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File: 20f8a667eb2235f⋯.jpg (4.83 KB, 220x229, 220:229, 20f8a667eb2235fcffcec095f1….jpg)


Did most of the /b/tards get arrested from that FBI raid? Stupid CP posters need to fucking die.


What raid?


>implying that most of the /b/tards is from burgerland


CP posters and pedos are shitskins from crappy third world countries or yuropoors


>implying most of the CP posters are not the FBI

It's like you are new, or are you a glow in the dark trying to save face?


Didn't answer my question so I assume that this is bait and there was no raid, goodbye and have a nice day



>implying theres more than one cp poster at the moment

Just like everything else in this shithole the amount of people posting CP is dwindling as well.



I wish all glow in the dark CIA/FBI/NSA niggers browsing and moderating 8chan would drop dead right now, together with their parents, spouses and children.

something personal and not a pedo tbh, just wishing for a better world.

Terrorists are second on the shitlist because at least they are honest in their evil.



Cute, the n.othing -> s.omething wordfilter is still active.

Dysnomia, it's shit like this that gets good, hardworking people like you assassinated.




> good, hardworking


fbiniggers on my door right now i did something wrong



They came to my house Saturday morning. I hid in the crawlspace that my vent goes down just in case they busted the door down and came inside. Luckily for me they drove off about 15 minutes later of me ignoring them.



I hope they did.



I concur. Creepy, unlovable, closet homo pedos need to gtfo.


File: 6133a19120bfc2f⋯.jpg (23.24 KB, 416x399, 416:399, r66786.jpg)



You almost sound like a real nigger!



And you almost sound like a real guy that could score an adult relationship but unfortunately you fall a few brain cells short and have to prey on children (third world) who have a marginally higher IQ than yourself.



>implying it takes any amount of intelligence to score a relationship with modern day roasties

If anything you have to be more intelligent to score a relationship with someone young enough to have never been in one before because they aren't nearly as open to the idea as the sluts you normalfags go after.

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