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File: 9f48abd298cc870⋯.jpg (80.64 KB, 849x644, 849:644, 6666666666666.jpg)


I want to apologize for how cryptic this is first of all, its wrong to doxx people if you love them.

And sorry for the blogpost,

I understand he has his own self-agency and his own life, but it feels wrong.

I know lots of people do get with the love of their life and they're together with no problem, eat together, laugh, and cuddle on the couch. But he and I can't. I tried pretending and it helped a little but I know its a lie.

It's been so long now that I can't remember clearly, its all foggy.

Here I'm gonna answer any hypothetical questions

>OMG this is so childish get over it

>I'm "Naturally" monogamous, I pair-bonded with him.

>Have you tried?

>Yes, I used personal ads, meant for relationships. it made me feel worse. I felt bogged down and horrible.

>Have you done something to upset him or "turn him off"?

>I do have a habit of telling everyone literally everything, which I know is wrong, that's why I'm working on it. I do say "non-sense" sometimes that comes off as me being random, but I have so many diagnoses that I don't know which disorder it is.

>Okay, if you know he has his own self-agency and his own life, why are you still upset?

>I don't know. it's been so long that I don't remember. I guess I worry I won't be with my true love even though everyone else and even he will..

I know I sound generic, but I'm heartbroken. I really did want to do mundane every day things with him instead of posting this, but I can't. I wish I was cuddling with him and it went well and it was mundane and not forced. I know this is my specific problem of oversharing. when I get in a new relationship I'll stop, since it can off as disrespectful.




I'm just so sad

He's all I wanted and he left me

People should unconditionally love their partners… I know I can never have my happily ever after with him… he's laughing and having happier than ever with someone else than me



he probably is. Bitches are nothing special. The fun comes and goes with the man.



I'm really unstable but I wish I was hugging him right now…

I know he cares more for anyone but me. I wish he loved me and only me.


No, I know he is, he's someone who knows how to get along with people. I'm so sad.


File: dbb93647cbb289e⋯.jpg (121.14 KB, 597x800, 597:800, look_at_those_chompers.jpg)



stopped reading there you fucking cock gobbler

go the fuck back to where you came from

but before you go stare at these lolis for a little while



No, I was the one who couldn't make friends. He even said I deserved someone who was generic like me, he's the kind of person who is serious about that kind of thing, so it was definitely not funny harmless banter


File: 95297d2a2376bac⋯.png (302.59 KB, 527x386, 527:386, 1441937373617.png)


From the sounds of it you never knew him in real life



>I know he is

There you go. Now you can either kill yourself bc you'll never be that bitch, or you can still be some bitch

Women's life is not that hard sweetheart


I guess this is what I deserve. complaining on 8chan. >>8335515

Look at the post again, especially "doxx"

its self-explanatory.

I'm really hostile and unstable, so I probably deserved to be cut out, even though ironically enough the affection he gave me would have helped me. but I know he has his own self-agency



No it's not you can have someone's ''dox'" without knowing them in real life

Are you a boy or a girl?



Usually I don't think of suicide as the answer, but you're right in this case, I'm obviously subhuman and destined to stay there. I'm convinced everyone hates me.


Maybe if you hadn't stalked him for 3 years he wouldn't be so adverse to talking to you, stalker-kun.



I can't say my gender since people accuse me of roleplaying, sorry.

All I can say is that I questioned my gender before the internet's influence, so any "weirdness" of my gender is valid since it was and still is natural dysphoria


I neither care nor relate. Just wiggle your ass to some dude and go again. Not hard for you. Also tits or gtfo.


boohoo : the thread






Is this like your first time posting on 8ch? And I'm going to guess instantly you're a tranny because of that stupid reply.



Yeah I wish you would just call me "Stalker person" so its more humanizing, and less cute and quirky.


Shallow connection. I had a stronger connection with him than anyone else. I want real love, not shallowness


File: 077372dc8c706d4⋯.jpg (124.91 KB, 740x740, 1:1, 1536571957886.jpg)


OP isn't me you faggot



Everyone hates you, yes. Will you perish or will you actually work yourself out of there? It's not hard. You just gotta stop being a pussy or stop being an insufferable asshole. It really is that simple.

