for views and scream dramatically so the shooter can find my location easier!

Well shooter went down the hall. I should come out of hiding and film dead people. I gonna so many likes.

Does anyone know if he the shooter was a fellow anon?


They're blaming /pol/ saying he's one of theirs, and /pol/ is blaming them saying he is one of their fags. Only time will tell.


All the Cuban communities are in or by Miami. It's the shitest part of Fl. No on speaks English.


If true, hilarious.

554722 No.7765931

File: b855f7fc1ea55f5⋯.png (249.04 KB, 879x971, 879:971, 1518656789.png)



KEK I spoke to soon. Either there's multiple people we're getting all mixed up, or the rabbit hole goes deep indeed.

62a674 No.7765932


there is a lot of disinfo going around right now

8881ff No.7765933

protip, there wasn't a shooting

it's just more faked propaganda to tighten up on gun laws so politicians can own us even more than they already do

1e2e06 No.7765935


blaming sounds like they are taking it as a negative thing. when it should be a proud and honorable thing to have. i hope this shooter was a fellow /b/tard

6145f0 No.7765936


This, it's sandy hoax all over again.

554722 No.7765937


>protip, there wasn't a shooting

It could very well be a false flag, but it definitely "happened" just with a fed doing the killing

b1f506 No.7765939


>be american

>get shot

1e2e06 No.7765940


do you think its a paid thing? like they paid some prison murderer and then changed his identity and gave him plastic surgery? another step into the government trying to take our guns from under our noses.

a0fbfc No.7765942

File: 73c7528c811440e⋯.png (207.7 KB, 327x316, 327:316, kek.png)



c67bbb No.7765945

File: 7a89a57db1fcdb9⋯.jpg (34.4 KB, 577x769, 577:769, Frog_hop_2_tryagain.jpg)


Do you really fucking think Jews wouldn't actually have people killed?

a0fbfc No.7765946

File: 5440c6f6c408a4d⋯.gif (1.02 MB, 320x240, 4:3, kys alex jones.gif)


Shut the fuck up, Alex Jones

554722 No.7765949

File: 6092046551efb8c⋯.jpg (41.66 KB, 489x697, 489:697, confused amerifat.jpg)



>double replying under the same ID

9a3abe No.7765952


/b/ takes all the credit. Yeah why not. We are proud of degenerate ways.


KEK, if true.

This is gonna be great. It's gonna be hilarious to see how the news is gonna spin this one. I can't wait till more information comes out.

1e2e06 No.7765953



anon he is clearly redpilled

a0fbfc No.7765955


i made a poo-poo, sso i deleted my other post

407451 No.7765958

File: 680b4e909d587e4⋯.jpg (21.16 KB, 193x182, 193:182, laughing birds.jpg)

>Mfw all these yurocucks mad as fuck they can't have guns or freedom

a0fbfc No.7765960


Euro Master Race here. And i can't tell you how glad i am, my country doesn't have this kind of "freedom". Kids can go to school without having to worry if shit like this can happen at any moment.

b75319 No.7765962

File: 66b110919c674f8⋯.mp4 (14.65 MB, 480x360, 4:3, The New Kid.mp4)

just have teachers carry, they'll have to find another "gun free zone" to shoot up.

115390 No.7765963

File: 13a25b18ccc164a⋯.jpg (39.54 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 12331382_1713158308895527_….jpg)

File: 1cc549333e1552e⋯.jpg (20.69 KB, 477x504, 53:56, dwbzmldwaaaxwge-e151865301….jpg)

File: 94e9dab103584a2⋯.jpg (49.87 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 021d77f8dd39508dc0a2271388….jpg)

File: 2da8d34dc24f4dc⋯.jpg (114.98 KB, 1024x796, 256:199, DWCHId6VMAE8Ywv (1).jpg)

>Sen. Bill Nelson told Fox News that Cruz was wearing a gas mask and may have had smoke bombs during the rampage.

39f0a3 No.7765964


Don't many schools in Eurostan need metal detectors now because little brown Muslim kids can't stop stabbing white children?

a0fbfc No.7765966


Thats mostly Germany and Sweden. They took in most of the filth

8e20c0 No.7765967


isn't that a toy gun in the first pic

a0fbfc No.7765969


a BB gun. You can see it

9a3abe No.7765972


>Red pilled


There is a lot of weird info going around. When I went to hospital today, people we're saying he shoot up the school because of bullies. They knew his name was Nick too.

Updated with additional details: “The shooter wore a gas mask, and he had smoke grenades; he set off the fire alarm so the kids would come pouring out of the classrooms and into the hall, and there the carnage began,” the senior senator from Florida Bill Nelson told CNN this evening, citing the FBI as his source

This guy knew what he was doing. Holy shit. Well planned. Death count is still all over the place though.

5b4db3 No.7765973

File: dbf89609b150a69⋯.jpg (250.01 KB, 962x693, 962:693, 49394AE000000578-5392559-N….jpg)

>Expelled gunman in gas mask and armed with smoke grenades 'SET OFF fire alarm so he could draw students into halls for maximum devastation' before shooting dead 17 and injuring 50

407451 No.7765974


>My kids can go to kike brainwashing prisons just fine, thanks!

Truly the beauty of Yurostan nations.

6145f0 No.7765975



was he /ourguy/?

a0fbfc No.7765976


>kike brainwashing prisons

>Imlying the educational in arica isn't fully controlled by Jews

b75319 No.7765977

File: 51100f88b0d5983⋯.jpg (39.86 KB, 306x328, 153:164, 7d4523450ca7e60879bec01152….jpg)


pellet/bb guns don't need orange tips, only airsoft and fake/toy firearms need an orange tip.

a0fbfc No.7765978



a0fbfc No.7765979



a0fbfc No.7765981


Why didn't this retard an hero on the spot?

554722 No.7765988


>he set off the fire alarm so the kids would come pouring out of the classrooms and into the hall, and there the carnage began

A tactical genius maximizing his normalfag-spree potential or a fed aiming for a high body count


This is true

9a3abe No.7765989


>/co/ Has the Danny Phantom waifu killer.

>/r9k/ Has the supreme gentleman.

I don't know anon… This seems too well planed out to be /ourguy/? I think he's either gonna go to /lefty/ or /pol/. Probably /lefty/.

ba19b3 No.7765992

File: e99b9552c8cda75⋯.png (21.98 KB, 520x453, 520:453, upload11.png)

9a3abe No.7765994

File: 6b8be0e9cce00c9⋯.jpg (31.78 KB, 480x360, 4:3, tinfoilhat.jpg)


>or a fed aiming for a high body count

I really hope that is not the case, as much as I like tin foil hats.

a0fbfc No.7765995

Well, the dude was White. Was he a terrorist or mentally ill?

