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File: 5980d5718203196⋯.png (119.25 KB, 443x414, 443:414, Not_sure_if_dubs-_its_not_….png)


Is it?



Test test test test test test test test test test



Yes OP, burning cock hair is a lot quicker. It's how I manage my forest of fur. You need to use a bit of isopropyl alcohol though because the hair wont burn on its own, rubbing in some alcohol makes it go a lot smoother.



This is a very serious question. I don't like shaving.



I don't know if this is serious advice or if you want me to burn my dick



He's trying to have you set your dick on fire nigger, just use a pair of scissors like a normal person.



am very serious. Just have a fan with you and turn on the bathroom vent, burnt hair smells terrible



But that takea too long, I might just get a zipp lighter and burn them naturally.

I use electric razor and it stings like shit



You know there are people who actually do this right? It's fucking stupid but there's a subreddit of retards who burn off their hair instead of shaving like everyone else. No idea how girls burn the hair off their legs.


Meanwhile, this is the first time I've seen someone other than myself admit to having penis hair. I categorize this fact as having the same classification level of girls pooping.



I've used that hair dissolving cream stuff before. It itches like crazy but might be what you want. The ghetto version is literally mixing a full tube of lotion with 4 caps of liquid draino.



made me kek



Cock hair is natural, it's on the inderside of your dick thanks to pubes surrounding your balls.




I'm being serious, I'm too cheap for a good razor and my hair's thick so it hurts when shaving, it pulls my skin. I actually do burn my pubes off.


inb4 darwin'd



I don't shave my hairs either, it ends up scratchy and itchy. I just trim it with scissors.



my wife doesn't like them on me, makes her choke if they get pulled off during blowjobs. Been burning them for 3 years now, they don't grow back as fast now but i don't know if thats from burning them or just getting older.


I burn it all the time, it can get a bit painful if you're not careful but with experience it's worth it - it's quick and hassle-free.


File: aacba03e869ece2⋯.png (167.94 KB, 882x617, 882:617, Capture.PNG)


Pic related is what you want to use, OP. I've used pet grooming clippers for manscaping for years. It's also gentle enough that you can shave your cock and nutsack without cutting your skin. If you need something closer, get a girl's razor that they use for shaving their pussy.

source: my ex-gf was a hair stylist / beautician


So many faggots in this thread. A real man stays hairy. The fashion of shaving pubes came from porn industry, retards. Are you going to record themselves with your cock out or something?



>they get pulled off

a blowjob is the man's solution to cock hairs. tell her she needs to floss




Unrelated to thread but whatever.



>links to thegoldenshower.jim



>it's on the inderside

Mine covers almost the whole shaft, topside and underside and stops before the head.



There's something weird about a man who uses effeminate crappily illustrated sissy boy Asian cartoons of little girls to represent himself asking other men about his pubic hair…

something weird about that at all….




I give you the same advise I've given you last thread, you can burn it off, it will burn of in short bursts, just watch out that it doesn't spread to your leg hairs, it will smell though


File: 0ccb30151f49cd8⋯.png (451.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 0ccb30151f49cd8a0a1e1c6046….png)

File: 3044f1d2ba023f4⋯.jpg (50.38 KB, 722x349, 722:349, 1443400739264.jpg)


Holy shit what are you?


I made no previous thread on shaving.



This is why you rub in alcohol.


File: 09c3420c0c7e047⋯.jpg (57.94 KB, 480x573, 160:191, meme-retarded02.jpg)


/b/ sinks to a new low.


Just shave and trim like normal people, faggot!



the world needs pics of this, op

>please, give 8ch an exclusive preview

you will get rich and famous overnight if you really have a hairy shaft and a jewed glans. contact an agent in hollywood ffs. they'll make you into a cartoon pornstar, a youtube star, reddit admin and a millionaire



dubs and op posts pics of his uberhairy cock



let's be seeing it

hop hop and on the double



>I made no previous thread on shaving.

Odd someone made a thread about shaving his pubic hair and I told him he can burn it off, a few days later this thread pops up, guess it's a wild coincidence


File: 92c6b664476fff4⋯.png (170.89 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 92c6b664476fff48fee90734c2….png)


I've only got some a few hairs on the bottom of my dick, I'm mpre terrified and intrigued by hairy dick anon


File: a00f55b52902d8e⋯.png (76.66 KB, 177x249, 59:83, hair05c.png)

Penis hair can be a problem for some men…




W-what? You mean yours isn't hairy too when you don't shave? You're making me feel weird. Long after puberty finished, my penis kept sprouting new hairs in my 20s. It's still getting hairier. I'm just a regular white guy with British Isles and German ancestry, but puberty made my whole body hairy and gave me a deep voice.