If you're an asshole just shut the fuck up and start reading something anything, not just books

If you're a pussy, grow the fuck up. Nobody cares about you that much, because nobody even cares at all. So just be the stupid fuck you are, unless you happen to be too much of an autist. Cringe is the thin red line.

But if you're cute while doing any of the two, or pure, or artistic, or cool or whatever, then you're pretty much fine. Although it is still mandatory to get rid of the shit you have on (You)



Yeah sorry, I didn't want to invalidate real trans people. How do I say it? I questioned my gender before I even learned about transgender stuff online. so basically I have legit dysphoria? but I still think I'm not a Real Trans


I already have, I pick up literal books. its a mundane every day thing. usually on weekends [not a roleplay obviously who doesn't go to the bookstores lol]

I guess him and whoever new guy he's dating can laugh at me? but from what I heard he's socially active so he will just ignore anything I say or even if someone sends him whatever I say



I am diagnosed with autism, its a death sentence. my own brother also keeps me "down" in the social hierarchy.

Also it felt validating that you said everyone hates me, but its debatable. since I'm the one who's vulnerable, he's the one who fed me to the "vultures" in a way.



Also sorry I kind of ignored your question,

Yes, you're right, but we pair-bonded, that's why I mentioned the "Doxx" in the op, I have too much information on him that I shouldn't.



*pair-bonded one-sidedly

God sorry, I ramble a lot.



your brother is a piece of shit is he left wing?

>It felt validating

ugh. Another rape fetishist whore.


yeah well everyone is. Do you think life is free? Autism is a myth. Autist people are just aware of their own worth. Try to get away from your bully, or try to outsmart him in an indirect way, so he slowly builds up some kind of intellectual confidence on you.



No, he doesn't get into that kind of stuff, if that makes sense? he like ignores anything that isn't mundane irl every day stuff.

Also, I'm a CSA survivor, I know sex can do more harm than good. I'm not one of the people who can have it as a cute and funny quirk, I wanted him to save me and help me reclaim my sexuality, but he left me forever



Also my big brother is annoyed by me, I know his ex gf and him made fun of my diagnosed autism. I live with my big brother obviously. [and parents] I can't do anything.

*I wanted my one true love to save me and help me reclaim my own sexuality




>current year

Just get an Ereader you dinosaur

>he's socially active

so probably they don't think or talk about you at all. man up, faggot

>imma tranny

show boipucci


Okay, OP here

there's another layer to this, I wanted him to help me reclaim my sexuality since I don't have a positive experience with it.


>He doesn't think or talk about you at all

This is true, I know this is a definite fact and not me projecting. He was so happy and everyone loved him that I thought he would save me. but he left me, obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be here posting this.



Reported for gayness.


OP here, I hate how I can't get my happily ever after. he's the only person I deeply loved. usually I'm hostile and scared of people. There's lots of layers to this.

Other people do worse things than I do and they're praised and loved, while I have to commit suicide since my only love left me to die.


Making this thread made me feel a little better, at least now I know I'm the victim due to subjective reality. He could have anyone he wants and love them, while I can only love him and he left me.


Also, I don't fetishitize rape, I am a CSA survivor, I can't fetishize it or have sex at all. I can only touch myself through my clothes, I'm scared of sex.

I was hoping to reclaim my sexuality with my true love, it deeply hurt me when he left me, I depended on him deeply.


I can't… I have been getting more "angry" intrusive thoughts after he left me, even though I know he has his own self-agency and his own life. He's much more successful than me, he has the perfect life. but its over. my mind is boggled. My life was changed and undone… it shook me to my core


The contrast hurts me so much too, he loves life and can enjoy every day, I can't and everyone comments on how sad I am..

he left me to die…

When everyone hates you, your only choice is to die… I am the sinner… after all… not the person everyone gets along with..


File: 0a664978a071bbc⋯.png (27.25 KB, 240x312, 10:13, 0a664978a071bbc47c3ad6d429….png)

christ almighty just kill yourself already



I got asked out to dinner but I rejected it, it hurt me too deeply that my true love lets everyone else have him but not me. he's all I wanted and more. He rejected a pure virgin just for him. What.. can I do to be more of value? does this mean nothing? I kept myself pure for him. I can never have sex. I was getting better and he left me on a dark path.



Yeah, you're actually right, in this case at least, I already never enjoyed life, he made it better and left me.

