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File: d57c46b7d0db083⋯.jpg (43.91 KB, 750x563, 750:563, boomboom.jpg)


I sometimes wish that I could eradicate half of the world population.

And you anons? If yes then how?


Calm down Thanos fag



If I could do… maybe a nuke war



I was thinking more about something like inquisition that will purge slowly and brutally peoples that are ruining the world



wanna ruin the world? hire religious fags to spread the sectarianism… people will eventually purge each other.

would do it tbh. but poorfag.



That would be almost complete obliteration you moron.


I don't but if you think on the most efficient way it would be some sort of disease that could have easy propagation and 50% death rate… Spaniard flu for example obliterated 5% of the human race.


File: 3144d2479aa4e9d⋯.gif (2.37 MB, 200x266, 100:133, breeding.gif)

if I could, I would double the world's population like a crazy rabbit !



>easy propagation and 50% death rate

To be more precise, it should propagate through ther air and have a slow incubation rate, like a month. To give time that it spreads to the whole world without giving time to make countermeasures… That would surely kill at least ~48%, excluding only the most secluded places… If a guy could get a sample of Orthopoxivirus for example and take it to space to get a newer more violent form, on space the virus get more violent, common pulmonar smallpox has a death rate of 40%, nobody is imunized, a new strain made on zero gravity more virulent and deadly could reach 50%? Then release it at Airports on the most visited countries, Usa, China, Japan, or all the great capitals in the world…Yeah…This could be done… Terrible…


To control the human population, we must first spread logic and reason to the masses. We must achieve a state of enlightenment whereas we as humans would realize that we are in fact harming our planet by producing too many of ourselves. We will mandate among ourselves a strict set of re-production control measures which we will all individually feel obliged to follow.


Only white people believe in the leftist propaganda who says bulshit like "we are harming our planet", niggers and yellow niggers give a shit to this "logic", so while the whites go extinct folowing this shit, niggers will fuck like if there is no tomorrow.



Yeah, but without any advanced medicine the spanish flu killed only 5% of the global population. So it would be better use a "cocktail" of diseases - if a virus can't kill you maybe a bacteria will do de job- all of this during a world war.



Because the death rate is 5%. An engineered disease with a death rate of 50% on the other hand…



Lol retard, the white race has run into trouble because it's the only race that has ever tried to be a positive force on the world. And we must keep our garden green. Niggers and chinks don't care about that stuff because they're sub human, not because they're enlightened. Respect for the environment is a white man's idea, and mine too since I'd rather not live in filth.

Tldr kill the gook/nig/jew to save the planet



>"Respect for the environment is a white man's idea"

Maybe, but the modern environmental movement has only one real purpose: spread marxism.

> "the white race has run into trouble because it's the only race that has ever tried to be a positive force on the world"

The fun fact is nature dos not give a shit for what white race thinks or does about nature, at the end of day only those who reproduce and thus prove to be stronger and smarter will remain, because it is how the world works and if you ignore it you can't say that you is "enlightened" or better than chinks or negroes.



And they'll burn the planet to the ground and swim in radioactive waste (because they don't build proper plants) and then blame whites when they die, except there are no whites left so they just lament their existence while periodically executing whoever among them has the most traces of white DNA.


>become thanos

>snap fingers

>all non-whites are dead

word peace achieved



Should kill 99% of the time unless you have some medical treatment and basic sanitation. Got to clean out the high population/low tech areas of the world.


File: 6173ba75d167d92⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, nucular launch detected.jpg)

at least it'd be warm. fuck winter



>inb4 because I'm a toxic faggot with no friends and I hate everyone and everything because I'm a failure and it's everybody's fault




Mankind is becoming increasingly resource inefficient and occupies more and more biomass that results in a lack of biomass for other life resulting in spreading desertification.



>buhuu poor plants

fuck off. Find yourself a girlfriend and stop being such a toxic faggot.



It's pretty foolish to jeopardize the very environment you rely on for your survival.



