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File: c8e90b2674d6a8a⋯.jpg (310.64 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, 1520574839512.jpg)


I want to die this week. anyone recommend any drugs to help to kill myself. I think Nembutal is pretty good. But I don't know any legitimate websites.Anyone that has already bought it or anything from any site. Just link it please. I can't take it anymore.



>drugs to kms

don't. use rope or something. death by drugs probably has the highest failure rate and can leave you with lots of brain damage


Take a lot of LSD. It won't kill you, but it will make your brain turn to mush and live for ever in la la land.



>What is overdose

I just need something painless tbh coz i'm a pussy



not true

t. druggie



enjoy not dying and just becoming a vegetable by accident



If your a legit druggie. Will nembutal kill me if it take enough



If you're white please don't do it.

Otherwise just get a cheap shotgun.



>Please dont do it.

I can't find the girl i want to be with. Feel extremely depressed for 2 years. In and out mental ward since. Not washing, not eating. just sleeping. i just want to die now.



Also no guns in UK and i created this shitty thread but to no avail nothinhttps://8ch.net/b/res/7909692.html#7909785g.




I have no idea what that is. I just smoke weed, drop acid and eat shrooms



You've done less drugs than my father. just call yourself a drugie lite



I've also done speed and ecstasy a bunch of times but I don't like them


File: 981e1ab3eaa625d⋯.jpg (549.74 KB, 1304x1037, 1304:1037, 1521090212558.jpg)


suicide dosent worth trust me



Just fucking jump off of something, it's not that, hard. Or open your veins like the Romans used to do, turn it into a ceremony, it's probably not that painful. But if it is really supposed to be 100% painless do the helium tank with a mask thing, at least they should be legal in bonglang



Heroin. Do some good. Where you get the heroin is, set a meet to buy the gear, Kill the dopeboy, brass knucks are best in UK.

Take his shit. The endorphins released will make you want to do it again, shower, eat, call some girls. Kill another one. Your purpose and sense of civic duty will get you flushing the gear you thought you'd off yerself with. Keep this up kill as many of the sick fucks as you can. You will feel so good about life you will retire cuz what you been doing is dangerous shit that could get you killed.



They started adding oxygen. I don't know where or how to get industrial helium tanks.


I'm white. But it doesn't matter anyway. Went onto that site ages ago. It's pretty shit. I just want something painless and legitimate


I'm not killing dealers. Perhaps you should.



>Went onto that site ages ago. It's pretty shit.

Says the guy who hasn't tried anything from the site.


radical politics and yelling while running at airport security officer with coke cans strapped to chest

also you're such a failure that you will screw it up, just learn from your mistakes and grow sad



fuck you





>They started adding oxygen

what!? don't these retards know that can cause an unwitting chemist to blow up his lab? the virtue signaling is fucking insane



that's like killing a mcdonalds employee for making people obese. it's not the dealer's fault people are addicted to drugs you white knight faggot



Well I presume a chemist would get non commercial supplies while I have to get commercial ones because industrial types wouldn't sell to anyone. Prolly need some sort of license and a good reason for the need. They started adding small traces of oxygen so you don't die. Because too much suicide.



Carbon monoxide poisoning , take deep breaths ….


File: 86a116c813248ac⋯.jpg (19.43 KB, 326x325, 326:325, ben1àsuicide.jpg)


Get sleeping pills and put a plastic bag on your head, easy and painless.






File: 224f8441a0511b0⋯.jpg (49.75 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 28783177_1604344006280215_….jpg)

I really wish you wouldn't kill yourself. Suicide is dumb. The world is random and chaotic, there is a chance you could find happiness, may be not. There is no guarantee, only you can change your status in life. (fuck all the rules, forget about everyone, you matter because you know you are you; thats enough and people can suck a nut you bust if they don't accept it)

I've lost my chances with 3 girls who turned out to be fucking whores. Not going to kill myself because I don't need fucking pussy to be happy. (I have the entire internet to keep my dick hard)

I'm a virgin almost at 30, I don't have a real job, I sometimes hang out with friends but very rarely will I leave my house. My family is a wreck; two are mentally ill, another is an abuse victim, and I don't have any real reason to smile other than "no one else will fucking be positive and try"

But if you need a sure fire way to end it all just get high and cut your veins out (see the scene from house of cards) or shoot your brain/temple.