So, you're right, but because of subjective reality. deeply right.



There you go.



All I wanted was to love, I guess all that matters is the "impact"

Also this affects only me, he's a funny guy who makes people laugh with him. he has already replaced me,

its hopeless.



Its so unfair.. I thought I was finally going to be saved.. I feel like the tragic character of a anime… but he left me forever…


File: 88de2a39863aa3d⋯.jpg (98 KB, 960x678, 160:113, 25289600_1551344891650974_….jpg)

Where are your tits?



Nowhere I guess, also I'm sex repulsed. I hate stuff like what you're doing, I hope my raw anger is gone completely,



Nobody will save you, he left you because you were too much hassle and you had insufficient looks to outweight that. You sound narcissistic, so he probably felt like shit with you.

You had it hard, yes. But the world is cold, nobody owes you anything except whoever molested you


He refused to love me unconditionally and save me, if he just did it then my life would be saved. he already knew me. But he decided to act like it was nothing and completely moved on. He's enjoying it too, not mourning.






File: 32862ca707d613f⋯.gif (20.66 KB, 132x99, 4:3, burning_lenny.gif)



Yes, you're probably right.

As I said, I am kind of childish, so he probably thought the break up meant nothing to me. He's a lot happier with his new partner

I'm still emotionally numb and crying. I know in my heart it was never meant to be… even though I wanted my happily ever after with him, to cuddle with him and enjoy it. and not be on the computer right now.



Also, it was nice of you to acknowledge the cause of my complex about sex, I knew other people who had trauma like me and they had no problem solving it. One of them just said they think sex does more bad than good, and hat's how I understood mine. I think they avoided relationships though, so maybe that's why they coped better than I could have


Show me your genitals



Nice try mister anon, BUT… you failed, because I have a positive memory with this particular phrase, someone made a meme of a Burned Sans with that exact phrase.

Thank you for trying though,




i GUESS this is a good thing in a way, since I'm interested in someone as a person, which is what I should do, but its soured since its someone who doesn't want me.


I'm still upset… he gets his happily ever after with someone else…. Logically, you should love everyone and not pick and chose?

But.. I am a curse, obviously, everyone complains about me. But I do care about him… I do.. I wanted him to be with me forever,,, its the opposite of sin, a love that never fades.


I screamed, deeply hurt. I trusted him deeply. I'm miserable while he's happy and laughing with everyone, while I suffer alone on the computer, I wanted to be happy with him… we should be together, I should have been the one with him instead of whoever the new dude is.

Ugh, it just hurts so much, that it was all taken away from me, it has to be fake.


I just can't believe this. this has to be a mistake. This can't be real. this is a simulation right? SOMEONE HELP!! I know so many people with their spouses… he should my husband.. but he's not…

Its a lie. he was suppose to be mine.


I'm just so broken.

My perfect life and family ruined forever.

Anything else than my perfect past…

Its forced. it can't be real. this can't be happening. I feel like this is deeply wrong. I must be the one placed in the simulation. Why does everyone else have their happily ever after except me? All I wanted was him. I know its gross. Obsessing over people isn't cute. I'm being unreasonable.



Making this thread marks my desperation… that all I wanted was him… It reminds me of pathetic and sad I am… everything was going to be perfect…

I can't… I should just kill myself for real. he left only me, he's socially active and likes people, so he only targeted me. This is proof I should kms. theres nothing left for me.



I'm assuming you're a woman, if you're a man and your boyfriend left you, you have 1 option.

1: Gas yourself.

But, if you're a woman and you want to find a man to stick with you till the end? You have 2 options.

1: Become a mormon or some other super-christian

2: Get pregnant AS SOON as possible, and threaten to sue him to death if he leaves.

Those are the options, you fell "in love" with a Chad and expected him to act like a John. That won't happen. You sound like a lazy, self absorbed, ego-maniacal, "treat me like I'm a princess," daddy-issues, basic bitch. Grow a personality, improve yourself, hit the gym, learn some fucking math or some shit, I dunno. Become SOMETHING other than Generic Bitch #372984 that starts out as approachable and interested but slowly loses interest in sex as the time goes by and becomes an NPC. Start providing for yourself and finding out how to provide FOR HIM, that's right, if you are capable of having your shit so together that you'll be able to handle his shit too you'll keep him every time.