39f0a3 No.7765996


Supposedly he was registered democrat. But still, wasn't the Las Vegas shooter a Bernie supporter? Maybe he the Vegas shooter was lefties guy

3ba347 No.7765998

File: b680aa60291aa18⋯.jpg (147.74 KB, 960x720, 4:3, MyWaifu.jpg)



39f0a3 No.7766002


I thought he was Mexican?

a0fbfc No.7766003


pale as snow

554722 No.7766004



What vid are these from?


How did you manage to fuck up the reply?


He's a spic of unknown variety.

39f0a3 No.7766007


His last name was Cruz

1e2e06 No.7766010


eh maybe he wanted to saver it while in prison, im sure he'd be king there for murdering so many

4394da No.7766012


as if. prison is just full of dumb normies and niggers who commit petty crime with no real message

a0fbfc No.7766013


So? What does that have to do with his skin color?

a0fbfc No.7766015


Ted Cruz is White, isn't he?

76dae4 No.7766017


It's pretty far down in the comments, but it's from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQDhy5dzX9w

39f0a3 No.7766018


Ted Cruz' father was Cuban m8

9a3abe No.7766021


I am /b/tarded


Doesn't sound white.

1eed89 No.7766023

File: 50d0ef14e03b927⋯.jpg (115.01 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, cruz_copy.0.0.jpg)

554722 No.7766026

File: a299623daa85e90⋯.jpg (32.79 KB, 470x568, 235:284, 1518654704.jpg)



Do you not realize that you can reply to multiple posts in just (1) post?

Anyway, here's the kid. I grew up in CA and he looks like 95% of the mestizo spics there

a0fbfc No.7766027

File: 189e5515bb836ee⋯.jpg (6.19 KB, 158x225, 158:225, 1496599_691696000848949_60….jpg)

a0fbfc No.7766029


>Do you not realize that you can reply to multiple posts in just (1) post?

Fuck off, dude. You don't tell what to do. Ypu're not my father.

170d49 No.7766032


Let's just take 300,000,000 firearms away from people with people using firearms to get those firearms. Nothing bad could possibly happen.

554722 No.7766034

File: f05883c1e2919eb⋯.png (86.6 KB, 192x187, 192:187, 1467691681739.png)


>Ypu're not my father.

Are you still salty I never came back from the store to get cigarettes?

376837 No.7766035

FYI Cubans and nearby islanders are almost as low as niggers on IQ scale

a0fbfc No.7766040


why didn't you come bak, you little bitch?

1e2e06 No.7766041


well wherever they decide to put him in. im sure he'll be having respect or killed from prison guards paying inmates to kill him.

554722 No.7766045


Maybe if you weren't such a whiny fag and your mother lost 20 lbs I would've

a0fbfc No.7766047


But dad, you know mom is a whore.

7944b2 No.7766063

17 dead, thanks to another dangerously mentally ill nutjob THAT THE SCHOOL FLAGGED AS DANGEROUS A YEAR AGO, but that nobody did anything about.

Fuck you dim bulbs that think this is a gun issue, it isn't. This is what happens when you let psychopaths run around loose in your society! What do you expect, that they are all going to behave and make nice on their own? These are domestic terrorists, except their agenda is not political, or even rational. It is an agenda driven solely by a warped mind prone to violence, and if you took away all the guns this would STILL be happening with fertilizer bombs and chemical weapons and acid and every other dangerous item available on the streets. They use guns because it is as easy for the mentally ill to get guns as it is for anyone else, and there is no accountability for keeping them off the streets in the first place.

Until you Amerifags get your heads out of your asses and lock these psychopaths up, you are just going to keep getting more and more of the same.

6145f0 No.7766068


What, did Britain ban fertilizer too?

39f0a3 No.7766070


I propose a new law;

"The parents of school shooters should also be trialed for murder as well as the shooter himself."

There, I just fucking solved it. The issue is irresponsible parents letting their shithead of a child out of the house with their guns. This new law will ensure parents actually give a fuck because now they have to be held responsible. This isn't a gun control bill.

f2354f No.7766074


That'd be interesting but you'd have to have something tying it to what the parents were negligent of or did when the kid was an adolescent. No way you could just charge the parents of an 18 yo for something they did without some bootstrapping.

a0fbfc No.7766075


>Fuck you dim bulbs that think this is a gun issue, it isn't. This is what happens when you let psychopaths run around loose in your society!

And how the fuck did he have guns in the first place, you moron?

He must have gotten them somewhere. In America is easier to get a gun, than a bottle of water. If there was no guns out in theioen market, for this douchebag to purchase them this wouldn't have happen

6145f0 No.7766077


What if the school shooter is in his 30's?

2dfd9d No.7766079

Did dysnomia snap?

39f0a3 No.7766081



As long as his parents remain his legal guardians (as defined by tax law) then they also get the blame.

6145f0 No.7766082


Then you wouldn't have done anything because this dude was 19.

000000 No.7766084


It is just a matter of time before some britbong figures out they can shoot for a high score without funs. My first approximation says they will use a Sarin device.

UK bans firearms and becomes the leading country for death by shovels. Explain to me how this is civilized.

39f0a3 No.7766085


If he still lived with his parents that still makes them his legal guardian you retard

000000 No.7766087

No one has asked the most important question:

Did he like midgets though?

a0fbfc No.7766090


or a even mre important question

Did he kill any loli? That would be both a shame and a waste

f2354f No.7766094


I think you mean he's "dependent" on his parents if he's making less than a certain amount. I don't think you have a guardian past 18.

6145f0 No.7766095


Dead doesn't mean wasted.

a0fbfc No.7766096


Whatever floats your boat, man

000000 No.7766100


That nigger better not have killed a loli but judging by the mp4s itt probably not because the fems look like they're unironically too old. Going to read the two threads on /pol/ now. Happy Valentine's day, /b/.

a0fbfc No.7766108


>Happy Valentine's day, /b/.

You vile monster, i'm single

000000 No.7766130


I can dream. Let us dream, anon.

bcaf8d No.7766145



3f8560 No.7766156


Fuck off you retarded cuckchan nigger

a0fbfc No.7766160

File: 0a4bcddbf6c76e0⋯.jpg (13.17 KB, 304x229, 304:229, hurr durr.jpg)

/plo/ right now

Muh Jews did this

a0fbfc No.7766161

b75319 No.7766162

File: 092983dbcf248ef⋯.png (342.83 KB, 687x663, 229:221, papika.png)


>not spending it with you're waifu

dec0e8 No.7766165


Fuck off

a0fbfc No.7766167


i dot have a waifu, i'm not a faggot

f63860 No.7766168


fucking commies

376837 No.7766171




Why do parents let vulnerable special kids browse this forum?

