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File: accf699182e4ed5⋯.jpeg (30.33 KB, 480x360, 4:3, images (1).jpeg)


What did he mean by this.


"we don't need NO EDUCATION"

basically "we need highest level of education, force every student to finish AT LEAST university, very strict teachers and allow teachers to beat up everyone who won't study"


I am comfortably numb is a song all about being addicted to smack.



File: 5bed7dab8e1ae89⋯.jpg (99.9 KB, 626x672, 313:336, 980x.jpg)

File: c23d88b5163db46⋯.png (480.59 KB, 602x857, 602:857, main-qimg-fb7800fc1518a9dc….png)

I am a drop out from college. I make more money or/and have more free time than most who has Phds…


He wants to be like the niggers.



Pink Floyd was a bunch of hippie faggots who didn't know what they were singing up until Wish You Were Here. Their only other decent album was Animals then they went back to being shit. Shame on the faggot drummer for being the worst drummer ever, shame on Gilmour for being an absolute retard at writing lyrics and shame on Waters for being good at everything except playing bass. The keyboard faggot made WYWH songs good so I almost forgive him for Summer 68. A bunch of faggots. Sie ist ohne Ehre! Sie nennen sich Generale, weil sie Jahre an der Militärakademie zugebracht haben, nur um zu lernen, wie man Messer und Gabel hält.



Pink Floyd was Syd's band and Waters is a faggot who hijacked it to push his shitty political opinions and wartime childhood boo-hoos and sold the fuck out.

They still have some good work past Saucerful but by and large Waters is a piece of shit. The only positive thing is that without his aggressive pursuit of fame most of us would probably never have heard of their music, and Gilmour is an amazing musician.




Why does my bumhole hurt every morning ?



Einstein never said that fish climbing tree crap, not evey on is genius, that defeats the point of its meaning




Now I know my asds


meddle>saucerful of secrets>piper at the gates of dawn>>>>>>DSotM>>>the wall>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>momentary lapse of reason>>>>>division bell>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>everything else



Switch meddle and piper and I agree.

Except you forgot obscured by counds before dsotm and the wall is somewhere at the end of the list because the wall sucks.



*clouds lol



Get your head out of the counds m8



Seriously though, the wall has like 5 or 6 songs that aren't total shit.


Oops forgot to un-sage. Let's sage one more time just for good measure.



As long as we agree that piper, saucerful, and meddle are the top 3, we're good



I don't really listen to Floyd anymore but I'll always have fond memories of The Wall due to watching it on acid as a teenager.

Fun times.



>Everybody is a genius

The original doesn't have that part, this is facestupid invention, now:

>If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid

What part of the original saying is wrong or you just think it is wrong because it was falsely credited?


1. you must be watching the movie on VHS or listening to the original vinyl album. cassette tapes will suffice, but not well. CD / MP3 lose the message completely. I would love to get my hands on a copied 8 track, reel to reel.

2. You must be at least two of the following. do NOT combine e with a or b.

a. On LSD

b. On Shrooms

c. Stoned

d. Drunk and Taking speed.

e. On Peyote.

3. Then you will understand what is meant by the entirety. you will not be able to explain it ever, afterwards and you will not completely believe the whole thing after you sober up. You will however re experience some of the feeling including the high every time you hear it or see it again. The subliminals will trigger even as a background music setting. So be warned.


>what did he mean by this

what did he mean by this?



>Why does my bumhole hurt every morning ?

Ask daddy



>no atom heart mother

>no animals


File: 4ae5c299d54c98f⋯.png (22.08 KB, 520x626, 260:313, 4ae.png)


Its progressive rock, you're supposed to like, listen to the entire album to get context bro



It always triggers me when Dark Side Of The Moon is nominated as one of their best. DSotM is their most commercial release ever, even moreso than the post-Waters ones.


>Pink Floyd was Syd's band

Hu ha ha ha haw!

>Waters is a faggot

>Waters is a piece of shit

That's true. But at least he can write decent lyrics. Too bad he gets carried away, most noticeably on his solo albums. His Hitch Hiker album is so burdened with lyrics not even Clapton could save it melodically.



>bashing waters, an antizionist, while having 0 talent yourself

>using google translate' german to show you're an "übermensch"

>being a retarded faggot who thinks no one can smell the bullshit

>not fucking a landmine

it's "sie sind ohne Ehre" and no german writes that way. an hero you baseless excuse for a human.

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