Yeah, so let's kill half of the people. It's going to solve the issue.

Seriously, stop posting. We can have a productive conversation about solving world's issues, but this entire thread is just a silly attempt by OP (faggot) to infect others with his toxicity.



You're the toxic one actually. Afraid your shithole country gets decimated, eh?



I'm not the one who says he's gonna be happy after killing half of the planet.



It would already be an improvement if it would no longer need to endure your existence.



Wow, #shotsfired

you rekt me good kid.

Now get back to watching anime and masturbating. Nobody needs you anyway.



Go back to /newsplus/ schizo shit.



>calls people schizo shits

>advocates the killing of 50% of humanity just to solve his imaginary "environmental issues"

I bet you're a vegan soyboy.



>The planet is sick because of us. Let's kill everybody to save mother planet, except me, because I'm superior than you, off course.

What is the level of sociopathy or mental illness that explains such thoughts?


File: 5e5522d43262953⋯.gif (1.69 MB, 680x401, 680:401, winter.gif)


this tbh


>not wanting a nuclear cold winter


File: b9019421fef2b30⋯.jpg (100.41 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Shrek_murdering_Farquaad_iā€¦.jpg)


Just all the Muslims, then I think the world would be significantly improved, plus you cut the population quite a bit. Taoists, Buddhists, Hindus, even irreligious, are all okay in my book. Just the Muslims need to die



jew detected



>Defending Muslims because they hate Jews

>You can't hate both

/pol/ really is this retarded



>Muslims and Jews aren't working together to destabilize Europe and the non-Jewish Arab world


Muslims actually made me like Jews. I realized if I had to chose between the two I would probably chose Jews. Most people would but don't want to admit it


>only half


File: ffb0fa1e3fdbb77⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 4000x4000, 1:1, Apocalypse.jpg)

I made this a while ago



Rolland, btw thanks.


Not part of it, all of it.

This whole fucking thing, swept away in radioactive fire.



board too slow for this. all our vehicles will be the fucking same. We're all driving VW Beatles I fucking guess


File: 5059f3bc329975a⋯.jpg (56.84 KB, 640x747, 640:747, yrak6h8owvx11.jpg)



More like 70%

It would be beneficial to mankind to exterminate 70% of the less intelligent of the species.

It would be very difficult to do. You would need far more advanced technology (or the creation of a new super-weapon) and a people with the desire to use it.

Climate change will hopefully accomplish this anyway in the coming years.


This second



Still waiting on that fucking apocalypse, think I will do good in madmax world where sociopaths can live freely on their own. And if I get wasted with the shockwave, even better.


But that's the thing, how do you know which ones are the ones ruining the world. How do you know the ones you choose are better?



Yfw most jews are actually alright and redpilled, they have it figured out,

>arranged marriages,

>circumcised penis for no fapping addiction

>know there is no god and life is fucked up

>that most goy is and will just be plainly retarded

>know how to work around the economy and practically invented it

But there is a small group that wants to rule the world and fuck it up while doing it.



Don't tell me you're retarded enough to believe in anthropogenic climate change.



I made it back when I still went on cuckchan, I've kind of been drifting since



>It would be very difficult to do

70% yeah, but 50% not so much. Stop feeding Apefrica, that cuts 1.5 billion (if not enough, give them some fun weapons for the their tribal wars, there's only one thing niggers can do and that's killing niggers), embargo India and let pakis use biological weapons against them, that's another 1.5 billion of retards gone. Almost half the population right there.



Me too but Yahweh is on vacation and said he'll be back in ??????????????? to press the restart button on Microsoft Earth 7.


I wish I had the balls to eradicate myself



Knowing you can make that decision when you know the time comes is liberating.



Mass produce a nasal spray that contains Balamuthia Mandrillaris but is promoted as a allergy medication. Two birds, one stone.




Nice try, FBIsama, but you're going to have to try harder than that if you want to know which uncharted island houses my particle beam cannon and virus lab.



Fundies, SJWs, /pol/, and Trumptards too.

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