554722 No.7766173

File: b9afbcf20f39c90⋯.png (135.33 KB, 500x522, 250:261, 15152662999.png)


what if i don't have waifu


>being this new

6145f0 No.7766175


>being this new

364e23 No.7766180



being able to speak English is being new now?

554722 No.7766184


lurk moar

6145f0 No.7766185


>being THIS new

000000 No.7766189


Oh god, the 'think of the children' harpy soccer moms have found this thread.

69587c No.7766190



Fuck off niggers. He unironically used "you're" instead of "your"

41cf14 No.7766191

File: cc1f4c9f5f07707⋯.jpg (30.1 KB, 624x451, 624:451, _96492655_040240584_0001.jpg)

File: 8765cc4c56f2ff0⋯.jpeg (111.59 KB, 560x419, 560:419, 5a84ab9f10d8f.jpeg)

File: fd3548d03950989⋯.jpeg (116.74 KB, 649x719, 649:719, 5a84c00b397b2.jpeg)

Does no one bring up the self evident truth. That they are lefty's forcing a debate and making the event take place then screaming at the 63 millaion legal gun owners. Then leaving out Islam-eruope /Mexican cartels gang wars in our street

554722 No.7766196


lurk moar

42e736 No.7766197


Why does nobody think od the children?

6145f0 No.7766198


>being THIS NEW

6145f0 No.7766201

File: 62cc2bf252bec04⋯.jpg (13.31 KB, 460x288, 115:72, pedobear_1714073c.jpg)


>think of the children

554722 No.7766203

File: 43ad0aa60003ed3⋯.gif (2.64 MB, 441x300, 147:100, 43ad0aa60003ed3e2e493b417a….gif)


>Anyone know if he was into pre pubescent children?

000000 No.7766205




Trust me I always think of the children. Their smooth, young skin, their cute giggles, their cute feet, their smell, their everything. Fuck I'm lonely.

42e736 No.7766210

File: b182a85ad4d4c5d⋯.jpg (31.68 KB, 480x360, 4:3, pedobear 2.jpg)

000000 No.7766217


I've raised a child. I told him that if someone wants to come at him to take his life then do everything to destroy that person and I will back him up.

I've thought about what it would mean to lose him in a situation like this and as long as he chose to stand against the attacker, to go down swinging… I could take solace in that, for whatever it was worth.

It's a bad place to be in.

243ff1 No.7766218

000000 No.7766219


>murdering innocent people is better than not murdering innocent people


42e736 No.7766220


you're a good parent, anon

42e736 No.7766223

File: 350d8d3d9551605⋯.jpg (113.43 KB, 900x600, 3:2, stop being edgy.jpg)

554722 No.7766236

File: 63fbbeca9cb6a6a⋯.mp4 (1.04 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, TOP KEK.mp4)


>Would not put my benis in, okay maybe some light foreplay but no penetration. I would head pat those two lolis, I'd head pat them hard.

And all those fucking redditors in that thread getting triggered, fucking kek. Long live TOR anon

000000 No.7766237


also you are kind of strawmanning my argument with some dodgy logic

im not saying suicide is more honourable than mass shooting, im saying that killing yourself is less evil than killing innocent people and i specifically stated that i dont agree with suicide

something being less evil doesnt make it more honourable

stealing isnt honourable, murdering innocents isnt honourable

stealing is ostensibly less evil than murdering innocents

you couldnt go around stealing all day every day and expect to boost your honour, you would only deplete it

something that is less evil is less damaging to honour but doesnt hold any honour boosting power ie isnt honourable

f1cbdc No.7766280

File: 71e48def24ce4ff⋯.jpg (79.53 KB, 540x960, 9:16, own the school year.jpg)

Back when schools had ranges and kids were told to shoot guns at school, shootings weren't as common.

000000 No.7766330


thanks br0

6d8636 No.7766366


Minority populations were also ridiculously low back then as well.

6506c7 No.7766368

An real hero and an real human bean

5ac646 No.7766374


>mentally ill nutjob

This is the problem more than the guns. Society treats people who are different to them as if they are not human beings deserving of the same love and respect shown to the rest of the world. They seek a voice that they are not given, and unfortunately this is the only way they are able to speak out.

b1e7eb No.7766376

000000 No.7766404

==RED TEXT== Is this how I red text

RED TEXT== Or is this how I red text ==RED TEXT

==RED TEXT== Or do I do it like this =

lol I so random




/leftypol/ get

000000 No.7766407

How are you doing newfriends

000000 No.7766408

Why are there so many pictures of little girls here

/leftypol/ get, drumpftards eat shit and go fuck yourselves

7a7444 No.7766412

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

time for pumped up kicks

000000 No.7766414

/leftpypol get

000000 No.7766415

/leftypol get

000000 No.7766416

forgot my name

/leftypol get

dd3394 No.7766426

wew again

7addb3 No.7766429

File: 95f618138e3b03c⋯.jpg (354.83 KB, 851x720, 851:720, 2015-02-09T23-43-36-466Z--….jpg)

Tired of this shit.

446fce No.7766437


I don't think you have any idea how prison works. It's got an actual truck load of moral fags that would beat the actual fuck out of this kid. Like 85% of the people in there are just dumb drug addicts, it's not full of crazy rapists and murderers. Nobody is gonna respect this edgy ass faggot who murdered kids in there, he'll get his head stomped in and they probably won't even let him around other inmates in the first place for his safety.

596418 No.7766441


Prison is a castle where the Black man is king, only the strongest survive, non blacks get raped 3587464 times a week.

847b71 No.7766445

File: 79040c24042bcde⋯.png (39.73 KB, 459x311, 459:311, 84aded4464c82f22ced88e2591….png)

pony get

596418 No.7766447

File: e8ed241ad044549⋯.jpg (263.37 KB, 712x539, 712:539, 2018-02-01_21.51.49.jpg)


stop posting 2D please.

b2a771 No.7766515

File: 96686316713d619⋯.png (101.9 KB, 480x464, 30:29, 96686316713d61912d93377d6d….png)

File: f2b57036566f7df⋯.mp4 (4.42 MB, 426x240, 71:40, aggie march.mp4)

4c0acf No.7766538

File: b1d4dd31ae63d8a⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 300x160, 15:8, it_never_ends.gif)

>all these eurocucks

my sides

8ebd0b No.7766593

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Nostril guy figured it all out.

cc96da No.7766606


If this wasn't a copypasta I can appreciate the effort

d2adc0 No.7766609


is it? are you sure? it seems pretty spontaneous and off-the-cuff to me.

