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File: 0124637364a8ca1⋯.jpg (419.75 KB, 1305x812, 45:28, cock.jpg)




File: 32b5275db93a29c⋯.jpg (80.94 KB, 938x974, 469:487, 32b5275db93a29cd7c8069de1c….jpg)


File: e55bba0e84cb50d⋯.png (717.42 KB, 1000x581, 1000:581, shut_thing_down.png)

>the world knows about image boards

im surrounded by everyone in my life who would have no idea what this memes

we are alone



>be sees itself as a fat soybeard jew with frizzly hair

>not being the little girl

Not even worth a reply tbh



I actually wanted to sage but since I constantly have to change my VPN node since SOMEONE keeps constantly spamming cp through all of them and the mods being imbeciles that keep a lifetime ban of a fucking vpn-node, it removed the sage from my post



>>the world knows about image boards

Take a look at the catalog and tell me we are not full of normalfags.

The world DOES know about chans, and /b/ in particular.



4/b sees itself as a little girl, but we are not on 4/b.

Sorry to bust your cuckchan bubble, faggot.


File: cedcf6bf66dabd9⋯.jpg (13.94 KB, 254x254, 1:1, 009.jpg)


File: 0f7099333334a7e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.38 KB, 600x600, 1:1, not-opening.jpg)



4chan refugees who need to get climatized to 8

<i can smell my own kind

i saw a banana spoiler yesterday



The problem with reality is that if you are on the shit end of it you never want to see it for what it is.

OP is based.

And I am good with that.



thx for tripping, you are now filtered


File: 27f7d3e27ecaa4a⋯.webm (4.07 MB, 224x400, 14:25, rich_culture.webm)


just call me chad




black people is right here. I would do the same.


File: b32b89b1b5e652a⋯.webm (3.9 MB, 496x368, 31:23, nigger knocked out.webm)

File: cab93f5c17e9634⋯.webm (1.31 MB, 202x360, 101:180, nigger knocked out2.webm)

File: e44259b16f61424⋯.webm (2.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, nigger knocked out3.webm)


>reason #99999999999 why all niggers must be eradicated from Earth.

Color me fuckin' surprised that a negroid chimped out over a soymuttnegro's ironically insulting painting.


File: 501a98081c52650⋯.webm (1.06 MB, 360x640, 9:16, headshot.webm)


they tend to themselves


File: 06a190827495e91⋯.webm (3.11 MB, 480x360, 4:3, payformykids.webm)

File: 2a50adb3ee622ca⋯.webm (3.46 MB, 320x240, 4:3, rapbattle.webm)

File: 1b0e85267a801bb⋯.webm (3.73 MB, 320x240, 4:3, rapbattle2.webm)


File: b3f9f2bb11f20ef⋯.mp4 (1.94 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Niggerzbop_HD_VERSION.mp4)

File: a009cd490dea725⋯.mp4 (350.25 KB, 222x400, 111:200, niggers_knocked_out_by_aus….mp4)



That nigger survived by the way.


File: 78063ef681f3ab0⋯.mp4 (14.9 MB, 640x512, 5:4, waste_of_fuel.mp4)



goddamn cockroach dna




not sure if extremely lucky or a god damn cockroach.



Can I get your opinion of this http://blasze.tk/YKISF6 please op?



>somebody clicked the link




Nobody on /b/ thinks they're a chad.

We all know what we are but we do nothing to help ourselves.



So? It's not like you can do anything with it. Find out approximate location and flood his router with packets is pretty much it, and the latter requires your constant attention


File: 8886b7feb9f083a⋯.jpg (66.68 KB, 541x720, 541:720, no1curr.jpg)



lol aside from lagging ur shit up its generally harmless unless u have no firewall. Call your isp and say someone is ddos'ing n they MIGHT change ur ip.



ahhh, i remember the good old days of grabbing ip's during a direct connection with AOL instant messenger and sending the sub7 server with the file name "My pic"… ppl would always accept it. Was soo fun back then. I remember connecting to someones ip once and i found 2 other sub7 users connected to the same guy, and none of us knew each other. had some awesome laughs. We disabled his keyboard and told him we wanted every single letter in the alphabet in order, lower case and uppercase, before we give him keyboard priviledges again. Dude spent like 2 hours copying and pasting letters. Those were the days….



Holy shit it may be a nigger but it's still impressive

Maybe his brain was literally too short compared to normal so the bullet didn't impact too much, anyway I'm curious to see how far will his rehabilitation process will go. I hope he's doing well

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