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just /b/ you're self

File: 887433d688bd153⋯.jpg (23.3 KB, 474x662, 237:331, stupidgarbage.jpg)


>offered free kruig machine

>i said no

>wife says yes

>i store it away in pantry (limited counter space)

>wife takes it out and puts it back every morning

>wastes about the same amount of time as our nice fully stainless steel coffee press we've been using for years

<My wife has fallen for the kruig meme.

Thinking about just telling her to stop. It may be more fun to see just how much time she'd rather waste on handling the machine than using the press; all for one middling cup of coffee.

I've already told her it's not allowed counter space.


>current year

>drinking the caffeinated jew


File: aad459b53e5b610⋯.jpg (498.64 KB, 2048x1682, 1024:841, Macchinetta.jpg)


<using a french press

lol no anon


>used keurig

Anon, have your wife break that thing down and clean it, and she'll never use it again. I guarantee you it's never been cleaned once and it's full of mold. Those fuckers are moist, dark, and dank.



I payed like a 100 bucks for that shit and I still think it was worth it, what the fuck are you complaining about? Use it to pour hot water into a cup easy if nothing else.



>heat up kettle

>pour on cup

How is this not easy?



You're gonna have to get that kettle pretty damn hot to pour it into a cup.



>not warming it with your body


File: 7e632110867900e⋯.gif (7.21 MB, 320x240, 4:3, yeah okay whatever man.gif)

>It's not how I like to do things, therefore it's not allowed!

>this thing which does not affect me is banned!

>you will not take up this 1 cubic foot to house a machine!

I hope she files and gets the house and the kids, cause you seem like a real fucking waste of space.


> not drinking instant coffee

It's like you want to waste all your counter space!



>falling for the coffee meme


File: 6b570780a6881e6⋯.jpg (36.83 KB, 500x587, 500:587, The_God_of_Fuck.jpg)



t. herbal tea fags



Considering doing a complete teardown/cleaning actually. I used to service/repair restaurant equipment and I rarely go into restaurants now. Let her see through my eyes.


>sees tiny sliver of a ranting OP's life

>gets flustered

>goes into save-the-princess mode

Go white knight for your own wife because mines not going to sleep with you; especially if you're going to punctuate your valiant efforts with gifs in 2018.


File: 371f6cb50dc3612⋯.png (306.96 KB, 640x462, 320:231, wtf.png)


>not drinking むぎ茶

>being a 馬鹿



if shes gonna use it every day, why not just make a dedicated spot for it?



pics of wifes feet or she never existed











Actually no one says "gaijin" anymore. The correct term is gaikokujin.



use reverse psychology, tell her you like her using it because the chemicals from all the plastic will spike her estrogen and give her double D's

(before the chemicals bloat her whole body up to 300 pounds)

if you are bitter tell her you'll keep using the other press because

A)that's what actual baristas who care about flavor do,

B) it costs less than the insanely expensive k-cups,

C)you actually care about the environment and even the keurig creator regrets creating the system, and

D)you're not a lazy fatass

signed, a former keurig user who chose quality over convenience



Fair question. Because I'm the guy that cooks/cleans the kitchen every day and I don't want it in my way. I'm highly particular about my personal workspaces. The only thing she "cooks" in there is coffee or cereal.

Thinking about it I probably could find a place for it if I added another power outlet but don't really feel like going through all that for a coffee maker when I have a better/cheaper alternative. Then again she could put it in her little personal office but she doesn't want to clutter it even more.


I actually do talk about hot liquids leeching plastic chemical pretty often even since way before this machine. She's a normie though and doesn't really seem to care. She'll still microwaves stuff in plastic containers despite having glass bowls available.



>doesn't really seem to care

>microwaves stuff in plastic containers

sweet jesus bro, that's tough, but once a close family member dies of cancer she'll straighten up and start caring.

LAST DITCH EFFORT: break out the costs of the k-cups on a spreadsheet (for me it was about .60 per k-cup of coffee vs .12 for a pot) and show her that in a year you'll basically get a free vacation. If this doesn't work, learn to enjoy your keurig because it's not going anywhere. Good luck!


Could be worse, my mom bought one and no one in the house even drinks coffee.



That's exactly why we got one for free from her friend. They bought it and never used it because they don't even like coffee.



I've got a coffee press and a K-cup machine.