The temple is like the mid part of the skull where you chew its a muscle just chew, feel your skull and put it there. there are no nerves in the brain, only pain you feel is the round piecing the skin. (but if you hit the brain stem or spinal cord you will feel a lot of pain. everywhere)

You might want to use a more lethal round if you want to bleed out faster (but it will sting more at first, so make sure your good and high or numb all over at least; emphasis on "all over" because the nervous system is dramatic; 1mm scrapes to brains stem feel like hell) or use a smaller round and risk an internal hemorrhage (it might hurt less upon bullet impact but the pressure in your head will give you a mean headache while your bleeding internally and die). I do not recommend using small rounds the bigger the better actually.

If your going to cut your veins it looks like satire but house of cards provided a scene where Underwood recommended a method of suicide to peter russo. Hot ass fucking water, a lot of aspirin (you need way more than 1; look at the mg dose and take 10 times over what your BMI recommends; you might need 50 or so), and a long cut length wise on your weaker arm ~20 minutes after soakin in the bath with aspirin in your system.

Either way your going to die from blood loss. Some people can't stomach cutting their own fucking skin, others don't have the guts to pull the trigger next to their head. I suggest you have a back up ready because you might get cold feet. Our bodies are hard wired to survive. All in all just get high, chill out to some music, take your pick, and meet your maker on your terms. (72 virgin wives not guaranteed)

Have a picture of a fucking trap that wanted to show us her/his ass. Not bad imo for a young person.


File: aa89834b7dea5aa⋯.png (90.48 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, aa89834b7dea5aa7df12dd8b8d….png)


UK lad?

Do the rest if us a favour then and take out some undesirables



I remember my 9th grade substitute teacher telling us "suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem". As a depressed teenager, I hated her.

I got a few years older, had a few moments where I teased the idea. You know, put a rope around your neck and just lean to see if you can push yourself to fall further. Glide a knife up and down your arm hoping you slip.

Take some pills and see if you can finish all the beers in your fridge.

Then I moved to SC and got a gun. Stare down the barrel and see if hoping a misfire goes off.

After a few times of "dancing on the edge", I realized most of my thoughts of suicide came when I was bored and no hope that anything I could do with my time would do anything but benefit someone else and waste my energy.

I was just afraid to try new things and let complacency set in.

Just need to go run, work out, do something. You can't "take something off your mind", it's not possible to try to forget something, you can only focus on something else and fill your head with as much as possible until it gets pushed out.

Repetition, do that over time and the thoughts become memories, that like most, disappear



Nope. I'm not going to kill other people. I just want to kill myself. Also theres no point. I'm gone eternally so it doesn't make a difference for me.


No guns in UK, I can't stomach cutting myself into pieces. A lot of women are whores and all but i just don't see the point in living. Also wanking is gay AF and fucks you up. I would stop if i was you.


Why even bother writing this garbage? If i had a shotgun i wouldn't even have posted this thread. Perhaps your just not serious



>Wanking messes you up, I would stop

>b-but I want to kill myself

lol have you ever thought you were suicidal because you never had a good wank?

You don't need a gun to blow your brains out.

Get a drill with a large drill bit to make a hole and just push. (you might need a freind or tool to push for you though)

Could also get a nail gun but it needs to be able to shoot bolts/rivets. (easier to get than a gun where you at probably)

You can also just electrocute yourself. (2 amps at 35 volts to the brain is enough to kill) so just grab a bath with an electrical appliance; you have to read the labels to have those magic number or above. If they just show "watts" uuuh my math is usually shit but anything over 65-70 watts should kill.

You can also get in the way of traffic, particularly large trucks. (they usually have drum brakes, they are slow to react/stop a truck) so just pick one going faily fast and let it crush the worries in your head away.

There is a universe of creative ways to fuck people up, not having guns is not an excuse to not end it all.

