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File: 4748482d99e72cb⋯.png (58.22 KB, 348x441, 116:147, 4748482d99e72cb81d8014c343….png)


i have great dreams for the glorious nation of the United States. should i run for president? am a shitskin so i might not get many conservative votes but im smarter than normalfags and haven't fallen for the jewish hooks, i have great plans for the sovereignty and unity of the civilized races. my greatest dream is lancing the festering tumor of Israel off this beautiful country. i am so sickened by the amount of money being snatched out of the honest American's pockets to be spent sending young men to die for the Jew and so many other hemorrhaging sores such as giving aid to hopeless communities like africa.

imagine the western world without the influence of the zionists. a grand union of the globe's northern countries: america, cooperating with canada, russia, europe, australia, japan, south korea… together we will purge the north korean people of the communist grasp and shed our umbilical dependence on the soulless chinese. the mightiest races, the whites and the east asians, have amassed so much intelligence and so much wealth, they could be gods. but instead the bounties are being stolen by the Jew and wasted on the likes of beastly africans and aboriginals, merciless hispanics and south americans, all in the hopes that the wheelbarrows of money being dumped into their hell-pits of so-called "nations" will help them advance… what a joke.

when the white man came to asia and introduced the local people such as the japanese to technology, what became of it? they ascended into an age of breakneck-pace industrialization and a skyrocket in their quality of life never seen before.

yet to this day, Africa and the aboriginals have been drinking ravenously from the breasts of Mother America and her sisters in Europe and Australia. And Africa does not grow, it does not develop, it does not advance. Yet it continues biting at the nipple of America.

We can do better than this



I don't care if you're a purple eskimo, if you can defeat the monilith of jewish banking and fiat usury you're ok buddy.

t. ebil nahtzee


File: 02ab4cf3c8387f2⋯.jpg (43.62 KB, 637x622, 637:622, e16444a8fdb8e5a8b3247f6f74….jpg)


in that case, consider them dead



what kind of shitskin are you? i wouldnt mind a poo, arab or latino president but absolutely NO NIGGERS



dont worry im not nigger, my lineage hails from a shithole in arabia but i am an american-born citizen

also why the fuck would you allow a pajeet president those are the worst shitskins only second to abbos



theyre not all bad. dinesh dsouza and bobby jindal are pretty based


File: e5ef61adce53ba3⋯.jpg (52.58 KB, 500x567, 500:567, honhon.jpg)


that's true


>i have great dreams for the glorious nation of the United States. should i run for president?

sure buddy, go ahead! but if you really want to make your dreams a reality then you must accept that America is a golem nation and thus must always obey the whims of their hebrew overlords.


File: d617e5b9f742686⋯.png (934.23 KB, 700x505, 140:101, bazinga.png)


but my whole goal is to change that



File: 23429d96f217b50⋯.jpg (26.29 KB, 256x256, 1:1, corruption.jpg)


devil worship and infanticide

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