I only use the K-cup when I'm in a serious hurry, the coffee press is a thousand times better



That's a damn lie

Gaijin is a very common word, it's just slang now. Gaikokujin is now used as a more formal word.



with your retarded logic, you can make an excuse to do anything. there are rules and they must be followed, no matter how arbitrary. or else people end up as retarded as you are


Don't let your wife drink from that poison brewer. The estrogenic substances from the plastic will make her aggressive and give her saggy deflated boobs and other parts. It will make her retain water everywhere. The precise effects of estrogen are commonly misunderstood. It has some important roles, but it's more accurate (but maybe not 100% accurate) to say women get shapely breasts and all the desirable feminine features from progesterone opposing the actions of estrogen. Plastic poisons everybody.



>She's a normie though and doesn't really seem to care

This is true of so many fucking people, a lot of boomers but so many people who are just fucking lazy and spend all their free time watching TV.

It took me like 4 years after getting rid of cable access to get my ass in gear and actually care about the shit I do or consume. Now I live by various philosophies and exercise, read, and have taken on productive hobbies.

Trying to convince people that the effort and time it takes to use and maintain a keurig is not worth the price tag is futile, the fuckers just look at you like "yea well it takes effort to do it any other way", they think it takes more effort to use a percolator because they've literally never bothered cleaning their keurig until it breaks from limescale buildup inside, then they just buy a new fucking keurig.

Tell them how fucking toxic the shit they consume is and they just don't give a shit because they want whatever appears to be easier at the moment even if it isn't.

Now I've never been a beacon of healthy living, I still gorge on sugary garbage and carb overload, but I can still do several hundred crunches and that's better than most fucks that drink hot plastic every day.



This I have struggled with all my life. The boomer is lazy as fuck.

I've never been lazy in my own life though at all.



I live in the kitchen too and clean it all the time. When I leave for a long while and come back everything is a disaster. Sigh.



>drinking the caffeinated jew



>Considering doing a complete teardown/cleaning actually. I used to service/repair restaurant equipment and I rarely go into restaurants now. Let her see through my eyes.

Stories? I avoid the restaurant jew but we need some screencappable stories here.



t. assblasted vagina-haver



File: 42782ca35f6d2bc⋯.png (19.65 KB, 551x295, 551:295, Screenshot from 2018-05-16….png)


Correct but do you feel special pointing out the obvious?


File: 2a8817421d6e662⋯.jpg (101.56 KB, 617x350, 617:350, 10808.jpg)

Slap the shit out of your wife for helping create the biggest plastics crisis the world has ever seen. Then man up and throw that fucking machine in the dumpster.


Just use it as normal. Keurigs are shit and designed to break after 6 months.


File: 2a8b71f1f930c1b⋯.jpg (45.61 KB, 736x554, 368:277, 004c79b4b89fc0d38ddb07794d….jpg)

What the fuck is the appeal of a keurig?

>>7985743 knows what's up. Anyways congrats on the milf bussy anon! Make sure you guide her plumpening up in the right direction over the next few decades!


File: 012e0c2eeb8a111⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>current year

>not cold brewing your coffee



worse than standard drip tbh


>not cold brewing

I pretty much exclusively cold brew these days, it's so much better. Or turkish.






Never get an aluminum stovetop "espresso" maker though. There are stainless steel varieties that don't deposit aluminum in your brain.



I thought you were being a little bitch about the whole thing until I read this part. If you're the one maintaining the area then you should have a say about it. Is your wife kind of a slob?



No, however you didn't have to post 5 different posts in a row like a fucking newfag, that's why there's a 2000 character limit.


fuckin counter nazi

i hope your wife gets your coffee press in the divorce, then throws it away



I’m on mobile and couldn’t scroll to each post, asshole



This is good plan. Must be of direct benefit to her or she will not care.


File: bb237453b70d37e⋯.gif (1.67 MB, 420x360, 7:6, 1514685930376.gif)


>drinking the caffeinated jew in any form


File: 496e8762cae56f5⋯.jpg (45.58 KB, 474x662, 237:331, jew.jpg)



Lmao ok boot licker



Yes, but

<you fell for the marriage meme

I think her mistake is minor in comparison.


File: 9f6e8dcae86fbe8⋯.jpg (3.29 KB, 78x100, 39:50, 1418690576712-2.jpg)



This is the only one you will ever need.



Keurig pod coffee costs 160 dollars a pound and is shit quality. Just stop drinking coffee regardless though, it raises your cortisol to the sky.