But then again - I am highly retarded.

cc96da No.7766611


sorry I worded that kind of badly

what I meant was If it is actually manually typed and not a copy/paste, I can appreciate the effort.

d2adc0 No.7766613


Oh yes, I agree with oyu wholeheartedly on that.

9cda7b No.7766617

File: 5bba20dae3954e4⋯.jpg (8.15 KB, 204x247, 204:247, 5bba20dae3954e43b10ead9f33….jpg)

<same thread on 40 different boards and 2 website

ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly

daa400 No.7766668


is this kino? or is polytechnique kinoer?



incel fag poledditor spics confirmed for shitheadd sjws

daa400 No.7766671


3rd video sounds staged shit

08c9d8 No.7766682

It's florida who cares

5f07a6 No.7766692


>leaving out Islam-eruope /Mexican cartels gang wars

But that would be racist

0e37b4 No.7766695


I'm sure most of them are cunts like most students in high school but you're a kike honestly.

7f80b5 No.7766698

File: 4d584009573aeca⋯.png (1.19 MB, 834x828, 139:138, Musashi.PNG)

>there has been 7 school shootings since 2018 began

In most countries, you're legally responsible to secure your guns so they can't be stolen or misused. I think that's the smoking gun, in America we have people who keep them in drawers and shoe boxes, and sleep with multiple guns under their fucking pillow.

0bc46e No.7766748

File: f50b29e916dfd14⋯.jpg (103.53 KB, 451x338, 451:338, 000o3ae1g.JPG)



04c9b6 No.7766791

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






Nevermind that most of the mass shootings since 2012 (when faking them was legalized) have been demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt to be phony, wouldn’t the fact that even one of them was faked be enough to make you suspect this one might be too?

d24f7d No.7766795



>OP sucks nigger balls.

0bc46e No.7766804


That sounds nice.webm

084cc6 No.7766945

File: ed56f209e345cd0⋯.jpg (27.96 KB, 612x344, 153:86, 1518701304954.jpg)

Saint Nik

7f80b5 No.7767088


I'm absolutely convinced that there's a conspiracy, but it doesn't change the fact that guns should be locked up when not being polished/used. Children are irrational. And high school children are most irrational because they're dealing with the mood swings and body changes that puberty brings. There are falseflags, but not everything is.

A black kid goes to school, and in an argument he draws a gun. He doesn't intend to use it, but he wants the power that it brings him. School faculty chase him down and apprehend him because it's their duty to protect the children.

That's an actual event that happened this year, he's being tried as an adult, and his name is Jonah Neal. The fact of the matter is, human beings make irrational and bad decisions and children have the capacity to make the worst ones of all, because they don't completely understand the permanency of what they do, or the lasting consequences.

You can absolutely say that there's something going on, but the fact of the matter is, Columbine was not a falseflag. Cho was not a falseflag. Maybe for every real incident there's 5 fake ones.

I'm not saying disarm the people, I'm saying a very simple thing that allows countries to continue to allow its citizenry to own guns without all of this fucking violence. Lock up your guns when not in use. That's it.

German citizens can own guns, but despite that, Germany hardly has any shooting incidents. Because you have to be an adult to own one, and you have to lock up your firearm when not being polished or used, and you can only use them at a gun range.

Japan has had no school shootings ever, they also require you to lock up guns when not in use. There's a big correlation between locking up guns and reduced instances of shooting related deaths.

aa3833 No.7767108

File: 437e76ae7e8d3f4⋯.png (102.34 KB, 612x344, 153:86, 1518715605631.png)

An FBI official acknowledged on Thursday the bureau received a tip months before the Florida high school massacre about a social media comment by a Nikolas Cruz, who aspired to be “a professional school shooter."

Special Agent Rob Lasky, in charge of the FBI’s Miami division, confirmed during a Thursday morning news conference the agency investigated a comment made on a YouTube video in September that matched the remark reported by vlogger Ben Bennight. After conducting database reviews, however, the FBI said it could not identify the user who made the comment.

"No other information was included in the comment which would indicate a particular time, location or the true identity of the person who posted the comment," the FBI said in a subsequent statement.

The comment, made by user Nikolas Cruz, stated: “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.”

984f40 No.7767124


>imblying other countries out there dont allow civilians to own guns

a0fbfc No.7767134

So, a few Americunts got BTFO! Who cares?

8ebd0b No.7767138

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fat neckbeard guy who films vlogs with his phone in one hand while driving also has it all figured out.

e95bf3 No.7767140

File: ec0d2746ef4cd14⋯.png (77.22 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 1509238947057.png)


>muh x amount of school shootings

<being so disingenuous that you spout that bullshit


>1) A man committed suicide using a gun in an elementary school parking lot when the school was closed and there were no children present in Clinton County, Mich., on Jan. 3.


>2) Shots were fired at New Start High School near Burien, Wash., on Jan. 4. No one was hurt or injured, and no suspects were apprehended.


>3) A 32-year-old man shot a pellet gun at a school bus, shattering a window, in Forest City, Iowa, on Jan. 6. No injuries were reported, and the suspect was apprehended.


>4) A Grayson College student confused a real gun with a training gun and accidentally fired a bullet into a wall on Jan. 10. No injuries were reported.


>5) A 14-year-old seventh-grade student shot and killed himself inside the bathroom of Coronado Elementary School in Cochise County, Ariz., on Jan. 10.


>6) Gunshots were fired at a campus building at Cal State-San Bernardino on Jan. 10. No injuries were reported.


>7) Two people in a car exchanged gunfire at a Wiley College dorm parking lot on Jan. 15. No deaths or injuries were reported and no suspects were arrested, however, one bullet was fired into a dorm room with three female students inside.


>8) A Winston-Salem State University football player was shot and killed at a sorority party following an argument in Winston-Salem, N.C., on Jan. 20.

lol dead nigger who the fuck cares. nignog violence.

>9) A 16-year-old male student shot a 15-year-old female student in the cafeteria at Italy High School in Italy, Texas, on Jan. 22. While the victim was injured, she was expected to make a full recovery. The shooter was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. This one we would probably all refer to as a proper "school shooting."

actual school shooting. most of them fail like this believe it or not.