Now that generic advice is out of the way, let's get to specific.

>I'm "Naturally" monogamous

This sounds like some new agey hippy bullshit and you need to cut it out right now. You're a human female, women require care during pregnancy, of course you're monogamous. You're not special, and any women you know that like to ride the dick carousel are genetic defects that will die with 17 diseases and 8 kids from 9 different fathers.

>I used personal ads

Fucking trash, nobody uses those anymore. Your best bet is to join a church, search your group of friends to see if any of them have single brother/cousins/friends/etc, or a dating site like E-harmony.

>Have you done something to upset him or "turn him off"?

Don't worry about that, he's gone, and odds are he's not coming back. Move on. If he DOES come back, that's good news **I guess* but don't expect it or worry about it.

>I have a habit of telling everyone literally everything.

Simple rule of thumb, count to 30 in your head before sharing something you wouldn't tell your boss.

>I do say 'non-sense" that comes off as random.

Are you talking "HURGLFALCKASDR WEEE" or "Lol, isn't that so lava lamp xDDDDD"

Because one is a big deal and the other isn't. Either way, previous advice applies.

>I have so many diagnoses that I don't know which disorder it is.

I think this is probably a big problem too. Unless you're seeing shit that isn't there, or experience EXTREME mood swings on a regular basis (I'm talking "Let's go to Disneyland!" to "I'll fucking kill you!" in the matter of hours with no major trigger) then odds are you're fine and the jew pharmecists are just trying to push you some pills so they can steal all your sheckles. I know, I've been there. Literally the only pills that matter are lithium, and Gabapentin, and the Gaba is chump change compared to the lithium

>Okay, if you know he has his own self-agency and his own life, why are you still upset?

>I don't know. it's been so long that I don't remember. I guess I worry I won't be with my true love even though everyone else and even he will.

No, you're worried about what you'll become once you move on. Right now you're in the "dumped girl, feel bad for myself" box, and you don't want to pick yourself up and put yourself in another box that you don't know the label of. You're scared of all the shit you'll have to do once you move on that you'd rather not. You're so used to being a big fish in a little pond that you refuse to go to a bigger pond and grow. But you're not a big fish in a little pond, your a little fish in a minuscule pond and you need to go into the scary new pond and grow into a bigger fish.



Are you that faggot on the discord stalking a trap?



No T slur, I haven't even used discord. Is it a crossdresser? what are the details? tr*ps are so confusing, just tell me what it is


I just say whatever comes to mind, like I have a thought that's "John Pastel donut" that kind of word nonsense,

Also I have actual problems, please don't dehumanize me by calling them Problems with Dad.

I don't get along with people like my true love did, I'm the victim, he should be apologizing to me and leaving someone vulnerable alone



>Are you that faggot on the discord stalking a trap?



OP here, I never had a mutual wholesome friendship buuuuuhhh

I never felt emotionally connected with someone REEE

Might be because I'm professionally dxed with autism and even my own brother keeps me down HE KEEPS me down, but figuratively only. but also literally, because he makes sure I know I'm autistic and subhuman because of it


big sloppy pussy lips - a tale of arby's mudflaps

queenie 'rbf' mctaylorashtonname was one used up hot young slut. She went to the carnival early, 12, and rode all the rides long and hard indiscriminately for years. At 24 this bitch didn't have tickets, she had a personal card which she swiped daily for all the cock treats her cavernous void could carry. But, ole slutty queenie was lonely and every strange man's cock that pierced her baby chute poked a little hole in her fragile womanly soul. So she ventured to search for true love.

now ole crusty queenie wasn't as hot shit these days as she used to be. Her structural integrity was failing like a velveeta house in the tucson sun: accelerating too, as female bodies do. Perky double ds were now sagging to the knees, big floppy flesh whips she sometimes used to fetch beers from the fridge. Her skin, after years of being caked with toxic beauty products was greenish and spotted, and the beginnings of old-bitch-cottage-cheese-phenomenon were there for the keen eye to detect. Now her vagina, her vulva, was a complete mess. Bits of skin had torn off and it had opened up to look like some screaming dwarf's bearded face. The labia dangled down to her knees. The only point of mathematical alignment in her entire hilarious form was that the tips of her lips were in line with the tips of her tits.

