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File: f296cd7ecb05b23⋯.jpg (8.94 KB, 474x266, 237:133, health.jpg)


Gonna make a stupid question here.

Are there any doctors, in this god forsaken shithole? Specifically, ear specialists?



t. doctor, specifically ear specialist


Good doctors don't diagnose patients solely on them self-reporting their condition.



Those are dubs and dubs dont lie, so here it goes.

I've been having problems with my ears lately, specially in my left ear. I started hearing a loud hum, like those anti-areal sirens, it throbs and i cant ear shit. What can i do to stop the hum, and what could this possibly be?


Not a doctor, but the foundation of ear health is good craniofacial structure. The ideal structure develops from robust thyroid and liver function paired with adequate fat soluble vitamin intake—especially vitamin K—and plenty of minerals. It's not too late to grow your face more even if you've been deficient. Grown adults are capable.

Many hearing problems are quite simply earwax clogging the canal, which wouldn't easily happen if the correct structure was there. Even if it's not earwax, better structure helps prevent infections and stuff. I've seen earpicks with cameras that plug into a smart phone or tablet on amazon for like $30-$50. Might be worth cleaning out your ears sometime if you can do it safely. If you had your wisdom teeth removed or they're impacted, your growth and development of the face and jaws was stunted.



Nice information, thanks. I mae this thread out of boredom, and i learned something.



Could it be tinnitus? Were you exposed to any loud/sustained loud noises before the ringing started? Or did it just start on its own? If the former, give it a few days and it will probably resolve. If it just started on its own, see a doctor.

I had acute tinnitus for a few days once from accidentally turning on a guitar amp at full volume right next to me. Feedback at the highest setting can be devastating, even if its only a 20 watt amp. Went away after a week or two thankfully. On the other hand, I've had "tinnitus" my entire life, where my ears are always ringing at a very high pitched tone. But I am pretty sure that that's a separate phenomena than tinnitus. I think it's electrical feedback from the brain. Either way the only way you need to worry is if it's acute and you can't explain it. Then go see a doctor.


File: 74a979bedfeeee7⋯.png (106.08 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 29178347_1908848275852002_….png)


Anon seems to know his stuff, that and he's got dubs

I can from my soldier level of medical expertise with extensive knowledge about how to unfuck someone that's been totally fucked.

THAT you should begin by cleaning your ear gently and if all else fails, just strap garlic to your ear.

That shit does wonders



OP here. Actually i used to hear loud music with headphones, before this ringing started. Also my ears usually secrecate a smelly goo from time to time. Should i worry?



How often does the ringing occur? Is it constant or does it come and go?

You should probably ask a doctor because getting diagnosed by anonymous is always a mistake.

Headphones should be used at the lowest setting that you can stand. Listening to music as loud as possible doesn't make you a badass, it just gives you tinnitus.



After playing GTA V for literally 3 days straight I heard the sound of sirens for over a week non stop. I wanted to fucking die.



Is it painful?

If no, don't worry about it. Just do the Baby Driver thing and drown it out with music.

If yes, go see doctor for simple surgery.



It is constatnt, althought it varies in intesity, it iis always there. I have beento a doctor, he prescribed ear drops, but i think those drops are making it worse. I know being diagnosed on the internet, its not a a good thing. I made this thread out of boredom, and to distract myself from the constant anti-aereal siren i have in my ears.


Yes it hurts a bit



>my ears usually secrecate a smelly goo

That's the ear aids, op. treatment is useless



>Yes it hurts a bit

Anything that hurts is a sure sign that it needs to be dealt with. Can you go see a doctor? If so, do it. You'll be glad you did.




You have brain cancer



i will make an appointment asap then


>You have brain cancer

Thats what (((JEW)))ggle says


Are you implying im a cronic masturbator?


File: 25f0d5eb315ecb2⋯.jpg (89.61 KB, 640x432, 40:27, board5.jpg)


remove that cock from your ear so we can shitpost normally


File: 7df7f74c516c776⋯.gif (516.14 KB, 475x347, 475:347, 7df7f74c516c776807fa485db2….gif)


It's ear inflamation, sticky goo, hurts, hear loss, beeping in ear.

1. Peel a garlic

2. Tape Garlic to ear

3. Wait a week with changing garlic in between when it gets mushy

4. Get healthy



>Also my ears usually secrecate a smelly goo from time to time. Should i worry?

take anon's advice for cleaning >>7910346

i suggest buying some 'sweet oil' if you can find it and pouring a teaspoon of it into your ear. plug that with a cotton ball and keep there for up to a few hours. if it falls out early, you either didn't get the cottonball placed well enough or it's the infection working itself out. it's an old fashioned remedy that has largely been forgotten, and it works rather well.


OP again. Thaks for all the advices, /b/rod. Appointment is set to next Wednesday. Meanwhile i'll try some of these methods you said. Thanks.

Now back to regular shitposting


File: 142f5f10f0ab92c⋯.jpg (334.39 KB, 2000x861, 2000:861, Earwig_on_white_background.jpg)


or, god forbid, he could consult a doctor. you get more bang for your bucks at the mental asylum than on 8ch.

or just pic related. they aren't called earwigs because they suck cock



Eiyh Stay tribal anon!



you'll be hearing from 8chan in the near future op. bravo




he'll be back for moar advices soon


we did it /b/


>get an ear plunger thing that shoots water in your ear

<fill it with hot piss

that's what I do works great!

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