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File: db8f851f8cf2cb6⋯.png (195.93 KB, 1284x251, 1284:251, leftypol samefagging.png)

File: c1be6953e698ddd⋯.png (306.03 KB, 1400x1200, 7:6, leftypol forgetting about ….png)

File: efe35b089290238⋯.png (867.23 KB, 854x2988, 427:1494, leftypol tries to shill b.png)


Why is /leftypol/ so bad at samefagging?



false flag by /pol/ to make /leftypol/ look bad tbh


Because the only people who seriously consider communism are inferiors who cannot exist as anything other than dependents of the state.


File: 54aed9b282a654f⋯.jpg (390.48 KB, 2535x1240, 507:248, leftypol_recruiting_guide.jpg)


>everything I don't like is a /pol/ false flag

Tbh I'm not surprised /leftypol/'s first inclination is to accuse the other side of false flagging. Projection is the left's main method of attack.



probably not true

leftists online are very idiotic

facebook type people


They're clueless, layer of fat has melted away from vegetarian diet so their brains are deficient.







>They're this stupid as to actually believe they can convert Nazis to communism.

>Nevermind how Hitler and the third riech was the most significant anti communists in the history of mankind


File: 2178404d04ad0ad⋯.mp4 (12.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, LeftypolBO.mp4)


>two posts pointing out that you're retarded

>damage control


File: 26f4ddb04d3d6e0⋯.jpg (1009.1 KB, 954x1077, 318:359, WasteOfOxygen.jpg)


>leftists online are very idiotic

Just like /pol/yps.


File: d2d2544b0af94ed⋯.png (808.03 KB, 1788x1668, 149:139, d2d2544b0af94ed2bd426d33e8….png)


>a bunch of random people

>"take that /pol/!"

This is like the time trannypol spammed a bunch of pics of rednecks in that /cow/ thread.



Because the average I.Q of leftypol is around 85


>commies ever had intelligence


File: ce839fb0c9f7f52⋯.jpg (56.27 KB, 621x702, 23:26, wojack brainlet.jpg)

>gommunism will work dis time u guyz



>obvious /pol/yps

>i-it's j-just a bunch of r-random peoples

Why is /pol/ so bad at damage control?


Because /leftypol/ is filled with american "leftists" and americans are retarded as fuck



>t. sub 80 iq europoor

yea how about you keep felating achmeds cock and going to jail for sending a meme text my man


File: 73f1f9e66a08294⋯.jpg (8.09 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1467278416012.jpg)


it's as likely that this "inept leftypol" person is actually a /pol/tard pretending to be a retarded lefty as them being just an inept leftypol tard

they're all morons


Because they know nothing about imageboards, they only came here to shill their bullshit and they don't belong here.



>obvious /pol/yps

I'm gonna be needing some proofs of that, /leftypol/.




t. OP



This. They are so dependent on other people if this were the animal kingdom, they would have been wiped out from the beginning. They are genetic trash and since the majority of them cannot or do not want to reproduce they must infect healthy hosts in order for their ideology to survive.




stallin was good rite


File: 5951670bfa8fab6⋯.jpeg (26.02 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 3B99682C-5C90-4F0A-AAD6-2….jpeg)


Is there anything /leftypol/ isn't shit at? I guess their tranny BO can suck a mean dick, but that's all that comes to my mind.



I'm pretty sure even that was shit.



Well, he tried his best at any rate. If we can say one nice thing about /leftypol/ it's that they try hard.


File: dff17133f7b04af⋯.jpg (134.51 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, c8f142e636ef26a10ba7e3a9c3….jpg)


>look at these cherrypicked falseflag/html edit images of posts that are supposedly muh /leftypol/

look at the inside of this anus


File: 13cbcc07067cb29⋯.png (344.97 KB, 600x774, 100:129, falseflag.png)


>everything I don't like is a false flag!


File: f0dbc3c17166d12⋯.jpg (15.16 KB, 375x375, 1:1, 1468422515466.jpg)


you're right, /pol/ has never been caught falseflagging, samefagging, deliberately misinterpreting or misrepresenting facts, or just being misinformed or posting bullshit with no evidence or argument other than the (((parentheses))) they put on quotes of people who disagree with them


>taking the time to make that overly-specific image


File: ad68e40da73988e⋯.png (322.59 KB, 1529x1187, 1529:1187, leftyshit.png)


>/pol/ has never been caught samefagging

Not to anywhere near the level that /leftypol/ has.

I still see no proofs that any post on /leftypol/ that makes you look bad is a /pol/ false flag.


File: f26fde889505112⋯.png (754.54 KB, 691x680, 691:680, f26fde8895051120a7b7dfcfaa….png)

lol this is a quality thread according to pic related



Against /leftypol/?

They don't need to, /leftypol/ is hilariously retarded all on its own.


hello fellow /pol/ users

man we sure hate those ((joooooos)]] right guys

anyways isn't josef stalin so cool you should worship him

p.s. i am a /pol/ user thanks


File: 14d5b1cdffbb983⋯.jpg (61.84 KB, 508x604, 127:151, sv.jpg)


No fucking wonder they say the site's dying, then.



Samefags have been caught with /pol/ views and /leftypol/ views. However:

>/pol/ samefagging crops up far less

>there are actual threads on /leftypol/ dedicated to the political inclinations of other boards (e.g. /v/) and they contain posts that talk about evangelizing to these boards

>there is no real /pol/ equivalent to the above

>/leftypol/ is slow as fuck despite having a large amount of "active users" which suggests a willingness to deceive the rest of the site

/pol/ views are more prevalent because a large portion of people on this site visit /pol/ in addition to another main board, myself included. But despite the majority being affiliated with /pol/, /leftypol/ samefagging is more prevalent than /pol/ samefagging. I can only guess that happens because /leftypol/ has no real organic support here, so they have to make it look like they do.

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