But this beast sought love. Real love from a man and this queen of queens knew she deserved it. SHE was the center of god's green earth and no one had ever said otherwise. So she began trawling the streets, claws out, fangs bared, skulking in the shadows waiting for hapless betas to cross her path in the deep alleys. She crawled through sewers, and up and around mildewy walls like a bloat spider with one precarious egg left. She needed a nest to fulfill the function she had killed with pills. Then she saw him, a real pill, phil.

phil was into marvel movies. He didn't read comics. He didn't read. He wasn't even sure if he could read. Things were automatic to phil. He was the picture of soy: fat but not too fat, bearded but sparsely, short but not a midget, poorly dressed but unnoticeable. As phil walked past, his head hunched into some awful pay-to-win dumbphone game, queenie pounced from the shadows. phil never knew what hit him. And queenie stood upon his twitching corpse, labia piled in an oozing rancid pile atop phil's softly breathing chest, grinning… weeping as the proboscis painfully extended from her moth, an appendage borne of 50000 stds and dripping with an incandescent lime tranquilizer. She kissed him in the style of her love.

Phil awoke in pain lying down spread out. He felt it worst in his hands and his feet. When he tried to struggle the pain was unbearable. As he looked about he found he was nailed to the floorboards in a dimly lit room. He screamed for minutes. And then he felt something on the top of his head and noticed a wheezing sound. It was some kind of incubation tumor right next to his head, made of pulsating bloodied meat, excreting air through sphincter like pores in its skin. Several kinds of umbilici protruded from it's side, and phil followed them to their source with his gaze. A cavern of warts framed in brown drapes attached to the distended and distorted figure of what should have been a woman. All the terror and energy drained from him, all Phil could muster was, "You turn me off."

9 months later queenie gave birth to her autistic son ranger, who later identified as a woman.




Wait, what discord!?


Absolute sub-par trolling there shitstain. Lurk for another year before retrying.


Not a roleplay, obviously I would be hanging out with friends instead of posting this. Yikes.


File: 196923c990a46b9⋯.jpg (269.49 KB, 2389x1600, 2389:1600, 2009_paper_heart_005.jpg)


>The love of my life left me

Always start with yourself as the love of your life.

Grows confidence, might attract someone of quality you can share your love with



>Start with yourself as the love of your life

No, you'll wind up a hedonistic cunt. Obviously confidence and shit is important, but this "LOL luv yoself gurl!" Is just creating narcissistic losers that can't connect with anyone.



Yeah I know, failed true-monogamy… always check yourself… NEVER play yourself.. because I did


I still don't enjoy many partners.. I only "do" as a cope, because Failed Romances


File: fee1efa3e9d7166⋯.jpg (121.26 KB, 960x903, 320:301, 1536020559169.jpg)


You have to go back to the buttmunchers at /r9k/ cuckchan, go back now before the ghosts miss their retard, and take your archived shitpost withyou fagboi.



You're just shy of needing inpatient mental health care, and I'm not 100% on the "just shy" part. You're fuckin' nuts, pal. Get help.


>You're a human female,

It's a dude, señor tl;dr



Remember it's down the street not across the road.



Read the beginning of my post again, Einstein.


File: 24b7ea55bab306b⋯.png (97.61 KB, 461x551, 461:551, Cunt.png)


>Obviously confidence and shit is important,

Oh no, of course not, you'll end up a puffed up cunt.

Very Christian schizophrenic post there, cunt

Epicureanism is best hedonism, OP


File: a04070d6d28e4d3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 312.23 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 6_wm.jpg)


holy fuck this thread has gotten so far without you even showing tits


post tits right now


>unless you're a tranny, in that case

Kill yourself this isnt your personal blog



I'm not OP, retard.



my mistake, faggot.


fucking post tits goddamnit



Not a big deal, nigger.

Also OP is probably a man. You're not getting tits.



>Implying this much this anon is that sweet christian you can't get out of your head because he's a real anarchist unlike yourself

I'm pretty flattered tbqh butterpal


OP here please don't normalize ASKing for Tits wow

I'm so emo

I one-sidedly pair-bonded and he left me buh



Are you sure you were diagnosed with autism? You sound rather retarded



Yes, diagnosed autist, I can obviously read my own medical papers or whatever they're called. Who else is gonna diagnose me, my literal second cousin once removed?


