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File: 9a3f57ac7faf6c8⋯.png (37.61 KB, 779x343, 779:343, gamermeme.png)


How did it become so popular when it's just a bootleg version of Slack?


I don't know, it's just another form of internet centralization. Now with more trannies.


File: 0b62c5f45dbdb1a⋯.png (347.52 KB, 250x786, 125:393, NarcissaTumblrAndSoy.png)


Amazing to think that even Skype (originally written by the Kazaa team) was for years a decentralized P2P protocol with a full API, and a native multiplatform 1st-party client written in C with a proper palletized multi-window desktop UI. Now it's a cloud service accessible only via the web or a bloated non-native Node.js Electron "client" in a giant blobby mono-window.



tell me about it.



>Now with more trannies

yeah what's the deal with that anyway?


So many beta fucks start their own server and seem to do a shit job running them but in actuality are running them with an iron fag fist from behind the scenes, quietly holding grudges and hating users who don't want the exact same thing from the server they do.



I don't know but I kind of like it. I remember being a boy, always shorter than the other males and always weaker, but super angry. I just wanted to kiss other boys (and some of the girls) and suck their girly dicks and then having them present their butts to me. Now traps are everywhere, and I'm not so angry anymore. I treat them to dinners and nice words and sweet caresses and they treat me to a gf experience and sex and they soothe my feefees.

Life is good :)

Traps are basically a great way for a manlet to feel like a man. You get to both dominate another male and satiate your need for feminine comfort at the same time.


File: b242ba6751838b2⋯.png (2.95 KB, 40x57, 40:57, underskirt.PNG)


>has text chat

>has direct image and video embedding plus linking (that also embeds and plays right there)

>has voice chat

>has video chat

How is it surprising that it's popular? It has a fuckton of features that work well that all of the muh freedumbs alternatives lack.



riot.im has all those features, plus E2EE and doesn't spy on you. It lacks paid shilling on youtube tho.


File: c71ae28a80bd41c⋯.png (138.3 KB, 485x203, 485:203, silenttreatment.PNG)


Every single one of those features? And they work well? And the program actually works and doesn't require fuckery?




How do you find groups for riot.im?



Twitch kiddies


is that actually him now?>>8453895



Do they still not let you connect via tor? I think it'd be fun to get so I could interact with whatever kind of weirdos get around those places, but privacy ethics prevents me from doing that on things I distrust without tor.


File: 7a68b03510e4c7a⋯.gif (387.2 KB, 382x379, 382:379, 7a68b03510e4c7a133b096b22b….gif)

if anyone is interested: https://discord.gg/uwfUGAn



Mental illness



discord creator was sued for selling user info on his last mobile gamer chat product. discord is giving up personal info for problematic parties without a warrant. its pretty much indisputable that the 'hacker' movement of the 90s-00s failed spectacularly. only a matter of time until crypto is outlawed.


Fuck Pisscord in the ass with 20,000 pinecones



I thought it was a way for gays to feel less gay but I have no reason to challenge your word.



You're still a failure in your father's eyes.



I blame Jews.


File: 168e07295b082d5⋯.png (634.14 KB, 691x680, 691:680, 3fdd1c45cab067a47d612353dd….png)

please click the click bait links for more quality threads from the Piss Waterึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึืึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึืึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึ



Stop giving them ideas please.




Never heard of that tbh. What is it?




<dat groupchat skype

<dat group chat

<dem strangers gathering in tiny cirlcejerking groups

<dem 600 ppl on server 200 online and 7 active

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