>10) An unknown assailant in a pickup truck drove by the NET Charter High School in Gentilly, La., and shot at a group of students on Jan. 22. A 14-year-old boy was initially thought to have suffered a gunshot graze, but it turned out to be an abrasion.


>11) A 15-year-old male student shot and killed two students and wounded 18 others at Marshall County High School in Benton, Ky., on Jan. 23. The shooter was apprehended.

shooter's identity hasn't been released. the 18 wounded is probably tiny boo boos.

>12) A 16-year-old student fired a gun at another 16-year-old student during an altercation at Murphy High School in Mobile, Ala., on Jan. 25. No injuries were reported and the suspect was taken into custody.


>13) Shots were fired in the parking lot during an altercation between two nonstudents during a basketball at Dearborn High School in Dearborn, Mich., on Jan. 26. No injuries were reported, and no suspects were arrested.


>14) A 32-year-old man was shot and killed in the parking lot outside Lincoln High School in Philadelphia, Penn., on Jan. 31 during what police believed to be an altercation between students from rival schools. No suspects were arrested.


>15) A 12-year-old female student accidentally fired a real gun thinking it was a fake gun. Four students were injured, including one who suffered a gunshot wound to the head, at Sal Castro Middle School in Los Angeles, Calif., on Feb. 1. The 12-year-old girl was taken into custody.

it's okay because she's a girl.

>16) A teenage boy was shot in the chest and nearly killed by another student who conspired with the boy's ex-girlfriend in the parking lot of Oxon Hill High School in Oxon Hill, Md., on Feb. 5. The suspect was taken into custody and charged with attempted murder.

wannabe hitman for pussy

>17) A third-grade student pulled the trigger of a police officer's holstered weapon at the Harmony Learning Center in Maplewood, Minn., on Feb. 5. No injuries were reported.


>18) A 17-year-old student was arrested after firing a gun into the floor of a classroom of Metropolitan High School in the Bronx, N.Y., on Feb. 8.


>19) The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., on Wednesday that left 17 dead.


this is your brain size. brainlet. you gobble up fake news so much i swear you're being drip fed aspartame.


>actually is just a bunch of niggers shooting each other

oh my god. what a lost. quick. ban the bill of rights!

415483 No.7767142

File: e7c150d43f0b490⋯.jpg (22.82 KB, 437x497, 437:497, Bay-dUoCIAApxe4.jpg)

e95bf3 No.7767148


>eurocucks would literally ban every single civilian weapon just because they get fooled by statistics coming from nigger on nigger violence

that's why we call 'em eurocucks.

a0fbfc No.7767155


Thats why we had 18 mass shootings this year, on highschools alone. Oh wait… Thats America!

67aafa No.7767160


fbi here there are too many edgelords so we just sit around and drink

e95bf3 No.7767163

File: e07f64157171c5a⋯.gif (3.56 MB, 347x244, 347:244, 3da9fb77bfe106e2f8da8467bb….gif)


Thats why we had thousands of new year rapes this new year alone, in our capital. Oh wait…. Thats Europe!

a0fbfc No.7767166


Breibart is not a reliable news source

7f80b5 No.7767168


I can't consider you reliable to fucking spell, let alone source the news.

a0fbfc No.7767171


sure, make fun of my dyslexi, becuase you dont have a proper argument to rebutt my claim

e95bf3 No.7767172

File: 0da6d102bc53eb9⋯.jpg (55.61 KB, 782x423, 782:423, Swecucks poll swecucks_b67….jpg)


>Breibart is not a reliable news source

>literally comes from a leaked formal document that everyone knows is real



isn't it time for another muhammad to run over 60 people while you unironically "pray" for them regardless your generation is essentially godless?

a0fbfc No.7767174


Leaked document says 2,000 men ALLEGEDLY assaulted 1,200 German women on New Year’s Eve

e95bf3 No.7767175

File: 6bfd25a0ec25f56⋯.png (48.13 KB, 800x729, 800:729, 1510764776488.png)


>sure, make fun of my dyslexi, becuase you dont have a proper argument to rebutt my claim

>is literally pic related


a0fbfc No.7767178


sure, if that makes you happy.

0e37b4 No.7767183


Dyslexia is hardly comparable to retardation.

>retardation makes you utterly incompetent in almost every way

>dyslexia fucks up the letters and shit

e95bf3 No.7767185

File: 6bfa51ced912fab⋯.jpg (38.76 KB, 600x367, 600:367, armed-woman.jpg)


>is such a brainlet he doesn't understand what it means when someone says "allegedly"


>Allegedly is used almost entirely in a legal sense, referring to a potentially criminal action that is being or will shortly be decided in court. (It's from the medieval English word allege, meaning "quoted" or "brought forth in court.") For less serious matters, such as whether or not your boyfriend called you a liar, the word supposedly is generally used. Though watch out, because if you take him to court, you will become "allegedly a liar."

tl;dr brainlet. they haven't been convicted in a court of law. but knowing you eurocucks, you don't want to arrest the roving gangs of rapist in your cities

hahaha. here stateside kill a rapist and the ENTIRE COUNTRY REJOICES!

e95bf3 No.7767187

File: 89decea507dd990⋯.jpg (27.07 KB, 372x242, 186:121, dyslexia-testing%5B2%5D.jpg)

File: ec0d2746ef4cd14⋯.png (77.22 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 1509238947057.png)


>Dyslexia is hardly comparable to retardation.



e95bf3 No.7767201

File: a3cbf0f2cfb9149⋯.jpg (31.4 KB, 640x424, 80:53, Soldiers-Laughing.jpg)


>sure, if that makes you happy.

this surely did. what euro-penis country you from? because i think they have a serious environmental crisis on their hands. clearly this is the result of lead in the tap.

272f35 No.7767207

was the shooter a trumptard or a commiefag? everyone is saying something else.

e95bf3 No.7767210


kid wore a MAGA hat for edgy memeing, don't know about commietard shit. that vegas patsy was at a few leftist rallies .

67aafa No.7767213


the kid was trolling everyone so no hard evidence to either side

865611 No.7767218

File: a8e155181298ffd⋯.png (207.11 KB, 306x343, 306:343, heh.png)

272f35 No.7767219


german and swiss newspapers are spinning the "republican militia" narrative

67aafa No.7767223


His social media shit was genius. I'm sure he's laughing his ass off in prison.

e95bf3 No.7767232


>german and swiss newspapers are spinning the "republican militia" narrative


not even CNN is doing that here. your countries are so shit.