What is a good excuse not to die is realizing you are 100 times better than any fucking the presidents, kings, queens, and all the fucking money in the world.


Sorry that statement had me cracking up so I fucked my last sentence.

What is a good excuse not to die is realizing you are 100 times better than all of the fucking presidents, kings, queens, and money in the world combined.

But again if its all just a bother… you know, no point in over thinking how to do it. All the methods hurt. Getting high AF while you do it or taking something to numb you completely before you do "X" method to KYS helps at least not feel the pain.



I want a painless method but I guess such a meaning doesn't exist over in burger land.

Also wanking does fuck you up. Porn messes your brain. And constantly ejaculating makes you loose what makes you a man. Being sexually frustrated can makes you hungry. So for instance . If you have bad confidence. You will be confident if you don't fap.



>the old trap posts lower body in thigh highs to avoid showing their face meme


do some blow and watch fight club maybe youll have an epiphany if you can sit still long enough to watch it or maybe youll just see a decent movie either way you have something to lose by it


5g psilocibin mushrooms. Wont kill you but show you that suicide is pointless. You think your next life will be better with your whiny attitude?



Why even bother posting if your recommending mushrooms? I mean come on.


File: 7c6c7644657c424⋯.jpg (3.12 KB, 125x122, 125:122, 1523364562128.jpg)

dont do it bruv


don't do it man, change your life radically, find a good therapist, get off poisonous places like this one, empower yourself! all the best bro!!



>find a good therapist

Don't do this. If you do you will always have that on your record.

> get off poisonous places like this one

If you can't handle a place like this you won't be able to handle the real world of successful people for long.

>empower yourself!

Understand what you can and cannot do right now and build on what you can do. Do not "empower" yourself to do something that in the end amounts to something. Also don't listen to half the people here, they are in the same boat you are in but they are in the "up phase" of their "empowerment" and have not hit the fall like you have yet.



if you are keeping yourself from seeking help, that's your choice, but actively trying to keep others from seeking it, is abysmal. this isn't about some "record" now, but about his life.

your views and projections suggest you have some stuff on your plate to figure out yourself and shouldn't subjugate vulnerable individuals to your grave misconceptions under the pretext of simulated knowledge. it might did not come from a place of ill intent, but of anger, confusion or frustration, but you should still be responsible enough to see that. this obviously isn't the right place to discuss emotional distress or anything serious for that matter, so best of luck to yourself and to op!


Literally the OP from this thread: https://8ch.net/leftpol/res/49769.html



>this isn't about some "record"

But it is, it's like you don't know of anyone who has actually went through this.

I'm not going to go to deep into this but companies can have accesses now to "minor" health conditions. So its a catch 22 as in you seek help but in the long run seeking such help dooms you int he future. Best would be an anonymous help center where you can talk online or over a secure phone.



Try to find the lethal dose of DMT



Why do you come here?

>>>/suicide/ is where you should ask, you just want attention.



Because if hes for real thats the only thing that really could help him. Either take them and thake the chance or fucking do it already, make life stream.





File: 9956558b223a537⋯.jpeg (4.88 KB, 269x201, 269:201, th (27).jpeg)


See if this helps



Jk don't do it op what about your family? How will they cope?



That board is dead. That's why. Top thread from a month ago is still up and well. What more do I need to say


What is DMT?




Fuck em


Why even waste your time?


File: 16a640f284da2da⋯.png (3.91 KB, 232x266, 116:133, 16a640f284da2da9d7b0c7d8af….png)


>go to /suicide/

<That board is dead



File: 98d58ed2f4fa272⋯.jpg (12.92 KB, 212x255, 212:255, 1424402311064-0.jpg)


Best laugh I have had today, thanks anon.


File: 0240e26c0cc4929⋯.jpg (352.69 KB, 1023x681, 341:227, 1521342666872.jpg)

Ketamine has been shown to reduce suicidal urges. Take some of that OP. I read an article about it recently.



That all depends on the brain chemistry of said person. In OP's case, his brain chemistry is closer to a normie than he thinks; in a person with ASPD, ketamine has very little effect.




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