It's better to never start drinking coffee. Quitting can be difficult for people.


>the K-cup ripoff

You got a Juul too?



>op has been making coffee with an objectively better (and cleaner) machine for years

>complains about wife taking counter space for an electric shitbox that grows moldy as it heats up mass-market acid "coffee" in overpriced xenoestrogen cups

>what a shitlord, wife should totally dump this asshole

how about no



They have those at my work. Not the little pansy ones they sell to idiots, but a big, commercial-sized one. They even buy pretty good coffee for it. It all tastes like absolute garbage, but most people there love it.

>omg how conveeeenyint

>omg no cleanup

>omg this is so much better than what i have at home

<really what do you use at home?

>folgers in a drip brew

Yeah. Try not drinking shit coffee for once and then tell me how good this crap is.



I see encouraging people to have better standards having one of two possible effects:

>industry is forced to provide a better quality product at a comparable price, else no one will buy it

American vs European beer

>industry makes little change but people begin to buy more expensive coffee causing its value to inflate and availability to go down

Convenience is king and not many people seem to get headaches and stuffy noses from shit coffee like I do so the most likely change is more like:

>nothing changes/shit gets worse



absolutely degenerate


>not drinking tea


these are good bois, especially with fresh coffee








File: 0780404e8114764⋯.jpg (220.58 KB, 1000x1100, 10:11, 3632a46496d0fcb8bdb03c8af4….jpg)


You seem upset anon…

Here's a pic that always cheers me up!


I have several coffee makers/systems at home, from a standard drip, to a peculator, to a french press, to an aerocup to a vacculator and a Keurig. Have had the Keurig since 2009. Actually, it's the 2nd one, the first one broke after a year or so, wife started a bitchcapade email train to them and they eventually sent us a brand new unit. That unit has worked flawlessly for 7+ years now, used every day, multiple times a day. I was concerned at the cost at 1st, like another anon stated price per k-cup can be high but doing some shopping around and buying in bulk and closeouts and whatnot, you can get the PPC down considerably. Not as cheap as drip but sometimes down to 25c a cup or so. The coffee is all over the board in terms of taste but there are some pretty good brands if you search amazon. Its basically our daily driver, we use the others if we really want an outstanding cup of special coffee or during holidays.


File: f5f840330dec9cb⋯.png (182.42 KB, 899x337, 899:337, TBH.png)

Didn't expect this thread to still be here… so of course I have to spend time replying to everyone amirite?


Sorry, no actual good stories, just a general malaise of nastiness. I'd get into in all the places employees wouldn't clean. I guess one of the nastiest things I've seen is a whole dead rat (not mouse) completely encased in grease behind/under a fryer.

Little sandwich shops were usually OK though. Chicfilet is usually good too.


>appeal of a keurig?

The almighty god of convenience. Most people do what they do because it's "easier" without regard for anything else.


I was being a bitch tbh. I should have just been a man and said "no" to begin (and end) with. She knew how I felt about these things already so her tactic in getting my assent was to ask multiple times in front of people in a way that would make me look like an asshole to keep saying no. Even the best of women are still women.

I wouldn't say slob. I'd describe her as more of a procrastination cleaner in that she'd rather spend hours and hours on a huge mess rather than just keeping things clean.


I think I mostly convinced her with the "Its really not saving any work" argument.

For one singular cup the machine is quick because everything is pre-assembled and pre-"cleaned" basically.

I timed how much actual work it takes to make coffee in the press. About 3-4 minutes of actual work (including disposing of old grounds if I forgot to clean it). The rest is just waiting time that can be filled with doing other stuff like getting dressed, making breakfast etc…


Got me.

>>7987758 (and all other anti-coffee posts)

You're probably right, but I like the taste.


Do they load it down with sugars and dairy products too? I know lots of people who claim to love coffee but really what they love is sugary drinks.



women rite?

>multiple times a day

For me that's an anti-convienence. It's the same work for me to make 1-4 mugs of coffee and my press keeps it warm for quite a long while.

>25c a cup

Her uncle is an awesome and highly frugal guy and he always mentions an average of $0.30/kcup.

>several coffee makers/systems

Why have a drip and kurig? Most people I know who got a kiruriererg got rid of their dripper.

>french press

What press do you have? Warning that those glass ones are garbage and will break.

I think well just bust it out when guests are over who don't want real coffee.

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