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File: 91a2f0f2006675f⋯.jpg (73.08 KB, 954x520, 477:260, allocated-bullion-exchange….jpg)


Sup /b/

I am thinking about doping all my savings (10 k euro) on gold and silver bars.

I am 19 years old, I have been saving this sum for last 2 years by working as a web developer and getting money on birthdays from my parents.

It probably sounds retarded af to anons who actually know shit about investing, since gold has shown piss-poor roi, but genially feel depressed and lost (in monetary terms). I do understand that it is a small sum of money, but on the other h and it is all that I have.


File: 73af77c60ad9cf7⋯.jpg (17.23 KB, 416x574, 208:287, beaver.jpg)


Hey man, you did a pretty good job and that is an excellent choice. I'm 20 and all my savings went to hell and were not enough to buy gold, so don't commit the same mistakes I did.

Fuck I must get a job, I don't truly want to but I must.



In the last 20 years gold had an appreciation of ~150% So if the rate continues, when you are 39 you will have 25k… On the other hand if you get a paper of a company that will steadly grow, if you nail it right (don't ask me), you could get at least 1000% in 20 years…



gold & silver are inflation resistant savings, keeping cash in the bank is nigger tier

plan on doing exactly the same myself when i stop burning money like a madman



nope, it had an appreciation of ~1500%, it will give 250k



150k…god.. I am a moron…



>putting everything you have in one asset

what could go wrong?


don't do it unless you can handle the regret of lugging 10k euro worth of silver into we buy gold



Dude, but gold is THE asset.


Statistically most of the money you make (like 90%?) is later in life. So at this point you should try riskier investments, either you lose what's a small amount or you actually make some money (as you get old, you'll want an actual safety net though). What you should do is invest it in different things so you get a hang of how things work (even if you lose some that's fine, right? if not, go with gold or bonds). Go for long term, don't even look at it every day since if you don't have a lot of cash the fees will eat any profit if you trade too often. Also don't expect to make a fortune, I've made 20% in a short time in some things, but just as easily lost that in bad months, that's ok with me since on average it works out but some people let it get to them as they expect to win every time.



yeah but if gold goes bankrupt, you lose everything



>small sum

>money on birthday from my parents

Wow, hard core bourgeois cunt detected


File: 5f009702cb3d082⋯.jpg (35.16 KB, 423x566, 423:566, stop being poor.jpg)


File: 1359eb2205fc477⋯.jpg (107.71 KB, 938x699, 938:699, 2_Smug.jpg)


How can gold go bankrupt? Banks can go bankrupt from lack of gold, but gold itself?

Come on, don't be silly


File: 7b9307057a9386d⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1551x1479, 517:493, gold.png)


Nigger he said he saved it over two years working as a weebdev. Having money isn't hard when you don't live above your means, don't buy overpriced beers at a bar every night, don't go to music festivals or whatever it is normalfags spend all their money on.


Bad idea.

Gold is a bad investment.


That's retarded, diversify your assets, gold protects against inflation but doesn't generate revenue, get some property, crypto (not Ripple) and invest in a few businesses.


File: 946ae654801bf97⋯.png (182.14 KB, 628x433, 628:433, exters_pyramid_new.png)

File: 12b40960cb88d37⋯.png (97.11 KB, 1181x664, 1181:664, gold.png)

20% cash (either USD or EUR, preferably USD) 20% short-term high-grade bonds 20% stable equities 20% gold 20% real estate/bitcoin/whatever you want

that'll do you well for the next few years. once central banks stop tightening credit and go back to printing money, then wind down your cash/gold for equities/bonds. we're close to another 2008 moment as the Fed, ECB, and JCB (three largest sources of global credit which the economy exists on) are tightening policy/rising rates from literally 0% over the past decade. Its gonna be rough. Cash is king during market corrections, not gold or bonds or anything else, but cash. Gold will hold value through the correction then explode when central banks inevitably have to monetize tens of trillions more in debt as they did in 08. Cash is best right now. At current trend gold markets will likely explode later 2019, 2020. Right now rising gold price is them pretty much calling central bank's bluff at being able to return to 2%+ rates on credit, from a decade of 0%. anyone with a brain for finance knows that's a joke.

Always use charts to plot your entries/exits, and don't buy all at once, rather slowly accumulate positions over time.



Not OP but I started doing webdev at 17, 10k is just half my salary and I live with my parents so I spend jack shit.



Money isn't gold backed anon



Gold only has value as a unit of exchange - there's no reason to assume that its value would survive in a real SHTF scenario. A large stock of water purification gear, food, and medication will hold its value more reliably.



>I am thinking about doping all my savings (10 k euro) on gold and silver bars.

>I am 19 years old,

teach me your ways




>useless junk metal with no revenues nor dividends

even gambling cryptos is better than this. Goldcucks are telling us since 2011 how gold is going to be 5 gorillion dollars per ounce and how the shit hits the fan scenario will come.


>it's precious metal shilling time again

I hope you don't actually hand your money to the price gauging jews that throw pocket change at thirsty indians to shill it on boards. But then again, I guess this kind of investment is kind of stable with how crafty those jews are, unless their endgame is crashing the price.


better to get silver, it's more practical for bartering. 1oz of silver, coin or bar, is with $15-25, gold is too valuable

I think you should get like 1000 silver coins or bars, whichever you want, and spend the rest on practical supplies like nonperishable food, bottled water, water purification tablets, first aid supplies, bulk lighters, bulk toiletries, etc. everything you can think of


100 silver coins or bars*



You're a fucking moron if you are not a shill. If it ever gets so bad you have to barter, silver won't be worth shit, because its actual inherent value is slightly above copper. What's the deal with boomers and hoarding overpriced shit? Are they forever fucked in the head due to jewish propaganda?


gold is the metal with the broadest shoulders





just ask your dad to double it, like u r used to


File: 8c6c8f9f676849a⋯.png (68.08 KB, 500x365, 100:73, 8c6c8f9f676849ad50d9491c17….png)


>so cash


File: 76a35102fac4077⋯.jpg (58.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, William Devane.jpg)


>Gold is a bad investment.

Says who?


File: 4537e8cc75dee55⋯.jpg (34.66 KB, 625x352, 625:352, road warrior.jpg)


what shithole world do you live in where water purification gear is a better investment than gold?

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