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File: e0914ca601c328e⋯.png (2.26 KB, 225x225, 1:1, logo.png)


The first time I saw this I told the guy who had it designed that it looked kinda nambla-y… and he got all defensive and angry, then slammed his laptop shut…



what is nambla-y




National Man-Boy Love Association

Fucking pedos.



jesus that is a thing?



If I remember correctly from wikileaks, that is the symbol of "boy lover". One heart inside of another heart is "girl lover".



you got me


File: bb4b19e050a80d9⋯.jpg (36.24 KB, 391x539, 391:539, pedologos.jpg)

Concentric triangles…




Yep that's the one included in wikileaks.



To whom? I have nothing beyond this logo and some folks agrees upon the symbols



>Concentric triangles…

A symbol also used to represent hazard flasers



Hazard markers aren't connected.



Not pedophiles. They are called "boylover" because they are not psychologically stuck on an age range, they just want to fuck little boys as well.


File: 0489762e272be35⋯.webm (470.58 KB, 640x360, 16:9, trigger the libs.webm)




Anyone could just get in a creative mood and start drawing stylized hearts and triangles. Don't just report someone for drawing a symbol that they easily may have come up with on their own.

It's not like it's a particularly unique design.




Lmao pedo thought he was slick




2.-experienced faggot


4.-millenial faggot




That was my second response, the getting angry and slamming of the laptop at the suggestion that it was nambl-y was indicative of something more.



Should I respond to each accusation in order or just dismiss them all outright?


File: c6114234234fe4b⋯.jpg (130.33 KB, 418x960, 209:480, langnese.jpg)


Come on Rüdiger, next time just post the damn sign.



Ohhh, gotcha



> not pedos

They like to put their dicks into underage boys… so… what's the definition of pedophile?


Its more illuminati pedoy



I don't think there's much difference.



Pedophilia means being only attracted to an age range. Acting upon it makes them a criminal by law. Homosexuals being attracted to boys on the other hand have no problem having sex outside of any age range, which makes their interaction with children a willingly selfish act of abuse. Pedos cannot choose their attraction, Gays can.



Lolis being mmmmm touched



I kinda agree. I think it's natural to be turned on by anyone of the opposite sex, but in my mind being a pedophile means you're ONLY turned on by pre-pubescent kids.



becasue that's what it is. Pedo = prepubescent.

Hebes = pubescent. There is a fucking difference


Let's let this thread die out, I only wanted to know if the logo implied my co-worker was broadcasting his position or the matter… and I think y'all have nailed that coffin.



That is correct for pedos, bur boylover like NAMBLA had no problems fucking each other at their gatherings, while lusting after little boys too.


Stop with the Hebe bullshit. That is pedophilia in denial, desperately trying to skirting the grey area towards legal age. The only description that matters is child abuse by law, which is everything under 18. If you engage sexually with a child and they catch you, then hebe won't be a defense at all.



Fuck you, man. Im just being factual. If you don't like facts, then kill yorself.




Being a faggot isnt a crime since dsm4.



Not that guy, in most countries a big number of hebes are legal, united states of america isnt the planet.



Like I said your facts means jack shit to the eyes of the law. The whole specific age range thing is nothing but bullshit…if you're not attracted to the human being itself, then you might as well fuck puppets.



> The whole specific age range thing is nothing but bullshit

Not in my country. AoC here is 14, wich means i can fuck a 14 year old and get away with it


File: 8a53442588c0cd4⋯.jpeg (39.12 KB, 300x223, 300:223, 5E843085-ED05-4B0D-A283-F….jpeg)


Do you want to get fucking shot?

Shut your fucking mouth you goddamn pedo.



that makes no fucking sense. If you want to fuck kids, you're a pedo


File: 33d0d52ab917099⋯.png (409.16 KB, 445x384, 445:384, hitler-wtf-am-i-reading.png)


>not pedophiles

>they just want to fuck little boys



Not that monster, maybe he is saying that they go for everything and that kids are included?



There non-exclusive straight pedos as well.