3d2c4c No.7767233

File: c7d2a88a13113aa⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1114x512, 557:256, goblin thing.png)


ccad02 No.7767234


Two very different characters on some part, the political orientation in that case only really plays a role in the spic case, hardcore right wing stuff appeals more to younger men who have identity problems (not implying that every right winger has identity problems just in this case).

The spic build up rage which showed in his social media, comments and then this led to an impuslive reaction, you wouldnt find that in paddocks case which is different.



272f35 No.7767239

e95bf3 No.7767241

File: 5e845c063dd0ff7⋯.jpg (119.67 KB, 748x714, 22:21, brittney-kade-17.jpg)


>hardcore right wing stuff appeals more to younger men who have identity problems (not implying that every right winger has identity problems just in this case).

projection much?

e95bf3 No.7767242


god damn you europeans are so fucked. we have the most jews per population, but every jew in europe must have a tight leash on you to spew that bullshit. i'd probably not get along with eurocucks if they're that brainwashed.

ccad02 No.7767247


Didnt mean that in a baloonish kind of way. Just going through his head.

e95bf3 No.7767248

ccad02 No.7767254


See the difference between a legitimate political opinion and a case like this isnt always implying the reddit tier shit that every right winger has to be somehow defective like the leftist are led to believe, or the mainstream wants to spin it for that matter.

4c5454 No.7767257

What is the sauce on these "drills" and active shooter policy changes that took place before the shooting?

e95bf3 No.7767259

File: 38fe7f7fe3a7fe7⋯.jpg (16.06 KB, 331x473, 331:473, 5471f69bda11cc3a28e147d132….jpg)


maybe im fucked up right now, but i can't understand what you wrote.

065081 No.7767260


He kinda does actually.

ccad02 No.7767269


I hate this fucking projecting shit and the reddit crap that everyone that has a political opinion deviating from the norm must have some kind of shortcoming. That is what i meant, which doesnt exclude that some people are drawn to this due to said shortcomings.

272f35 No.7767272


Yeah, he's surprisingly coherent for an obvious methhead

000000 No.7767288


how /pol/ does take it when shooters are fellow pro-capitalists? any known suicides?


39f0a3 No.7767294

The Jew York Times claimed he was a White Supremacist because some third party group stepped in and claimed him as a member

Truly natural and organic reporting going on

a0fbfc No.7767295

39f0a3 No.7767297


>White supremacist

>shoots up one of the whitest schools in the state in one of the whitest towns at a bunch of white kids

This reeks of fake news and you know it

b291d9 No.7767298


Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like

b291d9 No.7767300



>3 subscribers

Kek that's you isn't anon

a0fbfc No.7767302


no, try that in english

39f0a3 No.7767303


>being this new

b291d9 No.7767307

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Watch this and tell me this shit wasn't staged


First day on the internetz eh buddy?

39f0a3 No.7767308


>First day on the internetz eh buddy?

This thread is full of so many leftypol faggots its painful

a0fbfc No.7767310


I was unaware of this video.And no, it doesnt look staged at all. Plust what, has this>>7767298 have to do with anything. Anon wrote like a retard.

Also this >>7767308

b291d9 No.7767311


Not even /leftypol/ is that bad. This is almost facebook-tier shilling

a0fbfc No.7767313


I will go further and say, we are witnessing some Tumblr faggotry right now.

b291d9 No.7767314

File: fd406b8712c5c07⋯.gif (2.2 MB, 193x200, 193:200, 1458963791398.gif)


>hurrrrr oh god I'm so fucking retarded durrr please fuck my face

Just get lost already you fucking newfag

a0fbfc No.7767317


you are the retard. Clearly mentally challenged

af65eb No.7767344

File: c1d5b3a8e754f1d⋯.jpg (54.66 KB, 567x528, 189:176, Vigne reaction.jpg)


>implying home schooling and cyber schooling isn't red pilled as fuck given the modern american education system is no better than prison.

7f80b5 No.7767349


Cause he can't claim to be part of groups that he's got no association with if he does. He can't claim some kind of alt-right white supremacist affiliation, for example. He can't claim that he wants to kill more.

b291d9 No.7767350

File: c1dc888e122f6e0⋯.png (512.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1461809115977.png)


A final smug for (You)

c8265c No.7767354

File: 21e479e821501de⋯.jpg (105.02 KB, 962x1202, 481:601, 1518723420477.jpg)


He was not registered democrat. That guy had a different spelling of his name and a different birthday (May vs September). The widely circulated image is disproven.



This picture is not him, you retard. It looks nothing like him. Different colored eyes, different facial structure, different hair. In virtually every mass shooting almost 90% of information done by /pol/ is wrong. And you propaganda buying faggots fell for it.

4abad2 No.7767355


>niggers screaming

>thinking they won't act like animals

pick one

f7403d No.7767359


4abad2 No.7767367


The parents should just put a gun in the backpacks of the newfag posters

64e55e No.7767375

File: 5e13d79b738e9ac⋯.png (178.79 KB, 1005x672, 335:224, Unbenannt.png)

Shooter was a nazi. This was a terrorist act.

Where are all the trumptards screaming about terrorism now?

Is it only a problem if a muslim does it?

e95bf3 No.7767377


thanks. it wasn't your fault.

4d76e2 No.7767399


Of course he was… the liberal media would never ever say something untrue because it suits their narrative. No, that would be fake news.

Just like they would never downplay something like a Somalian-refugee cop shooting an unarmed white woman or another refugee shooting up a gay club. No way, you can totally trust the MSM, for sure.

a0fbfc No.7767411



/pol/ on suicide watch

592ea1 No.7767416


There is a difference between a terrorist attack and an attack made by someone who is a fucking sperg.

Muslim attacks are not done by spergs.

a0fbfc No.7767417


Rationalizing this hard

bc1e4f No.7767420


The Pulse shooter was born in New York btw

4ab8d8 No.7767435


Honestly it's just something you have to accept.

That sounds bad, but it really isn't. People always say "freedom isn't free" as a meme and a joke but this is one of the real costs.

The constitution guarantees the right to bear arms, this is nice, but it comes with inevitable risks because those people can always choose to kill you. I live here because I enjoy that freedom and have accepted the risk that comes with it, if it wasn't something I agreed with or a fear I could handle I would go elsewhere; but it isn't, that's why I am still here.

4ab8d8 No.7767441


Was that comment also directed at the FBI, because they and most gov institutions make the same distinctions dingus.

a0fbfc No.7767447


The dude trained with a white nationalist group. If he killed all those people to spread his white suoremaist ideology, then yes he is a fucke terrorist. Because he killed people in the name of an ideology.