File: e70d8065eef3cd0⋯.jpg (101.24 KB, 497x427, 71:61, e70d8065eef3cd0289b87b3684….jpg)

t. cuckchan refugee



Yeah, this is a deep cucking, not the funny kind, although its debatable since… its really common



Sorry, my definition of deep cucking is someone who's less likeable than their partner, if that makes sense? Since their partner has more value the cucking is deeper




You're not a good troll, it's not funny. Lurk mor faggot.


File: 7ac6fec228709fa⋯.jpg (88.07 KB, 700x844, 175:211, 153666110465.jpg)



reverse search the pic 'always' and you won't waste so much text on a trollfag.


Okay wow haaving a mental breakdown in public really puts things in perspective


But I still have serious trauma as a kid though

This was interpersonal trauma though, the thread topic,





Good gods, that was grotesque but good.



OP here, people get cheated on all the time actually

Just another statistic, just the difference is the loss. I lost a lot since he was more socially active and well-liked



I'm just dumb guys its not the action its the consequences. I was focusing on the wrong thing


Thread over I'm done I had my mental breakdown


File: 75a3b1446b43a2f⋯.jpg (32.8 KB, 500x511, 500:511, 1512150343405.jpg)

first time love can really suck

cant really say anything other than try to move on and keep working on yourself, things can always get better <3



I second this anon.


<Things can always get better

<Things will get better

but for some reason, Things won't be any better than it was before. Things will never be any better than what they were with that person. But it's okay I guess

p-people are u-unique, after all



Which pic? There isn't a pic named "always" here. Are you trying to be cryptic or are you just not into english?





>There's a Christian larping as an anarchist here

Never knew.




That's really positive but unfortunately uhh…. everyone assumes I'm a attention-seeker because I'm unstable so uh. he took my friends "naturally" if you get what I'm saying. Basically he took my Hypothetical New Life and my Current Life so its pretty Deep

Thanks anyway though, its still nice



Your people are unique line made me laugh, but it doesn't matter since I'm subhuman.. and uh, what I already said in the thread. its not in my head, You Know Why


Its times like this that really make me seriously think we as a whole as are just animals.

Also btw, I'm a virgin, the only interest in sex I have is watching it from afar, if that makes sense? Like I don't want to believe it exists, since it hurt me so much.

In fact he enjoys sex while I don't. This rabbithole never ends



>Even though you gave me everything I still can't find my ass-burgers with both hands.



Okay I'm gonna disapprove of any falseness in this thread

>You slut,

>I'm not sexually desirable nor do I have positive experiences with sex, in fact, he's more socially active and personable. As far as I know he actually enjoys sex unconditionally, there's a imbalance. I can't enjoy sex, he can, and as far as I know everyone talks bad about me and never him, so, that's the Imbalance



I'm dumb as hell

I mean I got more loss out of this than he did, he can replace me easily since he actually enjoys talking to people, there's a imbalance in almost every aspect



ANYWAY, as I said, he lost nothing and had a lot to gain, I feel so generic, he already had everything.

Hopefully this makes sense, its subjective reality, I have a hard time trusting people, it doesn't matter since as I said already, he had a lot to gain and nothing to loss,


Anyone notice the intelligence level @8ch.net suddenly went down?

<Unless morons mumbling to themselves is a common occurrence?



I was explaining why it was so devastating??

And I was trained to be extremely monogamous by someone else, basically they made a call out post and shamed me for being "distant" so now I'm obsessive about my partners



>the only interest in sex I have is watching it from afar

jesus christ, how long have you been at cuckchan?



Anyone notice the intelligence level @8ch.net suddenly went down?

<Unless morons mumbling to themselves is a common occurrence?


Stop being a pussy. Just go bang cheap prostitutes in 3rd world countries . Dating and marriage is gey



Yeah that's too.. sketchy. casual sex with people who enjoy sex is much better. wellp


Can mods delete this thread I think conceptualizing and understanding things makes it worse you can't change the past

Please delete this thread and ban me what the heck was I thinking, this changes nothing, I need a better cope.



turning to anons for advice on a sensitive issue isn't always the best course of action because people make fun of each other for sport, so if you don't have a thick skin or don't get off on raging it's probably not a good place to pour your heart out on your deepest insecurities.

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