I think we all can agree that fucking up kids life by introducing them to sex before they're ready is bad, regardless the child's 'gender'



Yes there is

t. straightpedo


File: 2d4c49451d9eb6b⋯.jpg (130.16 KB, 638x903, 638:903, brtnicka-martina-casestudy….jpg)



AoC means she has the right to choose you. If she points out foul play or if you're suspected of coercing her, you're still fucked.





Pedophila is a scientific term about the attraction to children, NOT about having sex with them. A real pedophile is not attracted to adults but only to a certain age range below 18.

Boylover are homosexuals that are attracted to each other and have sex in any age range. Those people choose children because they specifically want to, not because they don't have a choice of attraction.

Now over to what is pedophilia and what isn't…this weaponized term "pedophilia" is only about attraction to minors, while not being attracted to adults. By natural law men are attracted to females by their fertility, no matter the age. So being attracted to a fertile 14 year old girl is normal by nature, but suppressed by society because it would put the child to harm (not specifically sexually, but in the eyes of society aka victim status, social ostracization). That's not pedophilia, it's suppressed instinct as a responsibility for the social benefit.

Now the sexual part…A sexual relationship between a pedophile and a child is inherently flawed, because of two things a) the adult has the responsibility to protect the child from harm and knowing the outside legal ramifications makes this impossible. b) the relationship in itself is impossible because of the age attraction. Knowingly engage with a partner that one is only attracted in for a couple of years max is unfair, selfish and makes the partner nothing but a play-toy/whore.

Now to the crime…sexual child abuse. Not many of those are actual pedophiles, because their motivations are not based on attraction. Majority of the abuse cases are happening in the family unit and mostly because of the opportunity of private, unrestricted access to a helpless person. It's like seeing a wallet on a windowsill and being tempted to take it. Not pedophilia. The in line are pornographers. Creating CP for money is called exploitation. Attraction has next to no meaning for those assholes. Also not pedophilia.

Lastly the Antis…pedophilia is weaponized by jews to push their censorship schemes. They created the modern witch-hunt on it and you're playing right into their hands. Instead of actually helping children in need, you waste your time on being outraged about people who are attracted to children. You cannot stand that those people exist and are mislabeling them as child abuser. That is your right, but it doesn't help kids at all, on the contrary it makes it worse. Steering up potential predator creates many more real ones, fear mongering only makes the exploiter more cruel, and censorship takes away the chances to catch crime in process.



So, shooting back when a 'kid' shoots at you is 'ok'?



No. Our all natural responsibility as adults is to protect children from harm. Of course our favorite ecological (((parasite))) has corrupted those principles into a modern day freak-show, but that will never be an excuse to not help children.


File: 085373d66a8f096⋯.jpg (28.23 KB, 500x332, 125:83, hrossthumbsup.jpg)


it is good and right to strike a woman or child with an open hand



> A real pedophile is not attracted to adults but only to a certain age range below 18.

Stop reading there, thats bullshit.



It's not. If you fuck around in your age range and also diddle kids on the side, then you're by law a child abuser or a rapist of a minor. Pedophilia has nothing to do with this. You just took advantage of forbidden fruit because of your lust. A pedophile looks at adult females and feels nothing just like a homosexual. His libido only responds to children.

The problem with people like you is that you fell for the propaganda. A scientific term about attraction is being abused as a universal target that combines anything related to the terms children and sex. This has corrupted the public view into such atrocities as calling a grown man fucking a child sized doll a pedophile. No crime committed, no child involved, no attraction at play, no age difference present…still propagated as pedophilia under nothing but assumptions. This helps nobody, victimizes many, and also endangers real children as well.


File: f6d5f4cf2e301fa⋯.gif (254.46 KB, 498x284, 249:142, clapping.gif)


File: b3c0d66bf2a4668⋯.png (367.46 KB, 475x700, 19:28, explode.png)


He probably works at comet pizza, OP. You've angered him by spoiling his real plans


File: 65a01bbf35b4123⋯.jpg (68.25 KB, 1024x595, 1024:595, 9fef4e663138c0e7a1dc321b69….jpg)





If you don't have an argument then you can kiss my ass. As long as you idiots put children in the line of fire by repeating jewish propaganda, I will always call you out for it.



what if the child consents? Is that abuse?