64e55e No.7767450


>White nationalit group admits he was one of them

"Muh Fake News, My liberal agenda"

Do you trumptards ever use your brains? At all?

e648e9 No.7767455

He's not a fucking white nationalist you retards, that was a joke perpetuated on 4chan and picked up by the retard media. Holy shit you guys honestly believe a Cuban named Nikolas De Jesus Cruz is a militant white nationalist who goes to school and shoots a bunch of random white kids? Where's your critical thinking? Stop lapping at the teat of corporate media and use a fucking neuron or two for once.

a0fbfc No.7767460


Dude, the leader of the group was the one saying to NBC. Stop crying so much and own your shit. He was a white nationalist, wich akes him a terrorist. Some even say he wore a MAGA hat in school sometimes.

39f0a3 No.7767462



And the fact he targeted fellow whites at a mostly white school in a mostly white town

But nah its those right-wingers with the cognitive dissonance here

a0fbfc No.7767464


Because a white nationalist can't kill other white, right? Specially if those other whites are from different ethnicitites.

e648e9 No.7767465

File: 6643ae0af232864⋯.jpg (85.66 KB, 774x356, 387:178, jereb.jpg)



>he actually believes the corporate media

do you ever get sick of being such a foam-at-the-mouth retard who chases any form of confirmation bias that pops up?


a0fbfc No.7767466

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

39f0a3 No.7767467


It can't be considered a terrorist act if he didn't act on behalf of his ideology, which he clearly didn't. Stop trying so hard, retard

e648e9 No.7767468


>whites from different ethnicities


a0fbfc No.7767469



9bfada No.7767470

File: 0ece90d2c8afba1⋯.jpg (12.88 KB, 447x183, 149:61, lploo99y1a.JPG)


e648e9 No.7767484


…you sure got quiet all of a sudden (43)

a0fbfc No.7767497

ccad02 No.7767502


I would also wager there is a vast difference in ideologies, so lets hypothetically assume a white nationalist shooter and an allah akbar.

The WN shooter has a "different" kind of fuel than the akbar. It would be like looking at a orange and a multivitamin juice along with different levels of fruit concentration.

9a3abe No.7767517

File: e8cca73a99aa4d9⋯.gif (586.16 KB, 444x304, 111:76, lul.gif)

They're interviewing the kiddies now and it appears to me they literally bullied this kid to death, only they were the ones to die.

Shooter goes out of the way to target people who were confirmed harassers. Whew….

>"I wish there was something we could have done to help!"

These parents/students/teaches had a chance, none of them really honestly cared.

>Shooter warns people over and over he's gonna shoot up the school


Yeah these people did EVERYTHING wrong.

> Reporter continues to scream about more gun control

>"Thoughts and prays.."

c03afd No.7767526



I wonder (((who's))) behind this.

4ab8d8 No.7767532


Why did he kill the qts?

a0fbfc No.7767534

File: b2096c6a14ec908⋯.webm (1.14 MB, 640x360, 16:9, judaism intensifies.webm)



7ee23b No.7767537

was the shooter juan ovuz? one of us

>all the butthurt bullies

>all the assblasted normalfags

>all the mindfucked libshits

they will never take our guns away

6145f0 No.7767539



I really want to know how /pol/ is taking this.

c03afd No.7767542


>LOTS of shills

>LOTS of false flagging

>LOTS of larping and derailment

>CP spam

>(((They))) want to shut it down

So just a standard habbening on /pol/

272f35 No.7767545


Why do you think this is some sort of "GOTCHA" moment? Do you think the average /pol/ack will abandon his beliefs and turn commie?

9a3abe No.7767548




So is he going to be /pol/ mascot then?

The "white" Mexican. lul.

ad5750 No.7767552

File: b08a8a32a63c1fe⋯.jpg (65.37 KB, 612x612, 1:1, b08a8a32a63c1fe3c1f7c6c6bd….jpg)

File: 75fb7f42efccba3⋯.jpg (186.02 KB, 1835x907, 1835:907, confirmed not shooter.jpg)

File: a6709090b229b20⋯.jpg (162.16 KB, 893x768, 893:768, lol 1.jpg)


c6e6ed No.7767553

File: 87eab8c87c0e850⋯.jpg (395.59 KB, 1500x1064, 375:266, 52fMj4.jpg)

Based Ben

0e37b4 No.7767558


>making a mascot out of a murderer

yeah no thanks, I hate normal fags and all their normal ways but wishing death upon them is just being an edgy faggot. unless they deserve it, which they mostly dont.

e648e9 No.7767562


Are you joking? 4/pol/ is the one who started the rumor he was a white nationalist. They're pissing themselves with laughter that they trolled the entire media into reporting that a Cuban guy named Nikolas De Jesus Cruz who shot a bunch of random white kids is a militant white nationalist.


627ac1 No.7767563


whats that next to the toad in the instagram pic, is that blood?

9a3abe No.7767573

File: d6356563d1fcadf⋯.jpg (156.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Anon… how new are you? This is a honored tradition. See yourself back to Reddit.

9a3abe No.7767577


Ugh even I am ashamed I said the it…..

>Hurr durr reddit.

You will not guilt me with your moral fag ways.

b291d9 No.7767581

File: 50e10d7d7f11463⋯.jpg (44.94 KB, 446x357, 446:357, 1452491496285.jpg)


Kill yourself normalfag

0e37b4 No.7767583


I know it sounds very reddit of me, but I assure I hate them as much as you do. I just don't condone killing for the sake of lmao normal fags r being degenerate. You can call me reddit all you like but some stupid degenerate gunning down defenceless students is just autistically wrong.

>haha reddit normal fag whats that you dont want suffering and murder to happen all the time back to le reddit!


yeah me too

c03afd No.7767588

File: fd797456045614a⋯.png (5.97 KB, 448x357, 64:51, 1439801670339.png)


>not liking people dying

No one is being edgy here, moral/normalfag. I geniunely enjoy people dying regardless of sexual orientation, political views and social status. Death doesn't discriminate nor does natural selection. >>7767577

272f35 No.7767590


Dubs of truth

b291d9 No.7767600

File: f6d14e1183073e8⋯.gif (866.9 KB, 480x336, 10:7, (You) burger.gif)



0e37b4 No.7767614


> I genuinely enjoy people dying

Well, that's weird, to say the least. Maybe you should stay away from guns, people with a lack of empathy tend to enjoy and act upon their tendencies to kill.

b291d9 No.7767623

File: c9749d6cae96394⋯.jpg (137.73 KB, 797x527, 797:527, 1451983915385.jpg)


You're next faggot. I'm hacking your IP right now.