File: bb0eb565d64feac⋯.png (112.35 KB, 739x950, 739:950, bb0eb565d64feaca3aadab5ef0….png)


Omg anon pls post pics

Are you bigfoot by the way?



You know what… my feet are kind of hairy. I think of hobbits sometimes when I look at them.



>cock hair is natural

No it's not. Ball hair is natural and when the kike doctor cut off your foreskin, he took off too fucking much. This caused the skin on your nutsack to be pulled up onto the shaft, resulting in what you call cock hair. You think it's natural because it's always been there, but you're wrong.



I can see how you might think this if you don't come from hairy people, but how do you judge this objectively when pornstars shave 99% of the time?


File: 5ae3aeffbbb94e5⋯.png (173.94 KB, 461x457, 461:457, 5ae3aeffbbb94e563a0291fd44….png)


I'm fairly haity

I have SOME hair on my dick but this is because I'm a mixing pot of Irish, german, maybe english and some injun

OP here by tge way



By some injun I mean I'm 1/4 maybe a little more because my white family has intermarried for generations



Still unusual. I have visible hair on top of my big toes and the back of the most of my fingers, yet not on my cock.


File: 7757f03bcde5e02⋯.jpg (45.79 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 7757f03bcde5e02d297389c40d….jpg)


You have to be a mix of hairy islander and kraut injun to understand.




Whoops meant this for you.



Holy fuck that font, fucking kill yourself Anon


Phillips norelco oneblade make a nice shaver that gets right down to the skin if your buzzing off your Dick hairs.

The blades are expensive but you can use it in the shower(no shaving cream or gel).

You can even shave your face with it but I don't think its designed for that.

You wont be disappointed.

Don't listen to these faggots telling you to burn it off, they just want you to hurt yourself.

Open flame will burn sensitive skin.

Sometimes its nice to get some actual advice from /b/.



Only pure weeaboo would know of this


Penis Hair

The ultimate new organic meme




dude i need your dick in my collection



Mine comes up about an inch from the base, trim everything else and shave he hair off my shaft and balls, sometimes my asshole too


1488 get pls






Yes I will get pls


File: 76b32bfc7cdf656⋯.jpg (7.75 KB, 261x189, 29:21, 1515788604737.jpg)


i played myself again



It’s ok anon you’ll get it next time <3


>Nobody posting vids nor pics


File: a3b92b19ac7bc88⋯.jpg (209.23 KB, 598x650, 23:25, confused556.jpg)


It won't let me post MP4s. Looks like I risked scorching my cock off for something.


File: fa611078abe3d86⋯.mp4 (1.34 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, what the hell are you talk….mp4)


Look kids, a liar.



The filesize limit is 16MB now. Try to stick to it.


yes video it for me


File: 6fab11914bccdef⋯.mp4 (4.53 MB, 500x500, 1:1, sad.mp4)


I can post normal MP4s, sure, but something I recorded myself.



compress it to 16mb


File: 93ab3748734a569⋯.mp4 (7.96 MB, 480x800, 3:5, 20180417_055610 (1).mp4)


Doesn't work so good, OP, at least not on pubes. Works better on finer/sparser hairs like chest and leg hair. Creates A LOT of smoke and has a horrible smell that lingers. Not as painful as you might think but it'll wake you up for sure. You're probably better off shaving, tbh.

MP4 related, if it works this time.



thank you based anon for this



are you by any chance acidman?



Nope, don't even know who that is, tbh.



>A real man stays hairy.

>I like growing out my pubes so that everyone can see them

>The fashion of shaving pubes came from porn industry, retards.



There's something weird about a man who ends every single one of his sentences with ellipses while making posts on anonymous image boards instead of typing normally…

something weird about that at all….



File: 1ff78e2cfdb6b4b⋯.gif (796.02 KB, 520x560, 13:14, banana maybe.gif)

i shaved and looked like a cancer patient every time i poo'd never again



some /r9k/ dude put his balls on acid for trips



The guy who castrated himself?


File: d1705fc381a2a17⋯.png (137.66 KB, 267x296, 267:296, gay troll.png)


<I like growing out my pubes so that everyone can see them


What are you implying? Nobody but you would prance around nude 24/7.



Burning hair is one of the worst smells there is. I would imagine that burning pubic hair is even worse. Good luck getting rid of the smell, no girl is going to want to suck benis if it stinks that bad.


File: 7d5c20478430fb6⋯.png (960.81 KB, 640x960, 2:3, IMG_0191.png)


Not a weeaboo, but I did stay at a holiday inn once.

Plus someone bought me one for Christmas.


>burn your dick hair every few weeks

>the smoke causes your pours to become infected

>they start leaking puss

>you realise it was a bad idea and that's why it's not popular to do

I saved you months of pain and years of medical problems with 4 memetext lines.



Anon has sound practical and personal experience, by the sound of it.

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