Everybody gets it that pedo does not equate with abuse. But there's a whole pile of shit you made up in your posts about boylovers and non-exclusive pedos not existing to suit your personal experience.



What? i am not a pedophile, i am calling that bullshit cause 18 isnt a magic limit, is just a thing used by law and like most things used by law they change according to power, muslims arent pedophiles by definition and 14 is ok in almost every corner of the planet.



>AoC means she has the right to choose you. If she points out foul play or if you're suspected of coercing her, you're still fucked.

That is if it's legal in your country, if not then it's abuse on the fact that you as the adult know about the ramifications of the act in the eyes of the public. Willingly putting a child at risk to be victimized later on is abuse by definition. I know that you want me to tell you about if the actual sexual act is abusive to the child, but that's irrelevant because you're already a child abuser in the eyes of the law, the child is labeled a victim for the public and you failed your natural responsibility to prevent a child from getting harmed.

What you have to understand is that the safety of a child ALWAYS comes before your own needs.



>is just a thing used by law

Law dictates your actions. Your excuses have no bearing on it.

>14 is ok in almost every corner of the planet

Two things you still don't understand. 1) AoC does not give you the right to have sex with kids, it gives kids the right the choose you as a sexual partner. 2) Pedophilia describes only the the state of being attracted to minors only. This is not about the act of sex, it's about sexual attraction.

So in your case if you're only attracted to girls between 14-17, then you're a pedophile who can legally have sex, if the girl consents to it. But if you also fucked older women you're not a pedophile, but a selfish dick who takes advantage of laws to fuck fresh pussy.



>Law dictates your actions. Your excuses have no bearing on it.

Then 18 is bullshit, thanks for proving my point.

>blah blah, america fuck yeah

Thats good for you.



>if you're only attracted to girls between 14-17, then you're a pedophile who can legally have sex



Talk about jewish propaganda.



>Then 18 is bullshit

Morally? Sure! But it's a legal death squad waiting for you to act. Unless you change those laws you will be targeted as a criminal, which makes the child a victim. Therefore you're just morally excusing a crime.



I'm not the one who brought up the hebe angle and the AoC laws of different countries, I only responded to them. As for propaganda…their intent is to keep pedophilia a monster for the public to rally against, because that gives them the freedom to hide their copyright/censorship crimes. the whole hebe angle itself comes from people who want to fuck teens, but don't want to be called pedophiles. Those are trying to carve themselves a legal grey area to fulfill their lust.



>Morally? Sure! But it's a legal death squad waiting for you to act. Unless you change those laws you will be targeted as a criminal, which makes the child a victim. Therefore you're just morally excusing a crime.

What? no dude no, i am not a pedophilke, actually i am against them, i am saying that what it is important is mental development, having sex with a 25 years retard is worse than the same with a 16 years old with more experience and IQ and again, if your point is correct then muslims wouldnt be raiding europe right now, "age of consent" is just for christian white males, you can even do a privilege chart for that, black muslims with retardation (oxymoron, i know) can go for 11 years old and you super power is doing the same, just check muslims in your population.

Please stop believing the age of consent lie, the proper name is "ban on heterosexual sex on whites christians".



It doesn't matter if the AoC is a lie, as long as it's standing law targeted at you, and no amount of crimes committed by other groups will change that. Unfair, unnatural, criminal, insane? Definitely! But this is the reality we live in and no amount of mental development can protect a child from it's dangers.



>missing the subject then missing it again

>not on purpose


File: 90d1fdb5db2096d⋯.png (675.84 KB, 667x500, 667:500, two and a half men.png)

Is this show nambla-y?


File: 90d1fdb5db2096d⋯.png (675.84 KB, 667x500, 667:500, two and a half men.png)

Is this show nambla-y?



>show about two closet queers living together with a boy

Sure looks like it.


File: f73dbbf07c851a6⋯.png (100.48 KB, 2000x1863, 2000:1863, 2000px-Valknut.svg.png)


hale hoden.

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