9a3abe No.7767626

File: 59f97dcd7458daa⋯.jpg (9.06 KB, 549x353, 549:353, eddiemotto.jpg)


Nice dubs of truth. It's all the same when you're dead.

0e37b4 No.7767633


make it quick and you'd be doing me a favour, but sadly for you, I live in Europe and as well know white men you are white right? people are usually given triple the sentence so lol.

b291d9 No.7767641

File: f5eb172e84ce49a⋯.jpg (195.89 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1459023490691-0.jpg)


I'll be coming for you and your family.

ccad02 No.7767657


Let me ask you a question, at what age did you look at that gore shit and why did that stick to you shitfrog?

a0fbfc No.7767659


t. snowflake

ccad02 No.7767665


I never liked gore, i always found it to be disgusting.

a0fbfc No.7767669


me too. But i dont give a fuxk about who digs it

f27f7c No.7767670


I would argue that the problem isn't guns, it's pathological individualism; death of the family, the community, social isolation, etc

ccad02 No.7767673

a0fbfc No.7767676



f27f7c No.7767680


also, 13% nigger population

f27f7c No.7767682


And because we've had firearms for a century or more and it was never a problem until modernity.

ccad02 No.7767687


I used to play that well when i was 14.

9a3abe No.7767689

File: 7fdce13e65b8676⋯.jpg (44.38 KB, 736x950, 368:475, 7ffd03b78593094718dc10b3a2….jpg)

File: 48106202037fb89⋯.jpg (98.17 KB, 862x862, 1:1, shitfrog.jpg)


>why did that stick to you shitfrog?

I'm not sure what you're asking here? Seeing gory images on the internet really doesn't bug me. I am dissociated with internet violence, much like the rest of society. I am giant pussy when it comes to real dead things/blood. Mostly dead animals. I can't stand seeing animals suffering irl.

b291d9 No.7767697

File: 01d5990a8e5da1a⋯.jpg (28.36 KB, 540x661, 540:661, 01d5990a8e5da1a6d4c596787a….jpg)


>tfw froggy will never sloppy on your floppy

a0fbfc No.7767707


The founding fathers couldn't have envisioned an AR-15. All they had was moskttes

ccad02 No.7767711


Doesnt bug me either, personally blood isnt something that bother me at all, what people find bugging about animals suffering is similar what you find in "the west nothing new" is that the animals are innocent.

Personally i stole a swiss knife from my father when i was 5 and didnt stop until i had two dozend cuts on my hands.

600ee8 No.7767726


>hispanic bastard spawn


9a3abe No.7767733

File: b3b9db5377d1c36⋯.png (1.5 MB, 950x2200, 19:44, shit frog.png)




Also you need to stop derailing thread with your moralfag ways.

I believe the Valentine's Day Killer deserves mascot status!


>animals are innocent.

Exactly. True to their nature, pure.

>i had two dozend cuts on my hands.

That sounds terrible. Did you cut yourself on purpose, or was that from accidental stabby stabby fun times.

ccad02 No.7767737


>i stole a swiss knife when i was 5.

Guess it wasnt on purpose but curiousity.

000000 No.7768209


i want to add something to this post with regards to the

>jews want our guns

conspiracy theory

specifically that it is second matrix type construct

the consensus reality entry level matrix will tell you that the perpetrator in theses shootings is just an unusually sick individual, an outlier, and their sickness is self contained, so as not to clue people into the fact that there could be a more deep seated problem in society

they will tell you that "guns kill people" not "people kill people" and so the logical conclusion is to ban guns

the second level matrix that is being broadcasted from pol by the jewish shills there will tell you that indeed - somewhat ironically - that "jews want our guns".

this is done to cover up the real truth, that people are being brainwashed into thinking that they are special snowflakes and are encouraged to refrain from doing their psychological and spiritual house keeping

the true conspiracy is that the average american is being kept emotionally deficient / retarded whilst being trained to participate in identity politics - to blame "them (jews, bullies, white men, whoever)" for their own shortcomings.

guns dont kill people, emotionally deficient people kill people - the argument "jews want our guns" is somewhat convincing because it hints at this truth

but it is nothing more than a diversion to keep people from seeing the truth, not to deny that it may very well have the benefit of disarming a populace, but this isnt much more than a desirable side effect

the real war is a war on consciousness, not a war with that can be fought with weapons, the moment another human being willingly ends the life of another human being, we have failed at being a civilized species

b72372 No.7768213


>reddit spacing this hard

000000 No.7768219


it has been suggested that there is a link between pedos and "back to reddit" type posters

funny then that you would choose to troll my post that has a strong anti-pol sentiment

it would certainly hint at a link between pol and pedo posters

131e7a No.7768238

File: 73926375b8c2bce⋯.png (42.14 KB, 177x231, 59:77, Screenshot_from_2017-10-07….png)



b72372 No.7768242


Oh really, has there been some suggestions? You've got the facts to back it up? Fuck off dumbass you're just spouting shit.

cebfba No.7768253

That's the same logical that says semen makes babies, so keep semen out of women.

0f7e5d No.7768293


52e2a5 No.7768471


looks like a cyka blyat

f20795 No.7768483


I'm perfectly fine with a few school shootings as long as I can defend myself from niggers. Cry more.

d7ac33 No.7768978


>remove guns

>no more deaths from guns

Was that really so difficult?

a0fbfc No.7768985


Thats why people use condms, you fuckhead. To keep the semen out of women and not make babies. Do you neckbeards even think?

ff32d3 No.7769137

File: 047c257877e2385⋯.jpg (39.3 KB, 416x300, 104:75, 002a.jpg)

>all these assblasted euros jealous they'll never get the chance to blow normies and roasties away

82dca6 No.7769143


>remove guns

literally impossible. There are 300M+ guns in the US. Plus, more people would die from people shooting law enforcement trying to take their guns than would be prevented from the confiscation. Europe banned guns but that didn't stop the Paris massacre did it? It's also easy to make guns so this is beyond retarded.

82dca6 No.7769145


>couldn't have envisoned an AR-15

no, they only had cannons the couldn't possibly imagine anything more powerful than a musket. They did envision a tyranical government that would try to strip people's rights away and knew that bearing arms is the only way to protect against it.

92a383 No.7769220

File: cbaae5454479b76⋯.gif (34.92 KB, 408x397, 408:397, cba.gif)


>killing normalfags on valentines day

Good lad

7c8eed No.7769270

File: 3462d281780ac9f⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1329x1000, 1329:1000, 1518802409306.png)

File: 22a32bb563887da⋯.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1518799859041.png)


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